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Broken Child

Marcia Cameron - 1995
    Written by a woman who endured horrendous abuse from her mother and became a split personality by the age of five, here is the story of her agonizing childhood, the conflicting personalties, and struggle back to sanity.

I Was #87: A Deaf Woman's Ordeal of Misdiagnosis, Institutionalization, and Abuse

Anne M. Bolander - 1995
    So began Anne Bolander's five-year ordeal at an institution for retarded and unwanted children. Emotions were not allowed at the institution, where children were beaten bloody for laughing, crying, or even touching another child. Children lived a robotic existence, and like robots, were known by numbers instead of names. Anne was #87.She endured five years of this abuse before being removed and placed in St. Mary's of Providence Center, where teachers correctly assessed her as deaf, not retarded. After only one year, Anne returned home and there survived many more years of abuse. Her story calls for vigilance today and everyday.

The Emotional Rape Syndrome: How to Avoid and Survive It

Michael Fox - 1995
    Date rape involves the sexual use of someone's body without consent. In a like manner, emotional rape is the use of someone's higher emotions, such as love, without consent. However, in the case of emotional rape the lack of consent is contained in what the perpetrator doesn't say... his or her hidden agenda. Emotional rape is common in, but not limited to, male/female relationships. Victims of emotional rape can be both men and women. Both forms of rape can be very devastating and require specialized programs for recovery.Several major obstacles are encountered in recovery from emotional rape. The first is that the victim knows that something bad happened, but doesn't know what or why. And as in date rape, a big issue is that of trust. Victims often feel that they will never be able to love or trust anyone again. Other obstacles to recovery, again similar to date rape, are the re-victimization of the victim by friends, family, and society and the subsequent tendencies toward self-blame and silence about what happened. The book addresses these concerns as well as many more in the five chapters on recovery.Sexual Rape is a violation of someone's body - Emotional Rape is a violation of the human soulThis book is about identifying, preventing and healing emotional rape.It's about telling victims that they didn't do anything morally wrong - that they are not to blame for what happened to the and that recovery is possible.It's about telling victims how they can recover - to become survivors.Only after this underrated trauma is properly identified can survivors begin to heal their wounds. Only when it is discussed honestly and openly can we, as individuals and as a society, act effectively to prevent the spread of this destructive behavior.

Keeping the Faith: Guidance for Christian Women Facing Abuse

Marie M. Fortune - 1995
    Practical guide addresses issues of faith for battered women—an invaluable resource for victims of domestic violence and the crisis centers that counsel them.

Transforming Trauma: A Guide to Understanding and Treating Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Anna C. Salter - 1995
    The premise of Anna Salter's major book is that those who do not recognize an internalized perpetrator when they hear one will often be frustrated by the tenacity of the survivor's self blame.Primarily oriented towards treating adult survivors, this invaluable book will also be useful for treating sex offenders. It includes discussion of crucial issues such as: what clinicians who treat survivors need to know about sex offenders; the different ways sadistic and nonsadistic offenders think and the resulting different `footprints' they leave in the heads of survivors; how trauma affects survivors' world-views;