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Another Forgotten Child

Cathy Glass - 2012
    Her five older siblings were taken into care many years ago. So no one can understand why she was left at home to suffer for so long. It seems Aimee was forgotten.The social services are looking for a very experienced foster carer to look after Aimee and, when she reads the referral, Cathy understands why. Despite her reservations, Cathy agrees to Aimee on – there is something about her that reminds Cathy of Jodie (the subject of ‘Damaged’ and the most disturbed child Cathy has cared for), and reading the report instantly tugs at her heart strings.When she arrives, Aimee is angry. And she has every right to be. She has spent the first eight years of her life living with her drug-dependent mother in a flat that the social worker described as ‘not fit for human habitation’. Aimee is so grateful as she snuggles into her bed at Cathy’s house on the first night that it brings Cathy to tears.Aimee’s aggressive mother is constantly causing trouble at contact, and makes sweeping allegations against Cathy and her family in front of her daughter as well. It is a trying time for Cathy, and it makes it difficult for Aimee to settle. But as Aimee begins to trust Cathy, she starts to open up. And the more Cathy learns about Aimee’s life before she came into care, the more horrified she becomes.It’s clear that Aimee should have been rescued much sooner and as her journey seems to be coming to a happy end, Cathy can’t help but reflect on all the other ‘forgotten children’ that are still suffering…

Tell No One

Sarah Cooper - 2012
    If you passed me in the street, you wouldn’t notice either. You might see the small scar on my neck that was inflicted by a knife being pressed to my throat. You might notice a lump on my left wrist where the bones didn’t heal properly after it was fractured. You might notice small scars on my arms where I was used as a live ashtray. But you won’t see the scars that are deep inside me – the ones which take a lifetime to heal. They’re ingrained in me, trapped under the surface like fish under a frozen lake, waiting for the moment when the surface cracks and they can come to life again. These mental scars are the demons that haunted me when I was at my lowest point. They came out to torment me, rearing their ugly head in the darkness. Then they would retreat again for a time, making me think I’d got over what happened to me, only to show up when I least expected it. But with every year that passed, I learnt how to handle the demons more. Every sick and twisted thing that happened in my childhood has made me into the woman I am today. I’m a survivor. My name is Sarah and this is my story…

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden

Jessica Sorensen - 2012
    . . THE COINCIDENCE OF CALLIE & KAYDENFor Kayden, suffering in silence was the only way to survive. If he was lucky, he could keep his head down, do as he was told, and make it through the day. But one night it seemed like his luck -- and his life -- might finally end... until an angel named Callie appeared just in time to rescue him.Callie has never believed in luck. Not since her twelfth birthday when everything was taken from her. After the worst was over, she locked up her feelings and vowed never to tell anyone what happened. Now, six years later, she continues to struggle with the painful secret that threatens to consume her.When fate lands Kayden and Callie at the same college, Kayden is determined to get to know the beautiful girl who changed his destiny. Quiet and reserved, Callie still fears letting anyone else into her world. But Kayden is certain that Callie has come back into his life for a reason. And the more he tries to be a part of her life, the more he realizes that, this time, it's Callie who needs to be saved...

A Baby's Cry

Cathy Glass - 2012
    From the author of Damaged comes a harrowing and moving memoir about tiny Harrison, left in Cathy's care, and the potentially fatal family secret of his beginnings. When Cathy is first asked to foster one-day old Harrison her only concern is if she will remember how to look after a baby. But upon collecting Harrison from the hospital, Cathy realizes she has more to worry than she thought when she discovers that his background is shrouded in secrecy. She isn't told why Harrison is in foster care and his social worker says only a few are aware of his very existence, and if his whereabouts became known his life, and that of his parents, could be in danger. Cathy tries to put her worries aside as she looks after Harrison, a beautiful baby, who is alert and engaging. Cathy and her children quickly bond with Harrison although they know that, inevitably, he will eventually be adopted. But when a woman Cathy doesn't know starts appearing in the street outside her house acting suspiciously, Cathy fears for her own family's safety and demands some answers from Harrison's social worker. The social worker tells Cathy a little but what she says is very disturbing. How is this woman connected to Harrison and can she answer the questions that will affect Harrison's whole life?

Too Hurt to Stay: The True Story of a Troubled Boy’s Desperate Search for a Loving Home

Casey Watson - 2012
    It’s a desperate act, a cry for help, but his parent’s reaction – good riddance – speaks volumes. Immediately Casey’s hackles are up for this poor child: it seems he either comes to live with the Watsons, or he’ll be sent to a children’s home.Spencer is the middle child of four siblings. His parents claim all their other kids are ‘normal’ and that Spencer was born ‘vicious and evil’. Casey and her family are disgusted – kids aren’t born evil, they get damaged. Although when vigilante neighbours start to take action and their landlord threatens eviction, Casey is stretched to the limits, trying desperately to hold on to this boy who causes so much pain and destruction.Casey is determined to try and understand what Spencer is going through and help him find the loving home he is so desperately searching for. But it’s only when Spencer’s mother gets in touch with social services for the first time that gradually everything starts to make sense.

Little Prisoners: A Tragic Story of Siblings Trapped in a World of Abuse and Suffering

Casey Watson - 2012
    Two frightened little waifs stand before them, hair running wild with head lice, filthy nails and skin covered in scabs. Ashton, aged nine, and Olivia, aged six, are the eldest of five siblings, taken away from their family because they were considered at risk.Originally a temporary, emergency placement, the weeks turn into months. And gradually the children start to feel like they truly belong to a family and to reveal the horror of what happened to them.

Call Me Tuesday

Leigh Byrne - 2012
    Almost overnight, the loving environment she's come to know becomes an endless nightmare of twisted punishments, as she's forced to confront the dark cruelty lurking inside the mother she idolizes. Based on a true story, Call Me Tuesday recounts, with raw emotion, a young girl's physical and mental torment at the mercy of the monster in her mother's clothes--a monster she doesn't know how to stop loving.

Chase in Shadow

Amy Lane - 2012
    Beautiful girlfriend, good friends, and a promising future. Nobody knows the real Chase.Chase Summers has a razor blade to his wrist and the smell of his lover’s goodbye clinging to his skin. He has a door in his heart so frightening he’d rather die than open it, and the lies he’s used to block it shut are thinning with every forbidden touch. Chase has spent his entire life unraveling, and his decision to set his sexuality free in secret has only torn his mind apart faster. Chase has one chance for true love and salvation. He may have met Tommy Halloran in the world of gay-for-pay—where the number of lovers doesn’t matter as long as the come-shot’s good—but if he wants the healing that Tommy’s love has to offer, he’ll need the courage to leave the shadows for the sunlight. That may be too much to ask from a man who’s spent his entire life hiding his true self. Chase knows all too well that the only things thriving in a heart’s darkness are the bitter personal demons that love to watch us bleed.

Sinner's Gin

Rhys Ford - 2012
    John’s vintage Pontiac GTO, and he has no idea how it got there.After Miki survives the tragic accident that killed his best friend and the other members of their band, Sinner’s Gin, all he wants is to hide from the world in the refurbished warehouse he bought before their last tour. But when the man who sexually abused him as a boy is killed and his remains are dumped in Miki’s car, Miki fears Death isn’t done with him yet.Kane Morgan, the SFPD inspector renting space in the art co-op next door, initially suspects Miki had a hand in the man’s murder, but Kane soon realizes Miki is as much a victim as the man splattered inside the GTO. As the murderer’s body count rises, the attraction between Miki and Kane heats up. Neither man knows if they can make a relationship work, but despite Miki’s emotional damage, Kane is determined to teach him how to love and be loved — provided, of course, Kane can catch the killer before Miki becomes the murderer’s final victim.


C.L. Stone - 2012
    The only thing Sang craves is a fresh start and to be accepted as ordinary by her peers, because for her being different meant being cast out alone.When her family moves to a new school district, Sang infiltrates a group of boys nearly perfect in every way. Grateful for an influence outside of her parents’ negativity, she quickly bonds with the boys, hoping to blend in and learn from them what it means to have a natural relationship with friends.Only the boys have secrets of their own and they’ll do anything to keep her safe from the knowledge of the mysterious Academy that they've sworn allegiance to. Bit by bit, Sang discovers that her friends are far from the normalcy she expected. Will her loyalty change when she's forced to remain in the dark, or will she accept that she's traded one house of secrets for another?Meet Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North in a story about differences and loyalty, truth and mystery, friendships and heart-throbbing intimacy.The Academy, ever vigilant.

Crying for Help: The Shocking True Story of a Damaged Girl with a Dark Past

Casey Watson - 2012
    Sophia’s actions are disturbing and provocative and, before long, Casey and her family find themselves in a dark and dangerous situation.Two years ago Sophia’s mother had a terrible accident. Sophia has been in care ever since.Right away, Casey feels something isn’t right. Sophia’s a well-developed girl, who looks more like 18 than 12. She only seems to have eyes and ears for men, and treats all women with contempt and disgust. And she has everyone around her jumping through hoops.Over time, as more details begin to emerge about Sophia’s past, it becomes clear that her behaviour is a front for an early life filled with pain and suffering. But although Casey feels she is gradually breaking through to Sophia and getting her to open up about things she has never spoken about before, her violence is threatening the safety of the whole family, forcing Casey to question whether she can really handle this lost and damaged girl.Both shocking and inspiring, this true story will shed new light on the extreme and sometimes dangerous nature of foster care.


J.P. Barnaby - 2012
    Two years after a terrifying night of pain destroyed his normal teenage existence, Aaron Downing still clings to the hope that one day, he will be a fully functional human being. But his life remains a constant string of nightmares, flashbacks, and fear. When, in his very first semester of college, he’s assigned Spencer Thomas as a partner for his programming project, Aaron decides that maybe “normal” is overrated. If he could just learn to control his fear, that could be enough for him to find his footing again. With his parents’ talk of institutionalizing him—of sacrificing him for the sake of his brothers’ stability—Aaron becomes desperate to find a way to cope with his psychological damage or even fake normalcy. Can his new shrink control his own demons long enough to treat Aaron, or will he only deepen the damage? Desperate to understand his attraction for Spencer, Aaron holds on to his sanity with both hands as it threatens to spin out of control.

Faint Echoes Of Laughter (Empty Chairs, #2)

Stacey Danson - 2012

Sweet Giselle

Karen Williams - 2012
    Her fine and sexy husband, Giovanni, is obsessed with his perfect wife and gives her whatever her heart desires. Giselle thinks her husband can do no wrong. What she doesn't know is that his lucrative adult film company is not as legit as it seems, and Giovanni's seedy dealings put his precious wife in danger.Giselle is kidnapped by a vicious drug dealer named Bryce, who is hell bent on revenge after his sister comes up missing and he believes Giovanni is responsible. Bryce takes the thing he knows Giovanni treasures most. He plans to torture Giselle, but instead he finds himself falling in love with her. He reveals the truth about Giovanni and the news pushes her right into Bryce's arms.Giovanni wages a war against Bryce and anyone close to him, leaving several dead bodies in his wake. Now that he has his wife back, Giovanni thinks things can return to the way they were. Giselle, however, can't get Bryce out of her system, and continues to see him behind Giovanni's back. As the war between these two men heats up again, Giselle has to decide if being with the man she loves is worth risking her life.

When Love Hurts

Shaquanda Dalton - 2012
    Now she's grown up and has fallen in love with a man named Chris that she thought was her soul mate. But she was wrong.When she discovers evidence of Chris' infidelity she confronts him. One thing leads to another and she leaves his place battered and bruised. She goes into the home of her childhood friend Jaylen who isn't much of a child anymore with a growing business and bills of his own.She takes this time to confront her life, her situation and her overwhelming need for love. But will her need for love be too strong to resist when Chris shows up looking for her?

Hidden Away

J.W. Kilhey - 2012
    Roosevelt said, “No man and no force can abolish memory.” John Oakes and Kurt Fournier are living proof of the truth behind those words. Since the horrors of the Second World War, John and Kurt have been trudging through existence, bleeding from wounds that have never healed. Now they’re at the crossroads of the 1950s: the war may be over, but the battle to find lasting peace has just begun.John, a PhD student at UC Berkeley and a battle-hardened veteran, floats through his postwar life until he catches the mysterious Kurt secretly playing a university piano. John thinks he may find comfort in Kurt’s company but doesn’t know how to connect with a man who lives a life of such careful solitude. Guilt and regret threaten to cripple their hopes for a normal life. No man is an island, so John and Kurt must risk their hearts to find happiness. Unfortunately, memories and enduring fears can paralyze even the strongest man.

Not So Easy

Sherry Gammon - 2012
    Also available in paperback on Amazon.Senior Max Sanchez has it all.He's the star pitcher for Port Fare High's baseball team. He's dating the head cheerleader, Emma McKay, and he has a great group of friends.Junior JD Miller's life is Not So Easy.Unlike Max, JD struggles with making friends. He's a social misfit, and he's being bullied at every turn. He's also barely surviving. A tragic accident changes everything, merging their lives together,and Max soon learns that life is not so easy for everyone. Max works to the point of exhaustion trying to help JD survive the chaos that is his life, and his eyes are opened to a world he had no idea even existed. Not so Easy is a story about hope, surviving, and never giving up. (Not So Easy is book one of the Souls in Peril series) Trailer:

Highlander Unchained & Forbidden Highlander

Donna Fletcher - 2012
    A peasant woman without a voice. An undeniable love. The infamous warrior Cree is paraded before the village Dowell and though shackled and wounded he walks with arrogant pride, meeting all the curious and fearful stares of the villagers with a fierceness that has them quickly turning their heads away, all but one woman. Dawn cannot keep her eyes off the captured warrior, though tales of his exploits suggests he’s more devil than man. When his eyes meet hers, she wonders if the notorious tales are true for only the devil himself could be that sinfully handsome. Dawn is summoned by the liege lord Colum and ordered to tend Cree, in all ways possible, while he awaits his fate, and please him she must or suffer the consequences. Colum laughs when he issues his orders. He’s sending not only a plain woman to please the mighty warrior in his final days, but one he’ll find no pleasure with. After all, what man wants a woman who cannot utter a sound. But no shackles can hold Cree and when he breaks free he returns to claim the voiceless woman who found a way into his silent heart. Cree and Dawn’s story continues in Forbidden Highlander. Dawn struggles to accept her future as Cree’s mistress while his future bride Lucerne Gerwan arrives in the village. But there is more for her to worry over. The attempts on her life continue and she fears Cree’s reaction when he learns that she carries his child. The situation grows worse when warriors from the McClusky clan arrive in the village and the laird Kirk McClusky claims that Dawn is his daughter. Dawn wonders if it can be true and though her father insists she return home with him, she knows her love for Cree will never allow her to leave him. She cannot envision life without him. Cree faces many obstacles in ensuring Dawn will be his, the hardest being his own failure to tell Dawn how he truly feels about her. But when she is taken from him, his temper rages and nothing stops him from bringing her home. He cannot think of life without her. Cree and Dawn battle old secrets that finally surface and threaten to tear them apart. And it is with strength and courage that they fight for their love and a future together.


Shayne McClendon - 2012
    When Kendall disappears without a trace, Jared vows to make himself a man she’d be proud of…until one day he’s able to find her again. Then, there will be no more secrets.Let Your Heart LeadLeo and Amelia know they have a forever love despite their youth. When their future is brutally ripped away, the pain feels as if it will never heal. They should know better. There is no greater miracle than the human heart.Coming HomeGage broke Rowan’s young heart and she vowed to never love again. When she finds a man worth making her forget her promise, she barely survives the loss that leaves her alone and filled with guilt. Gage has a second chance to do things right and have Rowan back where she belongs…in his arms.* Special sneak peek of upcoming "Obsession" by Shayne McClendon!


Laurie Matthew - 2012
    Uncle Andrew would shower Laurie with attention and love, capture the hearts of everyone around him - and carefully groom her for years of abuse by not only himself, but also by a network of paedophiles. Laurie tells a harrowing story of isolation, as her abusers went to extraordinary lengths to carry out their sick acts, wearing masks to confuse and torment her and keeping her away from other children. But these evil men had no idea that the girl they systematically violated would turn into one of the country's leading child protection experts, and that their legacy would give her the impetus to change the lives of so many innocent victims.

My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal

Taylor Evan Fulks - 2012
    MY PRISON WITHOUT BARS is a courageous and harrowing journey through the catacombs of hell, from the mind and voice of a little girl living with her own monster underneath her bed. Written in first person, this novel is not a memoir, but more a psychological thriller, based on true events, chronicling one woman's attempt to claw her way out of the darkness of Child Sexual Abuse, while struggling to find normal, in a not-so-normal world.It is poignant, dark and graphic; not for the faint of heart. This novel will make you feel.*WARNING* THIS NOVEL IS GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING. IT IS INTENDED FOR 18+ READERS

When We Collide

A.L. Jackson - 2012
    Trapped in a world of false ambitions and feigned affections, William knows he’s reached a breaking point and something’s going to give.Maggie had lived her entire life without hope until one man showed her what it meant to be loved. He’d been her light in a lifetime of darkness. Six years ago, that darkness stole him away. Without him, she’s surrendered herself to an existence she doesn’t know how to escape.When the family William left behind is struck by tragedy, he is called back to the one place he’s sworn to never return to again.In a moment that will change his life forever, William comes face to face with the girl who, with one look, captured his heart. He is unable to ignore the buried desires and the hope for the future they’d once believed they’d have.Now William is ready to fight to take back what had been stolen from him six years before.But he never imagined what that fight might cost him.A.L. Jackson gives you an intimate look into the lives of a family bound by an unseen connection in this romantic thriller with a supernatural twist.

Tainted Love

Erin Cawood - 2012
    In the last twenty-two years, the McKenzies have been through it, survived it, learned by it, and grown stronger from it, because life didn't stop for breath when they needed it. Amongst the tears and the tragedies, the hopes and happiness, they've built something amazing: a happy family, a luxury lifestyle and a booming empire. Don't they deserve to have it all? But for the perfect wife, those four sinister words mean something entirely different. They're a summons into a private world where what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Faith has no doubt in Calvin's undying love for her. It's what kept her sane in the darkest hours. If only she could figure out what it is she does wrong... because it’s rapidly becoming apparent their tainted love is running out of time.


Pepper Pace - 2012
    He finds an ally in Sophie Baxter, a reclusive writer of interracial fiction. When Sophie initially meets Lucas she believes he is a young teen and takes him under her wing. By the time she realizes her mistake it’s too late—this polite and sweet kid has found a way into her heart.Lucas wants Sophie to see that he is no child even though he has an innocent baby face. And Sophie thinks that anyone looking at them together would mistake the older black woman for being some young white boy’s care giver. She can’t fathom breaching that trust…not with her history.Pepper Pace has woven a tale of unpredictable circumstances and unlikely characters. This sweet romance deals with a difficult subject matter but is not a story about rape but about self-discovery. Warning; graphic description of rape, strong language, sexual situations including homosexuality and incest.

Listening To Dust

Brandon Shire - 2012
    A chance meeting with a young American chased away the fear that he would always be alone and brought him the prospect of a new existence.Dustin Earl joined the military and escaped his small town Southern upbringing with the hope that he could give his mentally challenged brother a better life. But Dustin had never known real love, an honest hug, or a simple kiss. He considered his sexuality a weakness; a threat that had been used against those he cared about.For eight months their relationship blossomed until Dustin suddenly returned home. He cherished Stephen, but felt his responsibilities to his brother outweighed his own chance at happiness.Shattered, unable to function and unwilling to accept Dustin’s departure, Stephen flew three thousand miles to get Dustin back and rekindle what they had. But what he would learn when he got there… he could never have imagined.

No Way Back

Chloe Adams - 2012
    She lives blissfully unaware of her family’s secrets, until the night she is raped by the son of her father’s greatest political ally.Her father forbids her from going to the police and threatens to throw her out if she does. It’s a critical election year, one that his party might lose, if the public sours on his doting father image when they realize his daughter is an underage lush and party girl. He can’t risk splintering the party in a nasty court battle that’s certain to draw way too much press, even if that means sacrificing his daughter.Mia’s world is shattered twice, once by the men who hurt her, and once by the betrayal of her family. She does what her father says. But the rapists strike again and beat their next victim near death.With the help of her best friend and a couple of unlikely allies, Mia must decide: does she risk losing everything to do what’s right? Or does she turn her back on the truth and preserve the family name?What’s privileged girl to do, when her perfect little world isn't so perfect anymore?

Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid: Michael Anderson's Fight For Life

Tremayne Moore - 2012
    That's how Michael Anderson saw the world. Who would hear him? His cry for help would shake a congregation.

Mummy is a Killer

Nikkia Roberson - 2012
    But how else do you cope when your mentally ill mother has killed your little brother and sister by scalding them with boiling water?This is a harrowing true story of how one little girl endured the most tragic of childhoods. But it's also the ultimate tale of forgiveness.Follow Nikkia on her heartbreaking journey, as she attempts to find answers and rekindle a relationship with her mother behind the gates of a secure psychiatric hospital.Deeply moving, Mummy is a Killer proves that love really is the strongest emotion of all.

Out of the Darkness

Tina Nash - 2012
    On the evening of 20 April 2011, Tina Nash's life changed forever. After suffering months of beatings and domestic abuse at the hands of boyfriend Shane Jenkin, she was subjected to a barbaric and prolonged attack during which Jenkin beat her unconscious and gouged out both her eyes. When he was jailed in May 2012, people struggled to comprehend the scale of the violence endured by this attractive mother of two at her home in Cornwall. In Out of the Darkness, Tina tells her full story - of what life with a violent partner is really like and how she survived 12 hours of sustained and unimaginable violence in her own home. Learning to adjust to life without her sight, Tina speaks bravely about how her children have given her the courage to keep going, and how - step by careful step - she is learning to live again. With statistics on domestic violence rising, Tina's incredible memoir of survival makes for essential reading.

After Ben

Con Riley - 2012
    The last thing he's looking for is a new lover. But as Theo soon discovers, sometimes life has other plans.While Theo experiences a powerful physical attraction to fellow gym member Peter, it's his new online friend, Morgan, who provides the intellectual challenge to make him come alive. Morgan is witty, brave, and irreverent, and Theo is ready to take the plunge... until he discovers Morgan might be half his age.Theo's late partner was significantly older—enough to strain Theo's relationship with his family—and the potential of another relationship being cut short leaves him gunshy. Theo needs to lay Ben's memory to rest, reconcile with his family, and rekindle neglected friendships if he's to start afresh with a new lover. But Theo isn't the only one with a past.His biggest challenge, in living after Ben, might not be his to face.

Lynn's Rules

C.R. Daems - 2012
    Good medical plan provided. Because surviving the training program to graduation was dangerous, even the first challenge to gain entrance could get you killed. But training was the easy part. Staying alive afterward was the hard part. Kazaks guarded individuals whose lives were deemed critical to the security of the United States. These individuals attracted fanatics and the best professional Assassins money could buy—Liars who could tell lies you believed, Ghosts who could become nearly invisible, and Illusionists who could appear to be anyone, among others. But Lynn wanted no other life—the Kazak Guardians gave her life purpose. She had grown up in the foster care system, neglected and abused, at the mercy of people who didn’t care. Even when she finally ran away, her freedom wasn’t the renewal she had hoped. So when a friend told her about a unique organization that trained individuals to protect VIPs, she knew it was the life for her. She survived years of training and five deadly challenges to become a Kazak Guardian, and entered a world of extremists and assassins, where each assignment became a deadly contest between Kazak and assassin, with the prize the life of the VIP. In spite of the danger, she enjoyed every assignment with its interesting people, new environments, challenges, and best of all, the occasional opportunity to pretend to be someone other than a Kazak—a tiger in tabby garb.

Running from Beige

Terri Marie - 2012
    Through their desperate attempts to reclaim themselves, the paths of these three women become intertwined. They develop a friendship and sisterhood stronger than any of them imagined. Refusing to let one another face any of their hardships alone, they set out together on a journey toward discovery, hope, and freedom. But what they don't expect are the heartaches, betrayals, and shattered lives that lie waiting

Little Madhouse on the Prairie: A True-Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit

Marion Elizabeth Witte - 2012
    Unbelievable hardship, alcoholism, abuse and abandonment were the norm during her youth. Witte endured punishments that had devastating emotional effects. She was often locked in a dark, dirty cellar with the rats and mice, terrifed and too little to turn on the light bulb that hung high above her.As Witte retells the circumstances of her youth, it becomes clear that this book is much more than a compelling story of childhood mistreatment. The crux of her story maintains that once abuse stops, the psychological damage lingers. Even as Witte graduated from college, became a CPA, and had her own family, she knew that there were wounds to be healed. Witte takes the reader on the journey she pursued to heal from the past, and the pitfalls and successes of that process. Her honest and compassionate portrayal draws the reader into an analysis of negative adult behaviors and why we may behave in an emotionally immature manner. This is a book that connects the dots between our childhood experiences, our current adult behavior and the way we parent.

That Girl is Poison

Tia Hines - 2012
    Abandoned by her mother, she yearns for love and attention. Her uncle shelters her, but life is impossible to bear with his abusive wife. To make things worse, she gets involved with Malik, who shatters her hope and trust by leaving her pregnant and infected with HIV. So hardened, she decides to do the unspeakable, purposely infecting people with her disease. Of course, no one knows of her intent, not even her best friend, Jennifer, who unwittingly helps Desire find her victims. Will Desire realize the error of her ways before it's too late?Tia Hines delivers a powerful message in this cautionary tale full of action and drama.

Hurting Too Much: Shocking Stories from the Frontline of Child Protection

Harry Keeble - 2012
    In Broken Angels, a more experienced Harry relates a series of extraordinary cases he encountered with Ella, a young and newly qualified social worker.Together, Harry and Ella faced the violence of forced marriage, the horror of maternal incest and the cruelty of child slavery. Their investigations took them into a mosque, a drug den and a recording studio. Just as the unrelenting caseload threatened to push the inexperienced Ella over the edge, Harry uncovered one of the most shocking cases of child abuse he'd ever encountered, forcing the duo to tread new ground in the search for justice.Broken Angels reveals why working in Child Protection has never been so tough. It also shows why, despite the fact that so many courageous people are ready and willing to meet impossible challenges, we are still unable to reach all of the broken angels that so desperately need our help.

The Boarding House

Sharon Sala - 2012
    She survives.Ellie Wayne has grown up in frightening circumstances, damaged by a sexually abusive father and mentally fragile mother. Scarred and still threatened by a father she hates and fears, Ellie believes her future holds nothing more than danger, shame and secrets . . . until the unspeakable happens, and Ellie is forced to choose. She can claim her life or continue to hide in the shadows. One amazing man might be the miracle worker who can help Ellie see that she has the power to move on with her life, to hope for something more. If she can trust him. Readers will cheer for this amazing woman as she struggles to leave victimhood behind

A Cry for Justice: How the Evil of Domestic Abuse Hides in Your Church!

Jeff Crippen - 2012
    But it is a very real problem that must be brought into the light of Scripture. Abuse in the church takes different forms, but it is alive and active even in "nice" families in our churches. Typically, the abuser is male, usually a husband and his character is that of a manipulating deceiver! Countless women and children even many faithful pastors have been abused by these deceivers. Have you, or someone you know, been a victim? Has an abuser: Threatened physical violence if he does not get away? Intimidated you with abusive language? Denied you affection? Denied you medical attention? Manipulated friends and acquaintances in order to gain allies? Pastor Jeff Crippen uses his over thirty years of experience to rip the lid off this most insidious behavior that is often hidden in plain sight. He not only maintains that Bible believing churches have ignored or failed to face the problem, he insists that when they do counsel a victim of abuse, they get it all wrong! The result is that the victim gets pulled into deeper-even life threatening-danger! This book will come as a life-saver in a raging sea for those under the thumb of an abusive spouse of "friend." The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to be free in him: spiritually, emotionally, and, yes, physically. Every pastor also needs to read this book, either because they too have been a victim, but, more importantly, so that they properly counsel those caught in a cycle of abuse."

Miss Me Not

Tiffany King - 2012
    Madison Hanson's past demons have given her a shadow of an existence with little hope. With the sudden tragic death of a fellow student, Madison questions her own life choices, and is now forced to evaluate everything she thought she believed in. When fate intervenes and partners her with Dean Jackson, a popular "all around good guy" from school, Madison gets a glimpse of a life that is filled with sunshine that has the power to break through the darkness she has cloaked herself in. With Dean's help, Madison discovers a desire to finally step out of the shadows, and embrace life and all its gifts.

Cat's Choice

Jana Leigh - 2012
    After losing the only man she knew could protect her, she is forced to go to the New Council for protection.Exhausted and on her last leg, she finds not only the solace she needs but also a mate. Thank goodness he is a Werewolf, but then the tables are turned once again when her other mate appears, and he is the thing she fears the most.For years she has been hunted by a Vampire, she only wanted it to stop. Will Cat make the choice to become the mate to the man she loves and fears, or will she walk away and therefore end the prophecy that awaits completion?The Chosen's War Series, is a continuation of the New Council, there will be another twelve books in this series, and then there will be a final twelve of the Chosen's Children. I look forward to bringing you all of their stories!Warning: MFM, MM, and hot shifter sex!

God Bless the Child

Katie Leone - 2012
    If you find reading Dave Pelzer "A Child Called 'It'" and Cathy Glass "Cry Silent Tears" rewarding than this heartwarming story of overcoming the past and finding acceptance will keep you up all night turning the pagesas you run the gamut of emotions. Jeremy Bergeron is a four year old boy who will do anything to earn the love of his parents. But that is a love that they are unable or unwilling to give. Suffering fromthe neglect of his mother and the physical abuse from his father, Jeremy does everything in his power to survive. Chase Milan is a rookie K-9 police officer. His job is to confront evil and get it off the streets. He knows about crime, but he has never before had to deal with its aftermath. With his canine partner, Neesa, Chase doesn't realize the struggles that come with picking up the pieces once tragedy has torn through a life. With the squeeze of a trigger, two lives heading on different paths converge and Chase learns exactly what it's like to pick up the pieces and build a life that has been shattered by violence. Because he is signed up to be a foster parent, he gets temporary custody of the child. But his wife is unable to deal with a child who fears every shadow and finds comfort in hiding behind the sofa. When atop all the other issues, questions about his gender identity make the family question everything they once believed was certain. Chase was only supposed to take Jeremy into his home for a week as social services locate the next of kin, but his life will never be the same again.GOD BLESS THE CHILD is a story that will both touch and challenge you, a story that will have you tap into your deepest emotions. A novel that dares to ask the question "How far will you go to make sure a child grows up happy and healthy?"


Kira Harp - 2012
    Seth is sixteen, in the closet, and about ready to give up on life. But for his brother Jory, making an unexpected visit home from college, nothing is more trouble than it's worth to keep his little brother alive.Author and Editor royalties from this book will go to The Trevor Project.

Ruining Me

Nicole Reed - 2012
    Secrets, lies, and the worst imaginable betrayal haunt her new reality. Burying her problems under a cold façade seems to be the only way to cope until it all catches up with her. Soon, she loses control of the lonely world she built around her, and the past, present, and future collide.Three guys are there when it all comes crashing down: JT, the perfect boyfriend she never wanted to give up; Rhye, the local bad boy “rock star” who made her forget the past; and Kane, the funny and sweet tattooed bartender who wants her future.Secrets must be kept. Choices must be made. Is it possible to move forward while still chained to the wicked vices of the past?

Dear Teddy

J.D. Stockholm - 2012
    I know your secrets, I know them allI write in my journal as much as I can. I talk to Mr. Ted. He is my only friend. He understands when the bad man comes. He holds my hand when I have nightmares and my mummy doesn't hear me cry. Mr. Ted doesn’t tell. He won’t say when my daddy hurts me. He keeps my secrets and my stories. I love Mr. Ted. He is the only one who loves me back.Mr. Ted.I keep falling asleep. Bad things happen. I get sore all the time. But I don’t know why. My mum says it’s a demon. Because I got evil. Please make me be good.

366 Days

Kiyoshi Tanaka - 2012
    Ryan Thompson, the new kid, just wants to be his friend and then-hopefully-something more. Kellie Powell wants her big brother back. And Erin Donaldson is just, well, Erin. Not for readers under sixteen. Warnings for strong language.

When A Woman You Love Was Abused: A Husband's Guide to Helping Her Overcome Childhood Sexual Molestation

Dawn Scott Jones - 2012
    Department of Health and Human Services reports that 80 percent of childhood abuse victims later suffer from at least one abuse-induced psychological disorder. It's proven that the effects of childhood abuse follow women into adulthood. Yet few men are prepared to deal with those effects, even when their own wife is the one who is suffering. And their wife's suffering becomes their own suffering as their needs aren't being met by a wife who is powerless to control her inner turmoil.Author, pastor, and survivor Dawn Scott Jones candidly shares her own abuse experience to help husbands understand the varied emotions, fears, distorted thoughts, and triggers that hold their wives captive. In practical and accessible language, Jones explains the stages of the healing journey (processing denial, asking for help, grieving, expressing anger, learning to forgive, and finding resolution). Building on that knowledge, Jones then moves to an honest discussion of what husbands can do to help. Whether it's creating a healing environment, understanding the need for control, building trust, or even just praying for healing, a husband plays an active role in helping his wife survive and thrive despite her past abuse.Offering hope for a healthy marriage relationship, When a Woman You Love Was Abused answers the questions men have and offers the advice they need to help their wives finally find peace.

Rodeo Queen

Helen Hardt - 2012
    Can the girl next door change his mind?Catie Bay has worshiped much older Chad McCray since she was a child. When she fumbles a seduction attempt after her graduation from high school, she flees to Europe. Four years later, she returns a beautiful, worldly woman, and Chad takes notice. Is the rodeo queen still in love with the sexy cowboy, and is he capable of returning her feelings?

Bobby's Boy

Mark Wilson - 2012
    "A coming of age story for the dysfunctional generation." - Amazon Reader Orphan, son, brother, friend, husband, father, workaholic, alcoholic, music journalist and occasional hero; Tom Kinsella lives life to the full despite a tragic past. In Bobby's Boy Tom travels the length and breadth of Europe and the USA on tour with one of the world's greatest ever rock bands, documenting their support act's every move and generally having the time of his life. Along the way Tom walks in his father's shoes, puts a few old ghosts to rest and learns to accept that he's not all bad. With a few twists and turns, plenty of Scottish humour, some romance, a few tears and some fun along the way, Bobby's Boy explores the limits of what a person can achieve with the power of determination and how love can make all the difference in a person's life.Set in the 1970s through to the early twenty-first century and in Paris, London, LA, New York and Bellshill, Bobby's Boy is the tale of one young man's determination to rise above loss and tragedy to build a successful life for himself. Revised 2nd EditionWhat the readers say:"Mark Wilson has done a fantastic job with his debut novel. You feel like you are with Tom on this rollercoaster ride through the ups and the downs. You will laugh, you will cry, you will not want to put this book down. I was gripped from start to finish with a few twists and turns along the way. I cannot wait to read the next installment from this very talented writer. " - Lynne B"Mark writes with feeling and imagination with a few twists along the way" - JLD" I couldn't put the book down and through tears of joy and heartbreak I carried on reading." - Kim

Young-Minded Hustler

Tysha - 2012
    Cherise has taught her son, Raequan, only one life lesson: how to run hustles. Now Cherise and Raequan are tired of watching the McGee family prosper while they remain at a standstill.  Prince and his identical twin brother, Jayden, are attacked, and the wrong brother takes the bullet. Like an angry mother bear, Shy fights to find out who masterminded the incident. When she discovers the truth, there is no question about how far she's willing to go to protect her young-minded hustler.

Cowboys, Armageddon, and The Truth: How a Gay Child Was Saved from Religion

Scott Terry - 2012
    Scott Terry's memoir is a compelling, poignant and occasionally humorous look into the Jehovah's Witness faith -- a religion that refers to itself as The Truth -- and a brave account of Terry's successful escape from a troubled past.At the age of ten, Terry had embraced the Witnesses' prediction that the world would come to an end in 1975 and was preparing for Armageddon. As an adolescent, he prayed for God to strip away his growing attraction to other young men. But, by adulthood, Terry found himself no longer believing in the promised apocalypse. Through a series of adventures and misadventures, he left the Witness religion behind and became a cowboy, riding bulls in the rodeo. He overcame the hurdles of parental abuse, religious extremism, and homophobia, and learned that Truth is a concept of honesty rather than false righteousness, a means to live a life openly, for Terry as a gay man.


Adrienne Wilder - 2012
    1971. Born in the wrong body Jack finds himself lost and trapped in a town where he feels out of place. Acceptance – or even tolerance – doesn’t exist in Union, or within his family. When Jack attempts suicide following his mother’s death, Jack’s sister Emma has him committed to Meadow Field Psychiatric Hospital, where they continue to try and change him, convince him that how he feels and who he is, is wrong. But in this most unlikely place, among the most unlikely friends and unspeakable fear, Jack learns that all acts have consequences, some things cannot be changed, and love isn’t defined by the body it comes in.*This book contains strong language, violence, disturbing acts, and mild sexual content. Not intended for readers under 17.

The Truth about Lilly Barnes

Kimberly Russell - 2012
    I’m not melancholy or nervous. I just want to get it over with more than anything. Today is the day that I, Lilly Barnes, die.” Lilly Barnes doesn't want to live anymore. She is prepared to leave her life, family, and more importantly, her best friend Buddy behind for good. But, why? What could be so horrible that it makes a young girl want to end her life? Find out in The Truth about Lilly Barnes.

I Have People

Taylor Dean - 2012
    Young and in love, Holly hopes to have their first child soon. Of course, Gabriel wants to wait till Holly’s health is restored, much to Holly’s dismay. She feels perfectly fine. So what if she just woke up from an eight-month coma? So what if some of her memories are missing? She remembers Gabe and that’s all that matters, right? That is, until HE enters her life again . . . she forgot about HIM.

Beautiful Monster

Jared S. Anderson - 2012
    When she awakens, naked and chained in Sterling’s basement, his deviant plans for her become clear. Brenna must choose between playing along with his savage game, or risking her life to escape.


Jessica McHugh - 2012
    Luckily, strip clubs are always looking for new blood. Eva "Birdie" Finch is fed up with the slim pickings in local employment, and the gentleman's club/bowling alley called PINS seems to be the only option left. But learning how to strip for strangers isn't Birdie's only obstacle, especially when fellow dancers start turning up dead. From Jessica McHugh, author of the steampunk adventure "The Sky: The World" and the bestselling psychological thriller "Rabbits in the Garden", PINS is a post-modern coming of age thriller certain to titillate as much as terrify with a candid look at a dancer trying to find herslef on a blood-drenched stage.


leonidaslion - 2012
    A 21 part Supernatural fanfic series - Sam/DeanSuite!Verse is a gloriously dark and beautiful 'verse in which Sam has fully become the Antichrist, in both powers and personality, and Dean is imprisoned not only by force, but also by the obsessive love they both still have for each other.Word count:337,472 (left unfinished)Warnings: Violence, Explicit m/m, non-conArtpost:

Beyond Survivor - Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Jan L. Frayne - 2012
    McKnight: Author "My Justice" In this amazing new book "Beyond Survivor," the very talented author, Jan Frayne, takes his readers into the arena of childhood sexual abuse recovery, battles and conquests. As one of the rare published novels from a Male Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor, Mr. Frayne allows his readers to feel the depth of shattered mind, body and soul. "Beyond Survivor" will take you into the hurricane of emotion and strength as this boy conquers the demons and nightmares of his past. Readers will ride the rollercoaster of success as they travel through the many nightmares. This expertly written novel shows the path of standing strong and achieving what all mankind desires; retrieving the happiness once destroyed by the wicked. This collection of outstanding poetry and prose is a must read for all as inspiration to prevail against the challenges put forth in the battle to obtain our own freedom.

Shadows of a Dark-Alley Adoptee

Wendy Barkett - 2012
    Her lonely travels through a world that feels dark. At times she finds a friend to ride along in this journey called life."Biography of the author: "Wendy is an adoptee who was born in Columbus Ohio in 1972 and adopted at 5 days old. She spent much of her life dreaming of her first mother and had high hopes of meeting her once again someday.After searching for her truth for 14 years she finally received her first mothers name, Dottye, and then found out she had died at the young age of 24 in a car accident.Wendy has spent most of her life expressing herself through the written word and has put together a selection of her poems pertaining to feelings surrounding her adoption in the book Shadows of a Dark-Alley Adoptee. Her hope is that her book will help others to understand her personal struggles with being adopted as well help others who share those struggles.For Wendy, being adopted and finding her first mother at a grave both have a huge part in defining who she is."

Seized By Darkness

Autumn Jordon - 2012
    When her captor brings home another kidnapped victim, she seizes the opportunity to save herself, her son and the young girl, leaving the Russian for dead. In order to stay alive and save the family she hasn't seen in years from the mafia family's wrath, she must disappear as if she's never existed.A sting to bring down the largest human trafficking ring in the country goes south for U.S. Marshal William Haus and his C.U.F.F. team. C.U.F.F. catches a break when the mistress of the Russian kingpin is captured with a kidnapped victim. Will bargains with the beautiful mistress. If she helps secure evidence against the mafia, she'll earn a new life for her and her son. But when Will learns Nicole's true identity, he wants to call the operation off. Nicole begs the handsome marshal to keep her secret and allow her to put her life on the line for her family.A game of cat and mouse plays out between the U.S. Marshal and the ruthless Russian. The prize neither man wants to give up is Nicole.

Woman at the Top of the Stairs

Deidra D.S. Green - 2012
    Every year more than 1.5 million women are made victims of this relational epidemic. Has domestic violence become so commonplace that it is no longer considered a problem? Have we grown so accustomed to seeing and hearing about it that we not only turn a blind eye but a deaf ear as well? Meet Gina. She is the woman at the top of the stairs who repeatedly hears the cries and screams of the woman who lives below her as she is constantly victimized at the hands of her partner. Bearing witness to Zenobia’s pain reminds Gina of the abusive life she narrowly escaped from. But Gina can’t get away from the nightmares of her past; the tumultuous reminders of how she was battered and nearly broken at the hands of her contemptuous and menacing husband. Will Gina be like the many and turn her back on Zenobia, leaving her to fend for herself, or will she build an alliance with Zenobia to end her suffering once and for all? Find out in this compelling novel, Woman at the Top of the Stairs.

Raising Wild Ginger

Tara Woolpy - 2012
    That's what Edward Rosenberg has always assumed, although his only experience with children has been as the drunken uncle. Now the love of his life, Sam DaCosta, is yearning for fatherhood. Edward's been sober for years. He and Sam are in a good place. Why rock the boat? On the other hand, how can he deny Sam his dream of a family? Then they meet Ginger. At twelve she's been through more than either Edward or Sam can imagine. She's seductive, secretive and dishonest. But somewhere between stealing his cash and alienating Sam, Ginger manages to wind herself into Edward's heart. Can the three of them create a family? Or will Ginger blow them all apart?

Come Alive

Elora Nicole Ramirez - 2012
    But even though she puts pen to paper daily and creates stories of change and hope, she fails to see the possibilities within her own life. Abused, alone and invisible to those around her, she struggles with self-worth and believing in another world - one of love and safety and healing. There are those in her life who believe in redemption and new beginnings, but can Stephanie trust them when all she's ever known is betrayal? She wants to - her heart says it's safe - but she struggles with believing the lies thrown at her day after day by others who should be protecting her. This is her story - all of it - the chaos and beauty caused by the wrecking ball of her family and the fight for rescue. All she needs is someone to listen. Will you be one who hears? It just may change your world.

Child Support

Amour - 2012
    Meet Angel Jacobs, a chick who will get what's hers at all costs, even if it might cost someone else's life. The State of Illinois is trying to label her as a serial killer, but will her previous diagnosis of mental illness save Angel from living the remainder of her life in a six by six jail cell? In Angel's eyes, whether she wins or loses the case, she's still going to come out on top. Become entangled in the web Angel weaves, where it's not always easy to know what's real and what's a product of her twisted mind. It's unlike any other urban tale. Don't be surprised if, just like some of Angel's victims, you get caught up!

Madison Morgan: When Dogs Blog

Pam Torres - 2012
    She’s not interested in boys, fashion, or the latest gossip, unlike her best friend Paige. Her stepdad, who she knows as Henry, has way too many systems around the house since her Mom died. To top it off, Madison and her new friend Cooper have become the “school project” of a bully named Donald. And all she really wants is a dog to call her own, but all she gets is the parental-brush-off. What is a straight-talking, spunky middle grader going to do? Kids from ages nine to twelve years old are sure to get a laugh from Madison Morgan: When Dogs Blog, which tells the heartwarming story of the sometimes tough, frequently funny days of the wise-cracking, dog-loving Madison. When her dad arrives home with a scrawny brown terrier named Lilly, Madison is amazed to find she has an ability to understand dogs, their emotions, and often their pasts. However, her gift also leads her to uncover some extremely harmful activities that are happening in her very own neighborhood. Frank, funny, and full of adventure, this book is a must for any middle grader, who is certain to be enthralled by this dog blogger.

Escape to Big Fork lake

Mary L. Ball - 2012
    She loses her job and faces daily struggles keeping her drunken neighbor away from her. When an unexpected inheritance gives her a chance for a new beginning, Sam, a city girl at heart, is hesitant. However, after a brutal attack she has no choice. Making a decision that will forever change her life she flees to the small fishing town of Big Fork Lake, Alabama and soon finds herself in the arms of Noah Frye. A tumultuous relationship with Noah sparks buried desires of the heart, even if he is a Christian, surely, she can get around that little problem. As Sam and Noah’s passion grows trouble lurks in the shadows, waiting and watching. Inescapable, Sam’s bad luck returns when she stumbles upon a murder and becomes the only suspect. Will she have to run again, this time to stay out of prison? Worse, will she lose the best man she’s ever found? And what about the newfound hunger in heart to know God—can she truly trust in Him?


Jackie Nacht - 2012
    Coming out to his parents wasn’t too bad except it hasn’t been brought up since. However, coming out to his friends his freshman year in high school is a whole different story. His friends turn their backs on him and have become leaders in the daily tortures he has since had to endure. When a humiliation page pops up on the internet showing pictures of Drew being bullied, he decides to end it all.Just before he takes his life, the fourteen-year-old Mason appears telling him that he will be Drew’s husband in the future and spirits are guiding him to help stop Drew from making an irreversible mistake. Mason will be advised to take Drew on a journey to see what his future would be like if he didn’t end his life. When Drew is still unconvinced, Mason will show Drew the impact his life will have on the others around him if he does end it all. Will Mason be able to show him that Drew has a future to live for and give him the guidance to help him get through his darkest hour?Word Count:14917


Amber Garza - 2012
    A young woman running from her shameful past. A person with a dark secret who will stop at nothing to keep it hidden. And the act of betrayal that binds them all together.

Two Hearts: An Adoptee's Journey Through Grief to Gratitude

Linda Hoye - 2012
    When she was barely in her twenties her adoptive parents died and a pattern of loss was put into motion that would continue for years as, one by one, those she called family were torn from her life. Struggling to deal with the loss of her family of origin and her adoptive parents, she ultimately reunites with members of her birth family–but there is never a reunion with the woman who gave her life and she continues to feel lost, rejected, and disconnected.Two Hearts charts a course through a complex series of relationships stemming from the author’s adoptive family, her maternal and paternal birth families, and an abusive marriage as the author seeks the one thing she so desperately wants: family. Hoye knows she must come to terms with the bitterness she harbors toward her birth mother when she becomes a grandmother and, soon after, faces the loss of the last remaining members of her adoptive family. She makes one final attempt to find something that will give her the sense of rightness that eluded her for so long.This is the story of a strong and courageous woman’s journey through unfathomable grief; of what it takes to go into the abyss of deep-seated wounding, to feel the pain, and to come out the other side, whole, healed, and thankful.

Life Renovations

windseeker2305 - 2012
    Sometimes people must be free in order to thrive. After a summer of torture with the Dursleys, Harry falls into a self induced magical coma. Draco-who holds a hidden torch for him-jumps in to help. There they meet and decide many things that could very well change the Wizarding World forever.Words:288592 complete

All for Love

Ann Swann - 2012
    Liz falls in love with Quinn the moment they meet in college. He professes to love her, too. She begins to think about the future, but his past rips them apart. What Liz does next impacts the rest of their lives, but she feels it is the only way… she does it all for love.

She's Broken

Lilohorse - 2012
    The day that Finn goes down for rape, Kat's in the spotlight, Kat's the one with the answers. She also just wants to be left alone, remain invisible and live happily with her mum and her horse without the gossip and drama. So, what happens when a brooding boy with beautiful eyes and a love for horses is thrown into the mix? Eli is the proud new owner of Finn's old mare, Tempest. He doesn't know about Kat's haunting past or why she's so skittish. All he knows is that he's desperate to help. Headstrong and broken is how Eli describes Kat when he first see's her. But is her past too shattered and her heart too destroyed for Eli to fix?

Whether I'll Live or Die

Stacy Eaton - 2012
    aim... fire... but what actually transpired was so much more.”Officer Nicole Nolan holds the gun steady in her hands, knowing that life will be forever altered once she pulls the trigger. Her position as a small town police officer is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is her job, her career and her life.Amanda stands where protection does not exist. With several failed relationships behind her, Amanda turns a blind eye to the possessiveness Josh displays in order to sooth her desperate need to be loved. As the mental abuse turns violent, Amanda must deal with the denial and embarrassment of being a victim once again. With her emotional and physical health siting on the edge, she must fight to regain control of her life.A gripping story with one final destination, but will it be life or death?

A Little Hair of the Dog

Jane McBride - 2012
    When she was 15 years old, the unthinkable happened. Her mother died. Having been raised a devout Mormon, she knew that she and her father would see her mother again-because they know that families are meant to be together forever. After a year of unspeakable loneliness, however, her father decides that living in that town without his beloved wife was more than he could bear. He takes his teen aged daughter and goes to live in Eastern Oregon, where he had a sister. And so they moved to an even smaller town than the one they left. Ann thought it was at least "a thousand miles from anywhere". After she had graduated high school, she thought briefly of going off to college, but quickly dismissed the idea of leaving her lonely father even more alone. They lived there for more than ten years. After the sudden death of her father, she moves back home. Her best friend, who was more like a sister growing up, is Kell Harris. Kell and her family still live back in Charlestown, NY. The Harris family are an African American-Caucasion family and are also LDS. They are like a second set of parents to the tall, quirky, unpretentious Ann. During the process of looking for a place to live, Ann comes across a fellow orphan. She knows immediately that taking him in is the right thing to do. His name is Henry. He is two years old. He weighs 180 pounds. He is a Great Dane. She has never had a dog. She has never had so much as a hamster in her life. But doing the right thing comes naturally to her and she knows that he needs her. A dog that big needs a lot of walking, and she spends much of her time doing just that. Thanks to these walks, she meets people she never would have met, people that become as dear and dearer than anyone she has ever had in her life. Ann buys a house, and one day while out walking, she meets, unbeknownst to her, the town hermit. He doesn't look like a hermit to her. To her, he looks like a male cover model. That's how he looks to everyone else, too, but he isn't aware of it and wouldn't care anyway. His name is Kyle Mendez and he has had enough of people. He is corrosive, off-putting, large and intimidating. He tells her, "I stay away from people. I don't know what they think. I don't care what they think. I don't ask them what they think and they don't tell me what they think." Ann is the first person in a long time who will look him straight in the eye and tell him exactly what she thinks. He knew the first time he saw her, she was different. She didn't know he was a hermit and she wasn't about to let him be one. She begins slowly drawing him out and he can't help but go with her. The story of his past peels back like the layers of an onion, and brings as many tears. Slowly she shows him how to forgive, how to love, and how to live again. She also introduces him to something he never would have predicted would interest him-the Mormon Church. She gives him the gift of something he had long forgotten-joy.

Dead Heat

Lisa Nowak - 2012
    He can tell what's wrong with a broken-down car with a touch. But his gift can't save him from the brutality of his meth-addict father. For two years, Alex experienced kindness through Cole, his mentor. Now Cole's dead, and the violence in Alex's life is escalating. When Cole reappears as a ghost, Alex clings to the tenuous link. Then he learns Cole might've sacrificed his chance to cross over. Jade, the first girl to look beyond Alex's past, assures him Cole can reach the Other Side-if Alex escapes from his dad. But a previous terrifying attempt has convinced Alex it's impossible. Unless he can find the courage to try, his friend may be earthbound forever.

Juxtapose City

Tricia Owens - 2012
    Many advances have been made - vehicles are electronically-charged 'crafts', most mechanical devices are either computer-driven or enhanced - but the city still experiences the same gritty problems as cities of the present: crime, drug abuse, and the corruption of innocents. Most crime, drug abuse and corruption is now based in the sale and usage of Bliss, a special addictive drug that is used to numb the senses which is of great use among psypaths; people born with unique and sometimes very powerful and yet uncontrollable powers of telepathy, empathy, and mind control, among others.To help combat the growing violence within the streets of Juxtapose City, private citizens have funded a special department within the JC Police Department that does not answer to any law and yet exists to impose it. Of these Special Teams, the Juxtapose City Units are the most deadly and powerful. JC1, headed by Lt. Andrew Sundhill, was the original team created. Its success and the need for more assistance in dealing with the City's growing crime, necessitated the creation of JC2.Command of the newly created JC2 was given to Lt. Black, a young protege of Capt. Dickerson, head of the Special Teams division. The youngest ST leader in JCPD's history, Black's past is shrouded in mystery, his records sealed by official order. All that is known of Black is that he is a highly skilled, intense agent with a noted passion for eliminating drug crimes, specifically, those involving the psypath drug, Bliss.When two of Black's teammates are killed during a mission, Black is forced to take onto his team an empath, Calyx Starr. Calyx is notorious among the psypath community both for his brashness and his lack of fear concerning JCPD. Having been coerced by the police into working for them, Calyx is now an outcast among his former friends, considered a snitch and subject to assault should he be caught on the streets unaware.Like all psypaths, Calyx relies heavily on the drug, Bliss, to help him keep his sanity. He is unable to block out the psychic feedback he constantly receives from other people and must therefore rely on the brain-wave altering properties of Bliss to muffle the feedback. In order to get the drug he so desperately needs, Calyx has at times resorted to thievery and prostitution.Black and Calyx are as opposite as two men can be and cannot handle the deep and surprising attraction that begins to develop between them...

Brutal: The Heartbreaking True Story of a Little Girl Stolen

Nabila Sharma - 2012
    I should have been able to trust him. But he made me do unspeakable things!It is a tale of innocence lost and a life shattered, but above all it is a tale of survival, of a young girl who found love and hope in the darkest of places.

The Ghost and the Machine

Benny Lawrence - 2012
    Kit has toured with the Rajah since the age of ten and knows the secret behind the machine all too well . . . just as she knows that people would rather be fooled than have their illusions stripped away.An eccentric Countess summons the Rajah to her manor house in Vienna for a private engagement. There, Kit meets the inquisitive Eleanor, who tests Kit’s ability to tell the difference between truth and illusion . . . Or is it all just another game of chess?

Bitter Kisses

LifeGoesOn31 - 2012
    The only one who cared for her was her old Alpha, Xavier's father, but after he was gone, she was thrown out to face the world alone.Three years later, Cadrian is back. Not alone, no, she's back with her new family, one of the strongest packs in the world. She's no longer the girl who was too weak to take care of herself. Now she's a strong willed fighter with a stone heart, ready to take anyone and anything head-on. So what happens when she comes face to face with the people who had put her through the pain that has left her scarred forever?

Dead in a Ditch

Heather Lynn Osting - 2012
    Vivienne's tale will take you through a series of events that start off innocently with a wide-eyed girl looking for a fun weekend, but then unknowingly and without warrant finds herself in the clutches of evil beyond her young comprehension. This is a gritty story that will drag you into a dark world that is run by outlaw bikers who operate by a set of rules all of their own. Dangerous, ruthless and without remorse, they rape, they kill, they take...but how do you survive in the hands of men who have no respect for human life? How do you keep what is yours when everything you have is taken away? In reading Vivienne's story you will be allowed into the mind and heart of someone who was born into the arms of a man who didn't deserve to be a father, who survived a childhood most would like to forget, only to find herself twenty-one years old, and once more facing her unfortunate fate.

Para Imminence: Stories of the Future of Wraeththu

Storm Constantine - 2012
    Is it inevitable they will forget the mistakes of the past wrought by their human ancestors or will they truly evolve to become the guardian, sentient race this Earth deserves?Based on the world created by Storm Constantine for her Wraeththu novels, the stories in this collection explore different, intriguing aspects of Wraeththu’s possible future. Whether that is leaving the earthly realm to explore the uncharted reaches of the multiverse via the Otherlanes, raising the ancient lost continents of humanity’s myths and legends, surfing the psychic equivalent of the Internet, coming to terms with their race’s human past, or simply revisiting earlier territory where pain and disappointment might still lurk, Para Imminence offers a vibrant and colourful compendium of visions of the future of harakind.Para Imminence features an introduction by TV producer/writer Brad Carpenter, who is working on a film script based on the Wraeththu novels, and stories from eleven writers, some of whom are well known within Wraeththu fandom and/or have written Wraeththu Mythos novels published by Immanion Press.Featuring stories by: Storm Constantine, Wendy Darling, Martina Bellovièová, Andy Bigwood, Victoria Copus, Suzanne Gabriel, Fiona Lane, Maria J Leel, Martina Luise Pachali, Daniela Ritter and E S Wynn.

Yoga and the Twelve-Step Path

Kyczy Hawk - 2012
    Perfect for people in recovery who want to strengthen and deepen their Eleventh-Step practice while honoring their bodily need for healing and nurturance.

The View From A Rusty Train Car

DeeJay Arens - 2012
    Someone had to sit before the government hearing to explain why a gay man was nothing to be vilified, nothing to be hated or feared... that he was just a man. That is what Jared Montgomery is determined to do. He does so by sharing his story – his and Luke’s story – in the hopes that perhaps even just one more person could understand.Luke and Jared were battling the odds from the beginning. Growing up beside each other, being best friends, they soon learned that if they wanted to share each other’s company, it had to be done in secret, in the confines of the old train car behind the junkyard. There, they were free of the taunts and jibes, the ridicule and hatred... or were they?Unable to embrace who he is, unable to deal with the tactics used by his family to ‘cure’ him, Luke forces himself into a traditional marriage that is doomed from the start. His true, self-denied love for Jared, and the hatred surrounding it, is killing him. The question is, can Jared get to him before it is too late?

Moonstone Dreams

S.C. Miotto - 2012
    But even with a mansion, luxury car, and every material possession one could imagine, her emotional voids are simply too large to fill.Victoria’s mundane daily routine is derailed one night when she finds herself battling an intense physical connection that she feels after a private encounter she shares with her sister’s boyfriend. They try to avoid each other, but their attraction is undeniable. Living a double life of paranoia and fear, Victoria must make a life altering decision: Remain in a passionless marriage where she has financial stability or risk everything and follow her heart.


Darlenne Susan Girard - 2012
    And the story of everything that happens between is Freefalling.softly raining, early morningstreets are cold and so am Islowly walking, going nowherebeen up for days and don't know why.still here I am, just walking circlesround and round inside my headyesterday don't seem to matterjust another day that's dead and gone.(excerpt: "freefalling")


Ellisa Reese - 2012
    They spend their summer people watching; either at the baseball park, or at the local hangout. Life is peaceful and almost boring, (unless you count the usual cheer squad drama), until Michael Williams, a jaw-dropping athletic hunk moves to town. Mesmerized by Michael's good looks and charm, Alex fears he is way too perfect her. Their fairy tale love is more than puppy love as they discover what love is together.Sweet lovable popular Alex could never hurt anyone, but seems to have made enemies all over town. When her friends find her naked in a pool of blood, and left for dead, people are left to wonder who would possibly want to harm such a sweet girl and start to doubt her story.Life can change in a heartbeat, something Alex discovers firsthand. Has the trouble followed the love of her life to town? Will he stick it out? Who is falling for Alex?

Debt Price (Master/Other, #2)

Dusk Peterson - 2012
    In the chill cell, sweat was beginning to form now on his neck, running down his back and between his bound wrists. 'Lord,' he said softly, 'I would be glad to pay to you my debt in any way I can.'"No one would pay his debt price to gain him release from prison. So he sought to pay it himself by offering the only thing he could, his body. But one man would require more.Convicted of helping to wage a campaign of terror against the lords who oppressed the commoners, the prisoner comes to realize the full implications of what he has done. All of his attempts to mend what he has broken will fail until he meets a young lord whose own struggles have just begun.Set in an imaginary world based on Renaissance Europe, "Debt Price" takes the reader from the gritty punishments of prison life to the delicately balanced world of a farming estate, showing the slow healing of a prisoner who knows both what it means to be abused, and what it means to be the abuser.This historical fantasy novella can be read on its own or as part of Master/Other, a speculative fiction series exploring the dangers and sweet bonds of power.35,000 words

Bobby Carapisi: The Complete Novel

Kyle Michel Sullivan - 2012
    Bobby Carapisi got slammed when he was living his dream job as a relief pitcher for an expansion baseball team and went out to buy ice cream for his pregnant wife. For Eric Larson, it was when he was en route home after a particularly nasty shift of waiting tables. Each man happened to cross the path of Allen Barrow...and the brutal encounter sent their worlds spiraling out of control.To all appearances, Allen was a quiet, unassuming kind of guy...but he was also partnered with a pair of sexual predators who had a plan to get away with sexually assaulting any young man they chose. The three of them first brutally assaulted Eric then, not long after, chose Bobby for their fun.Eric reported what happened to him but ran headlong into the nightmare of an uncaring system of justice. Bobby, on the other hand, just wanted to ignore it all so he could focus on his family and career...not realizing his own psyche would not play along.What was worse? The rest of the world had other plans for them both, and when society decides to crush you, what can you do but fight back? Even if it means destroying someone innocent?This book is a story of acceptance and redemption, even as each player in this tragedy fights to avoid his destiny.

Black Love aka Juicy

Hood Chronicles - 2012
    Surrounded by the constant violence that plagues the streets of Chicago, a young woman known as Juicy finds herself becoming a woman competing with drug dealers, con men, and all out gangsters in a cut throat game of the fast life.With a chilling past that consists of rape, assault, prostitution, and murder, she learns early on that tomorrow is never promised and lives every day like its her very last.Sparking an unexpected romance with the head of a notorious crime family, Juicy inherits a world of deception and betrayal for a chance at real love.As life begins to spin out of control in this action packed tale of strife against all odds, bonds will be broken, friends become foes, loyalties will be tested, and page after page is guaranteed to remain as juicy as the title itself!

Beautifully Broken

Amanda Bennett - 2012
    His face was the last thing I saw before I succumbed to my destiny. It’s funny how life can change its direction in the blink of an eye. What had once brought me strength has now made me weak and it was no one’s fault but my own. I did this and unfortunately he would now be the one to suffer for it. I could feel my heart breaking into a million pieces all over again and the feeling made me want to die.”At eighteen years old Bennett had finally realized what her feelings for Gray meant. Through all the loss and love that they had been through with each other nothing was going to tear them apart, except maybe time. She was willing to fight for her new found love of this boy she had always known. But forces beyond their control were willing to do whatever it took to do just that.With Gray heading off to the police academy and her headed to college things were bound to change. Time apart, temptation, lies and loss would test the strength of the relationship they thought would outlast anything.Five years later Bennett and Gray will be faced with a reality neither one of them ever thought possible. It’s up to Gray to save Bennett from a force so strong it will test his strength, love and undying devotion he swore to her all those years ago.They both learn that life isn’t always fair and the things you desire most in life can come at a costly price.WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE, CONTENT, AND SITUATIONS. 17+ RECOMMENDED