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Bone, Vol. 6: Old Man's Cave

Jeff Smith - 1997
    Will Fone Bone be able to hold the alliance together? Will the rat creatures finally take over the valley and unleash the power of the Lord of the Locusts? Find out and discover much much more in this pivotal book.

Young Miles

Lois McMaster Bujold - 1997
    Being an officer in Barrayar's military wasn't easy. And being the leader of a force of spaceborne mercenaries while maintaining a secret identity wasn't easy—in fact it should have been impossible, to say nothing of being a capital offense on Barrayar. Not that impossibility or great danger would slow down young Miles Vorkosigan much.The Warrior's Apprentice 1Discharged from the Barrarayan academy after flunking the physical, a discouraged Miles (17) takes possession of a jumpship and becomes the leader of a mercenary force that expands to a fleet of treasonous proportions.The Mountains of Mourning 373Miles (20) is sent to a small mountain village to investigate the murder of an infant, killed because she had a physical defect. Miles must deal with deep-seated prejudice against “mutants” and uncover the real killer in this novella that won both the Hugo Award and Nebula Award.The Vor Game 465 Miles (20s) faces enormous challenges in this Hugo Award-winning novel as he leads a mutiny against his military commander's criminal orders, rejoins his Dendarii mercenaries, and attempts to rescue Emperor Gregor after Barrayar's royal scion has run off straight into trouble.

Term Limits

Vince Flynn - 1997
    ONE POLITICIAN AT A TIME In one bloody night, three of Washington's most powerful politicians are executed with surgical precision. Their assassins then deliver a shocking ultimatum to the American government: set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people. No one, they warn, is out of their reach—not even the president.A joint FBI-CIA task force reveals the killers are elite military commandos, but no one knows exactly who they are or when they will strike next. Only Michael O'Rourke, a former U.S. Marine and freshman congressman, holds a clue to the violence: a haunting incident in his own past with explosive implications for his country's future ...

The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking

Astrid Lindgren - 1997
    Since Pippi Longstocking was first published in 1950, the escapades of the incomparable Pippi,the girl with upside-down braids and no parents to tell her what to do, have delighted boys and girls alike. Now, for the first time, Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes on Board, andPippi in the South Seas are all together in one bumper volume, with new illustrations in full-color and black-and-white.The collection is an ideal introduction for anyone discovering Pippi for the first time, while confirmed fans will enjoy revisiting their favorite episodes and recalling some they've forgotten. Her admirers will also find fascinating new biographical information about author Astrid Lindgren and the origin of the Pippi stories. Astrid Lindgren was awarded the 1958 Hans Christian Andersen Medal for her contribution to international children's literature.

A Voyage for Madmen

Peter Nichols - 1997
    It was a feat that had never been accomplished and one that would forever change the face of sailing. Ten months later, only one of the nine men would cross the finish line and earn fame, wealth, and glory. For the others, the reward was madness, failure, and death.In this extraordinary book, Peter Nichols chronicles a contest of the individual against the sea, waged at a time before cell phones, satellite dishes, and electronic positioning systems. A Voyage for Madmen is a tale of sailors driven by their own dreams and demons, of horrific storms in the Southern Ocean, and of those riveting moments when a split-second decision means the difference between life and death.

Dances with Wolves

Michael Blake - 1997
    Thievery and survival soon forced him into the Indian camp, where he began a dangerous adventure that changed his life forever. Relive the adventure and beauty of the incredible movie, Dances with Wolves.

Jurassic World: Jurassic Park / The Lost World

Michael Crichton - 1997
    In Jurassic Park, scientists of today clone dinosaurs of the prehistoric past to serve as attractions in a modern theme park. When a rival biogenetic firm attempts to steal the scientists secret, the stage is set for a nightmare of science and dinosaurs run amok. The Lost World picks up the story six years later, with scientists scrambling to find the jungle island that served as the dinosaur production factory for Jurassic Park. Once again, rivalry and subterfuge combine to create life-threatening dangers for the scientists, who must contend with the rampaging dinosaurs as well as their cutthroat competitors.This volume contains the full text of both of Michael Crichton's bestselling novels. Featuring a beautifully stamped bonded leather cover, gilt edging, colorful endpapers, and a satin-ribbon bookmark, this collectible edition is a fine addition to any home library.

The Best Of Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss - 1997
    Suess's most popular books: The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back and Dr. Seuss's ABC.

Arabian Winds

Linda Lee Chaikin - 1997
    As World War I breaks upon the deserts of Arabia in 1914, Allison Wescott, a young nurse, arrives in British Cairo, torn between her love for a handsome officer and her feelings for a minister working in Oswald Chambers's Zeitoun camp.

Sharpe's Tiger

Bernard Cornwell - 1997
    Sharpe’s Tiger describes the adventures of the raw young private soldier Richard Sharpe in India, before the Peninsular War.Sharpe and the rest of his battalion, along with the rising star of the general staff Arthur Wellesley, are about to embark upon the siege of Seringapatam, island citadel of the Tippoo of Mysore. The British must remove this potentate from his tiger throne, but he has gone to extraordinary lengths to defend his city from attack. And always he is surrounded by tigers, both living and ornamental…any prisoner of the Tippoo can expect a savage end.When a senior British officer is captured by the Tippoo's forces Sharpe is offered a chance to attempt a rescue, a chance he snatched in order to escape from the tyrannical Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill. But in fleeing Hakeswill he enters the confusing, exotic and dangerous world of the Tippoo and Sharpe will need all his wits just to stay alive, let alone save the British army from catastrophe.With the same meticulous research and attention to detail that distinguishes the rest of the bestselling series of Sharpe novels, Bernard Cornwell has recreated the I 799 campaign against Seringapatam which made the British masters of southern India, a campaign that pitted brutalized soldiers against an ancient and splendid civilization. Set against a background of dazzling wealth, ruinous poverty, gorgeous palaces, sudden cruelty and pitiless battles, Sharpe’s Tiger is his greatest adventure yet.

The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

Sebastian Junger - 1997
    It was "the perfect storm"--a tempest that may happen only once in a century--a nor'easter created by so rare a combination of factors that it could not possibly have been worse. Creating waves ten stories high and winds of 120 miles an hour, the storm whipped the sea to inconceivable levels few people on Earth have ever witnessed. Few, except the six-man crew of the Andrea Gail, a commercial fishing boat tragically headed towards its hellish center.

The Journals of Lewis and Clark

Meriwether Lewis - 1997
    Keenly aware that the course of the nation's destiny lay westward—and that a "Voyage of Discovery" would be necessary to determine the nature of the frontier—President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition from the Missouri River to the northern Pacific coast and back. From 1804 to 1806, accompanied by co-captain William Clark, the Shoshone guide Sacajawea, and thirty-two men, Lewis mapped rivers, traced the principal waterways to the sea, and established the American claim to the territories of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Together the captains kept this journal: a richly detailed record of the flora and fauna they sighted, the native tribes they encountered, and the awe-inspiring landscape they traversed, from their base camp near present-day St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River, that has become an incomparable contribution to the literature of exploration and the writing of natural history.

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

Eleanor Hudson - 1997
    It's up, up, and away for Elmo! Follow the fun as Elmo's high-flying kite takes him from the park to adventures in the deepest darkest jungle to the muckiest swamp to clearing up to Mars as he tries to find his way back home to Sesame Street.

Kavik the Wolf Dog

Walt Morey - 1997
    Should he put the gravely injured dog out of his misery? The look in the animal's eyes says he's not ready to die. It turns out that Kavik's a champion sled dog, and soon he makes a full recovery. When his rightful owner finds out Kavik is alive, he wants the dog back. But Kavik has other ideas. Swiftly paced from the first page . . . dramatic and absorbing. The Horn Book"


Maurice Herzog - 1997
    Maurice Herzog and other members of the French Alpine Club had resolved to try. Their goal was a 26,493-foot Himalayan peak called Annapurna. But unlike other climbs, which draw on the experience of prior reconnaissance, the routes up Annapurna had never been analyzed before. Herzog and his team had to locate the mountain using sketchy, crude maps, pick out a single, untried route, and go for the summit. Annapurna is the unforgettable account of this dramatic and heroic climb, and of its harrowing aftermath. Although Herzog and his comrade Louis Lachenal reached the mountain's summit, their descent was a nightmare of frostbite, snow blindness, and near death. With grit and courage manifest on every page, Herzog's narrative is one of the great mountain-adventure stories of all time.

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

Bill Bryson - 1997
    If you’re going to take a hike, it’s probably the place to go. And Bill Bryson is surely the most entertaining guide you’ll find. He introduces us to the history and ecology of the trail and to some of the other hardy (or just foolhardy) folks he meets along the way—and a couple of bears. Already a classic, A Walk in the Woods will make you long for the great outdoors (or at least a comfortable chair to sit and read in).

Batman Archives, Vol. 1

Bill Finger - 1997
    1 is a remarkable look back at the early adventures that built the foundation for the legend of the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. Showcasing artwork by Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, this amazing hardcover edition features the first appearances of Batman, Robin, Professor Hugo Strange, and the freakish Clayface. Also included in this beautiful archive edition is one of Batman's first confrontations with the madman who would become his greatest rival, the demented and deadly Joker.

Swift Arrow

Josephine Cunnington Edwards - 1997
    They were riding north and moving quickly. So many Indians moved along the path that George, who rode near the front of the line, could not see the end when he turned around to look. The farther they went, the more unhappy George became. For with every step, Neko (his faithful pony)took him farther and farther from his home and from Ma and Pa. Even the fluttering leaves seemed like little hands waving good-bye all the day long. So begins chapter seven of this beloved classic by Josephine Cunnington Edwards. George, a young pioneer boy is captured by Indians and raised as the son of a mighty chief. He spends his time learning the ways of these native Americans, and yearning for the day that he might find a way to return to his loving family.

Nine Man-Eaters & One Rogue

Kenneth Anderson - 1997
    Nine Man-Eaters & One Rogue is the exciting story of one man's efforts to save lives in the jungles of India. The author relates these true adventures and educates the reader in the complexities of the living jungle.


Kenneth Oppel - 1997
    But he's determined to prove himself on the long, dangerous winter migration to Hibernaculum, millions of wingbeats to the south. During a fierce storm, he loses the others and soon faces the most incredible journey of his young life. Desperately searching for a way to rejoin his flock, Shade meets a remarkable cast of characters: Marina, a Brightwing bat with a strange metal band on her leg; Zephyr, a mystical albino bat with a strange gift; and Goth, a gigantic carnivorous vampire bat. But which ones are friends and which ones are enemies? In this epic story of adventure and suspense, Shade is going to need all the help he can find -- if he hopes to ever see his family again.One of Canada's best books for young readers was written by a pretty young writer himself. Kenneth Oppel, who had his first book published when he was 18, really hit his stride a dozen years later with Silverwing, the first volume in a thrilling adventure trilogy set in the nocturnal world of bats that immediately captured the attention of middle readers and award juries alike.

The Lonely Land

Sigurd F. Olson - 1997
    Olson and five companions retraced the waterways used by the Voyageurs, the Hudson Bay traders, and a succession of adventurers who used the mighty Churchill River as a major waterway from Hudson Bay to the Mackenzie.Now available for the first time in paperback, The Lonely Land tells two stories: that of Olson's expedition and that of the Voyageurs who came before them. The text is illuminated by historical quotes, maps, and research about life on the Churchill during the fur-trading years. But each chapter is driven by the beauty and challenges that faced Olson's group.The Lonely Land is a tribute to the unspoiled beauty of the deep wilderness and the rugged individuals past and present who take up a canoe paddle to explore it.

Mary Poppins: The Complete Collection

P.L. Travers - 1997
    All magical children's classics.When their new nanny, Mary Poppins, arrives on a gust of the East Wind, greets their mother, and slides up the banister, Jane and Michael's lives are turned magically upside down. Familiar to anyone who has seen the film or the West End adaptation, you can now read all six of these wonderfully original tales about Jane and Michael's adventures with the magical Mary Poppins. Mary takes the children on the most extraordinary outings: to a fun fair inside a pavement picture; to visit Uncle Andrew who floats up to the ceiling when he laughs; on a spectacular trip to see the Man-in-the-Moon! With her strict but fair, no-nonsense attitude, combined with amazing magical powers, things are never straightforward with Mary Poppins! But she has only promised to stay until the wind changes!

The Andalite Chronicles

K.A. Applegate - 1997
    Relates the story of Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, the Andalite war-prince responsible for creating the human animorphs on Earth.


Helme Heine - 1997
    Charlie Rooster, Johnny Mouse, and Percy the pig are the best of friends. They do everything together. They ride their bike together, play games together, and even do their chores together. Because that's what good friends do. When night falls, though, and it's time to go to bed, they learn that sometimes friends have to be apart. But that's okay, because true friends always find each other, even if it's just in their dreams.

The Last Day

Glenn Kleier - 1997
    A comet, satellite, or perhaps the finger of God, rends the night sky above Israel and rains fiery destruction on a top-secret military research facility in the Negev. Only one mute and naked survivor struggles from the ruins in the aftermath of the explosion, then vanishes into the desert unnoticed. Drawn by the rumor of a Jordanian SCUD attack, a World News Network team producing a Millennium Eve special in Jerusalem races to the scene and stumbles upon the story of their lives, involving veteran reporter Jonathan Feldman and his cameraman Breck Hunter in perhaps the greatest story ever told. Throughout the final year of the century, messianic sects have descended upon the great religious centers of Rome, Jerusalem, and Salt Lake City to await the coming of the millennium, convinced that the Last Days are at hand. Now, in the fulfillment of prophesy, at the stroke of midnight, New Year's Eve, a beautiful and mysterious young woman appears on the steps of the ancient Israelite Temple of the Messiah just as a violent earthquake rocks Jerusalem and sets off aftershocks felt even in the Vatican. By a stroke of purest luck, WNN has it all on videotape. As a world audience primed for spectacle clamors for more, Feldman and Hunter follow the elusive figure as she appears throughout "Apocalypse Central," proclaiming a new gospel of the apotheosis to Christian, Muslim, and Jew alike. Overnight, Jeza, as she calls herself, has become a worldwide phenomenon, occasioning a summit meeting of the world's religious leaders and spawning a brisk trade in T-shirts,ashtrays, and other novelties bearing her image. But despite reports of miracles, fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and even the announcement of an 11th commandment "Thou shall honor woman as thy equal; and thou shall cherish her in unity with thy fellow man", the question remains: Is Jeza imitating or emulating Christ? Is she messiah, antichrist, or something even more sinister; a biotech experiment gone tragically wrong? Deftly incorporating subplots that include Vatican conspiracies, IDF assassination squads, cutting-edge scientific speculation, and the doomsday prophesy of the Last Secret of Fatima, Glenn Kleier's The Last Day cleverly exploits the growing fascination with the millennium and eschatology, provoking impassioned questions about our most cherished beliefs; and delivering a suspenseful thriller of the highest order.

Woodswoman III: Book Three of the Woodswoman's Adventures

Anne LaBastille - 1997
    Woodswoman III: Book Three of the Woodswoman's Adventures [Paperback]

Death Zone

Matt Dickinson - 1997
    Ten expeditions from around the world were preparing for their summit push, gathered together to try for mountaineering's ultimate prize. Twenty-four hours later, eight of those climbers were dead, victims of the most devastating storm ever to hit Everest. On the North face of the mountain, a British expedition found itself in the thick of the drama. Against all odds, film-maker Matt Dickinson and professional climber Alan Hinkes managed to battle through hurricane-force winds to reach the summit. In Death Zone, Matt Dickinson describes the extraordinary event that put the disaster on the front cover of Time and Newsweek. The desperate attempts of teams on the southern side of the mountain, fatal errors that led to the deaths of three Indian climbers on the North Ridge and the moving story of Rob Hall, the New Zealand guide who stayed with his stricken client, and paid with his life. Based on interviews with the surviving climbers and the first-hand experience of having lived through the killer storm, this gripping non-fiction book tackles issues at the very heart of mountaineering. Death Zone is an extraordinary story of human triumph, folly and disaster.

Maximilian Kolbe: Saint of Auschwitz

Elaine Murray Stone - 1997
    Elaine Murray Stone explores the life of Maximilian Kolbe, who gave his life at Auschwitz.

A Hunter's Heart: Honest Essays on Blood Sport

David Petersen - 1997
    Nelson, David Peterson, and Terry Tempest Williams.

Brian Lumley's Mythos Omnibus Volume 2

Brian Lumley - 1997
    Brain Lumley is the author of Necroscope.

The Great Corgiville Kidnapping

Tasha Tudor - 1997
    A group of wily raccoons have come to town and have bought great amounts of stuffing and sage from the local market. Then Babe, the town's prize rooster, goes missing. Could it be that the raccoons have a most appalling feast in mind? Caleb, part-time private investigator, determines he will discover the perpetrators of the dastardly deed, and the result is a thrilling rescue involving a hot-air balloon. Wittily told and superbly illustrated by the inimitable Tasha Tudor, this will be a welcome addition to the paperback shelves.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Firsts

Archie Comics - 1997
    "Robot Deployment"; The first comic book appearance and origin of Bunny Rabbot from SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #3! "Lizard Of Odd": The first time in comics that Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, from SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #4! "This Island Hedgehog": The first comic book appearance of Knuckles, originally presented in Sonic The Hedgehog #13!

The King's Quest Companion (Covers Games I-VII)

Peter Spear - 1997
    The adventure continues with this updated edition of the best-selling (60,000 copies sold) strategy guide to the classic adventure game recently featured in Newsweek.-- More than 2.5 million copies of the games sold-- Covers games 1-7 for all computer models at the price of a single-game guide-- Not a hints book -- more a novel that extends and amplifies the role playing in the King's Quest environment.-- Reveals the legends and tales about Daventry's fabulous characters and creatures, as well as their hidden secrets-- Strategy, hints, and tips and answers told through a fictionalized narrative

The SPECTRE Trilogy: Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, You Only Live Twice

Ian Fleming - 1997
    But amid the bland teas, tasteless yogurts, and the spine stretcher the guests lovingly call “The Rack,” Bond stumbles onto the trail of a lethal man with ties to a new secret organization called SPECTRE. When SPECTRE hijacks two A-bombs, a frantic global search for the weapons ensues, and M’s hunch that the plane containing the bombs will make a clean drop into the ocean sends Bond to the Bahamas to investigate.On the island paradise, 007 finds a wealthy pleasure seeker’s treasure hunt and meets Domino Vitali, the gorgeous mistress of Emilio Largo, otherwise known as SPECTRE’s Number 1. But as powerful as Number 1 is, he works for someone else: Ernst Stavro Blofeld, a peculiar man with a deadly creative mind.Thunderball marks the beginnings of one of the most iconic villains in history, and the only match for the wits of James Bond.On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceIn the aftermath of Operation Thunderball, Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s trail has gone cold—and so has 007’s love for his job. The only thing that can rekindle his passion is Contessa Teresa “Tracy” di Vicenzo, a troubled young woman who shares his taste for fast cars and danger. She’s the daughter of a powerful crime boss, and he thinks Bond’s hand in marriage may be the solution to all her problems. Bond’s not ready to settle down—yet—but he soon finds himself falling for the enigmatic Tracy.After finally tracking the SPECTRE chief to a stronghold in the Swiss Alps, Bond uncovers the details of Blofeld’s latest plot: a biological warfare scheme more audacious than anything the fiend has tried before. Now Bond must save the world once again—and survive Blofeld’s last, very personal, act of vengeance.You Only Live TwiceThe tragic end to James Bond’s last mission—courtesy of Ernst Stavro Blofeld—has left 007 a broken man and of little use to the British Secret Service. At his wit’s end, M decides that the only way to snap his best agent out of his torpor is to send him on an impossible diplomatic mission to Japan. Bond’s contact there is the formidable Japanese spymaster Tiger Tanaka, who agrees to do business with the West if Bond will assassinate one of his enemies: a mysterious Swiss botanist named Dr. Guntram Shatterhand.Shatterhand is not who he seems, however, and his impregnable fortress—known to the locals as the “Castle of Death”—is a gauntlet of traps no gaijin has ever penetrated. But through rigorous ninja training, and with some help from the beautiful and able Kissy Suzuki, Bond manages to gain access to Shatterhand’s lair. Inside lurks certain doom at the hands of 007’s bitterest foe—or a final chance to exact ultimate vengeance. The text in this edition has been restored by the Fleming family company, Ian Fleming Publications, to reflect the work as it was originally published.

Sahara Unveiled: A Journey Across the Desert

William Langewiesche - 1997
    Its loneliness is so extreme it is said thatmigratory birds will land beside travelers, just for the company. William Langewiesche came to the Sahara to see it as its inhabitants do, riding its public transport, braving its natural and human dangers, depending on its sparse sustenance and suspect hospitality. From his journey, which took him across the desert's hyperarid core from Algiers to Dakar, he has crafted a contemporary classic of travel writing.In a narrative studded with gemlike discourses on subjects that range from the physics of sand dunes to the history of the Tuareg nomads, Langewiesche introduces us to the Sahara's merchants, smugglers, fixers, and expatriates. Eloquent and precise, Sahara Unveiled blends history and reportage, anthropology and anecdote, into an unforgettable portrait of the world's most romanticized yet most forbidding desert.

Use Enough Gun: On Hunting Big Game

Robert Ruark - 1997
    This is more than the record of a lifetime's bag; it is the story of a man's education as a hunter.

Star Wars: The Han Solo Omnibus (Star Wars: Han Solo, #1-3)

A.C. Crispin - 1997
    Set before the Star Wars movie adventures, these books chronicle the coming-of-age of the galaxy's most famous con man, smuggler, and thief.The Collection includes:The Paradise SnareThe first book in this exciting new Han Solo series begins with a recounting of Han's late teen years and shows us how he escaped an unhappy adopted home situation to carve out an adventurous new life for himself as a pilot. Han Solo, the handsome rogue, is every girl's dream man, and every boy's hero. The Paradise Snare is another stellar Star Wars production, complete with original music and sound effects.The Hutt GambitSolo is now a fugitive from the Imperial Navy. But he has made a valuable friend in a former Wookiee slave named Chewbacca, who has sworn Han a life debt. Han will need all the help he can get. For the Ylesian Hutts have dispatched the dreaded bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down the man who already outsmarted them once. But Han and Chewie find themselves in even bigger trouble when they agree to lend their services to the crime lords Jiliac and Jabba the Hutt. Suddenly the two smugglers are thrust into the middle of a battle between the might of the Empire and the treachery of their outlaw allies...a battle where even victory means death!Rebel DawnThe Millennium Falcon is "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy." So when Han Solo wins it in a game of sabacc, he and Chewbacca become kings of the smugglers--uncatchable, unstoppable. But with the Empire clamping down, Han knows his luck can't last. Still, when an old girlfriend who is now the leader of an insurgent Rebel group offers him a shot at an incredible fortune, Han can't resist. The plan seems a sure thing. The resistance will be light and the take enormous. Han and his friends will divide it equally with the Rebels. Too bad for Han that the planet of Ylesia is far from a pushover, that the Rebels have an agenda of their own, and that smuggler friends can often turn into enemies...quicker than lightspeed.

Medusa's Child

John J. Nance - 1997
    Nance launches Medusa's Child, an explosive new thriller that takes to the skies-and takes you to the height of terror.Now he brings you to the brink of nuclear catastropheAt 10,000 feet, Captain Scott McKay gets the nerve-shattering news: aboard his Boeing 727 is a ticking time bomb-and not just any bomb. It's the Medusa Project, a thermonuclear monster that could wipe out every computer chip on the continent, obliterating any and all traces of modern technology. Now Scott is flying blind, with nowhere to land and nothing to rely on but his own instincts. And one wrong move could ignite a worldwide apocalypse by unleashing...


James Byron Huggins - 1997
    Piece by piece, they rebuilt his soulless flesh and transformed it. A team of scientists outfitted him with the most powerful muscles and the deadliest weapons that the generals could ever have wished for. Alive, Cain had been their deadliest killer; dead, he became their greatest nightmare. When Cain awakes, he is transformed: he has become the ultimate predator. His body is now inhabited by a spirit that's been wandering the earth for millennia - one of the crown princes of hell. The only force that can stop him is made up of three tragically flawed mortals - a soldier who's lost his family to a terrorist's bullets, a priest who's lost his faith, and the beautiful young scientist who created this modern Frankenstein. Together, though, they form an unstoppable team who will fight the forces of hell itself to save themselves and humankind.


Douglas Reeman - 1997
    After the mysterious death of the Reliant's last captain, Guy Sherbrooke is given command of the legendary battlecruiser. A symbol of everything the Royal Navy stands for, the battlecruiser boasts the speed of a destroyer and the firepower of a battleship.

The Crystal Snowstorm

Meriol Trevor - 1997
    Young Catherine Ayre has been called from her quiet home in England by a grandfather she scarcely knows, Grand Duke Edmond of Letzenstein. She becomes a pawn in the political unrest of the small country. Why does her grandfather so hate her uncle Constant, the rightful heir? And just who is Rafael le Marre? Catherine is swept into exciting adventures before she can feel herself a part of the small but fascinating country of Letzenstein.

Book of Names

John Peel - 1997

Blood Sport: A Journey Up the Hassayampa

Robert F. Jones - 1997
    A pathbreaking, surreal novel of the outdoors.

A Little Maid of Provincetown

Alice Turner Curtis - 1997
    During the Revolutionary War, eight-year-old Anne Nelson, living in Provincetown on Cape Cod, helps the patriots' cause by carrying an important message from Boston to Newburyport.

Boundary Waters: The Grace of the Wild

Paul Gruchow - 1997
    Gruchow turns a naturalist's eye on a wilderness of wolves, moose, and loons as he visits national parks and other scenic spots. Drawing on the works of Thoreau and Wendell Berry, he explores the relationship of person to place.


Roland Huntford - 1997
    He was the father of modern polar exploration, the last act of territorial discovery before the leap into space began.Nansen was a prime illustration of Carlyle's dictum that 'the history of the world is but the biography of great men'. He was not merely a pioneer in the wildly diverse fields of oceanography and skiing, but one of the founders of neurology. A restless, unquiet Faustian spirit, Nansen was a Renaissance Man born out of his time into the new Norway of Ibsen and Grieg. He was an artist and historian, a diplomat who had dealings with Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, and played a part in the Versailles Peace Conference, where he helped the Americans in their efforts to contain the Bolsheviks. He also undertook famine relief in Russia. Finally, working for the League of Nations as both High Commissioner for Refugees and High Commissioner for the Repatriation of Prisoners of War, he became the first of the modern media-conscious international civil servants.

River: One Man's Journey Down the Colorado, Source to Sea

Colin Fletcher - 1997
    He needed "something to pare the fat off my make me grateful, again, for being alive." The 1,700 miles between the Colorado's source in Wyoming and its conclusion at Mexico's Gulf of California contain some of the most spectacular vistas on earth, and Fletcher is the ideal guide for the terrain. As his privileged companions, we travel to places like Disaster Falls and Desolation Canyon, observe beaver and elk, experience sandstorms and whitewater rapids, and share Fletcher's thoughts on the human race, the environment, and the joys of solitude.

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (Scholastic Literature Guides)

Terry Cooper - 1997
    Each guide includes an author biography, background information, summaries, thought-provoking discussion questions, as well as creative, cross-curricular activities and reproducibles that motivate students.

Haunted Castle

Leo Hartas - 1997
    The reader chooses an optional path and gets drawn into an adventure where shrieking ghouls, brain-dead drudges, mutants, and torturers appear at every turn. Full color.

The Misfit

Nancy N. Rue - 1997
    Austin, Thomas Hutchinson's great-grandson, is sent to live with relatives, but his cousins don't seem to like him. Will Austin ever find his place?

The Five Sisters

Margaret Mahy - 1997
    Tossed by winds, drenched by water, and scorched by fire, the five sisters search for a mysterious island on the edge of the sea -- and acquire their own names, faces and unique personalities along the way.

Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains

Jon Krakauer - 1997
    In this collection of his finest essays and reporting, Krakauer writes of mountains from the memorable perspective of one who has himself struggled with solo madness to scale Alaska's notorious Devils Thumb. In Pakistan, the fearsome K2 kills thirteen of the world's most experienced mountain climbers in one horrific summer. In Valdez, Alaska, two men scale a frozen waterfall over a four-hundred-foot drop. In France, a hip international crowd of rock climbers, bungee jumpers, and paragliders figure out new ways to risk their lives on the towering peaks of Mont Blanc. Why do they do it? How do they do it? In this extraordinary book, Krakauer presents an unusual fraternity of daredevils, athletes, and misfits stretching the limits of the possible.From the paranoid confines of a snowbound tent, to the thunderous, suffocating terror of a white-out on Mount McKinley, Eiger Dreams spins tales of driven lives, sudden deaths, and incredible victories. This is a stirring, vivid book about one of the most compelling and dangerous of all human pursuits.

The Swap

George Layton - 1997
    Especially this lad. His mum is always embarrassing him; his dad is not around; and money is scarce. He falls out of a tree house trying to stop his friends from stealing school test answers -- and winds up with a broken leg. He wins second prize in an art contest -- but the drawing isn't his. And then he finds himself taking sides with a bunch of bullies when a new Jewish boy comes to school. If he doesn't act mean, the bullies will thump him, but he feels so guilty being mean....No wonder he can't wait to swap. On the school exchange, he'll swap houses for a week with some posh lad from London. Who knows what he'll discover?George Layton brilliantly captures the balancing act of one boy's eleventh year, when he faces up to prejudice, poverty and pride, and unwittingly discovers who he is...and who he isn't.

Thomas Moran

Nancy K. Anderson - 1997
    The book begins with four interpretive biographical essays by Nancy K. Anderson that introduce sections of color plates of works from the major periods in Moran's professional career. A fully illustrated chronology of Moran's life and work accompanies this presentation. Thomas P. Bruhn then discusses Moran's etchings, engravings, and lithographs, and Joni L. Kinsey describes Moran's career as an illustrator. The book also includes three appendices that reproduce, for the first time, a portfolio of fifteen views commissioned by the Prang Chromolithographic Company; Moran's "Opus List"; and a firsthand account of Moran's 1873 trip to the Grand Canyon, written by Justin E. Colburn, a New York Times correspondent.

The Little Red Train: To The Rescue

Benedict Blathwayt - 1997
    . . oo. . oo! There's a big surprise around every bend in the railway track to Birchcombe village - but Duffy Driver, The Little Red Train and all their friends are ready to come to the rescue EVERY time!

Everest: Mountain Without Mercy

Broughton Coburn - 1997
    The expedition was organized by large-format motion picture producer MacGillivray Freeman Films and was comprised of an international team of climbers. Their goal was to carry a specially modified 48-pound IMAX motion picture camera to the summit of Everest and return from the top of the world with the first footage ever shot there in this spectacular format. A stunningly illustrated portrait of life and death in a hostile, high-altitude environment where no human can survive for long, Everest invites you to join Breashears, his climbers, and his crew as they make photographic history. Author Broughton Coburn traces each step of the team's progress toward a rendezvous with history - and suddenly you're on the scene of a disaster that riveted the world's attention. Everest incorporates a first-person, on-the-scene account of the most tragic event in the mountain's history: The May 10, 1996, blizzard that claimed eight lives, including two of the world's top climbing expedition leaders. It is a chronicle of the courage and cooperation that resulted in the rescue of several men and women who were trapped on the lethal, windswept slopes. Everest is also a tale of triumph. In a struggle to overcome both the physical and emotional effects of the disaster on Everest, Breashears and his team rise to the challenge of achieving their goal - humbled by the mountain's overwhelming power, yet exhilarated by their own accomplishment.

Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal

Robert T. Reilly - 1997
    In 1587, teenaged Hugh Roe O'Donnell, son of the rulers of Donegal, is seized by the English and imprisoned in Dublin Castle for three years before escaping to join in the struggle to rid Ireland of English rule.

Return to Foreverware

Mike Ford - 1997
    The boys think their employers are strange--everything about their habits and clothes wreaks of 20 years in the past. Back then, Mrs. Stewart was a Foreverware representative--she sold the creepy containers that can keep anything fresh--forever. Any why does she look at Simon like he might be the next visitor to her Foreverware room--permanently?

The Chainmakers

Helen Spring - 1997
    A simple offer of work as a model proves to be the catalyst for complete change, taking Anna from the sunny beaches and liberal attitudes of an artist's colony in Brittany to the struggle to survive and make good in the immigrant community of downtown New York. Anna learns her lessons well, and she finds herself still making chains, but now chains of restaurants, leading to wealth if not happiness. Then comes Prohibition, and Anna's decisions involve her in a gangland feud which threatens her family and friends in a frightening web of intrigue and violence. "How do we recover from the agony of a lover's betrayal? What is true love anyway? Can we befriend lawbreakers without getting hurt?" These questions are at the core of this unusual and compelling book. Written with humour, colour and passion, Helen Spring weaves an absorbing tale of obsession and complex emotions, and their far-reaching consequences.

Little Oh

Laura Krauss Melmed - 1997
    From her wild river ride aboard a teacup boat to her escape from an angry dog to her flight home on the neck of a crane to her transformation into a real little girl, Little Oh is sure to capture your heart. 2000-2001 Georgia's Picture Storybook Award & Georgia's Children's Book Award Masterlist

Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains 1865-1879

Thomas Goodrich - 1997
    As settlers moved west following the Civil War, they found powerful Indian tribes barring the way. When the U.S. Army intervened, a bloody and prolonged conflict ensued.Drawing heavily from diaries, letters, and memoirs from American Plains settlers, historian Thomas Goodrich weaves a spellbinding tale of life and death on the prairie, told in the timeless words of the participants themselves. Scalp Dance is a powerful, unforgettable epic that shatters modern myths. Within its pages, the reader will find a truthful account of Indian warfare as it occurred.

Terminal / Fatal Cure / Acceptable Risk

Robin Cook - 1997
    Robin Cook's signature cutting-edge suspense and bold strokes of reality. The consequences of managed health care in an age when even the wariest consumer may be at risk is the catalyst for Contagion, while a sinister cabal involved with unacceptable medical ethics provides the nerve-jangling backdrop for Chromosome 6. Invasion, published in hardcover for the first time, preys on our deepest fears as it explores a sudden outbreak of a disease unlike anything humankind has ever seen.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat

Ronda Armitage - 1997
    When he overhears her suggest he should miss breakfast, he's upset and thinks about looking for another home. This tale comes from the authors of "The Lighthouse Keeper's Picnic" and "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch".

Life Amongst the Modocs

Joaquin Miller - 1997
    As a nature writer, he was among the first to capture the fierce power and sublime beauty of California's wild landscape. He was also a maverick in his portrayal of the state's emotional landscape, dealing as no one has before or since with themes such as loneliness and defeat, melancholy and rage, weakness and strength, joy and loyalty.

The Green Truck Garden Giveaway: A Neighborhood Story and Almanac

Jacqueline Briggs Martin - 1997
    One day, a green truck drives down the block. "We have gardens to give away " shouts Hastings. "And Green Truck Almanacs " adds Lura.This picture book chronicles the blooming of neighborhood gardens and neighborhood friendships, and features illustrated pages from The Green Truck Almanac, an easy-to-use collection of gardening tips, ideas, history, resources, and recipes.

The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century

Francis Parkman - 1997
    The stage is set for the aggravation of old rivalries between the Huron and the Iroquois Indians. The Jesuits try to ensure the loyalty of the Hurons, suppliers of fur to the French, but find them resistant to religious conversion. The Iroquois, even more resistant, add the French to their list of enemies. Other factions enlist on one side or the other—French soldiers and anti-Catholic English, for example—but the dramatic pulse of Parkman’s narrative is provided by the Jesuits earnestly matriculating among the Indians, undergoing great hardship and occasionally embracing martyrdom.

The Skeleton Coast: A Journey Through the Namib Desert

Benedict Allen - 1997
    This is Benedict Allen's account of his thousand-mile trek with camels through the Namib Desert and along the Skeleton Coast. Allen prepares for his journey with the nomadic, goat-herding Himba tribe in the north of the Namib, learning essentials for desert survival. Submerging himself in the community, he comes to understand the everyday fears and aspirations of these extraordinary people. He then travels south to the fringes of the Kalahari, where he undertakes a gruelling three-week period, training his reluctant camels. Escorted by security personnel through diamond areas closed to the outside world, Allen moves north past ghost towns and through some of the highest dunes in the world. The journey continues through lion, rhino and elephant country, where Allen battles to maintain authority over his faithful but nervous camels, until he is reunited with the Himba nomads.

Disney's Pooh's Grand Adventure The Search for Christopher Robin (A Little Golden Book)

Justine Korman - 1997
    When they can't find Christopher Robin, Pooh and his friends undertake a perilous search for him, and learn they're smarter, braver, and more loyal than they ever dreamed they'd be.

Will's Mammoth

Rafe Martin - 1997
    But when his mother and father told him there weren't any wooly mammoths anywhere anymore, Will knew different. Stephen Gammell's magnificent illustrations bring a young boy's vivid imagination to life in this "prehistoric" adventure.

Dragon Quest (Usborne Fantasy Adventure)

Andy Dixon - 1997
    Stunning fantasy-adventure scenes filled with things to find, mysteries to solve and colorful creatures and characters to outwit

Self-Rescue: How to Rock Climb Series

David Fasulo - 1997
    Includes knots, info on transporting victims, skills required, scenarios and possible situations.

Two on a Big Ocean: The Story of the First Circumnavigation of the Pacific Basin in a Small Sailing Ship

Hal Roth - 1997
    One of the true classics of voyaging literature. Maps, photos.

Deconstructing the Hero: Literary Theory and Children's Literature

Margery Hourihan - 1997
    Deconstructing the Hero offers analytical readings of some of the most widely read adventure stories such as Treasure Island, the James Bond stories and Star Wars. The book describes how adventure stories are influential in shaping children's perception and establishing values. When many of these stories define non-white, non-European people as inferior, and women as marginal or incapable, we should be worried about what they are teaching our children to think. Margery Hourihan shows how teaching children to read books critically can help to prevent the establishment of negative attitudes, discourage aggression and promote values of emotion and creativity.


Anatoly Tarasov - 1997
    In this, his last book before his death in 1995, he provides a fascinating and informal assessment of the Russian and Canadian styles of hockey through the eyes of a world-famous coach.

The Journals of Patrick Gass: Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Patrick Gass - 1997
    His simple and direct writing style, along with his emphasis on the daily activities of the trip, mad Gass's journal more accessible to the general reader than other firsthand accounts and revealed the optimistic spirit of the expedition.

Intrigue at the Rafter B Ranch

Stephen Bly - 1997
    From day to day, someone keeps moving weird objects from inside the locked cab to the truckbed. Yet the kids never see anyone out there!It makes no sense until they find their first clue: a revealing roll of film. But even with that, what's happening is a mystery. In their minds, there's only one way to solve it: spend a night watching the truck.What will they find come morning? Something they never imagined--and something they'll never forget!

The Duke of the Abruzzi: An Explorer's Life

Mirella Tenderini - 1997
    This volume, the first full-scale biography in English, vividly recounts not only the details of his pioneering expeditions but also the intriguing story of his personal life. The Duke's lifelong passion for adventure began in the Italian Alps of his childhood. Having mastered the Zmutt Ridge of the Matterhorn at age twenty-one, he vowed to devote himself to mountain exploration. Just three years later, in 1897, he completed the first successful ascent of Alaska's Mount St. Elias. The achievement for which he is most noted, his pioneering climb on K2 via the route that now bears his name - the Abruzzi Ridge, came in 1909. In little more than a decade, the Duke had established himself as one of the foremost explorers of his time. The Duke was a man of many talents, and detailed here are his illustrious career as an officer in the Italian navy, his service as a diplomatic envoy for his country, and his fame as a sports car driver and yachtsman. Also told is the story of his doomed romance with a young American heiress - one of the most publicized love affairs of the age - and of his friendship with the photographer Vittorio Sella. Sella accompanied the Duke on most of his expeditions and many of his beautiful and historically important photographs illustrate the book.


Alice Hoffman - 1997
    But this year, something has gone terribly wrong. The fireflies have not appeared, and the village is frozen in endless winter. No one knows what to do, least of all Jackie Healy, the clumsiest boy for miles around. The only thing Jackie can do is to be his tripping, crashing, bumbling self. Little does anyone suspect that his clumsiness could be the very thing that will save the village . . .

National Geographic on Assignment USA (National Geographic)

Priit J. Vesilind - 1997
    Captured in stunning photos and sparkling prose, here are glittering cities and lonely prairies, majestic rivers and magnificent mountains, along with every kind of human endeavor and accomplishment. Here are firsthand descriptions of the deadly eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 and of the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. You'll fly with America's sweetheart, Amelia Earhart, alone across the Pacific in the 1930s - and witness man's landing on the moon three decades later. You'll go to powwows with Native Americans, travel the nation with migrant beekeepers. You'll explore every aspect of the American experience. This is at once an illustrated omnibus of one hundred years of life in the United States and an inside look at the classic journal that has chronicled the American century with such an observant and wide-ranging eye. Come with National Geographic - On Assignment USA.

To Capture the Wind

Sheila MacGill-Callahan - 1997
    In a risky plan to free her kidnapped lover, Oonagh cleverly solves the evil pirate king's riddles, unites the princess Ethne with her lover, and invents sails.

Aunty Dot's Incredible Adventure Atlas

Eljay Yildirim - 1997
    Join Aunty Dot and Uncle Frank as they take a trip around the world and keep in touch with their niece and nephew through lively letters (kids can really take them out of the envelopes) that intermix fascinating facts with some super silly adventures.

Toots and the Upside Down House

Carol Hughes - 1997
    Since her death, he's spent more and more time immersed in his stamp collection, and less and less time with Toots. It is on one particularly lonely afternoon when Toots is practicing headstands that she first sees a fairy walking across the living room ceiling. Before she knows what's happened, Toots finds herself reduced to the size of a mouse in an upside-down world where hardworking fairies protect the house against evil sprites and unctuous goblins. Toots must battle with good and evil, both outside and inside herself, before finding her way back down to earth and renewing her love for her widowed father. Carol Hughes makes a dazzling debut with this special book that combines fantasy and adventure with the real, everyday issues of love and loss.

The Little Humpbacked Horse: A Russian Tale

Elizabeth Winthrop - 1997
    A young peasant, with the help of his faithful and magical humpbacked horse, captures magical beasts, marries the beautiful Tsarevna and becomes the Tsar of Russia.

Europe: An Intimate Journey

Jan Morris - 1997
    A personal appreciation, fuelled by five decades of journeying, this is Jan Morris at her best - at once magisterial and particular, whimsical and profound. It is a matchless portrait of a continent.

The Giant Garden of Oz

Eric Shanower - 1997
    No sooner does Dorothy arrive, than all the farm's crops grow to gigantic sizes. Determined to help her aunt and uncle, Dorothy, Toro and Billins set out across the landscape of giant vegetables, heading for the Emerald City. But, to Dorothy's distress, both Toto and Billina soon mysteriously disappear. What kind of magic is afoot here? Can Dorothy reach the Emerald City in time to save her aunt and uncle's farm? With over 50 black-and-white illustrations.

Natural Cuba/Cuba Natural

Alfonso Silva Lee - 1997
    Cuba's remarkable number of endemic species - including the world's smallest bird, the bee hummingbird, minute frogs and boas, magnificent painted land snails, rare butterflies and orchids - contribute to the importance and beauty of Cuba and her rich fauna and flora depicted here.

Go West, Young Women!

Kathleen Karr - 1997
    For them, it's Oregon--or bust!

A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine

Eric A. Weiss - 1997
    First published in 1992 WILDERNESS & TRAVEL MEDICINE has been a staple in emergency first-aid kits sold worldwide by Adventure Medical Kits. With this fourth edition, Mountaineers Books and Adventure Medical Kits have partnered to release an updated, stand alone reference for anyone who ventures away from civilization. Topics include everything from CPR, shock and fractures to head, eye, and dental injuries, poisonous reactions, frostbite, hypothermia, heat illness, and much more.

Goldfinder: The True Story of One Man's Discovery of the Ocean's Richest Secrets

Keith Jessop - 1997
    No true tale of the sea makes better reading."-Clive CusslerHere is the true tale of a small-time salvage diver, the crushing depths of the sea, and the richest prize ever found-$100 million in pure gold. Follow salvage diver Keith Jessop as he battles nature, governments, traitors, salvage monopolies, and, of course, lawyers to claim the grand prize of wrecks-the HMS Edinburgh. Filled with ten tons of Russian gold, the ship had been sought by many, but never found. Through unyielding determination, extraordinary physical prowess, and keen intelligence, Keith Jessop risks all to reach his final destination, and keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Gray Hawk's Lady

Karen Kay - 1997
    But when she hires two unscrupulous trappers to capture a member of the elusive Blackfoot tribe, she is shocked when they return with the most magnificent man she has ever seen--a warrior whose intelligence and strength of character force Genevieve to confront her attraction to this native "savage." OF ONE HEART Undaunted by his abduction, Gray Hawk's pride demands justice--and so he escapes, taking the meddling foreign miss as his captive. But his anger turns to passion--and his vengeance to desire--as the brave's noble heart is entranced by the beauty and spirit of his flame-haired prisoner. And Gray Hawk knows only one way to soothe the raging fire in his soul: he must claim Genevieve as his woman and forever.

Backcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters (Mountaineers Outdoor Basics)

Dave Smith - 1997
    Required reading for anyone travelling in bear territory.

Best Easy Day Hikes Yellowstone National Park

Bill Schneider - 1997
    This updated and revised edition, published in a convenient, pocket-size format, describes 30 of the best day hikes in the park.