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The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, NIV

Randy Frazee - 1996
    There are no verse references, and Scripture segments are seamlessly woven together with transition text into a single grand narrative. For those intimidated or overwhelmed by the unabridged Bible, The Story helps people understand God’s Word more fully and engage with it more easily.Simple, accessible, and easy to use, churches are finding The Story a powerful way to engage their people in Bible reading like never before. As The Story brings the Bible to life, the broad scope of God’s message will penetrate hearts. People of all ages will be swept up in the story of God’s love and God’s plan for their lives.God goes to great lengths to rescue lost and hurting people. That is what The Story is all about: the story of the Bible, God’s great love affair with humanity. Condensed into 31 accessible chapters, The Story sweeps you into the unfolding progression of Bible characters and events from Genesis to Revelation. Using the clear, accessible text of the NIV Bible, it allows the stories, poems, and teachings of the Bible to read like a novel. And like any good story, The Story is filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance, and redemption; and this story’s true! “This book tells the grandest, most compelling story of all time: the story of a true God who loves his children, who established for them a way of salvation and provided a route to eternity. Each story in these 31 chapters reveals the God of grace---the God who speaks; the God who acts; the God who listens; the God whose love for his people culminated in his sacrifice of Jesus, his only Son, to atone for the sins of humanity.”

The Run of His Life : The People versus O.J. Simpson

Jeffrey Toobin - 1996
    Simpson, the evidence in the case, and the role of the prosecution and defense.

Love, Lucy

Lucille Ball - 1996
    The legendary star of the classic sitcom I Love Lucy was at the pinnacle of her success when she sat down to record the story of her life. No comedienne had made America laugh so hard, no television actress had made the leap from radio and B movies to become one of the world's best-loved performers. This is her story--in her own words.The story of the ingenue from Jamestown, New York, determined to go to Broadway, destined to make a big splash, bound to marry her Valentino, Desi Arnaz. In her own inimitable style, she tells of their life together--both storybook and turbulent; intimate memories of their children and friends; wonderful backstage anecdotes; the empire they founded; the dissolution of their marriage. And, with a heartfelt happy ending, her enduring marriage to Gary Morton.Here is the lost manuscript that her fans and loved ones will treasure. Here is the laughter. Here is the life. Here's Lucy...

Sister, Sister

Eric Jerome Dickey - 1996
    Fresh and in-your-face, this witty novel depicts a world where women sometimes have to alter their dreams, but never have to stop embracing the future.

Primeval and Other Times

Olga Tokarczuk - 1996
    Told in short bursts of "Time," the narrative takes the form of a stylized fable, an epic allegory about the inexorable grind of time and the clash between modernity (the masculine) and nature (the feminine) in which Poland's tortured political history from 1914 to the contemporary era and the episodic brutality visited on ordinary village life is played out. A novel of universal dimension that does not dwell on the parochial, Primeval and Other Times was awarded the Koscielski Foundation Prize in 1997, which established Tokarczuk as one of the leading voices in Polish letters, and it has been translated into many languages the world over.Tokarczuk has said of the novel: "I always wanted to write a book such as this. One that creates and describes a world. It is the story of a world that, like all things living, is born, develops, and then dies." Kitchens, bedrooms, childhood memories, dreams and insomnia, reminiscences, and amnesia — these are part of the existential and acoustic spaces from which the voices of Tokarczuk's tale come, her "boxes in boxes."

Faith in the Valley: Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace

Iyanla Vanzant - 1996
    Valleys are nothing new for any of us. Some of you may be in a valley right now, or, since you never know what’s around the corner, you may be on the brink of tottering into yet another valley. Or maybe you’ve just survived a valley that you swear you’ll never revisit—but guess what? That’s precisely the valley you’ll probably see again. And again. Being in a valley can be a lonely and bewildering experience. This book was written to help you feel less lonely by reminding you that you really aren’t ever alone since God is always by your side, but more important, you are always by your own side. No matter how dire the situation may seem, no matter how dark and bleak the valley may be, you have all you need within you to survive the valley—any valley. Even though you may not know how you got into the valley in the first place, you do know, deep inside yourself, how to get through and out and free. You just need a little faith in yourself and a little guidance to find that faith within yourself. When you are at your wit’s end, take this little book and let it guide you toward the ever-present but often elusive light at the end of the tunnel. Faith in the Valley is designed to help you find the light when you need it most—when you’re in that damn tunnel. When you’re most confused and in the dark and clueless as to how you got there (again!) and when you’re trying to figure out not just how to get out, but stay out. For good. Faith in the Valley has helped so many through so much that we felt it only fitting to issue this lovely gift edition to acknowledge the special place it holds in many hearts. Please share it with a friend who has served as your beacon in the past, or offer it to yourself as a reminder of the strength and wisdom you possess and can offer to others. Iyanla

Energy Anatomy [With Study Guide]

Caroline Myss - 1996
    Caroline Myss, America's #1 medical intuitive and author of the New York Times bestsellers Anatomy of the Spirit and Why People Don't Heal and How They Can. Complete nine-hour course reveals every phase of her groundbreaking work with the human energy system, including the chakra system, intuition, power centers, biology and biography, self-healing principles, reclaiming your power, and much more. Our all-time bestselling audio learning course

The Warrior Within: The Philosophies of Bruce Lee

John Little - 1996
    However, most of his philosophical writings could be found only within the personal library of the Bruce Lee estate--until now. "The Warrior Within" is the most comprehensive volume of these teachings, meant to help you apply Lee's philosophies to your own life. This unique guide reveals such life-affirming secrets as:Seeing the totality of life and putting things into perspectiveUnderstanding the concept of Yin and YangDefeating adversity by adapting to circumstancesTapping into inner spiritual forces to help shape the futureWith a foreword by Linda Lee Cadwell and photographs and other memorabilia from Bruce Lee's short but celebrated life, "The Warrior Within" is an engrossing and easy-to-understand guide to the little-explored world of Bruce Lee. John Little has been identified as "one of the foremost authorities on Bruce Lee in the world" by "Black Belt" magazine. He edited a three-volume series for the Bruce Lee estate and has written articles for several publications, including "Men's Fitness, Official Karate," and "Inside Kung Fu."

Last Tram to Lime Street (Molly and Nellie series, #2)

Joan Jonker - 1996
    They sort out all the neighbours' problems, care for seven children between them, and still have time for a giggle and a gossip. So imagine the excitement when Nellie's son, Steve, proposes to Molly's daughter, Jill. But it's not long before unsettling events turn their attention again to friends in need. The Bradley family, who have moved in up the street, are a bad lot, and Molly and Nellie find their hands full with sorting out the troubles that ensue. Meanwhile, Molly's teenage daughter, Doreen, has fallen head over heels in love with a young lad named Philip. She hasn't been with anyone quite like him before, and she's in for a terrible shock when she finds out whose family he comes from...

Steps to Freedom in Christ: A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You

Neil T. Anderson - 1996
    He has promised that knowing the truth will set us free. The Steps to Freedom in Christ is a comprehensive process that will help you resolve your personal and spiritual conflicts in Christ. If you have received Christ as your personal Savior, He has set you free. You will still have conflicts in your life, but you can overcome them because of your position in Christ as a child of God. Experience daily victory over sin and doubt with this next generation of The Steps to Freedom in Christ. It will help you reclaim the promise of freedom that Christ offers to all who call on His name.

Murder on a Girls' Night Out

Anne George - 1996
    Mary Alice—“Sister”—is big, brassy, flamboyant, and bold. Together they have a knack for finding themselves in the center of some of Birmingham’s most unfortunate unpleasantness.Country Western is red hot these days, so overimpulsive Mary Alice thinks it makes perfect sense to buy the Skoot ‘n’ Boot bar—since that’s where the many-times-divorced “Sister” and her boyfriend du jour like to hang out anyway. Sensible retired schoolteacher Patricia Anne is inclined to disagree—especially when they find a strangled and stabbed dead body dangling in the pub’s wishing well. The sheriff has some questions for Mouse and her sister Sister, who were the last people, besides the murderer, of course, to see the ill-fated victim alive. And they had better come up with some answers soon—because a killer with unfinished business has begun sending them some mighty threatening messages…

Magic Tree House: #9-12

Mary Pope Osborne - 1996
    Morgan the magical librarian of Camelot challenges Jack and Annie to discover the answers to four riddles as they travel under the sea to the Wild West, the African plains, and the frozen Arctic. If they succeed, they will become Master Librarians! Books in this set include: Dolphins at Daybreak (#9) Ghost Town at Sundown (#10) Lions at Lunchtime (#11) Polar Bears past Bedtime (#12).Book Details: Format: Box Set Publication Date: 5/27/2003 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up

Salt of the Earth

Jack Olsen - 1996
    It was left to Brenda's mother Elaine to sustain her stricken family, search for her missing child, and pressure the authorities for justice. From the first minutes of the investigation, suspicion fell on Michael Kay Green, a steroid-abusing "Mr. Universe" hopeful, but there was no proof of a crime, leaving police and prosecutors stymied.Tips and sightings poured in as lawmen and volunteers combed the Cascades forest in the biggest search on Northwest history. Years passed with no sight of the blue-eyed girl or the bright clothes she'd worn on the day she disappeared, but Elaine remained undaunted.Salt of the Earth is the true story of how one woman fought and triumphed over life-shattering violence and how she healed her family-and herself.

Nathan's Run

John Gilstrap - 1996
    Declared incorrigible by a judge, and sentenced to 18 months in the Juvenile Detention Center for stealing a car, there's simply no other explanation. Bailey's a thief, a jail breaker and a murderer, and he must be brought to justice. Or so it seems. In "Nathan's Run," first time novelist John Gilstrap displays a unique talent for reaching into today's headlines. His compelling story is woven around two timely issues: the ease with which the juvenile justice system warehouses kids and removes them from our collective consciousness, and the ability of the news media to alter the public's view of individual criminal acts.Fueled by the fiery rhetoric of J. Daniel Petrelli, a local prosecutor with Senatorial ambitions, the public is outraged at Nathan's cold-bloodedness. However, Nathan declares that he killed in self-defense. Polite and articulate, he unwittingly moves beyond the labels that have been thrust upon him -- "incorrigible" and "violent criminal" -- and becomes to the public at-large what he is in real life; a young boy who's alone in the world, pitted against forces too large for him to comprehend.With it's exceptional realism, suspenseful narrative, and an expertly conveyed sense of desperation, "Nathan's Run" is destined to capture the attention of readers and provide John Gilstrap with a legion of fans.

Cultivating an Unshakable Character

Jim Rohn - 1996
    According to Jim Rohn, the answer is character - the collection of qualities synonymous with greatness. When you have character, you're a person of substance .. and you truly deserve the personal and professional success you'll attain. Cultivating An Unshakable Character by Jim Rohn is a spellbinding program in which you'll uncover the 12 pillars of character that form the indestructible foundation for personal and professional success. Discover how to develop uncommon courage, why it pays to adopt a "the-buck-stops-here" attitude, and how to make yourself a more confident leader.

Buddhism: The Religion of No-Religion

Alan W. Watts - 1996
    Watts traces the Indian beginnings of Buddhism, delineates differences between Buddhism and other religions, looks at the radical methods of the Mahayan Buddhist, and reviews the Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path

Dracula: Usborne Classics Retold

Mike Stocks - 1996
    Include informative notes on the authors and original texts.

Two Crosses

Elizabeth Musser - 1996
     When Gabriella Madison arrives in France in 1961 to continue her university studies, she doesn’t anticipate being drawn into the secretive world behind the Algerian war for independence from France. The further she delves into the war efforts, the more her faith is challenged. The people who surround her bring a whirlwind of transforming forces—a wise nun involved in the smuggling, a little girl carrying secret information, and a man with unknown loyalties who captures her heart. When she discovers a long hidden secret from her past, it all leads to questions about trust, faith in action, and the power of forgiveness to move beyond the pain of the past.

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes: Volume 2

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1996
    The Sussex Vampire --The Three Garrdebs --The problem of Thor Bridge --The Creeping Man.

The Complete Star Wars Trilogy: Original Radio Drama, Limited Edition

Brian Daley - 1996
    It's 15 hours on 15 CDs in a handsome, foil-stamped, collector's slipcase. With special bonus tracks never before available, including interviews with the cast members and much more. When this series was first broadcast on National Public Radio in 1981, it generated the largest response in the network's history: 50,000 letters and phone calls in a single week, an audience of 750,000 per episode, and a subsequent 40-percent jump in NPR listenership. This landmark production, perhaps the most ambitious radio project ever attempted, began when Star Wars creator George Lucas donated the story rights to an NPR affiliate. Writer Brian Daley adapted the film's highly visual script to the special demands and unique possibilities of radio, creating a more richly textured tale with greater emphasis on character development. Director John Madden guided a splendid castâ��including Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels, reprising their film roles as Luke Skywalker and the persnickety robot See Threepioâ��through an intense 10-day dialogue recording session. Then came months of painstaking work for virtuoso sound engineer Tom Voegeli, whose brilliant blending of the actors' voices, the music, and hundreds of sound effects takes this intergalactic adventure into a realm of imagination that is beyond the reach of cinema.

Creative Visualization Meditations

Shakti Gawain - 1996
    In each meditation, the author describes specific images and directs the listener through the meditation process.

Never Again Good-bye

Terri Blackstock - 1996
    But this woman has clearly been stalking Amy, his adoptive daughter and the center of his life. And a threat to Amy is a threat to Wes. Laney Fields has no desire to threaten anyone, just a longing to see the child she’d brought into the world six years ago and then been forced to release for adoption. But when she learns that Amy’s adoptive mother has died, Laney becomes determined to play a part in her daughter’s life. Between a man and woman torn by past losses, present fears, and the paradox of their growing fascination for each other, stands one small child. She could be the object of distrust that will drive them apart or the agent of faith in God that can bring them together.

The Path of Prosperity

James Allen - 1996
    In this book you will learn how to change your life through the way you think. This book will guide you to an understanding of how to find peace and prosperity by changing your attitudes and reactions to life's challenges. "By your own thoughts you make or mar your life, your world, your universe. As you build within by the power of thought, so will your outward life and circumstances shape themselves accordingly." -James Allen


Christine Marion Fraser - 1996
    Overcome by grief, he shuns the doctor, convinced he could have done more to save her. He also refuses to take notice of his daughter, Shona, until years later, when she falls in love with the doctor's son.

Plato, Socrates, and the Dialogues

Michael Sugrue - 1996
    Though he never wrote down his thoughts, he had a brilliant pupil in Plato, who immortalized his teacher's legacy in 35 timeless dialogues that laid the philosophical basis for Western civilization.Professor Michael Sugrue of Princeton University brings the Socratic quest for truth alive in these lectures, which discuss ideas that are as vital today as they were 25 centuries ago. Ideas about truth, justice, love, beauty, courage, and wisdom. Ideas that can change lives and reveal the world in new ways to the true student.Professor Sugrue reveals the inner structure, action, and meaning of 17 of Plato's greatest dialogues, making this course an indispensable companion for anyone interested in philosophy in general or Platonic thought in particular.

Legacies of Great Economists

Timothy Taylor - 1996
    From The Great Courses Series, this one titled "Legacies of Great Economists," taught by Professor Timothy Taylor of Macalester College; includes 5 cassette tapes in a slip cover case, 10 lectures/45 minutes per lecture, and an accompanying text booklet.10 Lectures 45 minutes / lecture1- Before Economics—Mercantilists and Physiocrats.2- Adam Smith and the Birth of Economics.3- The Dismal Science—Thomas Robert Malthus and David Ricardo.4- John Stuart Mill and Utilitarianism.5- Karl Marx and Socialism.6- Alfred Marshall and Marginalist Thought.7- The Socialist Calculation Debate.8- Joseph Schumpeter and Entrepreneurialism.9- John Maynard Keynes and the Keynesian Revolution.10- Milton Friedman and the Rebirth of Classical Economics.

Bonita Faye

Margaret Moseley - 1996
    When small town girl Bonita Faye's abusive husband, car salesman and fishing guide Billy Roy is killed, she begins an adventurous new life that takes her from Poteau, Oklahoma to Paris and back again in a story of murder and redemption...and more murder... stretching over three decades.

Developing The Qualities of Success : How to Stay Motivated Volume One

Zig Ziglar - 1996
    This program is designed to help you grow personally and professionally in four critical areas: qualities, abilities, skills, and attitudes. By focusing on these core areas, you gain characteristics of success, professionalism, excellence, and perhaps the very best return of all: improved overall performance. Qualities of Success will cover: 1) Planning, preparing and expecting to win. 2) Taking the first step to a brighter future.3) Motivation, the key to Accomplishment. 4) Identifying the qualities of success. 5) Developing the qualities of success. 6) Maintaining a winning attitude. In this valuable program Zig encourages you to remember, “You were designed for accomplishment. You were engineered for success. You were endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

A Neutral Corner: Boxing Essays

A.J. Liebling - 1996
    Liebling's abiding passion for the "sweet science" of boxing, A Neutral Corner brings together fifteen previously unpublished pieces written between 1952 and 1963. Antic, clear-eyed, and wildly entertaining, these essays showcase a The New Yorker journalist at the top of his form. Here one relives the high drama of the classic Patterson-Johansson championship bout of 1959, and Liebling's early prescient portrayal of Cassius Clay's style as a boxer and a poet is not to be missed.Liebling always finds the human story that makes these essays appealing to aficionados of boxing and prose alike. Alive with a true fan's reverence for the sport, yet balanced by a true skeptic's disdain for sentiment, A Neutral Corner is an American treasure.

Early Days

Miss Read - 1996
    The 2 stories tel l of her childhood, when she was known as Dora Schafe, growi ng up in South London and Kent during the First World War. '

Still Waters

Judith Saxton - 1996
    But the outbreak of war brings tragedy and upheaval, changing Tess's priorities.Mal Chandler has travelled the length and breadth of Australia with his feckless father and weary mother. Now, the war brings Mal to England as a pilot for the RAF - and into Tess's world.

The Wrong Stuff: The Adventures and Misadventures of an 8th Air Force Aviator

Truman Smith - 1996
    He was only twenty years old. Although barely adults, Smith and his peers worried about cramming a lifetime’s worth of experience into every free night, each knowing he probably would not survive the next bombing mission. Written with blunt honesty, wry humor, and insight, The Wrong Stuff is Smith’s gripping memoir of that time. In a new preface, the author comments with equal honesty and humor on the impact this book has had on his life.

Lovingkindness Meditation: Learning to Love Through Insight Meditation

Sharon Salzberg - 1996
    Lovingkindness Meditation is her guide to this traditional six-step meditation, designed to access the human heart's own limitless source of supreme energy -- the energy of love. A perfect introduction to this healing, enriching, and life-changing practice, originally taught by the Buddha himself."In clear and simple words, 'Loving-kindness Meditation' conveys a lifetime of study, practice, and inspiration". -- Joseph Goldstein author of The Experience of Insight

Annabel & I

Chris Anne Wolfe - 1996
    The bonds of love. Which is stronger? Gentle, sensual, passionate. Jenny-Wren and Annabel. Magic has woven their lives together. Destiny has bridged their worlds. Set on the breath-taking Chautauqua Lake, two young women grow and find each other unknowing at first of the bridge of time that they cross. Jenny-Wren is from the 1980s. Annabel from 1890s. But their path is a single one.

Sex Death Enlightenment: A True Story

Mark Matousek - 1996
    A brave, beautiful and brilliantly observed work.--Publishers Weekly, starred review.

The Line

Bob Mayer - 1996
    They ve cowered Presidents into going to war. For more than half a century, a secret organization of Army officers known as The Line has been covertly manipulating US Policy. Now, in a political climate rife with dissent and unrest, The Line has ordered a pivotal top-secret operation that will let the world know who is really in charge: take out the President on Pearl Harbor Day. But The Line didn t count on Boomer Watson, a member of the Army s elite Delta Force and Major Benita Trace, both West Point graduates, staying true to their oath of allegiance and willing to fight The Line with their lives. From The Ukraine to Pearl Harbor to West Point to the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia, it s a race against time to stop The Line as December 7th looms.

Perseverance: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

Eugene H. Peterson - 1996
    But God has given you resources to see you through tough times. As you grow in hope, patience, repentance and joy, you also grow in your ability to persevere. Six studies, based on Eugene Peterson's classic on Christian commitment, A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, will encourage you to continue in the path Christ has set before you.

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough: A Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts

Elmer L. Towns - 1996
    This book gives you the biblical reasons for fasting, and introduces you to nine biblical fasts - each designed for a specific physical and spiritual outcome.

Coping With Grief

Mal McKissock - 1996
    It reassures people that their responses which may seem frightening and painful are an integral part of this difficult time but can become manageable with compassionate support and the right information. This valuable aid helps the grieving understand their emotions and enables friends and family to offer support and comfort where and when it is most needed.

Storms Over Africa

Beverley Harper - 1996
    Ancient rivalries have ignited modern political ambitions and nothing is certain for those of the old Africa.But for Richard Dunn the stakes are even higher. Into his world comes the beautiful and compelling Steve Hayes, a woman struggling to guard her own dreadful secret. Richard has no choice: face the consequences of the past and fight for the future. To lose now is to lose everything.

White on White: Selections from the Works of E.B. White

E.B. White - 1996
    (see p. S2, S5, S6) E.B. White and his way with words has become legendary.Read and personally introduced by E.B. White's son, Joel White (1931-1997), this unique recording includes Letter to the IRS, Once More to the Lake, The Ring of Time, The Sea and the Wind, excerpts from best-loved essays in One Man's Meat, and more. 2 hours.

Doris Kearns Goodwin on Franklin D. Roosevelt

Doris Kearns Goodwin - 1996
    Recorded live at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin, Goodwin launches a series of lectures delivered by a team of historians, biographers, and journalists assembled by Robert Wilson to explore the Presidential character. Sharing their insight into the Presidents they have written about, these authors and scholars address the larger issue of the impact of the Presidential character on leadership and the creation of trust. A master historian speaking on the towering subject she knows best, Goodwin discusses Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the master politician who always waited for the right moment to convince people to go where he wished to take them. "Character Above All is incomparable audio, crackling with the energy and excitement of a great mind at work and the intellectual urgency befitting a topic of lasting national importance.

Theories of the Universe

Stephen Hawking - 1996
    Along with eminent colleagues, Hawking extends theoretical frontiers by speculating on the big questions of modern cosmology.

The Holy Man

Susan Trott - 1996
    They walked away freed from everyday anxiety and forever changed by simple words of wisdom so powerful, yet so universal, that their stories are an inspiration to us all. The Holy Man , an acclaimed national bestseller and beautiful piece of inspirational fiction, is a warm and witty collection of modern fables reflecting on the human search for happiness.

Developing Tactics for Listening

Jack C. Richards - 1996
    Tactics For Listening is a comprehensive, three-level listening series that features high-interest topics to engage and motivate students.

How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It

Skip Heitzig - 1996
    He inspires readers to enjoy studying the Bible as they discover its extraordinary relevance and transforming power.

The Executive in Action : Managing for Results / Innovation and Entrepreneurship / The Effective Executive

Peter F. Drucker - 1996
    Drucker says: "These three books should enable executives â�� whether high up in the organization or just beginning their career â�� to know the right things to do; â�� to know how to do them; and â�� to do them effectively.Together, these three books provide The Toolkit for Executive Action." Drucker identifies and explains the practices, decisions and priorities for achieving business performance and executive effectiveness. These books cover "the three dimensions of the successful practice of management." Managing for Results was the first book to explain business strategy. Drucker shows how the existing business has to focus on opportunities rather than problems to be effective, for it is the opportunities that will bring growth and performance. Innovation and Entrepreneurship analyzes the challenges and opportunities of America's new entrepreneurial economy. It is a superbly practical book that explains what established businesses, public service institutions and new ventures have to know, learn and do to prepare and create the successful businesses of tomorrow. In The Effective Executive, Drucker discusses the five practices and habits that must be learned for executive effectiveness. Ranging widely through business and government, he demonstrates the distinctive skill of the executive and offers fresh insights into old and seemingly obvious situations. Together, these three books have sold more than a million copies; they have been published throughout the world and continue to sell actively. These are essential works for the executive and manager by "the dean of this country's business and management philosophers." â��Wall Street Journal

Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction

Jack Trimpey - 1996
    If you have been discouraged by traditional approaches to addiction recovery, then Rational Recovery will show how you can defeat addiction and remain sober for the rest of your life.

Calvin Trillin, Piece by Piece

Calvin Trillin - 1996
    For thirty years, he has reported on the American scene for "The New Yorker." His memoir of the fifties, "Remembering Denny," was a "New York Times" bestseller. But he is perhaps best known for his humor in his syndicated newspaper column, in the "Shouts and Murmurs" section of "The New Yorker," in his antic adventures as a "happy cater," in the weekly appearances with Johnny Carson and David Letterman. This original recording--his first--features Trillin at his most uproarious, reading from his own articles and books. Wonderfully funny and full of surprises, this is a thoroughly satisfying, eminently entertaining, and beautifully crafted collection."

May It Please the Court: Live Recordings and Transcripts of the Supreme Court in Session [With Cassette]

Peter Irons - 1996
    The bestselling, unprecedented live recordings and transcripts of twenty-three landmark Supreme Court cases.