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Shadow Castle

Marian Cockrell - 1945
    One day, a girl named Lucy follows a little dog through a tunnel into the valley and meets the mysterious red-haired Michael, who takes her into the shadow world to meet Prince Mika and his mortal wife Gloria, their children and their children's children, and learn the magic that will lift the spell. This new expanded Author's Edition contains additional chapters never published before!


Gertrude Crampton - 1945
    Tootle, a young train in training, begins leaving the tracks to cavort in the meadow until engineer Bill figures out a way to lure him back.

Hollow Tree House

Enid Blyton - 1945
    However, they are not the happiest of children. But then, one day, they discover a hollow tree, and with their friend, Angela, they turn the tree into a hideaway dream house and all their dreams start to come true.

The Carrot Seed

Ruth Krauss - 1945
    But when you are very young, there are some things that you just know, and the little boy knows that one day a carrot will come up. So he waters his seed, and pulls the weeds, and he waits...This beautifully simple classic teaches the patience and technique of planting a seed and helping it grow. First published in 1945 and never out-of-print, the timeless combination of Ruth Krauss's simple text and Crockett Johnson's eloquent illustrations creates a triumphant and deeply satisfying story for readers of all ages.The sturdy board book pages make this edition of the beloved story perfect for babies and toddlers.

The Mitchells: Five for Victory

Hilda van Stockum - 1945
    In the first of three books about their adventures, Daddy has just gone off to World War II. One of his final words to his daughter Joan is, "No dogs " She would dearly love such a pet, but life is full and so many new friends -- pets as well as people -- join the Mitchells, she hardly has time to think about dogs. The children form a club to do their part for the war-effort -- first and foremost helping Mother, of course. Humorous and tender incidents combine with delightful illustrations to make the Mitchells truly unforgettable.

The Tree That Sat Down

Beverley Nichols - 1945
    Maybe some of the characters have a modern touch...the witch for instance keeps a vacuum cleaner to assist her with her spells, but otherwise it joins all those magic tales which begin once upon a time.'Beverly Nichols

The Little Fellow

Marguerite Henry - 1945
    Enjoying his special status as the only colt in the Spring pasture, Clip resents the sudden appearance of another little fellow

The Moomins and the Great Flood

Tove Jansson - 1945
    It´s the story about Moominmamma and Moomintroll´s search for the missing Moominpappa and how they found their way to the Moominvalley.

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Marguerite Henry - 1945
    He spoke now to the horse, as though he were the one that mattered. "Why, come to think of it, you're just like us, Bub. You're American! That's what you are. American!" In 1791 a Vermont schoolmaster by the name of Justin Morgan comes home with a two-year-old colt named Little Bub. Taken as payment for an outstanding debt, the little colt doesn't seem like he is worth much, but the kindly teacher asks one of his students, Joel Goss, to train him. Joel knows the horse has great potential, and soon word about Little Bub spreads throughout the entire Northeast for his ability to outwork, outrun, outtrot, and outwalk any horse in the area. This is the extraordinary tale of a little workhorse, who, after being born in obscurity, becomes one of the greatest breeding stallions of all time. In this true story Newbery Medal-winning author Marguerite Henry and artist Wesley Dennis celebrate the life of the only horse ever to establish a breed all by himself -- the Morgan.

Artie and the Princess

Marjorie Torrey - 1945
    Torrey, a popular writer and illustrator in the middle of the 20th century, illustrated her last book in 1957 and then disappeared from public view. Her books have faded into obscurity over the years, but as you will discover when you open this book, her beautiful artwork, humorous characterization and gentle message of kindness and self-confidence remain relevant. Now, more than ever, the sweetness of this little book will resonate with readers of all ages.

The Plain Princess

Phyllis McGinley - 1945
    But the Princess is in a sulky mood, and throwing one of her royal tantrums, she goads the usually well-mannered Prince into declaring what no one has ever dared to admit that she is a plain Princess. Faced at last with the truth, the Princess falls into a genuine decline, and her parents offer a great reward to anyone who can make her beautiful. All the wise men try, without success. Finally, the royal dustwoman, Dame Goodwit, offers to make the Princess beautiful in three months if the Princess will come and live in her cottage with her three daughters. The changes that take place are only natural ones; but when the Princess learns to do a truly unselfish thing, her mouth turns up, her nose turns down, and her eyes sparkle like the candles on a birthday cake.

A Story to Tell: The Classic Book of Virtues for Children Compilation

Deseret Sunday School Union - 1945
    The book, first published in 1945, was compiled by the General Boards of the Primary Association and the Deseret Sunday School Union. The new edition will be more reader-friendly and will include 130 subject headings to help parents and teachers inspire children to live the standards of the Church and to acquire Christian virtues. Stories include "The Lost Wallet," "Abraham Lincoln Keeps His Promise," "Ammon, the Son of a King," "The Three Little Goldfish," "How a Boy Pioneer Crossed the Plains," "The Selfish Giant," and "The Christmas Legend," along with dozens of others.

Birthday Cake for Little Bear

Max Velthuijs - 1945
    Just as the piglet chef is adding whipped cream to the garnish of strawberries, along come Rabbit and Duck, who are allowed samples. Luckily the birthday bear shows up before the round robin of tasings gains too much momentum, and they all enjoy every last crumb. Full color.