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The Paper Bag Princess

Robert Munsch - 1980
    In resourceful and humorous fashion, Elizabeth finds the dragon, outsmarts him, and rescues Ronald--who is less than pleased at her un-princess-like appearance. Full color.

East of the Sun & West of the Moon

Mercer Mayer - 1980
    The spellbound frog is whisked off to the trolls' castle and the ungrateful lass loses her chance to marry a handsome prince until she creates a happy ending, having atoned for her mistake".--Publishers Weekly. Full color.


Holling Clancy Holling - 1980
    Paddle's journey, in text and pictures, through the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean provides an excellent geographic and historical picture of the region. "Geography of the best kind made vivid by the power of imagination." -- Horn Book

Peace At Last

Jill Murphy - 1980
    But he could not sleep - however he tried and wherever he tried.SNORE, SNORE went Mrs Bear.TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK went the clock.Would he never get to sleep?The familiar noises, repetition and beautiful illustrations make this delightful picture book an all-time favourite with children and adults everywhere.

The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree

Stan Berenstain - 1980
    Papa doesn't have the heart to make them homeless, and though he returns home enpty-handed, he does have a brilliant idea! Join in the holiday revelry as the Bears brighten their forest home with lots of bangles, bells, and colorful balls. This delightful reissue, which sold over 180,000 copies, will now have a stunning new cover to charm a whole new generation of Bear lovers.


Janet Ahlberg - 1980
    The classic and beloved Funnybones by children's book superstars Janet and Allan Ahlberg.In the first ever Funnybones book, we are introduced to the wonderful humour and fun of the much-loved series.The Funnybones books are a must for children just starting to learn to read - these funny skeletons are definitely not the scary sort!Allan Ahlberg has published over 100 children's books and with his late wife Janet, created many award-winning children's picture books.The Ahlbergs' books are nursery bookshelf standards and have been the recipient of worldwide acclaim and awards, including the Kate Greenaway Medal.__________ Look out for these other classics by Allan Ahlberg: Burglar Bill; Cops and Robbers; Each Peach Pear Plum; The One and Only Two Heads; Son of a Gun; The Little Worm Book; Two Wheels Two Heads; The Baby's Catalogue; A Pair of Sinners; Happy Families; Peepo!; The Ha Ha Bonk Book; Help Your Child to Read; Ten in a Bed; Please mrs Butler; Daisy Chains; Yum Yum; Playmates; Foldaways; Woof; The Cinderella Show; The Jolly Postman; The Jolly Christmas Postman; The Jolly Pocket Postman; The Clothes Horse and Other Stories; The Mighty Slide; Starting School; Heard it in the Playground; The Bear Nobody Wanted; It was a Dark and Stormy Night; The Giant Baby; Baby Sleeps; Blue Buggy; Doll and Teddy; See the Rabbit; Please Mrs Butler; The Better Brown Stories; The Boyhood of Burglar Bill

The Ordinary Princess

M.M. Kaye - 1980
    Unlike her six beautiful sisters, she has brown hair and freckles, and would rather have adventures than play the harp, embroider tapestries . . . or become a Queen. When her royal parents try to marry her off, Amy runs away and, because she's so ordinary, easily becomes the fourteenth assistant kitchen maid at a neighboring palace. And there . . . much to everyone's surprise . . . she meets a prince just as ordinary (and special) as she is!"This delightful fairy tale is sure to please young romantics . . . Neither Kaye's princess nor her book should be considered ordinary." (School Library Journal)

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash

Trinka Hakes Noble - 1980
    Jimmy's boa constrictor wreaks havoc on the class trip to a farm.

Hedgehog in the Fog

Sergey Kozlov - 1980
    The book is based on Francesca Yarbusova's sketches to the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. It is about the adventures of the philosophical little Hedgehog on his way to meet with his friend Bear. Along the way Hedgehog enters into a mysterious fog in which he encounters a horse, a dog, an owl, and a fish.

Arthur's Valentine

Marc Brown - 1980
    It might be Fern, but he hopes it's Sue Ellen. Or is it Buster playing pranks? Can you guess?

Not Now, Bernard

David McKee - 1980
    He's found a monster in the back garden, but his mom and dad are just too busy to notice. So Bernard tries to befriend the monster. . . and that doesn't go quite to plan.


Arnold Lobel - 1980
    A pig flying through marshmallow clouds to a marzipan moon? A camel piroutetting through the desert? A wolf who looks suspiciously like an apple tree - or is it the other way around? A bear in a frying-pan hat and paper-bag boots?

The Ralph Mouse Collection

Beverly Cleary - 1980
    Mouse behind the handlebars of his favorite toy motorcyle, there's no telling what readers will encounter. This three-book box set includes the entire Ralph S. Mouse series: The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, and Ralph S. Mouse

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Nadine Bernard Westcott - 1980
    ... She swallowed a spider to catch the fly!But that is only the beginning, for the old lady soon abandons herself to more extraordinary measures, with the hilarious result that each new cure begets an ailment more preposterous than the last.Nadine Bernard Westcott's fresh, rollicking interpretation brings this favorite folk song to life, with its full-color illustrations brimming with silly good fun and marvelous antics sure to be enjoyed again and again.

The Wuggie Norple Story

Daniel Pinkwater - 1980
    The kitten grows in leaps and bounds as Lunchbox Louie continues to bring home bigger and bigger animals to prove to his wife and son that Wuggie Norple is extraordinarily large. Full-color illustrations.

Gregory the Terrible Eater

Mitchell Sharmat - 1980
    A very picky eater, Gregory the goat refuses the usual goat diet staples of shoes and tincans in favor of fruits, vegetables, eggs, and orange juice.

Pickle Things

Marc Brown - 1980
    Describes, in rhymed text and illustrations, all the many things that a pickle isn't.

Old Testament Stories

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - 1980
    Each picture within the stories includes a caption with corresponding scripture reference. The book also includes glossaries of important words, places (with map), and people, and a timeline of Old Testament events.

This Time of Darkness

Helen Mary Hoover - 1980
    Ignored by her mother and under surveillance by authorities because she can read, Amy reluctantly finds herself befriending Axel, a strange boy who claims to have come from a mythical place called Outside.

Giant Treasury of Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter - 1980
    Since the first publication of her stories, her whimsical animal friends have made their way into children's hearts and taught them simple lessons about life through their trials and triumphs. Here you will find such favorites as Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, among others. Their lively adventures are accompanied by Beatrix Potter's original illustrations, creating a fun and enchanting world that will entertain both young and old.

Who is Bugs Potter?

Gordon Korman - 1980
    Then, he was spotted dressed as a telephone repairman, trying to break into a glamorous movie star's hotel suite. Next, he was observed playing the drums at the high school band festival rehearsal.Who is Bugs Potter and why is he doing all those wild things? Maybe he's just crazy or maybe he's a star....

Where's Spot?

Eric Hill - 1980
    The simple text and colourful pictures will engage a whole new generation of pre-readers as they lift the picture flaps in search of Spot. A number 1 bestseller since it was first published in 1980, this interactive favourite has stayed in the charts ever since.

Herbert the Timid Dragon

Mercer Mayer - 1980
    A timid dragon rescues a princess in order to become a brave knight in armor, but his efforts are misunderstood.

Arabel and Mortimer

Joan Aiken - 1980
    Will Arabel ever be able to control her trouble-making pet raven?Contents include: Mortimer's Tie / The Spiral Stair / Mortimer and the Sword Excalibur.

Jennifer and Josephine

Bill Peet - 1980
    A rickety old car and a scrawny stray cat teach a lesson in the meaning of friendship.

The Wild Baby

Barbro Lindgren - 1980
    Baby Ben gets into one difficulty after another, from which Mama rescues him--but not for long.

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog

John R. Erickson - 1980
    In this first book, Hank and his little buddy, Drover, set out to solve a series of baffling murders on the ranch. Is Hank a suspect? An Outlaw? Can he clear his good name?

Caretakers of Wonder

Cooper Edens - 1980
    Describes the secret activities of the Caretakers of Wonder, who perform such magical tasks as putting up new stars, keeping the night buttoned up against the cold, and mending old clouds, all while we sleep.

Trafalgar True

Stephen Cosgrove - 1980
    So journey to the magical, mystical land of Serendipity "TM" with these four cherished editions featuring newly revised text from the author.In the land of Serendipity, Trafalgar True, a dragon, helps the Kith and Kin learn to cooperate and to share.

A Dog Called Kitty

Bill Wallace - 1980
    So when a stray puppy comes sniffling around the farm, Ricky tells it to get lost. But the puppy keeps trying to play with Ricky. And every time Ricky's Mom feeds the cats, the little dog comes running. The cats aren't sharing their food, however, and the poor pup is slowly starving. If Ricky doesn't overcome his fear, the little puppy may die -- but if he lets himself get close enough to feed it, he may find the best friend he's ever had! Winner of the Texas Bluebonnet, the Oklahoma Sequoyah and the Nebraska Golden Sower Awards.

Q Is for Duck: An Alphabet Guessing Game

Mary Elting - 1980
    Why is “Q” for “Duck”?Because a duck quacks, of course. Even the youngest readers will delight in the riddle-like text and lively, humorous illustrations.Now in vivid full color for the first time, this interactive treat is sure to be enjoyed by a whole new generation of readers.

Beaver Towers

Nigel Hinton - 1980
    She has tried to destroy Philip with earth, air and fire. Now she uses her last and most dangerous means of attack, water. Philip must head for the sea as his friend is in danger. He has dared to defy Oyin once but this time she is waiting for him.

Squiggly Wiggly's Surprise

Arnold Shapiro - 1980
    Each page features a hole in the page that the finger puppet comes through to allow Squiggly Wiggly to experience something different on each page. From leaves to flowers, Squiggly Wiggly travels through the seasons and ends up making himself a cocoon in which he becomes a beautiful butterfly. This book teaches colors so that the child will be able to learn them by Squiggly Wiggly sitting on and eating green leaves, sitting on and smelling a red rose, yellow daisy, purple pansy, talking to a blue bird, and admiring the orange orange. The child becomes entranced by the finger puppet and, at the same time, learns what colors to associate with certain things by Squiggly Wiggly's contact with these flowers, fruits, leaves, and animals. The book also teaches a child about the life cycle of a caterpillar through the pictures and the finger puppet's involvement in these pictures. When Squiggly appears in the snow, he becomes very cold, and because it is winter the cold signals hibernation. In the next picture, Squiggly spins a brown sack around himself, after which he is shown inside the black sack, and he grows tired and falls asleep. The next picture shows Squiggly waking up as a butterfly. Using color and these particular pictures enables a child to learn about the stages that a caterpillar goes through before he becomes a beautiful butterfly. I feel that both techniques used to teach color and pictures showing a caterpillar's development process, are both highly effective in teaching child readers. The interactive portion of this book also appeals to children because they can participate in the book as they read it


Dori Brink - 1980
    Laugh with him, and cry with him.

The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy

Lynne Reid Banks - 1980
    Full description

A Collection of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling - 1980
    Now, in this sumptuous volume, Kipling's playful, inventive tales are brought to life by eight of today's celebrated illustrators, from Peter Sís's elegantly graphic cetacean in "How the Whale Got His Throat" to Satoshi Kitamura's amusingly expressive characters in "The Cat That Walked by Himself." From one of the world's greatest storytellers come eight classic tales just begging to be heard by a new generation — and a visual feast that offers a reward with every retelling. Featuring illustrations by:Christopher CorrCathie FelsteadJeff FisherSatoshi KitamuraClaire MelinskyJane RayPeter SísLouise Voce

The Brave Little Toaster

Thomas M. Disch - 1980
    Feeling abandoned by their beloved master, a vacuum cleaner, tensor lamp, electric blanket, clock radio, and toaster undertake a long and arduous journey to find him in a faraway city.

Mrs Wobble The Waitress

Allan Ahlberg - 1980
    She wobbles so much that she drops a chicken on a lady's pretty hat, then she drops a jelly on her boss and gets the sack. She fears her wobble will stop her working ever again - but Mr Wobble has a plan.

Stone Fox

John Reynolds Gardiner - 1980
    When Grandfather falls ill, he is no longer able to work the farm, which is in danger of foreclosure. Little Willy is determined to win the National Dogsled Race—the prize money would save the farm and his grandfather. But he isn't the only one who desperately wants to win. Willy and his brave dog Searchlight must face off against experienced racers, including a Native American man named Stone Fox, who has never lost a race.Exciting and heartwarming, this novel has sold millions of copies and was named a New York Times Outstanding Children's Book.

McBroom and the Great Race

Sid Fleischman - 1980
    With his one-acre farm as the prize, Josh McBroom on a giant chicken races Heck Jones on a Wyoming jackalope.

The Little Witch and the Riddle

Bruce Degen - 1980
    A little witch and her friend Otto Ogre must find the answers to the riddle before they can open the book of magic secrets.

The Caravan Family

Enid Blyton - 1980
    They become the Caravan Family, and they are really lucky - not only do they have wonderful homes, but they go on amazing holidays and see the world!

The Prince Of The Dolomites: An Old Italian Tale

Tomie dePaola - 1980
    Because of the love of Prince Pazzo of the Dolomites for Princess Lucia of the Moon, the black peaks of the Dolomite mountains are changed to glimmering white, blue, pink, and yellow.

Harvey's Hideout

Russell Hoban - 1980
    As a result, they both spend some lonely hours refusing to play with each other.

Under Plum Lake

Lionel Davidson - 1980
    Returning to the scene later he goes down a cliff path and finds a cave, and a boy waiting for him, beckoning him into a tunnel that goes under the water.

Sugar Creek Gang #1-6 Set

Paul Hutchens - 1980
    These classic stories have been inspiring children to grow in their faith for more than five decades. More than three million copies later, children continue to grow up relating to members of the gang as they struggle with the application of their Christian faith to the adventure of life.In The Swamp Robber, the Sugar Creek Gang discovers a "disguise" hidden in an old tree and learns a lesson about sowing and reaping.In The Killer Bear, the Gang learns to apply the lesson of forgiving seventy times seven in the face of great danger.In The Winter Rescue, the Gang receives a startling surprise and discovers the power of prayer.In The Lost Campers, have some startling encounters in the forest and experience the meaning of being saved, both physically and spiritually. In The Chicago Adventure, the Sugar Creek Gang enjoys an action-packed trip to Chicago and learn again that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. In The Secret Hideout, Poetry's pet lamb provides a helpful explanation of Jesus' parable of the lost sheep.

Adventures of Strawberry Shortcake and Her Friends

Alexandra Wallner - 1980
    The Strawberry Kids make an unusual scarecrow to frighten birds away from their crops.

Elliot's Extraordinary Cookbook

Christina Björk - 1980
    Luckily, his upstairs neighbor Stella Delight knows all about food because she worked as a cook when she was young. Join Elliott and Stella as they make their favorite recipes in this book filled with easy, delicious recipes that will appeal to food lovers of all ages. Full-color illustrations throughout.

Favorite Andrew Lang Fairy Tale Books in Many Colors: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Fairy Tale Books

Andrew Lang - 1980
    Cinderella, the girl of "unparalleled goodness and sweetness of temper", ill-treated by her stepmother and stepsisters, is magically transformed by her fairy godmother into a beautiful maiden for the King's ball. The prince instantly falls in love with Cinderella's beauty but Cinderella runs away, scared that the prince will not love her when he finds out the truth. Would the prince be able to find Cinderella again? Find out in this version of the original story of Cinderella.Aladdin: Made famous by the Disney animation of this Oriental hero; the son of a poor tailor who goes on to become a prince and marry the beautiful princess. With the help of the Genie of the Lamp and the Genie of the Ring, Aladdin fights the wicked Vizier and the evil magician to win his kingdom. Street smart and cool; Aladdin's adventure takes you on a journey across the deserts of Persia, China and Africa in this original masterpiece.Jack and the Beanstalk: Jack and his magical beans. They grow up very tall and led him into a fairyland ruled by a Giant. Read how Jack kills the Giant with his wits and returns with his treasures which include a hen laying golden eggs and a talking harp.Alibaba and the Forty Thieves: Discover the true hero behind simple Ali Baba's victory over 40 vicious thieves.Hansel and Gretel: Two little children,Hansel and Gretel, are abandoned by their stepmother in a forest. They find a house made of chocolate and cakes belonging to a children-eating witch! Read the original story of Hansel and Gretel's courage, wit and love with which they overcome the evil witch, and with the help of a duck return to their father with the witch's treasure.Beauty and the Beast: A fair maiden takes the place of her father to stay with a terrible-looking Beast ... Read how they survive with one other.Rapunzel: The beautiful girl, Rapunzel, with long golden hair, shut up in a tower with no doors or stairs by a witch, is rescued by a prince who uses her hair to climb up the tower and kill the witch.Thumbelina: A girl smaller than a thumb, abducted by a toad to marry its son, is rescued by fishes, sheltered by mice and flown away by a swallow to meet her charming prince.Puss in boots: A talking cat who helps his master in killing a mighty Ogre, becomes a king and marrys a princess.Also contains answers to: Why the sea is salty? How does a boy learnt about fear? What does the voice of death sound like? And other interesting stories ...

Liang and the Magic Paintbrush

Demi - 1980
    But the wicked emperor wants to capture the boy when he hears the news. The story will excite readers as the ruler gets his just reward when the boy creates a masterpiece that spells his doom.

The Gift of the Sacred Dog

Paul Goble - 1980
    A rider on a magnificent animal comes to him and says: "This animal is called the Sacred Dog. He can do many things your dogs can do and also more...He is as the wind: gentle but sometimes frightening." The clouds close and suddenly one by one countless Sacred Dogs course down from the sky. And so the courage of one determined boy is rewarded by the Great Spirit: The horse, or Sacred Dog, is given to his tribe.

Richard Scarry's Peasant Pig and the Terrible Dragon: With Lowly Worm the Jolly Jester!

Richard Scarry - 1980
    Who will save her? The knights try, but everything goes wrong. Now it’s all up to Peasant Pig and Lowly Worm...but they’ll face their greatest challenge ever!It’s a magical medieval tale as only Richard Scarry can tell it, with humor, unforgettable characters, and a new court jester: Lowly!

The courtship of the YONGHY-BONGHY-BO & The New Vestments

Edward Lear - 1980
    The first nonsense poem tells the tale of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo's unsuccessful courtship; the second describes the devouring, by a managerie of animals, of an old man's unusual costume made of food.

Bedtime with Pooh

A.A. Milne - 1980
    This charming board book commemorates that special time at the end of the day with time-honored passages and verses from the original works by A. A. Milne, all selected for their soothing bedtime themes. Each spread features Ernest H. Shepard's beloved drawings in full color. Sweetly designed with gold edges, this treasure of a book is an ideal way to say good night to the littlest lovers of Pooh.

The Double Disappearance of Walter Fozbek

Steve Senn - 1980
    Where were all the other humans? Where was Walter? And how would he get home?With the aid of Ralph (a Stegosaur), the absent-minded Dr. Krebnickel (a Trachodon), and a cranky computer, Walter is off on quite an adventure. If he can't find his way out of this mess soon, he just might end up on permanent display in the museum of human history!

Bible Stories for Children

Geoffrey M. Horn - 1980
    This handsome book, illustrated in the finest tradition of classic children's literature, will give your child an appreciation of the Bible that will last a lifetime.

Humphrey, the Dancing Pig

Arthur Getz - 1980
    In his desire to be slim like the cat, Humphrey the pig dances his weight away.

Watermelons, Walnuts and the Wisdom of Allah, and Other Tales of the Hoca

Barbara K. Walker - 1980
    He lived several years ago and he served as a religious teacher, Moslem priest or judge as the occasion demanded. In spite of these exalted duties he was as human as any man. He could be wise and he could be foolish, and he was always able to laugh at himself. Over the years a collection of stories grew up around this man, and today there is scarcely a Turk alive who doesn't know dozens of them by heart. Barbara Walker has put together only a sampling of the hundreds of Hoca tales that exist. She has captured in English the same directness typical of a Turkish storyteller as he relates one of the well-known, well-loved stories of the wisdom or foolishness of Nasreddin Hoca.

Sun Of York

Ronald Welch - 1980
    Owen Lloyd fights for the Yorkists and is knighted by Edward IV in this exciting tale of the Wars of the Roses.

Creative activities for young children (Early childhood education series)

Mary Mayesky - 1980
    This technology-savvy guide incorporates creativity into all curriculum content areas. References for children's books have been divided by the groupings of Pre-K, K-3, and Grades 4-5 for greater ease of use.

The Value of Foresight: The Story of Thomas Jefferson

Ann Donegan Johnson - 1980
    A biography of Thomas Jefferson emphasizing his lasting contributions to his country.

American Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Art

National Gallery Of Art - 1980
    This enlarged edition reflects the changes in the collection since 1980. The Newly acquired works include Rembrandt Peale's Rubens Peale with Geranium, Hick's Peaceable Kingdom, Cassatt's Little Girl in a Blue Armchair and Hopper's Cape Cod Evening and others by Homer, Eakins, Whistler, Prendergast, O'Keefe and Marin.

Tales of Irish Enchantment

Patricia Lynch - 1980
    A charming, newly illustrated collection of some of Patricia Lynch's classic children's stories.

The Tickleoctopus

Audrey Wood - 1980
    They were very good at hunting for food, pinching, shouting, and making grim faces, but they didn’t know how to have fun. Then a wondrous creature with wiggly arms appeared and changed their dreary lives and the course of human history forever. This unique book features a die-cut cover, die-cut pages, foldouts, and cave talk that will tickle the funny bones of even the grumpiest readers.

Turtle Tale

Frank Asch - 1980
    A young turtle learns how to be a wise old turtle, with a few hard knocks along the way.