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The Holy Bible: New American Standard Version, NASB

Anonymous - 1995
    The New American Standard Version of the Holy Bible.

The Power of a Praying Parent

Stormie Omartian - 1995
    In these easy-to-read chapters, Stormie shares from personal experience as to how parents can pray for their kids':* safety * character development * adolescence * peer pressure * school experiences * friends * relationship with GodThis resource will help you to be an amazing praying parent whether your kids are three or thirty-three.

Beauty for Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing

Joyce Meyer - 1995
    Their past has broken, crushed, and wounded them inwardly. They can be healed. God has a plan, and Isaiah 61 reveals that the Lord came to heal the brokenhearted. He wants to heal victims of abuse and emotional wounding. Joyce Meyer is a victim of the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Yet today she has a nationwide ministry of emotional healing to others like herself. In Beauty for Ashes she outlines major truths that brought healing in her life and describes how other victims of abuse can also experience God's healing in their lives. You will learn: * How to Deal with the Emotional Pain of Abuse * How to Understand Your Responsibility to God for Overcoming Abuse * Why Victims of Abuse Often Suffer from Other Addictive Behaviors * How to Grab Hold of God's Unconditional Love * The Importance of God's Timing in Working Through Painful Memories.

A Woman's Heart

Beth Moore - 1995
    (View a diagram of the Tabernacle.) While the title is familiar, the content for this in-depth video teaching series is all new and rich in detail. Taken primarily from the Book of Exodus, A Woman s Heart: God s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore will take you on a fascinating journey into why God would chose to live in a wilderness tabernacle, made by human hands. Taped in Beth s home church in Houston, this updated edition of A Woman s Heart contains all new video footage and exciting new graphics. Regardless of whether you studied Beth Moore s first LifeWay study years ago, you ll find A Woman s Heart well worth another visit.

Keep a Quiet Heart

Elisabeth Elliot - 1995
    Somehow we have allowed the frenetic pace of life to rob us of the quiet, restful moments with God we so desperately need. Keep a Quiet Heart features the rich devotional musings of one of America's favorite authors and points the way to a deep experience with God, away from the unsettling distractions of day-to-day living.

The Gift of Pain

Paul W. Brand - 1995
    But it’s no utopia. It’s a colony for leprosy patients: a world where people literally feel no pain, and reap horrifying consequences.His work with leprosy patients in India and the United States convinced Dr. Paul Brand that pain truly is one of God’s great gifts to us. In this inspiring story of his fifty-year career as a healer, Dr. Brand probes the mystery of pain and reveals its importance. As an indicator that lets us know something is wrong, pain has a value that becomes clearest in its absence.The Gift of Pain looks at what pain is and why we need it. Together, the renowned surgeon and award-winning writer Philip Yancey shed fresh light on a gift that none of us want and none of us can do without.

Breaking Intimidation: Say "No" Without Feeling Guilty. Be Secure Without the Approval of Man

John Bevere - 1995
    Many feel the effects--depression, confusion, lack of faith--without knowing its root. Bevere guides readers below the surface to see the roots of intimidation. Readers will understand why it is hard to say no, why the fear confrontation and avoid conflict, and why they focus on pleasing others. Readers will learn to identify intimidation and know how to break its hold. Bevere explains how the fear of God keeps us from a life of ungodliness and produces confidence and boldness. Bevere advises, "Walk in your own God-given authority, or someone else will take it from you and use it against you."

John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith

John G. Lake - 1995
    From the early Church to the twentieth century, people have flocked to these ministers in a desperate search for healing and understanding of the power of God. One such minister, known for his great boldness, was John G. Lake. He brought an air of intrigue, faith, and encouragement to hundreds of thousands of believers in the United States and abroad.

Sophie's Heart

Lori Wick - 1995
    He and his three children are lost in their grief... until Sophie walks unexpectedly into their lives. Having left her native Czechoslovakia, Sophie has discovered the land which seemed so bright with promise is far from her dream. A highly educated woman, Sophie now finds herself keeping house for Alec and his family. How can Sophie find peace in her new job? Will God use her gentle spirit to help heal Alec's broken heart? From the author of The Visitor and Bamboo and Lace comes a warm contemporary story of God's tender mercies and loving intervention in the life of one family.

Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition- New American Standard Bible

Anonymous - 1995
    New American Standard Version, 1995 Update.

Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine

Wayne Grudem - 1995
    Wayne Grudem's bestselling Systematic Theology has several distinctive features:A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrineClear writing, with technical terms kept to a minimumA contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church todayA friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellectFrequent application to lifeResources for worship within each chapter Bibliographies in each chapter that cross-reference subjects to a wide range of other systematic theologies.

The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life

Charles F. Stanley - 1995
    Blending lively anecdotes, commentary, and teachings from the Bible, Dr. Charles Stanley introduces you to the Holy Spirit."A big part of the Spirit-filled life is learning to recognize the fingerprint of the Holy Spirit. Once you know what to look for and once you begin looking for it, you will be amazed at how real the Holy Spirit will become to you. Learning to recognize the Holy Spirit is the first step in learning to live the Spirit-filled life."

The Inspirational Study Bible: Life Lessons from the Inspired Word of God -New King James Version

Max Lucado - 1995
    The Inspirational Study Bible - New King James Version: Max Lucado,The Inspirational Study Bible presents the complete text of the Bible together with over seven hundred essential "life lessons." Each of these teaching units are designed to give the reader a new understanding and appreciation of specific passages of Scripture.

The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust the Modern Translations?

James R. White - 1995
    One group claims that the King James Version is the only Bible that Christians should be using. Appealing with both emotional fervor and scholastic debate, churches have divided over this issue, and believers are left in confusion.

Evidence of Mercy

Terri Blackstock - 1995
    Enter Jake Stevens: wealthy, arrogant, and interested in Lynda’s plane. Together, he and Lynda embark on a test flight that ends in disaster — hurling them into a terrifying sequence of events. One thing becomes clear. Someone is out to get Lynda…someone who will not be satisfied until she is dead. Evidence of Mercy takes the reader on a suspense-filled flight into a world where the dark side of human nature meets with a greater power, where love finds root in the midst of hatred’s savagery, and where fear become the catalyst for forgiveness and faith.

The Root Of Rejection: Escape The Bondage Of Rejection And Experience The Freedom Of God's Acceptance

Joyce Meyer - 1995
    But not everybody has to be damaged by it! Our Father has provided a means for us as His children to be delivered from the painful consequences of rejection.

A Simple Path

Mother Teresa - 1995
    She inspires us all to find a way to translate our spiritual beliefs into action in the world. How has one woman accomplished so much? And what are the guiding principles that have enabled this humble nun to so profoundly effect the lives of millions?Now, in her own words, Mother Teresa shares the thoughts and experiences that have led her to do her extraordinary charitable work. A candid look at her everyday life--at the very simplicity and self-sacrifice that give her the strength to move mountains--A Simple Path gives voice to the remarkable spirit who has dedicated her life to the poorest among us.Just as important as her beliefs are how they are put into action in the world, and A Simple Path also tells the story of the founding of the Missionaries of Charity, their purpose and practice, and the results of their tireless work. Through faith, surrender, and prayer, the missionaries live to serve others; they have improved the lives of countless souls and given dignity to the dying. Their mission has also produced a ripple effect, spreading human compassion to communities where there is need.Through these examples, as well as the uplifting words and guiding prayers of Mother Teresa and those who work with her, everyone can learn how to walk the simple path that Mother Teresa has laid out for us, to help create a truly kinder world for the future.A Simple Path is a unique spiritual guide for Catholics and non-Catholics alike: full of wisdom and hope from the one person who has given us the greatest model of love in action in our time.

Paul's Letter to the Philippians

Gordon D. Fee - 1995
    . . undertaken to provide earnest students of the New Testament with an exposition that is thorough and abreast of modern scholarship and at the same time loyal to the Scriptures as the infallible Word of God.”"This statement reflects the underlying purpose of The New International Commentary on the New Testament. Begun in the late 1940s by an international team of New Testament scholars, the NICNT series has become recognized by pastors, students, and scholars alike as a critical yet orthodox commentary marked by solid biblical scholarship within the evangelical Protestant tradition.While based on a thorough study of the Greek text, the commentary introductions and expositions contain a minimum of Greek references. The NICNT authors evaluate significant textual problems and take into account the most important exegetical literature. More technical aspects — such as grammatical, textual, and historical problems — are dealt with in footnotes, special notes, and appendixes.Under the general editorship of three outstanding New Testament scholars — first Ned Stonehouse (Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia), then F. F. Bruce (University of Manchester, England), and now Gordon D. Fee (Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia) — the NICNT series has continued to develop over the years. In order to keep the commentary “new” and conversant with contemporary scholarship, the NICNT volumes have been — and will be — revised or replaced as necessary.The newer NICNT volumes in particular take into account the role of recent rhetorical and sociological inquiry in elucidating the meaning of the text, and they also exhibit concern for the theology and application of the text. As the NICNT series is ever brought up to date, it will continue to find ongoing usefulness as an established guide to the New Testament text.

Holy Bible: The One Year Chronological Bible

Anonymous - 1995
    In addition, The Daily Walk Bible features 365 daily devotional readings from Walk Thru the Bible Ministries within the Bible text.-- Popular New International Version text-- 365 daily readings to help you read the entire Bible chronologically in one year-- Scripture index in canonical order

Amplified Parallel Bible-PR-KJV/AMP

Anonymous - 1995
    - Abridged King James Version concordance. - Abridged Amplified concordance. format.


Grace Livingston Hill - 1995
    Their death leaves Marjorie well provided for but terribly lonely. Soon she is consumed with the desire to find the family she has never known. But how can she find them when she knows nothing about them--and when Evan Brower, her handsome, wealthy neighbor, seems determined to make her forget about her unknown family entirely?Then Marjorie finds a letter from Mrs. Wetherill, written shortly before her death, in which she tells Marjorie her real father's name and last known address! And so Marjorie's search begins--a search for a family to call her own; a search that will ultimately change her life and bring her a love more wonderful than anything she has ever known.

The Scarlet Thread

Francine Rivers - 1995
    By following her ancestor's example, she learns to surrender to God's sovereignty and unconditional love.

Naked and Not Ashamed: We've Been Afraid to Reveal What God Longs to Heal

T.D. Jakes - 1995
    Jakes' three books cross denominational lines, racial barriers, and gender biases to reach into the heart of the reader. With the compassion of Jesus Christ, he touches the hidden places of every woman's heart to bring healing to past wounds with the phenomenal best-selling Woman, Thou Art Loosed! With the same intensity he calls all men, women, and children to stop being afraid to reveal what God longs to heal in Naked and Not Ashamed. Only when we drop our masks and facades can we be real before our Lord and others. And with Can You Stand to Be Blessed? T.D. Jakes, a man of many accomplishments and life goals, shares personal insights that will help all people survive the peaks and valleys of daily living out God's call upon their lives. This classics gift set is sure to become a special part of every reader's personal library!

Unbroken Curses: Hidden Source of Trouble in the Christian’s Life

Rebecca Brown - 1995
    Their lives are tragically filled with heartache and desperation as they continuously struggle against overpowering temptation, physical and mental illness, and a myriad of catastrophic events. Usually they are unaware that their plight is the result of an unbroken curse that has been placed upon them and perhaps upon their families. Some of the causes:Hatred and jealousyTrespassing on the Devil’s territoryHandling unholy things Inherited cursesBreaking vows to GodThe solution: The Bible specifically instructs every believer to avoid curses and to recognize and break them. Yet, an astonishing number of Bible-believing Christians have either not read or do not remember these essential spiritual principles. Thus, many believers live under the affliction of unbroken curses. This book will show you the necessary biblical steps to recognize, prevent, and break every type of curse.

God's Medicine Bottle

Derek Prince - 1995
    In God’s Medicine Bottle, you will discover how to:Find God’s prescription for youListen for His directionsRead the instructions carefullyFollow His guidelines exactlyAs you take the medicine as directed, you will find that God is true to His Word—He will restore your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Christian Speaker, Aged 45 3/4

Adrian Plass - 1995
    The author's account of serious spiritual experiences naturally made him in demand as a public speaker so of course another diary was inevitable. The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Christian Speaker (aged 45 3/4) continues the misadventures of Adrian's fictional alter-ego. As Plass gathers regularly with his support group, we meet old friends, including his longsuffering wife, Anne; son Gerald, now grown but no less irrepressible; loony and loveable Leonard Thynn; Edwin, the wise church elder; and Richard and Doreen Cook, who are just as religious as ever. We also meet some new characters, such as Stephanie Widgeon, who only seems to have one thing to say, ever. . . and who knows, we might even find out why Leonard Thynn borrowed Adrian's cat all those years ago. And finally what is a banner ripping seminar?"

If Not for the Grace of God: Learning to Live Independent of Frustrations and Struggles

Joyce Meyer - 1995
    It is the power of God available to meet all your needs. Everything you receive from God must come by grace through faith. In this book, Joyce Meyer explains the power of the grace of God and how you can receive it through faith. Joyce teaches the difference between having faith in God, which will bring you peace and rest, and having faith in your own abilities, which will bring you frustration. By applying the principles outlined in this book, you will learn: What grace isThe power of graceHow to be free from worry and frustrationHow to walk in supernatural favor How to develop an attitude of gratitudeHow to live a holy life by grace. Believing God is in complete control of your life enables you to be free from the discouragement that comes when things go wrong. Through faith, you will know that through it all, God¿s grace is upon you, and He is working out His plan for you.

Finishing Strong: Going the Distance for Your Family

Steve Farrar - 1995
    It doesn't matter if you've stumbled time and again, or even fallen flat on your face. What matters most in this all-important race of life is how you finish. According to Farrar, the man who hangs in there for the long haul with his wife, his kids, and his Lord is an exception these days. Finishing Strong, now in trade paperback, offers lively use of Scripture, contemporary illustrations, and study questions to equip every reader to be that exception. For the man who wants to climb the character ladder more than the corporate one, this is an essential tool.

Boundaries: Workbook

Henry Cloud - 1995
    . . Used with its companion book, Boundaries, this workbook will provide practical, non-theoretical exercises that will help you set healthy boundaries with parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even yourself . . . by drawing on God's wisdom. Being a loving and unselfish Christian does not mean never telling anyone no. This workbook helps you discover what boundaries you need and how to avoid feeling guilty about setting them. It will give you biblically based answers to questions you have about boundaries.

The Word, the Name, the Blood

Joyce Meyer - 1995
    Satan knows his days are numbered, and he is launching his most violent attacks against the children of God. But God has not left us defenseless against these attacks. He has provided us with powerful weapons to overcome the enemy. Joyce Meyer examines the scriptural principles that govern our authority as believers. In this book she uncovers the keys of building a strong foundation in the Word of God, correctly using the authority of the name of Jesus, and understanding the power we have through the blood of Jesus. God does not intend for you to spend all your time fighting and rebuking the enemy. He wants you to enjoy a life of freedom and complete liberty. By using the principles outlined in this book, you will learn how to effectively use the weapons God has given you to live a victorious life!You will learn:How to be changed by the power of the WordHow to wield the weapon of the WordHow to exercise authority in the name of JesusThe power of the blood covenantWhy Satan is afraid of the blood of Jesus.Be an overcomer through the Word, the Name, the Blood!

The Message Proverbs

Anonymous - 1995
    Updated in a riveting, modern paraphrase, let this practical wisdom transform your life—at home, at work, at play.

When Being Good Isn't Good Enough

Steve Brown - 1995
    When Being Good Isn't Good Enough is good news for exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated Christians.How to stop striving to please a God who is already pleased.How grace ensures we are free...*Free from rules that bind* Free from the manipulation of other Christians* Free from slavery to religion* Free from fitting into the world's moldSteve writes, "The older I get the more I realize that Jesus really did come to 'set the prisoners free.' The more I think about and walk in that freedom, the more I have discovered the exquisite joy in following Him."

The Parable of Joy: Reflections on the Wisdom of the Book of John

Michael Card - 1995
    It brings to life the words of John, the thoughts and feelings of the last living contemporary disciple of Jesus.

Words to Winners of Souls

Horatius Bonar - 1995
    His words of counsel are all the more apposite today with the Church in decline and superficiality becoming the order of the day. All witnessing believers will appreciate the stance advocated.First published in 1859, this edition has been completely re-typeset.

Knight in Shining Armor: Discovering Your Lifelong Love

P.B. Wilson - 1995
    Breaking the holding pattern faced by many women who are waiting for their life partners, Wilson helps them become complete as singles, so they can bring all of their resources into marriage with joyful and realistic expectations.

Anointing Fall on Me: Accessing the Power of the Holy Spirit

T.D. Jakes - 1995
    I will come to you". The Holy Spirit is the Comforter that Jesus speaks of for the Church. He is the therapist that hurting souls must constantly interact with to maintain their healing. This book clearly depicts and graphically defines how to unlock the pharmaceutical powers of the Holy Spirit to the Church. If you have ever been hurting, needed someone to understand, guide, and direct you, this book will introduce the Holy Spirit to you in a fresh and life-changing way. Join T. D. Jakes as he teaches, in great detail, the powerful truths that are given to us who seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.There is an arsenal of weaponry that has been given to the believer in the Holy Spirit. There is no force that Satan has which can combat the anointing of the Holy Spirit when it is released correctly. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that will break every generational curse that has hindered you from maximizing your life, your relationships and your ministry. This book is a must for those of us who have decided to march into the enemy's camp and take back what he stole from us

How to Fast Successfully

Derek Prince - 1995
    The restoration of this practice can change lives. As you read Derek Prince's biblical teaching on fasting, you will discover the reasons and the rewards for fasting, what happens during a fast, how to have a successful fast, and how to break a fast. Learn now How to Fast Successfully!

Satan, You Can't Have My Children: The Spiritual Warfare Guide for Every Parent

Iris Delgado - 1995
    One chapter is filled with Scripture-based prayers that can be used by readers to pray for their children young and old. This book is a tool for showing parents that, with God, the impossible is possible. To the parent struggling with a disobedient or rebellious child, this book provides calming encouragement and godly principles that can bring about a transformation in the home. It reinforces the promise that God’s power is greater than the power of the enemy over their children’s lives. It taps into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to aid parents, and it advises readers: Never give up in the face of adversity. Prepare yourself to see the Word of God in action in the lives of your children, and believe that God will perform His Word.

Heaven: Your Real Home

Joni Eareckson Tada - 1995
    You just might discover that heaven is closer--and more real--than you've ever thought.

Rebel With a Cause

Franklin Graham - 1995
    President of Samaritan's Purse and son of acclaimed evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham offers his life story, from his childhood through his rebellious teenage years to his ministry of today.

12 'Christian' Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy: Relief from False Assumptions

Henry Cloud - 1995
    The authors debunk 12 commonly accepted beliefs that cause bondage rather than liberty. They explain how nuggets of truth become cornerstones for error when wrongly understood, and they help build solid scriptural foundations that produce emotional freedom. Now with discussion guide.

A Cup of Trembling: Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy

Dave Hunt - 1995
    Hunt explores Jerusalem's past and future roles in God's plan.

Tracks of a Fellow Struggler: Living and Growing Toward Grief

John R. Claypool - 1995
     This book is the story of Claypool's own journey through the darkness, written through four sermons. The first was delivered just eleven days after his daughter's diagnosis of leukemia, the second after her first major relapse nine months later, and the third weeks after her death. The final sermon--a reflection on the process of grieving--was preached three years later. With more than a million copies sold, Tracks of a Fellow Struggler is once again available in a hardcover edition, perfect for gift-giving, or for anyone seeking God's comfort in difficult times to read and cherish.

Contemplative Prayer: Traditional Christian Meditations for Opening to Divine Union

Thomas Keating - 1995
    On Contemplative Prayer, Father Thomas Keating introduces you to the uplifting system of Centering Prayer, a revival of the contemplations practiced in the cloisters and monasteries of Europe since medieval times.This complete three-CD set covers: the contemplative path and true freedom; four steps to prayer; overcoming emotional programs; the psychology of prayer; the seven fruits of contemplative prayer; and much more.

For Instruction in Righteousness: A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training

Pam Forster - 1995
    It includes hundreds of verses on over 50 areas of sin. But it is more than just a topical Bible! Each chapter includes the following listings: What the Bible says will, or should, happen to a person who sins in this way. Ideas for discipline that parallel these Biblical consequences. What the Bible likens a person to when he indulges in this sin, and ideas for practical objects lessons using these examples. How God blesses the person who resists temptations to this sort of sin. Parallel ideas for rewards and encouragement for children who show progress towards overcoming this sin. Stories and people in the Bible that illustrate obedience and disobedience in this area. Fully quoted memory verses. The introduction discusses the responsibilities of parents, Scripture as our authority in discipline, and Scriptures example of teaching through stories, object lessons, songs, and memorials. Explains examples of discipline situations, and how to use the topical information when disciplining your children. We want our children to understand that right and wrong are absolutes, based on Gods standards, not ours. If we train our children to submit to the authority of Gods standards, those standards will not change when the children grow up and leave the authority of our homes. We dont want to discipline in anger; we want to show grief over the childs sin, and we want to lead him to true repentance. When we discipline, we want to picture for our children our heavenly Fathers holiness and His mercy. That is why we went to the Bible and started studying. A wealth of material for parents personal Bible study, family worship, character training, unit studies, and Bible study projects for older children. Over 300 pages


Joyce Meyer - 1995
    Now Joyce Meyer shows you how to gain mastery over your day-to-day existence while you find peace in the midst of the storm. She'll teach you how to: Wait on God and His perfect timingOutsmart the 'peace stealers' who set you up to get you upsetFind power in a calm and trusting attitudeFocus on the grace of today and not the worries of tomorrow.The peace of God passes all understanding. It's His free gift to you. Are you ready to receive it?

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

Mark A. Noll - 1995
    Unsparing in his judgment, Mark Noll ask why the largest single group of religious Americans--who enjoy increasing wealth, status, and political influence--have contributed so little to rigorous intellectual scholarship in North America. In nourishing believers in the simple truths of the gospel, why have evangelicals failed at sustaining a serious intellectual life and abandoned the universities, the arts, and other realms of "high" culture? Noll is probing and forthright in his analysis of how this situation came about, but he doesn't end there. Challenging the evangelical community, he sets out to find, within evangelicalism itself, resources for turning the situation around.

Be Skillful (Proverbs): Tapping God's Guidebook to Fulfillment

Warren W. Wiersbe - 1995
    But it's even better to have skills that can bring you wealth that lasts forever!In the Book of Proverbs, wise King Solomon shares the kind of wisdom that you need in order to be skillful in making a life. He tells you:• What wisdom is and where to find it • How to choose the right path of life • What happens when you choose the wrong path • How to make the best use of time and money • How to make and keep the right kind of friends • How to build a happy marriage and successful homeMany "success manuals" are available today, but none of them can compare with the Book of Proverbs, God's inspired guidebook for a fulfilled life. You too can be skillful in making the kind of life that brings enrichment and enjoyment to the glory of God.In March 1995 Warren Wiersbe became Writer in Residence at Cornerstone College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. He also serves as senior contributing editor in the field of pastoral ministry at Baker Book House.

The Oracles of God

Richard Wurmbrand - 1995
    Oracles of God explores God’s wisdom about life, enabling you to become His mouthpiece.

The Healing Presence: Curing the Soul Through Union with Christ

Leanne Payne - 1995
    Holiness, the God of light and truth and purity, is central, with an urgent warning against the false gods that seek to deceive, corrupt, and cripple us. She also explains the basis of her counseling ministry--Christ's indwelling presence that brings the power of the incarnation into wounded lives.

Love Song

Sharon Gillenwater - 1995
    Yet shortly after her arrival, Andi's old high school friend Wade Jamison helps her to realize she needs inner healing as well. In the weeks that follow, as Andi's strength grows, so do her feelings for the rancher who has captured her heart. But can she convince him that their relationship will withstand the demands of her career? Or will their romance be as fleeting as a beautiful Love Song?

Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament

Christopher J.H. Wright - 1995
    Today the debate over who Jesus is rages on. Has the Bible bound Christians to a narrow and mistaken notion of Jesus? Should we listen to other gospels, other sayings of Jesus, that enlarge and correct a mistaken story? Is the real Jesus entangled in a web of the church's Scripture, awaiting liberation from our childhood faith so he might speak to our contemporary pluralistic world? To answer these questions we need to know what story Jesus claimed for himself. Christopher Wright is convinced that Jesus' own story is rooted in the story of Israel. In this book he traces the life of Christ as it is illuminated by the Old Testament. And he describes God's design for Israel as it is fulfilled in the story of Jesus.

God's Blueprint for Bible Prophecy: Daniel

Kay Arthur - 1995
    This look at the book of Daniel gives readers insight into God's incredible plan for the future and mentors them toward the personal holiness that provides strength for daily living.

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon: Bully Garumph

Glen Keane - 1995
    It is also a wild and untamed land where wolves and dangers abound. Fortunately, King Aren watches over and protects Adam and his friends who love to play and explore every corner of Master's Wood.

Art of Praying: The Principles and Methods of Christian Prayer

Romano Guardini - 1995
    Perfect as an introduction to prayer or as a guidebook for those who already pray this book offers down-to-earth guidance on every aspect of prayer. Learn to overcome distractions, meditate well, and much more!

Discovering the Mind of a Woman: The Key to Becoming a Strong and Irresistable Husband is...

Ken Nair - 1995
    From this point they learn to respond to their wives in a consistent Christlike manner. A radically transformed and renewed marriage is the result.Drawing from his own story and the stories of husbands whose marriages were dissolving, Ken Nair reveals major problems in life and marriage. After discussing the problems, he reveals relationship altering concepts which not only will revive a marriage, they will radiate throughout couple's lives as well.

Nests Above the Abyss

Isobel Kuhn - 1995
    Isobel Kuhn was able to write as she did about the Lisu people of southwest China because she lived with them and shared their spiritual battles.

Heart to Heart about Men: Words of Encouragement for Women of Integrity

Nancy Groom - 1995
    What are women really saying about men? What do they think about the feminist movement? And how do they feel about the men's movement? Author Nancy Groom interviewed 25 leading Christian women--Valerie Bell, Rachel Crabb, Gloria Gaither, Pat Palau and more--and got refreshingly candid answers to these and other questions.

The Voice Of God

Cindy Jacobs - 1995
    How does God speak to His Church today? In this exciting, biblical examination of the gift of prophecy, you'll get a clear picture of what prophecy is and how it still works -- in the lives of individuals and in entire churches.

Embracing the Love of God: The Path and Promise of Christian Life

James Brian Smith - 1995
    Even Christians too often experience judgement, rather than the love that is the vital essence of Christian life. A visionary guide in the spirit of Celebration of Discipline, Embracing the Love of God calls Christians back to the basics -- to understanding the promise of God's love to transform our most important relationships and fulfill our deepest spiritual needs.Here James Bryan Smith launches readers on a revitalizing spiritual journey. He distills the basic principles of Christian love and provides a new model for relationship with God, self, and others that is based not on fear and judgement, but rather on acceptance and care. Smith's moving insights illuminate the gentle nature of God's love and teach readers how to continue on the path of love by embracing it day by day. For both new Christians and those desiring renewal, Embracing the Love of God offers hope, peace, and guidance for spiritual growth.

The Cul-de-sac Kids Books 1-6

Beverly Lewis - 1995
    Ages 7-10.Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 10/1/1995 Pages: 480 Reading Level: Age 7 and Up

Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God

Jonathan Edwards - 1995
    In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind. Now for the first time these high-quality digital copies of original 18th century manuscripts are available in print, making them highly accessible to libraries, undergraduate students, and independent scholars.The Age of Enlightenment profoundly enriched religious and philosophical understanding and continues to influence present-day thinking. Works collected here include masterpieces by David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as well as religious sermons and moral debates on the issues of the day, such as the slave trade. The Age of Reason saw conflict between Protestantism and Catholicism transformed into one between faith and logic -- a debate that continues in the twenty-first century.++++The below data was compiled from various identification fields in the bibliographic record of this title. This data is provided as an additional tool in helping to insure edition identification: ++++British LibraryT034703London: printed by Henry Cock; and sold at the Foundery, near Upper Moor-fields, by T. Trye; and by R. Akenhead, Newcastle, 1755. 48p.; 12

The Broken Image: Restoring Personal Wholeness Through Healing Prayer

Leanne Payne - 1995
    Leanne Payne, through a ministry of healing prayer, has encountered many suffering souls that have been helped through her administration of gentle advice as a psychologist and Christian. Broken Image reveals Payne's experiences healing the pain of patients struggling to come to terms with their own sense of identity.

Practice of Praise

Charles Haddon Spurgeon - 1995
    You will also learn to develop conversation that praises God.

With an Everlasting Love

Kay Arthur - 1995
    With an Everlasting Love (over 400,000 copies in print), a delightful, spellbinding love story with an intriguing twist, will forever change the way Christians feel when they read, "Behold, the bridegroom is coming..."Christianna simply couldn't believe it. Though she was a comely woman, she was an outcast, a despised half-breed. Yet before her was a letter from a passionate but unseen lover--the legendary Joshua of Jerusalem, a righteous Jewish man of great wealth whom everyone spoke of with reverence and awe.She had never seen him, yet he wanted her as his bride and promised to love her unconditionally...forever. He asked her to love him preeminently--above all other relationships, above her own desires, and above her own life. Yet they wouldn't meet in person until their wedding day more than a year later.Could she make such a commitment? Christianna thought so...until a surprise encounter with the mysterious but handsome Kosmos, who lavishes her with the personal attention she longs for. Now her mind is filled with doubt. Why was Joshua taking so long to come? Had she been a fool to believe that such a great man would want her?

Keeper of the Harvest

Lance Wubbels - 1995
    Jerry and Marjie Macmillan are now the owners of the family farm, but what of the future?

Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening

Dan Hayes - 1995
    The whole audience began to pray. ...It was not many, but one, born of one Spirit, lifted to one Father above. ...God came to us in Pyeng Yang that night. ...Man after man would arise, confess his sin, break down and weep. Some threw themselves full length on the floor; hundreds stood with arms outstretched towards heaven. Every man forgot each other. Each was face to face with God.Everywhere the story was told the same Spirit flowed forth and spread. All through the city men were going from house to house, confessing to individuals they had injured, returning stolen property and money. The whole city was stirred."This account of the 1907, Pyeng Yang revival in Korea, is not an anomaly. Not even close. Such revivals of prayer and Spirit are our history and heritage and they continue to pulse us forward in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, even today. These revivals have brought entire cities to their knees and as they have swept across the universities they have left up to half the student body converted in their wake. This book is about such prayer, and such revivals, and preparing ourselves for another mighty movement of God's Spirit: a movement I believe we can, and will see, if we will meet God's criteria for revival and awakening." - Dan Hayes

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground: Protecting Your Family from Spiritual Attacks

Jim Logan - 1995
    But let your guard down for just a moment and Satan--ever watchful for an opportunity--is waiting to attack not just you, but your family as well. Jim Logan shows how Christ alone can save your home from the destructive powers of bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, and anger.

Forever Yours

Tracie Peterson - 1995
    Fiction, Christian, Romance, Heartsong Presents

Concerning the Inner Life

Evelyn Underhill - 1995
    Based on a series of informal talks, these three essays, which touch on such key spiritual issues as prayer, contemplation, love and service, offer practical and uplifting advice to anyone who wants to underpin their lives with a rich and fulfilled spiritual existence.

2 Timothy MacArthur New Testament Commentary

John F. MacArthur Jr. - 1995
    With probing questions that guide the reader toward application, as well as ample space for journaling, The MacArthur Bible Studies are invaluable tools for Bible students of all ages. This work on Second Timothy is part of a New Testament commentary series which has as its objective explaining and applying Scripture, focusing on the major doctrines, and how they relate to the whole of the Bible. This passage-by-passage study of the Epistle of 2 Timothy follows John MacArthur's orientation toward explanation and exposition rather than overly-academic concentration on linguistics, theology, or homiletics.

Thomas Kinkade: Paintings of Radiant Light

Thomas Kinkade - 1995
    Perhaps no American artist since Norman Rockwell has been so admired and collected for such warm, engaging scenes of American life. This inspired volume features beautiful fold-out color plates and celebrates the radiant works of the foremost contemporary painter of light.This book, which contains Kinkade's newest paintings, recounts the uplifting story of his life and adventures. In his own words, Kinkade recalls the inspiration behind his works and describes the fascinating personal references - to loved ones and to his faith - found in his paintings. The most comprehensive portfolio of Kinkade's art ever printed, this volume includes detailed descriptions of his works and lavish full-color reproductions that illustrate the luminous "Kinkade glow" so collected and treasured today.