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An Untamed Land

Lauraine Snelling - 1995
     The promise of free land lures Roald and Ingeborg Bjorklund from their beloved home high above the fjords of Norway, and after three long years of scrimping and saving to buy tickets for their passage to America, they finally arrive at the docks of New York City. This new land promises a rich heritage for their children, and here they hope to build a good life.After a long journey by train and then by covered wagon, the Bjorklunds finally arrive in Dakota Territory, where they settle on the banks of the Red River of the North. But the virgin prairie refuses to yield its treasure without a struggle. Will Roald and Ingeborg be strong enough to overcome the hardships of that first winter?Proud of their heritage and sustained by their faith, they came to tame a new land.

Sophie's Heart

Lori Wick - 1995
    He and his three children are lost in their grief... until Sophie walks unexpectedly into their lives. Having left her native Czechoslovakia, Sophie has discovered the land which seemed so bright with promise is far from her dream. A highly educated woman, Sophie now finds herself keeping house for Alec and his family. How can Sophie find peace in her new job? Will God use her gentle spirit to help heal Alec's broken heart? From the author of The Visitor and Bamboo and Lace comes a warm contemporary story of God's tender mercies and loving intervention in the life of one family.

Evidence of Mercy

Terri Blackstock - 1995
    Enter Jake Stevens: wealthy, arrogant, and interested in Lynda’s plane. Together, he and Lynda embark on a test flight that ends in disaster — hurling them into a terrifying sequence of events. One thing becomes clear. Someone is out to get Lynda…someone who will not be satisfied until she is dead. Evidence of Mercy takes the reader on a suspense-filled flight into a world where the dark side of human nature meets with a greater power, where love finds root in the midst of hatred’s savagery, and where fear become the catalyst for forgiveness and faith.

The Scarlet Thread

Francine Rivers - 1995
    By following her ancestor's example, she learns to surrender to God's sovereignty and unconditional love.


Angela Elwell Hunt - 1995
    Tall and slender, the young girl had eyes that shone like a stream of gold. She knew nothing about her past, except that she had always been a slave.

Port Royal

Linda Lee Chaikin - 1995
    But as their lives and destinies intertwine, they find themselves drawn to take a perilous journey filled with intrigue and romance.

The President

Parker Hudson - 1995
    Filled with classic elements of political intrigue-terrorism, blackmail, and competing political agendas-The President paints a dramatic picture of the power tapped in the marriage of faith and politics. About the Author: Parker Hudson is a successful businessman and fiction author who has worked in Russia as a consultant, teaching and helping in the process of privatization in that country. He holds a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and is the author of On the Edge.

The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison

Stephen Bly - 1995
    But the real challenge is the cowboy who's guiding her to it.

Love Song

Sharon Gillenwater - 1995
    Yet shortly after her arrival, Andi's old high school friend Wade Jamison helps her to realize she needs inner healing as well. In the weeks that follow, as Andi's strength grows, so do her feelings for the rancher who has captured her heart. But can she convince him that their relationship will withstand the demands of her career? Or will their romance be as fleeting as a beautiful Love Song?

With an Everlasting Love

Kay Arthur - 1995
    With an Everlasting Love (over 400,000 copies in print), a delightful, spellbinding love story with an intriguing twist, will forever change the way Christians feel when they read, "Behold, the bridegroom is coming..."Christianna simply couldn't believe it. Though she was a comely woman, she was an outcast, a despised half-breed. Yet before her was a letter from a passionate but unseen lover--the legendary Joshua of Jerusalem, a righteous Jewish man of great wealth whom everyone spoke of with reverence and awe.She had never seen him, yet he wanted her as his bride and promised to love her unconditionally...forever. He asked her to love him preeminently--above all other relationships, above her own desires, and above her own life. Yet they wouldn't meet in person until their wedding day more than a year later.Could she make such a commitment? Christianna thought so...until a surprise encounter with the mysterious but handsome Kosmos, who lavishes her with the personal attention she longs for. Now her mind is filled with doubt. Why was Joshua taking so long to come? Had she been a fool to believe that such a great man would want her?

Joshua and the City

Joseph F. Girzone - 1995
    Line drawings.