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The Betsy-Tacy Treasury

Maud Hart Lovelace - 1995
    The first four books in the Betsy-Tacy series: Betsy-Tacy, Betsy-Tacy and Tib, Betsy and Tacy Go over the Big Hill, and Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown.

Novels and Stories

Zora Neale Hurston - 1995
    Today her groundbreaking works, suffused with the culture and traditions of African-Americans and the poetry of black speech, have won her recognition as one of the most significant African-American writers. This volume, with its companion, Zora Neale Hurston: Folklore, Memoirs & Other Writings brings together for the first time all of Hurston's best writings in one authoritative set. "Folklore is the arts of the people," Hurston wrote, "before they find out that there is any such thing as art."

Letters from Motherless Daughters: Words of Courage, Grief, and Healing

Hope Edelman - 1995
    Finally they felt free to discuss and try to understand their unique form of grief, and perhaps most importantly, they felt that they were not alone in their loss.The overwhelming number of letters she received in response to Motherless Daughters prompted Hope Edelman to publish Letters From Motherless Daughters. Reaffirming her precious link with motherless women across the country, Hope presents these moving, honest, and often hopeful letters, along with her own insight, and offers readers a chance to further learn from this loss. Chapters are divided by the number of years since mother loss, and each addresses the significant issues of that stage. Hope also includes information on starting or joining a support group, and offers suggested reading for motherless women. The words of these brave women illustrate the profound pain, the astounding strength, and the undying perseverance to live on, but never outlive the need for one's mother.of police barricades, the razor-sharp line between life and death, the unforgiving chasm

Folklore, Memoirs, and Other Writings

Zora Neale Hurston - 1995
    Hailed as the "finest-looking, longest-lasting editions ever made" (The New Republic), Library of America volumes make a fine gift for any occasion. Now, with exactly one hundred volumes to choose from, there is a perfect gift for everyone.

A Second Mencken Chrestomathy

H.L. Mencken - 1995
    L. Mencken's astonishing career as the premier American social critic of the twentieth century. Gathered by Mencken himself before he died in 1956, this second chrestomathy ("a collection of selected literary passages," with the accent on the tom) contains writings about a variety of subjects - politics, war, music, literature, men and women, lawyers, brethren of the cloth. Some of his essays have beguiling titles - "Notes for an Honest Autobiography," "The Commonwealth of Morons," "Le Vice Anglais," "Acres of Babble," "Hooch for the Artist." All of them are a pleasure to read, and we are reminded that what Mencken wrote in the early years of this century remains applicable to a very different America.Publishers WeeklyThis book's precursor, A Mencken Chrestomathy (collection), was a bestseller in 1949; this anthology of 238 short excerpts from a range of works, selected and annotated by Mencken but unfinished, lay undisturbed in a Baltimore library until Teachout, an arts columnist for the New York Daily News, found it in 1992, while working on a Mencken biography. Teachout considers Mencken's work still immediate. Indeed, quotable lines abound: ``His public life is an endless series of evasions and false pretenses,'' writes Mencken on ``the politician under democracy.'' Baltimore's bard can be magnificent and maddening in the same passage, damning American idiocies while disparaging immigrants. But what impresses most about this collection is Mencken's breadth; few contemporary writers would assume such a broad brief, writing not only about politics, law and the clergy but also about geography, literature, music and drink. To apply a Mencken sobriquet, he was no lesser eminento. (Jan.)Library JournalSelected as a continuation of the original chrestomathy by the Baltimore iconoclast himself before his death, this logically organized sampling of his pre-Depression credos (mostly from The Smart Set and American Mercury) suggests why Mencken was to a whole generation of American youth not just a witty newspaperman with a dazzling style but a force gleefully battering America's deep-rooted Puritan inhibitions. An early champion of Sinclair Lewis, Eugene O'Neill, and Theodore Dreiser, Mencken ridiculed America's institutions, from Rotary Clubs to Harvard professors to the Senate. Sometimes wrongheaded in his judgments, he was unschooled but self-educated in music and politics. His views are sometimes racist and sexist, but they're seldom dull and-in an age of self-conscious "niceness"-never polite. Well worth dipping into.-Charles C. Nash, Cottey Coll., Nevada, Mo.Gilbert TaylorFollowing My Life as Author and Editor" (1993) and Fred Hobson's biography , the Menckenian revival continues apace with this sparkling successor to the first chrestomathy, which was a best-seller in 1949. More than an anthology, the second volume represents pieces (some previously unpublished) that Mencken himself selected and revised before his stroke aborted the project; another proposal to publish came to nought in 1963. Over 60 percent of the 238 items, many from Mencken's magazines Smart Set" and American Mercury", are not available elsewhere, which in itself makes the publication of this title something of a literary event. That it parades again the sage of Baltimore in his incisive, if often irksome, eloquence only confirms him as one of the better belletrists of the century. The job of discriminator of taste exists to be seized in any age, and in the teens and twenties, Mencken extolled and excoriated with idiosyncratic abandon. The books and music he reviewed have faded from memory, but his satirical exfoliations remain fresh, for example, in praise of a bartender's memoir of the bibulous arts or in contempt for a Rotarian's history of his organization. Edited by New York critic Terry Teachout, who is preparing his own biography of the provocateur, this entertaining, exasperating collection captures Mencken's gloomy view of human nature and his bright delight in stripping from it all cant and concealment.

Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls: By the Guerrilla Girls (Whoever They Really Are)

Guerrilla Girls - 1995
    More than 135 color illustrations; 4 tear-out postcard sheets.

The Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties

Toon Tellegen - 1995
    Brief, evocative, thought-provoking, and unlike anything else ever written, Toon Tellegen’s extraordinary tales are rich in unforgettable, even surrealistic images. A squirrel and an ant discover a mysterious feast with an invisible host in the depths of a forest. A whale and a seagull dance silently on a moon-drenched beach. A grasshopper pays a fortune for a speck of dust. Perfectly complemented by Jessica Ahlberg’s delicate illustrations, this collection is intelligent, moving, and funny.

Collected Stories

Peter Carey - 1995
    He is also a dazzling writer of short stories and this volume collects together all the stories from The Fat Man in History and War Crimes as well as three other stories not previously published in book form.The stories, persuasive and precisely crafted, reveal Carey to be a moralist with a sense of humour, a surrealist interested in naturalism and an urban poet delighting in paradox.Contents:- "Do You Love Me?"- The Last Days of a Famous Mime- Kristu-Du- Crabs- Life & Death in the South Side Pavilion- Room No. 5 (Escribo)- Happy Story- A Million Dollars’ Worth of Amphetamines- Peeling- A Windmill in the West- Concerning the Greek Tyrant- Withdrawal- Report on the Shadow Industry- Joe- The Puzzling Nature of Blue- Conversations with Unicorns- American Dreams- The Fat Man in History- The Uses of Williamson Wood- Exotic Pleasures- A Schoolboy Prank- The Journey of a Lifetime- The Chance- Fragrance of Roses- He Found Her in Late Summer- War Crimes- A Letter to Our Son

The Golden Age is in Us: Journeys and Encounters

Alexander Cockburn - 1995
    His own reflections are interspersed with letters from Graham Greene, personal friends and irate readers. There are discussions with Noam Chomsky, and pieces on criticism, Colette, transvestism, sexual manners and hate mail. Cockburn subverts some left totems along the way—satanic abuse, a JFK conspiracy, a Democratic White House—and demonstrates that there are few uncomplicated victims, the Bad Wolf lurks with Red Riding Hood. In his writing on the environment, the three-hour day and other topics, Cockburn also suggests that an age of uncertainty invites new ideas and new allegiances. The left must be utopian or it is nothing. From the Los Angeles riots to Ireland, from Gorbachev to Clinton—this is a history of an age of uncertainty.

Hutchinson Treasury Of Children's Literature

Alison Sage - 1995
    There are extracts too from old favourites like Wind in the Willows, The Secret Garden, Ballet Shoes and The Jungle Book. What a fantastic line-up! The contents list reads like a who's who of children's literature.

Year of the Cat

Zoe Daniels - 1995
    She unlocks the secret of her nightmares, the hunger in her soul - and the savage nature of her true self.THE HUNTAs Holly explores the wild side of her secret destiny, she fears for the lives of the people she loves. But still, she cannot resist the power of the ancient rituals - and the bloodthirsty call of the hunt.THE AMULETIn terror and desperation, Holly tries to cling to her human side. But the blood of the panther runs wild in her veins. Soon she is forced to choose sides in the final war between predator and prey.

Worming the Harpy and Other Bitter Pills

Rhys Hughes - 1995
    Jacket design and text in gold on black, laminated.200 numbered copies, plus 26 which were lettered A-Z and signed by the author.(Out of print).Contents: Cat O' Nine Tales/ Worming the Harpy/ The Falling Star/ Quasimodulus/ The Good News Grimoire/ Fintlock Jaw/ Velocity Oranges/ A Carpet Seldom Found/ The Chimney/ One Man's Meat/ The man Who Mistook His Wife's Hat For The Mad Hatter's Wife/ Cello I Love You/ What to do when the Devil Comes Round to Tea/ Arquebus for Harlequin/ Eclair de Lune/ Grinding the Goblin. Original horror collection by British author.

Selected Essays

Hayden Carruth - 1995
    Essays on poetry by an acclaimed poet-critic.

Famous Monsters

Kim Newman - 1995
    The monsters are unimaginably strange and yet have their genesis in the very recognizable ills of contemporary society.

The Alien Life of Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Barlowe - 1995
    70 color photos. 30 line drawings.