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Bone, Vol. 8: Treasure Hunters

Jeff Smith - 2002
    Meanwhile, Thorn's visions are becoming more threatening and Phoney Bone is convinced Atheia is rich in gold, and he is determined to find it!

Absolute Dark Knight

Frank Miller - 2002
    Miller has provided a new Introduction, cover and art for the slipcase. An excerpt from his original plot for Dark Knight Returns #4 is included.

Groovitude: A Get Fuzzy Treasury

Darby Conley - 2002
    Get Fuzzy has become a hit cartoon with its bitingly funny portrait of single life with pets.And why not? The laughs come fast and furious. Get Fuzzy features Rob Wilco, a single, mild-mannered advertising executive who's the so-called guardian of Bucky and Satchel, anthropomorphic scamps that still live by their animal instincts. Bucky, a temperamental cat who carries a boom box and goes on spending sprees, definitely calls the shots in this eclectic household, while Satchel is a kindly canine with a sensitive soul who tries to remain neutral, even though he bears the brunt of his feline companion's mischief.Between the three of them, the Wilco household faces a whole host of trials and tribulations that classify them as family. Satchel wants his boundaries respected. Bucky refuses to eat vegetables but insists on snarfing up Rob's plants. Rob tries to meet women, but his pets continually subvert his efforts. In every frame, Get Fuzzy depicts the hilarious war between the species, giving the animals an equal footing in hilarious one-upmanship.Get Fuzzy is the comic strip for everyone who loves their pets with an attitude. That said, Groovitude is Get Fuzzy at its finest.Contains cartoons from The Dog Is Not a Toy and Fuzzy Logic.

The Punisher, Vol. 1: Welcome Back, Frank

Garth Ennis - 2002
    Payback, and The Holy.

FoxTrot, Assembled with Care

Bill Amend - 2002
    At the core of much of the strip's wild humor is 10-year-old Jason. He tortures his parents and two teenage siblings Peter and Paige out of their minds with his computer and his pet iguana, Quincy. In this treasury, parents Roger and Andrea again have their hands full. In one strip, Jason boldly bursts into their bedroom in the middle of the night to announce that it's "2 A.M. and the lights still work." In another, Jason surprises his mom with a new beep for her computer known simply as "Defcon One." Jason also holds his own with his older siblings, spelling "My Sister Is Ugly" with the carved faces of 14 pumpkins. FoxTrot continues to demonstrate its timelessness with its always fresh, irreverent, and zany brand of family humor. FoxTrot: Assembled with Care captures the humorous side of the trials and tribulations that come with daily family life like no other strip today.Universal Press Syndicate newspaper feature:*FoxTrotAuthor's web site:

The Absolute Authority, Vol. 1

Warren Ellis - 2002
    THE AUTHORITY is hard-hitting, high-octane action with dizzying velocity. The story of seven super-powered individuals who vow to make the world a better place, making their own rules, answering to nobody, and taking no prisoners. THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY is brimming with extra behind-the-scenes looks at the book's creative process, including a full script by Warren Ellis, plus design and supplementary material provided by the entire creative team. Experience the Authority in a bold new way.

Krazy and Ignatz, 1925-1926: There is a Heppy Land Furfur A-waay

George Herriman - 2002
    Each volume in this series reprints two full years of Sunday strips, or 104 full-page, black-and-white Sunday strips (Herriman did not incorporate color into the strip until 1935). Krazy Kat is a love story, focusing on the relationship of its three main characters. Krazy Kat adored Ignatz Mouse. Ignatz Mouse hated Krazy Kat, the expression of which was in throwing bricks at Krazy's head. Offisa Pup loved Krazy and sought to protect "her" (Herriman always maintained that Krazy was genderless), mostly by throwing Ignatz in jail. Each of the characters was ignorant of the other's true motivations. This simple structure allowed Herriman to build entire worlds of meaning into the actions, building thematic depth that led critics like Gilbert Seldes and E. E. Cummings to recognize Herriman's genius almost immediately. Each of Fantagraphics' Krazy Ignatz volumes is designed by Chris Ware, creator of the wildly successful ACME Novelty Library series. This beautiful volume includes material never collected before.

Y: The Last Man #1

Brian K. Vaughan - 2002
    Vaughan (Lost, EX MACHINA), this is the saga of Yorick Brown - the only human survivor of a planet-wide plague that instantly kills every mammal with a Y chromosome. Accompanied by his pet monkey, Yorick searches for his lost love...and the answer to why he's the last man on earth.

Get Your War On

David Rees - 2002
    A first collection of the website cartoonist's observations on the war on terrorism and other contemporary issues critiques such subjects as the anthrax mailings, Enron, the Office for Homeland Security, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Mafalda 1

Quino - 2002
    Laughter and reason go hand in hand, in this series thats been translated to over 15 languages, and most of its message and humor remains as accurate and entertaining as it was thirty years ago.

Krazy and Ignatz, 1927-1928: Love Letters in Ancient Brick

George Herriman - 2002
    Each volume is edited by the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum's Bill Blackbeard, the world's foremost authority on early 20th Century American comic strips, and designed by Jimmy Corrigan author Chris Ware. In addition to the 104 full-page black-and-white Sunday strips from 1927 and 1928 (Herriman did not use color until 1935), the book includes introductions by Blackbeard, vaudeville historian Ben Schwartz and reproductions of rare Herriman ephemera from Ware's own extensive collection, as well as annotations and other notes by Ware and Blackbeard. Krazy Kat is a love story, focusing on the relationships of its three main characters. Krazy Kat adored Ignatz Mouse. Ignatz Mouse just tolerated Krazy Kat, except for recurrent onsets of targeting tumescence, which found expression in the fast delivery of bricks to Krazy's cranium. Offisa Pup loved Krazy and sought to protect "her" (Herriman always maintained that Krazy was genderless) by throwing Ignatz in jail. Each of the characters was ignorant of the others' true motivations, and this simple structure allowed Herriman to build entire worlds of meaning into the actions, building thematic depth and sweeping his readers up by the looping verbal rhythms of Krazy Co.'s unique dialogue.

One Hundred Demons

Lynda Barry - 2002
    Name that Demon!!! Freaky boyfriends! Shouting Moms! Innocence betrayed! These are some of the pickled demons you'll meet as Lynda Barry mixes the true and the un-true into something she calls "autobificitionalography." From her nattering and intolerant/loving Filipina grandmother to the ex-boyfriend from hell who had lice, Lynda Barry's demons jump out of these pages and double-dare you to speak their names. Called by Time magazine "a work of art as well as literature," One Hundred Demons has been hailed for its shimmering watercolor images and unforgettable stories about life's little monsters.

Achewood volume 1: A Momentary Diversion on the Road to the Grave

Chris Onstad - 2002
    Also includes a collection of interviews, recipes and a short story by Ray. 187 pages.[]

Twentieth Century Eightball

Daniel Clowes - 2002
    Renowned for its gleefully incisive social satire and riotous absurdity, Entertainment Weekly proclaimed it "the year's best regularly published comic book" upon its debut in 1989. The Village Voice proclaimed it "brilliant," and Art Spiegelman called it "curdlingly good." Simpsons creator Matt Groening has repeatedly called it his favorite comic book.20th Century Eightball collects the very best humor strips from Eightball, written and drawn between 1988 and 1996. Included within are such seminal strips/rants as "I Hate You Deeply," "Sexual Frustration," "Ugly Girls," "Why I Hate Christians," "Message to the People of the Future," "Paranoid," "My Suicide," "Chicago," and over three dozen more. Other favorites include "Art School Confidential," one of Clowes' most popular strips of all-time: made into a motion picture with a screenplay by Ghost World's Clowes and Terry Zwigoff. Also included is Clowes' hilariously Freudian deconstruction of professional athletes, "On Sports," which caused a stir in San Antonio last year when reprinted in the city's most popular weekly paper, prompting an advertising boycott and demands for the paper to be destroyed by local sports fans. Noted comics historian Roger Sabin, author of Phaidon's Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels, calls 20th Century Eightball a "corrosively satirical vision of an America cracking apart, and confirms Clowes as a worthy successor to the underground greats of the 1960s."

Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 1

Brian Michael Bendis - 2002
    Compound these with intense personal tragedy and superhuman powers, and you can start to visualize the world of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

Asterix Omnibus, vol. 5

René Goscinny - 2002
    Asterix in Spain features the daring rescue of Chief Huevos y Bacon's son - but returning him to Spain is more than the Gauls have bargained for! And in Asterix and the Roman Agent, a sneaky spy named Tortuous Convolvulus tries to turn our heroes against each other!

Piled Higher and Deeper: A Graduate Student Comic Strip Collection

Jorge Cham - 2002
    "Piled Higher and Deeper" the comic strip is currently read by grad students from over 300 universities and from around the world.

The Metabarons #4: Aghora & the Last Metabaron

Alejandro Jodorowsky - 2002
    A series fully painted by the masterful Juan Gimenez.The final volume by Jodorowsky and Gimenez in the epic sci-fi fantasy Metabarons saga. The ultimate bloodline of the Metabarons may come to an end with Aghora and her child. This volume concludes the Metabarons graphic novel series collection.

The Complete Strangers in Paradise, Volume 3, Part 4

Terry Moore - 2002
    Francine and Katchoo are high-school best friends who are reunited when Francine comes back to town after years away from her hometown. David is their new friend entangled in their complicated lives. From creepy ex-boyfriends and insensitive bosses to the reality of AIDS and underworld prostitution, you never know what will come up next - but you can always count on laughing and crying at the same time. This foil-stamped casebound hardcover with color dust jacket includes a special color cover art section, sketches, and more.

100 Bullets, Vol. 5: The Counterfifth Detective

Brian Azzarello - 2002
    After receiving an attach� case and the standard 100 bullets from the mysterious Graves, Milo Garret, a broken-down L.A. private detective learns that a recent mishap that left him scarred and without a face might not have been an accident. But as the mystery of his misfortune unravels, Milo must decide between having answers and having a future. SUGGESTED FOR MATURE READERS

Red and Rover: A Boy, A Dog, A Time, A Feeling

Brian Basset - 2002
    Now Red and Rover have taken center stage as the most captivating twosome around. Ten-year-old Red and his faithful canine companion, Rover, forged their fellowship in a gentler time, when friends were forever and loyalty was unquestioned. Red and Rover have an endearing partnership that brings them-and the strip's lucky readers-a measure of pure delight.Created by Brian Basset (whose Adam@Home strip has been syndicated since 1984,) Red and Rover appeals to countless fans who appreciate its focus on friendship. Red's 17-year-old brother, Martin, plays the foil, while Red's parents, Carol and Charlie, attempt to keep everything running smoothly. It's an ideal cast of characters.This first Red and Rover book wraps up this extraordinary friendship between boy and dog in an ideal package for everyone who appreciates the sweetness of a simpler time.

Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Dark End of the Street

Ed Brubaker - 2002
    But when word spreads of Catwoman's demise, Selina decides to leave the costumed world behind and continue her trade cloaked in the shadows. Unable to enjoy her newfound anonymity for too long though, Selina decides that she must return to her infamous persona. Donning a new costume and attitude, Catwoman returns to the streets and sets her sights on the serial killer that has been preying upon the streetwalkers she calls friends.This trade paperback collects the story arc "Anodyne" and "The Trail of the Catwoman".Collecting: Catwoman 1-4, Detective Comics 759-762

Hallmarks of Felinity: A 9 Chickweed Lane Book

Brooke McEldowney - 2002
    From Jim Davis's Garfield to Patrick McDonnell's Mooch, cartoon cats make us laugh. Now in the form of Solange the Siamese, Brooke McEldowney has successfully captured the endearing qualities that makea cat, well, a cat: the way they cannot resist dark fabric, their unflinching indifference to squalid humanity (unless, of course, said humanity comes bearing treats), and their advanced heat-seeking technology that leads them to the warmest laps and the coziest corners. Readers will grin with recognition at each of these humorously illustrated hallmarks. The result is a delightful field guide to a cat's moods, motivations, and behaviors. Ever since it appeared as a recurring theme in the comic strip 9 Chickweed Lane, Hallmarks Of Felinity has attracted a large and devoted readership of its own. Longtime fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this charming gift book.

100 Bullets, Vol. 4: A Foregone Tomorrow

Brian Azzarello - 2002
    But as these self-serving manipulations take place, pieces of the mystery of the Minutemen and the organization that created them start to come together, and we discover to the research and conspiracy theories of Mr. Branch. As more is revealed about the series' main characters, the true meaning and importance of the conflict between Graves and the Trust starts to emerge.

In All But Blood

Wendy Pini - 2002
    Other leaders and other advisors, yes. Other tribemates sharing adventures, certainly. Friends aplenty.But there is something much more to the bond that exists between Cutter and Skywise, between chief and stargazer. Something that rivals even the unstoppable force of elfin Recognition.Neither born of the same parents nor at the same time, what extraordinary trials have compelled these two to become "brothers in all but blood"?

In Dog Years I'd be Dead: Garfield at 25

Jim Davis - 2002
    Jim Davis’s grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis, was a big, cantankerous, outspoken man. Garfield is a big, cantankerous, outspoken cat. Coincidence? Of course not. The cartoon affectionately modeled on his grandfather has propelled creator Jim Davis–and Garfield–into the realm of comic superstardom. In this book, you’ll get a unique look back at the humble beginnings and enormous success of America’s favorite feline.In Dog Years I’d Be Dead takes a comprehensive look at everything Garfield– the comics, the television shows, the zillions of products (who on the planet hasn’t seen the grinning plush doll suction-cupped to a car window?), and, of course, the fans. You’ll get the inside scoop about the pioneering comic-strip books that set the standard for the industry with a shape now called the “Garfield format.” You’ll venture into the studio where the voice talent recorded TV shows, and hear about the antics of special guest stars like Jonathan Winters and Buddy Hackett. Loaded with never-before-seen archival gems from Jim Davis’s personal collection and tribute cartoons from legends like Beetle Bailey’s Mort Walker, Blondie’s Dean Young, and The Family Circus’s Bill Keane, this is a book to treasure.

High-Spirited Rose Is Rose: A Collection Of Rose Is Rose Comics

Pat Brady - 2002
    High-Spirited Rose is Rose is the fifth collection featuring the high-spirited high jinks of the Gumbo family-Rose, her husband, Jimbo, and her cherished son, Pasquale. We can count on the imaginative Rose, who lightens her household load by occasionally assuming an alter ego, Vicki, a black-leather-clad biker babe. This collection features original artwork sure to please fans. More than any strip today, Rose is Rose challenges its readers to relive their childhood feelings of wonder and awe. Brady began his beloved Rose is Rose strip in 1984.

Judge Dredd Featuring Judge Death

John Wagner - 2002
    Meet Judge Death, a warped ghoul from a parallel Earth where life itself is a crime. An entire world was judged, found guilty and its citizens executed. Now it's our turn. Judge Death comes to Mega-City One, and somehow Dredd must kill a creature already dead. And if one of these Dark Judges wasn't enough, get ready to meet Fear, Fire and Mortis! Featuring work by fan favourite artist Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke, Camelot 3000)!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artobiography

Kevin Eastman - 2002
    From the modest beginnings to the merchandising, pop culture juggernaut, this collection of concept art, comics pages, and insider-behind-the-scenes notes-has been "sold out" and hard to find for years. But now it's back in print for a new generation of fans to enjoy.

Greetings from Sherman's Lagoon

Jim Toomey - 2002
    Now, here surfaces Greetings From Sherman's Lagoon, the answer to the long-time pleas of loyal followers of Sherman the shark and his sea urchin pals. Those who regularly read the silly yet sophisticated strip will enjoy seeing how its art, humor, and characters have evolved. Cartoonist Jim Toomey has mastered the look and personality of the creatures that his readers have come to love: Sherman and his significant-shark-other Megan, Fillmore the turtle, Hawthorne the cranky hermit crab, and other coral critters. Just as early Snoopy drawings more closely resembled a beagle, says Toomey, the characters more closely resemble fish. Toomey adds that his early strips adhered less to story lines and were more focused on delivering a gag-a-day. Longtime fans and newer readers alike are sure to enjoy noting similarities and differences for themselves in this hilarious turn-back-the-clock collection.

X-Force: Famous, Mutant & Mortal

Peter Milligan - 2002
    Widely accepted by the general populace, the all-new, all-different X-Force stands in defense of the free world. . . but only if they get paid. A story about money, race, sexuality and America's obsession with celebrities -- disguised as a super hero comic.


Jean-Marc Lofficier - 2002
    Packed with facts as well as expert opinions, each book has all the key information you need to know about such popular topics as film, television, cult fiction, history, and more. In addition to an introduction to the subject, each topic is individually analyzed and reviewed, examining its impact on popular culture or history. There's also a reference section that lists related web sites and weightier (and more expensive) books on the subject. For media buffs, students, and inquiring minds, these are great entry-level books that build into an essential library.

The Enemy Ace Archives, Vol. 1

Robert Kanigher - 2002
    Utilizing superb characterization, these elegantly crafted stories offer an intriguing and rare look at war by presenting it through the eyes of "the enemy." Although a German soldier, Enemy Ace must still struggle with the agony of survival and the senseless deaths of young men. This book shows that war is not simply good guys versus bad guys but instead human versus human.Collecting: Our Army at War 151, 153, 155; Showcase 57-58; Star Spangled War Stories 138-142

The Doom Patrol Archives, Vol. 1

Arnold Drake - 2002
    Assembled in this hardcover volume are the earliest escapades of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and the Chief. Reprinted as they originally appeared in the 1960s, this archive edition includes the Doom Patrol's first appearance and origin, as well as their first battles with their greatest adversary, General Immortus, the prehistoric monster menace Dr. Janus, the subterranean Atomic Furies, and the mutant Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man.


Madison Clell - 2002
    Often funny, sometimes horrifying, but always bitingly honest, Clell's work shows us an amazing glimpse at how survival can often be the best revenge. --Graphic novel ; compilation of 13 comics issues of the original 'Cuckoo' series. --

Black Hole #10

Charles Burns - 2002
    Ripe with the stench of infection, the home that Keith's been sitting all summer is now a safe house for kids with the bug. Meanwhile, his courtship of Chris having turned irrevocably black, Keith's futility is palpable until he bumps into a (seemingly) well Eliza at the supermarket. And what of those tadpoles growing out of Keith's ribs? Black Hole masterfully channels teenage angst and drug-induced paranoia, radiating physical dread to tell the haunting story of a plague that strikes mid-'70s Seattle and only afflicts teenagers.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Archives, Vol. 1

Wallace Wood - 2002
    Art by WOOD, STEVE DITKO, REED CRANDALL, MIKE SEKOWSKY, GEORGE TUSKA, BILL PEARSON, and DAN ADKINS. Cover by WALLY WOOD. Published in May of 2003, Hardcover, 224 pages, full color. Cover price $49.95.

Liberty Meadows Big Book Of Love

Frank Cho - 2002
    More than a collection of Liberty Meadow strips dating back to 1997, this book also boasts completely retouched art and colored Sunday strips, as well as illustrations not available anywhere else.

Seven Peaches: The First Seven Desert Peach Episodes

Donna Barr - 2002
    How ridiculous. How sublime. How biting, ironic and funny. And here are the first seven episodes, of the series that does to World War Two -- and the twentieth century -- what they need done.

Little Orphan Annie: 1935

Harold Gray - 2002
    The action kicks off with an unshaven Warbucks leading Annie from town to town looking for jobs that never turn up. Through a twist of fate, however, Warbucks becomes reunited with his old friend Harry Morgan, a millionaire whose life he'd saved long ago, and through Morgan Annie meets a new, if at first frightening, friend: Punjab, a super-strong mystic whom Annie can summon at a moment's notice with a blow on a dragon whistle. Together, they face industrial espionage when the evil financier J. Gordon Slugg hires an army of thugs to assassinate Warbucks and his crew. Fate is never predictable, however, and just when things seem to be working out, Annie gets separated from Warbucks, Punjab and the rest, and falls into the hands of the manipulators, cheats, and crooks of Hollywood on her own when a crooked agent promises her motion-picture stardom. Little Orphan Annie Volume 5: 1935 includes a whole year's worth of comics artistry and enjoyment from the golden age of adventure serials, introduced by comics historian R.C. Harvey, who gives the strips historical context, making these strips as immediate and exciting today as they were for the readers of 1935.

The Flash Archives, Vol. 3

John Broome - 2002
    A story that could only be eclipsed by another Flash story -- Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt from Showcase #4 -- the story that gave birth to the Silver Age itself. No other story influenced the landscape of the DC line of comics over the next two decades more than The Flash #123. As if an appearance by the Golden Age Flash weren't important enough, it was the parallel-world explanation as to how he could team with his Silver Age namesake that made this story so important -- the establishment of Earth-One/Earth-Two. Not to say that the remainder of this issue is simply filler! Drawing upon one of the greatest rogues galleries in all of comics, the issues collected herein feature some of Flash's most fearsome foes, showcasing the first appearance of Captain Boomerang, and the return of the Mirror Master and The Trickster, but also returning are Flash's greatest allies and co-stars: Kid Flash and the Elongated Man! With an A-list lead character and a stellar supporting cast, The Flash was never a boring read. The creativity of the stories and the magnificent artwork of Carmine Infantino, Joe Giella and Murphy Anderson is as exciting today as it was then, making The Flash one of the most memorable series in the history of the medium.

Cat's Paw

Paul D. Storrie - 2002
    That sets off an every-villain-for-herself chase across Gotham's rooftops — and attracts the attention of both Batgirl and officer Renée Montoya, who reluctantly team up to join in the fray!

Simpsons Comics Unchained

Matt Groening - 2002
    Attention, citizens! Lock your doors and windows! Run for your lives! The Simpsons are busting out the bindings of their biggest and best book yet, and no one is safe from their maniacal comic madness! See Grampa Simpson embark on a new career as El Grampo, a modern day Zorro for the senior set, whose anarchistic shenanigans start to cramp the similarly–inspired protests of his grandson, Bart Simpson (a.k.a. El Barto). Behold the destructive power of censorship as Homer Simpson and the Comic Book Guy fight for their right to free speech and their very lives. Envison a local celebrity, Krusty the Clown, who comes to dinner and refuses to leave. Witness Mr. Burns' power mad scheme to undermine the economy of Springfield by paying his employees in jelly donuts. Observe a town caught in the thrall of an international media sensation, unable to separate themselves from the television chronicle of the life of one man䇯mer Simpson. These stories and many more can barely be contained in the new comic collection...Simpsons Comics Unchained!

Sardine in Outer Space 6

Emmanuel Guibert - 2002
    Adventures Ahoy! Even cleaning up is an adventure when Sardine comes to town!  Roaming through the galaxy with her space-faring friends, Sardine’s always up for vexing vile villainy and thwarting terrible tyranny -- leaving a little time for baking and bedtime stories, of course! Ten of Sardine’s wacky and wonderful adventures are told in simple, scribbly artwork in this sixth volume of the Sardine in Outer Space series by Emmanuel Guibert.

Scary Godmother: Ghoul's Out for Summer

Jill Thompson - 2002
    And Scary Godmother runs into her old schoolmate Tinkaree, only to wind up kidnapped and brainwashed!

Comic Books and Other Necessities of Life

Mark Evanier - 2002
    Topics covered range from the state of the art form and its leading practitioners -- including Jack Kirby and Carl Barks -- to convention-going and Mark's old comic book club. His acclaimed columns are surrounded by a new cover and interior illustrations by the award-winning MAD cartoonist (and Mark's collaborator of 20 years on Groo The Wanderer) Sergio Aragones.

All Dressed Down and Nowhere to Go

Scott Adams - 2002
    Together in one volume:Still Pumped from Using the Mouse (1996)Casual Day Has Gone Too Far (1997)I'm not Anti-Business, I'm Anti-Idiot (1998)

The Sgt. Rock Archives, Vol. 1

Robert Kanigher - 2002
    Frank Rock emerged as a symbol of patriotism during the United States battle against the Nazis in World War II. Reprinted in this edition are nineteen of the most hard-hitting Sgt. Rock war stories ever told, including an early "prototype" version of the ultimate war hero as well as his first appearance. Leading Easy Company against the worst evil man has truly ever faced, Sgt. Rock was and still is an emblem of America's fighting spirit.

Part I: The Twelve Portals (W.I.T.C.H #1 - #12)

Elisabetta Gnone - 2002
    Years ago, Prince Phobos caused the disappearances of his parents and took over the capital city, Meridian. To prevent his spreading tyranny, the Oracle lowered a veil over the planet, separating Metamoor from the rest of the worlds under Kandrakar's protection. However, twelve portals opened between Meridian and Earth, creating a series of passageways for the desperate refugees and monsters of Meridian to infiltrate Earth. The portals also weaken the veil and in order to prevent this, generations of Guardians were sent to protect it from collapsing. In the present day, five girls are chosen to become the new Guardians: Wilhelmina Vandom, the Guardian of Energy and the Keeper of the Heart, making her the leader; Irma Lair, the new Guardian of Water; Taranee Cook, the Guardian of Fire; Cornelia Hale, the Guardian of Earth; and Hay Lin, the Guardian of Air. Together, they must prevent the collapse of the veil and promote justice throughout the universe under the guidance of the Oracle of Kandrakar.

Poison Elves: Lusiphur & Lirilith

Drew Hayes - 2002
    Then he meets Lirilith, a prep school debutante who's looking for more out of life than her upper-crust lifestyle can provide her. Together, they find love despite the forces that work against them. But when an enemy from his past nearly stabs Lusiphur to death, the young lovers find their paths being pulled apart. Passion, sorrow, hatred, true love, and cold-blooded murder, in the tradition of all great love stories.

B.Krigstein, Vol. 1

Greg Sadowski - 2002
    A gigantic retrospective/biography/critical assessment of one of the most important cartoonists in the history of comics, who went on to become a renowned fine artist and teacher in New York. The author had full access to Bernard Krigstein's archives and files and has written a compelling biography of the artist from his childhood in New York to his days as a comics artist from the late '40s to the early '60s, and through his post-comics career as a fine artist, commercial illustrator, and teacher. Krigstein is renowned as one of the great innovators working within the commercial comics industry: his story about a Nazi commandant, "Master Race," published by the legendary EC Comics, is studied in college courses and considered one of the most fascinating formal experiments in comics. This book reproduces many of Krigstein's comics stories as well as many of his commercial assignments (such as the line of paperback covers he did for the reissues of Joyce Cary's novels) as well as his fine art paintings. Most of this work has never been seen outside its original publication. Most of the comics stories are obscure and have not been reprinted since their initial publication (mostly from the '50s) and his fine art has only appeared in galleries and exhibitions. Krigstein (1919-1990), classically trained in Fine Art, was a Brooklyn-born painter who was one of the first practitioners who approached comics with the respect, integrity, and psychological depth of a serious artist. After an innovative and contentious decade, he was forced to abandon the field due to its narrow-minded and formulaic tendencies, which continue to this day. This first of two volumes traces Krigstein's groundbreaking comic-book work at Hillman, Atlas, DC, and EC, as well as his parallel development as an illustrator and painter.

Curbside Boys: The New York Years

Robert Kirby - 2002
    Kirby’s chronicle of sexual mishaps and bittersweet romance is syndicated widely in gay newspapers in the U.S.

Jetcat Clubhouse

Jay Stephens - 2002
    But what can you expect from a secret society that includes the world's youngest rock star, an eight-year-old super-hero, a dead boy king, and a monkey from outer space with bowel-control problems? This hilarious collection of stories combines the best of cartooning with the wildest realms of imagination. Whether it's Oddette fighting big monsters through song, Tutenstein searching for what's going bump in the night, or Jetcat forming her own super-hero team, the Two-Fisted Five, Jetcat Clubhouse is a guaranteed laugh for kids of any age -- be they in elementary school or the old folk's home. So, get your membership card, make sure to remember the secret password, and join the club! Jay Stephens is the acclaimed underground cartoonist behind the classic Land of Nod and Atomic City Tales comic books. Jetcat Clubhouse is his take on all-ages fun!

Device: file under: art, commercial

Rian Hughes - 2002
    Personally responsible for every single detail_from Panton-inspired furniture to the smallest ashtray_Device also shows Hughes as a master of font design with a hand-picked selection on the enclosed CD.

Laugh With Laxman: Vol. 2

R.K. Laxman - 2002
    It is here that Laxman's sense of parodyand satire find some of their finest expressions. A selection of these rare and masterly cartoons which comment caustically on our social and political character were togethter in the first volume of "laugh with Laxman", and proved to be immensly popular. This is the second volume in the series replete with timeless gems that continue to amuse.

Eagle: The Making of an American President, Volume 5

Kaiji Kawaguchi - 2002
    Eagle tells the story of the 2000 election that should have been, where the darkest of dark horses is Senator Kenneth Yamaoka, a third-generation Japanese-American who surprises the country and the world by deciding to challenge the Vice-President for the Democratic nomination.

Michael Turner's Fathom: The World Below: Book 1

Kevin Andrew Murphy - 2002
    Now, a decade after the Paradise's unexplained reappearance, Aspen is a marine biologist who feels strangely drawn to the water for reasons she can't even begin to understand. What she does understand, though, is that the answers to the questions that continually haunt her-who she is, where she came from-can only be found far beneath the waves, in a world of hidden wonders-and hidden dangers....

Titan (Warhammer 40,000)

Dan Abnett - 2002
    When the aging princeps of the Warlord Titan known as "Imperius Dictatio" dies in the heat of battle, it falls to Cadet Princeps Ervin Hekate to fuse his soul with that of the Titan to master the raging war machine and save it and its crew from certain destruction.

Panel Discussions: Design in Sequential Art Storytelling

Durwin Talon - 2002
    Learn from the best, as Will Eisner, Scott Hampton, Mike Wieringo, Walter Simonson, Mike Mignola, Mark Schultz, David Mazzucchelli, Dick Giordano, Brian Stelfreeze, Mike Carlin, Chris Moeller, Mark Chiarello and others share hard-learned lessons about the design of comics, complete with hundreds of illustrated examples. When should you tilt or overlap a panel? How can sound effects enhance the story, and when do they distract from it? What are the best ways to divide up the page to convey motion, time, action, or quiet? If you're serious about creating effective, innovative comics, or just enjoying them from the creator's perspective, this in-depth guide is must-reading!

The ANC Went In 4 X4: Cartoons From Sowetan, Mail & Guardian And Sunday Times

Zapiro - 2002
    A collection of politically satirical cartoons.

Batman: Hush, Vol. 1

Jeph Loeb - 2002
    What is she plotting? No one quite knows, but by manipulating both Batman and his enemies Killer Croc and Catwoman tensions are high and no one is to be trusted in Gotham City tonight!

The Comics: Since 1945

Brian Walker - 2002
    Organized by decade, with biographical profiles and desciptions of different genres and themes, The Comics forms a graphic survey of American culture since 1945.

Mystic Funnies #1 (B&w)

Robert Crumb - 2002
    Crumb Flakey learns about love, sainthood, and the meaning of life as Mr. Natural explains things to him in graphic terms. Shuman the Human makes some dramatic entrances, definitely representing a baser point of view. And R. Crumb's women are as voluptuous and surprising as ever. MATURE READERS b&w, 32pg.

Eagle: The Making Of An Asian-American President, Vol. 4

Kaiji Kawaguchi - 2002
    Eagle tells the story of the 2000 election that should have been, where the darkest of dark horses is Senator Kenneth Yamaoka, a third-generation Japanese-American who surprises the country and the world by deciding to challenge the Vice-President for the Democratic nomination.

Midnight Nation

J. Michael Straczynski - 2002
    Michael Straczynski's classic tale of loss and redemption is collected in its entirety with all 12 issues, Midnight Nation #1/2, and a cover gallery. Also includes a touching and insightful afterword from Straczynski.

Happy End

Rutu Modan - 2002
    In their newest and most irresistible book, the Actus artists and their special guest, the German illustrator Anke Feuchtenberger present six graphic novellas with interesting twists on the "Happy End."

Lucifer #33

Mike Carey - 2002
    His savior is a beautiful young woman whose hunger for life is matched only by a terrifying need for something only he can give.

Epoxy Giant Size Special

John Pham - 2002
    Showcasing a completely unique style that combines the best of Asian and American cultures, Epoxy has not only been profiled in magazines like XLR8R and Publishers Weekly, but has also been named "The Best Comic of 2003" by THE FACE in the UK. This collection features the 48-page opus "Oceanus vs. the Venusian Crayfish," as well as "The Search for Astro Girl," and definitely proves that Pham is a talent to watch out for.

Mark Gonzales: High Tech Poetry

Mark Gonzales - 2002
    Gonzales is also an author, poet and artist. Inspired by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Norman Rockwell and the television show Sanford & Son, he began his artistic pursuits in the early 1980s, decorating the bottoms of skateboards. Gonzales's latest book, High Tech Poetry, brings together his art and poetry in a uniquely formatted book, with black-and-white drawings covering pages that open along perforations to reveal poetry and sketches. Irreverent poems address everything from capitalism to the plight of man, while cartoonish sketches set the visual tone for the volume. High Tech Poetry accompanies Gonzales's first public reading of his work at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Lucifer #32

Mike Carey - 2002
    The fate of Effrul and the sovereignty of Hell hang in the balance, and the Morningstar is all out of options.

Lucifer #31

Mike Carey - 2002
    But the angel Amenadiel is armed and ready, Lucifer's name has already been called, and the price of forfeiting this duel is death. "Inferno" part 3.

Lucifer #22

Mike Carey - 2002
    Meanwhile, Lucifer himself is fatally distracted by a declaration of war - from Mazikeen.

Lucifer #23

Mike Carey - 2002
    But for once the Morningstar finds that the trump cards have been dealt to someone else. Hybrid angel Elaine Belloc and the obnoxious imp Gaudium form an alliance in the amazing conclusion to this storyline.

Visual Storytelling: The Art and Technique

Tony Caputo - 2002
    Filled with fascinating illustrations from such legendary artists as Mat Nastos, Jim Steranko, Wally Wood, and more.

Marvel Visionaries: Gil Kane

Gil Kane - 2002
    Kane had a special affinity for Spider-Man, whom he drew in more than 20 stories and scores of covers. The stories contained within are some of the most memorable of the time period. Peter Parker had finally graduated high school and moved on to Empire State University where he was facing more than just super-villains. There were new classes, new girls and new temptations. While his best friend grappled with a drug problem, Peter still had to deal with the Green Goblin, Morbius, and the Incredible Hulk. He even meets the X-Men for the first time. With his fluid pencils, Gil Kane brings a loving familiarity to these characters and stories, reprinted here for old and new Spidey fans alike


Jean-Pierre Dionnet - 2002
    A collection of stories featuring an unstoppable army and an indomitable hero, all amid the backdrop of barbaric, medieval lands as staggeringly bloody as they are beautiful.Featuring the writing of Jean-Pierre Dionnet (one of the founders of Métal Hurlant magazine) and the stunning art of Jean-Claude Gal (Diosamante), Armies is a true classic of Franco-Belgian Heroic Fantasy, large portions of which are available in the English language for the first time.Introduction by the author, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, and postafce by Pat Mills, Creator of 2000AD.

Burn, Bitchy, Burn

Roberta Gregory - 2002
    Included in this collection of Gregory's legendary Naughty Bits comic book series is the classic "Fallout," in which Bitchy Bitch believes she is going into menopause, causing her to remember moments of her youth. She flashes back to her childhood in the 1960s, complete with memories of bomb shelters, school, and backstabbing kiddies. Unfortunately, she realizes that not much has changed from the playground to the office. "Adult-erated" provides more insight into the past of comicdom's only permanently PO'd and PMS'd protagonist, focusing on Bitchy's post-college years, including her first apartment. Follow her as she journeys into adulthood, dealing with sex, responsibility, and the tedium of corporate America. In "Sylvia's Week," Bitchy is on vacation and the spotlight turns to her co-worker Sylvia. As a devotee to the New Age movement, Sylvia tries to use crystals and meditation to deal with the stresses of everyday office life and her dead weight of a husband. The title strip, "Burn, Bitch, Burn," centers on "Witchy Bitch," a 12th Century medicine woman and dead ringer for Bitchy Bitch. Accused of being a witch and sentenced to burning at the stake, Witchy feels no less oppressed by her society than her future counterpart, to say the least. But is she really a witch? That's a question the villagers find out the answer to the hard way, through a little thing called the Black Plague. These classic Gregory strips are supplemented with an all-new strip created especially for this collection, making Burn, Bitchy, Burn a smoldering standard-bearer of feminist-themed comic art.

Hey, Mister: The Fall Collection

Pete Sickman-Garner - 2002
    It includes "Behind The Green Door," "The Trouble With Jesus," "Eyes On The Prize," and "Dial 'M' for Mister." And, as a bonus, also includes Sickman-Garner's cartoon account of who he is and why he does what he does. Join Mister, Young Tim, Aunt Mary and the beloved Hideous Mutants as they hurtle headlong out of Eden and try to find redemption in a world where love is a four-letter word and even God gets lonely sometimes.

Photoshop Face to Face

Gavin Cromhout - 2002
    Anybody in advertizing will tell you the most effective sales tool around is the face. A face can sell you anything. Any product, any idea. And the most striking faces become icons in their own right. With Adobe Photoshop, we can see the possibilities for facial stylization explode. This book looks at how to develop an image to get it right, and how to make these mugshots genuinely memorable. Some of the most exciting designers around have gathered to work their magic on this tightly focused canvas, working from a number of different starting points. Whether it's a perfect gloss you're after, or an abstract form of iconography, Photoshop has a collection of subtle and powerful tricks up its sleeve, and this book coaxes them into the open. This is a full color inspirations title, aimed at showing professionals and home users alike how to access the multiplicity of techniques available in Adobe Photoshop. By using such a familiar model as the human face, the effectiveness and originality of these techniques is thrown into sharp relief. The book employs versions of Photoshop up to the brand new release Version 7, although the techniques shown will be compatible with previous releases of the software. Each chapter contains multiple examples of how to treat a face in Photoshop, and an in-depth explanation of technique from the designer.

The Comics Journal Library, Vol. 1: Jack Kirby

Milo George - 2002
    This book presents a comprehensive look at Kirby through a series of in-depth interviews from "The Comics Journal." Illustrations in b&w and color.

Lucifer #34

Mike Carey - 2002
    As the Morningstar begins to align reluctant allies for a new venture, a detective with a secret of his own begins an investigation into Elaine Belloc's death.

The Short Life and Happy Times of the Schmoo

Al Capp - 2002
    The adorable squash-shaped character was so popular it immediately spawned the largest merchandising craze in the nation's history. In the words of Life magazine, the nation was "Shmoo-struck." The Short Life and Happy Times of the Shmoo collects, for the first time in one volume, Capp's essential comic strips about the Shmoo. This is Al Capp and his incisive social criticism at its best.

Lucifer #29

Mike Carey - 2002
    And with Lucifer's power still locked inside Izanami's tainted feathers, there's no chance that he can win!

Lucifer #27

Mike Carey - 2002
    The powers that would rule Lucifer's cosmos come together in a final apocalyptic battle, in which old debts will be repaid and ancient grudges settled. But it may be that the fate of the world, and of the Morningstar, will be determined in a more subtle and dangerous conflict when a familiar adversary decides to turn the tables…on herself.

Lucifer #28

Mike Carey - 2002
    Along with his even more delinquent sister, Spera, he ventures into the Realms of Pain in quest of a powerful magical artifact.

Lucifer #26

Mike Carey - 2002
    Death has come to Lucifer's cosmos, to confront not one, but two supposedly immortal beings. Her intentions are far from clear, but her actions will prove both terrible and irrevocable, and change forever the destiny of both the Morningstar and the world he's worked so hard to create.

X-Men Visionaries: Jim Lee

Jim Lee - 2002
    The X-Men follow the trail of Rogue's nightmares to a hidden corner of the globe where the great dinosaurs of the Jurassic and Cretaceous Ages continue to rule.

The Metabarons: Alpha/Omega

Alejandro Jodorowsky - 2002
    Featuring short stories as well as missing pages from Incal and Metabarons, all written by Metabarons creator, Alexandro Jodorowsky, Alpha/Omega is an important history lesson for any fan, new or old. This is the first-ever published Metabarons material by Travis Charest, in a story that leads into his upcoming projects featuring the characters. Also appearing is the story "The Crest of the Castaka," by Jodorowsky and Gimenez, which tells the origin of the tattoo that adorns the chest of every Metabarons, as well as pages by Moebius and Gimenez that have never seen print in America. Metabarons: Alpha/Omega is the perfect place for new Metabarons fans to see why the series has gained such critical acclaim from creators such as Warren Ellis. And Travis Charest fans are sure to turn out en masse to see what is sure to be some of the best work in his already illustrious career. Cover by Charest. There are nine pages of beautiful art by Travis Charest, plus the coveer and a gorgeous pin-up. You'll also twenty-four pages created by Gimenez and eight pages of incredible art by Moebius - all of which have never seen print in America!Contais 4 short stories:• The Crest of Castaka. Art: Juan Giménez• Incal: The Lost Pages. Art: Moebius• Metabarons 1: The Lost Pages. Art: Juan Giménez• The Last Metabaron. Art: Travis Charest

The Incal, Book 1: Orphan of the City Shaft

Alejandro Jodorowsky - 2002
    This volume allows readers to catch up on John Difool's history and witness the very beginnings of a story that is considered to be one of the best comics in the world. The tale begins with young John Difool, as he tries to survive riots and poverty in the days before the Presidential Cloning. It is here that John must learn to be his own man, as he is slowly drawn into events of cosmic proportions. Collects issues #1-6 of the comic book series.

The Five Star Stories #1

Mamoru Nagano - 2002
    It's the Joker calendar year J.C. 2988. One of the Galaxy's most prestigious fatima meights, Dr. Clotho - only to have to thake them into custody by the local lord! He is a depraved upstart merchant by the name of Grand Duke Juba Bardiam, and he coverts the tow fatimas to satisfy his outlandish lecheries. Ballanche has no one to turn to for help, but his longtime friend Ladios Sopp to save his two daughters from Juba's slimy clutches. English text.

Midnight, Mass

John Rozum - 2002
    is a comic book series created by writer John Rozum, published by DC Comics's Vertigo imprint in 2002. The series follows married occult experts Adam and Julia Kadmon as they deal with supernatural cases around America.

Lucifer #30

Mike Carey - 2002
    But his most dangerous enemy may be closer at hand, and the rekindling of an old relationship brings dangers of its own. "Inferno" part 2.

Lucifer #25

Mike Carey - 2002
    Mazikeen and the army of Lilim are prepared to invade Lucifer's realm, only to find Lucifer gone and the Basanos in charge. As the full extent of the Basanos' scheming becomes apparent, the cards of the living tarot use the reluctant Jill Presto as the vessel for their most blasphemous magic yet. But an angel and a child still stand against them, and Lucifer's body has not been recovered. When a certain immortal member of the Endless appears, it doesn't look like things are going to get any better…

Forge #9

Mark Alessi - 2002
    "Forge #9" features a diverse lineup of fantasy and science fiction stories with exciting visuals and backlit color. Includes Crux 18 and 19, The Path 8, Negation 11, Meridian 20, Sojourn 15, and Route 666 3 and 4.

Lucifer #24

Mike Carey - 2002
    Deciding to carry a warning to him, she undertakes the long and perilous journey to the mythical land of Los Angeles. But her encounter with the denizens of Tinseltown - not to mention her Maker - are not at all what she was expecting.

Batman: The World's Finest Comics Archives, Vol. 1

Bill Finger - 2002
    This extraordinary hardcover edition looks back at seventeen of their original tales to show the foundation of the Dark Knight's legendary mythos. Reprinting stories by Batman's creator Bob Kane, as well as a few adventures that have not been seen in over sixty years, this remarkable collection features the first appearance of the fear-inducing Scarecrow and the last appearance of the original, rotund Alfred.

The Ring of the Nibelung, Vol. 2

P. Craig Russell - 2002
    Presents a comic book adaptation of Wagner's Ring Cycle..

Sock Monkey: The Glass Doorknob

Tony Millionaire - 2002
    Sock Monkey And The Other Toys Marvel At The Prismatic Spectrum On The Parlour Floor, Coming From The Glass Door Knob. Winter Turns To Spring, And The Apple Tree Sprouts New Leaves, Casting A Warm Green Shadow On The Door. The Door Knob Seems To Be Broken, Ending The Light Show, Until Mr Crow Plans To End The Door Knob With Scientific Techniques.

Comical Tragedy of Punch and Judy

Chris Reilly - 2002
    Reilly & Darron Laessig For the first time in comics, the centuries-old tale of "Punch and Judy" is told in this 48-page adaptation of the classic children's puppet show, written and researched by Christopher P. Reilly and illustrated by Darron Laessig, with a gorgeous cover painted by Star Wars cover artist, Jon Foster. Follow the trail of mayhem left by Mr. Punch, as he brandishes his "slap-stick" upon every foe who tries to hurt his precious and infamous nose, from the dog Mr. Toby, to Mr. Scaramouche, to the Hangman, and finally the Devil himself. Plus, historical background on the "Punch & Judy" story. b&w, 48pg

Too Much Coffee Man's Amusing Musings

Shannon Wheeler - 2002
    From consumer culture to self-confidence to bad media, Too Much Coffee Man wades through the underarm of human existence, centering on those habits we hate to love: liquor, cigarettes, ego, gambling, and, of course, caffeine.