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Daughter of the Blood

Anne Bishop - 1998
    But this new ruler is young, and very susceptible to influence and corruption; whoever controls her controls the Darkness. And now, three sworn enemies begin a ruthless game of politics and intrigue, magic and betrayal, and the destiny of an entire world is at stake.

The Dreaming: Through the Gates of Horn and Ivory

CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan - 1998
    Step through the gates of Horn and Ivory and enter the Kingdom of the Sandman...Join a white-collar worker who yearns for blue-collar freedom as he takes a special tour of the Dreaming with caretaker Mervyn Pumpkinhead; Spend New Year's Day with two expatriate faeries - Nuala, once a gift to Dream from Queen Titania, and Cluracan, disgraced ambassador to the Royal Court; Travel with two denizens of The Dreaming into the waking world: The Corinthian, a deadly nightmare made flesh, sent to correct the sins of his past; and Matthew the Raven who takes human form to face an old adversary;And learn of the exploits of one of Dream's former ravens, Aristeas of Marmora.Welcome to The Dreaming - the vast, unmapped realm of dreams, where your wildest fantasy may walk side by side with your greatest nightmares, where truth and illusion walk hand in hand - or sometimes claw in glove.

Heroes Die

Matthew Woodring Stover - 1998
    He is relentless, unstoppable, simply the best there is at what he does.At home on Earth, Caine is Hari Michaelson, a superstar whose adventures in Ankhana command an audience of billions. Yet he is shackled by a rigid caste society, bound to ignore the grim fact that he kills men on a far-off world for the entertainment of his own planet--and bound to keep his rage in check.But now Michaelson has crossed the line. His estranged wife, Pallas Rill, has mysteriously disappeared in the slums of Ankhana. To save her, he must confront the greatest challenge of his life: a lethal game of cat and mouse with the most treacherous rulers of two worlds...

The Passion

Donna Boyd - 1998
    An intense saga of love and betrayal, The Passion is a story of those who walk the fine line between man beast.On the eve of a brutal murder in contemporary Manhattan, Alexander Devoncroix finally reveals to his son and heir a tightly guarded chapter in the family history, which is know to no outsiders.In a world in which a superior race of werewolved holds the positions of power, human and werewolf segregation had become the norm. But for the first time, the leaders of the pack have accepted a human. In dazzling nineteenth century Paris, we meet three pivotal players: the young human Tessa LeGuerre, who falls under the spell of a very powerful, very sensual werewolf; Alexander Devoncroix, the charismatic werewolf who adores humans too well, but whose ultimate loyalty is to the pack; and Elise, the imperial pack leader who lays claim to Alexander. Beloved "pet" of select members of the pack, Tessa naively embraces all things werewolf--an ambition that results in unspeakable tragedy.

Black Feathers

Cecilia Tan - 1998
    She delves deep into the world of dark fantasy in a powerful collection of stories that interweave the supernatural and science fiction with the fantasy of daydream; she combines noir erotica at its most potent with startling sensuality to shatter the physical and emotional boundaries of sex. From the critically acclaimed, otherworldly "Pearl Diver" to "The Game, " all of Tan's stories celebrate the body and sex, revealing the positive emotions behind even the darkest desires.

Masochism: A Jungian View

Lyn Cowan - 1998
    "Redeeming masochistic modes from the 'hell of meaninglessness, ' Cowan makes a persuasive case for the very extremes of masochism as manifesting a 'religious instinct.'" -- Utne Reader