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The Nauti Boys Collection

Lora Leigh - 2011
    Marine put a safe distance between Rowdy Mackay and the temptation of a nubile Kentucky vixen. Now he's back home and ready to engage in the kind of erotic games that have earned him and his two cousins a Nauti-boy reputation in three counties... NAUTI NIGHTSJames “Dawg” Mackey has lusted after sweet Crista Jansen for years. Just as many as she’s spent running from the dangerous attraction that sparked between them. But now, Dawg has a plan to entice her to stay. It’s kind of low-down. And kind of hot...NAUTI DREAMSAfter a long separation, Natches McKay is being dragged back into his father’s life in a way that could destroy him and the only woman he’s ever felt a spark for…NAUTI INTENTIONSThe girl of Major Alex Jansen's dreams—and red-hot fantasies—has always shyed away from the danger she thinks men represent. Now, Alex sets out to prove Janey wrong, with lingering—sometimes torturously slow—caresses...NAUTI DECEPTIONSSheriff Zeke Mayes knows there’s more to Rogue than meets the eye, though what meets the eye is pretty smoking. He’s prepared for a long struggle getting Rogue to drop her defenses—and give in to desire...

G-Spot 2: Pride: the 1st Deadly Sin

Noire - 2011
    In the aftermath, not only has G’s massive cache of doe gone missing, but Juicy has skipped town with Gino…G’s very own son!And now Ace and Pluto, two of G’s most gutter henchmen, are hell-bent on finding the enormous pile of greenbacks that G stashed away while building his grimy empire. To make things worse, Money-Making Monique, the G-Spot’s top stripper and Juicy’s sexy, conniving rival, is hell-bent on getting some payback of her own. Can Juicy and Gino find happiness as they try to build a new life together? Or will mayhem, murder, and the bitter wrath of the streets track them down to get what’s due?Find out more in…G-SPOT 2: THE SEVEN DEADLY SINSPride: The 1st Deadly SinThe Urban Erotic Serial Saga Begins!From Pride: The 1st Deadly SinWARNING!This here ain’t no romanceIt’s an urban erotic taleWhen things got hot in HarlemGino and Juicy had to bailThey headed west to CaliWhere the sun shines everydayBut back at home a plot was brewingTo send their plans astrayThey dipped real quick, but they weren’t slickThey could run, but they couldn’t hideCheck your ego at the door’Cause the 1st Deadly Sin is PRIDE!

The Pussy Trap

NeNe Capri - 2011
    Kayson, a big time dealer in New York, got his come-up early in the game by killing anybody he had to on his way to the top. Anxiously waiting for fifteen years to get revenge, an opportunity finally presents itself when his right-hand man Aldeen introduces him to KoKo. KoKo is a boss in her own right and down for whatever, so when the offer is placed on the table to work with the top man, she accepts. Kayson carefully trained KoKo to be his best angel of death. With a score needing to be settled, it will be KoKo who will not only seduce and trap Kaysons enemy, but she will also end up stumbling upon an enemy of her own. Will the trap Kayson sets for his enemy quench his thirst for revenge or will the power of the pussy prove to be his own downfall? The Pussy Trap is a dramatic web full of sex, greed, power and payback.


Laurann Dohner - 2011
    Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him—even if he hates her for it.Fury has never known compassion or love. He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he’s free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.Fury can’t resist Ellie—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman. And Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart.But loving Fury is one thing…taming him is another.

Nobody's Angel

Kallypso Masters - 2011
    But his SAR partner, Luke, a widower, thinks Angelina has been sent to him by his dead wife. Marc knows only he can fulfill her sexual needs, but won’t hurt his friend. When the abusive Dom stalks her, she turns to Marc for help and learns a submissive has power too.

The Mackenzies

Liliana Hart - 2011
    It's been ten years since he left the woman he loved behind to make a name for himself, and now he's bound and determined to claim her once and for all. But Charlotte Munroe has no desire to welcome home the Prodigal Son with a fatted calf. The bitterness of Dane's betrayal runs deep, and she has no plans of letting him back into her life. Especially since she's trying to protect the son Dane isn't aware exists from heartbreak, since she's sure he's only going to walk out of their lives again. THOMAS Cat Randolph is the best cat burglar in the world. But when a job goes wrong and she's shot, it's Doctor Thomas MacKenzie that comes to her rescue. Unfortunately, it's a lot harder to keep secrets when you're risking the life of someone you love. Thomas MacKenzie knows Cat is keeping secrets, but getting her to trust him with them is a slow and steady process. But time isn't on his side. Convincing Cat to stay in Surrender, Montana is harder than he could have imagined. He just has to make sure that their lovemaking is more addictive than the adrenaline rush she craves. RILEY Riley MacKenzie is one of the world's leading experts on Egyptian artifacts. But when Maggie Lawrence walks into his life with a priceless stolen artifact and bad guys on her trail, he has no choice but to whisk her away to the safety of Surrender, Montana. Maggie Lawrence takes one look at Riley MacKenzie and sees everything she's ever craved and always avoided when it comes to men: Adventure. And she knows it's only a matter of time before she falls prey to his seduction, especially since she's trapped with him during one of the worst snowstorms Montana has seen in years. But when the enemy finds them, Maggie's confronted with a past that could destroy her love for Riley forever. COOPER Claire Drexel has loved Cooper MacKenzie since she was fourteen years old. But being ten years older, he's never seen her as anything more than a kid sister. So she decides to take matters into her own hands. It's not a secret that Cooper is a heavy player in the BDSM scene, and Claire decides what Cooper needs is the perfect bottom to his top. Only she gets more than she bargains for. Cooper MacKenzie can't believe his eyes when he sees little Claire Drexel sitting on the lap of one of the most dangerous men he's ever met. The fool. She's just walked into the middle of a drug investigation at one of the premier BDSM clubs in the state, and one wrong move could blow the cover he's been developing for the past three years. He has no choice but to intercede and claim her as his own, but facing the consequences of his actions might be more than even he's bargained for. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS Grant MacKenzie is ready to settle down and start a family. The only problem is the one woman he's interested in doesn't seem to be ready for the long haul. But fate lends Grant a helping hand in getting exactly what he wants under his Christmas tree.

Hour of the Lion

Cherise Sinclair - 2011
    When bitten by a werecat—yeah, that was a sucky day—she must investigate beings that shouldn't exist and are hard as hell to identify. Just how can she tell if a person is human--or an animal-shifter who enjoys Bambi-sized snacks?During her investigation, she finds a real home and friends for the first time. Sweet, right? But there's a flip-side: the bad guys are waiting for her to turn into something four-legged with a tail, the shifters suspect her of spying, and she has fallen in love with a pair of Thumper-eating werecougar brothers.Her duty is to expose their existence. Or she could follow her heart and protect them with all of her deadly skills.

Beginning of an Eclipse

S.K. Hardy - 2011
    The only one he trusts is his best friend, Marcus Bennett. As teens, the two run away and learn how to survive in a cold world that’s either do or die. Knowing there has to be something more than the mean streets of Philly, they eventually move to Las Vegas.Once there, Darrell runs into the woman who will ultimately change his life. Roni Winston is not looking to invite trouble into her life. Men as arrogant, good looking, and sexy as Darrell Monroe are the definition of the word. Not only is he way too young for her, she doesn’t mix business with pleasure. When she hires him as an exotic dancer for her club, Eclipse is born and his star quickly rises in Sin City. The legions of willing women are plentiful, and for a while, Darrell has no problem indulging in every decadent pleasure they offer until he tires of the superficial life he’s leading.He never stops wanting the one woman he can’t have: Roni Winston. As he matures, circumstances allow them to explore the spark which quickly burns into an inferno. In her eyes, he sees the possibility of becoming the man he’s always wanted to be. But a past he left behind collides with the future he’s trying to build. Once that happens, all bets are off.

The Dom Who Loved Me

Lexi Blake - 2011
    She's the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.…turns into a dangerous seduction.Soon, Grace Hawthorne is living a double life. By day, she is the widowed mother of two college-aged sons. By night, she submits to Sean's every dark desire. She's living out her wildest fantasies of pleasure—intimate acts of trust she's only read about. As passion engulfs her, a murderer strikes, and Grace learns that Sean has a deeply hidden agenda. Will Sean choose his mission and break her heart or be the Master of her dreams?

An Inconvenient Mate

Lora Leigh - 2011
    But he could tell she'd been hurt before by a man, and he vowed that Isabelle was now his to protect and love, even as if it meant going against her family and his orders.This audiobook is sold individually while text formats are included in the Tied With A Bow anthology.

Desiring Drew

Eve Montelibano - 2011
    MEETS HOPELESS ROMANTICDrew is a celebrity car racer, a daredevil who lives life on the edge and the last thing he needs is a prissy, nosy neighbor who'd cramp his free-wheeling lifestyle. Yup, Miz Desiree Cruz is a major pain in the a**. She is constantly questioning his way of life and reprimands him like a Nazi general with a sore tooth. He doesn't need a mother who makes him feel like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar every frickin' day! Uh-huh, the girl has to go if he still wants to have a social life.The thing is, as much as Drew resents Des' hollier-than-thou attitude, he really digs his bitchy but cute-as-a-button neighbor. Not his usual type though but how he enjoys their heated but intellectually stimulating banters, and guess what, Miz Des actually turns him on big time, too! Now, he has a problem. Yup, huge. He is Mr. Right Now and Des is definitely Ms. Ever After. That is a major reason to hit the opposite direction. BUT he can't help wondering if Miz Des has a soft spot underneath all that high and mighty air. The cave-man in him is really challenged to find out... (WTF, Drew? What are you thinkin'? No! Definitely not!)But ahh... he is really tired of her catty hisses. He'd love to hear Miz Des purr for a change.

One-on-One: Daegan and Gideon Vignette

Joey W. Hill - 2011
    It is posted on Joey W. Hill's website under Two volumes containing ALL the novella and short story character revisits written through 2016 are available for sale in ebook and print, but you can scroll below Cantrips 1 & 2 to find the individual stories still available as FREE downloads in the most common ebook formats.This story details the first time Daegan takes Gideon without Anwyn's participation. It was one of her conditions for Gideon becoming their third marked servant in Vampire Trinity.

Jolie Wilkins Books 1 & 2 / Dulcie O'Neil Books 1 & 2

H.P. Mallory - 2011
    True, she doesn’t have a love life to speak of, but she has a cute house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a cat and a quirky best friend.Enter Rand Balfour, a sinfully attractive warlock who insists she’s a witch and who just might turn her life upside down. Rand hires her to help him solve a mystery regarding the death of his client who also happens to be a ghost. Jolie not only uncovers the cause of the ghost’s demise but, in the process, she brings him back to life!Word of Jolie’s incredible ability to bring back the dead spreads like wildfire, putting her at the top of the Underworld’s most wanted list. Consequently, she finds herself at the center of a custody battle between a villainous witch, a dangerous but oh-so-sexy vampire, and her warlock boss, Rand. Jolie Wilkins Book 2: Toil and Trouble:The Underworld in civil war.The cause? A witch who can reanimate the dead.A sexy as sin vampire determined to claim her.An infuriatingly handsome warlock torn between duty and love.Who says blonds have more fun?After defending herself against fairy magic, Jolie Wilkins wakes to find her world turned upside down—the creatures of the Underworld on the precipice of war.The Underworld is polarized in a battle of witch against witch, creature against creature, led by the villainous Bella, who would be Queen.While Jolie has one goal in mind, to stake the vampire, Ryder, who nearly killed her, she also must choose between the affections of her warlock employer, Rand, and the mysteriously sexy vampire, Sinjin.And as if that weren’t enough to ruin a girl’s day, everything Jolie knows will be turned inside out when she’s thrust into the shock of a lifetime.Dulcie O'Neil Book 1: To Kill A Warlock:A Dreamstalker— a creature that stalks and kills its victims in sleep.A fairy in law enforcement determined to stop him.A potions smuggler who possesses something she wants.A vampire with his own agenda.And a partner who couldn’t possibly be sexier or more frustrating.Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy working in law enforcement for the Netherworld.When Knight Vander approaches her with a case regarding comatose victims, she agrees to help him, imagining the most difficult part will be combatting her attraction to him.But, what Dulcie isn’t betting on is the fact that the case becomes personal when she learns all the victims are somehow linked to her.When her best friend falls victim to the Dreamstalker, Dulcie must do everything in her power to ensure her friend’s survival, including associating with criminals and accepting the fact that desperate times do definitely call for desperate measures.Dulcie O'Neil Book 2: A Tale of Two Goblins:The murder of a dark arts warlock.A shape-shifting, ravenous creature on the loose.A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate.Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bitch.Dulcie O’Neil is a fairy. And not the type to frolic in gardens. She’s a Regulator—a law-enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world.When a warlock is murdered and Dulcie was the last person to see him alive, she must uncover the truth before she’s either deported back to the Netherworld, or she becomes the next victim.Enter Knight Vander, a sinfully attractive investigator sent from the Netherworld to work the case with Dulcie.Between battling her attraction to her self-appointed partner, keeping a sadomasochistic demon in check, and fending off the advances of a sexy and powerful vampire, Dulcie’s got her hands full.As the body count increases, Dulcie finds herself battling dark magic, reconnoitering in S&M clubs and suffering the greatest of all betrayals.

A Love Story

David Weaver - 2011
    His sexual IQ routinely leaves women speechless, addicted, and craving for more. When he finally meets his match, Lisa Lee, she turns his entire world upside down while smiling in the process. Confused, he gains clarity and learns the greatest lessons about love from the most unlikely of sources; an impressively beautiful bank robber named Alicia.

Put a Ring on It

Allison Hobbs - 2011
    Desperate to be married, Vangie, Nivea, and Harlow are all on a quest to get to the altar. Dumped by her economically challenged fiancé, Nivea begins a destructive course of action, as she begins to self medicate with excessive amounts of liquor. When Vangie’s deadbeat baby daddy resurfaces and begins courting her with unrestrained zeal and spending quality time with their young son, she thinks that they have finally healed their troubled relationship. After a horrifying childhood, Harlow believes she has finally found true love when she becomes engaged to savvy businessman, Drake Morgan. But Drake may have a secret that will destroy Harlow’s only chance at happiness. Though holding distinct views and relying on diverse strategies, will any of these women find love, happiness, and commitment or will they discover that happily ever after is an unattainable dream?

Masters at Arms

Kallypso Masters - 2011
    It has been combined as the new book 1 in the Rescue Me Saga as Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel. (On Goodreads at and on Amazon as ASIN B00GR5990E.)MASTERS AT ARMS begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath--forging an unbreakable bond--will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them?

Buried Secrets

S.K. Hardy - 2011
    Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… Or does it?When you, by chance, meet that person who you think just might be “the one”, do you listen to your head and play it safe - or open up your heart and hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime...?Three years ago, Aleesha met Dr. Marcus Bennett at a conference in Las Vegas. The brief hours they spent together were positively scorching - and the man had yet to kiss her! Due to circumstances beyond their control, they never got the opportunity to explore the attraction simmering like a low burning flame waiting to be ignited. When Marcus doesn't show up for what is sure to be the best night of Aleesha's life, she chalks it up to a lesson learned and goes back to Atlanta a couple of days later. She never hears from or sees him again…Until her two best friends, Jerra and Keisha, fly her to Vegas for a fun filled weekend to celebrate her impending marriage to the man of her dreams, ex-football pro, Amir Montgomery. Out of two million people residing in the city, who does Aleesha bump into the first night at one of the most popular clubs in Vegas? Marcus Bennett! And he's even more attractive than she remembers. Embarassed by her inebriated actions, this time she is the one bails out on him. Resolving to put this man out of her mind once and for all, nothing can prepare Aleesha when their paths cross yet again the next evening. She finally has to ask herself if seeing him again is just a coincidence - or fate. Aleesha isn’t the only one who’s tempted in the city of sin. Jerra tries in vain to resist Marcus’ arrogant stripper friend, Eclipse. The man's sex appeal is ridiculous and his swagger irresistable - and he knows it! Normally the level headed one, Jerra throws caution to the wind and gives in to the most basic of desires only to learn the meaning of phrase "if you play with fire, be prepared to get burned". After the women get home, they move full speed ahead with Aleesha's wedding plans. However, they discover the sexy men of Sin City are not so prone to let the weekend’s happenings stay in Vegas. Oh yes. Things are definitely about to heat up in the Atl!

Hot Head

Damon Suede - 2011
    Unfortunately, Dante is strictly a ladies’ man, and the FDNY isn’t exactly gay-friendly. For ten years, Griff has hidden his heart in a half-life of public heroics and private anguish.Griff’s caution and Dante’s cockiness make them an unbeatable team. To protect his buddy, there’s nothing Griff wouldn’t do… until a nearly bankrupt Dante proposes the worst possible solution:, a gay porn website where uniformed hunks get down and dirty. And Dante wants them to appear there—together. Griff may have to guard his heart and live out his darkest fantasies on camera. Can he rescue the man he loves without wrecking their careers, their families, or their friendship?

Unchained Melody

Sable Hunter - 2011
    again. Six years ago she had simply vanished into thin air after eight short days of earth-shattering passion. Ethan had searched desperately for her, but never found Lise. After being apart for so long can they simply pick up where they left off?Annalise Ramsey has come to face with the man of her dreams. She has never forgotten what it felt like to be loved by him. Tragedy tore her away from him years before, and now she fears the shadows of that secret will keep them apart forever.Can Lise overcome the fear of rejection that keeps their love in the dark?

Griffin in Wonderland

Tiffany Reisz - 2011
    Originally available in a rough draft on Tiffany's website, it has now been fully revised and is now collected in the print, ebook, and audio collection Michael's Wings .

Mi Carino - Risky Love

Sienna Mynx - 2011
    There is no beginning. There is only passion and all those sinful naughty feelings caught in between. He's not the man she thinks he is. However, Marcella Garcia is willing to take a chance. Why? Her new lovers desires take her on a passionate and sexual awakening beyond her dreams. Marcella initially convinces herself that sex with no strings is enough. It's a gamble. When her desires bloom to love the risk becomes a costly mistake. Warning: Explicit Sex, Language, and Graphic Violence.

The Chevaliers of New Orleans

Shara Azod - 2011
    Includes Thierry's Angel, Remy Goes to Therapy, The Taming of Katrina, Forever Jade and Lessons for Solange. Retail value $20.95

Cowboy Blue

Cat Johnson - 2011
    Blue's life is the ranch. So why can't they keep their minds--or their hands--off each other? They both know that opposites attract and though city and country might mix for a week, it can't work for a lifetime. Or can it?It's like a Hallmark Channel movie, if Hallmark movies had hot sex!New cover. New title. Same great story! Cowboy Blue was originally published as A Cowboy For Christmas in 2011. This edition is a reissue, reedited but without any substantial additions to the story.Look for Cowboy Hearts for Dakota and Justus's story--a smoking hot cowboy threesome.


Allison Hobbs - 2011
    Solay is the proud owner of Scandalicious, a trendy cupcake boutique that’s raking in the dough. Practically married to her business, Solay does not have time for romance or its complications. What she needs is a friend with benefits. When she hires a gorgeous male escort, she believes that she’s found the perfect solution. Addicted to his incredible bedroom skills, Solay soon discovers that being “whipped” is as distracting as being in love. Lincoln has been a faithful husband for seven years. His world collapses when he discovers that his trophy wife has been cheating. Though she pleads for forgiveness, he simply can’t. Will his desire for vengeance overpower his ability to forgive? Melanee is a quiet assistant baker by day and part of a secret sex society at night. What happens when you combine sweet treats, explosive sex, and dirty little secrets is absolutely Scandalicious!

Dark Soul Vol. 3

Aleksandr Voinov - 2011
    Franco Spadaro has just been released from the French Foreign Legion and is catching up with his little brother. In the middle of a war, a skilled sniper comes in right on time – but two Spadaros might be more than Stefano can handle.

The Cowboy's Temptation

Elizabeth Lennox - 2011
    Elissa is sick of men and their philandering ways. She's not sure what she wants anymore, having had it all in New York - or at least what she thought was a full life in New York City.Jake is skeptical that a city girl can make it in the rough Texas heat. But the two eventually discover that they are made for each other and the passion that is constantly under the surface flares to life, hotter than any Texas afternoon in July

Dutch and Gina: The President's Girlfriend

Mallory Monroe - 2011
    But when they meet, and sparks fly, she discovers the soul mate she never dreamed would come her way.Walter “Dutch” Harber, the gorgeous bachelor president, has his hands full with a combative Congress and an upcoming reelection bid. But when he meets Gina, this voluptuous black woman with all the right curves, he finds in her a strong, independent equal who keeps him intellectually-challenged publicly and sexually-energized privately, so much so that he becomes convinced that he has finally met the love of his life.But Washington politics won’t give this interracial couple an easy ride, as they must battle forces from within and forces from without that seek to tear down everything they have fought so hard to build up. And just when they thought they had endured every knockout punch imaginable, another curve is tossed their way with the kind of implications, the kind of jarring reality, that can not only destroy a love affair, but can bring down an entire presidency.

Lickin' License: From Lust to Love to Deception and Death

Intelligent Allah - 2011
    She can have any man she wants, but men are not her thing. She s got a lickin' license as her tongue craves the flesh of pretty young females like her lover, Vera. Candy drives a customized BMW, sports the latest gear and has the beauty and body that most women are intimidated by or wish they had. Everyone who is someone goes to Candy's Shop. Rich, one of Harlem's most powerful drug dealers, gets his hair braided in the shop regularly. One of the stylists, Chanel, is a street smart Brooklyn diva who has a major crush on Rich. She will do whatever it takes to get him into her bed. While Chanel has her eyes on Rich, he s aiming to slick-talk his way into Vanessa's panties. Vanessa is the recently hired 22 year old bohemian beauty that commands everybody s attention. Candy even wants a piece of the pie. She has to compete with Rich, but there s no limit to what she ll do in her effort to turn out Vanessa to the seductive world of lesbian lust. Raging hormones begin to flare, causing jealousy and anger to consume Candy's Shop. Before Candy realizes it, her lust for young women leaves her entangled in a web of lies, love and drama that can destroy her business and cost Candy her life.

Take Me There

Tristan Taormino - 2011
    Take Me There is an erotica collection unlike any other that celebrates the pleasure, heat, and diversity of transgender and genderqueer sexualities. The power of seeing and being seen is a central theme in the anthology; it’s not simply about passing or not passing (an idea often explored with transgender characters), but about being acknowledged and desired in a sexual context.The book takes you from San Francisco to Israel, from heartache to lust, from stranger sex to a 10 year anniversary, from ballet shoes to butt plug bondage tables, from fumbling teenagers to leatherclad bears, from MTF and FTM—and in between and beyond.Featuring renowned authors Kate Bornstein (Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation), Patrick Califia (Speaking Sex to Power), S. Bear Bergman (Butch is a Noun), Ivan Coyote (Missed Her), Julia Serrano (Whipping Girl), Laura Antoniou (The Marketplace), Helen Boyd (My Husband Betty), Rachel Kramer Bussel (Gotta Have It), Toni Amato (Pinned Down by Pronouns), Alicia E. Goranson (Supervillianz), filmmaker Tobi Hill-Meyer, musician Rahne Alexander, songwriter Shawna Virago, bloggers Andrea Zanin and Sinclair Sexsmith, and more.

Savage Instinct

Leila Jefferson - 2011
    At the tender age of eleven she is given to Bank Roll, who has his hand in every type of hustle, to settle a drug debt for her parents. Bank Roll is much older and once he sees how unique Lexi is, he breeds her to be his special girl, falling in love with her in the process. She loves him as well, but has him ripped away from her life too soon.While many use the ‘molested at a young age’ story as an excuse, Lexi takes the cards she is dealt and learns all she can because she’s a grown woman in a girl’s body. Not one to settle or let life take over her, she uses the gems she has learned over the years and dabbles in everything she can, just like her mentor. A few chance meetings put her in position to use what she has to get what she needs, and while still in her teen years not only is she on top of the world, but she is also running it. Lexi knows that street smarts can get you so far, but can her Savage instincts take her where she wants to be?

Sands of Betrayal

A.B. McKinley - 2011
    The tough Scotsman had been a Special Forces soldier until he had been terribly injured on duty in Afghanistan. Shortly after that his wife had left him for another man while he was in the hospital. But things were starting to look up, after a freak online connection he'd met beautiful Ohio schoolteacher Katie Johnson and that's when the fireworks really started. Intense passion flared between them, a love and electricity that neither of them had ever experienced before. Scott would do anything for Katie and her children including returning to the Middle East to work a six month security contract. The money was too good to ignore, this could set them up financially for life. Their enforced separation is made harder by news that his job entails him being a personal bodyguard for the devious Britney Parnell, a young attractive businesswoman who's used to getting everything she wants. She wants Scott and wastes no time sharpening her claws on Katie. This emotional erotic romance is full of action, adventure, conflict, steamy sex scenes and ultimately betrayal.

The Lost Shifters, #1-3

Stephani Hecht - 2011
    Things turn stranger when Jacyn finds out he's really a feline shifter. As Jacyn and Logan run for their lives, they find themselves growing closer to each other. Will Jacyn be able to let go of his doubts long enough to trust in Logan?A Feral Christmas:Brent has never forgotten his lost siblings and vows to bring them home. Then he discovers that one man holds the key to their location, a Hawk shifter named, Daniel. Even as the men fight new and old enemies, their feelings of love grow. Will they be able to overcome a lifetime's worth of hatred and prejudice to be together? Savage Awakenings:An outcast among his own kind, Rat always lived life by his own rules. That changes in one instant when he receives a call for help from, Keegan, a lost shifter. As they get closer, Rat finds he's powerless to fight his growing attraction to Keegan. Will Rat be able to let go of his past to embrace a future?

Wicked Reads

Shayla Black - 2011
    Eight erotic romance stories in anthology by Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, Karin Tabke, Beth Williamson, Cathryn Fox, Shiloh Walker, Nikki Duncan, and Mackenzie McKade.

Tyler Tied Up

Joey W. Hill - 2011
    It is posted on Joey W. Hill's website under Two volumes containing ALL the novella and short story character revisits written through 2016 are available for sale in ebook and print, but you can scroll below Cantrips 1 & 2 to find the individual stories still available as FREE downloads in the most common ebook formats.In this novella, Tyler gets a special birthday present from Marguerite.


K.D. Harris - 2011
    Meet Sasha Jones a hard working Mental Health Therapist who devotes all her time and energy to her unappreciative boss; the prestigious Dr. Gregory Hayward. For years she has went far and beyond her duties to please him. Yet he acted as if she didn t exist. That is until she receives an unexpected phone call from Dr. Hayward himself saying that he needs to see her right away. When Sasha arrives she is introduced to the handsome Lorenz Hayward. Not realizing what lies ahead. She allows herself to be allured into a taboo situation. Sasha becomes blinded by blissful copulation, and doesn t realize that she has become a pawn in deadly game of revenge.

Dark & Light: David and Mina Vignette

Joey W. Hill - 2011
    It is posted on Joey W. Hill's website under Two volumes containing ALL the novella and short story character revisits written through 2016 are available for sale in ebook and print, but you can scroll below Cantrips 1 & 2 to find the individual stories still available as FREE downloads in the most common ebook formats.In this novella, David and Mina's story continues as they deal with some important news...


Vera Roberts - 2011
    When Scott catches her snooping, he gives her a punishment that opens the doors to the delicious world of BDSM.

Gabriel's Inferno

Sylvain Reynard - 2011
    He uses his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm to gratify his every whim, but is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of redemption.When the sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as his graduate student, his attraction and mysterious connection to her not only jeopardizes his career, but sends him on a journey in which his past and his present collide.An intriguing and sinful exploration of seduction, forbidden love and redemption, "Gabriel's Inferno" is a captivating and wildly passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible...forgiveness and love.

Men Out of Uniform

Sylvia Day - 2011
    They may enforce the rules, but when men in uniform are off duty and under the covers, they're experts at breaking them. In this searingly sexy anthology, popular authors Maya Banks, Sylvia Day, and Karin Tabke present men in uniform-unzipped...Taking the Heat by Sylvia DayIt’s time for protected witness Layla Creed to come out of hiding and take the stan. Layla has only three days to reconnect with federal marshal Brian Simmons—and slake the white-hot lust that has simmered between them for years…Soul Possession – Maya BanksJessie spends a hot night with two sexy-as-sin detectives, only to be accused of murder the very next day. But when Jessie becomes the target of a serial killer, her two detectives will risk everything to have her back in their arms—and in their bed…Karin Tabke’s Wanted follows the X-rated exploits of bad-boy cop Colin Daniels and the soon-to-be-ex-wife of a mob boss. He’s been hired to guard her body, but it drives him to distraction instead, putting his career—and his life—on the line…


Billy London - 2011
    She had to repeat it often, as Nick was hot beyond all reason. With a crazy-built body, a wicked sense of humour, and brains, he was the kind of man who could bring a woman pleasure with little more than a sideways glance. She had to give herself a slap on the wrist whenever she caught herself looking. And she looked...a lot. Looking at Nick made her eyes feel good; being with Nick made her feel good. And she needed to feel good considering the state of her life. Her father had recently passed away, she was drowning in debt, and she was being hounded for money at every turn. It wasn’t the creditors who had her was those other guys. Deep down, she knew Nick could make everything better, but she wasn’t going to ruin their friendship. She really wanted to...but she couldn't. While she might playfully call him “Soprano,” Nick was her sweet dude. She could look...and fantasize...and drool discreetly, but she must not touch. Everyone knew how Nick felt about Gina. Everyone except for Gina. Ten years was a long time to wait for the girl you love to get a clue, especially when it only took him a month to realise he wanted to worship at the altar of her body every day for the rest of his life. He’d dated other women, but all along he’d known Gina was the one for him. Gina wasn’t just good for him, she was perfect for him. She met all the requirements for the sort of woman his family would approve of: a) she could cook Italian better than his mother (don’t tell his mother) and b) she spoke Italian beautifully. The only problem was c) she wasn’t a nice Italian girl who would walk ten paces behind him, do everything he commanded and ask no questions. He knew C wasn’t going to happen in this lifetime, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.All she needed to do was meet his own two requirements: love sex and love him. While he wasn’t sure if she loved sex, he’d spent many nights imagining just how much she could do. Did her beautiful chocolate skin taste as good as it looked? Would she moan his name or scream it when he brought her to climax? Best friends for a decade, they shared everything...except what his family really did for a living. Impatient at the best of times, Nick kept telling himself to wait for the right time to reveal the truth. Then an incident that put Gina in real danger made him realise he was done waiting around. It also made him admit what everyone else already knew: Gina was unequivocally his. No one else was going to sweep in and take what belonged to him. Da Canavezes never let anyone take from them, and only those who wanted to meet God sooner rather than later attempted such a thing. Once he got around the whole Hi, Soprano!, Bye, Soprano!, Can you make me a cup of tea, Soprano? platonic-friendship nonsense that had up to now categorized their relationship, Nick vowed to get around to teaching her new phrases like Harder, Soprano!, Deeper, Soprano!, You're going to make me break the sound barrier when I scream out your name, Soprano! Knowing just how independent Gina was, he decided he’d give her space to accept that being Mrs. Da Canaveze was what the future held. Of course, he’d keep giving her his intense lovemaking until he’d convinced her. After he’d “convinced” her, maybe then he'd mention what he and his family really did for a living. It might make a difference with everyone else, but he wouldn't let Gina use that to keep him away from her. He would explain it. She would definitely yell. He would put his foot down. She was his. End of story. And then all hell broke loose in the guise of his mother. Nick finally found his hands full. He had a woman to try to keep hold of, an overbearing mother to calm down, and “business” to deal with. Gina might see the Da Canaveze name simply as the surname that would soon be hers, but that name was whispered with respect. Gina might think of him as her “dude” but those who’d crossed him populated more than a few unmarked graves. And he’d already reserved one for the man who’d dared to send his goons after his woman. London is one hell of a big city, but is it big enough to contain the romance of Gina and Nick? Gina might want Nick, but the fiercely independent Londoner is going to make Nick earn her. Being a determined, sexy male, Nick is more than up for the challenge. He’s going to make Gina his wife, and no one is going to get in the way. Not even the future Mrs. De Canaveze.

Wild Days

Mari Carr - 2011
    After the death of her mother years prior, Keira Collins became a surrogate parent to her six younger brothers and sisters, her own dreams put on hold. At twenty-seven, she's finally pursuing a college degree. Between classes, working at the family pub and still tending to siblings, she's no time for romance. So why is she spending all her rare free time fantasizing about hot Professor Wallace bending her over his desk? Will Wallace recognizes Keira's unfulfilled desires, her habit of hiding her beauty, her obsessive need to command every aspect of her life. But Will has needs of his own-and they run far darker than Keira's. As he initiates her into his lifestyle, offering sweet punishments and sweeter rewards, Will's sexual authority slowly strips away some of her precious control. The one thing Keira's not ready to relinquish... Ruby Tuesday Tuesday's child is full of grace... Sky Mitchell is hiding out in Baltimore, seeking peace and solitude while he struggles with a career decision. Lead singer of popular rock group The Universe, he's thinking of going it alone. Wandering into an Irish pub, he's ecstatic to discover the breakout single for his solo album-but the songwriter doesn't want to sell. One musical challenge later, not only does he win the song, but also a writing partner to complete the rest of the album. Teagan Collins has never aspired to fame and fortune. She's content taking care of family, friends and neighbors, and singing in her family's pub. Working on an album with Sky tests her patience...and her libido. The hot rocker plays her body like a fine instrument, their desire deepening with each song they write. But someone doesn't want Sky to go solo, and is repeatedly trying to sabotage the couple's efforts. Undaunted, Sky wants Teagan to join him onstage at his farewell concert to sing her original, "Maybe Tomorrow..". If they make it through today.

Love Intertwined Vol.1

Pepper Pace - 2011
    Someone to Love"God, I'm happy she's gone," one of Jill's friends said. "Yeah, looking at her face makes me sick to my stomach." Words like those have followed Raina every since she was a child and half of her face was destroyed by a tragic fire. Once upon a time, she was one of the ‘beautiful ones’ with her hazel eyes, light brown skin and long flowing hair. But now, Raina only watches the world around her. Too ashamed of her looks to actually interact, she finds joy in following Bill with her eyes. With her head down and her hair obscuring her scars she manages to get by.Bill doesn’t like anyone and has little patience for Jill’s flirtations. He has been described as looking like Brad Pitt on crack—and it’s not very far from the truth. The only thing that matters is getting through the work day so that he can get high. But one day he literally crashes into Raina and for the first time in either of their lives they allow themselves to actually be ‘seen’.The Way HomeJamie thinks too hard, reads too much and doesn’t much care for her looks. At fourteen, she knows that she’s never had a real childhood. When her mother died she was the one that had to step up to the plate and run the household—and for the most part she doesn’t mind at all. And then one day she sees a white boy coming from the woods who was dirty, hungry and obviously uncared for but with eyes so lost that despite her normal shyness she offers to help him. As they come to terms with the fact that their lives transcends the ‘norm’, Kenny and Jamie’s relationship reaches heights that they could have never imagined, and lows that their love may not survive.Baby Girl and the Mean BossNicole wasn’t sure why she had gotten the nick name Baby Girl when she was not-by far-the youngest employee of The Down Home Calabash. Her much younger co-worker complained, gossiped or talked about how attractive their boss was. But Nicole didn’t have the luxury of a fantasy existence. She was on a mission to make money and to get her degree and her plans most definitely did not include Marty. Besides he was mean and he yelled at her!But once she experiences a tragic accident, Nicole sees a different side of her sexy, boss. But each has their own secrets and if they can’t express their heartfelt emotions their relationship might be doomed even before it begins.

Malibu Cheesecake: The Pinup Art of Olivia

Olivia De Berardinis - 2011
    Hardbound, Smythe sewn. Over 100 new paintings, drawings, and studies. Comments by Olivia on technique, models, and the creative process. Interviews with: Hugh Hefner Bettie Page Dita Von Teese Margaret Cho

How to Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors

Shoshanna Evers - 2011
    How to Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors features everything you need to know about adding sizzling sexual tension, scorching sex scenes, and emotional impact to your romance writing in twelve info-packed essays from bestselling and multi-published authors - so you can get published and get paid.

Safe With Me

Shaina Richmond - 2011
    Tyler Campbell is caught off guard by his sudden, intense attraction to fellow student Susanna Lombardi and is determined to make her his. But she says she can not have a boyfriend for reasons she will not reveal.Tyler becomes obsessed with learning the secrets of the women he's fallen in love with. Where does she go on her mysterious trips? What's the source of her seemingly endless supply of money? Why does her house have so many locked doors? Does she really have reasons for never being in a relationship, or is she just protecting herself?"Do you want me to come on you?" I breathed, barely able to speak.She answered with no hesitation. "I want whatever you want," she said as her breasts feverishly massaged my cock. It felt like a bomb about to explode.I knew we didn't have much time. I wanted to come all over her chest, but even more than that, I wanted to know what it was like to pound her round, gorgeous ass."Stop." I barely exhaled. She sat back on her heals, removing her breasts from my lap as I took a deep breath to calm down. "Do you have any condoms?" I asked.She scooted on her knees to a nearby end table and opened the drawer. "I'm pretty sure I have just one in here unless someone found it the other night." She rummaged through the drawer for about 30 seconds. I was glad it took a while. It gave me time to settle myself down a little before the next round.She finally found the condom and handed it to me. I tore the little yellow package open but decided not to put it on just yet. I laid the package on the arm of the couch and stood up."Your turn," I said as I reached down to help her stand up beside me. "First, I need you out of those clothes."She showed me that sexy smile I already loved so much. "Whatever you want," she moaned, then took my hand and rose to her feet. I pulled her pants and panties all the way down to the floor and helped her step out of them.Susie looked beautiful standing before me. I swear, I had never been attracted to her body type before. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I studied her, trying to burn her image into my memory. Susie's body was full and silky, and looked even better naked than I had imagined.I put my arms around her back as I leaned down to overtake her mouth with mine. I fiercely pressed my hard body to hers, reveling in the luxurious feel of her softness against me. Her breasts felt like pillows; her stomach cushioned my hard c**k. I wanted to take her away to a deserted island and devote myself to learning everything I could about her body for a few years.I felt her hands on my ass pulling me closer. She cupped my firm muscles as she moaned and breathed harder into my mouth. My d**k pressed harder into her stomach until I couldn't take it anymore."Sit on the couch," I whispered.Without a word, she sat down. I knelt down on the floor in front of her and gently placed a hand on each of her knees, spreading them apart. I was about to reach for the condom when I caught a glimpse of the soft folds between her thighs. I knew I needed to taste her. I put my hands under her knees to guide her legs even further apart. Then I stopped to gaze at her for a moment, admiring her naked body, trying again to burn another picture of her into my memory. She half smiled at me with a dreamy look in her eyes.I loved how those big tits complimented her pretty pink p***y, and the way her long blond hair framed her beautiful face as it fell around her shoulders, onto her chest. I was once again reminded of a scene from a trashy magazine featuring large-breasted women with their legs spread open. She was a guilty pleasure come to life.I bent my head down and gave her one good, long lick from the bottom of her p***y up to her cl**. She moaned and put her hands on the back of my head."Woman, you are so wet," I said, just before my mouth began its assault on her.I took my time with her at first, licking every inch of her, my tongue lingering to enjoy her taste. Every time I had done this with a woman in the past, the room was dark. But Susie had the lights on, confident and unashamed. It turned me on to be able to see her p***y while I was licking it.I sucked on her lips for a while before I moved up to her cl**. Her moans got louder as my tongue moved in fast circles around it."Damn it! I need you to f**k me, now!" she demanded. I could hear pain in her voice. I desperately wanted to f**k her, but not yet. I longed to get her off with my mouth before we went any further. I wanted to taste her and feel her wetness dripping all over me as I brought her to orgasm.

Diego: The Mi Carina Series

Sienna Mynx - 2011
    However, Marcella Garcia is willing to take a chance. Why? Her new lovers desires take her on a passionate and sexual awakening beyond her dreams. Marcella initially convinces herself that sex with no strings is enough. It's a gamble. When her desires bloom to love the risk becomes a costly mistake. Mi Cariña – Book Two Marcella wants to start again. She has reason too. She carries a secret that grounds her and makes every new decision regarding her heart and her life profoundly meaningful. Still she's never forgotten the fateful decision she made only a few months ago. Her choice sent away the man who has forever changed her. And soon Marcella discovers he hasn't forgotten her as well. Diego Andes arrives and he wants her back. This time he won't take no for an answer. When he discovers Marcella's secret and betrayal he does something that sets them on a collision path of heartache and violence. But are his motives true? And if he is will his change of heart matter in time to save

Paradise Disguised

Liliana Hart - 2011
    But she decides things have to change after Dylan Maguire walks into her store. All she wants are nights filled with wild passion from the sexy stranger, and she decides upfront there's no danger of her heart becoming involved. She's already lost one person she loved, and she's not about to go through the pain of losing another when Dylan walks out of her life. Dylan Maguire’s weekly visits to Hollis Tools, just to get a glimpse of the curvy brunette muddling his mind and putting his libido into overdrive, is getting tiresome. He’s ready to put his ladies’ man reputation to the test and seduce the woman who’s played the main role in so many of his private fantasies, but he doesn’t realize more could be at stake than just satisfying his lust. As the ultimate love ‘em and leave ‘em man, Dylan finds that loving Anna isn’t difficult at all, but getting her to love him in return is quite the challenge.But it could be too late for both of them. Someone from Dylan's past is going to great lengths to make sure they don't end up together, and Anna has to decide if loving Dylan is worth risking her life.

Sins of the Heart

Allison Cassatta - 2011
    Consumed with guilt, Dom confronts Brody about his self-destructive behavior, only to find himself second-guessing his decision to leave him, and now Dom will have to sort out his feelings for Brody before fate ties his hands.A Bittersweet Dreams title: It's an unfortunate truth: love doesn't always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

Turkish Delights

Liz Crowe - 2011
    But the time has come for him to return to the U.S. to finish his master's degree, and she has just been named CEO of the pharmaceutical company that brought her to Turkey in the first place. Elle adores her adopted country, and is alarmed to find herself falling in love with the young man who's been her impromptu guide for the last few months. She knows they can never be. She will return home to California within a month, leaving behind all she loves about the ancient city. In a rare fit of spontaneity, Elle has contracted with Madame Eve's 1Night Stand dating service, hoping to find a way to forget the dark, handsome young man who has captured her heart. Little does she know what awaits her in the ancient recesses of the Ottoman palace turned luxury hotel under the hands of her one-night stand masseur.

Cross Climax II

Tiana Laveen - 2011
    Please be advised. From the imagination of Tiana Laveen comes an eye-opening, page-turning, sensually enthralling compilation of diverse love stories presented in the “Cross Climax” series. “Lights! Cameras! Attraction!” – This is the tale of a single mother simply trying to make ends meet. In desperation and a twist of fate, Monica becomes the latest fresh-meat porn star to hit the industry. Her acting partner and mentor, an Italian gentleman named Antonio, shows her the ropes. Little do both of them know that falling in love could occur with bright lights, movie cameras, and your panties down. The stakes of money and fame are high. Which will win – love or dividends? “The Bride in Red” – Arashi Takahashi is a Japanese-American psychiatrist and workaholic. He is taken to an urban ballet in which the beautiful Angel Grace takes stage and blows his mind. The whirlwind romance that ensues is soon interrupted by an obstacle course that involves a disapproving family and jealous ex-girlfriend. Angel dances into Arashi’s heart. Now the only question is whether she can survive the monsoon that follows. “The ‘N’ Word” – Recently convicted Nazi, Aaron Pike, is in Maximum Security for a violent assault. Once a revered white supremacist, Aaron begins a transformation while incarcerated. He participates in an inmate pen pal program with Mia Armstrong, an elementary school teacher. Once they arrange to meet, Aaron is flabbergasted to see that the woman he has fallen madly in love with via letters and phone calls is African-American. Aaron has to make a choice: go back to the world of treachery and hatred or keep his beloved and build a life with her, forsaking his cause and identity while abandoning the group of peers he once called family. *Also included: A Surprising Bonus Story!

The Girl Who Couldn't Come

Joey Comeau - 2011
    They are weird and fun and often bewildering, like sex itself.

Caught by the tide

Emma Lilly - 2011
    Now her holiday in Cornwall is being ruined by a group of lads on a stag weekend. All she wants is to be left in peace to lick her wounds. Is that too much to ask? But when the tide rolls in and leaves her stranded on the beach, assistance arrives from a most unexpected quarter...

Have I Told You Lately?

Erosa Knowles - 2011
    “Tell me when’s the right moment to tell another person your past bullshit, your damn secrets that you don’t wanna face, your skeletons?” His eyes skewered hers. Everyone claimed to want to know shit, but there was a price to the telling.“I know people who marry and never share some of their secrets,” he said, inching closer. “A lot of shit dies with them. How do you know when it’s right to share? Because I’ve no idea how to ride that train.”The pink tip of her tongue leisurely moistened her lips. “I think when you care about someone, you build to a level of trust and you take them into your confidence.”A level of trust, female bullshit.“Yeah, but that’s the problem. It’s easier to give your body, than your deep personal shit.”She ducked her head.He continued speaking in a low whisper. “I mean the real stuff that’s close to your heart. The fucked up shit everybody keeps locked up. Most folk don’t get close enough to ever see the dark places inside.” He watched her swallow hard.“So I ask again, how do you know when’s the right time.” He leaned next to her ear and whispered. “After how many dinners, or dates? Before or after we fuck? What’s the magic number that opens the door to my personal shit, ‘cause I damn sure ain’t telling everybody my personal business.”His voice remained conversationally low, calm, while nerves jumped and pulsed at the thought of sharing some of the things he’d done in the past. He’d rather buy anything she demanded, or take her anywhere in the world, than fully open up and let her see some of the dark places in him. Shit, he didn’t like to look inside and rarely did.She narrowed her eyes. “This isn’t about everybody. It’s about you and me.” She pushed his chest. He stepped closer.“Okay, what signals do I get to let me know I should trust you with my shit? You ready for that?” They looked at each other.Her eyes slid to his chest. “I don’t know.”“And therein lies the root of our problem.” He dropped his arms.She shivered.“You want me to tell you everything without securing my trust. Why should I bare my soul to you? What would you do with the knowledge? Trust me? Or judge me?” He pulled back and stared into chocolate pools of light. Whatever this was between them marked him. He’d never considered telling a woman he dated about his past. The price of admission, Red called it.“It’s like leaving pieces of your soul around and that’s too damn dangerous to do on a small tip.”

For Want of a Nail

Laura Antoniou - 2011
    Chris could see them both through the window as he waited on hold. Thunder crashed; it was technically too early for a Nor’easter, but water spouts had been spotted off the north shore, and out of a sunny afternoon a deepening gray sky had grown and harsh winds shook the pin oaks on the front lawns. In retrospect, he thought, perhaps this wasn’t the best day for a party..."So begins another day at the Long Island mansion where elite slaves are trained to serve the masters and mistresses of the world with impeccable grace. Grendel and Alexandra are hosting a dinner party and their latest trainees--as well as the patience and resourcefulness of their majordomo Chris Parker--will be put to the test.About the Author: Laura Antoniou is the author of The Marketplace series and a wildly popular speaker at alternative lifestyle conventions.

Work Me Out

Minx Malone - 2011
    Nothing has ever come between them-until she finds out Milo is her chief rival for a new account. Milo's not sure when it happened but his secret crush has morphed into an obsession. He wants Mya in his bed, screaming his name, and he knows just how to make it happen. When he proposes a friendly wager on the account, he knows the ultra-competitive Mya won't be able to resist. She's more than ready to lay it all on the line-until she finds out how high the stakes are. The two of them. Skin to skin. Suddenly, all bets are off. Asking for Andre Andre Lavin lives life in the fast lane and the pampered Italian playboy isn't used to being denied. Anything. Which makes his attraction to the shy, hauntingly beautiful Cassandra Michaels even more frustrating. She's unimpressed by his flashy lifestyle and his every attempt to get closer seems to drive her further away. Until he overhears her whispered wish for sex lessons. In Casey's experience, rich, handsome men don't fall for girls like her, but there's nothing to stop her from enjoying a fling. All she needs is one night to find out what she's been missing and then she can go back to her boring, predictable life. One night to touch and be touched, and she can leave with her heart intact. Or can she? Because although Andre is more than ready to teach her anything she asks, he isn't willing to let her go.

Elle (Insatiable: Book One)

The Black - 2011
    With her aggressive style and razor tongue she’s made it in a man’s world with room to spare and bodies in her wake. She’ll put anyone who crosses her – especially any man – in his place, and then she’ll despise him for his weakness. No man dares challenge her…except one.Simon Bishop knows what buttons to push – not to ignite Gabrielle’s wrath – but to strip away her emotional armor to reveal the woman within – the woman she yearns to be: Elle. Elle has no power and no control. Elle is free to give herself over to a strong man, a man she trusts to take care of her so that she can give all to him. And what Elle has to give is a fiery passion that that knows no boundaries and no shame.Elle is the woman that every real man desires, and the woman that every other woman, deep in her heart, wants to be.Author’s Note:When I posted an early draft of “Elle” online a few years ago, I was surprised at the number of responses I received from female readers who told me how much they identified with Elle’s character; how she spoke to their hearts and epitomized their own feelings about being strong women and the price to be paid for that strength. Based on those responses, I knew that one day Elle would become a published novel. ~ The Black~

Last Minion Standing

Eve Langlais - 2011
    The next thing I know, I'm embroiled in the reality show from Hell with cameras following me everywhere. But who needs a contest when I'm ready to declare a winner-and get freaky-the moment I meet Drake? As soon as I meet him, shirtless and shoeless, in low-slung jeans, I fantasize about the many ways he can serve me-especially in bed. But Drake, the super-sexy dragon shifter, is after more than a chance to work alongside me in my battle to capture evil souls. He also wants to win my heart. But love is for weaklings, and no matter how much he teases me, I will not give in...without a fight.

The Brothers of Wilde, Nevada: Volume 1

Chloe Lang - 2011
    Jessie feels like she's walked straight into the wild west, complete with some of the hottest cowboys she's ever laid eyes on. But she has a job to do and it doesn't include getting close to the Wilde brothers. The minute Jackson Wilde sees Jessie he knows she's the one for him and his four brothers, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Austin. The gorgeous city girl calls to him like no one before, but she's convinced she doesn't belong in a place like Wilde. With danger lurking around every corner, Jackson will have to prove that she's finally come home.Wilde Fire [Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, BDSM, public exhibition, sex toys] Wilde, Nevada is proving to be more troubling than Jessie imagined, when, just as she falls for one hot cowboy, feelings also spring up for his brother Phoenix. Though it's crazy and not without risk, she can't help but welcome his possessive embrace. Phoenix knows she's the woman for him-and his four brothers. But there are those in Wilde who want to destroy them. Phoenix must win Jessie's love, or they might lose their hearts. And their lives. NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.

George Platt Lynes: The Male Nudes

Steven Haas - 2011
    George Platt Lynes was the preeminent celebrity portraitist of his day, shooting for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and creating distinctive photographs of iconic cultural figures such as Diana Vreeland, Salvador Dalí, and Orson Welles. But he also produced a separate body of work, kept largely hidden during his lifetime: photographs of the male nude. Many of these photos were shot in the studio and, like his fashion and dance work, were painstakingly posed and lit. They have a cinematic allure that evokes 1940s Hollywood and the lost era of New York’s café society. Many seem to illustrate some unwritten mythology. Others reveal private obsessions of the photographer, who was always alert to the sculptural qualities of a young man at his most vital. This is the only Platt Lynes book to focus on the male nude images in a comprehensive and carefully considered manner. It is the first book to be published with the cooperation of the artist’s estate, which has provided unprecedented access to institutional and private collections, including the Kinsey Institute and the Guggenheim Museum. The result: a trove of unpublished images that are sure to cause a sensation.

Alien Mate Bundle

Eve Langlais - 2011
    Abducted, decontaminated and dressed like a harem girl, she’s been chosen to become the alien’s mate.Maya's been raised to believe in extra-terrestrials and when she saves a sexy blue one from drowning, she can't resist taking him home-and into her bed.Abducted by a hunky blue alien, researcher and admitted geek Penny is eager to study his mating habits—in the flesh. She’d like to blame her illogical affection for him on hormones, but the erotic remedy just heightens her chemical imbalance.From the sands of white Mexico, to the Xamian home planet, and the vast galaxy in between, three different tales of alien love with a large dose of humor & of course, sensual probing.This anthology contains all 3 Alien Mate Stories• Alien Mate• Alien Mate 2• Alien Mate 3


Tina Donahue - 2011
    At a gentleman's club, Lea dances as SiNN, her body bared and vulnerable to her male partner, her features hidden behind a mask. To the men watching, she's a sensual enigma, submissive and seductive with no face, name or history. Not even Lea knows her real origins. But a man from the past does, and he wants her dead. Not on the watch of U.S. Marshals Jake Gabriel and Toby Quinn. Commanding and decisive, Jake not only wants Lea's safety, but to have her naked and yielding beneath him. To Toby, she's all he should resist but cannot. Protected by them at a secluded estate, Lea's drawn to their potent masculinity and raw lust. Inviting desire and an emotional connection, she submits to both, surrendering to their shameless hunger along with her own wanton needs. All while a killer edges closer...

Special Forces Christmas

Erosa Knowles - 2011
    Major Tyson wants to see his family this holiday season but things keep getting in his way.

Best Bondage Erotica 2012

Rachel Kramer Bussel - 2011
    Editrix extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel lets the reader in on the subterranean world of forbidden desires and sexual fantasies that shock and scintillate as they mesmerize. How do you want to be teased, tied, and tantalized? Best Bondage Erotica 2012 covers all the ways you can get your kink on with stories of spanking, corsetry, rubber, crossdressing, handcuffs, robe, and pleasures that push into new, and exquisitely delightful territory. Surrender to the intense eroticism of bondage and fetish in full flower.

Ultimate Heroes Collection

Ally Blake - 2011
    Strong and sexy and intent on seduction, get to know our most commanding men yet!

Llewellyn's 2012 Sabbats Almanac: Samhain 2011 to Mabon 2012

Llewellyn Publications - 2011
    Featuring new articles penned by a mix of well-known and fresh voices in the Pagan community, Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac is filled with inspiring ways to nurture your spirituality.Seek wisdom from the spirit realm with a Samhain Full Moon rite, whip up a feast to welcome Yule, brew herbal sun teas at Litha . . . and explore a myriad of other seasonally themed activities. For each Sabbat, you'll find:—Simple recipes for delicious appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages—Creative, low-cost arts and crafts projects—Astrological influences with Full and New Moon rituals—Extended rituals for groups and individuals—Journal pages for keeping track of your musings and festival plans—Ideas for celebrating the Sabbats as a family—Fascinating Pagan folklore and customs

Destiny For Three

Lilly Hale - 2011
    Jilted bride Elise Davis thinks her day can’t possibly get any worse, until a car accident lands her in the year 1850, trapped in the body of southern belle, Elizabeth McBride, who makes the Wicked Witch of the West seem like a pushover. Not knowing if she’ll ever be able to return to her own time and her own body, Elise sets out to adjust to her new life and to mend some fences with those who Elizabeth hurt. When those efforts land her smack dab in the middle of a ménage relationship with two sexy-as-sin brothers, life in the nineteenth century gets a whole lot more complicated…and hot. Trey and Radcliffe Kingston have good reason to despise Elizabeth McBride. She toyed with them both and ruined their reputations, forcing them to leave Savannah and start fresh in New York. But when Elizabeth is once again thrust into their lives, this time calling herself Elise and not acting at all like the scheming shrew they once knew, their vow to never again fall prey to her charms becomes an impossible task. They both want her. And this time they’re willing to share. But is this new woman too good to be true? Will the quirk of fate that brought Elise into their lives reverse itself? The temptation is irresistible, the passion scorching, but the risks are great. Can three people overcome the hurts of the past, the uncertainty of the future and the condemnation of society to find happiness? WARNING: RATED Carnal/Erotic. This is an erotic romance novel and contains explicit ménage M/F/M sex scenes.This story is a full-length novel, approximately 100,000 words.

Bound by Accident

Jennifer Willows - 2011
    She gave up on her hopes and dreams of artistic fame. Her life consists of her job, making love with herself, and painting in the wee hours of night. Until one fateful Friday ends with her car pinned to a tree. The man who helps her that evening belongs to her. She sees it in his eyes, intense and burning. Charyn Moreland is a Master of bondage arts, yet no woman ever touches him. He stopped looking for Ms. Right after catching his ex in bed with his brother years ago. But once he encounters Makenzie at the scene of a terrible car accident, their gazes lock and he is going to have her regardless of what he has to do. She is his. But after a single night of scorching passion, can he convince her to trust him? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Nina's Neighbor

Marla Monroe - 2011
    He saves her from a nasty case of sunstroke, and they strike up a budding relationship. When he takes her on a bike ride over the weekend, someone from his past decides they want him back and will use Nina to get to him. Help comes in the unlikely disguise of Freak, the voyeur charged with guarding them. Will he be able to keep her safe from the others, and will their relationship survive once they manage to escape? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Eliza Gayle Shifter Bundle

Eliza Gayle - 2011
    Amidst enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want, these brothers face danger, pride, secrets and choices that change everything. This bundle includes Book 1: Lucas, Book 2: Kane and Book 3: Malcolm, each an action packed read guaranteed to take your breath away. If you enjoyed this paranormal series, you might want to check out Eliza's Pentacles of Magick series that begins with, Untamed Magick .Would you like to find out when new books are released and be notified of contests? Please get my free newsletter! Visit my website at and enter your email address in the newsletter box.

Not a Man

M.A. McRae - 2011
    Such a book is 'Not a Man'. At its core, it's the story of a ten year old boy, Shuki Bolkiah, who is so grossly abused that he will never grow up to be a normal adult human being. But it is so much more than that ….. Firstly, there is the writing that is almost like a whispered prayer, a sacred text. Then there is the abuser who really does love the boy he abuses and wishes to care for him forever. …. and there is the country, harsh and magnificent, where deadly feuds spring from nowhere and many women are treated far worse than Shuki, ill-used and left to starve. Finally, there is Shuki himself, so irresistibly beautiful, so vulnerable, so intelligent, and so deadly in his turn. This is not a man. This is not a book. This is humanity in the dark and in the light. This is hope.

Crossing the Line

Jade C. Jamison - 2011
    And, after a night of unbridled passion, she discovers her troubles are just beginning...

Sanctuary Redeemed

Moira Rogers - 2011
    Even normal things like an ending relationship. Still, when he's asked to work with an outcast witch, he agrees without hesitation. Maybe by protecting her, he'll rediscover his own inner strength. If, indeed, it exists.Sasha Wallace lost her mentor in a vicious attack that left her scarred in spirit as well as body. While she's grateful for the refuge offered by the Red Rock alpha, it's tough living with the pack's suspicion. Even though--or maybe because--she's willing to use her powers to help them fight their war. Except for Dylan. When she's finally free to find a new home, he'll be the only one she regrets leaving behind.Their attraction is a balm to their wounded hearts, until their journey for knowledge brings them face to face with a terrifying vampire. Neither has the strength for this fight--but if they can let go of their pasts and trust each other, they might just be able to do it. Together.Sanctuary UnboundAdam Dubois never planned to leave Maine. New England is a comfortable place for vampires, and his cozy home in the Great North Woods reminds him of a simpler time, a time when werewolves and witches were the things of legends and he was only a simple lumberjack. Hiding from his past failures worked for over eighty years, but a life debt has forced him back into the world--and face to face with a woman who challenges him almost as much as she tempts him.Cindy Shepherd is lonely and Red Rock isn't crawling with available men. When a handsome vampire arrives in cloud of mystery she decides he could sate her sexual frustration. After all, if they're using each other for hot, impersonal sex, there's no danger he'll dig deep enough to learn her secrets.Their casual flirtation turns deadly serious when Adam discovers that the vampire plaguing Red Rock is using Adam's mistakes as a road map. Together, they'll face the darkness, but they must trust each other with more than their lives to secure a future--even if it means sacrificing themselves to save everything they hold dear.

Prison Pussy

Lexie X - 2011
    She turns to her cellmate for protection, but is she willing to pay the 'price?'An intense tale of lesbian domination and submission.

A Good Man (Tutelam Venit, #1)

Marc Nobbs - 2011
    Little did he realise how much that selfless act would change his life.“A Good Man” is the first book in the “Tutelam Venit” series – the story of one young man’s coming of age journey and his search for his place in the world.

The Portable Ana'is Nin

Ana'is Nin - 2011
    A handy source book of Nin's most important writings, arranged chronologically and annotated by prominent Nin scholar Benjamin Franklin V. Included are complete diary excerpts, entire fictional works, such as The House of Incest, erotica, interviews, selections from her unpublished diary, and her critical writings.

Stolen Destiny

Gabrielle Bisset - 2011
    To catch a murderer, he and Callia must find an Aeveren with the power to control time. But Amon Kalins isn't a man to trifle with, and when he wants something, he'll use his powers, devastating charm, and good looks to get it. When Amon manipulates time and seduces her away, Varek must turn to the people who set him free for help to get her back. But the Council doesn't do anything without requiring something in return, and what they want is Amon Kalins, one of the most powerful Aeveren ever. Varek will do what he must to capture Amon and find Callia. If he doesn't, she'll be lost to him for untold lifetimes. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

How to Write Sexy Descriptions and Sex Scenes

Val Kovalin - 2011
    When writing sexy descriptions and sex scenes, you may need words such as ache, aching, arch, bare, bared, battle, beg, bite, blush, bounce, brace himself or brace herself, breach, bruise, bruising, brush, buck, bump, burn, burning, captivate, capture, caress, catch, circle, clasp, clench, clenching, coax, cry out, cup, curse, curve, cushion, dampen, dart, darting, deepen, delve, dominate, and so forth. Here, you get lists of words and ways to use them. Part One gives writing advice. Part Two shows you how to write sexy descriptions about the human body from head to toe. Part Three discusses male-male romance fiction, and Part Four details the common elements of a sex scene, including sexual tension, flirting, arousal, sexy noises, initial touching, kissing, embracing, intimate caresses, disrobing, masturbation, foreplay, penetration, the sex act, orgasm, and afterglow.This book is written specifically for writers of erotic romance fiction, which includes male-female romance and male-male romance. Erotic romance fiction gives equal emphasis to sex and emotion within the romantic relationship. However, those who write erotica (more focus on sex) and those who write sweet romance (more focus on emotion) can adapt the information here. Others for whom this book may be useful include anyone who wants to write a sex scene for genre or mainstream fiction. Before I start giving advice, I should make one thing clear. All this is information for you to evaluate for yourself and accept or dismiss. The only "ironclad rules" in writing fiction are the laws of physics and the principles of grammar, and even those can be bent. The most important thing is to write what the readers want to read. Throughout this book, I warn you about things that could break the spell of escapism and jolt the readers out of your story. However, you can write anything you want so long as you are aware of the risks you run. It's all up to you.(This e-book contains sexually explicit scenes and language and may be considered offensive to some readers. This book is for sale to adults only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.) Published with DRM technology, this book is read-only (no copying), and is 30,000 words. Thank you for reading!


Pynk - 2011
    Magnolia, a New Year's Day baby, is childless, and always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Rebe, the mother of a college-aged daughter named Trinity, has just gone through a divorce from a man whose sexual appetite far exceeded her desires and abilities. Darla is also a New Year's Day baby, still mourning her husband's death after five years. After way too many glasses of champagne, Rebe, challenges them to open their minds in a way they'd never done before, daring them to try something new...sexually. SIXTY-NINE is a liberating story about sisterhood and friendship, and about how past experiences and beliefs can influence one's views about life and sex.

The Pearl Trilogy

Geoffrey Knight - 2011
    Wonder. Danger.For two young boys growing up in the Northern Territory-half-Aboriginal Jarrah 'Jad' Yindi and his best friend Luke Lawson-the remote beaches and aqua waters of the Top End are a playground of adventure. And as two best friends become young men, true love washes over them like the sea upon the sand.But life is full of challenges and change, and if Jad is to discover who he really is, he must piece together his ancestral past, his dream-filled present and his uncertain future to become the man he was always destined to be.Through water and fire; through love and loss; through the days of youth to the stories of the world's oldest living culture, journey across the heart of Australia to discover what's in the heart of one young man.

Captive in the Dark

C.J. Roberts - 2011
    Kidnapped as a young boy and sold into slavery by a power-hungry mobster, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. For twelve years he has immersed himself in the world of pleasure slaves searching for the one man he holds ultimately responsible. Finally, the architect of his suffering has emerged with a new identity, but not a new nature. If Caleb is to get close enough to strike, he must become the very thing he abhors and kidnap a beautiful girl to train her to be all that he once was.Eighteen-year-old Olivia Ruiz has just woken up in a strange place. Blindfolded and bound, there is only a calm male voice to welcome her. His name is Caleb, though he demands to be called Master. Olivia is young, beautiful, naïve and willful to a fault. She has a dark sensuality that cannot be hidden or denied, though she tries to accomplish both. Although she is frightened by the strong, sadistic, and arrogant man who holds her prisoner, what keeps Olivia awake in the dark is her unwelcome attraction to him.WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence.

Hidden Talent

Bianca D'Arc - 2011
     While on an undercover mission to gather intelligence on the neighboring collective, Micah receives the shock of his life. A shy, reclusive horse tamer who possesses a level of raw psi Talent that nearly matches his own. Along with her pure, wild Talent, her beautiful spirit and innocence rouse him to take her on a voyage of discovery to the stars…and the limits of her own, untapped passion. All her life, Jeri has hidden her Talent, enduring the stigma of being “odd”. Once aboard the Circe, Micah and his cousin Darak, a rogue of the first order, guide her through a world where those with Talents are revered, not hunted. Where pleasure hones and strengthens psi power to undreamed-of heights. Where love is a real possibility, not a distant dream. When a defenseless planet is besieged by the collective’s armada, the Circe races to the rescue—only to discover a missing piece of Jeri’s past on the wrong side of the battle. And that combining her formidable new powers with Micah’s may win the day, but cost her everything…Warning: This book contains scenes of ménage a trois et quartre, some exhibitionism, a bit of voyeurism, and love in space and on land.

The Diary of Anna's Submission

Jenika Snow - 2011
    All she can think about is how it would feel to let a man possess her in the most primal of ways. Despite her inexperience, and the fact she is a virgin, she knows she wants to be at the mercy of a dominating man, one who can show her what it really means to submit.When she is propositioned by Felix, a Dominant at the local BDSM club, Anna has to make the choice to either accept what Felix has to offer, or leave behind an experience that will forever change her life.Deciding to let Master Felix train her in the art of being a true submissive, Anna takes a journey that will bare her soul, and leave her body deliciously sore.


Natalie Weber - 2011
    Serenity is a young girl who had always been curious about lesbian experiences. Denying her urges, she never acted on any of her impulses . . . not until she goes off to college. When she meets Sadie Smith, her world is changed forever as she gets sucked into an underground world of sex, seduction, and secrets. When Serenity starts a down-low relationship with Sadie, she comes to discover that being possessive is not solely a man's trait. Sadie takes over Serenity's life and pulls her into a web of deceit and lies.

Boys of Vice City

Zack - 2011
    The innocent young American is catapulted into the center of intrigues of a horny crew shooting a movie in Rome. In this fast-paced story set in 1980 sex-hungy guys abound, all wanting a share of the handsome newcomer. Gil soon discovers that he has what the hunky young men want and before long he's giving it every way they choose.The glamorous—and not so glamorous—movie business forms the backdrop to this tale acted out in Rome's sultry streets—Vice City, where everything is for sale. But by the end Gil finds something worth more than a career: true love.Boys of Vice City is the first volume in saga of a young man's search for fulfilment in a tough world. Gil and his English boy friend Mike Smith's story continues in Boys of Disco City (July 2012) and the first part concludes with Boys of Two Cities> (November 2012).

The Lotus Eaters

aldora89 - 2011
    With the captain out of commission on a regular basis and Spock struggling to preserve his stoicism, staying alive is difficult enough – but when a slim chance for escape surfaces, their resolve is truly put to the test. Together they must fight for survival in the heart of an alien jungle, and in the process, uncover the mystery of the planet’s past. Slow build K/S.Words:93594 completeArt by sarcasmcookie

Forbidden Beloved

Sarah J. Pepper - 2011
    Alexander’s hauntingly beautiful eyes seemed to penetrate her soul, unfurling all her secrets. And his smile – Oooh, his smile could end wars or start them, depending on his mood. But his dangerous good looks were irrelevant. He was an Unseelie faie and a wicked prince at that, while Roxy belonged to the Seelie Court. Their destinies should have never intertwined. Nevertheless, it didn’t slow Alexander’s determination to get her tangled between his bed sheets. With the Unseelie prince’s insanely addictive kiss lingering on her lips, Roxy is appointed by the Seelie Court to investigate their king’s murder. As more faies turn up dead, Roxy must find the killer before accusations push the two courts into war. One problem: the killer orchestrates a twisted game of hide-and-seek, as if amused by the web of lies they create. The catch: all the clues lead to an Unseelie prince being the killer mastermind – the very faie whose touch Roxy craves.


leonidaslion - 2011
    Sam and Bobby fear that Dean will turn insane as the spirit takes possession. The major work of the series is part 14, 'The Fetters of Fenrir.'Words 334,683 Complete - 17 Parts - Free DownloadsArtpost: 2:

My Life as a Sex-o-Gram: Book Two

Nikki Blaise - 2011
    Perfect for when you just have a few minutes to spare.Praise for Nikki's writing:"Mind as sexy as her body.""It's like you take the stories out of my head.""Red-hot - she won't let you down!""Reading your book in public means finding creative ways to cover conspicuous bulges!""A talented erotic writer . . . great sassy dialogue, a healthy dose of wit & above all - hot!"Book Three is now available:US: The Student PartyMe and a partyful of horny students.2. The Security GuardHis dream come true - he catches me stealing and I offer sex in return for him not calling the Police. Of course, it's all pre-arranged by his best buddy.3. The BurglarTwo men arrange for me to break into their house and punish me severely with the wife sleeping upstairs.4. The Booty CallSometimes it just has to be about me.5. The ShowerNaughty Mr Robinson calls me back to school, and this time he's invited a friend along. I take a shower in the girls' changing rooms.6. The Job InterviewI pose as an interviewee, so desperate for a job I'll do literally . . . anything.7. The Lock-inOld-fashioned orgy fun.8. The Induction of PennyBreaking in the new girl.9. The FootballA well-known Premiership football team celebrate their first win of the season.10. The MoversMoving house and not enough money to tip the hunky movers - what's a poor working girl to do?

The Mammoth Book of Gorgeous Guys: Erotic Photographs of Men

Barbara Cardy - 2011
    This stunning collection brings together the best work, in both black-and-white and color images, of over 50 different artists from all over the world.

Bittersweet Obsessions

Annie Rayburn - 2011
    In a culture where it’s believed each person has only one life-mate, what happens when yours is beyond your reach? Teriza feels the mating call to a man married to a Human. Unwilling to be the cause of infidelity, Teriza distances herself from her mate after an intense pheromone-charged encounter that leaves her in precarious health. She requires treatment and is sent to a clinic in Switzerland, where sexual surrogates are employed to heal such conditions. After Paul Craddock’s life-mate died, he turned to surrogacy to ease the pain of loneliness. His reaction to Teriza surprises him by being more than a casual attraction. He’s intrigued to discover she feels the same. They experiment with the Human way of courtship, but the ultimate bond that Crainesians experience eludes them. Teriza fears Paul cannot be content with her since he’s experienced heartglow during his previous marriage. Paul worries that the existence of Teriza’s life mate makes him the consolation prize, good enough, but not her first choice. Though they are falling in love, they’re in uncharted territory without the engulfing pheromone storm of life-mates to guide them. Will they learn to trust their feelings and listen to their hearts before it’s too late?

Afternoon Pleasures

Shane Allison - 2011
    Filled with romance, passion, and lots of lust,Afternoon Pleasuresis irresistably erotic yet celebrates the coming together of souls as well as bodies.Two husbears travel down south to meet up with a horned up twink in Jeff Mann’s, “One Afternoon in the Bible Belt.” A sneaky environmentalist is sandwiched between rock-hard dick hounds, Eddy and Dale in Bob Vickery’s salacious tale, “Loggers.” Two life partners have a Sunday morning roll in the sack in “Hank Edward’s “Breakfast in Bed.” Erotic bard, Rob Rosen’s “Skyrockets in Flight,” is delicious with naughty bits in every throbbing line. These are just a few of the tawdry stories of male on male sex that grace the pages of this anthology. So lie back with the one you love or the one you lust after and enjoy. Clothing is optional.

Fire and Ice

Carrie Olguin - 2011
    The law demands her indentured servitude. Fate taunts her to find the lost City of Almona, the adventure that claimed her father's life. She becomes the property of a judge, a man she fears. And desires. How can she attain freedom to answer Fate’s call? Rosche burns for Sarica. The extreme cold she generates through her skin can soothe the curse he bears of creating heat through his. Emotions incite the beastly fever to flare. Because he is callous, she had rejected him as a suitor. So he buys her servitude. As his most precious possession, he will keep her. Forever. Will he risk their lives on an expedition to find Almona City to finally win her heart?

The Baby Shower

Joey W. Hill - 2011
    It is posted on Joey W. Hill's website under Two volumes containing ALL the novella and short story character revisits written through 2016 are available for sale in ebook and print, but you can scroll below Cantrips 1 & 2 to find the individual stories still available as FREE downloads in the most common ebook formats.In this short, Violet's friends throw her a baby shower...

Two Wolves

Xanthe Walter - 2011
    After five months of hitting brick walls, Tony finally hatches a desperate plan to rescue Gibbs, only to find him a very changed man. In order to escape, Tony has to remind Gibbs who he is and awaken a sleeping wolf inside him. But, haunted by his ordeal and the acts he’s been forced to commit, can there ever really be a way back for Gibbs?Rated: NC-17Genre: SlashPairing: Gibbs/DiNozzoWord count: 150,000 complete

The Vanguards: Books 1-3

Annie Nicholas - 2011
    Daedalus has been a powerful vampire for ages. Intrigued by the chance to train the geeks of the underworld, The Omegas, he wasn't bargaining on losing his heart to a human. Can he make the Omegas a success, fit into Sugar's quiet life, and avoid being ripped to shreds in the process? The Alpha: Someone is about to get some Spice in his life. Spice has nothing but the clothes on her back when she returns to Chicago. She's looking for a better life, and that means reuniting with her estranged twin sister, Sugar. She isn't thrilled to find out Sugar's boyfriend is a vampire. But then she meets Eric, once the bottle-cap-glasses wearing nerd next door - now grown into the kind of man she'd love to snuggle with on this cold winter night...and he's offered her his room in Sugar's house. The Beta: Three days of hell, in charge, and running out of antacids. As the pack's Beta, Robert needs to watch over the Vasi werewolf pack for a few days. He hates the responsibility, but his job is to dissolve any problems while his alpha honeymoons. Nevertheless, trouble comes to town and her name is Esther, who is intent on slaying the vampire Daedalus. She's beguiling, beautiful and picks his pocket. Although Robert doesn't trust her, he still wants to possess her.

A Wicked Ride

Avril Ashton - 2011
    In order to save her family--and herself--from jail, she must steal evidence hidden in a lawyer's office. She sets out to do what she considers a simple B and E, but someone else has arrived first. And he holds her life in his tattooed hands. Not for long. Niko Davaris is all about revenge on the man who tried to kill him. The evidence he stole is the first step in that direction. He's not thrilled to wake up with a gun to his head. The woman on the other end is ****y, smug and too damn hot for her own good. He wants her, she wants the evidence. When she takes it and disappears, he gives chase. Battle lines are blurred as they give in to temptation, but on a ride like this, someone has to come out on top. Who will it be?

A Cowboy and A Gentleman

Helen Hardt - 2011
    Sparks fly between her and handsome cowboy Dallas, but attraction and emotion aren’t always enough…especially when a cowboy has vowed never to make the same mistake twice.

Comanche Haven

Catherine Wolffe - 2011
    She was his first love and now the Shooter Creek's ranch boss can't allow her to succumb to the danger that stalks her. Someone wants to kidnap her and sell her as a slave, but now that she's in his protective arms, he intends to keep her safe.Celia can't run back to the safety of her former life in South Carolina. And if she stays at Shooter Creek with Seth, she'll be putting the man she has always loved and his ranch in danger of harboring a Comanche. But Seth refuses to leave her side, and his vow to protect her gives Celia the hope and courage she needs. Now she'll fight for her new life with Seth...or die trying. (103,411 words)

The Witch's Familiar

Allison Cassatta - 2011
    She had her cat and her best friend, Christian, the new age shop her grandmother had started and a coven of witches that dated back in the Burning Times, but other than that, she was alone and had lost hope of being complete or happy again. And if things weren’t bad enough, she started showing signs of the same illness her family’s matriarchs had died from….Will ancient magick and an unexpected, new-found love be enough to save her life?


Desiree Holt - 2011
    Now a killer has brought them together again, but neither is ready for a reunion-despite signs that their explosive chemistry hasn't waned with time. She can't forget the feel of his hands on her body. He can't forget the hot touch of her mouth. When they finally tumble into bed, the sex is just as good as they remember, hot enough to singe the sheets. But is it enough?Thrown together during an exhausting, frenzied concert tour, with a killer nipping at their heels, Dallas and Charley find themselves on a hot, suspenseful, erotic roller coaster ride. Can he convince her to trust her heart to him one more time, to reach out for a richer, deeper, more mature love?More importantly-can Charley keep Dallas alive long enough for either of them to enjoy a second chance?