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East of the Sun & West of the Moon

Mercer Mayer - 1980
    The spellbound frog is whisked off to the trolls' castle and the ungrateful lass loses her chance to marry a handsome prince until she creates a happy ending, having atoned for her mistake".--Publishers Weekly. Full color.

The Ordinary Princess

M.M. Kaye - 1980
    Unlike her six beautiful sisters, she has brown hair and freckles, and would rather have adventures than play the harp, embroider tapestries . . . or become a Queen. When her royal parents try to marry her off, Amy runs away and, because she's so ordinary, easily becomes the fourteenth assistant kitchen maid at a neighboring palace. And there . . . much to everyone's surprise . . . she meets a prince just as ordinary (and special) as she is!"This delightful fairy tale is sure to please young romantics . . . Neither Kaye's princess nor her book should be considered ordinary." (School Library Journal)

The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories

Gene Wolfe - 1980
    The stories within are mined with depth charges, explosions of meaning and illumination that will keep you thinking and feeling long after you have finished reading.Contents11 • The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories • [Archipelago] • (1970) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe26 • Alien Stones • (1972) • novelette by Gene Wolfe55 • La Befana • (1973) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe60 • The Hero as Werwolf • (1975) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe74 • Three Fingers • (1976) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe80 • The Death of Dr. Island • [Archipelago] • (1973) • novella by Gene Wolfe131 • Feather Tigers • (1973) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe138 • Hour of Trust • (1973) • novelette by Gene Wolfe167 • Tracking Song • (1975) • novella by Gene Wolfe225 • The Toy Theater • (1971) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe232 • The Doctor of Death Island • [Archipelago] • (1978) • novella by Gene Wolfe277 • Cues • (1974) • shortstory by Gene Wolfe281 • The Eyeflash Miracles • (1976) • novella by Gene Wolfe336 • Seven American Nights • (1978) • novella by Gene Wolfe

The Wise Woman and Other Stories

George MacDonald - 1980
    Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams.

Companion to Narnia: A Complete Guide to the Magical World of C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia

Paul F. Ford - 1980
    From Aslan, the Great Lion, to Zardeenah, the mysterious lady of the night, this comprehensive, accessible book contains hundreds of alphabetically arranged and indexed entries covering all the characters, events, places, and themes that Lewis brilliantly wove into his timeless and magical world.For readers of all ages, this is the perfect guide for the enchanted world of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Garrett Files

Glen Cook - 1980
    Bitter Gold Hearts: The Stormwarden's son has been kidnapped, and Garrett must brave a host of ogres and assassins to rescue him. Cold Copper Tears: There's a new cult in town: worshippers of a godlike Destroyer who think Garrett would make an ideal sacrifice!

The Keep on the Borderlands

Gary Gygax - 1980
    Introductory Game Module for Character Levels 1-3, for use with the Dungeons & Dragons game.This module includes a cover folder with maps & a complete description booklet to form a ready-made scenario of Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set.It has been specially designed for use by beginning Dungeon Masters so that they may begin play with a minimum of preparations.

Another Fine Myth / Myth Conceptions

Robert Lynn Asprin - 1980
    Myth Conceptions - Skeeve auditions for court magician of Rodrick and, unfortunately, gets the job.

Tomb of Horrors

Gary Gygax - 1980
    The author wishes to express his thanks to Mr. Alan Lucien who was kind enough to submit the ideas for this dungeon. This version has been revised and updated to conform to ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Included herein are background information for players, including the Legend of the Tomb - as is true of all TSR DUNGEON MODULES, the location of this area is upon the Map of the World of Greyhawk (WORLD OF GREYHAWK by TSR) - DM notes, level map and matrix, player character statistics for varying numbers of participants, and over two dozen special illustrations to graphically enhance your players' enjoyment of the adventure, as the drawings are keyed to various scenes and encounters iin the Tomb.

Conan The Freebooter

Robert E. Howard - 1980
    Sprague de Camp · in 15 · Hawks Over Shem [revised by de Camp from “Hawks Over Egypt” by R.E.H. Howard’s original version was eventually published in The Road to Azrael, Bantam 1980] · nv Fantastic Universe Oct ’55 54 · Black Colossus · Robert E. Howard · nv Weird Tales Jun ’33 99 · Shadows in the Moonlight · Robert E. Howard · nv Weird Tales Apr ’34 138 · The Road of the Eagles [“Conan, Man of Destiny”] · nv Fantastic Universe Dec ’55 172 · A Witch Shall Be Born · Robert E. Howard · na Weird Tales Dec ’34

Against the Giants

Gary Gygax - 1980
    Contained herein are referee notes, background information, maps, and exploration keys for three complete adventures using the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS rules. This module can be used alone or as the first in a series of adventures that includes Dungeon Modules D1-2 (DESCENT INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE EARTH), D3 (VAULT OF THE DROW), and Q1 (QUEEN OF THE DEMONWEB PITS).

Duncton Wood

William Horwood - 1980
    and all the other moles of Duncton Wood. Set deep in the English countryside, this enchanting story tells of an ancient community losing its soul - but saved by courage and love.

The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy

Lynne Reid Banks - 1980
    Full description

World of Greyhawk (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set)

Gary Gygax - 1980
    Game elements include the gods of Greyhawk, the clash of political factions, and encounters in this wild land.


Robin Muller - 1980
    But when a pack of evil witches invades the palace, it is Tatterhood who battles them... and who sets out to free Belinda from the terrible spell the witches have cast upon her.

The Golden Key and Other Stories

George MacDonald - 1980
    S. Lewis but also such literary masters as Charles Williams and J. R. R. Tolkien. Though his longer fairy tales Lilith and Phantastes are particularly famous, much of MacDonald’s best fantasy writing is found in his shorter stories. In this volume editor Glenn Sadler has compiled some of MacDonald’s finest short works—marvelous fairy tales and stories certain to delight readers familiar with MacDonald and those about to meet him for the first time.

Beaver Towers

Nigel Hinton - 1980
    She has tried to destroy Philip with earth, air and fire. Now she uses her last and most dangerous means of attack, water. Philip must head for the sea as his friend is in danger. He has dared to defy Oyin once but this time she is waiting for him.

The Brave Little Toaster

Thomas M. Disch - 1980
    Feeling abandoned by their beloved master, a vacuum cleaner, tensor lamp, electric blanket, clock radio, and toaster undertake a long and arduous journey to find him in a faraway city.

Eyes Of Horus

Joan Marshall Grant - 1980
    When an adult, he joins a conspiracy known as the "Eyes of Horns, " which is dedicated to breaking the rule of fear and lifting the shadows of lust, greed, and cruelty from Egypt. When all effort to avoid war fails, it is Ra-ab who leads the "Eyes of Horus" into battle against the old regime and its evil priests.This is one of the most exciting of all of Joan Grant's "far memory" novels, richly recreating the glory of one of ancient Egypt's golden moments, and illustrating the principles and values of good government.

Doré's Illustrations for Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso": A Selection of 208 Illustrations

Gustave Doré - 1980
    His startling conceptions and brooding surreal imagery lent overwhelming power to his often definitive illustrations of the classics: The Divine Comedy, Gargantua, and Pantagruel, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and the Bible, among others. In 1879, having produced over 90 illustrated books, he published the last major work of his illustrious career: 618 illustrations for Ludovico Ariosto's magnificent epic poem, Orlando Furioso. Little known today, the work contains some of Doré's finest illustrations.Ariosto's poem combines medieval legends of King Arthur and Charlemagne in a long, complex narrative involving scores of characters, numerous interweaving subplots, and many interpolated tales. The conflict of Christian versus Moor provides the epic background of the work.The present volume contains 208 of Doré's finest illustrations for the poem, painstakingly reproduced from a beautifully printed 19th-century German edition. Included are all 81 full-page plates, the large frontispiece, many other illustrations that fill an entire Dover page, and a generous sampling of smaller, chiefly zinc-engraved plates. The latter consist of many lively and felicitous drawings reproduced directly from Doré's originals without the intermediate service of his team of wood engravers.Ariosto's extended saga provided an almost endless succession of characters, creatures, and events upon which Doré lavished the skill and experience of a lifetime. The illustrations range from brilliant quick sketches to highly finished and shaded studies, many of which convey and incomparable feeling of metaphysical gloom. Desolate landscapes, ghostly castles, and titanic battles furnish darkly romantic settings in which tiny human figures often appear overwhelmed — helpless pawns of destiny. Against this stark backdrop, a panorama of jousting knights, damsels in distress, heroic deeds, romantic interludes, and mystical events comes to life under Doré's exuberant pen style. His haunting interpretations, suffused with a shadowy mysticism, seem the perfect visual expression of Ariosto's monumental historico mythological tableau.For this edition, Stanley Appelbaum has selected illustrations and provided captions describing the scene depicted, with appropriate canto and stanza numbers. He has also provided an informative introduction and plot summary. Anyone interested in the special artistic magic that results from the fusion of great art and great literature will want to add this inexpensive reprint of one of Doré's finest achievements to their bookshelves.

The Fantasy Stories of George MacDonald

George MacDonald - 1980
    Lewis, who once called MacDonald his master, but also J.R.R. Tolkien, who has paid his own tribute to the "power and beauty" of MacDonald's accomplishment.This newly illustrated set of four paperbacks holds the complete fantasy stories (except for several longer stories readily available elsewhere) of George MacDonald."What he does best is fantasy -- fantasy that hovers between the allegorical and the mythopoeic. And this, in my opinion, he does better than any man." -C.S. Lewis"Surely, George MacDonald is the grandfather of us all -- all of us who struggle to come to terms with truth through fantasy.... I am delighted that these wonderful stories are available to a world that is in dire need of their message." -Madeleine L'Engle Includes the following volumes and stories: The Wise Woman and Other Fantasy Stories"The Wise Woman or the Lost Princess: A Double Story""Little Daylight""Cross Purposes""The Castle: A Parable"The Gray Wolf and Other Fantasy Stories"The Gray Wolf""The Cruel Painter""The Broken Swords""The Wow O'Rivven""Uncle Cornelius, His Story""The Butcher's Bills""Birth, Dreaming, Death"The Light Princess and Other Fantasy Stories"The Light Princess""The Giant's Heart""The CArasoyn""Port in a Storm""Papa's Story [A Scot's Christmas Story]"The Golden Key and Other Fantasy Stories"The Golden Key""The History of Photogen and Nycteris""The Shadows""The Gifts of the Child Christ"

The Wishing Tree

Ruth Chew - 1980
    tantalize a sister and brother into setting out upon ethereal adventures. (1980)Another out-of-print masterpiece by America's story-creating wizard of the 1970s & 1980s, Ruth Chew.

Expedition To The Barrier Peaks

Gary Gygax - 1980
    The author wishes to express his thanks to Mr. Robert Kuntz who contributed substantial ideas for the various encounters herein. This version has been carefully revised and updated to conform to ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Included herein are background information for players, statistics for a party substantially the same as that used for the tournament, DM notes, six level maps with encounter matrices, and numerous full color illustrations of scenes from the adventure in order to enhance the enjoyment of participants. There are also many new and special monsters designed for this scenario, and they appear nowhere else. This module is located upon the Map of the World of Greyhawk (WORLD OF GREYHAWK from TSR).Background Information:The Grand Duchy of Geoff has recently been plagued by a rash of unusually weird & terrible monsters of unknown sort. This western area, particularly the mountain fastness which separates the Grand Duchy from the Dry Steppes, has long been renowned for the generation of the most fearsome beasts, & it has been shunned accordingly - save for a handful of hardy souls with exceptional abilities & sufficient wealth to build stout strongholds to ward off the attacks of the predatory creatures infesting the rugged lands thereabout.

Under Plum Lake

Lionel Davidson - 1980
    Returning to the scene later he goes down a cliff path and finds a cave, and a boy waiting for him, beckoning him into a tunnel that goes under the water.

Time + the Riddle

Howard Fast - 1980
    Not merely fantasy or science fiction, these "Zen stories" explore the world's mysterious and unanswerable questions, big and small, and the results are at once bizarre, humorous, chilling, and poignant. An American general shoots down what appears to be an angel during a Vietnam War battle, a celebrated author becomes a hunted man, and a mouse is granted human thought and emotion by a group of alien beings. The thirty-one stories in "Time and the Riddle" showcase Fast's range and supreme talent as a storyteller. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author's estate.


Robert Nye - 1980
    Johann Fausten dem wietbeschreyen Zauberer und Schwartzkunstler, or History of Dr John Faust the notorious Magician and Necromancer, as written by his familiar servant and disciple Christopher wagner, now for the first time Englished from the Low German.


Spider Robinson - 1980
    with life life as the prize?PLUS * seven other superb stories * four horrible puns * a trible feghoot * four original songs, with E-Z Play chords * foreword, afterwords, illustrations, and a weapons list9 • Introduction: Welcome to the Antinomy Mine • essay by Spider Robinson13 • Antinomy • (1978) • novelette by Spider Robinson48 • Afterword to "Antinomy" • essay by Spider Robinson51 • Half an Oaf • (1976) • novelette by Spider Robinson79 • Rhythms and 'Rithms • short fiction by Spider Robinson79 • Tidbit: two puns • short story by Spider Robinson80 • The Shamin' of the Shaman • short fiction by Spider Robinson81 • Too Soon We Grow Old • (1978) • short story by Spider Robinson98 • Valkyrie Ride • poem by Spider Robinson98 • Tidbit: two songs • poem by Spider Robinson102 • Feed Me Fire • poem by Spider Robinson105 • When No Man Pursueth • (1974) • novelette by Spider Robinson139 • Tidbit: afterword to "When No Man Pursueth" • essay by Spider Robinson144 • Nobody Likes to Be Lonely • (1975) • novelette by Spider Robinson186 • Tidbit: interleaf • essay by Spider Robinson188 • Satan's Children • (1979) • novella by Spider Robinson229 • Three-Time Winner • short fiction by Spider Robinson229 • Tidbit: a triple Feghoot and a cartoon • short story by Spider Robinson231 •  Cartoon: "Sorry, Mr. Griffin: he says he can't see you now." • interior artwork by Spider Robinson232 • Apogee • (1978) • short story by Spider Robinson236 • A Standing Joke • short fiction by Spider Robinson237 • The Snoopy Scientist • short fiction by Spider Robinson238 • Tidbit: two puns (includes some artwork) • short story by Spider Robinson240 • No Renewal • (1977) • short story by Spider Robinson246 • Tidbit: afterword (to "No Renewal"), an illo, and a weapons list • essay by Spider Robinson247 • Through My Eyes- illustration of Mike Callahan • essay by Spider Robinson248 • Silly Weapons Throughout History • (1980) • essay by Spider Robinson251 • Overdose • (1975) • short story by Spider Robinson262 • Perspective • poem by Spider Robinson262 • Tidbit: two more songs • poem by Spider Robinson265 • Mountain Lady • poem by Spider Robinson268 • Tin Ear • (1977) • short story by Spider Robinson277 • Tidbit: foreword to "The Magnificent Conspiracy" • essay by Spider Robinson280 • The Magnificent Conspiracy • (1977) • novelette by Spider Robinson310 • This Time Next Year • poem by Spider Robinson311 • Come to My Bedside • poem by Spider Robinson


Christopher Rawson - 1980
    Intended for beginner readers, these stories about dragons are written in simple text for readers who have, or are gaining confidence in reading alone.

The Last Defender of Camelot

Roger Zelazny - 1980
    Even old fans will find surprises in this collection. For instance, how many devotees have read Passion Play, Zelazny s first published work, and how many are familiar with He Who Shapes, the foundation of his classic novel The Dream Master?ContentsPassion PlayHorseman!The Stainless Steel LeechA Thing of Terrible BeautyHe Who ShapesComes Now the PowerAuto-Da-Fe'Damnation alleyFor a Breath I TarryThe Engine at Heartspring's CenterThe Game of Blood and DustNo AwardIs There a Demon Lover in the House?The Last Defender of CamelotStand Pat, Ruby StoneHalfjack

The Stray Lamb

Thorne Smith - 1980
    Lamb, an ordinary man who leads an ordinary life, until a chance encounter leads to him experiencing the world through the eyes of various animals. Thorne Smith again shows his mastery of the comic fantasy tale as Lamb lurches from one mishap to another, reeling from his wife's abandonment and the actions of his headstrong daughter and reveling in the new opportunities that his excursions into animal form provide.

Favorite Andrew Lang Fairy Tale Books in Many Colors: Red, Green, Yellow and Blue Fairy Tale Books

Andrew Lang - 1980
    Cinderella, the girl of "unparalleled goodness and sweetness of temper", ill-treated by her stepmother and stepsisters, is magically transformed by her fairy godmother into a beautiful maiden for the King's ball. The prince instantly falls in love with Cinderella's beauty but Cinderella runs away, scared that the prince will not love her when he finds out the truth. Would the prince be able to find Cinderella again? Find out in this version of the original story of Cinderella.Aladdin: Made famous by the Disney animation of this Oriental hero; the son of a poor tailor who goes on to become a prince and marry the beautiful princess. With the help of the Genie of the Lamp and the Genie of the Ring, Aladdin fights the wicked Vizier and the evil magician to win his kingdom. Street smart and cool; Aladdin's adventure takes you on a journey across the deserts of Persia, China and Africa in this original masterpiece.Jack and the Beanstalk: Jack and his magical beans. They grow up very tall and led him into a fairyland ruled by a Giant. Read how Jack kills the Giant with his wits and returns with his treasures which include a hen laying golden eggs and a talking harp.Alibaba and the Forty Thieves: Discover the true hero behind simple Ali Baba's victory over 40 vicious thieves.Hansel and Gretel: Two little children,Hansel and Gretel, are abandoned by their stepmother in a forest. They find a house made of chocolate and cakes belonging to a children-eating witch! Read the original story of Hansel and Gretel's courage, wit and love with which they overcome the evil witch, and with the help of a duck return to their father with the witch's treasure.Beauty and the Beast: A fair maiden takes the place of her father to stay with a terrible-looking Beast ... Read how they survive with one other.Rapunzel: The beautiful girl, Rapunzel, with long golden hair, shut up in a tower with no doors or stairs by a witch, is rescued by a prince who uses her hair to climb up the tower and kill the witch.Thumbelina: A girl smaller than a thumb, abducted by a toad to marry its son, is rescued by fishes, sheltered by mice and flown away by a swallow to meet her charming prince.Puss in boots: A talking cat who helps his master in killing a mighty Ogre, becomes a king and marrys a princess.Also contains answers to: Why the sea is salty? How does a boy learnt about fear? What does the voice of death sound like? And other interesting stories ...

Cat's Magic

Margaret Greaves - 1980
    But Louise meets Charlie, a local boy, and manages to get her own kitten, Casca. From then on life begins to change in the most mysterious and dramatic ways. Through Casca she receives a magical but alarming gift which brings her into very unexpected situations, including travelling back into the past, and the arrival at Deep End of visitors from the Victorian era. Reality and history begin to get very muddled indeed, but surprisingly it’s Aunt Harriet who provides the ideal solution.

The Orphan

Robert Stallman - 1980
    A wild-eyed, five clawed beast with a taste for blood and the soft crunch of bone between the teeth. But as little Robert, the werewolf has been adopted by a kindly farmer and his wife. Neither Robert nor the monster could control the shifting of its form, and always, the emerged beast lurked within, ready to spring for the throat.

World Of Greyhawk (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)

Gary Gygax - 1980
    Includes 32-page Greyhawk Gazetteer and two connecting poster maps.

The Double Disappearance of Walter Fozbek

Steve Senn - 1980
    Where were all the other humans? Where was Walter? And how would he get home?With the aid of Ralph (a Stegosaur), the absent-minded Dr. Krebnickel (a Trachodon), and a cranky computer, Walter is off on quite an adventure. If he can't find his way out of this mess soon, he just might end up on permanent display in the museum of human history!

The Gray Wolf and Other Fantasy Stories

George MacDonald - 1980
    This is a selection of short stories from the nineteenth-century innovator of modern fantasy.The gray wolf.--The cruel painter.--The broken swords.--The wow o'Rivven.--Uncle Cornelius, his story.--The butcher's bills.--Birth, dreaming, death

The World Around the Corner

Maurice Gee - 1980
    Caroline finds a pair of magic spectacles which reveal a hidden world at the center of New Zealand, a world threatened with destruction if the spectacles fall into the wrong hands.

Blood Will Tell (Darkover)

Marion Zimmer Bradley - 1980
    What is the good of being in an alien world in a civilized Empire if you keep the provincial spirit and customs of your backwater?

Conan: The Treasure of Tranicos

Robert E. Howard - 1980
    For Conan knows what he wants - and what he must do to get The Treasure of Tranicos.One of the greatest Conan stories Howard ever wrote will come alive before oyur very eyes in page after page of fabulous illustrations by the master fantasy artist Esteban Maroto. Here are Conan and his world as Howard envisaged them: all the High Adventure, the magic, the daring and excitement of the original Conan in an all-new profusely illustrated edition!

Divide and Rule

Jan Mark - 1980
    He is chosen to become the Shepherd, a ritual intercessor between the god and his people.