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The World of The Dark Crystal

Brian Froud - 1982
    This mystical adventure has such a huge cult following that when the film was recently re-released on video and DVD, it quickly sold a million copies. Just as remarkable is the cult status of The World of The Dark Crystal, Froud's book on the film. Originally published in 1982 and long out of print, this definitive volume--packed with brilliant artwork--has been in such demand that used copies can sell for well over $400. Abrams is now proudly reissuing this sought-after book in a brand new collector's edition. This beautifully printed reproduction of the original volume contains all of its stunning art and text--plus a new essay by Froud, illustrated with never-before-published paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the film's archives. And this new edition features a facsimile of a 20-page booklet Froud and Henson created to present the film to backers--a gorgeous overview of the story so rare only a few copies are known to exist. This collector's edition of The World of The Dark Crystal, like the re-released film, will truly be a must-have for Henson and Froud fans.


Roald Dahl - 1982
    He is far too nice and jumbly. It's lucky for Sophie that he is. Had she been carried off in the middle of the night by the Bloodbottler, the Fleshlumpeater, the Bonecruncher, or any of the other giants-rather than the BFG-she would have soon become breakfast. When Sophie hears that they are flush-bunking off in England to swollomp a few nice little chiddlers, she decides she must stop them once and for all. And the BFG is going to help her!

The Secret Of NIMH

Seymour Reit - 1982
    Brisby enlists the aid of a race of intelligent rats to save her home and her sick child.

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Vol. 2

Diana Wynne Jones - 1982
    There is a world in which the peaceful city-state of Caprona is threatened by the malevolent machinations of a mysterious enchanter...and another in which magic is outlawed and witches are still burned at the stake.In two worlds the practice of magic has gone dangerously awry, there is only one solution -- call upon the Chrestomanci.

The Darkangel Trilogy

Meredith Ann Pierce - 1982
    the slave, Aeriel, apprehensive, and rightly so. For a darkangel DID swoop from the sky, and he stole the beautiful Eoduin away...Loyal Aeriel understood nothing of the darkangel's purpose, yet knowing would not have stopped her. She vowed to rescue her friend and mistress -- and thus placed herself in Irrylath's power. He took her to his cold, lonely castle to serve Eoduin and his twelve other brides -- tormented soulless wraiths who had once been flesh-and-blood women.---3-in-1 Bookclub Edition includes:Book 1) "The Darkangel", c. 1982 (0316707414)Book 2) "A Gathering of Gargoyles", c. 1984 (0316707346)Book 3) "The Pearl of the Soul of the World", c. 1990 (0316707430)

Magician: Apprentice

Raymond E. Feist - 1982
    His courage won him a place at court and the heart of a lovely Princess, but he was ill at ease with normal wizardry. Yet his strange magic may save two worlds from dark beings who opened spacetime to renew the age-old battle between Order and Chaos.

Crystal Singer

Anne McCaffrey - 1982
    And after ten grueling years of musical training, she was still without prospects. Until she heard of the mysterious Heptite Guild who could provide careers, security, and wealth beyond imagining. The problem was, few people who landed on Ballybran ever left. But to Killashandra the risks were acceptable....

Conan of Cimmeria

Robert E. Howard - 1982
    Sprague de Camp · in 15 · The Curse of the Monolith [“Conan and the Cenotaph”] · L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter · ss Worlds of Fantasy #1 ’68 33 · The Bloodstained God · L. Sprague de Camp & Robert E. Howard · nv Tales of Conan, Gnome, 1955 53 · The Frost-Giant’s Daughter [revised from “Gods of the North”, The Fantasy Fan, Mar ’34] · Robert E. Howard & L. Sprague de Camp · ss Fantasy Fiction Aug ’53 64 · The Lair of the Ice Worms · L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter · ss * 82 · Queen of the Black Coast · L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter · ss * 119 · The Vale of Lost Women · Robert E. Howard · ss Magazine of Horror Spr ’67 140 · The Castle of Terror · L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter · nv * 161 · The Snout in the Dark · L. Sprague de Camp, Robert E. Howard & Lin Carter · ss *

God Stalk

P.C. Hodgell - 1982
    Jame's struggle to regain her strength, her memories, and the resources to travel to join her people, the Kencyrath, drag her into several relationships, earning affection, respect, bitter hatred and, as always, haunting memories of friends and enemies dead in her wake.


Robert Shea - 1982

Behind the Attic Wall

Sylvia Cassedy - 1982
    "Impossible to handle," they said -- nasty, mean, disobedient, rebellious, thieving -- anything they could say to explain why she must be removed from the school.Maggie was thin and pale, with shabby clothes and stringy hair, when she arrived at her new home. "It was a mistake to bring her here," said Maggie's great-aunts, whose huge stone house looked like another boarding school -- or a prison. But they took her in anyway. After all, aside from Uncle Morris, they were Maggie's only living relatives.But from behind the closet door in the great and gloomy house, Maggie hears the faint whisperings, the beckoning voices. And in the forbidding house of her ancestors, Maggie finds magic...the kind that lets her, for the first time, love and be loved.

The Dark Crystal

A.C.H. Smith - 1982
    From his quiet, dreamy existence in the secluded valley with the ponderous but cerebral urRu, Jen must suddenly depart on a Quest whose details are not fully explained to him. This gentle boy leaves his comfort zone in a desperate attempt to save his planet from another miillenium of destructive rule.Jen's goal is to find a special crystal shard and reunite it with the mother crystal -- now dark with grief and anger at the senseless destruction. This crystal is coveted and guarded in the Dark Castle by the vicious race of Skeksis, who terrorize the planet with their bat spies and insect zombies. Our unlikely hero has only his flute and his wits to guide him, but several surprise friends offer help and advice along his dangerous odyssey--including the last girl Gelfling. Together they race against celestial time, as the Great Conjunction of the triple suns is imminent.

The Earth Will Shake: The History of the Early Illuminati

Robert Anton Wilson - 1982
    The history of the world is their story: a conspiracy as vast and all-encompassing as the riddle of time itself.In Naples, Italy, in 1764, a young aristocrat is about to stumble onto one piece of the great pattern. Through a heartless murder and his passion for the beautiful daughter of his enemy, young Sigismundo Celine uncovers the mystery of the Rossi brigade, former M.A.F.I.A. assassins, and the secret agenda of the dreaded Inquisition.In the wind of the raging social storm that will soon tear through Europe and America with the flame of revolution, Sigismundo begins his journey of discovery, joined by the boy Mozart, Dr. Frankenstein, Casanova the spy, lover and magician...and a mysterious violet-eyed assassin who calls him "brother." Join him. The journey has just begun.

Fire Dancer

Ann Maxwell - 1982

The Unicorn

Nancy Hathaway - 1982
    Other fabulous beasts are clearly inventions, existing only in a mythical landscape of our own collective creation. Bit the inicorn strikes us as more than imaginary. It seems possible, even probable—a creature so likely that it ought to exist. In this magnificently illustrated book, the author takes us on a tour of unicorn lore—from China and apan to India, the Near East, and urope—from ancient times through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and into the present. Tapestries, illuminated manuscripts, sculptures and paintings, zoological illustrations, advertisements, and original art especially commissioned for this book wll captivate all of us who are willing to submit to the magical charms of this fabulous and irresistible creature. More beautiful and appealing than the dragon, more mysterious and powerful than the elves and fairies, the unicorn as symbol and as legend is brilliantly brought to life in this colorful history.

Prince Ombra

Roderick MacLeish - 1982
    And he's going to need them. Bentley is a hero - the thousand and first to be exact - in a long line of heroes that has stretched all the way back to antiquity. Heroes like Arthur and Hercules. And now: Bentley.That's because there is an evil in the world that never dies. Its name is Prnce Ombra. When Prince Ombra arises a hero is called upon to battle him. One day when Bentley is grown he will be that hero.What Bentley doesn't know is that his "one day" is today.

Once Upon a Time in the Meadow: A "Six Cousins" Story

Rose Selarose - 1982
    Six little girls who live by themselves without any grownups enjoy a lovely day highlighted by a picnic and a parade.


Boris Vallejo - 1982
    This astounding volume showcases alluring paintings of sensuous women and strong men, set against mythical, otherworldly backgrounds, and contains over 40 color and black and white illustrations, as well as 8 full pages of new, never before seen or published art work.

The People in Pineapple Place

Anne Lindbergh - 1982
    There, on a quaint cobblestone block of cheerful houses, live seven invisible - except to August - children from another time. Before he knows it, August and his fantastic new friends are off on the adventure of a lifetime!

Prince of the Godborn

Geraldine Harris - 1982
    Darkness and destruction lie ahead unless the Galkians rescue their savior, who, according to ancient myths, is trapped somewhere behind seven locked gates. Prince Kerish-lo-Taan, the Emperor's favorite son, makes a big decision: to leave the safety of Galkis and take his half-brother Forollkin on a dangerous quest for the legendary savior. First, Kerish and Forollkin must find the Seven Sorcerers who guard the keys to the gates. Can Kerish's Godborn powers help him avoid peril, and capture the golden keys?

The Classic Treasury of Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen - 1982
    Sure to become a treasured part of any childhood library, this sumptuously illustrated book includes the read-aloud favorites The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Emperor's New Clothes, The Little Match Girl, The Little Mermaid, The Nightingale, and The Princess and the Pea.

Lynne Reid Banks: Return of the Indian, Secret of the Indian, Mystery of the Cupboard, Indian in the Cupboard

Lynne Reid Banks - 1982
    Including all four Indian in the Cupboard titles, this set features The Indian in the Cupboard, The Return of the Indian, The Secret of the Indian and The Mystery of the Cupboard in the Camelot edition format.

Nifft the Lean

Michael Shea - 1982
    We Will Seek Her SoulThe Pearls of the Vampire QueenThe Fishing of the Demon-SeaThe Goddess in Glass

The Halfmen of O

Maurice Gee - 1982
    His dopey cousin Susan is more remote than ever, but swimming and exploring will make up for the lack of companionship.But Susan is spirited off down a disused mineshaft into the world of O, and is taken prisoner by Odo Cling and the Deathguard. Nick follows to rescue her and the Woodlanders of O come to his aid. They know that Susan is the only one who can save their world, and perhaps her own.

Finn and Hengest: The Fragment and the Episode

J.R.R. Tolkien - 1982
    The story of Finn and Hengest, two fifth-century heroes in northern Europe, is told both in Beowulf and in a fragmentary Anglo-Saxon poem known as The Fight at Finnsburg, but so obscurely and allusively that its interpretation had been a matter of controversy for over 100 years. Bringing his unique combination of philological erudition and poetic imagination to the task, however, Tolkien revealed a classic tragedy of divided loyalties, of vengeance, blood and death. The story has the added attraction that it describes the events immediately preceding the first Germanic invasion of Britain which was led by Hengest himself.

The Lost Legend of Finn

Mary Tannen - 1982
    In this sequel to The Wizard Children of Finn, Fiona and Bran tumble into the Ireland of 800 AD, tangle with Vikings, and assume the shapes of ravens, all in a quest to find their mysterious father.

The Tale of the Dark Crystal

Donna Bass - 1982
    On a faraway planet, Jen, the last of the Gelflings, is given the mission of restoring a missing shard to the great Crystal and preventing the tragedy of a Skeksis triumph when the Three Suns merge.

The Gorgon and Other Beastly Tales

Tanith Lee - 1982
    It is appropriate that it gives its title to these tales ranging from horror and the supernatural to science fiction, from the writer who has been justly termed "Princess Royal of Heroic Fantasy."Here you will find unforgettable encounters of men and beasts - of dragons and unicorns, cats and seals, virgins and vampires. This is truly a feast of treasures for everyone whose taste runs to a gourmet imagination.

Mostly Magic

Ruth Chew - 1982
    From the day Pete comes to fix a leak in the house and his miniature ladder opens into a full-size one, a brother and sister experience a series of magical adventures.


Sydney J. Van Scyoc - 1982
    Her way was hard, but she knew her heritage and her future...Then, in the dead of winter, a ship brought Darkchild. He was not of her race, he had no memory. How could he pose a threat to her people that the Arnimi assured her he did? Was Darkchild all that he seemed?


Alan Lloyd - 1982
    So with Kine and his motley allies we spend one glorious, unforgettable summer in another world - a world where solitary creatures prowl secret paths and hedgerows, and whiskered legions gather for battle as autumn draws near...Bewitching, cruel, fresh, poetic, sad - here is all the magic of the hidden coutryside.

The Best of Randall Garrett

Randall Garrett - 1982
    A collection of short stories with writing about Randall Garrett by: Philip Jose Farmer; Marion Zimmer Bradley; Isaac Asimov; Poul Anderson; Larry Niven; Ben Bova; Norman Spinrad; Frank Herbert; Anne McCaffrey; Harry Harrison; and Gordon R. Dickson. Contents:The Hunting Lodge (1954)The Waiting Game (1951)Isaac Asimov's The Caves of Steel: A Review in Verse (1956)Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man: A Review in Verse (1956)Poul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions: A Calypso in Search of a Rhyme (1978)No Connections (1958)The Best Policy (1957)Time Fuze (1954)A Little Intelligence (1958) by Robert Silverberg and Randall Garrett [as by Robert Randall]The Eyes Have It (1964)The Spell of War (1978)Frost and Thunder (1979)

Gonji: Red Blade from the East

T.C. Rypel - 1982
    Zebra canceled their entire fantasy line after the fifth book, before the series could reach its intended closure. The plan is to complete the entire epic-series story arc for a new generation of fantasy readers.The series concerns a legendary halfbreed samurai-Viking named Gonji Sabatake, who is impelled by Destiny itself to quest after an ageless mystery and confound a timeless supernatural tyranny which takes him from medieval Japan, through Europe, and on into worlds unknown. Monsters, magic, and---above all---rich, lived-in characters abound, in a series teeming with resounding action and dynamic human interaction.

The Time of the Dark

Barbara Hambly - 1982
    But now, they have emerged to ravage the land. Reissue.

The Dark Crystal

David Anthony Kraft - 1982
    On a faraway planet, Jen, the last of the Gelflings, is given the mission of restoring a missing shard to the great Crystal and preventing the tragedy of a Skeksis triumph when the Three Suns merge.

The Wild Hunter in the Bush of the Ghosts

Amos Tutuola - 1982
    Through wit, cunning, and the help of a magic charm, the protagonist escapes their tortures.