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A Game Of Thrones preview

George R.R. Martin - 1996
    This edition is NOT the entire book.

A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin - 1996
    R. Martin’s magnificent cycle of novels that includes A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords. As a whole, this series comprises a genuine masterpiece of modern fantasy, bringing together the best the genre has to offer. Magic, mystery, intrigue, romance, and adventure fill these pages and transport us to a world unlike any we have ever experienced. Already hailed as a classic, George R. R. Martin’s stunning series is destined to stand as one of the great achievements of imaginative fiction.A GAME OF THRONESLong ago, in a time forgotten, a preternatural event threw the seasons out of balance. In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. The cold is returning, and in the frozen wastes to the north of Winterfell, sinister and supernatural forces are massing beyond the kingdom’s protective Wall. At the center of the conflict lie the Starks of Winterfell, a family as harsh and unyielding as the land they were born to. Sweeping from a land of brutal cold to a distant summertime kingdom of epicurean plenty, here is a tale of lords and ladies, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and bastards, who come together in a time of grim omens.Here an enigmatic band of warriors bear swords of no human metal; a tribe of fierce wildlings carry men off into madness; a cruel young dragon prince barters his sister to win back his throne; and a determined woman undertakes the most treacherous of journeys. Amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the Starks, their allies, and their enemies hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of thrones.source:

Bone, Vol. 4: The Dragonslayer

Jeff Smith - 1996
    He and Gran'ma Ben and Thorn have a terrifying encounter with Kingdok, ruler of the rat creatures. The Hooded One is inciting his army to full-scale war. Someone is continuing to haunt Thorn in her dreams. And then wise Gran'ma Ben disappears. To make matters worse, Phoney Bone has hoodwinked the townspeople into believing that he is a mighty dragonslayer. When he actually does catch the Red Dragon -- much to his surprise -- he must face up to his promise: to slay the dragon at sunrise.

Mort: The Play

Terry Pratchett - 1996
    He gets board and lodging and free use of company horse, and doesn't even need time off for his grandmother's funeral. The trouble begins when instead of collecting the soul of a princess, he kills her would-be assassin, and changes history.

Wyrd Sisters: The Play

Terry Pratchett - 1996
    But it is three witches who stand between the Kingdom and destruction.

The Sandman: Book of Dreams

Neil Gaiman - 1996
    He is Morpheus, the lord of story. Older than humankind itself, he inhabits -- along with Destiny, Death, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium, his Endless sisters and brothers -- the realm of human consciousness. His powers are myth and nightmare -- inspirations, pleasures, and punishments manifested beneath the blanketing mist of sleep.Surrender to him now.A stunning collection of visions, wonders, horrors, hallucinations, and revelations from Clive Barker, Barbara Hambly, Tad Williams, Gene Wolfe, Nancy A. Collins, and sixteen other incomparable dreamers -- inspired by the groundbreaking, bestselling graphic novel phenomenon by Neil Gaiman.

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox

Barry Hughart - 1996
    Omnibus edition including the three novels in the series.

James and the Giant Peach

Hal Leonard Publishing Company - 1996
    Includes: Eating the Peach * Family * My Name Is James * That's the Life (and Reprise) * Good News (as performed by Randy Newman).

Crystal Singer Omnibus

Anne McCaffrey - 1996
    And then she met the stranger from off-world. He said he was a Crystal Singer - one of the unique ones of the Galaxy - and when Killashandra tried to find out what a Crystal Singer was the answers were vague, obtuse. All she could discover was that they were special people, shrouded in mystery, and danger, and beauty and something altogether incomprehensible. It was then that she decided she too must try and become a Crystal Singer - with all the dangers and gruelling demands made of the elite and glittering ones of Ballybran. This is the story, of Killashandra and the mysterious exploits of the Singers.

The Phantom Tollbooth

Norton Juster - 1996
    . . . humorous, full of warmth and real invention” (The New Yorker), this beloved story -first published more than fifty years ago- introduces readers to Milo and his adventures in the Lands Beyond. For Milo, everything’s a bore. When a tollbooth mysteriously appears in his room, he drives through only because he’s got nothing better to do. But on the other side, things seem different. Milo visits the Island of Conclusions (you get there by jumping), learns about time from a ticking watchdog named Tock, and even embarks on a quest to rescue Rhyme and Reason! Somewhere along the way, Milo realizes something astonishing. Life is far from dull. In fact, it’s exciting beyond his wildest dreams. . . .

Voyage of the Basset

James C. Christensen - 1996
    Through richly detailed full-color paintings and line drawings, magical kingdoms emerge from a sea of dreams. Cassandra Aisling, who is nine years and eleven months old, doesn't care “a jot” about what sensible people think. She likes strange, mysterious, and magical things. So when her world gets tumbled upside down, she boards the H.M.S. Basset, ready to explore the landscape of her imagination. Pledging allegiance to the Basset's motto, “Credendo do Vides...Believing is Seeing,” Cassandra, her skeptical older sister Miranda, and their father, Professor Algernon Aisling, set out in search of the ancient legends. From the flickering flight of fairies and the mermaids' siren songs to a labyrinth-bound Minotaur and a fire-breathing dragon, the Aisling family witnesses firsthand the wonder of mythological worlds. In this lavishly illustrated edition, Cassandra's adventures intertwine with her father's scientific scribblings to present both new tales and the essence of classical myths. From the two voices, readers learn the power of imagination, the importance of believing in oneself, the value of family, and the need for creative, cooperative problem-solving. The story of a magical journey and the exquisite fantasy artwork will appeal to young and old alike.


Neil Gaiman - 1996
    A city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, knights in armour and pale girls in black velvet. This is the city of the people who have fallen between the cracks.Richard Mayhew, a young businessman, is going to find out more than enough about this other London. A single act of kindness catapults him out of his workday existence and into a world that is at once eerily familiar and utterly bizarre. And a strange destiny awaits him down here, beneath his native city: Neverwhere.


Garth Nix - 1996
    But during her final semester, her father, the Abhorsen, goes missing, and Sabriel knows she must enter the Old Kingdom to find him. With Sabriel, the first installment in the Abhorsen series, Garth Nix exploded onto the fantasy scene as a rising star, in a novel that takes readers to a world where the line between the living and the dead isn't always clear—and sometimes disappears altogether.

The Wood Wife

Terri Windling - 1996
    Her mentor, the acclaimed poet Davis Cooper, has mysteriously died in the canyons east of Tucson, bequeathing her his estate and the mystery of his life--and death.Maggie is astonish by the power of this harsh but beautiful land and captivated by the uncommon people who call it home--especially Fox, a man unlike any she has ever known, who understands the desert's special power.As she reads Cooper's letters and learns the secrets of his life, Maggie comes face-to-face with the wild, ancient spirits of the desert--and discovers the hidden power at its heart, a power that will take her on a journey like no other.

The Stranger

Max Frei - 1996
    Presented here in English for the first time, The Stranger will strike a chord with readers of all stripes. Part fantasy, part horror, part philosophy, part dark comedy, the writing is united by a sharp wit and a web of clues that will open up the imagination of every reader. Max Frei was a twenty-something loser-a big sleeper (that is, during the day; at night he can't sleep a wink), a hardened smoker, and an uncomplicated glutton and loafer. But then he got lucky. He contacts a parallel world in his dreams, where magic is a daily practice. Once a social outcast, he's now known in his new world as the "unequalled Sir Max." He's a member of the Department of Absolute Order, formed by a species of enchanted secret agents; his job is to solve cases more extravagant and unreal than one could imagine-a journey that will take Max down the winding paths of this strange and unhinged universe.

The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries

Pierre Dubois - 1996
    Illustrated in color throughout.

The Pratchett Portfolio: A compendium of characters from the Discworld

Terry Pratchett - 1996
    But the Discworld people are real, and here they are, warts (except, of course, in the case of Granny Weatherwax) and all, from Rincewind the incompetent wizard to Greebo, the rather too human cat. *once there were five, but that's another story

The Discovery of Dragons

Graeme Base - 1996
    Greasebeam, B.Sc. (Serpentology), F.R.Aud., to serve up this compendium of dragon lore and sheer inventive nonsense. Expanding on a dozen illustrations from his calendar Dragons Draaks & Beasties, Base fabricates a trio of correspondents?a Viking, a Chinese silk trader and a Prussian explorer?whose letters chronicle their discoveries of dragons in various continents. The resulting web of yarns that Base spins is nothing short of hilarious ("Hope the looting and pillaging went well," writes Bjorn of Bromme in a letter to Olaf the Grim, for instance). Illustrations showcase the kind of intricate detail for which Base is so well known, and he bolsters his dragon art with a deadpan running commentary set in a border at the bottom of each page. "Dagbar defunctus est" notes one caption in a fit of understatement, as the accompanying cartoon depicts the demise of one of Bjorn's companions. There's much to enjoy here, and much to propel readers to seek out every last drop of humor. All ages. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

The True Game

Sheri S. Tepper - 1996
    Award winner, national bestseller, and one of the genre's most respected and acclaimed talents, she has transcended the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy with her widespread success. Available for the first time in one volume, this is the long out-of-print trilogy that launched her remarkable career: King's Blood Four, Necromancer Nine, and Wizard's Eleven. In the lands of the True Game, your lifelong identity emerges as you play-Prince or Sorcerer, Demon or Doyen. Raising the dead is the least of the Necromancer's Talents-he is a wild card who threatens the True Game itself. A giant stalks the mountains. Shadowpeople gather by the light of the moon. Bonedancers raise up armies of the dead. And the Wizard's Eleven sleep trapped in their dreams. Players, take your places. The final Game begins now...

Tolkien: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia

David Day - 1996
    More than five hundred alphabetical entries cover five major subject areas: history, geography, sociology, natural history and biography. The maps, genealogies and time-charts, together with the illustrations of characters, places and events, reveal to the reader the full dramatic sweep and splendor of Tolkien's world.

Villains by Necessity

Eve Forward - 1996
    First novelist Forward explores the complications that arise from a surfeit of "goodness" in the world. The result is a skewed version of the epic fantasy that features an assassin, a thief, an evil sorceress, a dark knight, and an implacable druid as the villains-turned-heroes who must restore the delicate balance of opposing forces before their world disappears in a blinding flash of Goodness and Light. -- Library JournalForward's first novel gives the concept of the balance between good and evil a most ingenious twist: What if good were so totally triumphant that it became a worse danger than evil, and a band of unemployed evil characters had to go on a desperate quest to find the means of putting the saving bit of evil back into the world? The result of this twist is an almost straightforward quest tale, with numerous well-drawn characters (including a centaur who starts off as a secret agent for good and eventually joins the side of evil), great ingenuity about magic, very creditable world-building, and considerable wit. Although bearing its share of first-novel flaws, it has many more virtues, which include an underlying, serious examination of the good-evil dichotomy that is the basis of so many role-playing games. -- Roland Green

The Goblin Companion

Brian Froud - 1996
    Thanks to Brian Froud's discovery of the notebooks of Dashe, a goblin portraitist, this rare breed is now an open book. This is a definitive, profusely illustrated field guide to the goblin world, annotated by Terry Jones, Monty Python professor emeritus of Obscure, Absurd and Truly Hilarious Arts. Full-color illustrations.

Magic Tree House: #1-4

Mary Pope Osborne - 1996
    Magic Tree House Boxed Set, Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon

Luck in the Shadows

Lynn Flewelling - 1996
    But one thing he never expected was his cellmate. Spy, rogue, thief, and noble, Seregil of Rhiminee is many things–none of them predictable. And when he offers to take on Alec as his apprentice, things may never be the same for either of them. Soon Alec is traveling roads he never knew existed, toward a war he never suspected was brewing. Before long he and Seregil are embroiled in a sinister plot that runs deeper than either can imagine, and that may cost them far more than their lives if they fail. But fortune is as unpredictable as Alec’s new mentor, and this time there just might be…Luck in the Shadows.


Brian Froud - 1996
    Trolls features new and classic work by both Brian and his wife, Wendy, woven together along with artifacts and symbols of the natural world to create a fascinating revelation about the world of trolls. The book explores trolls and troll culture, revealing their philosophies, their home life, and their world attitudes through their tales, mythology, and archaeology. Trolls affirms that trolls are real, that they have lived and are living now. The texture of the world and the deeply immersive, cinematic images will appeal to the legions of fantasy—and Froud—fans.

Magic Tree House: #9-12

Mary Pope Osborne - 1996
    Morgan the magical librarian of Camelot challenges Jack and Annie to discover the answers to four riddles as they travel under the sea to the Wild West, the African plains, and the frozen Arctic. If they succeed, they will become Master Librarians! Books in this set include: Dolphins at Daybreak (#9) Ghost Town at Sundown (#10) Lions at Lunchtime (#11) Polar Bears past Bedtime (#12).Book Details: Format: Box Set Publication Date: 5/27/2003 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up

The Wainscott Weasel

Tor Seidler - 1996
    Only a true hero can save Bridget from the gruesome death that awaits her'and this is exactly what Bagley, much to his own surprise, proves himself to be.Notable Children's Books of 1994 (ALA)100 Books for Reading and Sharing 1993 (NY Public Library)1993 "Pick of the Lists" (ABA)

The China Garden

Liz Berry - 1996
    Clare also feels compelled to take midnight walks in Ravensmere's abandoned China Garden. Then her mother reveals that their own past is tragically linked to the estate. But when Clare discovers that Ravensmere is in grave danger, will she risk her future-and Mark's-to save it?

Last Call

Tim Powers - 1996
    In this novel, Crane is forced to resume the high-stakes game of a lifetime--and wager it all.

Night Calls

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel - 1996
    Five were taken before the girl's parents agreed to give her up. They called in Cousin Cory, Aunt Marta, all the known practitioners. The ones who could teach me how to hide in a leaf, dip into minds, and find the secret herbs that heal. Her childhood now over, the girl must face the Dark of the Other Side.

Realms of Tolkien

J.R.R. Tolkien - 1996
    Tolkien is as beautiful and unique as its predecessor. This breathtaking four-color volume is designed in a deluxe, oversized format, and includes paintings from a diverse group of international artists. Each picture is accompanied by text from the relevant passage in Tolkien's fiction as well as a personal statement by the artist about the inspiration and influence J.R.R. Tolkien has had on their work. Includes works by an electric group of artists, both famous and up-and-coming: Alan Lee, renowned for his atmospheric interpretations of folklore and legend, as well as his stunning illustrations for "The Lord of the Rings" John Howe, creator of many Tolkien book covers and acclaimed for his powerful representations of the landscapes and peoples of Middle-earth Ted Nasmith, known for his classically accurate and dramatic pictures Inger Edelfeldt, illustrator of many beautiful and unusual Tolkien calendars, book covers and posters.


Sharon Shinn - 1996
    Through science, faith and force of will, the Harmonics carved out for themselves a society that they conceived of as perfect. Diverse peoples held together by respect for each other and the prospect of swift punishment if they disobeyed their laws. Fertile land that embraced a variety of climates and seasons. Angels to guard the mortals and mystics to guard the forbidden knowledge. Jehovah to watch over them all... But an age of corruption has come to the land, threatening their peace and placing the Samarians in grave danger. Their only hope lies in the crowning of a new Archangel. The oracles have chosen for this honor the angel named Gabriel, and further decreed that he must first wed a mortal woman named Rachel. It is his destiny and hers. And Gabriel is certain that she will greet the news of her betrothal with enthusiasm, and a devotion to duty equal to his own. Rachel, however, has other ideas...

Dark Moon

David Gemmell - 1996
    The peaceful Eldarin were the last of three ancient races.  The mystical Oltor, healers and poets, had fallen before the dread power of the cruel and sadistic Daroth.  Yet in one awesome night the invincible Daroth had vanished from the face of the earth.  Gone were their cities, their armies, their terror.  The Great Northern Desert was their only legacy.  Not a trace remained for a thousand years...The War of the Pearl had raged for seven years and the armies of the four Duchies were exhausted and weary of bloodshed.  But the foremost of the Dukes, Sirano of Romark, possessed the Eldarin Pearl and was determined to unravel its secrets.Then, on one unforgetable day, a dark moon rose above the Great Northern Desert, and a black tidal wave swept across the land.  In moments the desert had vanished beneath lush fields and forests and a great city could be seen glittering in the morning sunlight.From this city re-emerged the blood-hungry Daroth, powerful and immortal, immune to spear and sword.  They had only one desire:  to rid the world of humankind for ever.Now the fate of the human race rests on the talents of three heroes:  Karis, warrior-woman and strategist; Tarantio, the deadliest swordsman of the age; and Duvodas the Healer, who will learn a terrible truth.A new world of myth and magic, love and heroism, from the bestselling author of The Legend of Deathwalker.


Luis Royo - 1996
    Each collection sparkles with pieces seen on book covers from around the world. Fantasy, science fiction, eroticism, etc... Royo has devised a special personal mix of media that makes his work so uncannily real, so beguilingly engaging as to make him a best-selling star.

Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells: Based on Quentin Cottington's Journal of Faery Research

Terry Jones - 1996
    Lady Cottington's previously unknown twin brother, Quentin, employs his "psychic image nebulizing generator" and "psychic odour nasalizing gasificator" to analyze the protoplasmic nature of the mysterious stains left by pressed fairies.

Dark Cathedral

Freda Warrington - 1996
    One summer, Beth visits her grandmother and meets the irresistable Morgan, and her descent into darkness begins. The beloved child they conceive foretells a future of evil.

Slayers - The Ruby Eye

Hajime Kanzaka - 1996
    Lina's also in need of some cold cash. When she comes across some stolen loot, she figures the thieves won't mind sharing. But it turns out that Lina also snags a secret hidden in the booty... And now everyone's out to see if she's got the goods!

Requiem for an Elf

Drew Hayes - 1996
    In the world of Amrahly nn, magic is a constant and science has yet to gain a foothold on civilization. Roaming through this hazardous land is a misanthropic elf named Lusiphur. A wanderer without alliegences, Lusiphur (no relation to the guy down below ) encounters demon-summoning wizards, bumbling thieves, serial killers, purple-festooned misogynists, and plenty of shallow love interests. This series of books, which collects one of the biggest cult-favorite comics of the 90s, is perfect for any fan of gothic fantasy or vampires.

Fifth Life of the Catwoman

Kathleen Dexter - 1996
    It's hard to find history written by the ones who lose," says the mystery history teacher, Kat O'Malley. Unbeknownst to her students, she's living the nine lives of a cat, and her history lessons come from four hundred years of underdog experience with witch trials, prejudice, intolerance and poverty. With much coaxing from the school's headmaster-a man with as many secrets in his past as Kat has in hers-"the CatWoman" ventures out from the mirage oasis she shares with fifty cats to teach lessons that never made it into the history books. Through her considerable gifts as a storyteller, she teaches a new generation to live as if they, too, had to live nine lives and jump back eight times into any messes they create. But when history repeats itself and the nightmare intolerance of Kat's past resurfaces, will she retreat forever into the safety of her cat-filled mirage? Or will she embrace her new life, her teaching and the love of the one person who knows her secret?

The Deepest Sea

Charles Barnitz - 1996
    As his journey takes him across an 8th century world of turbulent change and uncertainty, where the old magics fight to survive the rise of a new religion, Bran will have epic adventures through which he learns of life, death and the ways of the world.

Daughter of Fire

Quinn Taylor Evans - 1996
    Set in England in the time of William the Conqueror, the first novel in this marvelous series that explores what might have been if Merlin had had three beautiful daughters, each possessing just a touch of magic, resolved to use her special skills to battle evil, and determined to find love.

Laura's Star

Klaus Baumgart - 1996
    Laura takes it to her room, mends it, and lays it tenderly on her pillow. She tells the star all her secrets but when she wakes in the morning, the star is gone.

Fantasy Art Techniques

Boris Vallejo - 1996
    91 color images; 32 line drawings.

The Dragons at War

Margaret Weis - 1996
    They come in all guises and forms. Their personalities are as varied as thier colors. Their magical abilities are virtually unlimited. And nothing is so terrifying as dragons on the wing.In this collection, a follow-up to the popular The Dragons of Krynn anthology, Dragonlance creators, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman serve up a fantastical array of dragon tales featuring the motley races of Krynn and the deadliest creatres of the Dragonlance saga.

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 1996
    Also useful for its exploration of the crossover genre known as "dark fantasy." Noteworthy authors include Peter S. Beagle, Ursula Le Guin, Stephen King, Lucy Taylor, Steve Rasnic Tem, Tanith Lee, A. S. Byatt, David J. Schow, and Joyce Carol Oates.Contents: * Summation 1995: Fantasy by Terri Windling * Summation 1995: Horror by Ellen Datlow * Horror and Fantasy in the Media: 1995 by Edward Bryant * Obituaries by James Frenkel * Home for Christmas by Nina Kiriki Hoffman * Heartfires by Charles de Lint * Screens by Terry Lamsley * King of Crows by Midori Snyder * Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros by Peter S. Beagle * The Hunt of the Unicorn by Ellen Kushner * More Tomorrow by Michael Marshall Smith * Penguins for Lunch by Scott Bradfield * Either, OR by Ursula K. Le Guin * Paper Lantern by Stuart Dybek * Lunch at the Gotham Café by Stephen King * Queen of Knives (poem) by Neil Gaiman * Dragon-Rain by Eileen Kernaghan * Llantos de La Llorona: Warnings from the Wailer (poem) by Pat Mora * Too Short a Death by Peter Crowther * The James Dean Garage Band by Rick Moody * Because of Dust by Christopher Kenworthy * Loop by Douglas E. Winter * La Loma, La Luna by Sue Kepros Hartman * Women's Stories (poem) by Jane Yolen * Swan/Princess (poem) by Jane Yolen * Switch by Lucy Taylor * Scaring the Train by Terry Dowling * Blood Knot by Steve Resnic Tem * The Girl Who Married the Reindeer (poem) by Eilean Ni Chuilleanain * The Otter Woman (poem) by Mary O'Malley * Resolve and Resistance by S.N. Dyer * La Dame by Tanith Lee * Circe's Power (poem) by Louise Glück * Dragon's Fin Soup by S.P. Somtow * The Granddaughter by Vivian vande Velde * Daphne and Laura and So Forth (poem) by Margaret Atwood * A Lamia in the Cevennes by A.S. Byatt * The Guilty Party by Susan Moody * She's Not There by Pat Cadigan * The White Road (poem) by Neil Gaiman * Refrigerator Heaven by David J. Schow * After the Elephant Ballet by Gary A. Braunbeck * Henry V, Part 2 by Marcia Guthridge * Mrs. Greasy by Robert Reed * ############## by Joyce Carol Oates * The Printer's Daughter by Delia Sherman * Prayer (poem) by Nancy Willard * Jacob and the Angel (poem) by Jane Yolen * The Lion and the Lark by Patricia A. McKillip * Honorable Mentions: 1995Edited by Terry Windling and Ellen Datlow.

True Singapore Ghost Stories : Book 8

Russell Lee - 1996
    Take a trip to Hell and back with Russell Lee. This collection of stories is the most powerful yet of the True Singapore Ghost Stories series!

The O'Brien Book of Irish Fairy Tales and Legends

Una Leavy - 1996
    These stories introduce a new generation of readers to age-old Celtic favorites including "The Magic Shoes," "The Pot of Gold," and the great love story "Tír Na N'Óg." Included with each story are lively illustrations, background notes, motifs from the Celtic tradition, and a pronunciation guide.Author Biography: Una Leavy is the author of Harry's Stormy Night and Goodbye Pappa. Susan Field is a television set designer and the illustrator of The Sun, the Moon and the Silver Baboon and The Smallest Whale.

The Enchanted Woods: The Fairies' Tale

Shirley Barber - 1996
    But the fairies need a mortal to attend the wedding, as this will bring the newlyweds good luck and a happy marriage. So the fairies befriend Sarah Jane, and take her with them to Fairyland. It is the most beautiful place Sarah Jane has ever seen, and the wedding a magical experience she'll never forget.

The Brave Little Tailor

Olga Dugina - 1996
    This is a fantastic retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm tale of the poor little tailor who kills seven flies with one blow, and then uses this fact to trick the king into offering his daughter's hand in marriage.

City of Bones

Martha Wells - 1996
    Charisat, a phantasmagorical place where silken courtesans and beggars weave lies side by side, where any man’s dreams can be fulfilled at the whisper of a genie, and where the tier that you live on determines how high up the food (or more importantly, water) chain you are. It is the goal of every schemer, treasure hunter, and madman intent on finding his heart’s content — a place that dazzles the senses, makes the most somber mind dizzy with its scents and sights — and where no one knows friend from foe when it comes to the desperate fight for dwindling resources.And where a beautiful woman and a handsome thief will try to unravel the mysteries of an age-old technology to stop a fanatical cult before they unleash an evil that will topple Charisat.And destroy all the water in the world.

Knightsbridge: The Art of Keith Parkinson

Keith Parkinson - 1996
    Inside, you will see more than 50 of Keith's classics, including work for Guardians and cover art for Terry Brooks, David Eddings and more, as well as sketches and techniques never before seen. This is your chance to witness fantastic worlds from a master of fantasy.

One for the Morning Glory

John Barnes - 1996
    For a year and a day later, four Mysterious Strangers appeared, and, as Amatus grew to manhood, they guided him on a perilous quest to discover his true identity--not to mention adventure, danger, tragedy, triumph, and true love.John Barnes has been heralded as "one of the most able and impressive of SF's rising stars" (Publishers Weekly) for his widely praised novels including Orbital Resonance and A Million Open Doors.Now, in One for the Morning Glory, John Barnes has crafted an artful and immensely entertaining fable that takes its place as a modern fantasy classic beside such enduring works as William Goldman's The Princess Bride and T.H. White's The Once and Future King.

Annabel & I

Chris Anne Wolfe - 1996
    The bonds of love. Which is stronger? Gentle, sensual, passionate. Jenny-Wren and Annabel. Magic has woven their lives together. Destiny has bridged their worlds. Set on the breath-taking Chautauqua Lake, two young women grow and find each other unknowing at first of the bridge of time that they cross. Jenny-Wren is from the 1980s. Annabel from 1890s. But their path is a single one.

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 1996
    Morlan, Robert Silverberg, Michael Swanwick, Jane Yolen, and many others. Supplementing the stories are the editors' invaluable overviews of the year in fantastic fiction, Edward Bryant's witty roundup of the year's fantasy films, and a long list of Honorable Mentions-all of which adds up to an invaluable reference source, and a font of fabulous reading.

Attila's Treasure

Stephan Grundy - 1996
    Now he returns with a breathtaking new novel combining myth and history, magic and adventure...Attila's Treasure.From out of the icy steppes they came, the fiercest and most feared warriors the world had ever known. At their head was the wily and ferocious Attila of the Huns, and behind him lay a trail of pillage and carnage. To forge peace with the mighty Attila, a young Burgundian prince is sent as a foster son to the merciless warlord. Here young Hagan learns the fighting arts of the Huns as he develops an uneasy relationship with his unpredictable new foster father.But it is during his first battle that Hagan learns the most important -- and most dangerous -- lesson of all. A gasp away from death, he discovers the pathway to the otherworld -- a knowledge he must guard carefully, for it makes him a dangerous adversary of Attila himself.Bold, lyrical, replete with the timeless themes of war, brotherhood, sacrifice, and romance, Attila's Treasure is an unforgettable novel.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Nahoko Uehashi - 1996
    Then she rescued a boy flung into a raging river -- and at that moment, her destiny changed. Now Balsa must protect the boy -- the Prince Chagum -- on his quest to deliver the great egg of the water spirit to its source in the sea. As they travel across the land of Yogo and discover the truth about the spirit, they find themselves hunted by two deadly enemies: the egg-eating monster Rarunga . . . and the prince's own father.

Tex and Molly in the Afterlife

Richard Grant - 1996
    But a pair of gentle souls once firmly rooted in the Earth cannot so easily vacate this corporeal plane. There are despoilers, witches, wolves, outlaw hackers, and rabid survivalists running wild through the soon-to-be corporately mutated Great North Woods. And Tex and Molly aren't about to vanish forever into the fast-moving eddy of Time until they take one last shot at profoundly influencing Eternity and this Life that is no longer theirs. Like a racous pagan dance in Thomas Pynchon's garden, here is a novel rich in intelligence, wit, unrestrained joy, and serious strangeness--a truly breathtaking flight of the imaginatino--written with style and heart by an award-winning storyteller whom the Washington Post once proclaimed "either a genius or a madman."

Daughter of Storms

Louise Cooper - 1996
    But as Shar begins to realize her gift, the terror begins and a deadly power is rising. Can Shar summon the elements to become the Dark Caller?

The Dragon Nimbus Novels: Volume II

Irene Radford - 1996
    At the height of this age of chaos, the dragons decide to intervene, making their presence known to the mortals through the healer Myrilandel.The Last Battlemage:Nimbulan, the last Battlemage and the founder of the school for Communal Magic, is seeking to create a permanent protection for the kingdom of Coronnan, a spell-crafted border to keep enemies out. His search for the key to this magic leads him to terrifying discovery—the dragons, the guardians of magics, are in terrible danger.Want more Dragon novels? Look for The Star Gods trilogy and the new Children of the Dragon Nimbus series!A letter from the author, Irene Radford:Welcome to the world where dragons are real and magic works. If you are new to the Dragon Nimbus, pull up a chair and join us as we revel in tales that have touched my heart more than anything else I've written under any pen name. If you are returning after an absence, I am very happy to have you back.This is a world that began with a Christmas gift of a blown-glass dragon. The dragon sat proudly on the knick-knack shelf for several months, loved and admired, reluctantly dusted, and totally inert. Then one night at dinner, my son remarked, "You know, Mom, I think dragons are born all dark, like that little pewter dragon, then they get more silvery as they grow up until they are as clear as glass." The dragon came to life for me.Out of that chance remark came first one book, then three, five, seven, and finally ten. I built a career on these books and loved every minute of the process. These characters still live in my mind many years after they jumped into their stories and dragged me along with them.Many thanks to DAW Books and my editor Sheila Gilbert for reviving The Dragon Nimbus a lucky thirteen years after they first debuted.With these omnibus volumes, you can read about the dragons with crystal fur that directs your eye elsewhere yet defies you to look anywhere else. Wonderful dragons full of wit and wisdom. Magic abounds. Magicians and mundanes alike learn about their world and special life lessons as they explore dragon lore past and present. The books will be presented in the order in which they were written, and the order that makes the most sense of the entwined tales.So, sit back and enjoy with me. And may reading take you soaring with Dragons.

The Lost Years

T.A. Barron - 1996
    Left for dead, he has no memory, no name, and no home. But it is his determination to find out who he is - to learn the truth about his mysterious powers - that leads him to a strange and enchanted land. And it is there he discovers that the fate of this land and his personal quest are strangely entwined.He is destined to become the greatest wizard of all time--known to all as Merlin."An extraordinary journey of mind, body, and spirit - for both Merlin and ourselves." - Madeleine L'Engle

Tingleberries, Tuckertubs and Telephones

Margaret Mahy - 1996
    Left alone, Saracen falls in love, twice, makes a fortune from a newly discovered plant, and defeats a gang of ruffian pirates...all because of tingleberry ice cream, the tuckertub plant, and a solid gold telephone


Katharine Kerr - 1996
    Bestselling author Katharine Kerr joins with Mark Kreighbaum to present a vivid, alluring and terrifying world of the future.  They call it Palace, the capital of a planet located in a region of space known as the Pinch.  Here a bitter Lep outcast has been hired to murder two humans: Arno, the son of the Master of the Cyberguild, and Vida, a young woman destined for sensual slavery in the Pleasure Sect.  Arno is on the track of strange anomalies in the Map, the cyberspace repository of knowledge.  And Vida has powers that could change Palace forever.  As Arno goes into hiding to escape the assassin, Vida seeks refuge at Government House, the corrupt center of authority, where betrayal is a way of life and death.

The Faces of Fantasy: Intimate Photos of Over 100 Top Fantasy Authors

Patti Perret - 1996
    The Faces of Science Fiction captured writers in their homes or workplaces. Now she has created the perfect fantasy lover's book, with more than 100 major fantasy writers, including Peter S. Beagle, Terry Brooks, Raymond E. Feist, Neil Gaiman, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, Katherine Kurtz, Mercedes Lackey, Ursula K. Le Guin, Morgan Llywelyn, George R.R. Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett, Melanie Rawn, Peter Straub, Margaret Weis, Tad Williams, and Jane Yolen.

Hard Curves: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell

Julie Bell - 1996
    Along with using a classic sense of style to create and master sensuous full color oil paintings, Boris Vallejo is best known as the visual creator of Conan the Barbarian. Combining strength with sensuality and infusing the human form with incredible power and motion, fantasy artist Julie Bell continues to use her metal flesh trademark to produce dramatic works of art. This collection overflows with superhuman characters captured in the act of saving the world, destroying evil protagonists and battling dark beasts. Featuring fantastic figures such as Spiderman, Captain America, and the X-Men, these paintings represent the best of Boris and Julie.

Faiths & Avatars (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms, Campaign Expansion/9516)

Julia Martin - 1996
    Detailed in this 192-page core supplement are the most prominent religions and deities of the Realms. Each divine power is covered in depth by an entry that includes information about the deity's appearance, personality, worshipers, portfolio, aliases, domain name, superior, allies, foes, symbol, worshipers' alignments, avatar, manifestations, church and specialty priests. The information on each religion includes its core dogma, day-to-day activities of priests, holy days and important ceremonies, major centers of worship, affiliated orders, and the priestly vestments and adventuring garb of members of the clergy. Finally, each entry contains spells specific to each of the religions - some new, some long unavailable or hard to find and some updated to conform with the current AD&D game rules. Faiths & Avatars includes: • All the greater, intermediate and lesser deities of the Faerûnian pantheon • The honored dead, including Bane, Bhaal, Moander, Myrkul and Leira, among others • Expanded and clarified specialty priest classes and specific spells for all religions with priesthoods • Color illustrations of priests from every faith in ceremonial dress • Four additional general priest classes now official to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting: crusaders, monks, mystics and shamans.

Burn, Witch, Burn!/Creep, Shadow, Creep!

A. Merritt - 1996
    Burn, Witch, Burn--the man in the hospital bed died with a look of terror in his eyes from an unidentified illness. And Creep, Shadow, Creep--Dr. Alan Caranac returned from the jungles of Africa only to meet a menace more appalling than the savage magic of witch doctors. Original.

Official Mortal Kombat Trilogy Fighter's Kompanion

Ronald Wartow - 1996
    Including available moves, strategies, fighting tips and secret codes, this companion details characters, backgrounds and fighting moves.


Olivia De Berardinis - 1996
    This 12 month calendar contains easy-to-read monthly grids with highlighted holidays and features ten new paintings and two of Olivia's favorites from the past. 12" x 12"

The Fairground Ghost

Felicity Everett - 1996
    But the ghost Jake Hubbard meets is not like other ghosts...

The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup

Rosemary Sutcliff - 1996
    When a minstrel's adopted dragon pup is stolen by a wicked showman, the minstrel's songs suffer accordingly.

The Great Redwall Feast

Brian Jacques - 1996
    There is cake to be baked, marchpane to be rolled. Stirring and sifting, smoothing and brewing. Can everything be finished in time? And how can the Redwallers keep such a grand feast from their Abbot's keen eyes? Fans of Brian Jacques's beloved Redwall books will delight in seeing their old friends, brought to life by Christopher Denise's witty, cozy art. "Spirited and humorous... Denise's affectionate, detailed watercolors bring all the action to life." -Kirkus Reviews

Miffy Is Crying

Dick Bruna - 1996
    Miffy Is Crying helps children deal with difficult emotions.

Deliverers of Their Country

E. Nesbit - 1996
    But young Harry and Effie do not give up, and eventually earn the gratitude of the entire nation. Full color.

The Ferocious Beast with the Polka-Dot Hide

Betty Paraskevas - 1996
    Groaning, the beast collapses. The kindly pig decides to help him find something good to eat--something that is not piglet. Full color.

The Berenstain Bears at the Teen Rock Cafe

Stan Berenstain - 1996
    Ms. Acappella, the new music teacher, might not be so bad after all. She's got a soft spot for rock-and-roll and--even better, as far as the cubs are concerned--a knack for tackling mysteries!


Rhonda Brutt - 1996
    But, as talented as Emma is, she feels very alone in the world. No one she knows shares her gifts, or understands what it’s like to be different; but, that all changes when her mother sends her away for her senior year of high school. Hidden along the Florida coast is Voyance, an institute for students with extrasensory talents. Here, Emma must learn how to navigate in a new environment, make friends, and rise to the challenges that being psychic present for her and her fellow classmates. She soon finds herself falling hard for the school administrator’s only son, Alex. As their relationship grows, Emma and Alex discover that not everything is always the way it appears. There is more going on at the school than meets the eye. And sometimes, even being psychic doesn’t give you the answers you need. Together, they uncover the school’s secrets that some would do anything to keep hidden. They must find a way to uncover the truth about Voyance, without risking the bond they share . . . their future depends on it.If you were psychic, what choices would you make?Outcomes can change. Love does not.Welcome to Voyance.

The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood

Carol Heyer - 1996
    A childless king and queen are finally blessed with a baby, only to have a vengeful fairy steal her away. Magical frogs, wishing pools, and marbled towers spring to life under the expert touch of Heyer's brushes.