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All Creatures Great and Small / All Things Bright and Beautiful / All Things Wise and Wonderful: Three James Herriot Classics

James Herriot - 1980
    Collected here are three of his masterpieces—All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful, and All Things Wise and Wonderful—which have been winning over animal lovers everywhere for almost fifty years. From his night visits to drafty barns during freezing northern England winters, to the beautiful vitality of rural life in the summertime, to the colorful menagerie of animals—and their owners—that pass through his office, Herriot vividly evokes the daily challenges and joys that come with being a veterinarian.Witty and heartwarming, these classic books also feature an original introduction from the author’s son, Jim Wight, and bonus archival photos courtesy of the Herriot estate.

The Stories of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury - 1980
    Here are stories which speak of a special nostalgia for Green Town, Illinois, the perfect setting for a seemingly cloudless childhood - except for the unknown terror lurking in the ravine.Here are the Irish stories and the Mexican stories, linked across their separate geographies by Bradbury's astonishing inventiveness. Here, too, are thrilling, terrifying stories such as The Fog Horn - perfect for reading under the covers.Read for the first time, these stories are a feast for the imagination; read again - and again - they reveal new, dazzling facets of a master storyteller's extraordinary art.

The Lords of Discipline

Pat Conroy - 1980
    This powerful and breathtaking novel is the story of four cadets who have become bloodbrothers. Together they will encounter the hell of hazing and the rabid, raunchy and dangerously secretive atmosphere of an arrogant and proud military institute. They will experience the violence. The passion. The rage. The friendship. The loyalty. The betrayal. Together, they will brace themselves for the brutal transition to manhood... and one will not survive. With all the dramatic brilliance he brought to The Great Santini, Pat Conroy sweeps you into the turbulent world of these four friends -- and draws you deep into the heart of his rebellious hero, Will McLean, an outsider forging his personal code of honor, who falls in love with a whimsical beauty... and who undergoes a transition more remarkable then he ever imagined possible.

The Collected Stories

Eudora Welty - 1980
      Including the earlier collections A Curtain of Green, The Wide Net, The Golden Apples, and The Bride of the Innisfallen, as well as previously uncollected ones, these forty-one stories demonstrate Eudora Welty's talent for writing from diverse points-of-view with “vision that is sweet by nature, always humanizing, uncannily objective, but never angry” (Washington Post).A curtain of green and other stories.Lily Daw and the three ladies --A piece of news --Petrified man --The key --Keela, the outcast Indian maiden --Why I live at the P.O. --The whistle --The hitch-hikers --A memory --Clytie --Old Mr. Marblehall --Flowers for Marjorie --A curtain of green --A visit of charity --Death of a traveling salesman --Powerhouse --A worn path --The wide net and other stories.First love --The wide net --A still moment --Asphodel --The winds --The purple hat --Livvie --At the landing --The golden apples.Shower of gold --June recital --Sir Rabbit --Moon Lake --The whole world knows --Music from Spain --The wanderers --The bride of the Innisfallen and other stories.No place for you, my love --The burning --The bride of the Innisfallen --Ladies in spring --Circe --Kin --Going to Naples --Uncollected stories.Where is the voice coming from? --The demonstrators.

The Covenant

James A. Michener - 1980
    Michener’s masterly chronicle of South Africa is an epic tale of adventurers, scoundrels, and ministers, the best and worst of two continents who carve an empire out of a vast wilderness. From the Java-born Van Doorn family tree springs two great branches: one nurtures lush vineyards, the other settles the interior to become the first Trekboers and Afrikaners. The Nxumalos, inhabitants of a peaceful village unchanged for centuries, unite warrior tribes into the powerful Zulu nation. And the wealthy Saltwoods are missionaries and settlers who join the masses to influence the wars and politics that ravage a nation. Rivalries and passions spill across the land of The Covenant, a story of courage and heroism, love and loyalty, and cruelty and betrayal, as generations fight to forge a new world.

The Covenant, Volume 1 of 2

James A. Michener - 1980
    The dramatic presentation of actual and fictional characters in a background of historical events is a narrative technique of which Mr. Michener has long been the acknowledged master - and never more powerfully than here.

Man on Fire

A.J. Quinnell - 1980
    A battle-scarred, burnt-out mercenary, working as a bodyguard for the young daughter of an Italian industrialist, he thought he had lost the power of feeling. Until the girl's beguiling touch awakens in him the ability to love.Then something happens, something so devastating that Creasy is consumed by a single-minded rage for revenge. And at a stroke he is transformed into the terrifying killing machine he was trained to be...

The Clan of the Cave Bear & The Valley of Horses

Jean M. Auel - 1980
    This is a boxed set of Jean Auel's first two mega-literary hits in mass-market paperback form--both ensconced within slipcase.

The Complete Mark Twain Collection

Mark Twain - 1980
    See the sample for the complete and navigable table of contents.

The Kites

Romain Gary - 1980
    Ludo’s quiet existence changes the day he meets Lila, a girl from the aristocratic Polish family who own the estate next door. In a single glance, Ludo instantly falls in love forever; Lila, on the other hand, remains elusive. Thus begins Ludo’s adventure of longing, passion, and steadfast love for Lila, who begins to reciprocate his feelings just as Europe descends into war. After Germany invades Poland, Lila and her family disappear, and Ludo’s journey to save her from the Nazis becomes a journey to save his loved ones, his country, and ultimately himself.Filled with unforgettable characters—an indomitable chef who believes Michelin stars are more enduring than military conquests; a Jewish brothel Madam who reinvents everything about herself during the war; a piano virtuoso turned RAF pilot—The Kites is Romain Gary’s poetic call for resistance in whatever form it takes.

Shadow of the Moon

M.M. Kaye - 1980
    SHADOW OF THE MOON is the story of Winter de Ballesteros, a beautiful English heiress come home to her beloved India. It is also the tale of Captain Alex Randall, her protector, who aches to possess her. Forged in the fires of a war that threatens to topple an empire, their tale is the saga of a desperate and unforgettable love that consumes all in its thrall. Filled with the mystery of moonlit palace gardens and the whisperings of passion and intrigue, M. M. Kaye evokes an era at once of its time, yet timeless."Another splendid tale of India." (Wall Street Journal)

Dragon's Egg

Robert L. Forward - 1980
    Clarke In a moving story of sacrifice and triumph, human scientists establish a relationship with intelligent lifeforms--the cheela--living on Dragon's Egg, a neutron star where one Earth hour is equivalent to hundreds of their years. The cheela culturally evolve from savagery to the discovery of science, and for a brief time, men are their diligent teachers.Praise for Dragon's Egg"Bob Forward writes in the tradition of Hal Clement's Mission of Gravity and carries it a giant step (how else?) forward."--Isaac Asimov "Dragon's Egg is superb. I couldn't have written it; it required too much real physics."--Larry Niven "This is one for the real science-fiction fan."--Frank Herbert"Robert L. Forward tells a good story and asks a profound question. If we run into a race of creatures who live a hundred years while we live an hour, what can they say to us or we to them?"--Freeman J. Dyson"Forward has impeccable scientific credentials, and . . . big, original, speculative ideas."--The Washington Post

The Name of the Rose

Umberto Eco - 1980
    Benedictines in a wealthy Italian abbey are suspected of heresy, and Brother William of Baskerville arrives to investigate. When his delicate mission is suddenly overshadowed by seven bizarre deaths, Brother William turns detective. His tools are the logic of Aristotle, the theology of Aquinas, the empirical insights of Roger Bacon—all sharpened to a glistening edge by wry humor and a ferocious curiosity. He collects evidence, deciphers secret symbols and coded manuscripts, and digs into the eerie labyrinth of the abbey, where “the most interesting things happen at night.”

Final Harbor

Harry Homewood - 1980
    She was the USS Mako, as fearless and bold as any submarine that ever prowled the blue Pacific. Her mission: seek out and destroy the hitherto invincible ships of the Japanese Imperial Navy — and revenge the earlier defeats of a long and dirty war. Here is the story of the men who pitted their lives against impossible odds in the most dangerous branch of the American armed services. It is a story of men pushed to the breaking point and beyond in the most nerve-wracking, heart-stirring warfare of all. A story of glory, grit and guts, and of the astonishing resources that human beings call forth when put to the ultimate test. Author Harry Homewood was a qualified submariner before he was seventeen years old, having lied to the Navy about his age, and serving in a little "S"-boat in the old Asiatic Fleet. After Pearl Harbor he reenlisted and made eleven war patrols in the Southwest Pacific. He later became Chicago Bureau Chief for Newsweek, chief editorial writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, and for eleven years had his own weekly news program syndicated to thirty-two PBS television stations.


Walter Tevis - 1980
    Those that survive spend their days in a narcotic bliss or choose a quick suicide rather than slow extinction. Humanity's salvation rests with an android who has no desire to live, and a man and a woman who must discover love, hope, and dreams of a world reborn.


Frederick Buechner - 1980
    He contrives a style of speech for his narrator--Godric himself--that's brisk and tough-sinewed...He avoids metaphysical fiddle, embedding his narrative in domestic reality--familiar affection, responsibilities, disasters...All on his own, Mr. Buechner has managed to reinvent projects of self-purification and of faith as piquant matter for contemporary fiction [in a book] notable for literary finish...Frederick Buechner is a very good writer indeed." — Benjamin DeMott, The New York Times Book Review"From the book's opening sentence...and sensible reader will be caught in Godric's grip...Godric glimmers brightly." — Peter S. Prescott, Newsweek"Godric is a memorable book...a marvelous gem of a book...destined to become a classic of its kind." — Michael Heskett, Houston Chronicle"In the extraordinary figure of Godric, both stubborn outsider and true child of God, both worldly and unworldly, Frederick Buechner has found an ideal means of exploring the nature of spirituality. Godric is a living battleground where God fights it out with the world, the Flesh, and the Devil." — London Times Literary Supplement"With a poet's sensibly and a high reverent fancy, Frederick Buechner paints a memorable portrait." — Edmund Fuller, The Wall Street Journal

Earthly Powers

Anthony Burgess - 1980
    His work is illuminated by a dazzling imagination, by a gift for character and plot, by a talent for surprise. In Earthly Powers Burgess created his masterpiece. At its center are two twentieth-century men who represent different kinds of power—Kenneth Toomey, eminent novelist, a man who has outlived his contemporaries to survive into honored, bitter, luxurious old age as a celebrity of dubious notoriety; and Don Carlo Campanati, a man of God, eventually beloved Pope, who rises through the Vatican as a shrewd manipulator to become the architect of church revolution and a candidate for sainthood. Through the lives of these two modern men Burgess explores the very essence of power. As each pursues his career—one to sainthood, one to wealthy exile—their relationship becomes the heart of a narrative that incorporates almost everyone of fame and distinction in the social, literary, and political life of America and Europe. This astonishing company is joined together by the art of a great novelist into an explosive and entertaining tour de force that will captivate fans of sweeping historic fiction.

The Levant Trilogy

Olivia Manning - 1980
    One such couple are Guy and Harriet Pringle, who have escaped the war in Europe only to find the conflict once more on their doorstep, providing a volatile backdrop to their own personal battles. The civilian world meets the military through the figure of Simon Boulderstone, a young army officer who will witness the tragedy and tension of war on the frontier at first hand. An outstanding author of wartime fiction, Olivia Manning brilliantly evokes here the world of the Levant - Egypt, Jerusalem and Syria - with perception and subtlety, humour and humanity.

Lion of Ireland

Morgan Llywelyn - 1980
    Warrior. Lover.Brian Boru was stronger, braver, and wiser than all other men--the greatest king Ireland has ever known. Out of the mists of the country's most violent age, he merged to lead his people to the peak of their golden era.Set against the barbaric splendor of the tenth century, this is a story rich in truth and legend, in which friends become deadly enemies, bedrooms turn into battlefields, and dreams of glory transform into reality.

Hedgehog in the Fog

Sergey Kozlov - 1980
    The book is based on Francesca Yarbusova's sketches to the award-winning animated film directed by Yuri Norstein. It is about the adventures of the philosophical little Hedgehog on his way to meet with his friend Bear. Along the way Hedgehog enters into a mysterious fog in which he encounters a horse, a dog, an owl, and a fish.

The Last Answer

Isaac Asimov - 1980
    A short follow-up to 'The Last Question' by Asimov.

A Month in the Country

J.L. Carr - 1980
    L. Carr's deeply charged poetic novel, Tom Birkin, a veteran of the Great War and a broken marriage, arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby where he is to restore a recently discovered medieval mural in the local church. Living in the bell tower, surrounded by the resplendent countryside of high summer, and laboring each day to uncover an anonymous painter's depiction of the apocalypse, Birkin finds that he himself has been restored to a new, and hopeful, attachment to life. But summer ends, and with the work done, Birkin must leave. Now, long after, as he reflects on the passage of time and the power of art, he finds in his memories some consolation for all that has been lost.

The Sacketts Vol 2

Louis L'Amour - 1980
    1 Daybreakers - Tye loves Dru, but Orrin weds gal whose pa kills for Dru land.2 Sackett - Tell finds gold and starved Ange in hidden valley. 3 Lando - Orlando seeks missing pa and pirate gold, ends in Mexican jail.4 Mojave Crossing - Tell is stranded in desert after Dorinda begs help.

The Ralph Mouse Collection

Beverly Cleary - 1980
    Mouse behind the handlebars of his favorite toy motorcyle, there's no telling what readers will encounter. This three-book box set includes the entire Ralph S. Mouse series: The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Runaway Ralph, and Ralph S. Mouse

Music for Chameleons

Truman Capote - 1980
    Also in this volume are six short stories and seven ‘conversational portraits’ including a touching one of Marilyn Monroe, the ‘beautiful child’ and a hilarious one of a dope-smoking cleaning lady doing her rounds in New York.

Creek Mary's Blood

Dee Brown - 1980
    Proud and beautiful Creek Mary dominates a saga that spans the years from the American Revolution to the pre-World War I era and portrays such characters as Tecumseh, Andrew Jackson, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Teddy Roosevelt

Annie Hall: Screenplay

Woody Allen - 1980
    One of a hand-picked selection of some of the most popular and cult-worthy titles on Faber and Faber's extensive list of film scripts.


Dick Francis - 1980
    Longtime jockey Philip Nore suspects that a racetrack photographer's fatal accident was really murder--and unravels some nasty secrets of corruption, blackmail, and murder.

Stories Volume 1

Ray Bradbury - 1980
    In this, the first volume of Ray Bradbury's short stories, some of the author's finest works are published together, among them 'Homecoming', 'Veldt', 'A Sound of Thunder' and 'The Long Rain'. Join an ill-fated crew of astronauts pushed to the brink of insanity by the incessant and highly corrosive rain on Venus, a high-tech virtual reality playroom that comes to life with terrible consequences, and a safari company offering tours for the wealthy back in time to the prehistoric era to stalk and kill dinosaurs, resulting in the present they return to being irrevocably altered. This collection is a rare treasure trove of wonder; as apprehensive about technology and the fate of humanity as it is elegiaic of its irrepressible progress. Each story presents an enlightening and poetic facet of Bradbury's writing, every one as relevant now as when it was first written.

Legends of the Fall

Jim Harrison - 1980
    This magnificent trilogy also contains two other superb short novels. In Revenge, love causes the course of a man's life to be savagely and irrevocably altered. Nordstrom, in The Man Who Gave up his Name, is unable to relinquish his consuming obsessions with women, dancing and food.'

The Wise Woman and Other Stories

George MacDonald - 1980
    Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams.

Still Life with Woodpecker

Tom Robbins - 1980
    It reveals the purpose of the moon, explains the difference between criminals and outlaws, examines the conflict between social activism and romantic individualism, and paints a portrait of contemporary society that includes powerful Arabs, exiled royalty, and pregnant cheerleaders. It also deals with the problem of redheads.

The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog

John R. Erickson - 1980
    In this first book, Hank and his little buddy, Drover, set out to solve a series of baffling murders on the ranch. Is Hank a suspect? An Outlaw? Can he clear his good name?

என் இனிய இயந்திரா [En Iniya Iyandhira]

சுஜாதா - 1980
    A master-piece novel from writer Sujatha.

This Time of Darkness

Helen Mary Hoover - 1980
    Ignored by her mother and under surveillance by authorities because she can read, Amy reluctantly finds herself befriending Axel, a strange boy who claims to have come from a mythical place called Outside.

The Rosy Crucifixion: Sexus, Plexus, Nexus

Henry Miller - 1980
    Beginning in 1949 with Sexus, a work so controversial all of Paris was abuzz with L'Affaire Miller, (and publisher Maurice Girodias saw himself threatened with jail), following in 1952 with Plexus, and finally concluding with 1959's Nexus, the three works are a dazzling array of scenes, sexual encounters and ideas, covering Miller's final days in NY, his relationship with June Miller and her lover, his take on the arts, his favorite writers, his thoughts, his insights, his days and his nights, finally ending with a glorious farewell to the life he'd known and an anticipation of the life he would lead.

Professor Dowell's Head

Alexander Belyaev - 1980
    It was said that just before his death he was on the verge of a breakthrough in the transplantation of human organs.Marie Laurent felt privileged to work for the professor’s brilliant associate, Professor Kern. But her feelings turned to shock and revulsion when she entered Kern’s laboratory and discovered—sitting on a table, surrounded by tubes and tanks, its eyes blinking and lips moving—Professor Dowell’s head!Thus begins a classic tale of horror and suspense by Alexander Beliaev, the bestselling Soviet science fiction author of all time, whose work is considered by many readers the equal of Wells’ and Verne’s.Written half a century ago, this prophetic novel foresees not only organ transplants but other disturbing phenomena of our time, such as the use of mental hospitals as prisons and the manipulation of the news media. In the heads that Kern “rescues” from death, we see a poignant parable of mankind’s disembodied life in a high-technology age.The escape of one of the heads—after its transplantation to the body of an opera star—is the catalyst for the story’s hair-raising climax, as Marie Laurent and Professor Dowell’s son race against time to bring Kern to justice. Kern is a cunning adversary, armed with formidable weapons, both real and psychological. Pursuing him means hairbreadth escapes and sudden reversals—with the outcome uncertain right up to the last page.

The Origin

Irving Stone - 1980
    He did not mean to rock the world. He meant only to know the truth. But before he was done, Charles Darwin would shake the faith of centuries...would be reviled as a fiend, denounced as a madman - and finally hailed as a genius. His life was a storm-swept voyage of discovery-from the moment when as a raw youth he set sail on a five-year journey around the entire globe to his final years and epochal explorations into the ultimate mystery of human origins. Now Charles Darwin is brought to life in a superlative novel that captures not only the man himself but the Victorian age that produced him. These pages reveal the drama and passion of a beset by the prejudices of his era and by guessed-at dangers.

Who is Bugs Potter?

Gordon Korman - 1980
    Then, he was spotted dressed as a telephone repairman, trying to break into a glamorous movie star's hotel suite. Next, he was observed playing the drums at the high school band festival rehearsal.Who is Bugs Potter and why is he doing all those wild things? Maybe he's just crazy or maybe he's a star....

The Wuggie Norple Story

Daniel Pinkwater - 1980
    The kitten grows in leaps and bounds as Lunchbox Louie continues to bring home bigger and bigger animals to prove to his wife and son that Wuggie Norple is extraordinarily large. Full-color illustrations.

Stone Fox

John Reynolds Gardiner - 1980
    When Grandfather falls ill, he is no longer able to work the farm, which is in danger of foreclosure. Little Willy is determined to win the National Dogsled Race—the prize money would save the farm and his grandfather. But he isn't the only one who desperately wants to win. Willy and his brave dog Searchlight must face off against experienced racers, including a Native American man named Stone Fox, who has never lost a race.Exciting and heartwarming, this novel has sold millions of copies and was named a New York Times Outstanding Children's Book.

A Dog Called Kitty

Bill Wallace - 1980
    So when a stray puppy comes sniffling around the farm, Ricky tells it to get lost. But the puppy keeps trying to play with Ricky. And every time Ricky's Mom feeds the cats, the little dog comes running. The cats aren't sharing their food, however, and the poor pup is slowly starving. If Ricky doesn't overcome his fear, the little puppy may die -- but if he lets himself get close enough to feed it, he may find the best friend he's ever had! Winner of the Texas Bluebonnet, the Oklahoma Sequoyah and the Nebraska Golden Sower Awards.

Giant Treasury of Peter Rabbit

Beatrix Potter - 1980
    Since the first publication of her stories, her whimsical animal friends have made their way into children's hearts and taught them simple lessons about life through their trials and triumphs. Here you will find such favorites as Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, among others. Their lively adventures are accompanied by Beatrix Potter's original illustrations, creating a fun and enchanting world that will entertain both young and old.

Duncton Wood

William Horwood - 1980
    and all the other moles of Duncton Wood. Set deep in the English countryside, this enchanting story tells of an ancient community losing its soul - but saved by courage and love.

Riddley Walker

Russell Hoban - 1980
    As Riddley steps outside the confines of his small world, he finds himself caught up in intrigue and a frantic quest for power, desperately trying to make sense of things.

Tilly Trotter

Catherine Cookson - 1980
    Tall and coltish, she's not afraid of taking on 'man's work' to help out the grandparents who raised her. There's an unusual beauty to her too - a beauty that's envied by the local women and lusted after by the men.But for all the attention Tilly only loves one man, farmer Simon Bentwood, and she's heartbroken to discover that he's betrothed to another. But there are even harder times ahead for Tilly. A spurned suitor takes a terrible revenge. Idle gossip brands her a witch. A betrayal forces her into the cruel drudgery of the local mine and puts her life in danger. But Tilly refuses to let her spirit be broken - determined that all this will serve only to make her stronger...

A Falcon Flies

Wilbur Smith - 1980
    Robyn Ballantyne and her brother Morris have waited years for this moment: to return to Africa, to search for their missionary father who had disappeared somewhere in the wilderness.Traveling north from Cape Town, they follow a map left by a madman--into an uncharted world of waterfalls and jungle, teeming wildlife, murderous disease, and the ghastly ruins of an astounding city.Uncovering their father's trail, Robyn and her brother are in the midst of a slave trade that pours out of Africa like a bloody wound. Now, to survive what they have found, they must make their separate ways out--through pitched battles on land and on sea…and through the pride, passions and fury of their hearts…

The Bourne Identity

Robert Ludlum - 1980
    Suffering from amnesia, he does not even know that he is Jason Bourne. What manner of man is he? What are his secrets? Who has he killed?

Finding a Girl in America

Andre Dubus - 1980
    Set in Dubus's largely coastal New England world, these short works focus on the residual anguish and momentary elation of deep emotional attachments--between lovers, between parent and child, and between estranged spouses.

The Master and Margarita (Modern Plays)

Edward Kemp - 1980
    But what’s the real purpose behind their visit?

Star Man's Son, 2250 A.D

Andre Norton - 1980
    He did not know what drove him to explore the empty lands to the north, where the great skeleton ruins of the old civilization rusted away in the wreckage of mankind's hopes.But he could not resist the urging that led him through danger and adventure, to the place where he faced the menace of the Star Men.Two centuries after an atomic war on earth, a silver-haired mutant sets out on a dangerous search for a lost city of the ruined civilization.

Childhood and Other Neighborhoods: Stories

Stuart Dybek - 1980
    Transformed through the wide eyes of Dybek's adolescent heroes, these grimy urban backwaters become exotic landscapes of fear-filled possibility, of dreams not yet turned to nightmares. Chronicling what happens when Old World faith meets the dark side of the American dream, Dybek's poignant stories of coming of age in Chicago alternately appall, amaze, and just simply entertain.

The Indian In The Cupboard Trilogy

Lynne Reid Banks - 1980
    Full description

Three Legions

Rosemary Sutcliff - 1980
    The Eagle Of The Ninth is set in the early days of the Roman province. The Silver Branch is placed during the time when the rebel general, Carausius, is proclaimed Emperor by his British troops. The Lantern Bearers takes place when the last roman army has left, abandoning Britain to internal strife and the menace of invasion by the Saxons.They are absorbing adventures in which an ancient world, peopled by warm, living characters, is dramatically brought to life by this award-winning author.

Herbert the Timid Dragon

Mercer Mayer - 1980
    A timid dragon rescues a princess in order to become a brave knight in armor, but his efforts are misunderstood.

The Fifth Sally

Daniel Keyes - 1980
    But, though she is unaware of it, she is also four other, quite different people: Nola, the cold independent artist who has a studio in Greenwich Village; Derry, the happy-go-lucky tomboy; Bella, the sexpot with a talent for singing and dancing; and finally Jinx, the hate- filled killer. Whenever events put too much of a strain on Sally Porter, she feels a headache and a blackout coming on -- and a new character takes over. If there is a man to be fascinated, she will become Bella. If there is an intellectual problem, she will become Nola. And -- as happens in the opening scene of the novel-- if there is a rapist to be dealt with, she becomes the vicious Jinx. It is the task of the wise and patient psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Ash -- a man who nevertheless has severe problems of his own -- to deal with this case of multiple personality and, through painstaking therapy, to try to fuse the four disparate personalities into "the fifth Sally." His struggle and near disasters become the major strand of the story. Sybil and The Three Faces of Eve were case histories dealing with multiple personality disorder. Although based on fact, this is the first contemporary novel, to deal with the theme as fiction.

The Barbie Murders

John Varley - 1980
    Amazing and creative pieces of imagination and wonder from an articulate and very human science fiction writer. On the Moon, they're altering bodies so everyone can look exactly alike; they're turning Pluto into an amusement park; a cult of zealots is painting the second ring of Saturn red; a man is enjoying his second childhood; there's a living black hole; and on Earth, they're reading...Contents: Bagatelle [Anna-Louise Bach] (1976) / novelette by John Varley · Galaxy Oct ’76 The Funhouse Effect [Eight Worlds] (1976) / novelette by John Varley · F&SF Dec ’76 The Barbie Murders [Anna-Louise Bach] (1978) / novelette by John Varley · IASFM Jan/Feb ’78 Equinoctial [Eight Worlds] (1977) / novella by John Varley · Ascents of Wonder, ed. David Gerrold, Popular Library, 1977 Manikins (1976) / short story by John Varley · Amazing Jan ’76 Beatnik Bayou [Eight Worlds] (1980) / novelette by John Varley · New Voices III, ed. George R. R. Martin, Berkley, 1980 Good-Bye, Robinson Crusoe [Eight Worlds] (1977) / novelette by John Varley · IASFM Spr ’77 Lollipop and the Tar Baby [Eight Worlds] (1977) / novelette by John Varley · Orbit 19, ed. Damon Knight, Harper & Row, 1977 Picnic on Nearside [Eight Worlds] (1974) / novelette by John Varley · F&SF Aug ’74.

Trafalgar True

Stephen Cosgrove - 1980
    So journey to the magical, mystical land of Serendipity "TM" with these four cherished editions featuring newly revised text from the author.In the land of Serendipity, Trafalgar True, a dragon, helps the Kith and Kin learn to cooperate and to share.

The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston

Siegfried Sassoon - 1980
    The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston includes "Sherston's Progress" and both "Memoirs,"

Swords And Crowns And Rings

Ruth Park - 1980
    He was a grocer's son, strong and proud, but fate had masked his strength and pride with a form that set him forever apart from other men. Compelling need drew them together, A bewitching fantasy encircled and sustained them. Then the Great Depression swept across Australia to impoverish the rich, humble the proud, and turn the poor into a stunned army of desperate vagrants and homeless vagabonds. Expelled from their enchated realm, brutally seperated, they each clutched a secret, a promise a dream of finding each other in a harsh world where only a perfect love like theirs could survive, overcome and triumph.


R.F. Delderfield - 1980
    As a young girl Diana is irrepressible, untameable and, to the orphaned John, endlessly fascinating. Only daughter of a wealthy businessman, she is drawn both to a rigorous outdoor life in the west country with her horses and the glittering London society that will be her destiny. They spend a magical unconventional childhood together but Diana's ambition, her passion for life that makes her so desirable, pulls her away from all that makes her happy. The fierce friendship that grew inevitably to love, develops as inevitably to conflict and a betrayal that will mark them both - until the trials of war offers them redemption.

The Maples Stories

John Updike - 1980
    Over the next two decades, he returned to these characters again and again, tracing their years together raising children, finding moments of intermittent happiness, and facing the heartbreak of infidelity and estrangement. Seventeen Maples stories were collected in 1979 in a paperback edition titled Too Far to Go, prompted by a television adaptation. Now those stories appear in hardcover for the first time, with the addition of a later story, “Grandparenting,” which returns us to the Maples’s lives long after their wrenching divorce.

The Ring

Danielle Steel - 1980
    When her father and brother disappear, Ariana is arrested by the Reich. Facing imprisonment and repeated rape at the hands of unscrupulous soldiers who desire to humble the lovely blond, Ariana jumps at the opportunity to become a cook for a kind Nazi officer. Gradually, the two are able to put the specter of war behind them and fall in love. But calamity strikes again, leaving Ariana alone once more and running for her life. Desperately sick and pregnant, Ariana lands in New York, part of the wave of refugees brought there by relief organizations. Sponsored, then befriended, then betrayed, by the Liebman family, Ariana slowly recovers in time for the Christmas birth of her son. And Noel, a kind man who loves Ariana, gives her the strength to make a life for herself and for him, which she does, finally finding true happiness. Danielle Steel creates a tale of the phases of life and love that we all experience against a brutal background that hopefully will not be experienced ever again. --Alison Trinkle

The Sacketts Vol 5

Louis L'Amour - 1980
    Jubal Sackett - 1600s explorer blazes trails beside Indian princess Natchez.

On Strike Against God

Joanna Russ - 1980
    Joanna Russ's On Strike Against God is remarkable for its deft intertwining of many themes: not only the overt one of coming out, but many intricately (and inevitably) interlaced stories of alienation, a search for community and rebellion against how our society defines women.

The Best of Mystery: 63 Short Stories Chosen by the Master of Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock - 1980
    The writers include Ed McBain, whose "Sadie When She Died" features a strange cat-and-mouse game between a sharp detective and the husband of a murdered woman whom the police suspect of having committed the crime. Other tales come from Donald E. Westlake, Bill Pronzini, Patricia Highsmith, Henry Slezar, and Richard M. Ellis.

Marrying Off Mother: And Other Stories

Gerald Durrell - 1980
    A collection of short stories by a world-renowned naturalist and author of My Family and Other Animals introduces an eccentric cast of characters including a prize-truffling pig in France and an aging Memphis belle.

A Roald Dahl Selection

Roald Dahl - 1980
    Includes:Man from the South, Lamb to the Slaughter, The Landlady, The champion of the World, Galloping Foxley, Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat, The Ratcatcher and The Hitchhiker.

Galactic Warlord

Douglas Arthur Hill - 1980
    The only survivor was Keill Randor, a young but highly skilled warrior, who embarks on a quest to find the unknown being who leads the Deathwing. This is the first book in the "Last Legionary" series.

Nobody Nothing Never

Juan José Saer - 1980
    Cat Garay, heir to a once-prosperous, now dilapidated family and his lover Elisa protect a horse from certain mutilation and death. An intense sexual affair and a desultory hunt for the killer along with political anxiety are played out on the banks of the Paran? river. The haunting prose of Nobody Nothing Never confirms Juan Jos? Saer?s reputation as the most innovative Latin American writer of his generation.

Love and Cherish

Dorothy Garlock - 1980
    She meets a man named Sloan Carroll, who proposes to her, but he finds that it will take a little more to win her heart.

The Brave Little Toaster

Thomas M. Disch - 1980
    Feeling abandoned by their beloved master, a vacuum cleaner, tensor lamp, electric blanket, clock radio, and toaster undertake a long and arduous journey to find him in a faraway city.

The Sacketts Vol 3

Louis L'Amour - 1980
    Sacketts prefer to talk or ride their way out of trouble from girls and gold, but fight for justice and family. 1 The Sackett Brand - Can Tell survive till family succor arrives? Van Allen strangled Tell's new wife Ange, fibs to law and 40+ Lazy A hands who trap fugitive. 2 The Lonely Men - Tell rides with other loners to certain death, after Orrin's ex Laura claims their son taken by Injuns across Mexico border.3 Treasure Mountain - Tell tracks brother Orrin, taken days ago by Andre and Fanny Baston in New Orleans, and pa, lost 20 years ago guiding Pierre Baston to buried French gold. 4 Mustang Man - Nolan, wild and keen as his mount, helps pretty Penelope Hume get gold ingots buried by ancestor on Rabbit Ears Mountain, despite killers, Sylvie Karnes, her brothers, and hired outlaws.


Robin Muller - 1980
    But when a pack of evil witches invades the palace, it is Tatterhood who battles them... and who sets out to free Belinda from the terrible spell the witches have cast upon her.

The Diary Of Trilby Frost

Dianne Glaser - 1980
    Her mother disapproves of her romance with Saul Edwards, the rebellious half-Indian boy who helps with the chores on the Frost farm. Then there are the Frosts' two boarders--a disreputable bootlegger who tries to woo Trilby's older sister, and a sophisticated teacher who tries to win Trilby's heart. Trilby writes everything in her diary, from her turbulent relationship with Saul to her days at finishing school. Her words tell of the tragedies and joys of life in a log cabin in the early twentieth century and show that the trials of growing up are timeless.


Thomas Keneally - 1980
    By the acclaimed author of the Academy Award-winning movie Schindler's List, this Civil War saga is both a riveting account of America at war and a tapestry of human drama.

The Seance and Other Stories

Isaac Bashevis Singer - 1980
    Phrases like ‘Let me tell you a story,’ and ‘Now listen to this,’ and ‘My story is about,’ recur in his work.” This new book of sixteen stories is his fourth collection, following Gimpel the Fool, The Spinoza of Market Street and Short Friday. Many readers will rank it with Mr. Singer’s best work.The title story, an account of an old man who regularly visits an unconvincing medium on Central Park West, exemplifies what David Boroff calls Singer’s rare ability to “transmute metaphysical ideas into pure emotion.” “Getzel the Monkey” is the story of a moneylender who mimics the town’s richest man so successfully that he becomes like him to the point of tragedy. “Zeitl and Rickel,” the story of two women who wish to marry in the next world since they cannot do so in this one, contains the sentence, “Who can tell what goes on in another’s head?” The murderer who tells his story in “The Parrot” is driven to kill his mistress-wife because she takes out her unhappiness on their bird. “The Slaughterer” is a brilliant portrait of the progressive madness of a man persuaded against his nature to become a ritual slaughterer.“The Brooch” is the story of a thief who is able to work at his profession only as long as he can rely on his wife’s probity and uprightness. “The Warehouse” recounts the bureaucratic snarl-ups that plague souls in the after-life. In “The Plagiarist” a rabbi defrauded by a young disciple is asked to pray for his recovery and when the man dies he resigns to perform penance in exile. “The Lecture,” a story set in modern Montreal, reveals the reason behind an old lady’s interest in a visiting author. “The Needle” tells how a mother in search of a wife for her son devises an infallible test for prospective brides. “The Dead Fiddler” is the story of a dybbuk that talks, sings and curses in the body of a young girl. “Yanda” and “Henne Fire” are character studies of, respectively, a goodhearted Polish slavey who is fated to work for other people all her life, and a demon-like woman who causes trouble for people even after death. “The Letter Writer,” one of the major stories in the collection, relates the world of the unseen to the harsh realities of lonely old age and sickness in an alien modern city. This and the companion stories prove the truth of Miss Hughes’ assertion: “Singer is a master story-teller, one of the very few who can faithfully re-create a time forever past and render it meaningful to a troubled present.”

A Collection of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories

Rudyard Kipling - 1980
    Now, in this sumptuous volume, Kipling's playful, inventive tales are brought to life by eight of today's celebrated illustrators, from Peter Sís's elegantly graphic cetacean in "How the Whale Got His Throat" to Satoshi Kitamura's amusingly expressive characters in "The Cat That Walked by Himself." From one of the world's greatest storytellers come eight classic tales just begging to be heard by a new generation — and a visual feast that offers a reward with every retelling. Featuring illustrations by:Christopher CorrCathie FelsteadJeff FisherSatoshi KitamuraClaire MelinskyJane RayPeter SísLouise Voce

The Twits

Roald Dahl - 1980
    and Mrs. Twit are the smelliest, ugliest people in the world. They hate everything -- except playing mean jokes on each other, catching innocent birds to put in their Bird Pies, and making their caged monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, stand on their heads all day. But the Muggle-Wumps have had enough. They don't just want out, they want revenge.

తులసిదళం [Tulasi Dalam]

Yandamoori Veerendranath - 1980
    Anita is her sister. Sridhar saves the daughter of his boss Robert. As a gratitude, he presents Rs. 10 lakhs in the name of Tulasi. If she dies before the age of 10 years, the money goes to Sri Krishna Saranalayam. She was witch-crafted by some enemies of her father for getting the money. Kadra has applied "Kashmora" on her, as a result she becomes serious sick. She is expected to be killed by its effects in 21 days time. The story is about the attempts by four persons (father and mother, Abrakadabra and Ismail) to save her from death.

The Harder They Come

Michael Thelwell - 1980
    With passion and precision, Michael Thelwell recounts Rhygin’s journey from a morally coherent rural universe to the teeming, predatory slums of Kingston, his rebellion against the poverty and corruption of postcolonial Jamaica, his blazing, simultaneous rise to the top of the charts and the Most Wanted list.

Menuet Za Kitaro: Na Petindvajset Strelov

Vitomil Zupan - 1980
    Running parallel to the jumble of Berk’s wartime experiences is his no less peculiar encounter with an old enemy during a vacation at a Spanish coastal resort. Together, the two men try to make sense of their wartime memories, leading past and future into a danse macabre undermining the certainties of each. A document of the horrors and tiny comedies of war, and an exploration of the nature of beauty and morality when subjected to the absurdity of history, Minuet for Guitar is an overwhelming literary achievement.

Famous Tales of Mystery and Horror

Edgar Allan Poe - 1980
    Librarian note: There is a later printing with a different cover using the same ISBN available on Goodreads here.This collection contains five stories:    The Telltale Heart (1843)    The Masque of the Red Death (1842)    The Oblong Box (1844)    The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1841) (A Chevalier Dupin story)    The Purloined Letter (1844) (A Chevalier Dupin story)


Dori Brink - 1980
    Laugh with him, and cry with him.

Under Plum Lake

Lionel Davidson - 1980
    Returning to the scene later he goes down a cliff path and finds a cave, and a boy waiting for him, beckoning him into a tunnel that goes under the water.

The Second Coming

Walker Percy - 1980
    But then he meets Allison, a mental hospital escapee making a new life for herself in a greenhouse. The Second Coming is by turns touching and zany, tragic and comic, as Will sets out in search of God's existence and winds up finding much more.

The Wishing Tree

Ruth Chew - 1980
    tantalize a sister and brother into setting out upon ethereal adventures. (1980)Another out-of-print masterpiece by America's story-creating wizard of the 1970s & 1980s, Ruth Chew.

Answer as a Man

Taylor Caldwell - 1980
    His new hotel will give him financial security, the means to support a loving family and become an upstanding citizen. When family secrets and financial greed combine to destroy his dreams, his rigid moral convictions are suddenly brought into question.

All the Lies That Are My Life

Harlan Ellison - 1980
    Introduction by Robert Silverberg. Afterwords by Norman Spinrad, Vonda N McIntyre, Robert Sheckley, Philip Jose Farmer, Thomas M Disch, and Edward Bryant.

Random Winds

Belva Plain - 1980
    The Farrells--dedicated, brilliant.. and driven to the edge of destruction by a love no human force could suppress.

The Signet Classic Book of Mark Twain's Short Stories

Mark Twain - 1980
    This richly entertaining and comprehensive collection presents sixty-five of the very best of Mark Twain’s short pieces, from the classic frontier sketch “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” to the richly imaginative fable “Extract from Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven.” Compiled by Pulitzer Prize–winning Twain scholar and biographer, Justin Kaplan, this collection represents some of Mark Twain’s wittiest and most insightful writing.

The Strong Shall Live

Louis L'Amour - 1980
    Men honed by desert fires and edged by combat with fist and gun. Women tested to the limit of endurance by an unrelenting land. Now, in a long-awaited collection of his stories, Louis L'Amour tells of the real heroes of the frontier, the survivors for whom hanging tough was as natural as drawing breath

Mrs Wobble The Waitress

Allan Ahlberg - 1980
    She wobbles so much that she drops a chicken on a lady's pretty hat, then she drops a jelly on her boss and gets the sack. She fears her wobble will stop her working ever again - but Mr Wobble has a plan.

The Gift of the Sacred Dog

Paul Goble - 1980
    A rider on a magnificent animal comes to him and says: "This animal is called the Sacred Dog. He can do many things your dogs can do and also more...He is as the wind: gentle but sometimes frightening." The clouds close and suddenly one by one countless Sacred Dogs course down from the sky. And so the courage of one determined boy is rewarded by the Great Spirit: The horse, or Sacred Dog, is given to his tribe.

Name of a Shadow

Ann Maxwell - 1980
    But soon there will be no flowers, no lovers, no tomorrows. The planet Malia has violated the Sole Restraint of Concorde, the space federation, by waging undeclared war on its former colony world, Vintra. Now Malia faces a swift and terrible fate: world-consuming molecular fire. As time ticks toward extinction for all Malians, Kayle, the mind-link, and Ryth, the pattern-master, race to discover why a people would knowingly commit an act of self destruction. Their only hope is a beautiful, unwilling accomplice, Faen, the last of an ancient aristocracy. She alone knows the secret of the sarsa, the musical instrument that can summon the undying wisdom of the shadows. She alone can call its name....

The Clouded Hills

Brenda Jagger - 1980
    At sixteen Verity becomes sole heiress to a fortune founded on the wool mills of Yorkshire and realises for the first time that she is no more than a pawn in the games of ambitious men. Obedient to the conventions of the Victorian age, she accepts a marriage of convenience and cloaks her proud spirit in the silks and satins of a society hostess. But for Verity Barforth convention is not enough. When at last she falls in love it is not with her husband, and she becomes the centre of a powerful drama of infidelity, jealousy and revenge, played out against the magnificent landscapes of the Yorkshire moors and the brutal poverty of the mills. ‘A vast exciting tapestry of love, hate and death . . . held me to the end’ James Herriot ‘A touching and ultimately satisfying love story.’ Jilly Cooper

In the Line of Fire

Philip McCutchan - 1980
    The North Atlantic. Convoys of supply ships are making their way from America to England, protected by a rapidly assembled fleet of modernised war ships. The Carmerthen, one of the destroyers, is home to seaman Donald Cameron, a nineteen-year old Commission and Warrant candidate at the bottom of the barrel for the taunting sailors. The outmoded warship tests his resolve as he is faced with the tense task of keeping watch for enemy attacks. But in the hubbub of lower deck life it is easy to forget they are sailing in dangerous waters… The ship has been at sea for barely a few weeks when it is severely damaged in a surprise daylight attack. The biting cold, exhaustion and knowledge that the attackers will be back combine to put the men on board in a blood thirsty mood… Despite constant bombardment from prowling Focke-Wulfs and U-boats, the last handful of men manage to remain afloat, restlessly watching and waiting… As they struggle against the freezing conditions, Cameron picks out an U-boat periscope sliding fast towards the waterlogged destroyer. And it is homing in on what appears to be a certain victory… 'In The Line of Fire' is s tense, action-packed thriller that combines authenticity with brilliant story-telling. 'A gripping page-turner.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of 'Trade-Off.' Philip McCutchan grew up in the naval atmosphere of Portsmouth Dockyard and developed a lifetime's interest in the sea. Military history was an early interest of his, resulting in several fiction books about the British Army and its campaigns, especially in the last 150 years. He served throughout WW II in a variety of ships, including the cruiser Vindictive, the ocean boarding vessel Largs, and the escort carrier Ravager, ending the war as a lieutenant, RNVR. He is also the author of ‘Drums Along the Khyber’. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

The Last Defender of Camelot

Roger Zelazny - 1980
    Even old fans will find surprises in this collection. For instance, how many devotees have read Passion Play, Zelazny s first published work, and how many are familiar with He Who Shapes, the foundation of his classic novel The Dream Master?ContentsPassion PlayHorseman!The Stainless Steel LeechA Thing of Terrible BeautyHe Who ShapesComes Now the PowerAuto-Da-Fe'Damnation alleyFor a Breath I TarryThe Engine at Heartspring's CenterThe Game of Blood and DustNo AwardIs There a Demon Lover in the House?The Last Defender of CamelotStand Pat, Ruby StoneHalfjack

Time + the Riddle

Howard Fast - 1980
    Not merely fantasy or science fiction, these "Zen stories" explore the world's mysterious and unanswerable questions, big and small, and the results are at once bizarre, humorous, chilling, and poignant. An American general shoots down what appears to be an angel during a Vietnam War battle, a celebrated author becomes a hunted man, and a mouse is granted human thought and emotion by a group of alien beings. The thirty-one stories in "Time and the Riddle" showcase Fast's range and supreme talent as a storyteller. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the author's estate.


Spider Robinson - 1980
    with life life as the prize?PLUS * seven other superb stories * four horrible puns * a trible feghoot * four original songs, with E-Z Play chords * foreword, afterwords, illustrations, and a weapons list9 • Introduction: Welcome to the Antinomy Mine • essay by Spider Robinson13 • Antinomy • (1978) • novelette by Spider Robinson48 • Afterword to "Antinomy" • essay by Spider Robinson51 • Half an Oaf • (1976) • novelette by Spider Robinson79 • Rhythms and 'Rithms • short fiction by Spider Robinson79 • Tidbit: two puns • short story by Spider Robinson80 • The Shamin' of the Shaman • short fiction by Spider Robinson81 • Too Soon We Grow Old • (1978) • short story by Spider Robinson98 • Valkyrie Ride • poem by Spider Robinson98 • Tidbit: two songs • poem by Spider Robinson102 • Feed Me Fire • poem by Spider Robinson105 • When No Man Pursueth • (1974) • novelette by Spider Robinson139 • Tidbit: afterword to "When No Man Pursueth" • essay by Spider Robinson144 • Nobody Likes to Be Lonely • (1975) • novelette by Spider Robinson186 • Tidbit: interleaf • essay by Spider Robinson188 • Satan's Children • (1979) • novella by Spider Robinson229 • Three-Time Winner • short fiction by Spider Robinson229 • Tidbit: a triple Feghoot and a cartoon • short story by Spider Robinson231 •  Cartoon: "Sorry, Mr. Griffin: he says he can't see you now." • interior artwork by Spider Robinson232 • Apogee • (1978) • short story by Spider Robinson236 • A Standing Joke • short fiction by Spider Robinson237 • The Snoopy Scientist • short fiction by Spider Robinson238 • Tidbit: two puns (includes some artwork) • short story by Spider Robinson240 • No Renewal • (1977) • short story by Spider Robinson246 • Tidbit: afterword (to "No Renewal"), an illo, and a weapons list • essay by Spider Robinson247 • Through My Eyes- illustration of Mike Callahan • essay by Spider Robinson248 • Silly Weapons Throughout History • (1980) • essay by Spider Robinson251 • Overdose • (1975) • short story by Spider Robinson262 • Perspective • poem by Spider Robinson262 • Tidbit: two more songs • poem by Spider Robinson265 • Mountain Lady • poem by Spider Robinson268 • Tin Ear • (1977) • short story by Spider Robinson277 • Tidbit: foreword to "The Magnificent Conspiracy" • essay by Spider Robinson280 • The Magnificent Conspiracy • (1977) • novelette by Spider Robinson310 • This Time Next Year • poem by Spider Robinson311 • Come to My Bedside • poem by Spider Robinson