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The Shining / Salems Lot / Night Shift / Carrie

Stephen King - 1981
    Four stories by Stephen King, The Shining, Salems Lot, Night Shift and Carrie.

Scary Stories Treasury

Alvin Schwartz - 1981
     Reviews "A wonderful collection of tales that range from creepy to silly to haunting. ...Gammell's drawings add just the right touch..." -- John Scieszka, Entertinment Weekly"Guaranteed to make your teeth chatter and your spine tingle." -- School Library Journal"Read these if you dare." -- The New York Times

Foundation / Foundation and Empire / Second Foundation / The Stars, Like Dust / The Naked Sun / I, Robot

Isaac Asimov - 1981
    . .The Stars, Like DustA masterpiece of suspense and drama: Biron Farrill sets out on a dangerous quest through the galaxies to find "Rebellion World" and its key to man's future peace.The Naked SunEarth's very existence is at stake when a murder takes place on power-hungry Solaria.  One of the greatest detective stories in the science fiction canon.I, RobotThe classic vision of a future where robots are so sophisticated that mankind is threatened with redundancy. Stories include: Robbie, Runaround, Reason, Catch That Rabbit, Liar!, Little Lost Robot, Escape!, Evidence, and The Evitable Conflict.

The Compromise

Sergei Dovlatov - 1981
    Based on Dovlatov's experiences as a journalist in the Soviet Republic of Estonia, this is an acidly comic picture of ludicrous bureaucratic ineptitude, which obviously still continues.

Life at Blandings

P.G. Wodehouse - 1981
    Wodehouse entices us into the demesne of Blandings Castle - an apparent paradise where it is eternal high summer, with jolly parties, tea on the lawn and love trysts in the rose garden. But for Clarence, ninth Earl of Emsworth, there is always something to disturb this tranquil scene.This omnibus contains Something Fresh, Summer Lightning and three short stories (The Custody of the Pumpkin, Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best and Pig-hoo-o-o-o-ey).

Follow the River

James Alexander Thom - 1981
    For months, she lived with them, unbroken, until she escaped, and followed a thousand mile trail to freedom--an extraordinary story of a pioneer woman who risked her life to return to her people.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Campbell Black - 1981
    But now the very future of the world depends on his finding one special relic.With a bullwhip in his hand and a beautiful lady at his side, Jones journeys from Nepal and Cairo to the Mediterranean, dodging poisons, traps and snakes, battling rivals old and new, all in pursuit of an ancient artifact said to give invincible power to its possessor.It's a battle to a startling finish, a finish dictated by the magic, the light -- and the power -- of the Lost Ark.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Raymond Carver - 1981
    Alternate-cover edition can be found here In his second collection, Carver establishes his reputation as one of the most celebrated and beloved short-story writers in American literature—a haunting meditation on love, loss, and companionship, and finding one’s way through the dark.

Sixty Stories

Donald Barthelme - 1981
    Here are urban upheavals reimagined as frontier myth; travelogues through countries that might have been created by Kafka; cryptic dialogues that bore down to the bedrock of our longings, dreams, and angsts. Like all of Donald's work, the sixty stories collected in this volume are triumphs of language and perception, at once unsettling and irresistible.


Gore Vidal - 1981
    -- and embellishes it with his own ironic humor, brilliant insights, and piercing observations. We meet a vast array of historical figures in a staggering novel of love, war, philosophy, and adventure . . . "There isn't a page of CREATION that doesn't inform and very few pages that do not delight."-- John Leonard, The New York Times "From the Paperback edition."

The Atlas of Middle-Earth

Karen Wynn Fonstad - 1981
    Here is the definitive guide to the geography of Middle-earth, from its founding in the Elder Days through the Third Age, including the journeys of Bilbo, Frodo, and the Fellowship of the Ring. Authentic and updated -- nearly one third of the maps are new, and the text is fully revised -- the atlas illuminates the enchanted world created in THE SILMARILLION, THE HOBBIT, and THE LORD OF THE RINGS.Hundreds of two-color maps and diagrams survey the journeys of the principal characters day by day -- including all the battles and key locations of the First, Second, and Third Ages. Plans and descriptions of castles, buildings, and distinctive landforms are given, along with thematic maps describing the climate, vegetation, languages, and population distribution of Middle-earth throughout its history. An extensive appendix and an index help readers correlate the maps with Tolkien's novels.

Secrets of the Gnomes

Rien Poortvliet - 1981
    SECRETS OF THE GNOMES is the fascinating account of a long, arduous journey undertaken by the authors at the request of the gnomes. It is overflowing with the authors' on-the-scene sketches and firsthand observations.Poortvliet and Huygen are not invited as mere observers, however, for after a meal of mushrooms and cream-tasting as if were made of "everything that light, air, sun, moon, and earth could produce"-they find that they have been turned into gnomes themselves! The authors take a penetrating look at their subjects: they learn of the tender emotional life of a gnome; they see and diagram the mechanics of the ingenious gnome technology; they observe how gnomes administer justice in the wild; they are told how fairy tales first began (Little Red Riding Hood was actually a gnome). And, best of all, they are allowed to see parts of the magical Secret Book.Endowed with gnome characteristics (which include exceptional vision and heightened senses of touch, smell taste, and hearing), complete with peaked gnome caps, Poortvliet and Huygen are led from Lapland across the Siberian wilderness by Nicholas, their gruff by kindly guide who teaches them the secrets of survival in the icy north. Because of the gnomes' rapport with living creatures, the three travel in a troika pulled by lemmings, they are borne on a fox's back and on the head of a moose-they are even carried by the abominable snowman!Lovers of gnomes will celebrate the arrival of this new volume and will delight in the opportunity to know these elusive creatures better. Scores of enchanting illustrations by Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet record the comings and goings of gnomes and the loving interaction with nature for which they are so famous.


Jackie Collins - 1981
    It plunges you into the reckless, dangerous world of the Santangelo crime family. It introduces you to Gino Santangelo, the street kid who makes it all the way to the top. And then brings you Lucky—his sensual, stunningly beautiful, and passionate daughter; a woman who dares to win her father’s empire for herself; a woman unafraid of taking…CHANCES.

The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day

Stan Berenstain - 1981
    Would Brother Bear like it? Would he find new friends? He wasn't sure until he got there.

The Book of Ebenezer Le Page

G.B. Edwards - 1981
    Eighty years old, Ebenezer has lived his whole life on the Channel Island of Guernsey, a stony speck of a place caught between the coasts of England and France yet a world apart from either. Ebenezer himself is fiercely independent, but as he reaches the end of his life he is determined to tell his own story and the stories of those he has known. He writes of family secrets and feuds, unforgettable friendships and friendships betrayed, love glimpsed and lost. The Book of Ebenezer Le Page is a beautifully detailed chronicle of a life, but it is equally an oblique reckoning with the traumas of the twentieth century, as Ebenezer recalls both the men lost to the Great War and the German Occupation of Guernsey during World War II, and looks with despair at the encroachments of commerce and tourism on his beloved island.G. B. Edwards labored in obscurity all his life and completed The Book of Ebenezer Le Page shortly before his death. Published posthumously, the book is a triumph of the storyteller's art that conjures up the extraordinary voice of a living man.Cover art of this edition by R.B. Kitaj, from painting titled "Blake's God", 2006.

Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars

Daniel Pinkwater - 1981
    Leonard's life at his new junior high is just barely tolerable until he becomes friends with the unusual Alan and with him shares an extraordinary adventure.

Raja Gidh / راجه گدھ

Bano Qudsia - 1981
    Gidh is the Urdu word for a vulture and Raja is a Hindi synonym for king. The name anticipates the kingdom of vultures. In fact, parallel to the main plot of the novel, an allegorical story of such a kingdom is narrated. The metaphor of the vulture as an animal feeding mostly on the carcasses of dead animals is employed to portray the trespassing of ethical limits imposed by the society or by the religion.Bano Qudsia has written this novel drawing on the religious concept of Haraam and Halaal. Many readers tend to interpret Raja Gidh as a sermon, in which Bano Qudsia puts forth her theory of hereditary transmission of Haraam genes. Naturally the plot is woven to support the thesis. In the opinion of many readers and critics she manages to convince them that the pursuance of Haraam, be it financial, moral or emotional, results in the deterioration of a person's normality in some sense. She seems to suggest that the abnormality is transferred genetically to the next generation.Apart from the above implication the novel has many social, emotional and psychological aspects. The nostalgic narration of the historical Government College Lahore and of the Lawrence Garden Lahore lights upon the days of seventies and eighties.Bano Qudsia is among those Urdu writers who would think ten times before writing a sentence. But she does not sacrifice the flow of the narrative anywhere in this novel. Her characters are not black and white ones as some of the critics would like to suggest. Every sensitive reader who has attended a college or a university in a Pakistani setting is bound to find some similarities between themselves and one of the characters.Plot: Seemin Shah, hailing from an upper middle class family, falls in love with her handsome class fellow Aftab in the MA Sociology class at Government College Lahore. Seemin is a modern and attractive urban girl and attracts most of her male class fellows, including the narrator (abdul)Qayyum and the young liberal professor Suhail. Aftab belongs to a Kashmiri business family. Though he also loves her, he can not rise above his family values and succumbs to his parent's pressure to marry someone against his wishes and leave for London to look after his family business. Now the long story of separation begins.

The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor

Stan Berenstain - 1981
    Gert Grizzly. Sister Bear is brave about her booster shot, and Brother Bear is fine, but--achoo!--is that Papa Bear sneezing?

Hanta Yo: An American Saga

Ruth Beebe Hill - 1981
    A multigenerational saga that depicts the lives of two families of Teton Sioux from the late 1700s to the 1830s, before the arrival of the white man.

In the Land of Dreamy Dreams

Ellen Gilchrist - 1981
    Peopled largely with young southern females who chafe against the restrictions of their upper-class lives, these stories convey the humor and tragedy to be found wherever retreat into imagination is preferred over reality. Introduced here are Nora Jane Whittington, Rhoda Manning, and other recurring Gilchrist characters beloved for their failures, tenacity, and all-too-human hope in the face of frustrated love.

The Berenstain Bears and the Sitter

Stan Berenstain - 1981
    But with her bag of tricks and comforting way of tucking them in, Mrs. Grizzle wins them over.

Walt Disney Productions presents The Fox and the Hound

Walt Disney Company - 1981
    Especially when the puppy is destined to grow up into a hunting dog . . .The Fox and the Hound is written by American novelist Daniel P. Mannix and illustrated by John Schoenherr. It follows the lives of Tod, a red fox raised by a human for the first year of his life, and Copper, a half-bloodhound dog owned by a local hunter, referred to as the Master. After Tod causes the death of the man's favourite hound, man and dog relentlessly hunt the fox, against the dual backdrops of a changing human world and Tod's normal life in hunting for food, seeking a mate, and defending his territory. As preparation for writing the novel, Mannix studied foxes, both tame and wild, a wide variety of hunting techniques, and the ways hounds appear to track foxes, seeking to ensure his characters acted realistically.Endearing, exciting and funny, this Disney creation will delight and thrill all children everywhere."


William Wharton - 1981
    When he arrives, he finds her shaken but surviving; it is his father, left alone, who is unable to cope, who begins to fail, to slip away from life. Joined by his nineteen-year-old son, John suddenly becomes enmeshed in the frightening, consuming, endless minutiae of caring for a beloved, dying parent. He also finds himself inescapably confronting his own middle age, jammed between his son's feckless impatience to get on with his life and his father's heartbreaking willingness to let go. A story of the love that binds generations, Dad celebrates the universe of possibilities within every individual life.

The Genius

Theodore Dreiser - 1981
      Driven to experience life beyond the small Illinois town of his youth, Eugene Witla makes his way to Chicago, where he is immediately drawn to the buzz of the city and the sexual freedom of bohemian life. At the Chicago Art Institute, he studies painting, soon making a name for himself as a gifted urban realist. Throughout his life, Witla’s commitment to his art is rivaled only by his need for erotic adventure. In love and marriage, and from Chicago to New York to the cities of Europe, Witla finds himself at odds with convention and pays a profound cost for his struggle.   First published in 1915, The “Genius”, Theodore Dreiser’s most personal and provocative novel, was declared obscene by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, and under threat of legal action, it was recalled from bookstores. Rereleased in 1923, it went on to establish Dreiser’s reputation as a writer ahead of his time, giving unparalleled insight into the mind of a prodigy.  This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

The Rebel Angels

Robertson Davies - 1981
    Only Mr. Davies, author of Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders, could have woven together their destinies with such wit, humour-and wisdom.

Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy

Robert Anton Wilson - 1981
    It's a wise and wacky look at our recent past seen through a fun-house's a satire on our violent, inexplicable, wonderful world...and it's a mind trip inward to expose our deepest hopes and fears.The missing plutonium a terrorist group turns into nuclear devices, the Mad Fishmonger, the future America called Unistat, our hero Benny "Eggs" Benedict, and the Invisible Hand are real but beyond the Black Hole, out of space, out of time—in the universe next door.

The Penguin Complete Father Brown

G.K. Chesterton - 1981
    Chesterton's endearing amateur sleuth has entertained countless generations of readers. For, as his admirers know, Father Brown's cherubic face and unworldly simplicity, his glasses and his huge umbrella, disguise a quite uncanny understanding of the criminal mind at work.This Penguin omnibus edition contains* The Innocence of Father Brown* The Wisdom of Father Brown* The Incredulity of Father Brown* The Secret of Father Brown* The Scandal of Father Brown

Noble House, Volume 2

James Clavell - 1981
    The setting is Hong Kong, 1963. The action spans scarcely more than a week, but these are days of high adventure: from kidnapping and murder to financial double-dealing and natural catastrophes-fire, flood, landslide. Yet they are days filled as well with all the mystery and romance of Hong Kong-the heart of Asia-rich in every, flesh, opium, power.

Need A House? Call Ms. Mouse

George Mendoza - 1981
    Henrietta Mouse designs houses to fit the special needs of her animal friends.

Gorky Park

Martin Cruz Smith - 1981
    Chief homicide investigator Arkady Renko is brilliant, sensitive, honest, and cynical about everything except his profession. To identify the victims and uncover the truth, he must battle the KGB, FBI, and New York police as he performs the impossible--and tries to stay alive doing it.

Time of the Dragons

Robert Shea - 1981
    Shike is a novel about two characters: Jebu, a fighting monk of the Order of Zinja, and Taniko, the minor noblewoman with whom he falls in love on his first mission -- escorting her to an arranged marriage with a far older and extremely influential nobleman.


Noel Barber - 1981
    Opulence, terror, and forbidden passion prevail in 1930s Singapore. The country is as rich as its climate is steamy, and its bright future seems all but assured. Against all the unwritten canons of Singapore life, a wealthy British man falls in love with the daughter of an aristocratic Chinese family. Their love grows despite opposition from both of their families?and the imminent outbreak of war.

Once upon a Summer

Janette Oke - 1981
    Seasons of the Heart book 1.

Red Dragon

Thomas Harris - 1981
    Graham is the greatest profiler the FBI ever had, but the physical and mental scars of capturing Hannibal Lecter have caused Graham to go into early retirement. Now, Graham must turn to Lecter for help.

George's Marvellous Medicine

Roald Dahl - 1981
    Four times a day she takes a large spoonful of medicine, but it doesn't seem to do her any good. She's always just as poisonous after she's taken it as she was before. When George is left to look after her one morning, it's just the chance he needs . . .

Henry's Awful Mistake

Robert M. Quackenbush - 1981
    “The ant must go!” says Henry. But as he quickly learns, one tiny little ant turns into huge and hilarious trouble!Children and parents alike will love following disaster-prone Henry through his adventures in travel, cleverly written and illustrated by Robert Quackenbush.

Henry's Awful Mistake

Robert M. Quackenbush - 1981
    Children and parents alike will love following disaster-prone Henry through his adventures in cooking, cleverly written and illustrated by Robert Quackenbush. Don't forget to snatch up the other three books in the Henry the Duck Series: Henry's Important Date, Henry Goes West, and Henry Babysits.

My Dinner With André

Wallace Shawn - 1981
    Andre Gregory is an intense, highly experimental theater director and playwright in search of life's meanings and spiritual revelations. His friend, Wally Shawn, is an actor and playwright living in New York who is more preoccupied with the search for his next meal. As Andre recounts his global journeys involving esoteric theatrical experiments and mystical adventures, Wally listens with more than skepticism, as his attitudes shift among wonder, puzzlement, admiration, and anger. What finally emerges is a sensitive portrait of a friendship that survives and transcends contransting assumptions about love, death, art, and man's continuing quest for self-fulfillment.

Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings"

Barbara Strachey - 1981
    Based on clear and detailed descriptions given in the text and on the original maps that appear The Lord of the Rings, as well as Tolkien's own paintings and drawings of the landscape and features of Middle-earth, this book clearly shows Frodo's route, together with the paths taken by other principal characters. The maps provide enough detail to help the reader envisage the country through which the narrative moves, and each one also has extensive notes about the journey. Having loved the volumes of The Lord of the Rings since they first appeared, Barbara Strachey wanted fuller and more detailed maps to go with them. Though not a professional cartographer or artist, she finally decided to create them herself. For nearly 20 years her efforts have provided readers of The Lord of the Rings with a new and more vivid idea of Middle-earth and her book remains an essential Tolkien's great masterpiece.

The Children's Story: A Collection of Stories

James Clavell - 1981
    He writes, "The Children's Story came into being that day. It was then that I really realized how vulnerable my child's mind was —any mind, for that matter—under controlled circumstances. Normally I write and rewrite and re-rewrite, but this story came quickly—almost by itself. Barely three words were changed. It pleases me greatly because I kept asking the questions…Questions like, What's the use of 'I pledge allegiance' without understanding? Like Why is it so easy to divert thoughts? Like What is freedom? and Why is so hard to explain?The Children's Story keeps asking me all sorts of questions I cannot answer. Perhaps you can—then your child will...."


Hermann Hesse - 1981
    In this story of a wealthy Indian Brahmin who casts off a life of privilege to seek spiritual fulfillment. Hesse synthesizes disparate philosophies--Eastern religions, Jungian archetypes, Western individualism--into a unique vision of life as expressed through one man's search for true meaning.

The Unabridged Jack London

Jack London - 1981
    Included here, in addition to his classic novels and short story collections, is a group of "uncollected" short stories, some of which have never appeared in book form. We have sought, wherever possible, to use only first editions of London's work - the only way, we feel, to convey the truly original spirit of London's boundless imagination, his insight into humankind's passion for adventure, and his gripping life view.Three novels...and 54 short stories, some of them never available in book form, that exemplify two sides of Jack London (1876-1916): the quiet, contemplative writer of San Francisco and the bruising, lusty adventurer of the Yukon and the Pacific. - THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWCover Illustration: Gill Cohen

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1981
    Shreffler, long-time member of the famous Sherlock Holmes society known as 'The Baker Street Irregulars'.

Winter Count

Barry Lopez - 1981
    . . . [These] stories expand of their own accord, lingering in the mind the way intense light lingers in the retina."  --Los Angeles Times"Animals and landscapes have not had this weight, this precision, in American fiction since Hemingway's young heroes were fishing the streams of upper Michigan and Spain." --San Francisco ChronicleA flock of great blue herons descending through a snowstorm to the streets of New York. . . . A river in Nebraska disappearing mysteriously. . . . A ghostly herd of buffalo that sings a song of death. . . . A mystic who raises constellations of stones from the desert floor. . . . All these are to be found in Winter Count, the exquisite and rapturous collection by the National Book Award-winning author of Arctic Dreams.In these resonant and unpredictable stories Barry Lopez proves that he is one of the most important and original writers at work in America today. With breathtaking skill and a few deft strokes he produces painfully beautiful scenes. Combining the real with the wondrous, he offers us a pure vision of people alive to the immediacy and spiritual truth of nature."Powerful. . . . [Lopez] can steal your breath away." --Minneapolis Tribune"Richly allusive, moving, compassionate, these stories celebrate the web of nature that holds the world together." --The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1981
    The adventures of Sherlock Holmes The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes The return of Sherlock Holmes A study in scarlet The sign of four The hound of the Baskervilles.

On Golden Pond

Ernest Thompson - 1981
    He is a retired professor, nearing eighty, with heart palpitations and a failing memory but still as tart-tongued, observant and eager for life as ever. Ethel, ten years younger, and the perfect foil for Norman, delights in all the small things that have enriched and continue to enrich their long life together. They are visited by their divorced, middle-aged daughter and her dentist fiancé.

Canopus in Argos: Archives

Doris Lessing - 1981
    Even as it gives an epic account of the struggles between Canopus and its rivals over the fate of the universe, 'Canopus in Argos' comments, with Lessing's characteristic insight and eloquence, on human history and our prospects for the future.


Vera Southgate - 1981
    A series of popular, traditional tales written in a simply way for children who are learning to read.

Little Miss Bossy

Roger Hargreaves - 1981
    Men & Little Miss microsite.

Mr. Bell's Fixit Shop

Ronne Randall - 1981
    Bell gets his chance to fix a broken heart when Jill sadly shows him a doll the puppy chewed up.

Miss Piggy's Guide to Life

Henry N. Beard - 1981
    It reads like a self-help book, but what a difference a Pig makes!

Stick Fighting: Techniques of Self-Defense

Masaaki Hatsumi - 1981
    To find a comprehensive system of techniques using the stick, we must turn to the East, for systems known to the West have fallen into disuse. In this book, the techniques of Kukishin Ryu-an ancient Japanese method-have been updated and adapted for use today. A thorough grounding in the fundamentals dealt with here will enable you to disarm and control any assailant.CONTENTS Section 1: Basic Movements Section 2: Techniques against First Attack Section 3: Techniques against Foot Attacks Section 4: Techniques against Wrist Holding Section 5: Techniques against Sleeve and Lapel Holding Section 6: Techniques against Seizure from Behind Section 7: Techniques against Stick Holding Section 8: Immobilizations

Midnight's Children

Salman Rushdie - 1981
    He is one of 1,001 children born at the midnight hour, each of them endowed with an extraordinary talent - and whose privilege and curse it is to be both master and victims of their times. Through Saleem's gifts - inner ear and wildly sensitive sense of smell - we are drawn into a fascinating family saga set against the vast, colourful background of the India of the 20th century.

Wodehouse on Crime

P.G. Wodehouse - 1981
    One dozen prime examples of the late writer's stories about crime, criminals, and cunning detectives include "The Crime Wave at Blandings," "Strychnine in the Soup," and "Ukridge's Accident Syndicate"

Masks of the Illuminati

Robert Anton Wilson - 1981
    He seeks the help of two brilliant, yet unlikely, drinking buddies--James Joyce and Albert Einstein--the only people genius enough to uncover the wretched scheme!.

The Midwife

Gay Courter - 1981
    She fought her own doubts and fears as she plunged into a forbidden love affair and an even more hazard-filled marriage. She fought the awesome odds facing a Jewish immigrant and the bitter hostility of male doctors in turn-of-the-century New York. She fought for her burning dreams and desires. She fought and she won.This magnificent novel follows the courageous and passionate Hannah Blau from the corridors of the Imperial Palace to the Lower East Side and finally to New York's Fifth Avenue mansions - recreating a whole new world of striving, of love, of lust, of life, death and birth.

Last Standing Woman

Winona LaDuke - 1981
    oral myth and character study...." Publishers Weekly.

Banners of Silk

Rosalind Laker - 1981
    Louise Vemet. Raised in the slums of Paris. Coming of age around the splendor and corruption of the Second Empire. She ruled the world of fashion, clothing the most fabled women of title and of pleasure in a society where even sin had to have style. She took as her lover a nobleman she could never wed -- and gave a name to their child by entering into a passionless marriage. Sweeping from the Paris of Louis Napoleon to the England of Queen Victoria... and from the depths of despair to the heights of joy and fulfillment... this is the unforgettable saga of a woman of daring and destiny -- and the dazzling world of French haute couture she helped create....

Little Boy Blue

Edward Bunker - 1981
    The only constant in Alex's life is no-good, criminally-minded peers, who are all too ready to plant illegal ideas in an intelligent mind. Bunker writes, "His unique potential would develop into unique destructiveness."

The Master Mariner: Book 1: Running Proud

Nicholas Monsarrat - 1981
    Written in two volumes, the first of which appeared in 1978, the story encompasses the full extent of maritime development, beginning with Sir Francis Drake abandoning a game of bowls to fight the great crescent of the Spanish fleet, to the opening in 1960 of the St Lawrence Seaway, the farthest penetration of land ever made by ocean-going sailors)

A Circle in the Sea

Steve Senn - 1981
    Through the powers of a ring, a 13-year-old girl with problems adjusting to her new school enters an undersea world where she becomes a dolphin and aids the whales in retaliating against slaughter by whalers.

The Collected Plays, Vol. 1: 1958-1965

Edward Albee - 1981
    This book represents one of the most exciting and bold periods in the career of one of America's most popular and imaginative playwrights.

Famous Last Words

Timothy Findley - 1981
    Officers of the liberating army discover his frozen, disfigured corpse and his astonishing testament - the sordid truth that he alone possessed. Fascinated but horrified, they learn of a dazzling array of characters caught up in a scandal and political corruption.Famous Last Words is part-thriller, part-horror story; it is also a meditation on history and the human soul and it is Findley's fine achievement that he has combined these elements into a web that constantly surprises and astounds the reader.

Pride And Prejudice

Diana Stewart - 1981
    At the turn of eighteenth-century England, a spirited young woman copes with the suit of a snobbish gentleman as well as the romantic entanglements of two of her four sisters.

Spring Moon: A Novel of China

Bette Bao Lord - 1981
    in an ancient land of breathtaking beauty and exotic surprise ... a courageous woman triumphs over her world's ultimate tragedy.Behind the garden walls of the House of Chang, pampered daughter Spring Moon is born into luxury and privilege. But the tempests of change sweep her into a new world -- one of hardship, turmoil, and heartbreak, one that threatens to destroy her husband, her family, and her darkest secret love. Through a tumultuous lifetime, Spring Moon must cling to her honor, to the memory of a time gone by, and to a destiny, foretold at her birth, that has yet to be fulfilled.

Unaccompanied sonata & other stories

Orson Scott Card - 1981
    Introduction.--Ender's game.--Kingsmeat.--Deep breathingexercises.--Closing the timelid.--I put my blue genes on.--Eumenidesin the fourth floor lavatory.--Mortal gods.--Quietus.--The monkeysthought 'twas all in fun.--The porcelain salamander.--Unaccompaniedsonata.--Afterword: On origins.

The Worms of Kukumlima

Daniel Pinkwater - 1981
    Ronald accompanies his grandfather, the salami snap magnate, and the world famous explorer Sir Charles Pelicanstein, on an expedition to Africa to search for the intelligent worms of Kukumlina.

A Sense of Honor

James Webb - 1981
    Naval Academy when "A Sense of Honor" was first published in 1981. Some of his fellow Academy graduates attacked it as exaggerated and extreme, but Webb's portrayal of a gung-ho first classman's campaign to shepherd an unprepared plebe through the academy's complex and unforgiving ethos was hailed as a "considerable achievement" by the "New York Times" and "a remarkable moral statement" by the "Boston Globe."

I'm Thankful Each Day

P.K. Hallinan - 1981
    This title is intended for ages 4-8.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Complete Tales of Mystery and Imagination. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. The Raven and Other Poems

Edgar Allan Poe - 1981
    Librarian's Note: this is an alternate cover edition - ISBN 10: 0706415523This edition first published in the United States of America in 1984 by Octopus Books LImited.This edition reprinted 1985.Copyright (c) 1981 Introduction, arrangement and illustrations Octopus Books Limited.

Island in the Sky

Ernest K. Gann - 1981
    Dooley was dean of a close knit group, & everything else took second place as the men came into headquarters, & set out again to find him. An unknown lake--beyond unknown mountains--a time schedule--& faith--such alone they had to go on, hampered by Army red tape, lack of radio contact, navigation rules upset by the frozen north. The story shifts from Dooley's experiences, with the five men who counted on him, to the men who sought him. Starkly told--another segment of understanding of total war.--Kirkus

Bread Upon the Waters

Irwin Shaw - 1981
    Far from wealthy they are still reasonably content with their life until one night when their teenage daughter helps a wealthy and lonely Wall Street lawyer. Out of gratitude the lawyer showers the family with gifts and money. The Strands find their lives altered and not necessarily for the best.

The Island Keeper

Harry Mazer - 1981
    But when she finally decides to return home, her canoe has been destroyed, and she faces the ultimate challenge in surviving the Canadian winter.

The Mordida Man

Ross Thomas - 1981
    In retaliation, the Libyans kidnap the U.S. President's brother. Enter the Mordida Man--an independent fixer and bribery expert who must find and free the President's brother . . . without causing an international incident.

When the Wind Changed

Ruth Park - 1981
    He practises his scary faces every day. If only Josh had listened when his father told him what would happen when the wind changed! Ages 4+

The Earth Witch

Louise Lawrence - 1981
    Young Owen nearly loses his life when he unknowingly falls in love with the Earth Witch.


Patrick Tilley - 1981
    The naked body of a 35-year old man is rushed into Manhattan General Hospital. He has a two-inch stab wound below his rib cage and nail wounds in his feet and wrists. The impossible has happened: Jesus Christ has appeared 7000 miles and 20 centuries away from the Crucifixion- dead on arrival. What can the witnesses do? What would you do? MISSION is powerful and compelling fiction by Patrick Tillet, author of FADE OUT. It is also a stunning reassessment of the central truths and deepest beliefs by which we live.

The Palace of Dreams

Ismail Kadare - 1981
    A sinister totalitarian ministry called the Palace of Dreams recruits Mark-Alem to sort, classify, and interpret the dreams of the people in the empire, seeking the master-dreams that give clues to the empire's destiny.

Shaman's Daughter

Nan F. Salerno - 1981
    But only one man could bring her the happiness she longed for.SHAMAN'S DAUGHTER--Supaya watched her children abandon their sacred heritage. But she survived, returning to the old ways...seeking the one who could inherit her priceless gift of knowledge.

An Explanation of the Birds

António Lobo Antunes - 1981
    Rui S., a political historian, is unable to accept the circumstances of his life: his mother's death from cancer, his estrangement from his family, his rejection by his first wife and children, his political vacillations and his ambigious feelings for his second wife.

Ellis Island and Other Stories

Mark Helprin - 1981
    Winner of the Prix de Rome and the National Jewish Book Award, these ten stories and the title novella, "Ellis Island," exhibit tremendous range and versatility of style and technique, yet are closely unified in their beauty and in their concern with enduring and universal questions.

Rabbit Novels: Rabbit, Run and Rabbit Redux

John Updike - 1981
    . . By his compassion, clarity of insight, and crystal-bright prose, [Updike] makes Rabbit's sorrow his and out own.The Washington Post"Precise, graceful, stunning, he is an athlete of words and images. He is also an impeccable observer of thoughts and feelings."The Village VoiceRABBIT REDUX"Great in love, in art, boldness, freedom, wisdom, kindness, exceedingly rich in intelligence, wit, imagination, and feeling -- a great and beautiful thing . . . these hyperboles (quoted from a letter written long ago by Thomas Mann) come to mind after reading John Updike's Rabbit Redux.The New York Times Book Review "Updike owns a rare verbal genius, a gifted intelligence and a sense of tragedy made bearable by wit. . . . A masterpiece.Time

Out of the Everywhere, and Other Extraordinary Visions

James Tiptree Jr. - 1981
    Collection of science fiction stories, two of which are original. STORIES: Angel Fix (1974); Beaver Tears (1976); Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light! (1976); The Screwfly Solution (1977); Time-Sharing Angel (1977); We Who Stole the Dream (1978); Slow Music (1980); A Source of Innocent Merriment (1980); Out of the Everywhere; With Delicate Mad Hands.

The Man Who Cooked for Himself

Phyllis Krasilovsky - 1981
    A man who lives at the edge of the woods discovers that he need not rely on the store for a supply of good things to eat.

The Little Red Hen

Lilian Obligado - 1981
    The little red hen finds none of her lazy friends willing to help her plant, harvest or grind wheat into flour or to prepare the dough or bake it, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes.

The Early Asimov: Book Two

Isaac Asimov - 1981
    A ghost sues for the legal right to haunt a house...a new world is discovered, inhabited by robots, & only by robots...& the author of the famous Reginald de Meister detective series finds he has a new rival in love: Reginald de Meister.Contents 9 • Introduction (The Early Asimov Volume 2) • (1973) • essay by Isaac Asimov 13 • Homo Sol • [Homo Sol • 1] • (1940) • short story by Isaac Asimov 35 • Half-Breeds on Venus • [Half-Breed • 2] • (1940) • novelette by Isaac Asimov 61 • The Imaginary • [Homo Sol • 2] • (1942) • short story by Isaac Asimov 79 • Heredity • (1941) • novelette by Isaac Asimov 105 • History • (1941) • short story by Isaac Asimov 119 • Christmas on Ganymede • (1942) • short story by Isaac Asimov 135 • The Little Man on the Subway • (1950) • short story by Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl [as by Isaac Asimov and James MacCreigh] 148 • The Hazing • [Homo Sol • 3] • (1942) • short story by Isaac Asimov 165 • Super-Neutron • (1941) • short story by Isaac Asimov 180 • Not Final! • (1941) • short story by Isaac Asimov 199 • Legal Rites • (1950) • novelette by Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl [as by Isaac Asimov and James MacCreigh] 231 • Time Pussy • [Probability Zero] • (1942) • short story by Isaac Asimov 235 • Appendix -- The Sixty Stories of the Campbell Years • (1973) • essay by uncredited


Dennis Schmidt - 1981
    But Way-farer is more than that: it is a novel that may well change the way you view reality itself.According to every reading it was a paradise planet—a warm and fecund world far more desirable than the teeming, polluted warrens of the planet-city that Earth had become. Yet when the last of the one-way transports had landed its cargo of Pilgrims, the men of Earth were to learn of a danger that no machine could detect, and against which no machine could defend them—the Mushin, mental entities that stimulate and amplify the dark streak of violence that lies near the core of every human being.Seven generations would pass before a descendant of the scattered remnant of the original colonists would be ready to face the power of the Mushin. But first he would have to learn to wield the weapon that is no weapon—and that only where there is no Will, is there a Way…His name is Jerome. This is his story. He is the WAY-FARER.

The Kidnapping of Courtney Van Allen & What's-her-name

Joyce Cool - 1981
    When 12-year-old Jan Travis is kidnapped along with her world-famous, wealthy friend, the kidnappers demand something other than money.

Jelly Belly

Robert Kimmel Smith - 1981
    At four-feet-eight inches tall he weighs one hundred and nine pounds, and he keeps growing--wider. When his pareents send him to a summer diet camp, he and his bunkmates can't quite give up their old habits. The joys of candy and doughnuts are so appealing that "cheating" adventures seems to be the only answer. The problem, of course, is how to lose weight and keep eating sweets. When Ned finally realizes that there is only one way to lose weight for good, his whole family is glad to help, except Grandma. How can he resist temptation without hurting his grandma and himself?

Key West Connection

Randy Striker - 1981
    This is the New York Times bestselling author at his vintage best--a violent plunge into the depths of the Gulf Stream as one man's vengeance becomes another's worst nightmare.... Ex-Navy SEAL Dusky MacMorgan survived a military hell only to find it again where he least expected it--as a fisherman trolling the Gulf Stream in his thirty-foot clipper. His new life is shattered when a psychotic pack of drug runners turns the turquoise waters red with the blood of his beloved family. Trained in the lethal arts, Dusky has only one recourse. Armed with an arsenal so hot it could blow the Florida coast sky-high, he's tracking the goons responsible--right into the intimate circle of a corrupt U.S. Senator iving beyond the law in his own island fortress. It was built for ruthless power and perverse pleasure. Now it has to withstand the force of a one-man hit squad....

Eventer's Dream

Caroline Akrill - 1981
    There is also a handsome young man in this trilogy, Nick Forster.

Mail-Order Wings

Beatrice Gormley - 1981
    "Money-back guarantee!" Andrea knew it couldn't be true, but she sent in her money for the wings kit anyway. What happened next was wonderful beyond imagining--and then very, very frightening.


Alexandra Ripley - 1981
    She is a woman who experiences the horrors of life & a passion that comes to but a lucky few.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Book One

Catherine Edwards Sadler - 1981
    A Study in ScarletThe Red-headed LeagueThe Man with the Twisted Lip

The Art of Living and Other Stories

John Gardner - 1981
    Here are enchanting tales about queens and kings and princesses in magical, timeless lands; marvelously warm and funny stories that move, amuse, and enlighten us as they probe the mysterious and profound relation between art and life." This is a hardcover edition of The Art of Living and Other Stories, written by John Gardner and published by Alfred A. Knopf in 1981. It is a self-stated First Printing, with stunning woodcuts by Mary Azarian.

The Old Priory

Norah Lofts - 1981
    Now it belonged to Arthur Tresize, a returning seaman who purchased the house, the land -- and his fate, with gold ill-gotten from a noblewoman veiled in mystery.Tresize and his family grew richer with each passing year. But strange mishaps and tragic misfortunes befell them with the vengeance of a curse unheeded. Death, betrayal, madness, heartbreak, and murderous hatreds worked their evil through three generations. Until the family's pride and prosperity and all they had built were as broken dreams in the dust.Yet in a young man's passion for a beautiful woman was the promise that the sorrow haunting the Old Priory might now give way to the joy of love.

Mystery at Cranberry Farm

Lynn Manuel - 1981
    Then came a letter from Aunt Daisy and everything changed. Suddenly Tory, Tritch, and Teddy were off to a farm in the Okanagan Valley.... and to a ninety year-old mystery!A story - a book of clues - a surly housekeeper - mysterious happenings at night - danger! How Tory, Tritch, and Teddy approach the mystery at Cranberry Farm will keep readers in suspense throughout this novel.

A Small, Good Thing

Raymond Carver - 1981
    It was included in the story collection Cathedral, published in 1983.

Born Indian

W.P. Kinsella - 1981
    Kinsella meant little or nothing to readers of Canadian fiction. Dance Me Outside, a collection of stories about the Indian reserve near Hobbema in southern Alberta, changed all that. Then came Scars and now Born Indian, a new collection of stories about such old friends as Silas Ermineskin, Frank Fence-post and Mad Etta. Comedy is rare in Canadian writing and Kinsella is treasured above all for his sense of humour. He also knows how to tell a story, which makes him a delightful companion in any season.

Eclogues: Eight Stories

Guy Davenport - 1981
    Eclogues is a delight, and Guy Davenport proves a companionable and witty guide.