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The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1986
    Volume 2. Introduction / by Loren D. Estleman --The hound of the Baskervilles --The valley of fear --His last bow : The adventure of Wisteria Lodge : The singular experience of Mr. John Scott Eccles ; The tiger of San Pedro ; The adventure of the cardboard box ; The adventure of the red circle ; The adventure of the Bruce-Partington plans ; The adventure of the dying detective ; The disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax ; The adventure of the devil's foot ; His last bow --The case-book of Sherlock Holmes : The adventure of the illustrious client ; The adventure of the blanched soldier ; The adventure of the Mazarin stone ; The adventure of the three gables ; The adventure of the Sussex vampire ; The adventure of the three Garridebs ; The problem of Thor Bridge ; The adventure of the creeping man ; The adventure of the lion's mane ; The adventure of the veiled lodger ; The adventure of Shoscombe old place ; The adventure of the retired colourman.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A Trilogy in Four Parts

Douglas Adams - 1986
    For Arthur Dent, who has only just had his house demolished that morning, this seems already to be more than he can cope with. Sadly, however, the weekend has only just begun, and the Galaxy is a very very very large and startling place.THE RESTAURANT AT THE END OF THE UNIVERSE.When all questions of space, time, matter and the nature of being have been resolved, only one question remains --- "Where shall we have dinner?" The Restaurant at the End of the Universe provides the ultimate gastronomic experience, and for once there is no morning after to worry about.LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING.In consequence of a number of stunning catastrophes, Arthur Dent is surprised to find himself living in a hideously miserable cave on prehistoric Earth. However, just as he thinks that things cannot possibly get any worse, they suddenly do. He discovers that the Galaxy is not only mind-boggling big and bewildering but also that most of the things that happen in it are staggeringly unfair.SO LONG, AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH.Just as Arthur Dent's sense of reality is in its dickiest state he suddenly finds the girl of his dreams. He finds her in the last place in the Universe in which he would expect to find anything at all, but which 3,976,000 people will find oddly familiar. They go in search of God's Final Message to His Creation and, in a dramatic break with tradition, actually find it.

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1986
    Now, in two paperback volumes, Bantam presents all fifty-six short stories and four novels featuring Conan Doyle’s classic hero - a truly complete collection of Sherlock Holmes’s adventures in crime!Volume I includes the early novel A Study in Scarlet, which introduced the eccentric genius of Sherlock Holmes to the world. This baffling murder mystery, with the cryptic word Rache written in blood, first brought Holmes together with Dr. John Watson. Next, The Sign of Four presents Holmes’s famous “seven percent solution” and the strange puzzle of Mary Morstan in the quintessential locked - room mystery. Also included are Holmes’s feats of extraordinary detection in such famous cases as the chilling “ The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” the baffling riddle of “The Musgrave Ritual,” and the ingeniously plotted “The Five Orange Pips,” tales that bring to life a Victorian England of horse-drawn cabs, fogs, and the famous lodgings at 221B Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes earned his undisputed reputation as the greatest fictional detective of all time.A study in scarlet --The sign of four --Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A scandal in Bohemia; The red-headed league; A case of identity; The Boscombe Valley mystery; The five orange pips; The man with the twisted lip; The adventure of the blue carbuncle; The adventure of the speckled band; The adventure of the engineer's thumb; The adventure of the noble bachelor; The adventure of the beryl coronet; The adventure of the copper beeches; Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: Silver blaze; The yellow face; The stock-broker's clerk; The "Gloria Scott"; The musgrave ritual; The Reigate puzzle; The crooked man; The resident patient; The greek interpreter; The naval treaty; The final problem; The return of Sherlock Holmes: The adventure of the empty house; The adventure of the Norwood builder; The adventure of the dancing men; The adventure of the solitary cyclist; The adventure of the priory school; The adventure of Black Peter; The adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton; The adventure of the six Napoleons; The adventure of the three students; The adventure of the golden pince-nez; The adventure of the missing three-quarter; The adventure of the abbey grange; The adventure of the second stain.

The Physician

Noah Gordon - 1986
    It was on his travels that he found his own very real gift for healing—a gift that urged him on to become a doctor. So all consuming was his dream, that he made the perilous, unheard-of journey to Persia, to its Arab universities where he would undertake a transformation that would shape his destiny forever.

Miles, Mutants, and Microbes

Lois McMaster Bujold - 1986
    Leo Graf was just your typical efficient engineer: mind your own business and do the job. But all that changed on his assignment to the Cay Habitat, where children had been bio-engineered to have four arms (and no legs) to function in zero gravity. Now that they’re no longer needed, a heartless mega corporation is getting rid of them before they eat into the profit margin. Leo Graf adopted 1000 quaddies—now he had to teach them to be free. “Labyrinth”—When Miles Vorkosigan is captured while on a secret mission to a lawless world, his only hope of escape is an unlikely pair of allies: a quaddie and a teenage werewolf. Diplomatic Immunity— Miles Vorkosigan and his wife were heading home for the births of their first children, but a major diplomatic disaster is looming at Graf Station, colonized by the descendants of the original quaddies, and duty calls. Unfortunately, diplomatic immunity doesn’t carry over to immunity from a very nasty biological weapon. The downside of being a troubleshooter comes when trouble starts shooting back. . . .

I, Claudius/Claudius the God

Robert Graves - 1986
    Then he found himself Emperor.From the great days of Augustus and the cruelties of Tiberius to the deified insanity of Caligula, he records a story breathtaking in its murderousness, greed and folly. Throughout the swings of fortune, his own disastrous love affair with the depraved Messalina and surprisingly successful reign, his voice sometimes puzzled, sometimes rueful, always sane, speaks to us across the centuries in two great, classic historical novels.

Good Night, Mr. Tom

Michelle Magorian - 1986
    Timid, scrawny Willie Beech -- the abused child of a single mother -- is evacuated to the English countryside. At first, he is terrified of everything, of the country sounds and sights, even of Mr. Tom, the gruff, kindly old man who has taken him in. But gradually Willie forgets the hate and despair of his past. He learns to love a world he never knew existed, a world of friendship and affection in which harsh words and daily beatings have no place. Then a telegram comes. Willie must return to his mother in London. When weeks pass by with no word from Willie, Mr. Tom sets out for London to look for the young boy he has come to love as a son.

The Suitcase

Sergei Dovlatov - 1986
    These seemingly undistinguished possessions, stuffed into a worn-out suitcase, take on a riotously funny life of their own as Dovlatov inventories the circumstances under which he acquired them, occasioning a brilliant series of interconnected tales: A poplin shirt evokes the bittersweet story of a courtship and marriage, while a pair of boots (of the kind only the Nomenklatura can afford) calls up the hilarious conclusion to an official banquet. Some driving gloves—remnants of Dovlatov’s short-lived acting career—share space with neon-green crepe socks, reminders of a failed black-market scam. And in curious juxtaposition, the belt from a prison guard’s uniform lies next to a stained jacket that once belonged to Fernand Léger.Imbued with a comic nostalgia overlaid with Dovlatov’s characteristically dry wit, The Suitcase is an intensely human, delightfully ironic novel from “the finest Soviet satirist to appear in English since Vladimir Voinovich.”

The Roald Dahl Collection

Roald Dahl - 1986
    Fox, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The Twits, Charlie and The Glass Elevator, The BFG, and George's Marvelous Medicine.

Semper Fi

W.E.B. Griffin - 1986
    Now, the bestselling author of the acclaimed BROTHERHOOD OF WAR saga brings to life the men of the U.S. Marine Corps -- their loves and their loyalties -- as they steeled themselves for battle, and prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice...

Driving Miss Daisy

Alfred Uhry - 1986
    Having recently demolished another car, Daisy Wertham, a rich, sharp-tongued Jewish widow of seventy-two, is informed by her son, Boolie, that henceforth she must rely on the services of a chauffeur. The person he hires for the job is a thoughtful, unemployed black man, Hoke, whom Miss Daisy immediately regards with disdain and who, in turn, is not impressed with his employer's patronizing tone and, he believes, her latent prejudice. But, in a series of absorbing scenes spanning twenty-five years, the two, despite their mutual differences, grow ever closer to, and more dependent on, each other, until, eventually, they become almost a couple. Slowly and steadily the dignified, good-natured Hoke breaks down the stern defenses of the ornery old lady, as she teaches him to read and write and, in a gesture of good will and shared concern, invites him to join her at a banquet in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. As the play ends Hoke has a final visit with Miss Daisy, now ninety-seven and confined to a nursing home, and while it is evident that a vestige of her fierce independence and sense of position still remain, it is also movingly clear that they have both come to realize they have more in common than they ever believed possible-and that times and circumstances would ever allow them to publicly admit.

I Want to Be Somebody New!

Robert Lopshire - 1986
    And with changing his spots, too. Now he’s into changing his shape, and he wants to be somebody new! But as Spot soon discovers, it’s not easy being as big as an elephant or as tall as a giraffe or as small as a mouse. In fact, sometimes it’s easiest just being yourself, as he— and young readers—learn in this cheerful, rhyming Beginner Book about self-acceptance.


Stephen King - 1986
    Only in Derry the haunting is real ...They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they are grown-up men and women who have gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them can withstand the force that has drawn them back to Derry to face the nightmare without an end, and the evil without a name.

Last of the Breed

Louis L'Amour - 1986
    It is the compelling story of U.S. Air Force Major Joe Mack, a man born out of time. When his experimental aircraft is forced down in Russia and he escapes a Soviet prison camp, he must call upon the ancient skills of his Indian forebears to survive the vast Siberian wilderness. Only one route lies open to Mack: the path of his ancestors, overland to the Bering Strait and across the sea to America. But in pursuit is a legendary tracker, the Yakut native Alekhin, who knows every square foot of the icy frontier—and who knows that to trap his quarry he must think like a Sioux.

The Gates of Zion

Bodie Thoene - 1986
    She unwittingly becomes a pawn in a political chess game when she photographs some ancient scrolls discovered by Bedouins. Who would guess that a few innocent photos could entangle her in such a desperate web of intrigue and peril? David Meyer seems to love her dearly, but Moshe Sachar has a purpose and commitment in life that intrigues her more than she can say. Through it all, Ellie discovers a people, a spirit, and a person who profoundly change the direction of her life

This Present Darkness

Frank E. Peretti - 1986
    But when a skeptical reporter and a prayerful, hardworking pastor begin to investigate mysterious events, they suddenly find themselves caught up in a hideous New Age plot to enslave the townspeople, and eventually the entire human race. The physical world meets the spiritual realm as the battle rages between forces of good and evil.This Present Darkness is a gripping story that brings keen insight into spiritual warfare and the necessity of prayer. Since its original publication more than 2.7 million copies have been sold. The companion volume, Piercing the Darkness, continues the story of the battle between spiritual forces.

The Clan of the Cave Bear, the Valley of Horses, the Mammoth Hunters, the Plains of Passage

Jean M. Auel - 1986
    Boxed set includes The Mammoth Hunters, The Valley of Horses, Clan of the Cave Bear, and Plains of Passage.

Clan of the Cave Bear, The Valley of Horses, The Mammoth Hunters

Jean M. Auel - 1986
    3 volumes.

Test of Honor (Omnibus: Shards of Honor \ The Warrior's Apprentice)

Lois McMaster Bujold - 1986
    Includes Shards of Honor and The Warrior's Apprentice

Niccolò Rising

Dorothy Dunnett - 1986
    The time is the 15th century, when intrepid merchants became the new knighthood of Europe. Among them, none is bolder or more cunning than Nicholas vander Poele of Bruges, the good-natured dyer's apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his way to the helm of a mercantile empire.     Niccolò Rising, Book One of the series, finds us in Bruges, 1460. Jousting is the genteel pastime, and successful merchants are, of necessity, polyglot. Street smart, brilliant at figures, adept at the subtleties of diplomacy and the well-timed untruth, Dunnett's hero rises from wastrel to prodigy in a breathless adventure that wins him the hand of the strongest woman in Bruges and the hatred of two powerful enemies. From a riotous and potentially murderous carnival in Flanders, to an avalanche in the Alps and a pitched battle on the outskirts of Naples, Niccolò Rising combines history, adventure, and high romance in the tradition stretching from Alexandre Dumas to Mary Renault.

Ender's War (The Ender Quintet, #1-2)

Orson Scott Card - 1986
    Book Club 2-in-1 edition containing Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead.

The War of the End of the World

Mario Vargas Llosa - 1986
    Inspired by a real episode in Brazilian history, Mario Vargas Llosa tells the unforgettable story of an apocalyptic movement, led by a mysterious prophet, in which prostitutes, beggars and bandits establish Canudos, a new republic, a libertarian paradise.~publisher's web site

Stand by Me

Raynold Gideon - 1986
    From Different Seasons The Body, as a media tie-in for the movie starring River Phoenix, Kiefer Sutherland, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman and Jerry O'Connell.

Leo Africanus

Amin Maalouf - 1986
    "Leo Africanus is a beautiful book of tales about people who are forced to accept choices made for them by someone else...It relates, petically at times and often imaginatively, the story of those who did not make it to the New World."--New York Times Book Review

Red Storm Rising

Tom Clancy - 1986
    "Allah!"With that shrill cry, three Muslim terrorists blow up a key Soviet oil complex, creating a critical oil shortage that threatens the stability of the USSR.To offer the effects of this disaster, members of the Politburo and the KGB devise a brilliant plan of diplomatic trickery - a sequence of events designed to pit the NATO allies against each other - a distraction calculated to enable the Soviets to seize all the oil in the Persian Gulf.But as this spellbinding story of international intrigue and global politics nears its climax, the Soviets are faced with another prospect, one they hadn't planned on: a full-scale conflict in which nobody can win.

Malory Towers Boxset (6 Books)

Enid Blyton - 1986
    - First term At Malory Towers- Second form At Malory Tower- Third year At Malory Tower- Upper fourth At Malory Tower - In the fifth At Malory Tower - Last term At Malory Tower

The Man Who Never Missed

Steve Perry - 1986
    Once a ruthless soldier, Emile Khadaji has disappeared from the Confederation-with a secret plan to destroy it all in the name of freedom.

The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe

Jane Wagner - 1986
    Jane Wagner's masterpiece--The first play in more than 20 years to become a national bestseller--is now a motion picture!In this satire, a form all too lacking in American theater, Trudy the bag lady, Wagner's central character, tries to explain modern American material society to an alien (i.e., interstellar) committee.

A Foreign Woman

Sergei Dovlatov - 1986
    After leaving the Soviet Union following a series of unsatisfying relationships, Marusya Tatarovich quickly becomes the center of the Russian community in Queens, New York, but finds that it mirrors in many ways the community she left behind


Brian Jacques - 1986
    Redwall Abbey, tranquil home to a community of peace-loving mice, is threatened by Cluny the Scourge savage bilge rat warlord and his battle-hardened horde. But the Redwall mice and their loyal woodland friends combine their courage and strength.

The Berenstain Bears Get Stage Fright

Stan Berenstain - 1986
    When Sister Bear is given an important role in the school play, she's terrified that she might forget her lines.

Wild Pork and Watercress

Barry Crump - 1986
    It uncovers the slow maturing of love and trust between two loners in a hard world.

The Beacon at Alexandria

Gillian Bradshaw - 1986
    Disguising herself as a eunuch she flees Ephesus for Alexandria, then the center of learning. There she apprentices to a Jewish doctor but eventually becomes drawn into Church politics and is forced once again to flee. She serves as an army doctor at a Roman outpost in Thrace until, kidnapped by barbarian Visigoths, she finds her destiny to heal and also to be a woman and a wife.


Gene Stratton-Porter - 1986
    There, you will meet Freckles, the dashing, red-haired hero who battles cruel and ruthless villains to win the angel of his dreams. Read about Freckles and love him. It’s impossible not to!”

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Habit

Stan Berenstain - 1986
    With help from Mama and Papa (who get a little advice from Grizzly Gran), Sister Bear learns to stop her nervous nail biting before it turns into a bad habit.

You're Only Old Once!

Dr. Seuss - 1986
    Seuss creates a classic picture-book ode to aging in You're Only Old Once! On a visit to "the Golden Years Clinic on Century Square for Spleen Readjustment and Muffler Repair," readers will laugh with familiar horror at the poking and prodding and testing and ogling that go hand in hand with the dreaded appellation of "senior citizen." Though Dr. Seuss is known for his peerless work in books for children, this comical look at what it's like to get older is ideal for Seuss fans of advanced years. In his own words, this is "a book for obsolete children." A perfect gift for retirement, birthdays, and holidays!

Tuf Voyaging

George R.R. Martin - 1986
    So how is it that, in competition with the worst villains the universe has to offer, he's become the proud owner of the last seedship of Earth's legendary Ecological Engineering Corps? Never mind, just be thankful that the most powerful weapon in human space is in good hands-hands which now control cellular material for thousands of outlandish creatures. With his unique equipment, Tuf is set to tackle the problems human settlers have created in colonizing far-flung worlds: hosts of hostile monsters, a population hooked on procreation, a dictator who unleashes plagues to get his own way...and in every case the only thing that stands between the colonists and disaster is Tuf's ingenuity - and his reputation as an honest dealer in a universe of rogues...Tuf Voyaging features interior illustrations by Janet Aulisio. Included in it will be her original eight illustrations, along with 28 newly commissioned ones.

The Third Wedding

Costas Taktsis - 1986
    The German Occupation, the Civil War and life itself seen through the eyes of two Athenian women.

The Golden Gate

Vikram Seth - 1986
    From this interaction, John meets a variety of characters, each with their own values and ideas of "self-actualization." However, Liz begins to fall in love with John's best friend, and John realizes his journey of self-discovery has only just begun."A splendid achievement, equally convincing in its exhilaration and its sadness."--The New York Times"Seth pulls off his feat with spirit, grace and great energy."--The New Yorker "A marvelous work . . . bold and splendid . . . Locate this book and allow yourself to become caught up, like a kite, in the lifting effects of Seth's sonnets."--Washington Post Book World

The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed

Stan Berenstain - 1986
    So Brother Bear and his friends build a clubhouse for boys only, and Sister is hopping mad! She plans a honey of a revenge in this funny and thoughtful book.


Stanisław Lem - 1986
    It is a kingdom of phantoms and of a beauty afflicted by madness. In stark contrast, the crew of the spaceship Hermes represents a knowledge-seeking Earth. As they approach Quinta, a dark poetry takes over and leads them into a nightmare of misunderstanding. Translated by Michael Kandel.The novel was published in German translation (translated by H. Schumann) in 1986. The Polish text published in 1987, the English translation (by M. Kandel) the same year.

The Clan of the Cave Bear, Part 2 of 2

Jean M. Auel - 1986
    each) : analog.Part Two Of Two Parts It is 30,000 years ago, the final Ice Age of the Pleistocene Epoch. The earth is peopled by Neanderthals -- squat, bow-legged, nonverbal, they live in clans, exist by foraging, and are ruled by taboos. The Cro-Magnons, the people who will replace them, are just emerging. When an earthquake destroys a Cro-Magnon dwelling, they tame the prairie, to the sudden fortune of a lucky few. "A ripping yarn...a gorgeous piece of work." (Saturday Review of Literature)

The King, the Mice and the Cheese

Nancy Gurney - 1986
    A king runs into the trouble when he tries to protect his cheese from the palace mice.

The Berenstain Bears and the Week at Grandma's

Stan Berenstain - 1986
    By the end of the visit they've learned a lot from their lively grandparents--and the older bears have discovered how wonderful it is to "be" grandparents.

Clifford's Manners

Norman Bridwell - 1986
    Clifford, the big red dog, displays his good manners by saying please and thank you, waiting his turn, sharing, and being a good sport in games.

The Valley of Horses, Part 1 of 2

Jean M. Auel - 1986
    She is in search of others like herself...and in search of love. Driven by energies she scarcely understands, she explores where the clan never dared to travel. In a hidden valley, she finds not only a herd of steppe horses, but also a unique kinship with animals as vulnerable as herself. Still, nothing prepares her for the emotional turmoil she feels when she rescues a young man, Jondalar -- the first of the Others she has seen -- from almost certain death.

The House of Mirth / The Reef / The Custom of the Country / The Age of Innocence

Edith Wharton - 1986
    Born in 1862 into an exclusive New York society against whose rigid codes of behavior she often rebelled, she lived to regret the passing of that stable if old-fashioned community and to appreciate the sense of personal identity its definitions provided. She became a prolific professional writer, author of more than forty published volumes, including novels, short stories (many of them tales of the supernatural), poetry, war reportage, travel writing, and books on gardens and house decoration. An expatriate in France for three decades before her death in 1937, she included among her many distinguished friends men as various as Henry James, Theodore Roosevelt, Kenneth Clark, and André Gide.The four novels in this Library of America volume show Wharton at the height of her powers as a social observer and critic, examining American and European lives with a vision rich in detail, satire, and tragedy. In all of them her strong and autobiographical impulse is disciplined by her writer’s craft and her unfailing regard for her audience.The House of Mirth (1905), Wharton’s tenth book and her first novel of contemporary life, was an immediate runaway bestseller, with 140,000 copies in print within three months of publication. The story of young Lily Bart and her tragic sojourn among the upper class of turn-of-the-century New York, it touches on the insidious effects of social convention and upon the sexual and financial aggression to which women of independent spirit were exposed.The Reef (1912) is the story of two couples whose marriage plans are upset by the revelation of a past affair between George Darrow (a mature bachelor) and Sophy Vener, who happens to be the fiancée of his future wife’s stepson. Henry James called the novel “a triumph of method,” and it shares the rich nuance of his own The Golden Bowl.The Custom of the Country (1913) is the amatory saga of Undine Spragg of Apex City—beautiful, spoiled, and ambitious—whose charms conquer New York and European society. Vulgar and voracious, she presides over a series of men, representing the old and new aristocracies of both continents, in a comedy drawn unmistakably from life.The Age of Innocence (1920) is set in the New York of Wharton’s youth, when the rules and taboos of her social “tribe” held as-yet unchallenged sway. A quasi-anthropological study of a remembered culture and its curious conventions, it tells the story of the Countess Olenska (formerly Ellen Mingott), refugee from a disastrous European marriage, and Newland Archer, heir to a tradition of respectability and family honor, as they struggle uneasily against their sexual attraction.

The Bone People

Keri Hulme - 1986
    One night her solitude is disrupted by a visitor—a speechless, mercurial boy named Simon, who tries to steal from her and then repays her with his most precious possession. As Kerewin succumbs to Simon's feral charm, she also falls under the spell of his Maori foster father Joe, who rescued the boy from a shipwreck and now treats him with an unsettling mixture of tenderness and brutality. Out of this unorthodox trinity Keri Hulme has created what is at once a mystery, a love story, and an ambitious exploration of the zone where Maori and European New Zealand meet, clash, and sometimes merge. Winner of both a Booker Prize and Pegasus Prize for Literature, The Bone People is a work of unfettered wordplay and mesmerizing emotional complexity.

A Dream of Sadler's Wells

Lorna Hill - 1986
    Veronica, newly orphaned, longs to study ballet but instead must live with unsympathetic relatives in the North of England.

The Lime Works

Thomas Bernhard - 1986
    The murder and the bizarre life that led to it are the subject of a mass of hearsay related by an unnamed life-insurance salesman in a narrative as mazy, byzantine, and mysterious as the lime works, Konrad's sanctuary and tomb.

Son of Interflux

Gordon Korman - 1986
    When Interflux decides to build a factory on the grounds of Simon's high school, Simon "reinvests" the Student Council's funds and decides to fight for his school.

The Gandalara Cycle I

Randall Garrett - 1986
    The next, he found himself in a young, strong body in the exotic desert world of Gandalara.He was now a master swordsman telepathically linked to a giant warcat called Keeshah. And he was a man on the run, accused of murder and the theft of a precious gem with awesome, perhaps magical, powers.With the aid of Tarani, a beautiful illusionist, he sets out on a perilous quest to recover the sacred gem he had supposedly stolen and to clear his newfound name.

Maurice Sendak's Really Rosie Starring the Nutshell Kids

Maurice Sendak - 1986
    This sturdily bound paperback contains the script of the TV special Really Rosie, the text of the four Nutshell Library volumes], and music arranged for easy piano and guitar chords for the seven Carole King songs from the program].A delight for TV fans of all ages.' 'Language Arts.

A Grain of Rice

Helena Clare Pittman - 1986
    Who ever heard of a peasant marrying a princess? But Pong Lo is wiser than the Emperor knows. And when he concocts a potion that saves the Princess's life, the Emperor gladly offers him any reward he chooses--except the Princess.   Pong Lo makes a surprising request. He asks for a single grain of rice, doubled every day for one hundred days. The baffled Emperor obliges--only to discover that if you're as clever as Pong Lo, you can turn a single grain of rice into all the wealth and happiness in the world! Praise for A Grain of Rice: "Clever and quietly told in simple, yet evocative language."-Kirkus Reviews"Pittman invites readers into her story through her choice of concrete objects, sensory images, and universal messages. She borrows from the motifs of oral literature, and also weaves in information about arithmetical progression and 15th-Century Chinese people, patterns, and traditions. Pittman's well executed pencil drawings ooze with emotion, and there is a fusion of text and illustrations...[A] book that is wise and humorous, and one to be perused and savored."-School Library Journal"Gracefully illustrated with finely shaded drawings, this picture book tells of Pong Lo, a poor Chinese peasant who wins the hand of the emperor's daughter through his knowledge of mathematical principles."-Booklist

The Melendy Family

Elizabeth Enright - 1986
    This book is a collection of three novels about the Melendy Family: The Saturdays, The Four Story Mistake, and And Then There Were Five.


David Brin - 1986
    and how we may cope by taking wise partners with us on this journey. Artificial intelligence is one way that we may add diversity to our civilization. But in this series we've done it by giving a boost in intelligence to some of our fellow creatures on Planet Earth. Dolphins and apes -- especially -- seem trapped under a "glass ceiling" that limits their ability to speak, to argue, to create, to use tools, to invent and take part in Terran culture. But what if we, the first species on Earth to cross the wide gulf of sapience, were to turn around and offer a hand to others? To pass on the gift (that sometimes threatens to be a curse) of fully empowered mind?This omnibus volume includes Startide Rising and The Uplift War. (Does not include Sundiver)

Best Short Stories of Jack London

Jack London - 1986
    Poetic, swift with violence and action.- To the Man on the Trail- The Law of Life- The Wit of Porportuk- To Build a Fire- The Heathen- A Piece of Steak- Love of Life- Lost Face- Pearls of Parlay (from A Son of the Sun)- An Odyssey of the North

The Drifters

James A. Michener - 1986
    With the sure touch of a master, Michener pulls us into the dark center of their private world, whether it's in Spain, Marrakech, or Mozambique, and exposes the naked nerve ends with shocking candor and infinite compassion."A superior, picaresque novel...and a revealing mirror held up to contemporary society."JOHN BARKHAM REVIEWS

The Gandalara Cycle II

Randall Garrett - 1986

Frost At Christmas

R.D. Wingfield - 1986
    Her mother, a pretty young prostitute, is desperate. Enter Detective Inspector Jack Frost, sloppy, scruffy and insubordinate. To help him investigate the case of the missing child, Frost has been assigned a new sidekick, the Chief Constable's nephew. Fresh to provincial Denton in an oversmart suit, Detective Constable Clive Barnard is an easy target for Frost's withering satire.Assisted and annoyed by Barnard, Frost, complete with a store of tasteless anecdotes to fit every occasion, proceeds with the investigation in typically unorthodox style. After he's consulted a local witch, Dead Man's Hollow yields up a skeleton. Frost finds himself drawn into an unsolved crime from the past and risks not only his career, but also his life.

The Wild Birds: Six Stories of the Port William Membership

Wendell Berry - 1986
    Now in paperback for the first time, Berry's popular collection of six interconnected stories traces his Port William characters through the Depression up to the 1950s.

Just Me and My Babysitter

Mercer Mayer - 1986
    Whether they're making popcorn, playing checkers, or putting on jammies, both parents and children alike will relate to this beloved story. A perfect way to help children become comfortable with their babysitter!

As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories

Alistair MacLeod - 1986
    In a voice at once elegiac and life-affirming, MacLeod describes a vital present inhabited by the unquiet spirits of a Highland past, invoking memory and myth to celebrate the continuity of the generations even in the midst of unremitting change.His second collection, As Birds Bring Forth the Sun and Other Stories confirms MacLeod’s international reputation as a storyteller of rare talent and inspiration.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Handling Sin

Michael Malone - 1986
    Left behind is a mysterious list of seven outrageous tasks that Raleigh must perform in order to rescue his father and his inheritance. And so Raleigh and fat Mingo Sheffield (his irrepressibly loyal friend) set off on an uproarious contemporary treasure hunt through a landscape of unforgettable characters, falling into adventures worthy of Tom Jones and Huck Finn. A moving parable of human love and redemption, Handling Sin is Michael Malone's comic masterpiece.

Break It Down

Lydia Davis - 1986
    However, as the characters in the stories prove, misunderstanding and confusion are inherent in everyday life.

The First Chronicles Of Prydain

Lloyd Alexander - 1986
    Taran's adventures will take him through enchanted and perilous lands before his epic quest is complete, his mission accomplished...Lloyd Alexander's fantasy novels have been widely acclaimed. Here, in one volume, are the first three novels in his magical series. The fourth and fifth novels are available together in The Second Chronicles of Prydain.

Derwood, Inc

Jeri Massi - 1986
    by Jeri Massi When Penny Derwood and her seventh-grade class tour a button factory, she accidentally gets involved in a mystery that she and her brother, Jack, are determined to unravel. In their efforts to solve the mystery, they undergo a series of hilarious adventures and at the same time begin to learn something about teamwork, family unity, and accepting one another. The Peabody Series, named for the imaginary town of Peabody, Wisconsin, centers on a group of Christian young people who attend the same local church. Each book focuses on a new adventure that involves several members of the youth group. The characters in these books do not find quick solutions to their difficulties. Like all Christians, they struggle to grow, sometimes losing ground, but ultimately coming to a deeper knowledge of the Lord. For ages 9 to 12.

Don't Care High

Gordon Korman - 1986
    Paul's attempts to adjust to New York City life are thwarted at his high school, nicknamed Don't Care High, until his manipulation of a new Student Council president wakes up the apathetic student body.

Why Did She Have to Die?

Lurlene McDaniel - 1986
    Why Did She Have to Die?


Dean Koontz - 1986
    The six begin to seek each other out as puzzling photographs and messages arrive, indicating that the cause may lie in a forgotten weekend stay at an isolated Nevada motel. Koontz has topped a fine roster of horror and suspense novels with an almost unbearably suspenseful page-turner. His ability to maintain the mystery through several plot twists is impressive, as is his array of believable and sympathetic characters. With its masterful blend of elements of espionage, terror, and even some science fiction, Strangers may be the suspense novel of the year.

About Time: 12 Short Stories

Jack Finney - 1986
    The protagonists of these twelve stories are well-meaning but at odds with their surroundings and their lives. The time to which they escape—through time travel—doesn't always fulfill their expectations in the way they had hoped, but sometimes, they can still find their dreams.

Stories For Children

Oscar Wilde - 1986
    Contents:- The Selfish Giant- The Nightingale and the Rose- The Devoted Friend- The Happy Prince- The Remarkable Rocket- The Young King

Tales from Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter - 1986
    Full description

The Singing Detective

Dennis Potter - 1986
    The narrative counterpoints life in a hospital ward of a writer crippled by a horrific skin disease with the plot of his atmospheric thriller to the point where fantasy and reality seem to exchange places. The result is the most painful and disturbing screen drama of the 1980s.

The Fencepost Chronicles

W.P. Kinsella - 1986
    In The Fencepost Chronicles, Kinsella recounts 13 more wonderful stories featuring the delightfully crazy Frank Fencepost and his friend Silas Ermineskin -- as they cause a riot on a nude beach in Vancouver, chit-chat with the Queen (in her bedroom!) and manage a bankrupt baseball team.Throughout it all, Frank and Silas remain undaunted though not always unbloodied, as they and their fellow Cree pit themselves against travel agents, bureaucrats, used-car dealers, the RCMP and other denizens of the the white-man's world.

Kane and Abel / The Prodigal Daughter / Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less / A Quiver Full of Arrows

Jeffrey Archer - 1986
    4 Jeffrey Archer Novels -Kane and AbelThe Prodigal DaughterNot a Penny More, Not a Penny LessA Quiver Full of Arrows

The Stonor Eagles

William Horwood - 1986
    For her there will be many bitter years of exile, sustained only by a belief that one day her offspring will return to her abandoned homeland.James MacAskill Stonor - a lonely, bewildered child growing up in a storm-racked English coastal town... but destined to be one of the greatest and best-loved artists of this century.'The Stonor Eagles' - his beautiful and haunting sculptures, whose creation and final unveiling are recounted in this deeply moving saga of life, suffering, and the courage to love... of dreams that die, and dreams that can come true.

St. George and the Dragon and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Edward Hays - 1986
    The engaging dragon and his wise parables will guide you, as they led George, on a spiritual quest as ancient as the Holy Grail.

A Hole in Space

Larry Niven - 1986
    If a man in, say, Hawaii could commit murder in, say, Chicago and be back in the time it would take him to visit the men's room, he would have a perfect alibi. And the police would have a problem. But that's only one of the problems found in Larry Niven's universe, in this collection of stories all about teleportation, deep space, black holes, artificial worlds and Louis Wu--our old friend from the "Known Space" cycle--Niven once again proves he's a master builder of fantastic worlds!Stories include: RammerThe Alibi MachineThe Last Days of the Permanent Floating Riot ClubA Kind of MurderAll the Bridges RustingThere Is a TideBigger Than Worlds$16,940.00The Hole ManThe Fourth Profession

Ghost Dance

Carole Maso - 1986
    Like the poetry-mother in this debut novel, Maso works to ensure her readers understand and come to accept sorrow as a knowable and tactile presence. Narrating a family story through the voice of a young writer whose mother has recently been killed, Maso invites readers to experience firsthand both women's love and courage, capabilties of imagination, their persistence of memory, and generosity of spirit.It is this same generosity that allows readers the transformative intimacy Ghost Dance has to offer. Like her artist-protagonists, Maso's subject as well as medium is language, and she is brave and dangerous in her command of it. She abandons traditional narrative forms in favor of a shaped communication resembling Beckett and rivalling his evocative skill. Immersed in dilated and intense prose, the readers view is a privilege one, riding the crest of clear expression as it navigates the tangled terrain of loss and desperate sorrow.

Frangipani House

Beryl Gilroy - 1986
    It is a protest at institutions that isolate, and a way of life that denies respect and responsibility for the weak.

Off for the Sweet Hereafter

T.R. Pearson - 1986
    Pearson's second novel, "Off for the Sweet Hereafter, " fulfilled the promise of his first, "A Short History of a Small Place," returning once more to the mythic environs of Neely, North Carolina, and to the madcap antics of its odd but endearing inhabitants. If "A Short History" delved deeply and hilariously into the burdens of family legacy in a small Southern town where sanity is a scarce community, "Off for the Sweet Hereafter" is a rollicking adventure, a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde story about two passionate but star-crossed lovers, Raeford Benton Lynch and Jane Elizabeth Firesheets. Together they cut a wide swath of mayhem and murder before their number comes up in a bloody blaze of glory.

Babysitters Club Collection #1 (The Babysitters Club, #1-3)

Ann M. Martin - 1986
    Kristy's Great Idea 2. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls3. The Truth About Stacey

Past Caring

Robert Goddard - 1986
    However, his seeming good fortune turns to nightmare as his investigation triggers a bizarre and violent train of events which remorselessly entangles him and those who believed they had escaped the spectre of crimes long past but never paid for...

Great Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1986
    A collection of 19 of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short stories.

Side Effects

Woody Allen - 1986
    Included here are such classics as REMEMBERING NEEDLEMAN, THE KUGELMASS EPISODE, a new story called CONFESSIONS OF A BUGLAR, and more.


Malachi Martin - 1986
    The explosive tale of a young Chicago priest called to serve in Rome-and entangled in a high powered web of intrigue and violence.

The Collected Plays, Vol. 2

Neil Simon - 1986
    They and the critics agree that a trip to see any one of this master of comedy's stage triumphs ranks among the most wonderful experiences that the American theater offers. The eight plays in this, the second volume of The Collected PLays of Neil Simon, bear eloquent witness to the unique genius of this master playwright who so magnificently blends the joy of laughter and the love of life.

The Backslider

Levi S. Peterson - 1986
    He has an ultra-pious mother, a brother who is more than just a little touched in the head, and a comfortable Lutheran girlfriend who knows she has been saved. This is a story about sin and salvation, written with raunchiness and reverence. It is an extraordinary landmark in Mormon fiction -- the first novel to consider the ubiquitous tension between religious guilt and sexual frustration.Set against the backdrop of southern Utah's canyon country, the protagonist manifests exuberance and innocence that is constrained only by strict moral education. The sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic posturing required of Frank in concealing his humanity behind a mask of forced righteousness makes for comic, painful, and moving scenarios.For instance, he punishes himself for lapses of self-denial by fasting and tying his hands to the bedpost. He comes to see dating as an evil indulgence in sensual fantasy and his work on the ranch as a tool of avarice. His attempt to exorcise this hypocrisy and the confusion about how to atone for it result in an epiphany that restores equilibrium to the world.

The Bodhran Makers

John Brendan Keane - 1986
    The Bodhran (pronounced bough-rawn), makers of the title are "poverty stricken people who never lost their dignity." Every January, they celebrate their Celtic ancestry with a festival of singing, drinking, and music making with the Bodhran, a drum made from goat skin.

Fools Crow

James Welch - 1986
    The invasion of white society threatens to change their traditional way of life, and they must choose to fight or assimilate. The story is a powerful portrait of a fading way of life. The story culminates with the historic Marias Massacre of 1870, in which the U.S. Cavalry mistakenly killed a friendly band of Blackfeet, consisting mostly of non-combatants."A major contribution to Native American literature." -- Wallace Stegner.

The Ludlum Triad: The Holcroft Covenant / The Matarese Circle / The Bourne Identity

Robert Ludlum - 1986
    The first collection of Ludlum's works ever to be published, this omnibus contains three of his most famous and bestselling thrillers, The Holcroft Covenant, The Matarese Circle, and The Bourne Identity, unavailable in hardcover elsewhere.

Like One of the Family: Conversations from a Domestic's Life

Alice Childress - 1986
    They create a vibrant picture of the life of a black working woman in New York in the 1950s. Rippling with satire and humor, Mildred’s outspoken accounts capture vividly her white employers’ complacency and condescension—and startled reactions to a maid who speaks her mind. As Mildred declares to a patronizing employer that she is not just like one of the family, or explains to Marge how a tricky employer has created a system of “half days off” to cheat her help, we gain a glimpse not only of one woman’s day-to-day struggle, but of her previous ache of racial oppression. A domestic who refuses to exchange dignity for pay, Mildred is an inspiring conversationalist, a dragon slayer in a segregated world. The conversations in the book were first published in Freedom, the newspaper edited by Paul Robeson, and later in the Baltimore Afro-American. The book was originally published in the 1950s by in Brooklyn–based Independence Press, and Beacon Press brought out a new edition of it in 1986 with an introduction by the literary and cultural critic Trudier Harris.

The Gabriel Set-Up

Peter O'Donnell - 1986
    With her trusted right-hand man, Willie Garvin, no job is too big, no threat too great!

An Illustrated Treasury of Fairy and Folk Tales

James Riordan - 1986
    The author, James Riordan, has travelled throughout the world collecting folk and fairy stories and his powerful re-tellings of traditional tales have attracted considerable critical acclaim.Alongside perennial favourites like "Beauty and the Beast," "Pinocchio," "The Little Match Girl," "Rapunzel," and "Tom Thumb," the reader will find some less well-known but equally spell-binding stories: "Kwaku Ananse and the Python," "The Rainbow and the Bread Fruit Flower," "The Black Bull of Norroway," and "The Flying Cherry Tree." In all, over fifty stories are included from places as far apart as Australia and Finland, India and Mexico and Scotland and North America.To complement the author's unique gift for story-telling, nineteen outstanding artists--including Victor Ambrus, Carol Barker, Shirley Tourret, Robin Lawrie, and Marilyn Day--have been chosen to illustrate the tales. They have produced a stunning selection of imaginative color illustrations, ensuring this superb book will be treasured by children everywhere.

The Magic Key

Roderick Hunt - 1986
    Stories, More Stories A, More Stories B and More Stories C take the children into the less certain realms of fantasy through the magic key adventures.

Bill Bailey

Catherine Cookson - 1986
    He appeared to be ordinary enough but behind his rough charm lay some remarkable qualities, which were to have a great and lasting effect on the future lives of Fiona and the children. Before long Fiona and Bill are married and they embark on a life together. They adopt a child and have one of their own. But their path is never smooth, and fluctuating fortunes take them from success to failure and back again... Collected together in one volume for the first time, Catherine Cookson's first three Bill Bailey novels are richly entertaining tales of family life and relationships which touch the heart and offer much shrewd observation of the human condition.

In-House Weddings

Bohumil Hrabal - 1986
    Tolstoy and Mrs. Dostoevsky, whose biographies about their husbands have now been published in Prague,” Bohumil Hrabal decided to produce his own autobiographical work, ostensibly fiction, from his wife’s point of view. He would write, he said, “not a putdown about myself, but a little bit of how it all was, that marriage of ours, with myself as a jewel and adornment of our life together.” The task, taken up by such a rogue comic talent, could be nothing other than strangely delightful; and in In-House Weddings, the first of the trilogy that Hrabal produced, we meet the author through the eyes of his wife Eliska. She narrates his life from his upbringing in Nymburk through his work as a dispatcher in a train station and then in a scrap paper plant, his first publication, his trouble with the authorities, and his association with notable artists and authors such as Jiri Kolar, Vladimir Boudnik, and Arnost Lustig. Hrabal’s bohemian life was itself a source of great interest to the Czech public; transmuted here, it is even more compelling, a wry portrait of artistic life in postwar Eastern Europe and a telling reflection on how such a life might be recast in the light of literary brilliance.

A Dark-Adapted Eye

Barbara Vine - 1986
    Set in post–World War II Britain, A Dark-Adapted Eye is both a gripping mystery and a harrowing psychological portrait of a complex woman at the head of a troubled family.

Kara Kush

Idries Shah - 1986
    Idries Shah, the author of this gripping story, is the best-known Afghan writer of our time. His books on Sufism, philosophy, history, and travel, are known the world over. Shah was the descendant of a thousand-year-old Afghan family, and an author and teacher who found success explaining the East to the West. Kara Kush, first published in 1986, is his only novel: a fascinating adventure in which a gifted writer set out to inform the world about Afghan society, history, and culture. According to interviews with Shah, the novel is based on fact and eyewitness accounts.