Best of


A Book of Surrealist Games

Mel Gooding - 1995
    Invented and played by such artists as André Breton, Rene Magritte, and Max Ernst, these gems still produce results ranging from the hilarious to the mysterious and profound.

Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual

Lee Brimmicombe-Wood - 1995
    Ultimate troubleshooters equipped with state-of-the-art firepower, capable of power projection across the vast expense of deep space. They can sharpshoot a man at a thousand meters or obliterate an entire world from the safety of orbit. They reckon they are unbeatable.But on a dirtball colony planet known only as LV-426 the unthinkable happened.The marines lost.The ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES TECHNICAL MANUAL is your official guide to the equipment and organisation of the United States Colonial Marines Corps. Packed with never-before-published diagrams, technical schematics and plans, the manual takes a detailed look at the guns, vehicles and ships of the USCMC, and the men and women who use them.A must for all ALIENS fans, this book examines the technology of the film's futuristic nightmare in every detail, and tries to discover exactly what went wrong on LV-426.

The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows

David Schwartz - 1995
    Provides information about the packager, broadcast history, hosts, announcers, producers, and rules for over five hundred television game shows.

Miskatonic University: Dire Secrets & Campus Life

Sam Johnson - 1995
    Filled with data on various University departments and professors, this book weaves the details drawn from Lovecraft's Mythos tales with the Call of Cthulhu game background to create an indispensible sourcebook.

Chrono Trigger Player's Guide

M. Arakawa - 1995
    to the End of Time, Chrono Trigger touches down in time, and you're traveling from century to century, or epoch to epoch, life becomes complicated in a hurry. But don't despair— you can time travel in style with the Chrono Trigger Player's Guide. It gives you all the tools you need to navigate in new time zones. Find out where to stay. What to take. What to buy. Read about who you should meet— and who you should miss. Peruse complete maps for every time period to find your way around unfamiliar territory. Study exhaustive lists and charts to see how to find and use the countless weapons, items, treasures and spells to be found in this age-spanning RPG. A word of advice about the Player's Guide: Don't leave home without it.

Chrono Trigger Nintendo Player's Strategy Guide

Gail Tilden - 1995
    This guide will help you get through the game quicker, help you if you're stuck, or help you find more secrets in this great game.

The Nightmare Lands: Ravenloft Accessory:

Shane Lacy Hensley - 1995
    In the unique domain called the Nightmare Lands, darkness offers not blissful slumber, but ultimate terror. Heroes enter this realm at the bidding of the night, drawn from their dreaming bodies and captured by an enigmatic figure known only as the Nightmare Man. Trapped in this region of psychological fear, heroes face their worst nightmare in strange, surrealistic terrain. If they escape the treacherous clutches of dark slumber, they'll be safe - at least until the next time sleep overtakes them....This boxed set contains everything necessary to adventure among dark dreamscapes and twisted nightmares, including:* The Journal of Dr. Illhousen: 32 pages of notes and information on the Nightmare Lands, compiled by the chief physician of Nova Vaasa's infamous Clinic for the Mentally Distressed.* Rules of Dreams and Nightmares: 64 pages full of rules dealing with adventuring in dreams and nightmares, setting up nightmare scenarios, and translating player characters into dreamscape versions of themselves.* Book of Nightmares: 64 pages of ready-to-play nightmares that incorporates all of the information in this campaign expansion into one full-length adventure.* New Monsters: 16 pages of never-before-seen creatures unique to the Nightmare Lands and the dimensions of dreams.* Poster Maps: Two full-color, poster-sized maps of the Nightmare Landss and other locations described herein.Format: 2 64-page books, 32-page book, 16-page book, 2 fold-out maps

Encyclopedia Magica (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), Vol. 3: P-S

TSR Inc. - 1995
    lots of interesting magic items for dnd.

Points Schmoints!: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets

Marty Bergen - 1995
    First Edition, stated, 5th printing, 1999 Magnus hardback. Very fine orange red cover, gold lettering, and unclipped dustjacket; bright pages, a few dogears, no remainder

Sunny Days & Starry Nights

Nancy F. Castaldo - 1995
    Explores the outdoors and teaches about a variety of plants and animals with over sixty suggested activities.