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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Prima Official Game Guide

David Hodgson - 2011
    Plus, complete information on all 18 skill trees and detailed information on cooking, farming, and mining.

The Books of Skyrim

Brian Chapin - 2011
    A digital collection of all of the books that can be found and read in the epic game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Ben Robbins - 2011
    Want to explore an epic history of your own creation, hundreds or thousands of years long, all in an afternoon? That's Microscope.You won't play the game in chronological order. You can defy the limits of time and space, jumping backward or forward to explore the parts of the history that interest you. Want to leap a thousand years into the future and see how an institution shaped society? Want to jump back to the childhood of the king you just saw assassinated and find out what made him such a hated ruler? That’s normal in Microscope.You have vast power to create... and to destroy. Build beautiful, tranquil jewels of civilization and then consume them with nuclear fire. Zoom out to watch the majestic tide of history wash across empires, then zoom in and explore the lives of the people who endured it.Mock chronological order.Defy time and space.Build worlds and destroy them.A role-playing game for two to four players. No GM. No prep."Microscope is incredible! A truly brilliant design. Also, the book is extremely well done. Highly recommended."-John Harper, designer of Agon & Danger Patrol"Ben Robbins' Microscope may be the clearest-written game text I've ever read - which is helpful, because it is also one of the most innovative games I've come across in a long time. Microscope engagingly challenges assumptions and upends long-held conventions of play while delivering a singular and satisfying evening of gaming. And "fractal role playing" is no joke - the minute you finish, you'll want to dive back in and explore some interesting sliver of the vast history you just built."-Jason Morningstar, designer of Fiasco"It's been a long time that a game captures my attention like Microscope. Bypass the hype, it's a truly remarkable well-instruction'd game"-Andy Kitkowski, founder of

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide

James Jacobs - 2011
    Yet all is not lost, for these dark times provide ample opportunity for adventure and heroism.Inside this exciting and informative 320-page tome you will find:- Detailed summaries of the player character races native to Golarion, including more than a dozen distinct human ethnicities- Elaborate gazetteers of more than 40 crumbling empires, expansionist kingdoms, independent city-states, and monster-haunted wildlands of Golarion’s adventure-filled Inner Sea region, with locations perfect for nearly any type of fantasy campaign- Cultural information and Pathfinder RPG rules covering the 20 core deities of the Inner Sea, plus entries on other gods, demigods, forgotten deities, weird cults, strange philosophies, and more!- An overview of the Inner Sea’s history, a look at time and space, a discussion of magical artifacts and technological wonders, discussions of important factions and organizations, and hundreds of locations ripe for adventure!- Tons of new options for player characters, including Inner Sea-themed prestige classes, feats, spells, adventuring gear, and magic items!- Nine new monsters, including exotic humanoids of the skies and seas, undead and dragons, and an angry demon lord in exile!- A giant 21.75"x33" poster map that reveals the sweeping landscape of the Inner Sea in all its treacherous glory!Cover art by Wayne Reynolds

Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive

Tsuyashi Kudou - 2011
    Inside you'll find character, vehicle, and weapon designs, location illustrations, promotional art, rough sketches and much more. The book also includes detailed background information about the game's characters and history, plus plenty of creator commentary and interviews.

Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia

Ubisoft Entertainment - 2011
    A must-have for fans new to the game world as well as those who have been fascinated with the series since day one.This encyclopedia features new information and amazing artwork, updated content from the upcoming monster Assassin’s Creed III game and upcoming graphic novel Assassin’s Creed: The Chain.Initially intended as an art book, the project gathered so much material that Ubiworkshop decided to expand it into an encyclopedia.Artists like Craig Mullins, Tavis Coburn, 123Klan, Gabz, James NG, David Alvarez and many others were given free reign to draw an Assassin from the period and style of their choice, of which the artworks were included in the Encyclopedia. There was also a "cartes blanches" section that featured artwork by other professional artists and fans of the series.A Black Edition was released with the Animus Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.A White Edition was released through UbiWorkshop and with the Ultimate Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.A Second Edition was released in October 2012 to coincide with the release of Assassin's Creed III. The Second Edition features 120 new pages of content that include information on Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and Assassin's Creed: The Chain along with new cartes blanches.A Third Edition was released in October 2013 to coincide with the release of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The Third Edition contains over 390 pages of content revised and updated with information from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Brahman.The Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia is divided into four sections:1) Factions2) Story3) Characters4) Places

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic

Jason Bulmahn - 2011
    In addition to the brand-new magus class—a master of both arcane magic and martial prowess—you'll also find a whole new system for spellcasting, rules for spell duels and other magical specialities, and pages upon pages of new spells, feats, and more. Because when it comes to magic, why settle for less than absolute power?Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic is a must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. This imaginative tabletop game builds on more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic includes:- The magus, a new base class combining deadly arcane magic with the skills and weapons of a trained warrior.- Words of power, an innovative and flexible new spellcasting system.- New options for dedicated casters, such as alchemist discoveries, alternative uses for channeled energy, druid companions, sorcerer bloodlines, eidolon abilities, witch hexes, and oracle mysteries.- Additional feats and magical abilities for martially oriented casters, including monk ki tricks, inquisitor archetypes, and ranger traps.- New magical conditions called spellblihgts, as well as systems for crafting constructs, binding outsiders, and spell-dueling.- More than 100 new spells, plus detailed guidelines for designing your own.... and much, much more!Cover art by Wayne Reynolds

The One Ring: Adventures Over The Edge Of The Wild

Francesco Nepitello - 2011
    Books softcover, 8.5" x 11," full color

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 3

Jason Bulmahn - 2011
    Within this book you’ll find demiliches and demodands, grave knights and goblin snakes, norns and nephilim, imperial dragons and unfettered eidolons, and so much more! Yet not every creature needs to be an enemy, as winged garudas, crafty tanukis, and leonine lammasus all wait to join your party and answer the call of glory.The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 is the third indispensable volume of monsters for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and serves as a companion to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Pathfinder RPG Bestiary. This imaginative tabletop game builds upon more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time bestselling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 includes:- More than 300 different monsters.- Classic terrors from myth and literature, from the frumious bandersnatch and the righteous valkyrie to the cunning dybbuk and elusive kappa.- Hordes of new creatures you can construct, grow, or summon to aid your party in its adventures.- New player-friendly races to let you adventure as canny ratfolk, genie-blooded sulis, and more.- New familiars, animal companions, and other allies.- Challenges for any adventure and every level of play.- Some of the strangest and most beloved creatures from fantasy roleplaying history and the Pathfinder campaign setting.- Hosts of new templates and variants.- Appendices to aid in monster navigation, including lists by Challenge Rating, monster type, and habitat.- Expanded universal monster rules to simplify special attacks, defenses, and qualities.... and much, much more!Cover art by Wayne Reynolds

Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide

Piggyback - 2011
    • A dedicated Side Quests chapter presents all side missions, random encounters and all additional optional activities with a checklist to reach 100% completion • The Walkthrough features annotated area maps with step-by-step action on the left-hand page and expanded strategies and advanced tactics on the right • The Strategy & Analysis chapter focuses on high-level playing strategies and in-depth analysis of the game’s underlying mechanics. • All-encompassing Inventory chapter features exhaustive lists and tables covering: weapons, armor, accessories, special items, shops, runes, crafting, consumables and gifts • All-encompassing Bestiary chapter presents all details on: enemy ranks, locations, attributes, resistances, loot drops and more • A feature-packed Extras chapter covers every Achievement, every Trophy, every Secret and also presents a Dragon Age encyclopaedia and a story recap

Hardcoregaming101.Net Presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures

Kurt Kalata - 2011
    A huge step beyond the text-oriented games that preceded it, the genre took the world by storm, and proved immensely popular with computers over the next decade. A combination of storytelling and puzzle solving, they provided the ability to explore a world and experience a narrative without the need for twitchy reflexes demanded of arcade games. This nearly comprehensive book includes reviews for over 250 games from the golden age of the graphic adventure genre, running from 1984 to roughly 2000, focusing on promiminent publishers such as: -LucasArts (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango) -Sierra On-Line (King's Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight) -Legend (Spellcasting, Eric the Unready, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon) -And several other popular and not-so-popular series and games (Zork, Myst, Broken Sword, The Longest Journey, Simon the Sorcerer, The Last Express, and dozens of others) -Also includes interviews with several adventure game developers, including Al Lowe (creator of Leisure Suit Larry), Corey Cole (creator of Quest for Glory), Bob Bates (founder of Legend Entertainment) and Josh Mandel (writer and designer for Sierra).

The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design

Mike Selinker - 2011
    Author Mike Selinker (Betrayal at House on the Hill) has invited some of the world's most talented and experienced game designers to share their secrets on game conception, design, development, and presentation. In these pages, you'll learn about storyboarding, balancing, prototyping, and playtesting from the best in the business.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat

Jason Bulmahn - 2011
    The samurai is an unstoppable armored warrior who lives by a strong code of honor—with or without a master. The gunslinger combines the fighter’s martial prowess with a new grit mechanic that allows her to pull off fantastic acts with a pistol or rifle. All this plus tons of new armor and weapons, a complete treatment of firearms in the Pathfinder RPG, a vast array of martial arts, finishing moves, vehicle combat, duels, and new combat-oriented spells for every spellcasting class in the game!Ultimate Combat includes:- New player character options for 14 Pathfinder RPG base classes, including alchemist discoveries, barbarian rage powers, cavalier orders, combat-cleric archetypes, animal shaman druids, new fighter archetypes like gladiator and armor master, inquisitor archetypes like witch-hunter or spellbreaker, combat-themed magus arcana, monk archetypes based on mastery of martial arts, new paladin archetypes like angelic warrior, ranger archetypes like big game hunter and trapper, new rogue tricks, and wizard archetypes like the gunmage.- The ninja, samurai, and gunslinger, brand-new 20-level alternate classes specially designed to get the most out of combat.- Hundreds of new combat-oriented feats including martial arts feat trees, finishing moves, and combination feats.- In-depth overviews on a variety of combat-related topics, such as armor, Asian weapons, duels, fighting schools, guns, siege weapons, and more.- A complete system covering vehicle combat, including wagons, boats, airships, and more.- Tons of optional combat rules like called shots, armor as damage reduction, and new ways to track character health.…and much, much more!Cover art by Wayne Reynolds

Guinness World Records 2011: Gamer's Edition

Guinness World Records - 2011
    Pick up the completely updated "Guinness World Records, Gamer's Edition 2011" and learn all about amazing computer and video-game record breakers from around the world. You'll find out the highest scores, biggest tournaments, largest cash prizes and most successful games ever. It is packed with thousands of high scores and records, a round-up of key events of the video-gaming year - including reviews of new releases, new consoles and the major tournaments - along with detailed game strategies, interviews with professionals, tips and cheats to improve your play, league tables, bizarre facts and incredible video game trivia.

Halo: The Art of Building Worlds

Martin Robinson - 2011
    Charting the glorious decade that spans Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo: Reach, Halo: The Great Journey is a lavish and spectacular review of ten years of groundbreaking game art brought together in one place as never before. Halo: The Great Journey is the ultimate gallery of the Halo universe - from characters to weapons and much more; with sketches and concept art by acclaimed artists such as Ashley Wood, the detailed interiors and sweeping landscapes of Alex Chu, and Frank Capezzuto's breathtaking spacescapes. In addition there is art from Halo: Legends - the anime DVD - book covers, comic pages, marketing images and more; plus an introduction from "the face of Halo," Frank O'Connor. A celebration of visual splendor - from the Spartans themselves to the breathtaking vistas of dawn breaking on an alien world - Halo: The Great Journey is dramatic, grandiose and utterly awesome.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box

Jason Bulmahn - 2011
    Scores of monsters, challenges, and advice give gamers the tools to create their own worlds and adventure, providing countless hours of gaming excitement. With streamlined rules and a focus on action-packed heroic adventure, this deluxe boxed set is the ideal introduction to the world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and the best starting point for a lifetime of pulse-pounding adventure!

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3d: Prima Official Game Guide

John Chance - 2011
    • Never get lost with maps of Hyrule and its treacherous dungeons!• No enemy can stop you with our expert strategies—including every boss!• Solutions for every puzzle, both in Hyrule and all dungeons.• Locations revealed for all Heart Containers, Gold Skulltulas, secret grottoes, and more.• Detailed information on unlocking and completing the challenging Master Quest.• Bonus Poster!

Mistborn Adventure Game: Alloy of Law

Alex Flagg - 2011
    Alloy of Law also features a complete gazetteer to the lands introduced in the book, a rogue's gallery detailing the heroes and villains of the novel, advice for running Alloy of Law campaigns, and exclusive original fiction from Mistborn creator, Brandon Sanderson.

Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version Collector's Edition: The Official Pokemon Strategy Guide & Unova Pokedex with Removable Front-cover Lenticular

Pokémon Company International - 2011
    Welcome to the Unova region, Pokémon Trainer—prepare to be amazed by the Pokémon you'll discover here!Over 150 brand-new Pokémon await you in the latest incredible Pokémon adventure! And this strategy guide will introduce to you:• A complete walkthrough that includes all the new Pokémon you'll meet, every Trainer you'll face, and each challenge you'll need to overcome!• A must-have primer for Pokémon training that will get you ready to battle in the Unova region!• Detailed maps of all the towns, cities, and places you'll go on your adventure, including a full map of the Unova region.• All the places where you can change your Pokémon into powerful forms!• Collector's edition special content—get the Unova Pokédex here first!• The Collector's Edition Official Pokémon Strategy Guide & Unova Pokédex includes the complete Unova Region Pokédex, a Removable lenticular mini-poster, and each book is individually numbered!Whether you're a seasoned Trainer or on your first adventure in the world of Pokémon, you'll find excitement like you've never encountered before when you explore the Unova region and its new wonders!


Zak S. - 2011
    Give somebody a floorplan and theyll GM for a day show them how to make 30 floorplans in 30 seconds and theyll GM forever. Need to know how to get from here to there even if neither here nor there are listed on a map? Even if there is no map? Need a random encounter? Need instant stats for that random encounter? Need to know why there was a random encounter? This book was designed to help you make a city happen now. In addition to details on Vornheim, adventure locations, and player commentary from the I Hit It With My Axe girls, every single surface below this jacket including the back of the jacket, the book covers underneath, and the inside covers has been crammed full of tools to help you build and run a city no matter what edition game you play.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #43: The Haunting of Harrowstone

Michael Kortes - 2011
    In the years since, the nearby town of Ravengro has shunned the fire-scarred ruins, telling tales of unquiet spirits that wander abandoned cellblocks. But when a mysterious evil disturbs Harrowstone’s tenuous spiritual balance, a ghostly prison riot commences that threatens to consume the nearby village in madness and flames. Can the adventurers discover the secrets of Harrowstone and quell a rebellion of the dead? Or will they be the spirit-prison’s next inmates?This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path launches the Carrion Crown Adventure Path and includes:- “The Haunting of Harrowstone,” a Pathfinder RPG adventure for 1st-level characters, by Michael Kortes.- A tour of Ravengro, village of mystery and suspicion, by Michael Kortes.- Expanded rules for creating and running horrific haunts, by Brandon Hodge.- An ancient revenge is reborn in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by F. Wesley Schneider.- Six new monsters, by Adam Daigle and Patrick Renie.Cover art by Dave Rapoza

Eclipse Phase Rimward

Posthuman Studios - 2011
    Technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates opportunities for oppression and puts the capability for mass destruction in the hands of everyone. Other threats lurk in the devastated habitats of the Fall, dangers both familiar and alien. In this harsh setting, the players participate in a cross-faction conspiracy called Firewall that seeks to protect transhumanity from threats both internal and external. Along the way, they may find themselves hunting for prized technology in a gutted habitat falling from orbit, risking the hellish landscapes of a ruined Earth, or following the trail of a terrorist through militarized stations and isolationist habitats. Players may even find themselves stepping through a Pandora Gate, a wormhole to distant stars and the alien secrets beyond....

Halo: The Essential Visual Guide

Jeremy Patenaude - 2011
    Halo: The Essential Visual Guide delves even deeper into the phenomenon that is Halo. Covering material from Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and the latest game, Halo: ODST, the book provides amazing images and insightful information making you feel as if you yourself are part of the game! (c)2011 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

L.A. Noire Signature Series

Brady Games - 2011
    Noire Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following: BradyGames continues its relationship with Rockstar Games to publish an indispensible reference and gorgeous art book for a game that is getting plenty of Game of the Year talk. - Complete coverage of one of the most highly anticipated games in 2011. - Exclusive detailed maps for all areas. - Unparalleled crime solving strategies. - Exclusive content from Rockstar Games. - Book design features hi-res images from the spectacularly recreated environments in the game, detailing the gorgeous backdrop for this dark story.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds

James L. Sutter - 2011
    Far beyond its lands and seas, sister worlds revolve around the same sun, their residents connected by magical portals or ships of terrifying magic and technology. Now take your game off-planet and explore these weird new worlds for yourself!This book offers a detailed introduction to the science-fantasy worlds of Golarion’s solar system, each complete with its own mysterious locations and cultures. Discover how your swords and spells match up against the trench dwellers of the Red Planet or the angelic Sarcesians who soar between asteroids. Research the mysterious origins of the sealed world-ship of Apostae, or hunt vortex sharks in the freezing seas of Kalo-Mahoi. Though strange and new, each of these worlds uses the same Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules as Golarion itself.Within this 64-page book, you’ll find:- Gazetteers of every planet and major moon in Golarion’s system, from the steamy jungles of Castrovel and the machine-ruled rock of Aballon to post-apocalyptic Eox and divided Verces, where one side is always day and the other night. Plus, uncover information on the residents of the sun, Golarion’s moon, the asteroid belt called the - Diaspora, the dark regions beyond mysterious Aucturn, and more!- Introductions to the major cultures inhabiting the system. Will you join Castrovel’s beautiful Lashunta, fight beside the four-armed giants of Akiton, study with the hyper-evolved Contemplatives of Ashok, petition the undead Bone Sages of Eox, or face down the insectile legions of the Forever Queen?- Easy new rules for adventuring on other planets, including discussions on gravity, temperature, time, vacuum, and traveling between worlds.- Adventure hooks for every world, tailored for GMs currently playing on Golarion.- Six brand-new alien monsters, from intelligent dragonkin who bond with humanoids to the great oma space-whales and amorphous, blimplike Brethedans.Cover art by Kerem Beyit

Deadlands Players Guide

Shane Lacy Hensley - 2011
    Fortunately, where there are monsters, there are heroes. Squint-eyed gunfighters, card-chucking hexslingers, savage braves, and righteous padres have all answered the call. And if they fight hard enough, they might just discover the identity of the mysterious Reckoners some say are behind it all. The Player s Guide is the core rules book for players of Deadlands Reloaded. It includes new rules for shootouts at high noon, new Edges, Hindrances, and powers, and everything a cowpoke needs to begin his journey into the Weird West. The Deadlands Reloaded Player s Guide is not a complete game. You ll also need the Savage Worlds core rulebook to play.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Rule of Fear

F. Wesley Schneider - 2011
    Within the shelter of its mist-shrouded hills and decaying, decadent cities, things that have no right to live stalk the night, and superstitious residents lock their doors tight against the howls and scratchings that summon them forth. Vampires, werewolves, undead monstrosities, and stranger things make their homes here, and even those fools who ignore such threats tremble at the thought of the Whispering Tyrant, the nation’s former conqueror, who even now shifts restlessly beneath his prison-tower of Gallowspire. Though most of Ustalav’s citizens are ordinary men and women, canny urban merchants, or fallen nobles coasting on their last shreds of wealth and reputation, no one here dares peer too far into the shadows, for fear of what might be looking back.Rule of Fear provides a comprehensive overview of the nation of Ustalav, a realm of urban intrigue and gothic horror, and the setting of Pathfinder Adventure Path’s Carrion Crown Adventure Path.Inside this 64-page book, you’ll find:- A complete overview of 13 adventure-packed counties, from the ghost-haunted wastelands of Virlych to the bustling ports of Caliphas, including detailed descriptions of significant locations, notable personages, and the rulers of each region.- In-depth gazetteers of seven major cities, including key locations, city stat blocks, and local rumors to draw your players into the action.- Six conspiracies and secret societies, and how they fit into Ustalav’s baroque government.- Eleven terrifying adventure locations, plus details on their masters, inhabitants, and supernatural hauntings.- Information on local superstitions, secrets about notable families (and the unspeakable curses they bear), tips for running classic horror-themed campaigns, and more!Cover art by Alex Aparin

PARANOIA S1 Reality Optional

Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan - 2011
    THIS IS YOUR FRIEND THE COMPUTER.Jerome-G had a good job at the Threat Obfuscation Department in The Computer’s underground city of Alpha Complex. He invented false threats to cover up true dangers. It made perfect sense, once he understood The Computer’s idea of “true” is entirely false.INTERNAL SECURITY CONSIDERS YOU A CITIZEN OF INTEREST.Suddenly Jerome’s fake menaces are turning real. Rogue robots are conspiring for independence. There’s a pirate ship in the transport tubes. And the real-est threat is the powerful executive Ellister-V, who means to dispose of Jerome permanently.WELCOME TO THE TROUBLESHOOTERS!To evade a fatal reassignment as reactor shielding, Jerome volunteers for The Computer’s elite service unit. Troubleshooters heroically defend Alpha Complex from traitors. Too bad Troubleshooters are often traitors themselves.YOUR FIRST MISSION: FIND A LOST PAIR OF GLASSES.If Jerome’s teammates knew the equipment they seek is right in his pocket, they’d kill him. His experimental Augmented Reality goggles reveal the truth behind everything — and he’s more confused than ever.YOU ARE IN ERROR. NO ONE IS SCREAMING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.

The Fiasco Companion

Jason Morningstar - 2011
    In addition, the Companion features exciting rules variants, new Tilt and Aftermath tables, four new Playsets, an interview with John Rogers and a foreword by Wil Wheaton.

Eclipse Phase Panopticon Vol I

Rob Boyle - 2011
    This sourcebook details the inner workings of the different types of space habitats in Eclipse Phase, provides comprehensive information on surveillance and sousveillance technologies, and explores uplifts (animals raised to human-level sapience) and the sociopolitical challenges they face.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Dragon Empires Gazetteer

James Jacobs - 2011
    Where the guardian spirits known as kami stand against the ravages of evil oni. Where the martial artists of a shattered empire strive to maintain their traditions against rising chaos. A land of jade and tea, of pride and treachery, of reincarnation and vengeful ghosts. These are the lands of the Dragon Empires.Dragon Empires Gazetteer presents the first exploration of the continent of Tian Xia, a vast realm found on the opposite side of the world of Golarion from the Inner Sea region. Inspired by the fascinating myths and rich histories of numerous Asian cultures and traditions, the Dragon Empires can be either an exotic destination for world-traveling heroes from the far side of the world, or they can be the foundation of an entirely new campaign.Inside this 64-page book, you will find:- Details on over two dozen nations and regions of the vast continent of Tian Xia, including Minkai (a land under the rule of the notorious Jade Regent), Quain (a realm of martial artists and strange spirits), the Wall of Heaven (the world’s largest and most dangerous mountain range), and Xa Hoi (an ancient empire ruled by a dragon king).- Rules for five new player character races (the foxlike kitsune, the reptilian nagaji, the spiritual samsarans, the crafty tengus, and the shadowy wayangs).- Details on the core 20 deities of the Dragon Empires.- A timeline of Tian Xia’s long and eventful history.- Information about Dragon Empires society, factions and philosophies, the zodiac, languages, and more!Cover art by Wayne Reynolds

Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple

Daniel Solis - 2011
    This book contains the complete rules for play. Together with a notebook, pencils, a small pouch, two handfuls of stones, and your friends, you'll be ready to answer letters, help people, and make trouble.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Official Strategy Guide

Brady Games - 2011
    But will the calm last? COMPREHENSIVE WALKTHROUGH: Extensive strategy and tips for the entire walkthrough, including Lawful, Chaotic, and Neutral paths. SIDE QUESTS REVEALED: Find out how to unlock the side quests and learn what it takes to win every battle. CLASSES & RACES: Get a complete statistical breakdown of every class and race in the game. Learn about their weaponry, combat skills, basic abilities, and much more! SKILLS & MAGIC: Learn the ins-and-outs of all the skills and magic in the game. AREA MAPS: Maps for every dungeon allow you to travel through each area with ease. Find and obtain the best possible items.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide

Rick Barba - 2011
    With your Portal of Power™, an army of Skylanders, and this guide, you have everything you need to answer his call and take down the dark forces that threaten the world!Meet the Skylanders - Learn everything you need to know about them! You get their Elemental type, their stats, and all their powers!A comprehensive Walkthrough of Skylands- Filled with maps that show both the direct route through each level, and the side paths to uncover bonus items!You also get the locations of • Legendary Treasures • Soul Gems • Story Scrolls • AND MORE!Bonus Sticker Page! Includes more than 40 stickers!

Dragon Age, Set 2: Dark Fantasy

Jeff Tidball - 2011
    It includes rules for Grey Wardens, new role-playing and exploration stunts, 40 new spells, and expanded information about the game world. The boxed set will include two full-color 80 page books: a "Player's Guide" and a "Game Master's Guide." Two heavy-duty reference cards and a poster map of the game world are also included.

GURPS Horror 4th Edition

Kenneth Hite - 2011
    . . and now it's been given a new lease on unnatural life by horror master Kenneth Hite. Its time-tested advice on running scary campaigns has been expanded to include current trends and tropes, showing you how to run everything from old-fashioned Gothic and supernatural horror to the latest J-horror, survival horror, and torture horror. The famous bibliography of unspeakable tomes and frightening films has grown to match. And the monsters return with unpleasant friends, as monsters inevitably do – all with GURPS Fourth Edition racial templates that let you use them as foes, as sinister Allies and cursed Alternate Forms, and even as PCs! Add the new and disturbing powers, the expanded rules for madness and corruption, and countless other updates, and you have everything you need to drag your horror campaign screaming into the 21st century.

Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for any Roleplaying Game

John Arcadian - 2011
    Featuring a foreword by gaming industry legend Wolfgang Baur, Masks is the ultimate NPC resource.Think of your favorite character from a game, book, or movie. What makes them memorable? It’s not their Strength score, or how many hit points they have — it’s who they are as a person: what they look like, how they act, their personality, and what drives them.Using a simple but powerful template that features Appearance, Roleplaying, Personality, Motivation, Background, and Traits, Masks provides the core elements of a thousand great characters. Masks NPCs are designed to be used on the fly, no prep required — but with enough depth to be used when planning adventures, as well.Within this massive collection you’ll find the resources you need to portray vivid NPCs in your games:Fantasy, science fiction, and modern NPCs: 333 of each (334 in fantasy), all easily adaptable to any genre and any RPGRoles and traits: Every NPC has a role — villain, ally, or neutral — and is categorized by traits like famous, criminal, and warriorClear, useful game mastering advice: Masks covers re-skinning NPCs to fit other genres, making your portrayals memorable, and moreHandy tools: NPCs are indexed by trait, name, and author; an appendix lists groups like Tavern Patrons and Spaceport Denizens; and Masks provides over 1,900 names in an easy-to-use formatNo game mechanics: These system-neutral NPCs can be used in any RPG

Hordes: Primal Mk II

Matt Wilson - 2011
    Within the bloody fog of war, their battle leaders seize this unbridled rage and from it forge momentous weapons to wield against their enemies, knowing only the strongest, fastest, and most cunning will survive. Take control of a powerful warlock and his horde of fierce warriors and monstrous warbeasts in this fast-paced and aggressive 30 mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the foreboding wilds of western Immoren, home of the Iron Kingdoms. *HORDES: Primal Mk II thrusts you into this savage world with: *Complete core rules for the HORDES tabletop miniatures game *In-depth histories of the non-human nations of western Immoren and the conflicts that have shaped them. *Detailed profiles and rules for the powerful warbeasts and soldiers of the Trollbloods, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight, and Skorne. *An instructional painting and hobby guide that will show you how to bring your tabletop battlefield to life.Seize the unstoppable power of HORDES Mk II and unleash the fury within!

Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion

James Jacobs - 2011
    Infamous for their unpredictable attacks, catchy raiding songs, and fear of horses, goblins blend mischief and murderousness like no other monsters. But there’s more to goblins than dogslicers and games of killgull. Now you can join in the quirky carnage with everything you need to know about goblins, whether you plan to do battle against their unpredictable tribes, or lead them as a goblin hero!Goblins of Golarion presents a player-friendly overview of the favorite foes of the Pathfinder campaign setting, along with new rules and information to help players customize goblin characters in both flavor and mechanics.Inside this book, you'll find:- The secrets of goblin life, from their strange anatomy and deranged psychology to their baffling culture and hilarious quirks.- An overview of goblin homelands across the Inner Sea Region, along with details on dozens of unique goblin tribes.- New ways to fight like a goblin, with equipment and feats to help goblins skirmish and scavenge like only goblins can.- Revelations on goblin religion, from their unique worship of Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters, to their race’s infamous hero-god.- Insights into the questionable and grotesque world of goblin arcana, with new goblin-made spells and magic items.- Rules, traits, and advice for playing goblin characters, giving you everything you need to unleash goblin insanity all your own.- New goblin songs, games, and tricks, and even more goblin madness!Cover art by Andrew Hou

Ashen Stars

Robin D. Laws - 2011
    Sometimes you’re called scrubbers, regulators, or shinestars. To the lawless denizens of the Bleed, whether they be pirates, gangsters or tyrants, you’re known in less flattering terms. According to official Combine terminology, the members of your hard-bitten starship crew are known as Licensed Autonomous Zone Effectuators. You’re the seasoned freelancers local leaders call when a situation proves too tough, too baffling, or simply too weird to handle on their own. In the abandoned fringe of inhabited planets known as the Bleed, you’re as close to a higher authority as they come.In this gritty space opera game, the PCs are Lasers, freelance troubleshooters and law enforcers operating in a remote sector called the Bleed. They’re needed in the wake of a massive retreat by the Combine, the utopian empire that colonized it. Amid the ashes of a devastating war, the lasers solve mysteries, fix thorny problems, and explore strange corners of space—all on a contract basis. They balance the immediate rewards of a quick buck against their need to maintain their reputation, so that they can continue to quickly secure lucrative contracts and pay the upkeep on their ship and their cyber- and viroware enhancements.

The History of Nintendo (1889-1980) - From Playing Cards to Game & Watch

Florent Gorges - 2011
    For the very first time, Nintendo's historical product portfolio is catalogued in painstaking and loving detail, with over 500 card games, tabletop games, toys, electronic, and arcade games, all compiled into one superbly crafted book. This book details Nintendo's humble beginnings as a playing card manufacturer, charting progress through the entire range of toys and games, including such legendary products as Love Tester, Ten Billion, Ultra Hand, Custom Gunman, and hundreds more, progressing up to the first video arcade games, home consoles, and Game & Watch series.

Malifaux Rules Manual

Wyrd Miniatures - 2011
    Wyrd Miniatures presents the revised and updated complete core ruleset for Malifaux, containing over a dozen new charts and diagrams, game aids, a comprehensive index, and a handy quick reference section.

Of Dice and Men

Cameron McNary - 2011
    In this blisteringly funny and deeply affecting play, playwright Cameron McNary examines why we game, what it means to grow up, and what true friendship looks like.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting: A 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

Matt Sernett - 2011
    Yet even as its citizens return and rebuild, hidden forces pursue their own goals and vendettas, any one of which could tear the city apart. Neverwinter has long been one of the most popular locations in the Forgotten Realms® campaign world. This book presents a complete heroic-tier campaign setting that plunges players into the politics, skullduggery, and peril of a city on the brink of destruction or greatness. A wealth of information about Neverwinter and its environs is provided: maps, quests, encounters, and statistics -- everything a Dungeon Master needs for his heroic tier adventures.

Armies of the 19th Century: Africa. Central Africa: Tribal And Colonial Armies In The Congo, Gabon, Rwanda, Burundi, Northern Rhodesia And Nyasaland, 1800 To 1900

Chris (C.J.) Peers - 2011
    Following a similar format to its predecessor, it covers the area now largely occupied by the countries of Gabon, the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville), the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, and Malawi.This was the archetypal 'Darkest Africa' of 19th century exploration, and many of its indigenous inhabitants lived at the time in remote regions. Consequently most of what we know about these peoples comes from the fleeting impressions of such European travelers as encountered them - and all too often their experiences were limited to a flight of arrows from an unseen enemy concealed in the forest. This book therefore sets out to put such confrontations into context, and to describe the organization, tactics, costumes and weapons of the protagonists in this unique theater of conflict. Chris Peers' authoritative text is accompanied by photographs, maps and 120 drawings of warriors, troop types and flags.

Holistic Game Development with Unity: An All-In-One Guide to Implementing Game Mechanics, Art, Design and Programming

Penny de Byl - 2011
    You have to be able to work on all aspects of game creation, and your team's game will publish directly to platforms like Android, iPhone, and Facebook. You'll use Unity, the hottest game engine out there, to do it. In order to earn your place on the elite development team, you must master both sides of the development coin: art and programming.Holistic Game Development with Unity is an authoritative guide to creating games in Unity. Taking you through game design, programming, and art, Penny de Byl uses a holistic approach to equip you with the multidisciplinary skills you need for the independent games industry. With this book, you will master essential digital art and design principles while learning the programming skills necessary to build interactivity into your games. The tutorials will put these skills into action. The companion website offers: source code for completed projects from the book, art assets, instructional videos, a forum, author blog and lesson plans and challenge questions for professors. Examines art and programming in unison-the only one-stop shop for individual developers and small teams looking to tackle both tasks.

Pathfinder Player Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea

Amber E. Scott - 2011
    Being a pirate is the ultimate freedom—freedom to take what you want and never apologize. Whether from the decks of massive slave galleons or beneath the sails of swift ships, pirates hunt the seas, singing chanteys and hoisting the Jolly Roger as they seek out the next unsuspecting merchant. They are the wolves of the sea, and their hunger can never be sated.Whether you want to abandon the life of a landlubber to join a pirate crew, hunt down their murderous ships in the name of justice, or simply follow a mysterious map to buried treasure, Pirates of the Inner Sea has everything you need to know about piracy on Golarion, all of it one hundred percent player-friendly and ready to guide you on your journey.Inside this book, you’ll find:- In-depth overviews of six major pirate organizations in the Inner Sea region, including the government-backed privateers of Andoran, the slavers of Okeno, the high-seas buccaneers of Riddleport and the Shackles, and the quick-moving brigands of the River Kingdoms. Each entry details the pirates’ history, notable captains, activities and hideouts, preferred ships, and more.- Pages of new pirate weapons and equipment, from hook hands, cutlasses, and tar bombs to peg legs, treasure chests, and grog.- New pirate archetypes for several different classes, including the buccaneer bard, the freebooter fighter, the corsair ranger, and the smuggler rogue.- The Inner Sea pirate prestige class.- A detailed look at the faith of Besmara the Pirate Queen, goddess of all those who make their living spilling blood on the water.- New pirate-themed spells for casters of numerous types and faiths.- New character traits to help you customize your pirate character mechanically as well as thematically.- Sample pirate codes, minor pirate groups, a timeline of important pirate events, and more!Cover art by Kieran Yanner