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Fall River Dreams: A Team's Quest for Glory, A Town's Search for Its Soul

Bill Reynolds - 1995
    Fall River, Massachusetts, is a once-prosperous industrial center haunted by its history, the Durfee High School basketball team begins its annual drive for a state championship: a quest that inspires and sometimes consumes kids, coaches, families, teachers, and all of Fall River.Fall River Dreams is the story of one season's quest-a classic book about sports, youth, time, hope, and memory in American today.

How to Date a Brown Girl (Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie)

Junot Díaz - 1995

Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning

Doug Buehl - 1995
    Yet our curricula are largely print-based, and students must develop effective reading behaviours to be successful in school. This book provides middle school and high school educators with the resources they need to meet this challenge: literacy development strategies that emphasize effective learning in content contexts.

In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle

Madeleine Blais - 1995
    But for five straight years, when it came to the crunch of the playoffs, the Amherst Lady Hurricanes -- a "finesse" high school girls' basketball team of nice girls from a nice town -- somehow lacked the scrappy, hard-driving desire to go all the way. Now led by the strong back-court of All-American Jamila Wideman and three-point specialist Jen Pariseau, and playing beyond their personal best, this is their year to prove themselves in the state championships. Their season to test their passion for the sport and their loyalty to each other. Their time to discover who they really are. In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle is the fierce, funny, and intimate look into the minds and hearts of one group of girls and their quest for success and, most important of all, respect.

Winds of Catawba: Sequel to the Women of Catawba

Laurie Stahl - 1995
    Set in post-Revolutionary War days, this novel continues the saga of the men and women whose faith and strength tames the American wilderness.

How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back?

Valerie Hobbs - 1995
    In order to make it in Ojala, Bron will have to remake herself. And so she does, putting aside her stuides to drag race, hang out, and meet boys. Soon she's involved in an intense love triangle -- with no easy solutions.

The Voyages of Odysseus

Homer - 1995
    Penguin 60 excerpt from The Odyssey