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Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King

Tim Underwood - 1988
    They do, however, reveal some interesting things about his insomnia and persistent fears (he hates darkness), his literary sources, work habits (he writes two hours a day, seven days a week) and how his scary novels are linked to his childhood insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. The interviews, conducted by various journalists over the past decade, originally ran in media ranging from Penthouse to the Baltimore Sun. Shrugging off critics who dismiss his work as derivative, King explains his fascination with the horrific and calls himself a good writer, not a great one. His comments on his novels and their movie adaptations are often astute, as when he interprets Carrie as a parable of women's consciousness or pans Stanley Kubrick's frigid direction of The Shining.

Midnight Blue: Sonja Blue Collection

Nancy A. Collins - 1988
    This third novel in the popular series becomes available for the first time in this trade paperback omnibus collection containing all of the award-winning Sonja Blue novels in their entirety.

Black Wind

F. Paul Wilson - 1988
    Paul Wilson’s powerful World War II novel is an unforgettable saga of passion and terror, the ravages of war, the pain of betrayal, and the glory of love.At the heart of the story are four people torn between love and honor: Matsuo Okumo, born in Japan, raised in America, and hated in both lands; Hiroki Okumo, his brother, a modern samurai sworn to serve a secret cult and the almighty Emperor; Meiko Satsuma, the woman they both love; and Frank Slater, the American who turned away when Matsuo needed him, and who now struggles to repay his debt of honor.


Dean Koontz - 1988
     In the midst of a raging blizzard, lightning struck on the night Laura Shane was born. And a mysterious blond-haired stranger showed up just in time to save her from dying. Years later, in the wake of another storm, Laura will be saved again. For someone is watching over her. But just as lightning illuminates, darkness always follows close behind.

Complete Ghost Stories

M.R. James - 1988
    R. James wrote his ghost stories to entertain friends on Christmas Eve, and they went on to both transform and modernize a genre. James harnesses the power of suggestion to move from a recognizable world to one that is indefinably strange, and then unforgettably terrifying. Sheets, pictures, carvings, a doll's house, a lonely beach, a branch tapping on a window—ordinary things take on more than a tinge of dread in the hands of the original master of suspense. James's prescription for his ghost stories was to "let the ominous thing put out its head, unobtrusively at first, and then more insistently, until it holds the stage."

Acclaimed Stories from the World's Bestselling Author: Different Seasons; Skeleton Crew; Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Stephen King - 1988
    Guaranteed to give you a winter's chill, this set includes Different Seasons, Skeleton Crew and Nightmares & Dreamscapes.

Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques

Stephen King - 1988
    The masterful blending of text and photos sweeps readers into a maelstrom of monsters watching from above--a nightmare in the sky. 24 full-color photos, 100 duotones.

The Wine-Dark Sea

Robert Aickman - 1988
    Unlike much of the current form, full of blood, monsters and melodrama, Aickman's stories achieve a quieter, more subtle and, in several ways, more lasting sense of disquiet. His lucid, finely tuned prose moves imperceptibly from the small crises and celebrations of ordinary life into another sphere. In these 11 stories, the occasion may be a walking tour of Northern England, a birthday present of a Victorian dollhouse or a stay at a Swedish sanatorium for insomniacs, but it simultaneously traps the characters with dread and opens them up to a new awareness of a greater, deeper and more dangerous world. A remarkable collection by an author who deserves to be better known.Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.

The Howling Man

Charles Beaumont - 1988

Graveyard Shift, and Other Stories from Night Shift

Stephen King - 1988
    Now listeners can chill to this second dramatic unabridged production of short stories from his best selling book, Night Shift. It brings Stephen King's demonic stories fully to life - and the terror even closer to home. Dropout drifter Hall has crossed the country doing whatever comes his way. Working the "Graveyard Shift" in a decaying Massachusetts mill under a bullying foreman is just one more leg in his crazy quilt journey, until it leads to a nether realm where the Rat Queen defends her empire. Things are never as they seem, as "The Man Who Loved Flowers" proves one perfect Spring evening on the sidewalks of New York. In "The Last Rung on the Ladder" beautiful Kitty hangs from dizzying heights above a hideous fate and, in "Night Surf," a group of teenagers on a late summer beach watch the world end in a gruesome, viral whimper. The mind-numbing secrets of "Jerusalem's Lot" wait in an ancestral mansion where blood binds the Boone family to a timeless history of unspeakable evil.

Horror: The 100 Best Books

Stephen Jones - 1988
    Creators of horror (Stephen King, Clive Barker and Peter Straub etc) write about their favourite works.

Carrie / The Tommyknockers

Stephen King - 1988
    CarrieTo be invited to the Prom Night by Tommy Ross is a dream come true for Carrie White - the first step towards social acceptance by her high school colleagues. But events will take a decidedly macabre turn on that horrifying and endless night as she is forced to exercise her gift on the town that mocks and loathes her...The TommyknockersComing back to Haven, Maine, has been like walking into a nightmare for Jim. It all looked the same, the house, the furniture, the woods. But it was in the woods that his friend Bobbi had stumbled over the odd, nearly buried object, had felt a peculiar tingle as she knelt down and brushed the soft earth away. And looking back, that had been the start of a terrible, terrifying transformation of an unremarkable place into something alien and hideous. A place of unrest and insane powers.

Silver Scream

David J. Schow - 1988
    Includes works from Clive Barker, Robert Bloch, Ramsey Campbell, and more. Original.

The Year's Best Fantasy First Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 1988
    This groundbreaking anthology inaugurates an exciting new annual tradition—a giant collection of the greatest fantasy and supernatural stories published in 1987.


Clive Barker - 1988
    With skillful prose, he enthralls even as he horrifies; with uncanny insight, he disturbs as profoundly as he reveals. Evoking revulsion and admiration, anticipation and dread, Barker's works explore the darkest contradictions of the human condition: our fear of life and our dreams of death.

Weird Tales: The Magazine That Never Dies

Marvin Kaye - 1988
    Almost every important writer of fantastic fiction in the first half of this century - including H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Fritz Lieber - and countless other notables have had their works showcased in its pages.Now, in this special volume compiled by popular anthologist Marvin Kaye, some of the most memorable horrific, bizarre tales ever published are assembled, all of which have appeared in various incarnations of Weird Tales over the years.Skulls in the Stars by Robert E. HowardThe Terror of the Water Tank by William Hope HodgsonThe Lost Club by Arthur MachenThe Hoax of the Spirit Lover by Harry HoudiniMasked Ball by Seabury QuinnWhy Weird Tales by Otis Adelbert KlineThe Weird of Avoosl Wuthoqquan by Clark Ashton SmithThe House of Ecstasy by Ralph Milne FarleyThe Woman with the Velvet Collar by Gaston LerouxThe Judge's House by Bram StokerMistress Sary by William TennGhost Hunt by H.R. WakefieldHe by [author:H.P. LovecraftThe Sorcerer's Apprentice by Robert BlochThe Dead Smile by F. Marion CrawfordThe Brotherhood of Blood by Hugh B. CaveMen Who walk Upon the Air by Frank Belknap LongThe Stolen Body by H.G. WellsThe Scrawny One by Anthony BoucherInterim by Ray BradburyEena by Manly BanisterThe Look by Maurice LevelMethought I Heard A Voice by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher PrattOff the Map by Rex DolphinThe Last Train by Fredric BrownTi Michel by W.J. StamperIn the X-Ray by Fritz LeiberSpeak by Henry SlesarThe Pale Criminal by C. Hall ThompsonThe Sombrus Tower by Tanith LeeMr George by August DerlethThe Legend of St. Julian the Hospitaller by Gustave FlaubertSeed by Jack SnowThe Bagheeta by Val LewtonFuneral in the Fog by Edward D. HochThe Damp Man by Allison V. HardingWet Straw by Richard MathesonMysteries of the Faceless King by Darrell SchweitzerMore Than Shadow by Dorothy QuickChicken Soup by Katherine MacLean and Mary KornbluthThe Haunted Burglar by W.C. MorrowNever Bet the Devil Your Head by Edgar Allan PoeA Child's Dream of a Star by Charles DickensThe Perfect Host by Theodore SturgeonThe Sorcerer's Apprentice by Lucian translated by Sir Thomas MoreDust jacket illustration by Richard Kriegler, based on Howard's "Skulls in the Stars." Weird Tales has always been the most popular and sought-after of all pulp magazines. A mix of exotic fantasy, horror, science fiction, suspense, and the just plain indescribable.

S. Petersen's Field Guide to Cthulhu Monsters: A Field Observer's Handbook of Preternatural Entities

Sandy Petersen - 1988
    Lovecraft, With Augmentations for Today Accurate and Complete Over Two Dozen Often-Met Creatures Quick-Reference Monster ID Key 27 Evocative Full-Page Paintings 50+ Illustrations and Silhouettes Uniform Presentation of Data Special Size Comparison Charts Habitat, Distribution, and Life Cycle Notes How to Distinguish Similar-Seeming Entities Latest Hyper-Geometric Scholarship Specialized Observer Warnings as Needed Full Bibliography Faithful to Lovecraft

The Haunted: One Family's Nightmare

Robert Curran - 1988
    Over several years, the Smurls together with numerous other people - neighbours, police, priests, researchers - have witnessed scores of supernatural events at the family house: the ripping out of ceiling fixtures, the levitation and beating of the family dog, Janet's strangling by unseen hands, the repeated appearance of a black hooded figure - and more. And they can't escape - the demon even follows them when they leave their house. Ed and Lorraine Warren, world-famous psychic researchers whose more celebrated cases include the haunting at West Point and the events at a house on Long Island that became known as The Amityville Horror, have been involved with the Smurl case since early in 1986 and have, among many other things, arranged for the exorcisms that have been held at the home. The Warren's vast experience with the paranormal have helped the Smurl family deal with the nightmare that they are going through- and will help you see, and perhaps understand, the existence and possible terrors of the other side.You will be shocked and disturbed by the story told here; it will remind you of tales you heard in the dark; of books and movies that have kept you awake nights; of nightmares of your own. But at the heart of this story is a real American family who have faced horrors that none of us should even have to imagine- but have survived thanks to their strong moral values, their unshaking religious faith, and their undying love for one another.


Daniel Quinn - 1988
    He's got a terrific project, and he's met the woman of his dreams -- literally, his dreams (though they're rather odd ones). But then, one night, he falls asleep and awakes . . . to the beginning of a nightmare he just can't seem to wake up from. . . .

Cthulhu by Gaslight: Horror Roleplaying in 1890s England

William A. Barton - 1988
    Even in the peaceful fields of rural England only intelligent and energetic intervention could keep the shadows at bay."Cthulhu by Gaslight" includes a lengthy roleplaying adventure, "The Yorkshire Horrors" in which the investigators join forces with the world's most famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes Extensive background essays provide period skills, social classes, world politics, biographies and timelines for the 1890s, maps and London location notes (including the best stores of the time), travel, criminals and police, Cockney slang, cost of living, royalty and titles, club life in London, the occult in the 1890s, prices, and clothing. A lengthy essay considers time-travel rationales for moving investigators of another time into the 1890s.

Haunted Heartland

Beth Scott - 1988
    A long-dead Iowa college student treads the staircase in an old building. A ghostly, plaid-shirted workman plays peek-a-boo with a ticket seller in a Minnesota theater. A phantom wolf prowls Ohio's Jackson and Pike Counties.For decades, journalist Michael Norman has been tracking down spine-tingling tales that seem to arise from authentic incidents in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In Haunted Heartland he offers more than eighty entertaining, eerie stories. Are they true in the world that we know, or only in a dark vale of twilight?More than 150 true stories of the supernatural Midwest. Readers will enter an America they never knew existed--that of ghosts, haunted houses, possession and exorcism, of vanishing people and ships, mystery lights, premonitory dreams and more. A perennial Halloween favorite.

The Ghosts of Creepy Castle (A Mini Spooky Pop-Up Book)

Keith Moseley - 1988
    In each colorful pop-up spread of a guided tour through the creaky staircases and secret passages of a haunted house, another member of the tour group disappears.

Blood Forged

Kathryn Meyer Griffith - 1988
    Then it discovers a way, an escape, back into the world of men…in the form of a seductively beautiful .357 Colt Python revolver. Forged in the damned fires of the underworld, hammered from the strongest but cursed steel, the gun and the entity that inhabit it are capable of immeasurable destruction and insidious evil. Anyone who comes in contact with it, even touches it, will find themselves staring into the muzzle of a loaded and sinister gun…and into the mouth of hell.

Great Tales of Horror

Edgar Allan Poe - 1988
    Alonebr/Annabel Leebr/Berenicebr/For Anniebr/The Black Catbr/The Cask Of Amontilladobr/The Conqueror Wormbr/The Fall Of The House Of Usherbr/The Gold-Bugbr/The Masque of the Red Deathbr/The Murders in the Rue Morguebr/The Purloined Letterbr/The Ravenbr/The Tell-Tale Heart

A Treasury of American Horror Stories

Frank D. McSherry Jr. - 1988
    McFarland ·A Return to the Sabbath · Robert Bloch · The Autopsy · Michael Shea · The Believers · Robert Arthur · A Teacher’s Rewards · Robert S. Phillips · Chico Lafleur Talks Funny · Suzette Haden Elgin ·The Legend of Joe Lee · John D. MacDonald · Seventh Sister · Mary Elizabeth Counselman ·The Isle of Voices · Robert Louis Stevenson · One Man’s Harp · Babette Rosmond · Cannibalism in the Cars · Mark Twain ·The Smell of Cherries · Jeffrey Goddin · Away · Barry N. Malzberg ·Twilla · Tom Reamy · His Name Was Not Forgotten · Joel Townsley Rogers · Désirée’s Child · Kate Chopin ·The Children of Noah · Richard Matheson · 2The Man Who Collected Poe · Robert Bloch · Pickman’s Model · H. P. Lovecraft · The Screwfly Solution [as by Raccoona Sheldon] · James Tiptree, Jr. · The Unpleasantness at Carver House · Carl Jacobi · Mute Milton · Harry Harrison · Dumb Supper · Henderson Starke ·Lonely Train a’ Comin’ [“The Train”] · William F. Nolan ·Children of the Corn · Stephen King · Legal Rites [Pohl as James MacCreigh] · Isaac Asimov & Frederik Pohl ·The Devil and Daniel Webster · Stephen Vincent Benét · The Master of the Hounds · Algis Budrys · The Devil of the Picuris · Edwin L. Sabin · The Garrison [as by David Grinnell] · Donald A. Wollheim ·The Desrick on Yandro [John] · Manly Wade Wellman · Shaggy Vengeance · Robert Adams ·The Horsehair Trunk · Davis Grubb ·The Curse of Yig · Zealia Brown Reed Bishop · Peekaboo · Bill Pronzini ·Bird of Prey · Nelson S. Bond · The Haunter of the Dark · H. P. Lovecraft · Song of the Slaves · Manly Wade Wellman · The Eagle-Claw Rattle · Ardath Mayhar · Our Town · Jerome Bixby · Perverts · Whitley Strieber · The Goddess of Zion · David H. Keller, M.D. · Alannah [as by Stephen Grendon] · August Derleth · His Coat So Gay [Brigadier Ffellowes] · Sterling E. Lanier · Bigfish · Edward D. Hoch · ss *Lonely Road · Richard Wilson · Beyond the Threshold · August Derleth · The Monster of Lake LaMetrie · Wardon Allan Curtis


Patrick Whalen - 1988
    Long ago, two priests vowed to silence the evil entombed below. But now, the guardians are gone--and once again, the people of Chinook Island are stalked by the undead, seeking to feast on human blood!

Bloody Ukiyo-e In 1866 & 1988 (The New Atrocities In Blood)

Kazuichi Hanawa - 1988
    A limited hardback of 50 copies only, in full colour throughout, and with introduction and notes newly translated into English. Also includes a full mini-gallery of the original EIMEI NIJUHASSHUUKU.THE NEW ATROCITIES IN BLOOD has never before been published in English; the original Japanese edition is long out-of-print, and used copies fetch prices of $150 and upwards.

Victorian Ghost Stories by Eminent Women Writers

Richard Dalby - 1988
    Since the days of Ann Radcliffe and Mary Shelley, women have produced many of the finest ghost stories ever written, bringing to their craft the qualities of their personal experience and their history of living on the margins. These twenty-one stories neatly spanning Queen Victoria's reign and including such classic authors as Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell, Margaret Oliphant and Willa Cather take us on a spooky tour of Irish mansions and Boston backstreets. All the tales have their spine-chilling twists, powerful atmospheres and individual brands of wit and humor.The popular origins of ghost stories with their alliance to the oral tradition could give women a potent way of criticizing the frustrations of their constrained lives. Themes of the supernatural and ghostly happenings were rich elements to express women's fantasies, desires and images of exile and haunting loneliness. As such, these stories offer rare glimpses of the buried feelings and values that could not otherwise find a welcome reception in the stifling moral climate of the Victorian era.

Raw Pain Max

C. Dean Andersson - 1988
    Realistically combines contemporary characters with the horror of the macabre.

Fine Frights

Ramsey Campbell - 1988
    Dick; The War is Over by David Case; Cutting Down by Bob Shaw; The Clerks of Domesday by John Brunner; The Fifth Mask by Shamus Frazer; The Horror at Chilton Castle by Joseph Payne Brennan; Thurnley Abbey by Perceval Landon; The Necromancer by Arthur Gray

Ghosts for Christmas

Richard Dalby - 1988
    Barrie; the shadowy figure of a tall gentleman in a lift from the vivid imagination of L.P. Hartley. These are just a few of the spine-tingling classics, from the historical to the present day, with which to while away the winter hours.Ghost for Christmas - the perfect present for those who yearn for a little extra seasonal shiver.

Shadows 9

Charles L. Grant - 1988
    Grant --The jigsaw girl / Stephen Gallagher --The lesson / Christopher Browne --On the turn / Leanne Frahm --Moving night / Nancy Holder --Sanctuary / Kim Antieau --Now you see me / Sheri Lee Morton --The fishing village of Roebush / Leslie Alan Horvitz --Icarus / Galad Elflandsson --Ants / Nina Kiriki Hoffman --Nor disregard the humblest voice / Ardath Mayhar --The skins you love to touch / Janet Fox --Walk home alone / Craig Shaw Gardner --The father figure / T.L. Parkinson --An ordinary brick house / Joseph Payne Brennan --Overnight / Lou Fisher --The last time I saw Harris / Galad Elflandsson --Tavesher / Peter Tremayne --Bloodwolf / Steve Rasnic Tem