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The Complete Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show

Chris Ryall - 1989
    Adapted by Chris Ryall and artist Gabriel Rodriguez, this collection presents the ultimate battle between good and evil that spans many decades and dimensions.Also featuring complete art galleries by Gabriel Rodriguez and Clive Barker, full issue-by-issue annotations by Ryall and Rodriguez, and more!

The Wolf's Hour

Robert R. McCammon - 1989
    Complex, compelling and utterly real.

The Great and Secret Show

Clive Barker - 1989
    Now, with The Great and Secret Show he rises to new heights. In this unforgettable epic he wields the full power and sweep of his talents. "Succinctly put," says Barker, "it's about Hollywood, sex and Armageddon." Memory, prophecy and fantasy; the past, the future, and the dreaming moment between are all one country living one immortal day. To know that is Wisdom. To use it is the Art. Armageddon begins with a murder in the Dead Letter Office in Omaha. A lake that has never existed falls from the clouds over Palomo Grove, CA. Young passion blossoms, as the world withers with war. The Great and Secret Show has begun on the stage of the world. Soon the final curtain must fall. In this, the First Book of the Art, Barker has created a masterpiece of the imagination that explores the uncharted territory within our secret lives and most private hearts. Sprawling, ambitious, triumphantly magical and satisfying, The Great and Secret Show is what the rest of life is all about.

Book of the Dead

John Skipp - 1989
    Romero reminds us, “There was a collection of stories called Book of the Dead, in which horror and science-fiction writers came together and wrote short stories about what was happening to other people on that first night (as depicted) in Night of the Living Dead.” Noted authors such as Joe R. Lansdale, Stephen King, Robert R. McCammon, and Douglas E. Winter use their macabre vision to bring us those stories. Forwarded by the Godfather himself, this anthology imbeds itself in the cannon of zombie lore.

Remember Me

Christopher Pike - 1989
    Her friends say she fell but Shari knew she had been murdered. Making a vow to herself to find her killer, Shari spies on her friends, and even enters their dreams. She also comes face-to-face with a nightmare from beyond the grave. The Shadow - a thing more horrible than death itself - is the key to Shari's death, and the only thing that can stop her murderer from murdering again.

By Bizarre Hands

Joe R. Lansdale - 1989
    Lansdale is your man. In his first collection of short stories, the gruseome and outrageous cult classic "The Drive-In" pilots a wildly thrilling, violent and vivid roller coaster ride to Hell and the eerie depths of his remarkable imagination to create horrors unique and unsettling - dark products of twisted genius that weave the grisly fabric of nightmares. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (back cover copy)CONTENTSFish NightThe PitDuck HuntBy Bizarre HandsThe Steel ValentineI Tell You It's LoveLetters From The SOuth, Two Moons South Of NacogdochesBoys Will Be BoysThe Fat Man And The ElephantHell Through A WindshieldDown By The Sea Near The Great Big RockTrains Not TakenTight Little Stitches In A Dead Man's BackThe Windstorm PassesNight They Missed The Horror ShowOn The Far Side Of The Cadillac Desert With Dead Folk

The Stephen King Companion

George Beahm - 1989
    A behind-the-scenes look at his home, family and reviews on his fictional novels. Numerous illustrations.

Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination

Edogawa Rampo - 1989
    Collected in this chilling volume are some of the famous Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Rampo's best stories—bizarre and blood-curdling expeditions into the fantastic, the perverse, and the strange, in a marvelous homage to Rampo's literary 'mentor', Edgar Allan Poe.

Prime Evil: New Stories by the Masters of Modern Horror

Douglas E. Winter - 1989
    Prime Evil: New Stories by the Masters of Modern Horror


Dean R. Koontz - 1989
    At the Lassiter farmhouse uninvited mutant rats are waiting. These rats are not just seeking shelter, warmth, and food. They're seeking the annihilation of any human who crosses their path. Meg must find the strength and courage to face the genetically enhanced rats. Trapped in her snowbound home, armed with only a shotgun and the desire to survive, Meg wages a one-woman war against creatures scientifically engineered to outwit, outrun, and outfight the human race.

The Girl Next Door

Jack Ketchum - 1989
    Shady, tree-lined streets, well-tended lawns and cozy homes. A nice, quiet place to grow up. Unless you are teenage Meg or her crippled sister, Susan. On a dead-end street, in the dark, damp basement of the Chandler house, Meg and Susan are left captive to the savage whims and rages of a distant aunt who is rapidly descending into madness. It is a madness that infects all three of her sons and finally the entire neighborhood. Only one troubled boy stands hesitantly between Meg and Susan and their cruel, torturous deaths. A boy with a very adult decision to make.

Soft and Others: 16 Stories of Wonder and Dread

F. Paul Wilson - 1989
    Presents a collection of horror short stories, among them Soft, Green Winter, and The Cleaning Machine.Contents:The Cleaning MachineRatmanLipidleggin'To Fill the Sea and AirGreen WinterBe Fruitful and MultiplySoftThe Last One Mo' Once Golden Oldies RevivalThe Years the Music DiedDat-Tay-VaoDoc JohnsonBucketsTrapsMusclesMenage a TroisCutsBonus storiesPerformanceNight DiveMemoirs of the EffsterRumorsHunters

The Nightbreed Chronicles

Clive Barker - 1989
    These are The Nightbreed, creatures both monstrous and marvellous, who inhabit the subterreanean city of Midian, as featured in Barker's bestselling novel Cabal (and the film it became, Nightbreed). Murray Close's incredible photographs of the denizens of Midian are accompanied by the characters' stories, written especially by Barker for this book.

Ghost Story

Peter Straub - 1989
    Now they are about to learn what happens to those who believe they can bury the past -- and get away with murder.

Tapping the Vein: Book One

Clive Barker - 1989
    Now barker does for comics what he's already done for film, stage, and fiction--stretching the very boundaries of the medium itself to bring forth the lyrical and the brutal.

The Year's Best Fantasy: Second Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 1989
    Recommended reading lists and selected poetry complete the volume.Contents: * Summation 1988: Fantasy by Terri Windling * Summation 1988: Horror by Ellen Datlow * Horror and Fantasy on the Screen by Edward Bryant * Obituaries * Death is Different by Lisa Goldstein * The Tale of the Rose and the Nightingale (And What Came of It) by Gene Wolfe * It Was the Heat by Pat Cadigan * The Cutter by Edward Bryant * The Freezer Jesus by John DuFresne * Voices of the Kill by Thomas M. Disch * Secretly by Ruth Roston * The Devil's Rose by Tanith Lee * Wempires by Daniel Pinkwater * Scatter My Ashes by Greg Egan * Unfinished Portrait of the King of Pain by Van Gogh by Ian McDonald * Shoo Fly by Richard Matheson * The Thing Itself by Michael Blumlein * The Soft Whisper of Midnight Snow by Charles de Lint * Roman Games by Ann Gay * The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn by Patricia C. Wrede * The Book and Its Contents by Robert Kelly * The Great God Pan by M. John Harrison * Lost Bodies by Ian Watson * Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds by Dan Simmons * Preflash by John M. Ford * Life of Buddha by Lucius Shepard * Appointment With Eddie by Charles Beaumont * Fragments of Papyrus from the Temple of the Older Gods by William Kotzwinkle * Spillage by Nancy Kress * Snowman by Charles L. Grant * The Scar by Dennis Etchison * Laiken Langstrand by Gwyneth Jones * The Last Poem About the Snow Queen and Pinocchio by Sandra M. Gilbert * Game in the Pope's Head by Gene Wolfe * Playing the Game by Ramsey Campbell * Faces by F. Paul Wilson * Snowfall by Jessie Thompson * Seal-Self by Sara Maitland * No Hearts, No Flowers by Barry N. Malzberg * The Boy Who Drew Unicorns by Jane Yolen * The Darling by Scott Bradfield * Night They Missed the Horror Show by Joe R. Lansdale * Your Story by Rick DeMarinis * Winter Solstice - Camelot Station by John M. Ford * The Boy Who Hooked the Sun by Gene Wolfe * Clem's Dream by Joan Aiken * Love In Vain by Lewis Shiner * In the Darkened Hours by Bruce Boston * A Golden Net for Silver Fishes by Ru Emerson * Dancing Among Ghosts by Jim Aikin * Honorable Mentions: 1988

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 1989
    Collecting the creme de la creme of the horror and fantasy fields, this third volume amasses the best from 1989, including works by Scott Baker, Pat Cadigan, Joe Haldeman, Tanith Lee, Jonah Carroll, Robert McCammon and Bruce Sterling, as well as extensive overviews of the year in horror and fantasy, and Ed Bryant's survey of the year's movies.

Blue World and Other Stories

Robert R. McCammon - 1989
    From the battlefields of a Vietnam veteran's memory to an old-time movie hero's search for a serial killer, from Halloween in a special town--where the rules of trick-or-treat are written in blood--to a Texas road where a wrong turn leads to a nest of evil, horror master McCammon is at his terrifying best in this collection of stories.

Blue World

Robert R. McCammon - 1989
    From the battlefields of a Vietnam veteran's memory to an old-time movie hero's search for a serial killer, from Halloween in a special town--where the rules of trick-or-treat are written in blood--to a Texas road where a wrong turn leads to a nest of evil, horror master McCammon is at his terrifying best in this collection of stories.

Blood Thirst

L.A. Freed - 1989
    Then she felt the piercing teeth and knew the truth was much, much worse. Now, wedded to the night, Angela knows only two desires--a thirst for blood and the destruction of the one who condemned her to this half-life!

Antique Dust: Ghost Stories

Robert Westall - 1989
    While this is his first book for adults, he has been writing ghost stories for young adult readers such as "The Machine Gunners".

The Woman in Black: A Ghost Play

Stephen Mallatratt - 1989
    There he caught sight of the woman in black, the mere mention of whom terrifies the locals, for she is a specter who haunts the neighborhood where her illegitimate child was accidentally killed. Anyone who sees her dies! The lawyer has invited some friends to watch as he and the actor recreate the events of that dark and stormy night. A classic of the genre.

Collected Stories

Richard Matheson - 1989
    Collected stories by Richard Matheson with appreciations by other s/f authors such as Ray Bradbury.

Tapping the Vein

Clive Barker - 1989
    Barker's work is brought to a stunning visual realization by comics' greatest artistic talent: John Bolton, P. Craig Russell, Klaus Janson, Tim Conrad, Bo Hampton, Stan Woch, Hector Gomez, and more. Collected here are such horror classics as "Skins of the Fathers," "Human Remains," "In the Hills, In the Cities," "Down Satan," "How Spoilers Bleed," "The Madonna," "Pig Blood Blues," and "The Midnight Meat Train" . . . just to name a few.

S. Petersen's Field Guide to Creatures of the Dreamlands: An Album of Entities from the Land Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Sandy Petersen - 1989
    * Accurate and Up-to-date Information * Over Two Dozen Often-Dreamt Creatures * Quick-Reference Monster ID Key * 26 Evocative Full-Page Paintings * 3 Pages of Full-Color Maps * 50+ Illustrations and Silhouettes * Uniform Presentation of Data * Special Size Comparisons * Habitat, Distribution, and Life Cycles * Similar Lifeforms Distinguished * Latest Preternatural Scholarship * Observer Warnings as Needed * Bibliography * Faithful to Lovecraft

Clive Barker's Hellraiser: Book 1

Clive Barker - 1989
    All-new chilling tales that take you beyondthe horror that began in Clive Barker'sdarkly malevolent films--tales of terror themovies don't dare unleash...Contents:The Canons of Pain by Erik Stalgaber, John BoltonDead Man's Hand by Shelly Fische, Dan Spiegle The Warm Red by Jan Strnad, Bernie Wrightson Dance of the Fetus by Ted McKeever

Video Trash & Treasures: A Field Guide to the Video Unknown

L.A. Morse - 1989
    Video Trash & Treasures is about to take you on a reconnaissance mission into the Video Unknown."She's back from the grave, Eddie, and she knows things we don't know."Listing more than 500 movies that fill your local video store's shelves, arranged into 26 outrageous "Film Festivals" devote to your favoriteAliens, Zombies, Mutants and MonstersApocalyptic Adventures and Epics of Pecs and FlexCheesy Trash and Classic Sleazeas well as buried treasures of small movies that deserve bigger audiences, cult favorites, and genuine curiosities likeCannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of DeathMorons From Outer SpaceSorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama* * *"If you could see inside my head--you'd run."As the author of The Flesh Eaters, The Old Dick, The Big Enchilada and Sleaze, L.A. Morse has some passing familiarity with trash, and he knows that it's not all created equal. He risked boredom, eyestrain, and almost certain brain damage to sort out good trash from bad, and to make sure you'll never again have to leave the video store empty-handed.

Razored Saddles

Joe R. Lansdale - 1989
    McCammon; Thirteen Days of Glory by Scott Cupp; Gold by Lewis Shiner; The Tenth Toe by F. Paul Wilson; Sedalia by David J. Schow; Trapline by Ardath Mayhar; Trail of the Chromium Bandits by Al Sarrantonio; Dinker's Pond by Richard Laymon; Stampede by Melissa Mia Hall; Empty Places by Gary L. Raisor; Tony Red Dog by Neal Barrett, Jr.; The Passing of the Western by Howard Waldrop; Eldon's Penitente by Lenore Carroll; The Job by Joe R. Lansdale; I'm Always Here by Richard Christian Matheson; Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'N Purty..He Said by Chet Williamson; and Razored Saddles by Robert Petitt.

Kuiskaus pimeässä

H.P. Lovecraft - 1989
    Sisällys:Varjo Innsmouthin yllä (The Shadow Over Innsmouth, 1931)Cthulhun kutsu (The Call of Cthulhu, 1926)Dunwichin hirviö (The Dunwich Horror, 1928)Kuiskaus pimeässä (The Whisperer in Darkness, 1930)

The Hashish-Eater

Clark Ashton Smith - 1989
    Then, in a state similar to the Buddhic plane, he is able to mingle with them and identify himself with their actors and objects. Still later, there is a transition in which the visions, and the monstrous and demonic forces he has evoked, begin to overpower him, to hurry him on helplessly, under circumstances of fright and panic. Armies of fiends and monsters, many drawn from the worlds of myth and fable, muster against him, pursue him through a terrible cosmos, and he is driven at last to the verge of a gulf into which falls in cataracts the ruin and rubble of the universe; a gulf from which the face of infinity itself, in all its awful blankness, beyond stars and worlds, beyond created things, even fiends and monsters, rises up to confront him." -- Clark Ashton Smith, Argument of 'The Hashish-Eater'

De complete avonturen van Sherlock Holmes (12 delen)

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1989
    Complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.Works include:A Study In ScarletThe Sign of the FourThe Hound of the BaskervillesThe Valley of FearThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:A Scandal in BohemiaThe Red-Headed LeagueA Case of IdentityThe Boscombe Valley MysteryThe Five Orange PipsThe Man with the Twisted LipThe Adventure of the Blue CarbuncleThe Adventure of the Speckled BandThe Adventure of the Engineer’s ThumbThe Adventure of the Noble BachelorThe Adventure of the Beryl CoronetThe Adventure of the Copper Beeches The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes:Silver Blaze The Yellow Face The Stock-Broker's Clerk The "Gloria Scott" The Musgrave Ritual The Reigate Puzzle The Crooked Man The Resident Patient The Greek Interpreter The Naval Treaty The Final Problem The Return of Sherlock Holmes:The Adventure of the Empty HouseThe Adventure of the Norwood BuilderThe Adventure of the Dancing Men The Adventure of the Solitary CyclistThe Adventure of the Priory SchoolThe Adventure Of Black PeterThe Adventure Of Charles Augustus MilvertonThe Adventure of the Six NapoleonsThe Adventure of the Three StudentsThe Adventure of the Golden Pince-NezThe Adventure of the Missing Three-QuarterThe Adventure of the Abbey GrangeThe Adventure of the Second StainHis Last Bow:The Adventure of Wisteria LodgeThe Adventure of the Cardboard BoxThe Adventure of the Red CircleThe Adventure of the Bruce-Partington PlansThe Adventure of the Dying DetectiveThe Disappearance of Lady Frances CarfaxThe Adventure of the Devils FootHis Last BowThe readers can easily navigate from one book to another.

The Bureau of Lost Souls

Christopher Fowler - 1989
    Christopher Fowler writes with black humour about desperate people in seemingly ordinary situations - workers in offices and friends in pubs, husbands and wives in apartments and houses. All of them the most unlikely, and therefore the most likely, people to find themselves trapped within their own personal, private visions of Hell.

Seeing Red

David J. Schow - 1989
    Schow received the World Fantasy Award for "Red Light" and the Twilight Zone Magazine Dimension award for "Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You", both of which are included in this volume.

The Great Old Ones: New Adventures Against the Cthulhu Mythos

Marcus Rowland - 1989
    The adventures can be presented in sequence, as a loose campaign; limited cross-references allow the scenarios to stand independently.

Horror: A Connoisseur's Guide to Literature and Film

Leonard Wolf - 1989
    Covering every aspect of the genre, this book presents more than 400 of the best, most original, historically significant and even worst works of horror from film and literature.

Tales from the New Twilight Zone

J. Michael Straczynski - 1989
    Michael Straczynski, the program's story editor and chief writer, based on the screenplays for this latest version of The Twilight Zone. Includes eleven remarkable stories and the author's reminiscences on each episode.

The Paradise Motel

Eric McCormack - 1989
    Driven to investigate his grandfather's account of the four Mackenzie children and their monstrous family history, Ezra embarks on a horrific voyage of discovery, deception and revelation.

The Official Splatter Movie Guide

John McCarty - 1989
    16 pages of photos.