Best of


Uzumaki: Spiral into Horror, Vol. 1

Junji Ito - 2001
    Soon, the entire town is afflicted with a snail-like disease.

The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy

Thomas Harris - 2001
    Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal - the three international bestsellers that provided literature with one of its most memorable characters - now available in one volume.


Clive Barker - 2001
    With its volatile mix of the fantastical and the contemporary, the everyday and the otherworldly, Weaveworld is an epic work of dark fantasy and horror -- a tour de force from one of today's most forceful and imaginative artists.Barker turns from his usual horror to epic-length fantasy for this account of the Fugue, a magical land inhabited by descendants of supernatural beings who once shared the earth with humans. The Fugue has been woven into a carpet for protection against those who would destroy it; the death of its guardian occasions a battle between good and particularly repulsive evil forces for control of the Fugue. Weaveworld is rich with memorable characters, exciting situations, and pockets of Barker's trademark horror.

Black Seas of Infinity: The Best of H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft - 2001

Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Stories

Algernon Blackwood - 2001
    Lovecraft)By turns bizarre, unsettling, spooky, and sublime, Ancient Sorceries and Other Weird Stories showcases nine incomparable stories from master conjuror Algernon Blackwood. Evoking the uncanny spiritual forces of Nature, Blackwood's writings all tread the nebulous borderland between fantasy, awe, wonder, and horror. Here Blackwood displays his best and most disturbing work-including the title story, the inspiration for Val Lewton's classic film Cat People; "The Willows," which Lovecraft singled out as "the single finest weird tale in literature"; "The Wendigo"; "The Insanity of Jones"; and "Sand.""Of the equality of Mr. Blackwood's genius there can be no dispute; for no one has ever approached the skill, seriousness, and minute fidelity with which he records the overtones of strangeness in ordinary things and experiences." --H.P. Lovecraft


Scott Sigler - 2001
    A billion-dollar find, it waits for any company that can drill a world's record, three-mile-deep mine shaft. EarthCore is the company with the technology, the resources and the guts to go after the mother lode. Young executive Connell Kirkland is the company's driving force, pushing himself and those around him to uncover the massive treasure.But at three miles below the surface, where the rocks are so hot they burn bare skin, something has been waiting for centuries. Waiting ...and guarding. Kirkland and EarthCore are about to find out first-hand why this treasure has never been unearthed.

Omnibus: Skeleton Crew / Different Seasons

Stephen King - 2001
    The inspiration for the film Apt Pupil from Phoenix Pictures.“The Body” - Four rambunctious young boys plunge through the façade of a small town and come face-to-face with life, death, and intimations of their own mortality. The film Stand By Me is based on this novella.“The Breathing Method” - A disgraced woman is determined to triumph over death.

The Three Impostors and Other Stories

Arthur Machen - 2001
    Arthur Machen had a profound impact upon H.P. Lovecraft and the group of stories that would later become known as the Cthulhu Mythos. This first volume of Chaosium's Arthur Machen collection begins with the chilling "The Three Impostors" in its complete form, including the rarely seen sections "The Decorative Imagination" and "The Novel of the Iron Maid." Rounding out the first volume are "The Great God Pan," "The Inmost Light," and "The Shining Pyramid," all are excellent tales.

Angel of Ruin

Kim Wilkins - 2001
    The Lodge of the Seven Stars is good for research but Sophie's a sceptic and doesn't believe in any of the rituals. Until she meets The Wanderer who has a story to tell her.

A Pleasing Terror: The Complete Supernatural Writings

M.R. James - 2001
    R. James need no introduction. They are widely considered the very best classical supernatural tales ever committed to paper, and a testimony to their quality and universal appeal is the fact that James's Collected Ghost Stories has remained in print since its first publication in 1931. James's ghost stories are a towering achievement, and they continue to dominate the genre more than a century after they first began to appear.Ash-Tree Press has published collections by many of the writers who followed James and sought to emulate him, and is now proud to have published A Pleasing Terror, which collects all of M. R. James's writings on the supernatural. In addition to the thirty-three stories from Collected Ghost Stories, this volume includes a further three stories, seven story drafts left amongst his papers, all of his introductions and prefaces to his various collections, and his article 'Stories I Have Tried to Write'. In addition, there are the texts of twelve medieval ghost stories discovered and published by James, all of his articles about the ghost story, and his writings on J. Sheridan Le Fanu.

Nameless Cults: The Complete Cthulhu Mythos Fiction of Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard - 2001
    Howard is the world-renowned author of the Conan series and the stories that were the basis of the recent Kull movie. He also was one of H.P. Lovecraft's frequent correspondents, and an author of many pivotal Mythos tales. This book collects together all of Howard's Mythos tales, including the tales that originated Gol-Goroth, Unausspreclichen Kulten, and Friedrich Von Junzt. Included in this collections are several fragments left behind by Robert E. Howard which have been completed by a variety of authors.This book has been long anticipated by readers of H.P. Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu players alike.

The Manhattan Hunt Club

John Saul - 2001
    It's a world Jeff Converse, a young college student convicted of a crime he didn't commit, never knew existed until he is plunged into it after an "accident" that occurs while he is being transported to prison. He soon realizes that it's no accident, but the opening move in a deadly game being played by some of the city's most powerful men and women, a game in which he is the prey and they are the hunters. Jeff's only chance to make it to the surface and survive lies in allying himself with a homicidal maniac who's appointed himself the young man's protector, but whose designs on Jeff are almost as lethal as those of his enemies in the Manhattan Hunt Club. Saul made his reputation in the horror genre, but he now focuses on psychological terrors rather than things that go bump in the night. His narrative gifts are displayed to great advantage in this heart-stopping thriller; the pacing is flawless and the central characters are very well developed. What keeps this from living up to its fullest potential is the inadequate motivation of the villains, who are largely one-dimensional cardboard cutouts. But that won't keep this otherwise topnotch thriller off the bestseller lists, where Saul (Nightshade, The Right Hand of Evil), like Stephen King, is a perennial contender for the number one spot. --Jane Adams

One Door Away from Heaven

Dean Koontz - 2001
    She is following a missing family to the edge of a place she never knew existed--a place of terror, wonder, and shattering revelation.What awaits her there will change her life and the life of everyone she knows--if she can find the key to survival.At stake are a young girl of extraordinary goodness, a young boy with killers on his trail, and Micky's own wounded soul.

The Selected Stories, Vol. 5: Owls Hoot in the Daytime and Other Omens

Manly Wade Wellman - 2001

The Descent

Jeff Long - 2001
    In the Kalahari Desert, a nun unearths evidence of a proto-human species and a deity called Older-than-Old. In Bosnia, something has been feeding upon the dead in a mass grave. So begins mankind’s most shocking realization: that the underworld is a vast geological labyrinth populated by another race of beings. Some call them "devils" or "demons." But they are real. They are down there. And they are waiting for us to find them…


Kim Wilkins - 2001
    Faking a wrist injury, she takes time off to return to England, her mother's home country, to search for her own roots and to find out more about her grandmother, a 'white witch' who settled in a bleak village on the North Yorkshire coast. Maisie's mother is set against her going, and refuses to tell her daughter anything about the woman, other than that - even dead - she is dangerous. On her arrival in Solgreve, she receives a hostile welcome from her new neighbours and begins to find clues to her grandmother's mysterious death. Amongst the clutter in her grandmother's house is a diary written by a young French woman who eloped with a penniless English poet and settled in the village. Through this diary, Maisie discovers the existence of an unnatural presence which still preys on the lives of the people of the village, past and present. This book will appeal to the huge Anne Rice market: a gothic, romantic horror story with a credible, strong and extremely likeable heroine at the heart of it, backed by atmospheric descriptions of Yorkshire and a convincing setting in the music world.

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray

Chris Wooding - 2001
    Together, he and Cathaline--his friend and mentor--track down the fearful creatures that lurk in the Old Quarter of London. It is on one of these hunts that he first encounters Alaizabel Cray. Alaizabel is half-crazed, lovely, and possessed.Whatever dreadful entity has entered her soul has turned her into a strange and unearthly magnet--attracting evil and drawing horrors from every dark corner. Cathaline and Thaniel must discover its cause--and defend humanity at all costs.

Dark Seed

V.C. Andrews - 2001
    This prequel to Willow, the highly anticipated first novel chronicling the DeBeers family, hints at the dark shadows that can haunt forever. Find out what secrets lie behind the begining of the tragic and flawed DeBeers family. Revealed as only V.C. Andrews can.

An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia

S.T. Joshi - 2001
    P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) is commonly regarded as the leading author of supernatural fiction in the 20th century. He is distinctive among writers in having a tremendous popular following as well as a considerable and increasing academic reputation as a writer of substance and significance. This encyclopedia is an exhaustive guide to many aspects of Lovecraft's life and work, codifying the detailed research on Lovecraft conducted by many scholars over the past three decades. It includes hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries on Lovecraft and presents extensive bibliographical information.The volume draws upon rare documents, including thousands of unpublished letters, in presenting plot synopses of Lovecraft's major works, descriptions of characters in his tales, capsule biographies of his major colleagues and family members, and entries on little known features in his stories, such as his imaginary book of occult lore, the Necronomicon. The volume refers to current scholarship on the issues in question and also supplies the literary, topographical, and biographical sources for key elements in Lovecraft's work. As Lovecraft's renown continues to ascend in the 21st century, this encyclopedia will be essential to an understanding of his life and writings.

Ghost Stories

Henry James - 2001
    Henry James was arguably the greatest practitioner of what has been called the psychological ghost story. His stories explore the region which lies between the supernatural or straightforwardly marvellous and the darker areas of the human psyche. This edition includes all ten of his ghost stories, and as such is the fullest collection currently available. The stories range widely in tone and type. They include 'The Jolly Corner', a compelling story of psychological doubling; 'Owen Wingrave', which is also a subtle parable of military tradition; 'The Friends of the Friends', a strange story of uncanny love; and 'The Private Life', which finds a shrewd, high comedy in its ghostly theme. The volume also includes James's great novella The Turn of the Screw , perhaps the most ambiguous and disturbing ghost story ever written.

Wrong Things

Poppy Z. Brite - 2001
    Brite, "Onion," an original novella by Caitlín R. Kiernan, and "The Rest of the Wrong Things," a brand-new collaborative story by Caitlín and Poppy set in Poppy's fictional stomping grounds of Missing Mile, North Carolina. Wrong Things also features an exclusive afterword by Caitlín and ten full-page interior illustrations by Richard Kirk.

Dark Shadows: Memories

Kathryn Leigh Scott - 2001
    This book incorporates many of the fascinating facts, anecdotes, and trivia about the series and delivers all-new text and photos.

The Haunting Hour: Chills in the Dead of Night

R.L. Stine - 2001
    StineRead the spine-tingling story of a babysitter who loves evil tricks...the terrifying tale of a boy who dared to lie down in the tomb of an ancient mummy...the ghastly story of two boys just dying to have the scariest Halloween ever—and more.These are the original stories that inspired the hit TV show R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. This bone-chilling collection of ten of the author’s most frightful tales is guaranteed to give you chills in the night and turn any dream into a nightmare.

The Selected Stories, Vol. 2: The Devil is Not Mocked and Other Warnings

Manly Wade Wellman - 2001
    This mixture is shown through the lens of the American modernist tradition, revealing something that is larger than the sum of its parts.Volume two of a five volume set collecting all of Wellman's Appalachian fantasy stories.Contents:• The Devil is Not Mocked• The Pineys• Hundred Years Gone• Where the Woodbine Twineth• Keep Me Away• Come into My Parlor• Yare• Chorazin• The Petey Car• Along About Sundown• What of the Night• Rock, Rock• Lamia• Caretaker• The Ghastly Priest Doth Reign• Goodman's Place• Frogfather• Dhoh• Warrior in Darkness• Young-Man-With-Skull-At-His-Ear• Vigil• The Kelpie• Parthenope• The Theater Upstairs• Ever the Faith Endures• Dead Dog• The Cavern• At the Bend of the Trail

Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic: The Authorized Biography

Douglas E. Winter - 2001
    Novelist, playwright, scriptwriter, artist and director, he is a master at twisting the mundane to make it fantastic, frightening and ultimately meaningful.Douglas E. Winter's detailed and highly literate biography, made possible by unprecedented access to Barker and his closest friends and family, offers readers a privileged insight into Barker's own story: his Liverpool childhood and adolescence; his forays into the world of theatre, mime and direction; his meteoric rise to fame as the author of the Books of Blood and Weaveworld, and the director of Hellraiser; his move to Hollywood to pursue a film career and his growth as an artist in many different media, which has taken him from theatre -- the first form of human expression -- into the digital age.Interwoven with this revealing and personal journey into Barker's life is a grand tour through all of his fiction and film, from his earliest unpublished work -- including the short story "The Wood on the Hill," which is published here for the first time -- up to his most recent novel, Coldheart Canyon and beyond, giving a tantalising glimpse of things to come.Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic unlocks the beating heart of a polymath, a creator, a true artist, and reveals at last a man with one of the twentieth century's most phenomenal imaginations, and the vision to lead us on many strange and fabulous journeys in the years ahead.

The Selected Stories, Vol. 3: Fearful Rock and Other Precarious Locales

Manly Wade Wellman - 2001
    It reprints Wellman's "Judge Pursivant" and "Sergeant Jaeger" stories, as well as a lost classic that has not been reprinted since its original publication in Strange Stories, in 1939. In addition, it features an introduction by Wellman's long time friend, Stephen Jones, who provides a heartwarming bit of historical perspective on Wellman, and the influential shadow that his work as cast over the genre.Contents:• Introduction by Stephen Jones• Fearful Rock• Coven• Toad's Foot• For the Love of a Witch• The Hairy Ones Shall Dance• The Black Drama• The Dreadful Rabbits• The Half-Haunted• Some Notes on the Texts by John Pelan

Michigan Mega-Monsters

Johnathan Rand - 2001
    HAS BECOME A NIGHTMARE! When Rick Owens arrives at Camp Willow, he's ready for a week of fun. He's met two new friends: Sandy Johnson and Leah Warner, and the three are ready for an exciting week. But when Rick spots strange tracks around his cabin, the campers realize they aren't the only ones at the small, lakeside summer camp. And what about the legends that speak of giant, terrifying creatures that roam the swamp at night? Soon, Rick, Sandy, and Leah find out that the legends of the Michigan Mega-Monsters aren't legends at all! The problem is: have they found out too late?

The Fall of the House of Usher & Other Stories

Adrian Kelly - 2001
    They are going mad and Usher asks an old friend to help them. Can Usher win the fight against madness? And will Madeline ever be well again? Edgar Allan Poe's short stories are still popular a hundred and fifty years after his death. Other titles featured here include The Barrel of Amontillado and The Murders in the Rue Morgue.


Tamara Thorne - 2001
    Tourists and New Agers all talk about the strange energy coming from Eternity’s greatest attraction: a mountain called Icehouse. But the locals talk about something else.The seemingly quiet town has been haunted by strange deaths, grisly murders, unspeakable mutilations, all the work of a serial killer who some say is the same serial killer for over a century. Now as the first snow starts to fall, terror grips Eternity as an undying evil begins its hunt once again…


Greg F. Gifune - 2001
    It’s all about redemption and resolution, about facing the demons that took you from the people and places you once loved. It’s also about alienation, but whereas most writers would have overdone that element of the story, Greg is smart and talented enough to let it work on its own. We see—and more importantly we understand—how Harry, Rip, and Madeline are made the outcasts of Virtue. Ten thousand words telling us this would have failed, but a handful of careful observations and character reflections bring it home with stark clarity. Greg knows his characters and, in turn, so do we.” Brian Hopkins

Ultra-Gash Inferno

Suehiro Maruo - 2001
    With influences ranging from 19th century atrocity prints to the Sex Pistols, and obsessions with horror, scatology and human freaks, Maruo has taken this sado-erotic art form to its ultimate extreme. ULTRA-GASH INFERNO is the ultimate compendium of Suehiro Maruo's most shocking and graphically precise work, containing nine psycho-nightmares never before translated and published in English. With a translation by James Havoc and Takako Shinkado, and an introduction by Romain Slocombe.

The Selected Stories, Vol. 4: Sin's Doorway and Other Ominous Entrances

Manly Wade Wellman - 2001
    Sin's Doorway and Other Ominous Entrances is the 4th volume of Night Shade Books' five volume "Selected Stories of Manly Wade Wellman."Contents:• Introduction by David Drake• The Undead Soldier• Larroes Catch Meddlers• Up Under the Roof• Among Those Present• The Terrible Parchment• Sin's Doorway• The Golgotha Dancers• Changeling• For Fear of Little Men• Where Angels Fear• The Witch's Cat• School for the Unspeakable• Voice in a Veteran's Ear• These Doth the Lord Hate• The Liers in Wait• The Hairy Thunderer• The Song of the Slaves• It All Came True in the Woods• When it Was Moonlight• His Name on a Bullet• The Valley Was Still• Back to the Beast• Finger of Halugra• Arimetta• Half Bull

Ravenloft Core Rulebook

John W. Mangrum - 2001
    A world ruled by fear and horror. Vampires who command the night. Shapeshifters who prowl the forests. Eldritch ghouls and undead skeletons who prey upon a fearful populace. If ever a world needed heroes, it is the world of Ravenloft.

The Attempted Rescue

Robert Aickman - 2001
    500 copies. Contents: Foreword by Jeremy DysonProem/ The Misty Giants/ I Loom/ I am Born and Immediately Fall Ill/ My Father’s History and Disposition/ My Father’s Life as a Displaced Person/ I Begin to Read the Classics/ I First Realize Myself/ I Assume a Mask/ Mixed Friends/ Relatives are All Alike/ Relatives as Divinities. I. Their Domain/ Relatives as Divinities. II. Their Mores/ Splendours and Miseries of Childhood/ My Struggles at Schools. I. The Dames and the Prep/ My First Projects for a Better World/ My Struggles at Schools. II. The Big House/ The Illnesses and the Flights (I)/ My Second Projects for a Better World/ The Illnesses and the Flights (II)/ I Suffer from Loneliness/ The Great Flower of Light/ The Poet and the King/ Deaths of the Divine Relatives/ A Distant Star/ I Love and Lose/ Tableau.This is the provocative and very literary autobiography of one of the twentieth century's greatest writers of ghost stories. The Attempted Rescue was first published by Gollancz, 1966.

When Darkness Falls and Other Stories

Ruskin Bond - 2001
    We meet the war veteran Markham whose deformation ends in tragedy; Susanna, the merry widow who loved each of her seven husbands to death and Kundan Singh, the reckless rake whom women find irresistible. There are also fascinating stories from the author’s childhood, about the eccentric characters and memorable animals of old Dehradun. CONTENTSWhen Darkness FallsThe Garden of MemoriesThe Ghost of GardenReturn of the White PigeonYoung Man in a TongaThe Writer's BarTopazSusanna's Seven HusbandsThe Amorous ServantMonkey TroubleColonel Wilkie's Good HuntingThe Family GhostLiving Without Money

Collected Short Stories

Shirley Jackson - 2001
    Each book presents a collection of the author's best short stories, a biography, and insightful notes about the stories.

The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists

Norman Partridge - 2001
    The 24 stories that make up this collection span the length of Partridge’s writing career. It also features an 8,500-word introduction, as well as a complete bibliography. As an added bonus, the limited edition also features an unpublished piece of juvenilia, “Castle of the Honda Monsters”.- In a suburban American ghost town, a frightened boy armed with a BB gun stands alone against a soul-stealing stranger.- During the Great Depression, outlaw rivals of Bonnie and Clyde battle for their lives in a bullet-riddled cornfield that holds the secret of love and death- Returning to Texas beneath a sky the color of a woman’s heart, the man who slew Count Dracula brings a coffin and a thirst for vengeance to the town that abandoned him.Contents:Seeing Past the Corners (An Introduction of Sorts)Red Right HandThe Man with the Barbed-Wire FistsThe PackBlood MoneyLast KissBlackbirdsWrong TurnSpyderIn Beauty, Like the NightMinutesWhere the Woodbine TwinethMr. FoxThe Hollow ManReturn of the ShroudTombstone MoonThe Mojave Two-StepCoyotes¡Cuidado!Do Not Hasten To Bid Me AdieuCarne MuertaBucket of BloodUndead OrigamiHarvestThe Bars On Satan's Jailhouse

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 2001
    The critically acclaimed and award-winning tradition continues with another stunning collection, including stories by Jack Cady, Ramsey Campbell, Susanna Clarke, Jack Dann, Terry Dowling, Dennis Etchison, Greer Gilman, Nalo Hopkinson, Kelly Link, Kathe Koja, Paul J. McAuley, Delia Sherman. Rounding out the volume are the editors' invaluable overviews of the year in fantasy and horror, and a long list of Honorable Mentions, making this an indispensable reference as well as the best reading available in fantasy and horror.

Marquis Vol. 1: Danse Macabre

Guy Davis - 2001
    In the world of The Marquis, faith and religion are the strict laws of life and death. It is into this world that the souls of hell have escaped to sin, murder, and be free by taking possession of the living. During this time, a man of the Inquisition finds himself blessed with the ability to see into the very souls of the damned and fight the demons within. But as The Marquis begins his holy crusade to send back the escapees of hell, the battle between good and evil starts to blur into a struggle between faith and sanity.

Delta Green: Dark Theatres

Benjamin Adams - 2001
    It presents eight new stories of intrigue and horror set against the backdrop of the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft blended with modern conspiracy theory. Delta Green: Dark Theatres follows two award winning Role Playing Game sourcebooks, a novel and a previous short story anthology.

The Collected Macabre Stories

L.P. Hartley - 2001
    Hartley was also a much admired adept of the macabre short story. Hartley was no dilettante in the genre: he was well-versed in its long and distinguished tradition, and these carefully crafted tales represent some of the most successful attempts to carry the ghost story into the twentieth century. The Collected Macabre Stories includes thirty-seven of Hartley's best tales, ranging from the well-known, traditional ghost stories 'The Cotillon' and 'Feet Foremost', through the dark humour of 'The Travelling Grave' and 'The Killing Bottle' to the Aickmanesque 'The Pylon'. These encompass a wide range of settings, from English Country Houses to Venetian Palaces. Two accomplished fantasies, 'Conrad and the Dragon' and 'The Crossways' display Hartley's range and versatility. Taken as a whole, the collection represents one of the most impressive achievements of twentieth-century macabre fiction.Contents: From the Introduction to Lady Cynthia Asquith’s Third Ghost Book/ A Visitor from Down Under/ Podolo/ Three, or Four, for Dinner/ The Travelling Grave/ Feet Foremost/ The Cotillon/ A Change of Ownership/ The Thought/ Conrad and the Dragon/ The Island/ Night Fears/ The Killing Bottle/ A Summons/ W.S./ The Two Vaynes/ Monkshood Manor/ Two for the River/ Someone in the Lift/ The Face/ The Corner Cupboard/ The Waits/ The Pampas Clump/ The Crossways/ Per Far L’Amore/ Interference/ The Pylon/ Mrs Carteret Receives/ Fall in at the Double/ Paradise Paddock/ Roman Charity/ Pains and Pleasures/ Please Do Not Touch/ Home Sweet Home/ The Shadow on the Wall/ The Sound of Voices/ Mrs G. G./ The Stain on the Chair

The Scream

John Skipp - 2001
    Hell. Two great tastes that taste great together. Long before Elvis gyrated on the Sullivan Show or the Beatles toiled the smoky red-light bars of Hamburg, music has been sowing the seeds of liberation. Or damnation. With each new generation the edge of rebellion pushed farther. Rhythms quickened. Volume increased. Lyrics coarsened. The rules continued to be broken, until it seemed that there were no rules at all. And as waves of teens cranked it up and poured it on, parents built walls of accusation to explain their offspring's seeming corruption. Sex and drugs, demon worship and violence are the effects. Music is the cause. Or so the self-styled guardians of morality would have us believe. Meet The Scream. Just your average everyday mega-cult band. Their music is otherworldly. Their words are disturbing. Their message is unholy. Their fans are legion. And they're not kidding. They're killing. Themselves. Each other. Everyone. Their gospel screams from the lips of babes. Their backbeat has a body count. And their encore is just the warm-up act to madness beyond belief. It emerged from a war-torn jungle, where insanity was just another word for survival. It arrived in America with an insatiable lust for power and the means to fulfill it. In the amplified roar of arena applause there beats the heart of absolute darkness.

Devil May Cry Official Strategy Guide (Signature Series)

Dan Birlew - 2001
    A complete listing of weapons and items is included along with boss strategies on how to defeat the dreadful enemies. Solutions for puzzles and game secrets. This guide is part of BradyGames' Signature Series line, a strategy guide format that showcases quality product design to produce true collector's edition books for avid gamers. Some of the features include: heavier paper and special cover treatment, art gallery and behind-the-scenes secrets, and an exclusive Secret Missions Pack.

Silent Hill 2 Official Strategy Guide (Brady Games)

Dan Birlew - 2001
    Comprehensive maps along with in-depth coverage of the cast of characters, eerie environments, and weapons are provided. Strategies and tactics for defeating enemies, plus game secrets and bonuses are revealed!

Candle Bay

Tamara Thorne - 2001
    Now restored to its former glory and filled with well-heeled guests, The Candle Bay Hotel and Spa owes its remarkable renaissance to its new owners, the Darlings. Yet the seemingly all-American hosts hide a chilling, age-old family secret...INNOCENT ARRIVALLured to the picturesque spot, assistant concierge Amanda Pearce is mesmerized by her surroundings—and by her seductive new boss, Stephen Darling. But the odd behavior of her employers during the day and suspicious bloodsplatters in the hotel fill her with an overwhelming sense that something sinister is going on.BLOOD WARLittle does Amanda know that not only are the Darlings vampires, but that a murderous vampire vendetta is about to begin. The Dantes, a vampire clan nearly exterminated by the Darlings a century ago, have come back to seek vengeance and steal a potent elixir—a potion as precious to vampires as blood itself. As the lethal feud unfolds and her feelings for Stephen deepen, Amanda faces the greatest decision of her life—to die or join the forever undead.

The Horror Movie Survival Guide

Matteo Molinari - 2001
    Separated into five identifiable categories-aliens, beasts, creations, psychopaths, and the supernatural-each horrific entity is presented with a full description, an overview of unnatural habits, and tips on how to destroy it.This essential survival guide also includes:• A directory of the scariest films• 30 photos of the creepiest monsters• Body count index of the deadliest killers• Feeding habits of the hungriest eaters• Trivia on the biggest blockbusters: Alien, The Blair Witch Project, The Blob, Dracula, The Fly, Frankenstein, Halloween, Jaws, John Carpenter's The Thing, Jurassic Park, King Kong, Little Shop of Horrors, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Terminator, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, War of the Worlds... and many more.So the next time you're confronted by the supernatural, the extraterrestrial, or the unclassifiable, look in here for all the facts-and run like hell!

Library of Classic Horror Stories

Courage Books - 2001
    This dramatic new addition to the Courage Library of Classic Literature series is a compilation of horror classics. Bound into one handsome volume are the following delectably scary selections: Dracula by Bram Stoker, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells, The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson, and stories by Edgar Allan Poe, including: The Pit & The Pendulum, The Tell-tale Heart, and Murders at the Rue Morgue.

Cobwebs and Whispers

Scott Thomas - 2001
    Limited to only 250 signed and numbered copies, it features an introduction by Michael Pendragon, a foreward by Jeff VanderMeer, and artwork by Colleen Crary. Signed by all."Machen, Hodgson, Dunsany, White--and Scott Thomas. Scott Thomas redefines what it is to be 'old school' in Cobwebs and Whispers. Thomas takes command of the Victorian era horror tale and drags it kicking and screaming into the new millennium. The poetic and bizarre 'A Fine Death for Hubert Hillaby,' the exotic, Gaiman-esque 'Ellette,' the haunting and bittersweet 'Marcy Waters,' the terrifying 'The Puppet and the Train,' all are a delightfully wicked read. The visions conjured in Cobwebs and Whispers will linger with you long after you've closed the book. Highly recommended!"--Brian Keene

The Five Quarters

Steve Duffy - 2001
    "Introduction""Mr Gliddon's Confession""The Penny Drops""Forever and a Day""Better Than One""Uneasy Lies the Head" "Notes on the Stories" by Steve Duffy

Sex and Violence in Hollywood

Ray Garton - 2001
    Sex and Violence in Hollywood will take its place on the shelf next to other Garton classics like Live Girls and The New Neighbor.This blockbuster is a chilling combination of thrills, terror, and black humor, plot reversals and a climax so shocking that it will leave you shaken. Adam Julian, son of a Hollywood screenwriter, has a life many would kill for... and some would kill to keep. He's tangled in a web of forced sex, coerced into robbery, and it's only a short step to killing as a choice. At the center of the book is a sensational murder trial which oddly resembles the O.J. Simpson case. The cast features an abrasive, star-struck female judge, blundering prosecuting attorneys, a nerdy defendant who reserves his right to silence, and Rona Horowitz, a pint-sized, ball-of-fire of a defense lawyer. The defendant may be guilty, but energetic Rona tries one outrageous legal stunt after another in order to exonerate her client. Drenched in the glamour, and the sleaze, of high line and lowlife Hollywood, this satirical and entertaining look at the criminal justice system, turned inside out and upside down by showbiz at its best and worst, is a panorama of crime, corruption and violence delivered with grim authenticity and hilarious awfulness.

The Warren Companion

Jon B. Cooke - 2001
    The Warren Companion is the ultimate compendium to the great comics of Warren Publishing, examining all the titles including Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, Blazing Combat, Help!, The Spirit, and many more! Including the most cross-indexed artist and writer listing, this tome also features a new painted cover by Alex Horley, reams of unpublished art, archival photos, examinations of Warren's competition, plus exhaustive details on Warren merchandise, conventions, top strips, most prolific contributors, foreign publications, and many other fascinating oddities! Also featuring new articles on Richard Corben, Frank Frazetta, Steve Ditko and others, and interviews with Bernie Wrightson, Jim Warren, Will Eisner, Neal Adams, Gene Colan and many more.

The Devil in Me

Christopher Fowler - 2001
    sometimes that spells danger? A teacher loses one of her pupils somewhere in the London Underground. A catwalk model reveals the grisly secret of looking good. Slacker friends are forced into action over an accidental murder. A bomb?s aftershock is felt fifty years later. Sex toys become instruments of fate. The suburbs are besieged, star scandals are revealed, epic tragedy turns to triumph and a cry for help flares briefly in the night... Black comedy, high farce, dark revelations... they all go to make up Christopher Fowler?s powerful collection of immoral tales.


Darrell Hardy - 2001
    A hunt and a chase from the heartland of Americal into the doom that awaits in the East. A horrific journey to the brink of insanity that lingers at the end of the world. Nocturnum is an epic, modern-day campaign for d20 Call of Cthulhu. This horror epic introduces a terrifying new evil and an ancient conspiracy against humanity. Nocturnum is a mind-shattering journey through more than a dozen adventures complete with exstensive backgrounds, NPC, new monsters, and exotic locales. Can you survive...Nocturnum? Night Falls.