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Dark Tower Boxed Set

Stephen King - 2003
    As Roland crosses a desert of damnation in a macabre world that is a twisted image of our own, he moves ever closer to the Dark Tower of his dreams—and nightmares.

The Walking Dead, Issue #1

Robert Kirkman - 2003
    Comatose after being shot while on duty, Rick finds the world abandoned of all things living and is faced with walking undead, who attack him on sight. He returns home to find his family, son Carl and wife Lori, gone. He meets his new neighbor, who points him towards Atlanta. After retrieving supplies from the abandoned Police Station, Rick sets off to Atlanta to search for his family

The Dream Cycle of H.P. Lovecraft: Dreams of Terror and Death

H.P. Lovecraft - 2003
    P. Lovecraft, the master of twentieth-century horror, including some of his most fantastic tales:THE DOOM THAT CAME TO SARNATH--Hate, genocide, and a deadly curse.THE NAMELESS CITY--Death lies beneath the shifting sands, in a story linking the Dream Cycle with the legendary Cthulhu Mythos.THE CATS OF ULTHAR--In Ulthar, no man may kill a cat...and woe unto any who tries.THE DREAM QUEST OF UNKNOWN KADATH--The epic nightmare adventure with tendrils stretching throughout the entire Dream Cycle.AND TWENTY MORE TALES OF SURREAL TERROR

Vampire Blood Trilogy

Darren Shan - 2003
    This trilogy comprises of 'Cirque Du Freak', 'The Vampire's Assistant' and 'Tunnels of Blood'.

The Book Of Counted Sorrows

Dean Koontz - 2003
    Limited to 2500 numbered copies

Stephen King's The Dark Tower: A Concordance, #1

Robin Furth - 2003
    Inspired more than thirty years ago by works as diverse as J.R.R. Tolkien's epics, Robert Browning's poetry, and Sergio Leone's Westerns, this is the tale that Stephen King has never abandoned. When he typed the first sentence in 1970, King feared the telling might take several lifetimes, but two thousand pages and four books later, the end is in sight. Published in anticipation of The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla, A Concordance, Volume I is the definitive guide to the first four books in Stephen King's bestselling epic fantasy series, The Dark Tower. With the hundreds of characters, Mid-World geography, and the High Speech lexicon, this comprehensive handbook is one no Dark Tower fan will want to be without. It is the perfect way in for readers new to the series, or the perfect way back in for longtime fans who read the first four books years ago.

Shadows Over Baker Street

Michael Reaves - 2003
    LovecraftNew Tales of Terror!What would happen if Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's peerless detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his allies were to find themselves faced with Lovecraftian mysteries whose solutions lay not only beyond the grasp of logic, but beyond sanity itself. In this collection of original tales, twenty of today's cutting-edge writers provide answers to that burning question.Contributors include Neil Gaiman, Brian Stableford, Poppy Z. Bright, Barbara Hambly, Steve Perry, and Caitlin R. Kierman. These and other masters of horror, mystery, fantasy and science fiction spin dark tales within a terrifyingly surreal universe.Includes the Hugo Award-winning story A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman.Cover design: David StevensonCover Illustration: John Jude Palencar

The Children of Cthulhu: Chilling New Tales Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

John Pelan - 2003
    P. Lovecraft’s shocking, terrifying, and eerily prescient Cthulhu Mythos. In twenty-one dark visions, a host of outstanding contemporary writers tap into our innermost fears, with tales set in a misbegotten new world that could have been spawned only by the master of the macabre himself, H. P. Lovecraft. Inside you’ll find:DETAILS by China Miéville: A curious boy discovers that within the splinters of cracked wood or the tangle of tree branches, the devil is in the details.VISITATION by James Robert Smith: When Edgar Allan Poe arrives, a callow man finally gets what he always wanted—and what he may eternally despise. MEET ME ON THE OTHER SIDE by Yvonne Navarro: A couple in love with terror travels beyond their wildest dreams—and into their nightmares.A FATAL EXCEPTION HAS OCCURRED AT . . . by Alan Dean Foster: Internet terrorism extends far beyond transmitting threats of evil.AND SEVENTEEN MORE HARROWING TALESFrom the Trade Paperback edition.vii • Introduction: The Call of Lovecraft • essay by Benjamin Adams and John Pelan1 • Details • short story by China Miéville21 • Visitation • short story by James Robert Smith33 • The Invisible Empire • novelette by James Van Pelt57 • A Victorian Pot Dresser • novelette by L. H. Maynard and M. P. N. Sims85 • The Cabin in the Woods • novelette by Richard Laymon109 • The Stuff of the Stars, Leaking • short story by Tim Lebbon125 • Sour Places • short story by Mark Chadbourn141 • Meet Me on the Other Side • short story by Yvonne Navarro161 • That's the Story of My Life • short story by Benjamin Adams and John Pelan181 • Long Meg and Her Daughters • novella by Paul Finch243 • A Fatal Exception Has Occurred At ... • short story by Alan Dean Foster261 • Dark of the Moon • short story by James S. Dorr275 • Red Clay • short story by Michael Reaves [as by J. Michael Reaves]291 • Principles and Parameters • novelette by Meredith L. Patterson325 • Are You Loathsome Tonight? • (1998) • short story by Poppy Z. Brite331 • The Serenade of Starlight • short story by W. H. Pugmire (variant of Serenade of Starlight) [as by W. H. Pugmire, Esq.]345 • Outside • short story by Steve Rasnic Tem355 • Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea • [Dandridge Cycle] • short story by Caitlín R. Kiernan371 • A Spectacle of a Man • short story by Weston Ochse389 • The Firebrand Symphony • (2001) • novelette by Brian Hodge437 • Teeth • novelette by Matt Cardin463 • Notes on the Contributors (Children of Cthulhu: Chilling New Tales Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft) • essay by Benjamin Adams and John Pelan

Collected Stories, Vol. 1

Richard Matheson - 2003
    We will be publishing it in 3 volumes, the first in 2003 and one each year following.RICHARD MATHESON: COLLECTED STORIES is the gathering together of 86 Richard Matheson short stories, beginning with Born of Man and Woman from 1950 and ending with Duel from 1971. The stories were arranged by Matheson himself roughly in chronological order of original publication. There are also several tributes to Richard Matheson throughout the volumes from admirers such as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, William F. Nolan, and others. Finally, Matheson wrote a deeply revealing Introduction for the collection. As Matheson himself states in this Introduction, "A twenty-year period of creativity reduced to the psychological background of my output of fantasy and science-fiction stories. If this were a thesis, that would be my premise".For the Volume One, editor Stanley Wiater has included:> A "bibliophile" at the end of each story containing Matheson's very own commentary on the behind-the-scenes details of each story. Each story is also listed with it's original publication date and place of publication.> A brand new introduction written expressly for this version of the bookEach subsequent volume of RICHARD MATHESON: COLLECTED STORIES that we publish will include the Matheson bibliophiles with each story.

Evil Unveiled

Robert R. McCammon - 2003
    Now, Woodward's young clerk, Matthew, begins his own investigation. Piecing together the truth, he sees he has no choice but to vanquish a force more evil than witchcraft in order to exonerate a virtuous woman and free Fount Royal from the menace claiming the lives of its citizens.

Judgment of The Witch

Robert R. McCammon - 2003
     The Carolinas, 1699: The citizens of Fount Royal believe their town is cursed by a witch. What else could explain the sudden fires, crop failures and gruesome murders? Convinced that Rachel Howarth, the beautiful widow of the recently slain minister, is to blame, they throw her into a gaol to await trial and execution. Presiding over the trial is traveling magistrate Issac Woodward, aided by his astute young clerk, Matthew -- who, despite the evidence against Rachel, believes in her innocence. But soon he realizes that there truly is Evil at work in Fount Royal: a malevolent force more powerful than any witch could ever hope to conjure....

The Oxford Book of Victorian Ghost Stories

Michael Cox - 2003
    In an age of rapid scientific progress, the idea of a vindictive past able to reach out and violate the present held a special potential for terror. Throughout the nineteenth century, fictional ghost stories developed in parallel with the more general Victorian fascination with death and what lay beyond it. Though they were as much a part of the cultural and literary fabric of the age as imperial confidence, the best of the stories still retain their original power to surprise and unsettle. In Victorian Ghost Stories, the editors map out the development of the ghost story from 1850 to the early years of the twentieth century and demonstrate the importance of this form of short fiction in Victorian popular culture. As well as reprinting stories by supernatural specialists such as J. S. Le Fanu and M. R. James, this selection emphasizes the key role played by women writers--including Elizabeth Gaskell, Rhoda Broughton, and Charlotte Riddell--and offers one or two genuine rarities. Other writers represented include Charles Dickens, Henry James, Wilkie Collins, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and R. L. Stevenson. There is also a fascinating Introduction and a chronological list of ghost story collections from 1850 to 1910.Includes:The old nurse's story by Elizabeth GaskellAn account of some strange disturbances in Aungier Street by J.S. Le FanuThe miniature by J.Y. AkermanThe last house in C-Street by Dinah MulockTo be taken with a grain of salt by Charles DickensThe Botathen ghost by R.S. HawkerThe truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth by Rhoda BroughtonThe romance of certain old clothes by Henry JamesPichon & Sons, of the Croix Rousse by AnonymousReality or delusion? by Mrs Henry WoodUncle Cornelius, his story by George MacDonaldThe shadow of a shade by Tom HoodAt Chrighton Abbey by Mary Elizabeth BraddonNo living voice by Thomas Street MillingtonMiss Jéromette and the clergyman by Wilkie CollinsThe story of Clifford House by AnonymousWas it an illusion? by Amelia B. EdwardsThe open door by Charlotte RiddellThe captain of the "Pole-star" by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe body-snatcher by Robert Louis StevensonThe story of the rippling train by Mary Louisa MolesworthAt the end of the passage by Rudyard Kipling"To let" by B.M. CrokerJohn Charrington's wedding by E. NesbitThe haunted organist of Hurly Burly by Rosa MulhollandThe man of science by Jerome K. JeromeCanon Alberic's scrap-book by M.R. JamesJerry Bundler by W.W. JacobsAn Eddy on the floor by Bernard CapesThe tomb of Sarah by F.G. LoringThe case of Vincent Pyrwhit by Barry PainThe shadows on the wall by Mary E. WilkinsFather Macclesfield's tale by R.H. BensonThurnley Abbey by Perceval LandonThe kit-bag by Algernon Blackwood

28 Days Later

Alex Garland - 2003
    Four seemingly unaffected people?a young man, a young woman, a father, and his daughter?flee London through an apocalyptic landscape as they try to reach the coast, beset along the way by attacks of ?Infected? at every turn. When they arrive at an isolated house in the country, inhabited by a small group of soldiers, they think they have found a haven from the violence outside. But they soon find they?ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

The Devil's Advocate

Andrew Neiderman - 2003
    When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton and Associates, he's hit the big time. At last, he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they've so desired-- a chauffeur-driven limo, a stunning home in the very building that Mr. Milton himself lives in. Little does Kevin realize that he's joinedA BROTHERHOOD OF BLOODJohn Milton assigns Kevin one of the most notorious cases of the year, along with a file that had been put together prior to the crime. Throwing himself into his work, Kevin begins to see a pattern of evil emerging from behind the plush facade of his firm. As he watches them win every courtroom battle, and sees every criminal walk free, his mounting suspicions give way to all-out terror. For Kevin has becomeTHE DEVIL'S ADVOCATEand there's no turning back from the world of the damned...

Waking Up Screaming: Haunting Tales of Terror

H.P. Lovecraft - 2003
    P. LOVECRAFTWelcome to the world of H. P. Lovecraft, the undisputed master of terror. His work has inspired countless nightmares, and this collection of some of his most chilling stories is likely to inspire even more.Cool Air–An icy apartment hides secrets no man dares unlock.The Case of Charles Dexter Ward–Ward delves into the black arts and resurrects the darkest evil from beyond the grave.The Terrible Old Man–The intruders seek a fortune but find only death. Herbert West–Reanimator–Mad experiments yield hideous results in this bloodcurdling tale, the inspiration for the cult film Re-Animator.The Shadow Over Innsmouth–A small fishing town’s population is obscenely corrupted by a race of fiendish undersea creatures.The Lurking Fear–An upstate New York clan degenerates into thunder-crazed mole like creatures with a taste for human flesh.PLUS TEN OTHER SPINE-TINGLING TALES

More Tomorrow: And Other Stories

Michael Marshall Smith - 2003
    MORE TOMORROW & OTHER STORIES features 30 of the author's best stories, plus an introduction by award-winning editor Stephen Jones and an afterword by Michael Marshall Smith.More TomorrowBeing Right*Hell Hath Enlarged HerselfSave As...The HandoverWhat You Make It*Maybe Next TimeThe Book of Irrational NumbersWhen God Lived in Kentish TownThe Man Who Drew CatsA Place To StayThe Dark LandTo See The SeaTwo ShotLast Glance Back They Also ServeDear AlisonTo Receive Is BetterThe Munchies*AlwaysNot WavingEverybody GoesDyingCharmsOpen Doors*LaterMore Bitter Than DeathA Long Walk, For The Last TimeThe VaccinatorEnough Pizza

The Gunslinger

Stephen King - 2003
    He is a haunting figure, a loner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil. In his desolate world, which frighteningly mirrors our own, Roland pursues The Man in Black, encounters an alluring woman named Alice, and begins a friendship with the Kid from Earth called Jake. Both grippingly realistic and eerily dreamlike, The Gunslinger leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter.(back cover)

Odd Thomas

Dean Koontz - 2003
    I don't know why." But they do try to communicate, with a short-order cook in a small desert town serving as their reluctant confidant. Odd Thomas thinks of himself as an ordinary guy, if possessed of a certain measure of talent at the Pico Mundo Grill and rapturously in love with the most beautiful girl in the world, Stormy Llewellyn.Maybe he has a gift, maybe it's a curse, Odd has never been sure, but he tries to do his best by the silent souls who seek him out. Sometimes they want justice, and Odd's otherworldly tips to Pico Mundo's sympathetic police chief, Wyatt Porter, can solve a crime. Occasionally they can prevent one. But this time it's different.A mysterious man comes to town with a voracious appetite, a filing cabinet stuffed with information on the world's worst killers, and a pack of hyena-like shades following him wherever he goes. Who the man is and what he wants, not even Odd's deceased informants can tell him. His most ominous clue is a page ripped from a day-by-day calendar for August 15.Today is August 14.In less than twenty-four hours, Pico Mundo will awaken to a day of catastrophe. As evil coils under the searing desert sun, Odd travels through the shifting prisms of his world, struggling to avert a looming cataclysm with the aid of his soul mate and an unlikely community of allies that includes the King of Rock 'n' Roll. His account of two shattering days when past and present, fate and destiny converge is the stuff of our worst nightmares, and a testament by which to live: sanely if not safely, with courage, humor, and a full heart that even in the darkness must persevere.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Tales of Terror

Robert Louis Stevenson - 2003
    his face became suddenly black and the features seemed to melt and alter' Published as a 'shilling shocker', Robert Louis Stevenson's dark psychological fantasy gave birth to the idea of the split personality. The story of respectable Dr Jekyll's strange association with 'damnable young man' Edward Hyde; the hunt through fog-bound London for a killer; and the final revelation of Hyde's true identity is a chilling exploration of humanity's basest capacity for evil. The other stories in this volume also testify to Stevenson's inventiveness within the Gothic tradition: "Olalla', a tale of vampirism and tainted family blood, and 'The Body Snatcher', a gruesome fictionalisation of the exploits of the notorious Burke and Hare.This edition contains a critical introduction by Robert Mighall, which discusses class, criminality and the significance of the story's London setting. It also includes an essay on the scientific contexts of the novel and the development of the idea of the Jekyll-and-Hyde personality.

Harry Keogh: Necroscope and Other Weird Heroes!

Brian Lumley - 2003
    In "Inception," we see the infant Titus at the moment his destiny falls upon him. In "Lord of the Worms," a simple secretarial job lands Crow on a sacrificial altar. And in "Name and Number," Henri Laurent de Marigny details a battle between Titus Crow and malevolent, occult winds which can rip living flesh from bone.David Hero and Eldin the Wanderer: once men of the waking world, now agents for King Kuranes of the Dreamlands. Sips of "The Weird Wines of Naxas Niss" send the pair on a tumultuous journey from a buxom beauty's bed to the depths of a wizard's dungeon. Then, seeking his missing friend, David Hero boards an ill-fated airship that is home to "The Stealer of Dreams."Harry Keogh, Necroscope: vampire killer without peer, capable of conversing with the dead. A sudden windfall brings Harry to Las Vegas, where he meets "Dead Eddie," a gambler who can't resist trying for one last big win from beyond the grave. In "Dinosaur Dreams, Harry's interest in fossils leads him to uncover the truth behind the death of a young amateur paleontologist . . . and to discover that it's not just dead people he can call on in a crisis . . . . Harry's undying love for his mother leads him down a dangerous path in "Resurrection."Four of Lumley's greatest heroes. Three of his most popular worlds. Tales to chill and to delight. Open the book and be swept away.

Voices in the Dark; 闇の声; Yami no Koe

Junji Ito - 2003
    Blood Slurping DarknessA girl who decides to lose weight to win her boyfriend back encounters a boy who will not eat until she does.02. The Ghost of Golden TimeA humorless boy is invited to a comedy show which, although not funny, leaves the audience gasping for air.03. Roar of AgesA couple going for a leisurely walk in the woods become baffled by a sudden flood of water carrying people trapped in the current- especially when it continues to repeat itself with the same victims.04. Secret of the Haunted MansionTwo curious young boys decide to explore the new haunted house that just opened up in town.05. GlycerideA girl growing up with a cook for a father struggles with typical greasy skin, and not so typical effects.06. The EarthboundPeople begin to mysteriously freeze in place becoming statue-like, unable to move.07. Dead Man CallingA young couple seeks justice on a thug who is intent on apologizing. Even from death row.

In the Shadow of the Master: Classic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe and Essays by Jeffery Deaver, Nelson DeMille, Tess Gerritsen, Sue Grafton, Stephen King, Laura Lippman, Lisa Scottoline, and Thirteen Others

Michael Connelly - 2003
    With appreciations by Michael Connelly, Stephen King, Lisa Scottoline, Tess Gerritsen, Laura Lippman, Nelson DeMille, Lawrence Block, and thirteen others, In the Shadow of the Master is a must-have for thriller and mystery fans of all ages.

The Dreams of Cardinal Vittorini

Reggie Oliver - 2003
    Foreword: Reggie OliverIntroduction: Christopher Barker**'Beside The Shrill Sea''Feng Shui''In Arcadia''The Evil Eye''Miss Marchant’s Cause''Tiger In The Snow''Gardens Gods''The Black Cathedral''The Boy in Green Velvet''The Golden Basilica''Death Mask''A Warning To The Antiquary''The Seventeenth Sister''The Copper Wig''The Dreams Of Cardinal Vittorini'

The Unseen

Richie Tankersley Cusick - 2003
    It's available only at Walmart.Out walking alone one rainy night, Lucy becomes convinced that someone - or something - is following her. Spooked, she ducks into a cemetery to try and lose her stalker. Panicking in the darkness, she slips and stumbles into an open grave - only to discover she is not alone in there. She manages to escape, but soon begins having terrifying visions and dreams - and she still can't shake the feeling of an unseen presence, always watching, waiting... Who was the girl in the grave? And what did she do to Lucy?

Dial M for Monster: A Collection of Cal McDonald Mystery Stories

Steve Niles - 2003
    When monsters, freaks and ghouls stalk L.A., it's up to hard-boiled private eye Cal McDonald to send them back where they belong.Featuring illustrations by a variety of comics luminaries.

The Campfire Collection

R.L. Stine - 2003
    But little do you know that the camp of your dreams is about to turn into the camp of your screams! Because the counselors aren't exactly what you expected. And there are weird howling noises coming from just outside your tent....


Otsuichi - 2003
    A deathtrap that takes a week to kill its victims. Haunted parks and airplanes held in the sky by the power of belief. These are just a few of the stories by Otsuichi, Japan's master of dark fantasy.

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other Warped and Creepy Tales

David Lubar - 2003
    Literally.From the award-winning author of Hidden Talents, two remarkable short story collections - Kidzilla and The Witch's Monkey - together for the first time. Plus several brand new stories. Each hilarious and harrowing. A substitute teacher finds out she has some monsters for students. A group of kids attempt a levitation trick with hair-raising results. A neighborhood is so boring the grown ups are turning know. And dozens more.So don't be a weenie! Read these stories!

Monster Blood Collection

R.L. Stine - 2003
    He thought it was just some play stuff -- a toy he could use to freak out his friends. Well, Evan was right about one thing -- the monster blood is freaky stuff. Because it seems to have a mind of its own. And terrifying powers. And a monstrous appetite...

Fuckin' Lie Down Already

Tom Piccirilli - 2003
    He always played by the rules until a two-bit junkie hit man destroyed his family and left him for dead. But Clay won't let himself lie down until he gets one last thing: revenge

Hollywood Horror: From Gothic To Cosmic

Mark A. Vieira - 2003
    Vieira calls the escape valve of the American psyche, is imprinted on popular culture. Hollywood Horror captures all the mystery, power, dark humour and chilling beauty of the genre from its roots in the silent film era to 1968, which, according to Vieira, marks the end of the classic scary movie. aspect of cinematic horror, from seminal icons such as James Whale's Frankenstein and Tod Browning's Dracula to the steamy pre-Code jungle sorcery of The Island of the Lost Souls.

Pokémon: The Haunted Gym

Tracey West - 2003
    But when they get there, the place is on fire! Should the gang run for their lives or explore the secrets of the haunted gym?

Poisoning Eros

Wrath James White - 2003
    Sometimes life just plain sucks. You do what you can to get by, but then sometimes even that isn't enough. Meet Gloria, aging porno actress, failed wife and mother, drug-addict, seduced into a monstrous world of depraved sex and violent deceit, battling to save her immortal soul and that of her only daughter from Inferno . . . and you thought your life was Hell."Wrath James White has more to say than many of his contemporaries, and says it more eloquently. He can gross you out with the best (or worst) of 'em, but I think there's more to him than that..." --Poppy Z. Brite"O'Rourke digs down into some loamy soil--what she comes up with is disturbingly dark, and often, very funny." --Jack Ketchum

The Resurrection Man's Legacy: And Other Stories

Dale Bailey - 2003
    The title story, 'The Resurrection Man's Legacy', has been optioned for a movie. In it, a young orphan must live with an elderly aunt who proves unable to supply all that the boy requires and purchases a robotic, surrogate father for him. In 'The Anencephalic Fields', another coming-of-age story, a boy is isolated with his mother on a farm where humanlike plants are grown. 'Sheep's Clothing' is a near-future science fiction tale of an assassin planning to kill a politician by assuming control of his daughter's body and using it to commit the murder. The ending novella, 'In Green's Dominion', is the story of a spinster professor reflecting on her life as it nears its conclusion, settling her affairs and remembering the magic moments in her life. Other stories blend fantasy with reality, with the dead arising to vote, the painful burial of a firstborn child, a lost southern town where slavery still rears its ugly head, and other horrific, thought-provoking, terrible, and wonderful tales of life.

Kissing Carrion

Gemma Files - 2003
    A world where obsession is stronger than death. Where body, soul, time and space itself, are all fluid and treacherous. Where living houses dream longingly of oblivion, and vampires ache for more than simply blood. A world where the only escape from the darkness within is to embrace it.... A world not so very different from our own.

Stranger on the Loose

D. Harlan Wilson - 2003
    Harlan Wilson deconditions the boundaries of reality with the same offbeat methodology that energized his first book The Kafka Effekt. Stranger on the Loose is an absurdist account of urban and suburban social dynamics, and of the effects that contemporary image-culture has on the (in)human condition. These stories operate on a plane of existence that resists, and in many cases breaks, the laws of causality.Parrots teach college courses. Flaneurs impersonate bowling pins. Bodybuilders sneak into people's homes and strike poses at their leisure. Passive-aggressive glaciers and miniature elephant-humans antagonize the seedy streets of Suburbia. Apes disguised as scientists reincarnate Walt Disney, who discovers that he is a Chinese box full of disguised Walt Disneys . . . Wilson's imagination is a rare specimen. The acorns of his fiction are planted in the soil of normalcy, but what grows out of that soil is a dark, witty, otherworldly jungle.

Ravenous Dusk

Cody Goodfellow - 2003
    They gather to be cured of their cancer, but they become much more. Soon, they will be One. When they come into their kingdom, all plant and animal life on earth will be rendered obsolete, and a billion-year old experiment called evolution will have reached its logical conclusion.CATASTROPHEAs Special Agent Martin Cundieffe pursues the trail of the mutant cult, he finds a deeper secret that reaches into the hidden heart of American power, and leaves him powerless and alone before the real enemy. Stella Orozco has traded her freedom and her humanity for something more. When her transformation is complete, she will become a goddess-and lose her mind.Sgt. Zane Storch is a soldier without an army, a species of one fighting both sides for his own survival and sanity in a body that is fast becoming his own worst enemy. How many times will he fight to defend a nation and a species that shuns him as an abomination? How many times will he die for them?CREATIONAs the Mission heats up its genocidal campaign against Radiant Dawn, the armies of the mysterious Dr. Keogh labor to open a sealed pre-human tomb in the Iraqi wasteland. This forgotten place will decide the outcome of the last war of natural selection, for what lies beyond the crumbling wall is no less than the unspeakable truth about the origin of life on earth-and what's coming next.

Graveyard Rats and Others

Robert E. Howard - 2003
    Howard came into the fiction magazine scene virtually on Dashell Hammett's heels. By that time Howard was a full-fledged professional writer; he was willing to try any marketplace to make a living. Despite an aversion to the detective formula, he wrote the tales in Graveyard Rats during the same years he chronicled the adventures of Conan. This collection features a new introduction by scholar Don Herron, editor of "The Dark Barbarian," the definitive look at the life and work of Robert E. Howard.

The Haunted World of Mario Bava

Troy Howarth - 2003
    A former painter, Bava extended his eye for beauty in composition to forge breathtaking symphonies of colour and light in a series of masterful horror classics. His influence extends beyond such acknowledged cinematic disciples as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, to a new generation of admirers including the likes of Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese.

Blind Voices

Tom Reamy - 2003
    Campbell, Jr., Award for best young science fiction writer. One summer day in the 1920s, Haverstock's Traveling Curiosus and Wondershow rides into a small Midwestern town. Haverstock's show is a presentation of mysterious wonders: feats of magic, strange creatures, and frightening powers. Three teenage girls attend the opening performance that evening which, for each, promises love and threatens death. The three girls are drawn to the show and its performers-a lusty centaur, Angel the magical albino boy, the rowdy stage hands-but frightened by the enigmatic owner, Haverstock. The girls at first try to dismiss these marvels as trickery, but it becomes all too real, too vivid to be other than nightmare reality. Each feels the force of the show and its power to alter everyday lives: Francine is drawn embarrassingly to the centaur, Rose makes an assignation with one of the hands and gets in trouble, and Evelyn is fascinated by the pathetic, mysterious Angel, The Boy Who Can Fly, and together they plan escape. No stranger or more disturbing vision of the dark side of carnival life has been handled with such grace or conviction since Bradbury's vintage period. With a poet's mastery of language Reamy brings his circus of characters to a startling, fantastic conclusion. ABOUT THE AUTHOR TOM REAMY, at the time of his sudden death, was one of the most popular young writers in the Science Fiction field in recent years. His style is in the fantastic tradition of Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury, and BLIND VOICES, his only novel, demands comparison to such masterpieces as Bradbury's Dandelion Wine or Something Wicked This Way Comes.

The Two Sams

Glen Hirshberg - 2003
    "Dancing Men" depicts one of the creepiest rites of passage in recent memory, when a boy visits his deranged grandfather in the New Mexico desert. In "Mr. Dark's Carnival," a college professor confronts his own dark places in the form of a mysterious haunted house steeped in the folklore of grisly badlands justice. "Struwwelpeter" introduces us to a brilliant, treacherous adolescent whose violent tendencies and reckless mischief reach a sinister pinnacle as Halloween descends on a rundown, Pacific Northwest fishing village. Tormented by his guilty conscience, a young man plumbs the depths of atonement as he and his favorite cousin commune with the almighty Hawaiian surf in "Shipwreck Beach." With The Two Sams author Glen Hirshberg uses his remarkable gift for capturing mood and atmosphere to suggest the possibility that the most troubling ghosts of all are not the ones that hover above us and walk through walls, but those that linger in our memories and haunt our souls.

Ravenloft Gazetteer - Volume 2: Legacies of Terror

John W. Mangrum - 2003
    Secret police and fanatical elite soldiers oversee their lands with brutal efficiency. Yet these forces are preferable to the undead horrors that stalk the streets of Necropolis. Steeped in magic and warped by the mad desire for conquest in the northlands, evil never sleeps.Ravenloft Gazetteer II examines the northernmost regions of the central continent. Herein lies the feudal domain of the wizard-king Azalin Rex, the damned city of Necropolis and the tyrannical military realm of Falkovnia. Adventure awaits those bold enough to risk their lives and souls in these hostile lands.


Richard Dansky - 2003
    Science thinks it's shattered the barrier between life and death, but it's only opened the floodgates. Stop meddling with the affairs of ghosts and close the doors before something follows you back through. You should have left some secrets buried, because now they won't go back to sleep without a fight.' I See Dead People It's called projecting, the ability to separate the soul from the body and interact with ghosts. It's a multi-billion dollar enterprise for companies like Orpheus Group, which offers its services to public and private interests. It's also a portent of dark things to come. Orpheus is a new type of game, a ghost story for ghosts told in a six-book limited series. Hardcover. Core Book.

Baby's First Mythos

C.J. Henderson - 2003
    Henderson, Baby's First Mythos is a lavishly illustrated tome that blasts your child's soul as it teaches them their ABC's - Mythos-style! A foreward by Dr. Robert M. Price, Ph.D., professor of both theology and philosopy, founder & editor in chief of Crypt of Cthulhu, executor of the Lin Carter estate, current head of Lovecraft's KLM club (the worlds first professional sci fi/horror club).


Peter Straub - 2003
    To a dark house deep in the Vermont woods, where two friends are spending a season of horror, apprenticed to a Master Magician.Learning secrets best left unlearned. Entering a world of incalculable evil more ancient than death itself. More terrifying. And more real.Only one of them will make it through.

Marquis Vol. 2: Intermezzo

Guy Davis - 2003
    His days are filled with the politics and duties a man of his social stature should be accustomed to. His nights are filled with violence and blood as he continues his quest to rid the demons from his town Venisalle. INTERMEZZO finds de Galle as the only obstacle between a pair of supernatural killers and a townspeople already victimized by the subtler evil of the theocracy.

Ravenloft Gazetteer - Volume 4

John W. Mangrum - 2003
    The danger and challenges that these realms present tempt the hardiest of souls and lure countless adventures to their doom. The fourth Gazetteer provides a deeper look at the lands of Invidia, Verbrek, Valachan and Sithicus...and of the sinister creatures who rule them. Perfect for single adventures and ongoing campaigns, Revenloft Gazetteer IV is useful for both players and Dungeon Masters.

Vigilantes of Love

John Everson - 2003
    (Covenant was later issued in mass market paperback by Leisure Books).While Everson's first book of short fiction, Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions, focused on erotic horror,  Vigilantes of Love was something of a flip side -- this collection offers light and dark fantasy tales, mixed with the occasional slice of horror. The 2013 10th Anniversary Edition also includes six never-before-collected Everson tales -- including his first horror publication, "Learning To Build" -- alongside Vigilantes of Love 's original 15 dark fantasy and horror stories. The book includes the voodoo-zombie oriented title story, written especially for the collection, as well as "Calling of the Moon," which received an Honorable Mention in the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror anthology, and "Lovesong" a 5th Place winner in the 2000 World Horror Convention Fiction Contest.TABLE OF CONTENTS:PREFACE: 10th Anniversary EditionINTRODUCTION: The Songs of LoveSTORIES:Calling of the MoonLovesongA Time For MusicTrick and TreatAfter the Fifth StepSeven Deadly SeedsPreserveHard HeartFrostAnne's Perfect SmileA Lack of SignsChristmas, The Hard WayThe Humane WayThe Right InstrumentVigilantes of LoveLOST STORIES: Rescued VigilantesHair of the DogTomatoesLearning To BuildTunnelThe Key to Her HeartWhy Do You Stay With Him?About the Author

The Vampire Slayers' Field Guide to the Undead

Shane MacDougall - 2003
    Not just the pop culture vampires like Dracula, but the vampires of folklore and myth from all lands. An authoritative examination of vampire legends, complete with essays on detecting and destroying the undead, extensive bibliographies, and information on vampires in literature, poetry, art and film, this is the complete resource for any Vampire Slayer!

Ravenloft Gazetteer - Volume 3: A Ravenloft Campaign Setting Supplement

John W. Mangrum - 2003
    In-depth information on the domains of Dementlieu, Mordent, and Richemulot, including stories of Mordent's lost families and rare insights into the peculiar customs of Dementlieu and Richemulot.

Come Fygures, Come Shadowes

Richard Matheson - 2003
    Now a much larger fragment that weaves occult thrills into its haunting study of a reluctant spirit medium, it tantalizes with the unfulfilled promise of what might have been the author's magnum opus. Set in Brooklyn in the 1930s, it relates a sad interval in the life of 18-year-old Claire Nielsen, the oldest of three children being groomed by their determined mother, Morna, to follow in her footsteps as a spirit medium. As depicted by Matheson, spiritualism is indistinguishable from a religious calling, and Morna is a frighteningly fanatical exponent who threatens Claire with hellfire and damnation when she pleads to be relieved of her vocation. Coerced into sitting for seances that make her physically ill, Claire soon finds herself a conduit for ectoplasmic manifestations of the spirit world whose revolting intimacy and intrusive physicality amount to sexual violation. Matheson's rigorous research of spiritualist phenomena informs every aspect of the tale, imbuing its convincingly described supernatural moments with both awe and terror and shaping its characters as unique people who believe unquestioningly in the marvels of the afterlife. At the very least, this gripping tale synchs with his paranormal thriller Hell House and anecdotal nonfiction volume Mediums Rare. But it also hits a high-water mark as an exercise in the modern gothic.


Brandon Massey - 2003
    But by some miracle he did recover, only to wake up to a whole new world.

Surviving Frank

David A. Page - 2003
    Ryan is human, promoted to detective by Internal Affairs. His first assignment is to investigate Frank's methods. Posing as the werewolf's new partner, wrestling with his own guilt and insecurities as a cop and as a spy, he assists Frank in a murder investigation while simultaneously gathering evidence against him. As Ryan and Frank search for answers, they discover that the governor could be the next target in a string of murders. With the politics of Boston hanging in the balance, the partners must tolerate one another long enough to find the killer before he can strike again.

The Five of Cups

Caitlín R. Kiernan - 2003
    Kiernan's long unpublished, "lost" first novel.The Five of Cups attempts to blend the two dominant subgenres of the contemporary vampire tale, crossing the historical Gothic with the gritty, urban realism of "splatterpunk." Grounded in the squalor of street-life in Atlanta in the early 1990s, but with an epic scope that encompasses the Irish famine of 1847, a yellow-fever epidemic in 1853 New Orleans, and the Union assault on Atlanta in 1864, Kiernan describes her novel as an "overly-ambitious jumble of competing ideas and subplots, trying to unite vampirism, the grail myth, the tarot, T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land, and the Arthuriad into a single, coherent storyline.This limited edition hardcover will be the only edition ever published and will include the following: * The original introduction, written by Poppy Z. Brite in 1996* A lengthy new introduction by the author* A 1999 essay on The Five of Cups written by Kiernan for her newsletter* Facsimiles of original notes, outlines, correspondence, rejection slips, photos, and fragments from Kiernan's files and notebooks* Black-and-white interior illustrations by Richard Kirk

The Room Beyond the Veil

C.H. Foertmeyer - 2003
    His new job as a cub journalist with the "Traber Herald" sends him and his wife, Sally, to Traber, Colorado, the birthplace of Tom's great grandfather. Almost immediately after settling into their new Victorian fixer-upper, Tom's dreams begin. But are these dreams of an old room decorated with antiques and dimly lit with kerosene lamps-simply dreams? Maybe, just maybe, the room does exist. Days of searching lead to absolutely nothing, not a trace of the old room, until one night when a terrible storm hits Traber and the power goes out. It was to become the blackest of nights for young Tom Jewett and the deepest of mysteries for Sally...

Elvis The Rooster Almost Goes To Heaven (I Can Read Level 3)

Denys Cazet - 2003
    After all, his crows make the sun come up and wake the world. At least they did until the terrible morning that he swallowed a bug and the sun came up without him. Poor Elvis! Is he all washed-up? Is it over? Should he give up and simply pass on to the great chicken coop in the sky? Not if the chickens - Daniela, Gina, and Lia - can help it!The popular rooster from Denys Cazet's Minnie and Moo books proudly takes center stage in his first zany adventure.

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow - 2003
    Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling continue their critically acclaimed and award-winning tradition with another stunning collection of stories. The fiction and poetry here is culled from an exhaustive survey of the field, nearly four dozen stories ranging from fairy tales to gothic horror, from magical realism to dark tales in the Grand Guignol style. Rounding out the volume are the editors' invaluable overviews of the year in fantasy and horror, new Year's Best sections on comics, by Charles Vess, and on anime and manga, by Joan D. Vinge, and a long list of Honorable Mentions, making this an indispensable reference as well as the best reading available in fantasy and horror.The critically acclaimed and award-winning tradition continues with another stunning collection, including stories by Kelly Link, Kim Newman, Corey Marks, Eric Schaller, M. Shayne Bell, Helga M. Novak, Terry Dowling, Michael Libling, Zoran Zivkovic, Bentley Little, Carlton Mellick III, Brian Hodge, Conrad Williams, Tom Disch, Melissa Hardy, Joel Lane, Nicholas Royle, Tracina Jackson-Adams, Karen Joy Fowler, Jackie Bartley, Peter Dickerman, Ramsey Campbell, Adam Roberts, Robert Phillips, Jay Russell, Luis Alberto Urrea, Margaret Lloyd, Stephen Gallagher, Robin McKinley, Haruki Murakami, Theodora Goss, Kathy Koja, Lucy Taylor, Elizabeth Hand, Kevin Brickmeier, Sharon McCartney, Susan Power, Don Tumasonis, Nan Fry.Rounding out the volume are the editors' invaluable overviews of the year in fantasy and horror, Year's Best sections on comics, by Charles Vess, and on anime and manga, by Joan D. Vinge, and a long list of Honorable Mentions, making this an indispensable reference as well as the best reading available in fantasy and horror.

Strange Embrace

David Hine - 2003
    The world of Strange Embrace is one of pain and sorrow, obsession and damnation - a world that twists and pollutes the lives of all that enter it. FOR MATURE READERS.

What Shadows We Pursue

Russell Kirk - 2003
    CONTENTS: Introduction by John Pelan: 'The Wizard of Mecosta'; The Invasion of the Church of the Holy Ghost; What Shadows We Pursue; The Peculiar Demesne of Archvicar Gerontion; Uncle Isaiah; The Reflex-Man in Whinnymuir Close; The Cellar of Little Egypt; Skyberia; Lost Lake; The Last God's Dream; Ex Tenebris; Watchers at the Strait Gate; Appendix: Fate's Purse.

Sesqua Valley & Other Haunts

W.H. Pugmire - 2003
    Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, set in the mysterious Sesqua Valley - a dark and sinister locale imagined by W.H. Pugmire. The reader will find carefully crafted tales of Lovecraftian horror and the Cthulhu Mythos artfully coloured with the lavish touches for which W.H. Pugmire is famous. His stories are not mere pastiche, but finely wrought stories that transport the reader into a foreboding and enticing realm of hororr and dark fantasy.

Tarnhelm, the Best Supernatural Stories of Hugh Walpole

Hugh Walpole - 2003
    350 copies. (500 copies, according to the copyright page)Contents: -An Introduction by George Gorniak-The Clocks/ The Twisted Inn/ The Silver Mask/ The Staircase/ A Carnation For An Old Man/ Tarnhelm Or, The Death of My Uncle Robert/ Seashore Macabre/ The Little Ghost/ Mrs Lunt/ The Snow/ Miss Morganhurst/ Mrs Porter and Miss Allen/ Lizzie Rand/ The Tarn/ Major Wilbraham/ The Tiger/ Hugh Seymour (A Prologue)/ Angelina/ ’Enery/ The Fear of Death/ Field With Five Trees/ The Conjurer/ The White Cat/ The Perfect Close/ Mr Huffam, A Christmas Story. 'If subtlety, originality and ambiguity are hallmarks of the best supernatural tales, then Walpole’s stand with the very best.’—So writes George Gorniak in his Introduction to this definitive collection of the most admired of Hugh Walpole’s supernatural and macabre shorter works, along with two previously uncollected early masterpieces, ‘The Clocks’ and ‘The Twisted Inn’. Perhaps best known for The Herries Chronicle (1930-34), four historical Lakeland novels which remain in print to this day, Walpole was widely recognised in his own lifetime as a consummate literary craftsman with a fine narrative style and an admirable ability to portray character, humour and dialogue. In classic tales such as ‘The Silver Mask’, ‘Tarnhelm’ and ‘The Snow’, he also demonstrates beyond question that he understood the experience of sheer, stark terror.Walpole had a deep and abiding interest in the supernatural and consistently incorporated macabre, mystical and supernatural elements in his work. He also exhibits a markedly modern understanding of the psychological, and it is this combination which allows his more traditional ghost stories, such as ‘The Little Ghost’ and ‘Mrs Lunt’, to retain their power today.This collection of twenty-five stories should help renew the recognition enjoyed by Walpole in his own lifetime. As he said himself ‘. . . the creator who relies more upon the inference behind the fact than upon the fact itself, more upon the dream than the actual business, more upon the intangible world of poetry than upon the actual world of concrete evidence, this kind of creator will come into his kingdom again.’

Gorky Park / Nightwing

Martin Cruz Smith - 2003
    Chief homicide investigator Arkady Renko is brilliant, sensitive, honest, and cynical about everything except his profession. To identify the victims and uncover the truth, he must battle the KGB, FBI, and New York police as he performs the impossible and tries to stay alive doing it.NightwingVampire bats: Evil. Clever.Deadly.Driven by blood-hunger across the American landscape, they bred and multiplied, unseen and unsuspected, each one a grisly messenger of death. No warm-blooded creature is safe from their thirst. Now, as darkness gathers, the sky is filled with the frantic motion, the maddening murmur of . . . Nightwing.

Ravenous Ghosts

Kealan Patrick Burke - 2003
    Seventeen tales of mystery, madness, and monsters, by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Kealan Patrick Burke.

Rare Flesh

David E. Armstrong - 2003
    Rare Flesh dares to venture into this taboo territory, pairing Armstrong's stunning male nudes with provocative poetry and prose by Clive Barker. Fans of Barker's best-selling novels and films–from Weaveworld to Hellraiser–are already familiar with his unique brand of eroticism, and they will be eager to see it brought to life visually for the first time here. Distinguished from other male nude photography books, Rare Flesh presents a series of photo essays that each explores a different fantasy scenario that could have sprung from a Barker novel. Dozens of models of varying body types and backgrounds were chosen, and each was encouraged to act out his own personal dreamscape, working with the photographer. The images, fashioned with the latest digital technology, often play with the viewer's perceptions, as many of the models are covered entirely in black body paint or shot against solid-color backgrounds. The results transform the body and tease the viewer, showing us the male form as we've never seen it before. This dynamic work is an intensely collaborative effort between Armstrong and Barker, who are life-partners, as the text delves into themes of love, betrayal, loneliness, and redemption.


Stefan Bourque - 2003
    From the dark, gothic atmosphere of the Broken Wit Coffeehouse to the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, Stefan Bourque's collection of short stories will keep readers speeding along roads that grow ever darker...

Strange Tales

Rosalie Parker - 2003
    300 copies. 289+vi pages. (First edition out of print - second edition available).Contains: 'Cousin X' by Quentin S. Crisp, 'Meannanaich' by Anne-Sylvie Salzman, 'Number 18' by David Rix, 'The Maker of Fine Instruments' by Brendan Connell, 'The Itchy Skin of Creepy Aplomb' by Rhys Hughes, 'The Descent of the Fire' by Mark Valentine & John Howard, 'The Self-Eater' by Adam Daly, 'Grand Hotel' by William Charlton, 'Shelter Belt' by Dale Nelson, 'Mr Manpferdit' by Tina Rath , 'Terminus' by Nina Allan, 'Between the Dead Men and the Blind' by Maynard & Sims, 'From Lydia with Love and Laughter' by John Gaskin, and 'Eye of the Storm' by Don Tumasonis.No editor's name was given for the first printing. For the second printing (2004) Rosalie Parker was credited as editor.

My Life with Master

Paul Czege - 2003
    a roleplaying game of villainy, self-loathing and unrequited love

Days of Fire (Demon)

Greg Stolze - 2003
    Hidden within their ancient sanctums, the Earthbound stir after millennia of sleep, summoning their scattered worshippers and forging chains of slavery for fallen and mortal alike. Now come the words of Lucifer himself, lost Prince of the Fallen, warning of the terrible cataclysm to come. Demon: Days of Fire presents a vision of the world on the brink of apocalypse, as ancient powers clash and the future of mankind hangs in the balance. Will the fallen destroy the threat of the Earthbound forever, or will the mad gods of legend bring about eternal night? Will the world be destroyed or reborn in the dawn of a new age?

Les Portes Tordues/The Twisted Doors: The Scariest Way in the World to Learn French!

Kathie Dior - 2003
    The author, Dr. Kathie Dior, has created this bilingual 46-chapter mystery adventure with line-by-line French-English text while uniquely integrating French vocabulary, grammar, expressions, tests and answers into each chapter. With the adventure's "building block" approach and mystery-driven format, readers will be compelled to learn each chapter well so they can find out what happens next! The multi-illustrated book is accompanied by a riveting read-along audio CD narrated by a native French university instructor. An extensive French-English glossary is included. Created for beginning and intermediate students ages 12 and up and adult self-learners, Les Portes Tordues is currently being taught by the author at the Purdue University Gifted Education Resource Institute.

Paradigm Shift: Equilibrium

Dirk I. Tiede - 2003
    Only things don't quite go as planned, and a screw-up earns them a reassignment to a new case investigating the bizarre murder of a man found in an alleyway. Little do they know that this mysterious body will soon plunge them in a world far bigger and more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

Ghost Hunters and Psychic Detectives

Jean Marie Stine - 2003
    Equipped with a deep knowledge of things occult -- often with a pinch of paranormal power themselves – these bloodhounds of the borderland pick up where more mundane detectives like the immortal Sherlock Holmes or Miss Jane Marple leave off. When the likes of Mason Bell, Dr. Munsing, Quinn's Jules DeGrandon, Moris Klaw, Flaxman Low, or Carnacki are on the trail, you can be sure the explanation for eerie and ectoplasmic doings will never involve some mundane trick like painting a hound's jaws with phosphorous. The ghost down the hall or the werewolf at the window, the awful demon seeking vengeance from another dimension, will all turn out to be very real indeed. This anthology brings together nine rare and vintage tales of ghost hunters and psychic sleuths. In it you will meet such legendary, and nearly forgotten fictive practitioners as Gordon Acreage's Dr. Munsing in "The Exorcist"; Seabury Quinn's Jules DeGrandon in "Body and Soul"; Sax Rohmer's Moris Klaw in "The Headless Mummies"; E. and H. Heron's Flaxman Low in "The Grey House"; T. Meade and Robert Eustace's Bell, Master of Mystery in "The Warder of the Door"; Conrad Richter's Mason Bell in "The Toad Man"; William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki, Ghost Finder, in "The Whistling Room"; Victor Rousseau's Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls, in "The Tenth Commandment"; and Algernon Blackwood's John Silence in "A Victim of Higher Space." Don't be surprised if reading their cases proves addictive, and you find yourself finishing the book, yearning for more.

The Unseen 2

Richie Tankersley Cusick - 2003
    It's available only at Walmart.Too many deaths, too many terrifying visions and sleepless nights have taken their toll on Lucy Dennison. She wonders if she can trust anyone or anything anymore - even her own mind. Lucy knows there must be something, somewhere that can tell her why she was chosen to receive the terrible visions, why she feels the sinister presence all around her. As Lucy searches desperately for answers, she knows time is running out. Too many people have disappeared - or worse - and the constant feeling of being surrounded by something truly evil grows stronger each night. Can Lucy defeat the evil in time?

Black Roses

Christine M. Morgan - 2003
    A single black rose left at the scene of each crime. And in the peaceful coastal town of Trinity Bay, Theresa Zane has just met the man of her dreams. Literally. He is an incubus, with the power to touch the sleeping minds of women and waken their darkest and most hidden desires. His influence turns wives against husbands, mothers against sons, friends against friends. No one is safe. Theresa least of all. For it is Theresa he wants. Theresa he must have. He will do anything to win her. Anything at all. Even kill. The haunting image of black roses will lead Theresa to Seacliff, a house with a troubled past. But not even the help of three dead girls and a mysterious necklace may be enough to save her.

Shades of Gray

Kraig Blackwelder - 2003
    Hundreds have died from taking tainted Pigment, but what the news doesn't know is that all those addicts have become ghosts. We have an epidemic of lost souls on our hands, and the scavengers are coming out the woodwork. What you've got to wonder, my loyal listeners, is who poisoned the drugs and why are Spectres building hives?" Hundreds die from tainted drugs on the streets, revealing another truth behind Orpheus Group. In addition to offering new challenges and dangers, Shades of Gray introduces a new enemy responsible for the drug Pigment. But fear not. With each rising evil comes hope in the form of a new Shade (character class), and level-three Horrors for all Shades.

The Tyrant

Michael Cisco - 2003
    "Michael Cisco's works immerse the reader in worlds that are not simply dreamlike in the quality of their imagination but somehow manage to capture and convey the power of the dream itself. The Tyrant is his masterpiece." -- Thomas Ligotti

Hunters of the Dark Sea

Mel Odom - 2003
    It was their job to hunt these mammoth sea dwellers for their oil and feed the trade in hopes of raising enough coin to feed their families back in port. They are the hunters of the dark sea, in search of the deadly behemoth that is their stock and trade. It is a life and death profession where even the greenest member of the crew knows the odds of survival . . . until these odds are changed by an even deadlier hunter than themselves: an unearthly predator that is now stalking them."Smartly told," "a surefire pageturner," "Mel Odom really knows how to keep a reader turning pages," are only some of the accolades bestowed on award-winning author Mel Odom. Turning his attention away from his usual fantasy kingdoms to the high seas of the nineteenth century in this pageturning adventure of the whaling trade, Odom combines the suspense of Alien with the historical storytelling of Caleb Carr and Michael Crichton.

Rough Beasts and Other Mutations

Thomas F. Monteleone - 2003
    Monteleone has brought 20 of his most powerful and dark fantasy and horror stories into one spellbinding collection. Enter strange worlds that are at the same time not too far off from our own, where religion, mythology, emotion, and terror combine for a mix that will keep readers up until all hours of the night. Includes an introduction by John DeChancie, and the stories Mister Magister, The Dancer in the Darkness, The Prisoner's Tale and many more! Thomas F. Monteleone lives in Grantham, New Hampshire with his wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Olivia.

Fangoria's 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen: A Celebration of the World's Most Unheralded Fright Flicks

Adam Lukeman - 2003
    Working closely with Fangoria’s experts, including Editor in Chief Anthony Timpone, Adam Lukeman has compiled a must-have guide for casual horror fans and hardcore horror junkies with Fangoria’s 101 Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen. With a brief synopsis for each of the included films, lists of cast and crew, “Terror Trivia,” and little-known facts about these lesser-known but must-see gems, Fangoria’s 101 Best Horror Films You’ve Never Seen offers a feast of gruesome information. Featured here are flicks that were dumped by their distributors or were initially flops, like Cherry Falls, Manhunter, and Pumpkinhead, foreign winners such as Cronos, The Vanishing, and Funny Games, and straight-to-video sleepers waiting to be discovered, including Shadowbuilder, Jack Be Nimble, and Nomads. There are even surprise entries directed by industry giants—movies like George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead, Brian De Palma’s Sisters, or Dario Argento’s Opera—that are frequently overshadowed by the filmmakers’ other, better-known works but are worthy of further examination. Entertaining and informative, Fangoria’s 101 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen offers more than a hundred reasons to look beyond the often ho-hum Hollywood hype fests . . . when you’re really in the mood to feel your flesh crawl.From the Trade Paperback edition.