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Birth of a Killer

Darren Shan - 2010
    Before he was a vampire.Larten Crepsley was a boy. As a child laborer many centuries ago, Larten Crepsley did his job well and without complaint, until the day the foreman killed his cousin as an example to the other children. In that moment, young Larten flies into a rage that the foreman wouldn't survive. Forced on the run, he sleeps in crypts and eats cobwebs to get by. And when a vampire named Seba offers him protection and training as a vampire's assistant, Larten takes it.This is his story.

The Thin Executioner

Darren Shan - 2010
    But Rashed Rum is near retirement. And when he goes, there will be a contest to determine his successor. It is a contest that thin, puny Jebel has no chance of winning. Humiliated and ashamed, Jebel sets out on a quest to the faraway home of a legendary fire god to beg for inhuman powers so that he can become the most lethal of men. He must take with him a slave, named Tel Hesani, to be sacrificed to the god. It will be a dark and brutal journey filled with lynch mobs, suicide cults, terrible monsters, and worse, monstrous men. But to Jebel, the risk is worth it. To retrieve his honor . . . To wield unimaginable power . . . To become . . . The thin executioner Inspired by the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, international bestselling master of horror Darren Shan takes readers on a thrilling, fast-paced journey into a nightmarish world where compassion and kindness are the greatest crimes of all.

The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories

Jeff VanderMeer - 2010
    Together these stories form The Weird, and its practitioners include some of the greatest names in twentieth and twenty-first century literature.Exotic and esoteric, The Weird plunges you into dark domains and brings you face to face with surreal monstrosities. You won't find any elves or wizards here...but you will find the biggest, boldest, and downright most peculiar stories from the last hundred years bound together in the biggest Weird collection ever assembled. The Weird features 110 stories by an all-star cast, from literary legends to international bestsellers to Booker Prize winners: including William Gibson, George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, Angela Carter, Kelly Link, Franz Kafka, China Miéville, Clive Barker, Haruki Murakami, M. R. James, Neil Gaiman, Mervyn Peake, and Michael Chabon.The Weird is the winner of the 2012 World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology

Rot & Ruin

Jonathan Maberry - 2010
    Benny doesn't want to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his boring older brother Tom, but he has no choice. He expects a tedious job whacking zoms for cash, but what he gets is a vocation that will teach him what it means to be human.

If There Be Thorns / Seeds of Yesterday

V.C. Andrews - 2010
    Andrews's classic series that begins with Flowers in the Attic.

The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

Thomas Ligotti - 2010
    Through impressively wide-ranging discussions of and reflections on literary and philosophical works of a pessimistic bent, he shows that the greatest horrors are not the products of our imagination. The worst and most plentiful horrors are instead to be found in reality. Mr. Ligotti's calm, but often bloodcurdling turns of phrase, evoke the dreadfulness of the human condition. Those who cannot bear the truth will pretend this is another work of fiction, but in doing so they perpetuate the conspiracy of the book's title." --David Benatar, author of Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence; Department of Philosophy, University of Cape Town, South AfricaThomas Ligotti is one of the foremost authors of supernatural horror literature. In this genre, he has been classed with Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft. His works include Songs of a Dead Dreamer, Grimscribe, My Work Is Not Yet Done, and Teatro Grottesco. Ligotti lives in Florida.Ray Brassier is a member of the philosophy faculty at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He is the author of Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction (Palgrave Macmillan 2007).

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein Omnibus: The First 3 Novels

Dean Koontz - 2010
    In other words, you only think you know the story….In Prodigal Son we meet Deucalion, a tattooed “man” who’s carried for centuries a terrifying secret. But when he arrives in New Orleans and learns of a serial killer who, it seems, carefully selects his victims, Deucalion offers to help Detective Carson O’Connor and her partner, Michael Maddison, find the one he knows is responsible: the deranged near-immortal Victor Helios—once known as Frankenstein.City of Night opens on a city losing hope that Victor Helios’ engineered killers can be stopped. They are stronger, heal better and think faster than any human. And as one-time monster Deucalion and his human partners discover, they’ve infiltrated every level of New Orleans society.In Dead and Alive, as a devastating hurricane heads for New Orleans, Helios’ soulless creations are spinning out of control. As a damned creature himself, Deucalion knows justice demands he face his mad creator. But first they must both confront a malignant entity with powers and a purpose beyond even their imagining.

Novels & Stories: The Lottery / The Haunting of Hill House / We Have Always Lived in the Castle / Other Stories and Sketches

Shirley Jackson - 2010
    M. Homes. “It is a place where things are not what they seem; even on a morning that is sunny and clear there is always the threat of darkness looming, of things taking a turn for the worse.” Jackson’s characters–mostly unloved daughters in search of a home, a career, a family of their own–chase what appears to be a harmless dream until, without warning, it turns on its heel to seize them by the throat. We are moved by these characters’ dreams, for they are the dreams of love and acceptance shared by us all. We are shocked when their dreams become nightmares, and terrified by Jackson’s suggestion that there are unseen powers–“demons” both subconscious and supernatural–malevolently conspiring against human happiness.In this volume Joyce Carol Oates, our leading practitioner of the contemporary Gothic, presents the essential works of Shirley Jackson, the novels and stories that, from the early 1940s through the mid-1960s, wittily remade the genre of psychological horror for an alienated, postwar America. She opens with The Lottery (1949), Jackson’s only collection of short fiction, whose disquieting title story–one of the most widely anthologized tales of the twentieth century–has entered American folklore. Also among these early works are “The Daemon Lover,” a story Oates praises as “deeper, more mysterious, and more disturbing than ‘The Lottery,’” and “Charles,” the hilarious sketch that launched Jackson’s secondary career as a domestic humorist.Here too are Jackson’s masterly short novels The Haunting of Hill House (1959), the tale of an achingly empathetic young woman chosen by a haunted house to be its new tenant, and We Have Always Lived in the Castle (1962), the unrepentant confessions of Miss Merricat Blackwood, a cunning adolescent who has gone to quite unusual lengths to preserve her ideal of family happiness. Rounding out the volume are 21 other stories and sketches that showcase Jackson in all her many modes, and the essay “Biography of a Story,” Jackson’s acidly funny account of the public reception of “The Lottery,” which provoked more mail from readers of The New Yorker than any contribution before or since.

Full Dark, No Stars

Stephen King - 2010
    For James, that stranger is awakened when his wife, Arlette, proposes selling off the family homestead and moving to Omaha, setting in motion a gruesome train of murder and madness. In "Big Driver," a cozy-mystery writer named Tess encounters the stranger along a back road in Massachusetts when she takes a shortcut home after a book-club engagement. Violated and left for dead, Tess plots a revenge that will bring her face-to-face with another stranger: the one inside herself. "Fair Extension," the shortest of these tales, is perhaps the nastiest and certainly the funniest. Making a deal with the devil not only saves Dave Streeter from a fatal cancer but provides rich recompense for a lifetime of resentment. When her husband of more than twenty years is away on one of his business trips, Darcy Anderson looks for batteries in the garage. Her toe knocks up against a box under a worktable and she discovers the stranger inside her husband. It's a horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, and it definitely ends a good marriage. Like Different Seasons and Four Past Midnight, which generated such enduring films as The Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me, Full Dark, No Stars proves Stephen King a master of the long story form.(front flap)Contains:1922Big DriverA Fair ExtensionA Good Marriage

The Best of Joe R. Lansdale

Joe R. Lansdale - 2010
    A soul-sucking Mummy stalks Elvis and John F. Kennedy. Joe Bob Briggs has a moral dilemma: If your girlfriend turns zombie on you, what do you do?And that’s the tame stuff.In this red-hot collection from world-champion Mojo storyteller Joe R. Lansdale, you’ll find his best, most outrageous stories. The high priest of Texan weirdness does it all: horror, mystery, satire, suspense, and even Westerns. Prepare to be offended, shocked, and cackling like a crazed redneck.Featuring five Bram Stoker Award–winning stories, this career retrospective contains some of Lansdale’s rarer work, his nonfiction forays into drive-in theaters and B-movies, and the novella Bubba Ho-Tep, later made into a cult-classic major motion picture.Come on in—the weirdness is fine.

The Passage

Justin Cronin - 2010
    government facility unleashes the monstrous product of a chilling military experiment. Then, the unspeakable: a night of chaos and carnage gives way to sunrise on a nation, and ultimately a world, forever altered. All that remains for the stunned survivors is the long fight ahead and a future ruled by fear--of darkness, of death, of a fate far worse.As civilization swiftly crumbles into a primal landscape of predators and prey, two people flee in search of sanctuary. FBI agent Brad Wolgast is a good man haunted by what he's done in the line of duty. Six-year-old orphan Amy Harper Bellafonte is a refugee from the doomed scientific project that has triggered apocalypse. Wolgast is determined to protect her from the horror set loose by her captors, but for Amy, escaping the bloody fallout is only the beginning of a much longer odyssey--spanning miles and decades--toward the time an place where she must finish what should never have begun.With The Passage, award-winning author Justin Cronin has written both a relentlessly suspenseful adventure and an epic chronicle of human endurance in the face of unprecedented catastrophe and unimaginable danger. Its inventive storytelling, masterly prose, and depth of human insight mark it as a crucial and transcendent work of modern fiction.(front flap)

28 Days Later, Vol. 2: Bend in the Road

Michael Alan Nelson - 2010
    and themselves. The story continues here a Selena is a survivor but even she must give pause when the mission has her breaking into the land she fought so hard to get out of.Collects Issues #5-8

Occultation and Other Stories

Laird Barron - 2010
    P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, and Thomas Ligotti. His stories have garnered critical acclaim and been reprinted in numerous year's best anthologies and nominated for multiple awards, including the Crawford, International Horror Guild, Shirley Jackson, Theodore Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards. His debut collection, The Imago Sequence and Other Stories, was the inaugural winner of the Shirley Jackson Award.He returns with his second collection, Occultation. Pitting ordinary men and women against a carnivorous, chaotic cosmos, Occultation's eight tales of terror (two never before published) include the Theodore Sturgeon and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated story "The Forest" and Shirley Jackson Award nominee "The Lagerstatte." Featuring an introduction by Michael Shea, Occultation brings more of the spine-chillingly sublime cosmic horror Laird Barron's fans have come to expect.Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction (space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near-future dystopia), fantasy (grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history), and horror (zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural), and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award-winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.

Serial Killers Uncut

Blake Crouch - 2010
    For everyone who thinks the bad guys are so much more fun to read than the good guys, this is a book just for you. The definitive volume containing every major villain from the Crouch/Kilborn/Konrath Universe is here.First, there was Serial, the collaborative smash-hit that has been downloaded 500,000 times and optioned for film.Then came Serial Uncut, which expanded on that story.Then Killers, the sequel to Serial.Then Birds of Prey which introduced every major villain the writers had ever created into one cohesive novel. (Birds of Prey + Killers = Killers Uncut.)And now, all that and more has been brought together for this definitive, omnibus monster...Serial Killers UncutThis epic work, over two years in the making, contains Serial Uncut, Killers, Birds of Prey, Crouch's Break You, an interview with the authors, and more. Serial Uncut + Break You + Killers + Birds of Prey = Serial Killers Uncut If you haven't read anything by Crouch, Kilborn, or Konrath, Serial Killers Uncut is the perfect introduction to the dark side of their universe. And if you enjoy a despicable bad guy (or bad girl), you're going to love this.There are twenty-one serial killers featured in this book: Lucy and Donaldson from Serial, Orson and Luther from Desert Places, Locked Doors, and Break You, Mr. K from Shaken, Alex and Charles Kork from Whiskey Sour and Rusty Nail, Isaiah from Abandon, Taylor from Afraid, Javier from Snowbound, and many, many more.There are some good guys too, including Andrew Z. Thomas (Desert Places, Locked Doors), Jack Daniels (Whiskey Sour, Shaken), Violet King (Locked Doors, Break You), Tequila (Shot of Tequila), and Clayton Theel (Draculas).Serial Killers Uncut is an original 120,000 word double novel that stands alone without having read any of Konrath's, Kilborn's, or Crouch's work.

The Girl on the Glider

Brian Keene - 2010
    This might be Keene's most personal — and powerful — work to date. This book is a must-have for every Keene fan, along with fans of classic horror tales told with a new twist.

Zombie Fallout

Mark Tufo - 2010
    With fears of contracting the H1N1 virus running rampant throughout the country, people lined up in droves to try an attain one of the coveted vaccines. What was not known, was the effect this largely untested, rushed to market, inoculation was to have on the unsuspecting throngs. Within days, feverish folk throughout the country, convulsed, collapsed and died, only to be re-born. With a taste for brains, blood and bodies, these modern day zombies scoured the lands for their next meal. Overnight the country became a killing ground for the hordes of zombies that ravaged the land.This is the story of Michael Talbot, his family and his friends. This is their story a band of ordinary people just trying to get by in these extra-ordinary times. When disaster strikes, Mike a self-proclaimed survivalist, does his best to ensure the safety and security of those he cares for.Book 1 of the Zombie Fall-Out Trilogy follows our lead character in his self-deprecating, sarcastic best. What he encounters along the way leads him down a long dark road always skirting on the edge of insanity. Can he keep his family safe? Can he discover the secret behind Tommy's powers? Can he save anyone from the zombie Queen - a zombie that seems by all accounts to have some sort of hold over the zombies and Mike himself? Encircled in a seemingly safe haven called Little Turtle, Mike and his family together with the remnants of a tattered community while not fighting each other, fight against a relentless, ruthless, unstoppable force. This last bastion of civilization has made its final stand. God help them all.

Deadly Gift / Deadly Harvest / Deadly Night

Heather Graham - 2010
    Brought to Newport, Rhode Island, from her native Ireland to nurse ailing millionaire Sean O'Riley, she's living a life few can imagine. But money can't hide the tension between O Reily s trophy wife, his paranoid daughter, the eccentric aunt in the attic and the staff members who run the house. When O Riley s business partner goes missing, family friend Zach Flynn arrives. Determined to help him solve the case, Caer becomes enmeshed in a mystery that weaves together the sins of the past with one family s destiny and a spirit that watches the mansion, possessing a deadly gift.DEADLY HARVESTWhen a young woman is found dead in a field, dressed up as a scarecrow with a slashed grin and a broken neck, the residents of Salem, Massachusetts, begin to fear that the infamous Harvest Man is more than just a rumor. But out-of town cop Jeremy Flynn doesn t have time for ghost stories. He's in town on another investigation, looking for a friend s wife, who mysteriously vanished in a cemetery. Complicating his efforts is local occult expert Rowenna Cavanaugh, who launches her own investigation, convinced that a horror from the past has crept into the present and is seducing women to their deaths. Jeremy uses logic and solid policework. Rowena depends on intuition. But they both have the same goal: to stop the abductions and locate the missing women before Rowena herself falls prey to the Harvest Man s dark seduction.DEADLY NIGHTAidan Flynn, a private investigator and eldest of the Flynn brothers, scoffs at the haunted-house rumors--especially since Kendall Montgomery, a tarot card reader who has been living in the mansion, is the one to tell him the tale of a woman in white. But when he finds a human bone on the grounds, and another by the river, Aidan delves into the dark history of the Flynn plantation. Forced together to uncover the truth, Aidan and Kendall realize that a serial killer whose victims seem to vanish into thin air has long been at work and that their own fates are about to be sealed forever unless they believe in the unbelievable.

Zombies and Shit

Carlton Mellick III - 2010
    They soon realize they have been chosen as contestants on a popular reality show called Zombie Survival. Each contestant is given a backpack of supplies and a unique weapon. Their goal: be the first to make it through the zombie-plagued city to the pick-up zone alive. But because there's only one seat available on the helicopter, the contestants not only have to fight off the hordes of the living dead, they must also fight each other. Zombies and Shit is Mellick's craziest book to date. A campy, trashy, punk rock gore fest that is as funny as it is brutal, as sad as it is strange. An edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that twists the zombie genre into something you've never seen before.


Mark Tufo - 2010
    Those who would seek a new world order have unleashed the most devastating virus onto mankind, and even they do not know the secrets hidden in their weapon. Follow along as Harry, a CDC scientist, races to figure out what exactly the virus is and how to stop it. It will be up to him and a group of marines led by Major Sanders to stop the zombie fallout before it ravages an unsuspecting world.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter CD Collection: Micah, Danse Macabre

Laurell K. Hamilton - 2010
    In this case, the feds have a witness who died before he could speak on the record. They want him raised so his testimony can be taken. So here I am, on a plane to Philadelphia, flying off to do my job.But I’m not alone. Micah is with me. Micah, head of the St. Louis wereleopard pard. King to my Queen. The only one of my lovers who can stir my blood with just a glance from his chartreuse cat’s eyes. I was happy to have him at my side.Until he mentioned that this will be our first time alone together. No Master Vampire. No Alpha Werewolf. Just me and Micah. And all my fears and doubts…Danse Macabre:Anita Blake needs to be concentrating on a dangerous situation: The ardeur, the sexual power that flows between Anita and Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City, and Richard, the volatile werewolf who loves her passionately, is reaching new levels. But as the days pass, Anita’s less interested in vampire politics than in an ancient, ordinary dread she shares with women down the ages: She may be pregnant.

....Și la sfârșit a mai rămas coșmarul (...And Then The Nightmare Came At Last)

Oliviu Craznic - 2010
    While the guests are brutally murdered by an inhuman enemy, the hero discovers in terror the target may be his love interest, the beautiful Adrianna de Valois, young daughter of the dark chief of Police. Panicked and desperate, Arthur is forced to make an ellusive pact with the most powerful survivers: the viscount of Vincennes, his friend, also a logician an intrigue expert; the beautiful and imoral italian countess Giulianna Sellini, a supposed poisoner and a necromancer; Huguet de Castlenove, an ex-priest, now a dangerous killer and swordsman manipulated by his mysterious lover; the handsome, cruel and violent master of the land, Duke of Chalais; and many other, including the man who is feared by them all - Albert de Guy, from the Holy Inquisition.But who is the mysterious assaillant? A vampire? A werewolf? A serial killer? A mad incubus? Or... maybe all of them?Violence, savagery, beauty, love and passion, logic and mystery - an inquiry in the dark.

Wolf Hunt

Jeff Strand - 2010
    But when the werewolf escapes, their lives are on the line if they can't find the lycanthrope and get the beast back in his cage.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter CD Collection 2: The Harlequin, Blood Noir

Laurell K. Hamilton - 2010
    So when he shows up in her office, to ask for her help against creatures so feared that no vampire will willingly speak their name, Anita is surprised. But she believes him. Malcolm may not be a Master of the City, but he’s an old and powerful vampire, a leader of men, and he does not easily ask for help - especially from Anita and Jean-Claude, whose power Malcolm considers corrupt. That was the first warning of The Harlequin.Anita Blake has the authority to pass judgment on vampires. The Harlequin have the authority to pass judgment on her. It is forbidden to speak of The Harlequin unless you’ve been contacted.And to be contacted by The Harlequin is to be under sentence of death.Blood Noir:Jason Schuyler is a werewolf. He’s also one of Anita Blake’s best friends, and sometimes her lover. And right now he needs her – not to be a vampire hunter, or a federal marshal, or a necromancer, or even for her rank in the werewolf pack, but because his father is dying. He needs Anita because she’s a pretty woman who loves him, who can make him look like an everyday guy, who agrees to go home with him and help him say good-bye to the abusive father he never loved.The fact that Jason is about as much an everyday guy as Anita is a pretty woman is something they figure they can keep under wraps for a couple of days in a small town. How hard can that be?

The Living Dead Boy

Rhiannon Frater - 2010
    As the head of the Zombie Hunters Club, he's obsessed with preparing for the zombocalypse. Though no one around him really believes that zombies will one day rise to devour the living, Josh is convinced it just might happen. When zombies do shamble into his schoolyard, Josh finds himself the leader of the dwindling band of zombie hunters, and he is charged with protecting them all. Josh's baby brother, his closest friends, and the love of his young life try to survive as the undead take over their town. Trapped in his treehouse and surrounded by the dead, will Josh be able to save them all?A gripping horror tale for zombie fans of all ages!

American Vampire, Vol. 1

Scott Snyder - 2010
    And in King's story set in the days of America's Wild West, readers learn the origin of Skinner Sweet, the original American vampire – a stronger, faster creature than any vampire ever seen before. Don't miss out as Snyder and King set fire to the horror genre with this visionary, all-original take on one of the most popular monster stories!This beautiful collection features a new introduction by Stephen King and bonus art including character sketches, variant covers and more!Collecting: American Vampire 1-5

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

Mary Downing Hahn - 2010
              But Florence doesn't expect the ghost of her cousin Sophia, who haunts the cavernous rooms and dimly lit hallways of Crutchfield and concocts a plan to use Florence to help her achieve her murderous goals. Will Florence be able to convince the others in the household of the imminent danger and stop Sophia before it's too late?

Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 3

Tim Seeley - 2010
    Will Vlad be enough back up, or will the slasher hunting duo need to turn to some unlikely allies?Collects: Hack/Slash Series one #18-32, Entry Wounds, Hackoween, and The Living Corpse Annual 1.TPB Equivalent: In Revenge & In Love (volume 6), New Blood, Old Wounds (volume 7) and Super Sidekick Sleepover Party (volume 8). Omnibus 3 is the only place The Living Corpse Annual 1 is collected.

Narraciones Completas

Edgar Allan Poe - 2010
    Nevertheless, his handling of psychological depth is unmatched in the field.This major collection features all of Poe's horror, detective, and science fiction, and includes the complete Poe illustrations of Harry Clarke, Fritz Eichenberg, Gahan Wilson, and Arthur Rackham, among others, including some new and fine color paintings by Swiss artist Gwabryel. Bound in three-piece cloth with ribbon marker, translucent overlays, and enclosed in a cloth slipcase. The introduction is by Poe scholar Mark Samuels.

Diary of a Zombie

Sergi Llauger - 2010
    The eternal promise of leaving as a peaceful spirit was never fulfilled; instead, I became a wandering soul, rooted to the entrails of this wasteland. You might think that smiling in the face of death should be something glorious, but there’s nothing glorious about this. There’s only a deep and sinister emptiness inside. Destiny made me walk among demons I didn’t need to be scared of. It allowed me to stare at the sun without looking away from dawn to dusk. It placed the burden of this world on my back and also forced me to remember the meaning of love…and of giving human beings a second chance. Was there ever a reason for so many broken laws? Who knows…Let me tell you about a fascinating journey and faraway lands, about unswerving loyalty and unimaginable creatures. My name is Erico Lombardo and I am doomed to be aware of myself. Maybe, after my death, I still had one last thing to do…” “Diary of a Zombie” transports us to a desolate world, a planet wiped out by a massive pandemic where human beings have almost become extinct. But what makes this story different from the rest is the fact that it is told from a very unusual point of view: that of a zombie who, for unknown reasons, keeps his human consciousness and free will after being transformed. This is a unique case. After a few chapters in which the character is introduced, we will witness a story of redemption, full of human values, that is centered around a peculiar friendship. Erico’s cold, cynical and unsociable behavior will gradually change as he meets a lonely and mysterious 8-year-old girl on whom humankind’s scarce chances of survival depend. During the whole of his epic adventure, Erico will be linked to his most human side again, as he recovers memories and feelings he had not experienced since the times when warm blood still coursed through his veins. “Diary of a Zombie”, set in a post-apocalyptic Barcelona, presents a pleasant story which will bring the reader both tears and laughter. It is a breath of fresh air that reinvents a genre which apparently had nothing new to offer.

28 Days Later, Vol. 1: London Calling

Michael Alan Nelson - 2010
    Selena is a survivor but even she must give pause when the mission has her breaking into the land she fought so hard to get out of. Collects Comics #1-4

The Walking Dead: The Covers Volume 1

Robert Kirkman - 2010
    In celebration of the Five Year Anniversary of The Walking Dead, Image Comics presents this full-color hardback collection of the first 50 covers of the series, as well as covers for the various collected editions of the series, with added sketch material and commentary by series creator/writer Robert Kirkman, and artists Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn.


Jeff Strand - 2010
    A ghastly, vicious sociopath who chains women to a table in his basement and tortures them to death. He has no friends. He has no family. He despises his co-workers. His only pleasure in life is to cause pain and terror.Until the day he finds an adorable Boston Terrier and takes it home...

The Light

D.J. MacHale - 2010
    It begins with mysterious sounds, a fleeting face outside a window, a rogue breeze - all things that can be explained away. That is, until he comes face-to-face with a character who only exists on the pages of a sketchbook - a character Marshall himself created.Marshall has no idea why he is being tormented by this forbidding creature, but he is quickly convinced it has something to do with his best friend, Cooper, who has gone missing. Together with Cooper's beautiful but aloof sister, Sydney, Marshall searches for the truth about his friend while ultimately uncovering a nightmare that is bigger and more frightening than he could ever have imagined.Number one New York Times best-selling author D.J. MacHale launches his eerie new trilogy with a story so packed with chilling suspense, readers will want to sleep with the light on.

By The Time We Leave Here, We’ll Be Friends

J. David Osborne - 2010
    Stalin is dead and a once-prosperous thief named Alek Karriker is feeling the pressure. Trapped in an icy prison camp where violent criminals run the show, betrayed by his friends and his body, Karriker is surrounded by death and disorder. Bizarre Inuit shamans are issuing ever-stranger commands that he must obey. Opium is running scarce and bad magic is plentiful. Razor-tooth gangsters can smell Karriker's blood and they plan to murder him more than once. The only option: ESCAPE. Enlisting the aid of an aging guard, a cold-blooded killer, and a beautiful, murderous nurse, Karriker must now secure his getaway by finding a "calf" a gullible prisoner to be cannibalized when the tundra is at its most barren. As the vice grows tighter and life in the gulag becomes increasingly surreal, Karriker must hurry to find his mark and convince him... BY THE TIME WE LEAVE HERE, WE'LL BE FRIENDS

The Ugly Beginning

T.W. Brown - 2010
    The dead are walking! Humanity's fragile thread may be reaching its bitter end. Individuals and groups struggle to survive...some at any cost. Will there be anybody left? Or, is this just...The Ugly Beginning?

Vertigo Resurrected: Hellblazer #1

Garth Ennis - 2010
    Next is a story from HELLBLAZER #245 and #246 by new superstars Jason Aaron (SCALPED) and Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) following a doomed documentary crew exploring the mystery behind what happened to Mucous Membrane – Constantine's former punk band.

Dark Matter

Michelle Paver - 2010
    Clouds of war are gathering over a fogbound London. Twenty-eight year old Jack is poor, lonely, and desperate to change his life, so when he's offered the chance to join an Arctic expedition, he jumps at it. Spirits are high as the ship leaves Norway: five men and eight huskies, crossing the Barents Sea by the light of the midnight sun. At last they reach the remote, uninhabited bay where they will camp for the next year, Gruhuken, but the Arctic summer is brief. As night returns to claim the land, Jack feels a creeping unease. One by one, his companions are forced to leave. He faces a stark choice: stay or go. Soon he will see the last of the sun, as the polar night engulfs the camp in months of darkness. Soon he will reach the point of no return--when the sea will freeze, making escape impossible. Gruhuken is not uninhabited. Jack is not alone. Something walks there in the dark...

Dead of Winter

Kealan Patrick Burke - 2010
    This is the DEAD OF WINTER, exclusively available in eBook format.

Shining Rock

Blake Crouch - 2010
    In “Shining Rock,” an older couple encounter a strange and menacing visitor during a camping trip in the North Carolina mountains. Friendly at first, this stranger seems to know them, seems to know their secrets, and as things escalate, they become convinced that they may never leave these mountains alive.*Note: This story is collected with others in the eBook, FOUR LIVE ROUNDS, which also contains a Foreword by J.A. Konrath and introductions to each story by Blake Crouch.

Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950s

Greg Sadowski - 2010
    Yet before the watchdog groups and Congress could intercede, horror books were flying off the newsstands. During its peak period (1951-54) over fifty titles appeared each month. Apparently there was something perversely irresistible about these graphic excursions into our dark side, and Four Color Fear collects the finest of these into a single robust and affordable volume. EC is the comic book company most fans associate with horror; its complete line has been reprinted numerous times, and deservedly so. But to the average reader there remain unseen quite a batch of genuinely disturbing, compulsive, imaginative, at times even touching, horror stories presented from a variety of visions and perspectives, many of which at their best can stand toe to toe with EC. All of the better horror companies are represented: Ajax-Farrell, Atlas, Avon, Charlton, Comic Media, Fawcett, Fiction House, Gilmor, Harvey, Quality, Standard, St. John, Story, Superior, Trojan, and Youthful. Artist perennials Jack Cole, Steve Ditko, George Evans, Frank Frazetta, Alex Toth, Al Williamson, Basil Wolverton, and Wallace Wood con- tribute both stories and covers, with many of the forty full-sized covers created by specialists Bernard Baily, L.B. Cole, William Eckgren, and Matt Fox. Editors Benson and Sadowski have sifted through hundreds of rare books to cherry-pick the most compelling scripts and art, and they provide extensive background notes on the artists, writers, and companies involved in their creation. Digital restoration has been performed with subtlety and restraint, mainly to correct registration and printing errors, with every effort made to retain the flavor of the original comics, and to provide the reader the experience of finding in the attic a bound volume of the finest non-EC horror covers and stories of the pre-code era.

The Horror! The Horror!: Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You to Read!

Jim Trombetta - 2010
    These outrageous comic book images, censored by Congress in an infamous televised U.S. Senate subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency in 1954, have rarely been seen since they were first published—and are revealed once again in all of their eye-popping glory. Jim Trombetta, in his commentary and informative text, provides a detailed history and context for these stories and their creators, spinning a tale of horror and government censorship as scary as the stories themselves.Bonus DVD--Confidential File, a rare 25-minute TV show that first aired on October 9, 1955, about the "evils" of comic books and their effect on juvenile delinquency is included with the book.  Please note that the enclosed DVD begins with a 58-second test pattern, followed by the tv show.  Praise for The Horror! The Horror!:"In addition to offering a generous helping of controversial comics . . . Trombetta's book provides insightful history." -New York Times Book Review

The Collected Works of Algernon Blackwood

Algernon Blackwood - 2010
    Includes an active table of contents for easy navigationNovelsJimboThe Human ChordThe CentaurThe Extra DayShort StoriesThe Insanity of JonesThe Man Who Found OutThe Glamour of the SnowSandMay Day EveThe DamnedThe Empty HouseA Haunted IslandA Case of EavesdroppingKeeping His PromiseWith Intent to StealThe Wood of the DeadSmith: An Episode in A Lodging-HouseA Suspicious GiftThe Strange Adventures of A Private Secretary in New YorkSkeleton Lake: An Episode in CampThe Garden of SurvivalThe ListenerThe Man Whom the Trees LovedThe OliveThe WendigoThe WillowsA Psychical InvasionAncient SorceriesThe Nemesis of FireSecret WorshipThe Camp of the DogA Victim of Higher Space

Hack/Slash: My First Maniac

Tim Seeley - 2010
    Exploring Cassie Hack's first case, Hack/Slash: My First Maniac, the sellout Image Comics debut mini-series is collected! 16-year-old Cassie has just been forced to kill her mother, the undead murderer known as the Lunch Lady! Now faced with overwhelming guilt, she must decide if she can make a life with her foster parents and at her new school, or if she should use her new-found slasher-killing skills to save other screaming teenagers! But does the apple fall far from the tree? Includes never-before-seen sketches and an Introduction by Allison Scagliotti, star of SyFy's Warehouse 13.

The Art of Hammer: The Official Poster Collection From the Archive of Hammer Films

Marcus Hearn - 2010
    This lavish hardcover brings together rare artwork from around the world. Featuring Hammer’s greatest films, including The Curse of Frankenstein, the Dracula series, and many more.

Hallowed Eve

Suza Kates - 2010
    Eve Taylor must return home for her grandmother's funeral but has every intention of making it a short visit. Too many memories live in the small town where she grew up, memories of a Halloween best forgotten. Trey Rainwater has been waiting for Eve. He knows she'll be staying for longer than she'd planned and has every intention of making sure she does. He has a promise to keep. Eve and Trey find themselves thrown into a deadly combination of riddles, murder, and a love that won't be denied. As the moon hovers in the October sky and Halloween grows closer, Eve must fight her own personal demons while learning to trust the man who protects her. The past has come back to life, and a killer is stalking the small town of Pine Creek. He's waiting for his Hallowed Eve.


Joseph Duncan - 2010
    As civilization collapses in a spectacular orgy of brain-eating destruction, overweight comic shop owner Mort Lesser must make his way out of his hometown of DuChamp before the local nuclear power plant goes critical. It's no fun being fat when the streets are overrun by hordes of flesh-eating deadheads, but with the help of some new friends-- foul-mouthed redneck Pete Bolin and sexy stunt car driver Zhao Dao-ming-- Mort just might make it out of the city in one piece.Meanwhile, strange creatures stalk the inheritors of this blighted world. Are they mankind's saviors, as their angelic appearances suggest, or something far more sinister?Both a post-apocalyptic buddy comedy and an extremely violent survival horror novel, Mort is one of the most unique and original zombie novels you'll ever read! For mature readers only!


John Prescott - 2010
    The United States, Canada, and Mexico now comprise a single, unified front to the world: the North American Union. Implanted ID chips are soon to become mandatory for every citizen of the NAU, and Trez Sleighton, a disgruntled ex-Army officer, takes to the mountains of Colorado to come to terms with the changing world—and his own hand in the whole mess.Then sounds the trumpet.Around the planet, people simply disappear.In their wake, monsters of legend suddenly roam free to terrorize those who have been left behind. The legendary Nephilim, half-angels who struggle with their own demons, walk the earth in both darkness and light. The world’s most beloved celebrity, movie star Samouel Gallo, comes forward to make a long-awaited announcement that might mean world peace—or world damnation.Meanwhile, a handful of the remaining citizens of the NAU feel the call to go west. Stricken by the loss of their loved ones, alienated by the inhumanity that has consumed their cities, these select few are moved by an inexplicable impulse to converge on a small town tucked away in the Rocky Mountains… a town most of them have never even heard about. As their paths turn toward Shaleford, CO, where Trez is struggling to understand an apocalyptic truth, the rest of the world waits to hear what tidings Samouel Gallo will bring. Is he the man of legend—a Bringer of Peace? Is he the archenemy of old? Is he… the Antichrist?Open the pages of Pray and journey with those who set out to fight for their salvation as the world races to its horrific conclusion.The Book of Revelation just got scarier.

Serial Uncut: Extended Edition

Jack Kilborn - 2010
    Remember the twin golden rules of hitchhiking?#1: Don’t go hitchhiking, because the driver who picks you up could be certifiably crazy.#2: Don’t pick up hitchhikers, because the traveler you pick up could be certifiably crazy.So what if, on some dark, isolated road, Crazy #1 offered a ride to Crazy #2?When Blake Crouch (DESERT PLACES, ABANDON) and Jack Kilborn (AFRAID, SHAKEN), face-off, the result is SERIAL, a terrifying tale of hitchhiking gone terribly wrong. Like a deeply twisted version of an “After School Special,” SERIAL is the single most persuasive public service announcement on the hazards of free car rides.Beyond a thrilling piece of horrifying suspense, SERIAL is also a groundbreaking experiment in literary collaboration. Kilborn wrote the first part. Crouch wrote the second. And they wrote the third together over email in 100-word exchanges, not aware of each other’s opening section. All bets were off, and may the best psychopath win.F. Paul Wilson says, “SERIAL reads just like a Crouch or Kilborn novel: Full speed ahead, no flinching, no blinking, no brakes.”In a year, SERIAL has been downloaded over 500,000 times, and has received over a hundred negative reviews, with many people claiming it is the most depraved, awful thing they've ever read.SERIAL UNCUT is newly expanded, now more than 36,000 words. Along with the reinsertion of additional material cut from the original version, it also has a vastly expanded beginning and ending, including an extended section that originally appeared in the novellas TRUCK STOP by J.A. Konrath and BAD GIRL by Blake Crouch. This edition has been specially formatted for Kindle, with an interactive table of contents. It also features a preview of the sequel, KILLERS.If you can handle horrific thrills, proceed at your own risk.But if you suffer from anxiety attacks, nervous disorders, insomnia, nightmares or night terrors, heart palpitations, stomach problems, or are of an overly sensitive nature, you should read something else instead.The authors are in no way responsible for any lost sleep, missed work, failed relationships, or difficulty in coping with life after you have read SERIAL UNCUT. They will not pay for any therapy you may require as a result of reading SERIAL UNCUT. They will not cradle you in their arms, rock you back and forth, and speak in soothing tones while you unsuccessfully try to forget SERIAL UNCUT.You have been warned...NOTE: The three novellas in this series are: Serial Uncut, Killers, and Birds of Prey.These novellas are also available in a variety of compilations.Killers Uncut = Killers + Birds of Prey.Serial Killers Uncut = Serial Uncut + Killers + Break You + Birds of Prey.

Corpse Party: Blood Covered, Vol. 2

Makoto Kedouin - 2010
    For the students of Kisaragi Academy's class 2-9, not only life and limb are at stake, but also their very sanity as the curse slowly eats away at them. It's a race against the clock to discover the secrets of this bloody school before all that remain are corpses.When the screams stop, will anyone be left alive?

Santa Lilio Sangre

Ayami Kojima - 2010
    Self-taught, she has crafted many original designs for Castlevania and other games that are also featured in this art book. This book features many Gothic designs of the imagery of religion that made her famous along with some Western influences from her past as well. This is a must have for all Ayami Kojima or Castlevania fans.200 pages. Japanese text. Colored and B&W. Hardcover. Bind & Published in Japan.

The Ammonite Violin & Others

Caitlín R. Kiernan - 2010
    Kiernan's The Ammonite Violin & Others, one of contemporary dark fantasy s most bewitching and distinctive voices is back with another banquet of the weird and unexpected. In his introduction, Jeff VanderMeer (City of Saints and Madmen, Finch) writes, Kiernan creates her own light in this remarkable collection, and shines it on dark places. In doing so, she gives us gritty, lyrical, horrible, beautiful truths. In The Ammonite Violin & Others, the author rises to meet the high expectations she set with such collections as Tales of Pain and Wonder, A is for Alien, and the World Fantasy Award-nominated To Charles Fort, With Love. Within these pages, you ll discover a dazzling suite of stories situated on the borderlands between the unspeakbale and the erotic, the grotesque and the sublime. Here are stories of dream and metamorphosis, strange lands and beings existing beyond the veil of death and beyond this earth. Here is a selkie who's lost her sealskin, a woman with a blackhole in her heart, a fairie girl fallen to the Queen of Decay, the descent of a modern-day Orpheus, and a killer who has fashioned the most exquisite musical instrument from the remains of one of his victims. Here are dreams, nightmares, and worse things yet.The Ammonite Violin & Others is comprised of stories first published in the subscription only Sirenia Digest, run by Caitlin for her most devoted readers. This publication marks the stories' first availability to the general public.


Jeff Strand - 2010
    His parents convinced the terrified child it was only his imagination. The next time Toby saw the creature he was a lonely, unhappy teenager without friends.But the creature would be his friend. It would be there when Toby needed someone to talk to. And it would take care of the bullies who wouldn’t leave Toby alone. After all, the creature needed to eat.And during their macabre, decades-long friendship, there will be other meals...

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Guillermo del Toro - 2010
    They move into a historic New England house, which is secretly inhabited by a brood of small creatures. These creatures seem at first to be playful figments of his daughter's imagination, but quickly turn into a deadly threat. The book, co-written by Guillermo Del Toro and Christopher Golden, takes place a hundred years before the movie begins. It chronicles the travels and adventures of a young nature scientist who begins to understand there's more to the world than science understands.


John O'Brien - 2010
    Humanity went out not with a whimper, but a bang.Jack, a sometimes humorous, sometimes philosophical ex-special operations pilot and soldier is one of the few left to struggle through the desolation left in the aftermath; seeking to survive as a new ferocious species emerges from the rubble, hungry and unrelenting. Will his special forces training be enough? Will he be able to keep his children safe and guide the few survivors through perils that now roam the world they once knew? Or will the hordes that now own the night prevail, forever removing the last of mankind from existence? Humankind was once at the top of the food chain. But that has now changed. This hard-hitting, action-packed series begins with Jack Walker being suddenly thrust into a world where the infrastructure which cherished Armani suits, night clubs, fast and expensive cars and watching the daily stock market are gone. Left in its place is the material world mankind built but a majority of the population has vanished; replaced by a new, savage, unrelenting, cunning, animalistic species which hunts and operates at night.

Locke and Key: Keys to the Kingdom #1

Joe Hill - 2010
    No. Seriously.

The Collected Connoisseur

Mark Valentine - 2010
    Contents: 'Introduction' by Mark Valentine, 'The Effigies', 'After the Darkness', 'The Paravine Cries', 'Pale Roses', 'In Violet Veils', 'The Lost Moon', 'Café Lucifer', 'The Craft of Arioch', 'The Secret Stars', 'The Hesperian Dragon', 'The Lighting of the Vial', 'The Nephoseum', 'Sea Citadels', 'The Prince of Barlocco', 'The Black Eros', 'Mad Lutanist', 'The Mist on the Mere', 'The White Solander', 'The Last Archipelago', 'The Rite of Trebizond', 'The Serpent, Unfallen', 'The Temple of Time', 'The Descent of the Fire'.Following in the footsteps of M.P. Shiel's exotic savant Prince Zaleski and Arthur Machen's Mr Dyson, Mark Valentine and John Howard's The Connoisseur - aesthetical detective extraordinaire - unravels a cornucopia of arcane mysteries in these twenty-three tantalising tales. Collecting together all the adventures in previous Tartarus volumes In Violet Veils and Masques and Citadels, along with four further tales published elsewhere, this volume provides the lover of esoteric mystery and adventure fiction with the complete Connoisseur casebook.Venturing from his fire-lit study in an English cathedral city, The Connoisseur encounters, among other phenomena, strange masquerades in country houses; a Scottish island whose Prince may not be named; a poignant relic from the Black Sea region, sought after by a ruthless order; a secret account of the first crossing of an Arctic land and an Art Deco cinema which may retain resonances of its mysterious former occupants. From your own fireside, follow The Connoisseur into the delicate shading between this world and other realms of wonder, tragedy and trepidation.

Closet Treats

Paul Elard Cooley - 2010
    But when an ice cream truck starts making the rounds of his neighborhood, Trey can no longer tell reality from his delusions.Closet Treats explores the blurred lines between psychosis and reality, asking the question: do monsters exist outside the mind?

The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead

Christian Sellers - 2010
    For the first time in 25 years, the cast and crew of all five films in this franchise reveal the stories behind the movies, offering their own opinions and details about life on the sets of some of the most fraught productions in cinema history. Supported by dozens of cast and crew members, The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead features hundreds of previously unreleased behind-the-scenes photographs and exclusive artwork. This eye-catching, comprehensive book is the ultimate celebration of The Return of the Living Dead franchise and all those who contributed to its creation.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel

Seth Grahame-Smith - 2010
    Elizabeth Bennet is a fearsome warrior whose ability with a sword is matched only by her quick wit and even sharper tongue. But she faces her most formidable foe yet in the haughty, conceited, and somehow strangely attractive Mr. Darcy. As the two lovers meet in the ballroom and on the battlefield, they’ll soon learn that nothing—not even bands of ninjas, hordes of flesh-eating zombies, or disapproving aunts—can stop true love.


Arthur Graham - 2010
    A story told through concentric circles of narrative, each one adding a layer of truth while further smothering all notions of certainty, Editorial will leave readers wondering just how many times the same tale can be swallowed....

Blood Oath

Christopher Farnsworth - 2010
    But Cade is no ordinary civil servant. Bound by a special blood oath, he is a vampire. Cade battles nightmares before they can break into the daylight world of the American dream, enemies far stranger-and far more dangerous-than civilians have ever imagined.Blood Oath is the first in a series of novels featuring Nathaniel Cade-the President's vampire.

To Each Their Darkness

Gary A. Braunbeck - 2010
    Gary Braunbeck uses film, fiction, and life experience to elucidate the finer points of storytelling, both in and out of genre. This part-autobiographical, always analytical book looks at how stories develop and what makes them work--or not work--when they're told.Be warned: reality is as brutal as fiction. Rob Zombie, police shootings, William Goldman, and human misery are all teachers to the horror neophyte, and Braunbeck uses their lessons to make To Each Their Darkness a whirlwind of horror and hope for the aspiring writer.

Dark Awakenings

Matt Cardin - 2010
    The German theologian Rudolf Otto located the origin of human religiosity in an ancient experience of "daemonic dread." American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft asserted that weird supernatural horror fiction arose from a fundamental human psychological pattern that is "coeval with the religious feeling and closely related to many aspects of it." The American psychologist William James wrote in his classic study The Varieties of Religious Experience that the "real core of the religious problem" lies in an overwhelming experience of cosmic horror born out of abject despair at life's incontrovertible hideousness. In Dark Awakenings, author and scholar Matt Cardin explores this ancient intersection between religion and horror in seven stories and three academic papers that pose a series of disturbing questions: What if the spiritual awakening coveted by so many religious seekers is in fact the ultimate doom? What if the object of religious longing might prove to be the very heart of horror? Could salvation, liberation, enlightenment then be achieved only by identifying with that apotheosis of metaphysical loathing? This volume collects nearly all of Cardin's uncollected fiction, including his 2004 novella "The God of Foulness." It contains extensive revisions and expansions of his popular stories "Teeth" and "The Devil and One Lump," and features one previously unpublished story and two unpublished papers, the first exploring a possible spiritual use of George Romero's Living Dead films and the second offering a horrific reading of the biblical Book of Isaiah. At over 300 pages and nearly 120,000 words, it offers a substantial exploration of the religious implications of horror and the horrific implications of religion. "In Dark Awakenings, Cardin proves himself to be an adept in the fullest sense of the word. To both the morbid and the cosmically minded, who may be one and the same, he delivers his visions and nightmares in a master's prose. In the tradition of Poe and Lovecraft, Cardin's accomplishments as a writer are paralleled by his expertise as a literary critic and theorist, as readers can witness in this volume. His analyses of supernatural horror and its practitioners are also dark awakenings in the dual manner of his stories, with one eye on the black abyss and the other on an enlightened transcendence without denomination. Again, this quality of Cardin's work can be seen in the writings of Poe and Lovecraft, two other felicitous freaks who merged the antagonistisms of their imagination into a chimera as awful as it is awe-striking." -Thomas Ligotti, author of Teatro Grottesco and The Nightmare Factory. "Matt Cardin channels visions of dark, maniacal intensity. His otherworldly divinations will have you lying awake in the dark, counting stars in that most pitiless gulf that yawns above us all. A master of terror and dread, he ranks among the foremost authors of contemporary American horror." -Laird Barron, author of The Imago Sequence & Other Stories. "Dark Awakenings offers the dream imagery of the best weird fiction but goes even further beyond the ordinary thanks to Matt Cardin's fierce intellect. Haunting stories and insightful essays. This is mandatory reading to prepare for the doom to come." -Nick Mamatas, author of Move Under Ground.

Darkness Under the Sun

Dean Koontz - 2010
    There once was a killer who knew the night, its secrets and rhythms. How to hide within its shadows. When to hunt. He roamed from town to town, city to city, choosing his prey for their beauty and innocence. His cruelties were infinite, his humanity long since forfeit. But still . . . he had not yet discovered how to make his special mark among monsters, how to come fully alive as Death. This is the story of how he learned those things, and of what we might do to ensure that he does not visit us.

The Narrator

Michael Cisco - 2010
    Cisco's prose, by turns phantasmagorical and exhilarating (reminiscent one moment of Robbe-Grillet, the next of Artaud, with a tinge of Thomas Ligotti, the imaginative virtuosity of Gene Wolfe or M. John Harrison), is like a stark sequence of strong iron bars, brimming with dark ambiance. Combining unmatched craft with masterful storytelling, this is literate fantasy unlike any other, intricate as the most elaborate dream, in which the narrator himself is the most ambiguous thing of all.

The Essential H.P. Lovecraft Collection

H.P. Lovecraft - 2010
    Lovecraft are in one giant collection with an easy to navigate table of contents.At the Mountains of MadnessThe Call of CthulhuThe Case of Charles Dexter WardThe Color Out of SpaceDarknessThe Dream Quest of Unknown KadathThe Dreams in the Witch-HouseThe Dunwich HorrorHerbert West: ReanimatorThe Horror at Red HookThe Horror in the MuseumHypnosImprisoned with the PharaohsThe Lurking FearThe Other GodsThe Shadow Out of TimeThe Shadow Over InnsmouthShunned HouseThe Thing on the DoorstepThrough the Gates of the Silver Key

Werewolves and Shape Shifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within

John Skipp - 2010
    Martin, Charlaine Harris, Chuck Palahniuk, Neil Gaiman, H.P. Lovecraft, Joe R. Lansdale, Angela Carter, David J. Schow, Kathe Koja, Bentley Little, and more. Skipp provides fascinating insight and details, through two nonfiction essays, into the history and presence of shape shifting in popular culture.  Resources at the end of the book include lists of the genre's best long-form fiction, as well as movies, websites, and writers.

The Bizarro Starter Kit (Purple)

Cameron Pierce - 2010
    Its name: BIZARRO. For years, readers have been asking for a category of fiction dedicated to the weird, crazy, cult side of storytelling that has become a staple in the film industry (with directors such as David Lynch, Takashi Miike, Tim Burton, and even Lloyd Kaufman) but has been largely ignored in the literary world, until now. The Bizarro Starter Kit features short novels and story collections by ten of the leading authors in the bizarro genre: Russell Edson, Athena Villaverde, David Agranoff, Matthew Revert, Andrew Goldfarb, Jeff Burk, Garrett Cook, Kris Saknussemm, Cody Goodfellow, and Cameron Pierce.

The Night Land, a Story Retold

James Stoddard - 2010
    Penned in 1912, The Night Land is considered by many to be a work of genius, but one written in a difficult, archaic style that readers often find impenetrable. As a labor of love, James Stoddard has rewritten Hodgson's book to bring it to a wider audience. The story opens in the 19th century, but quickly moves to the far future, where the sun has gone out, leaving the world in a darkness broken only by strange lights and mysterious fires. Over the ages, monsters and evil forces have descended to the earth, compelling the surviving humans to take refuge in a great pyramid of imperishable metal built in a miles-deep chasm. The monsters surround the pyramid in a perpetual siege lasting for eons, waiting for the moment when its defenses must fail.But one man, born out of his time, must leave the pyramid to seek his long-lost love though all the perils of the Night Land.


Stephen Leather - 2010
    He has recently inherited a mansion from a man who turns out to be his father. A father who killed himself when he was unable to reverse a deal he did with a demon - a deal that sold his son's soul.


Greg F. Gifune - 2010
    Jeff McGrath has recently lost his job, and he and his wife Eden are having trouble making ends meet. Saddled with a mountain of growing bills, the prospect of being evicted from their apartment and an enigmatic homeless man who lives on the steps of their building and seems inexplicably drawn to the young couple, things look exceedingly bleak. But when one afternoon Jeff meets a beautiful businesswoman who wants to recruit him for a high-paying job at an internationally-renowned company owned by the wildly successful CEO Foster Hope, he thinks his luck may be changing. But what initially seems like the break of a lifetime soon becomes an unimaginable nightmare Jeff may never escape. Because an evil as ancient and elusive as the sands of time has come calling, nothing is as it seems, nothing happens by accident or chance, and one man’s dream-come-true may very well be another man’s descent into inconceivable horror.Careful what you wish for…evil has many names…

The Cannibal's Guide to Ethical Living

Mykle Hansen - 2010
    But Andre would never eat his dear friend Louis. Andre only eats millionaires! Over a five star French meal of fine wine, organic vegetables and human flesh, a lunatic delivers a witty, chilling, disturbingly sane argument in favor of eating the rich. It's a darkly hilarious dessert to Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma and Foer's Eating Animals-a tale of good and evil, of rich and poor, of manners, madness and meat.

Faces in the water

Ranjit Lal - 2010
    The water from a magical well in their farmhouse was the reason behind this ‘good fortune’, they said. One day, fifteen-year-old Gurmi sets out to look for the well and what he sees changes everyone’s world forever. The faces of three girls look up at him from the water, and draw him into a world of fun, games and cyber magic—and Gurmi has to face up to an unnerving truth as murky as the surreal well. What terrible crimes have been committed behind the walls of the rambling Diwanchand family home? Will Gurmi and the ghost-girls be able to avenge the evil that has taken place and prevent yet another unspeakable atrocity from occurring? Funny, yet sensitive and immensely powerful, Faces in the Water is the story of lives lost to appease our society’s insatiable hunger for male children, and the price families pay for its sake.

Innocents Lost

Michael McBride - 2010
    Her father, FBI Special Agent Phil Preston of the Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team, devotes his life to finding her and discovers a pattern in a recent string of abductions. Dr. Les Grant leads a group of graduate students into the Wyoming wilderness in search of an unidentified Native American medicine wheel photographed by an anonymous hiker. Instead, they stumble upon a macabre tableau of suffering. Fremont County Sheriff Keith Dandridge finds himself right at the heart of the mystery when twenty-seven bodies are disinterred in the Wind River Range at the westernmost edge of his jurisdiction, with the promise of more to come. All the while, an unknown evil is summoning the men to its killing grounds, where the remains of the lost innocents are left to rot...and a fate far worse than death awaits them.

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 40 (Clarkesworld Magazine, #40)

Neil Clarke - 2010
    Ridler"Video Game Sci-Fi Comes of Age" by Brian Trent"2009 Reader's Poll and Contest" by Neil ClarkeReceived Shirley Jackson Award in 2010 for "The Things" by Peter Watts

Apocalypse World: The Master of Ceremonies Playbook 2nd Edition

D. Vincent Baker - 2010
    In the golden age of legend, when there was enough to eat and enough hope, when there was one nation under god and people could lift their eyes and see beyond the horizon, beyond the day. Children were born happy and grew up rich.Now, that's not what we've go. Now we've got this. Hardholders stand against the screaming elements and all comers, keeping safe as many as they can. Angels and savvyheads run constant battle against there's not enough and bullets fly and everything breaks. Hocuses gather people around them, and are they protectors, saviors, visionaries, or just wishful thinkers? Choppers, gunluggers, and battlebabes carve out what they can and defend it with blood and bullets. Drivers search and scavenge, looking for that opportunity, that one perfect change. Skinners and the maestro d' remember beauty, or invent beauty anew, cup it in their hands and whisper come and see, and don't worry now what it will cost you. And brainers, oh, brainers see what none of the rest of us will: the world's psychic maelstrom, the terrible desperation and hate pressing in at the edge of all perception, it is the world now.And you, who are you? This is what we've got, yes. What are you going to make of it?

Remember You're a One-Ball!

Quentin S. Crisp - 2010
    There he begins to remember the strange world of childhood and comes to realise that the adult world is equally as strange. At the centre of everyday life he discovers a nightmarish game of power and manipulation and is forced to choose sides. He is about to receive the ultimate object lesson in human cruelty. From the author of Morbid Tales, Shrike, and All God's Angels, Beware , "Remember You're a One-Ball " is - in its recognition of the suffering of outcasts, of the ugly and the forgotten - a work of great compassion.

Long Live The New Flesh: Year One

William Pauley III - 2010
    This blog quickly became the home of hundreds of misfit stories that, to put it simply, were 'too weird' for other markets. 212 stories were published during YEAR ONE. These are our favorites.

Sour Lake: Or, The Beast

Bruce McCandless III - 2010
    Someone, or something, is leaving the good citizens of East Texas's Ochiltree County savagely mutilated and drained of blood. Slow-talking Sheriff Reeves Duncan needs to put an end to the murders, and soon. But it won't be easy. This is the Big Thicket, dark and brooding, haunted by racial tensions and economic despair. Fortunately, Sheriff Duncan can count on the assistance of an undersized but tough-as-rawhide Texas Ranger, two physicians, a mechanical wunderkind, and a soft-spoken idiot savant who knows the sloughs and baygalls of the Thicket like his own backyard. This league of unimpressive gentlemen is about to be tested by the cunning and ferocity of an enemy that walks by night--and the tentacles of a desperate sectarian plot that threatens the very survival of the human race. Cover design by Shaun Venish.

An Emporium of Automata

D.P. Watt - 2010
    Edition limited to strictly 150 copies.Whether it be recalling the fading entertainments of the British seaside and the infant graves of a forgotten Welsh lead-mining town, or conjuring a troupe of fantastical travelling players that divert a mediocre Soviet official, the tales gathered in An Emporium of Automata embrace collectors and obsessives whose passions corrode even the narratives that enact them. History and storytelling collide in these peculiar literary manifestations, often interrupted by a vengeful narrator intent on disturbing both story and reader.An Emporium of Automata draws together stories spanning a decade of writing. From the incredible clockwork mechanisms of ‘Erbach’s Emporium of Automata’ to the disturbing images on a grainy reel of film in ‘Dr Dapertutto’s Saturnalia’, section I: Phantasmagorical Instruments unearths the magical transformations of matter and the desperation of memory. The determinations of the book enthusiast are revealed in ‘Of Those Who Follow Emile Bilonche’. The cunning rituals of an ancient tradition offer a destitute woman otherworldly hope in ‘They Dwell in Ystumtuen’. And ‘The Butcher’s Daughter’ continues the family business in a fashion most unwelcome to the new tenants of her old home. The pomposity of a fading traditionalist is mirrored in the fate of a left-wing radical in ‘Room 89’. ‘The Condition’ finds the destiny of culture to be somewhat other than one might expect.The five stories collected in section II: Genealogical Devices circle around a curiously ordinary femme fatale, Roberta Reid, whose quiet mystery captivates those who encounter her. But is her past as certain as it appears? Under the watchful gaze of a powerful, and decadent, landowner these characters reveal a local conspiracy that undermines the very tales themselves.Section III: Ex Nihilo begins with two tales from beyond, erupting from the authors’ lives they were written against. The stories continue bookish themes as an academic encounters a living archive hungry for knowledge in ‘Bibliophobia’. ‘1 = 0’ find the perpetual battle between theology and philosophy enacted between father and son, with unfortunate consequences. An ageing collector has a few surprises for his dubious visitor in ‘Memento Mori’. ‘The Comrade’ gives a bereaved and broken man a new direction in life following the teachings of his new companions. We end with a tortured fable of power and madness in ‘The Tyrant’.So, roll up! Roll up! And witness this phantasmagoria of metempsychosis. Stick a penny in the slot and marvel as these mechanical tableaux come to life; be careful though that their covetous gaze does not finally come to rest upon you, for the hollow eyes of toys and dolls are nothing less than visions of our own decrepit souls.D.P.Watt is a writer living in the bowels of England. He balances his time between lecturing in drama and devising new ‘creative recipes’, ‘illegal’ and ‘heretical’ methods to resurrect a world of awful literary wonder. His first fiction collection, Pieces for Puppets and Other Cadavers (InkerMen Press) was published in 2006.Contents:I: Phantasmagorical InstrumentsErbach’s Emporium of AutomataOf Those Who Follow Emile BiloncheThey Dwell in YstumtuenThe Butcher’s DaughterRoom 89The ConditionDr Dapertutto’s SaturnaliaII: Genealogical DevicesTelling TalesMaking HistoryStrategiesZarathustra’s Drive InnThe ArchitectIII: Ex NihiloArchaic Artificial SunsPulvis Lunaris, or, The Coagulation of WoodBibliophobia1=0Memento MoriThe ComradeThe TyrantFirst Editions: An AfterwordsAcknowledgements

Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity

Warren Banks - 2010
    They think they’re saving the world from horrific evil. But are they just saving it for something worse.Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity is a conglomeration of evils, many of them whispered in hints and rumors since the earliest days of Delta Green.BLACK COD ISLAND: An inhuman menace rises from the frigid waters of southern Alaska. Three hundred years ago the Haida Indians fought to stamp it out. They failed. Can Delta Green fare any better?M-EPIC: A top-secret Canadian agency with a nationwide charter. Few of its members know its long history of using supernatural methods to battle the supernatural itself. Even fewer comprehend the terrible consequences that they face.DISCIPLES OF THE WORM: Humanity has always quested for a means to defeat death. For some, it’s an all-consuming obsession. For Delta Green, a loathsome 25-year-old case still demands an answer to a crucial question: When immortality is at hand, exactly what price is too high?THE DEMONTE CLAN: Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating storms ever to strike the United States. It ravaged New Orleans and left the proud city a flooded wreck. For its victims, Katrina was an unspeakable tragedy. For Delta Green, Katrina was a chance to strike at a long-festering horror. The target is an old and influential family whose people are something other than human, who see New Orleans plight as an opportunity of their own- and who have become quite skilled at destroying merely human enemies.THE CULT OF TRANSCENDENCE: For centuries a cult of Nyarlathotep, the mind and soul of the Outer Gods, has conspired to change the world from behind the scenes, spreading its influence into the halls of power. Today its goals are more subtle and sinister than ever, guessed only vaguely even by its loyalest adherents. It may be the deadliest threat Delta Green has ever faced.PLUS: A wealth of tools to add depth and horror to your Delta Green games: Combat Options, Stress Disorders, Background Options, DNA Analysis, and tips for running Delta Green.

The Weird World of Eerie Publications: Comic Gore That Warped Millions of Young Minds

Mike Howlett - 2010
    Ultra-gory covers and bottom-of-the-barrel production values lent an air of danger to every issue, daring you to look at (and purchase) them.The Weird of World of Eerie Publications introduces the reader to Myron Fass, the gun-toting megalomaniac publisher who, with tyranny and glee, made a career of fishing pocketbook change from young readers with the most insidious sort of exploitation. You'll also meet Carl Burgos, who, as editor of Eerie Publications, ground his axe against the entire comics industry. Slumming comic art greats and unknown hacks were both employed by Eerie to plagiarize the more inspired work of pre-Code comic art of the 1950s.Somehow these lowbrow abominations influenced a generation of artists who proudly blame career choices (and mental problems) on Eerie Publications. One of them, Stephen R. Bissette (Swamp Thing, Taboo, Tyrant), provides the introduction for this volume.Here's the sordid background behind this mysterious comics publisher, featuring astonishingly red reproductions of many covers and the most spectacularly creepy art.

Dramas from the Depths

Reggie Oliver - 2010
    The stories from these collections are out of print and can only be found in very expensive limited editions. This collection brings together virtually all of Reggie Oliver's short fiction in a stunning hardcover. Oliver is considered the finest practitioner of classical ghost stories working today, but his tales have a twentieth century sensibility and style that makes them timeless. Bound with printed cloth panels. Each book is signed by Reggie Oliver.

Stay Go d

Nik Korpon - 2010
    If only he could tell her his name isn't really Damon. If only he could tell her who he really is. But after he witnesses a friend's murder, a scarlet woman glides into his life, offering the solution to all of his problems. His carefully constructed existence soon shatters like crystal teardrops and he must determine which ghosts won't stay buried-and which ones are trying to kill him-if he wants to learn why Mary has disappeared.Ages 18+ThrillerFiction

It Came from Del Rio

Stephen Graham Jones - 2010
    Between right and wrong. Between Texas and Mexico. The first is a joke to Dodd Raines, the second a payday. Then there's the borders he's made. Between himself and his estranged daughter, the border patrol agent. Between himself and his one-time employers. And there's another border, one he cares about even less than the Rio Grande: the border between life and death. Used to, the shadow Dodd Raines cast when he stood dripping from that water - it was the shadow of a fugitive. But now that fugitive's coming home, and the shadow he's casting? It's got rabbit ears. Listen, you can hear the chupacabras padding along beside him - their new master. He's that big guy in the hood, slouching out by the gas pumps. Walking north, for justice. Austin's never seen anything like Dodd Raines, and never will again. Get ready.

R.I.P.: Best of 1985-2004

Thomas Ott - 2010
    Comics done with no words, and executed in an impossibly lush black-and-white scratchboard style—collects material originally published in three (now out of print) thin European style “graphic albums” during the 1980s and 1990s, plus a few extras.Presented in the same deluxe format as the now sold-out Cinema Panopticum (for which a softcover release is planned for 2011) and The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8, R.I.P. offers up an even dozen tales of murder, suicide, oppression, terror, mutilation, crime, marital strife, and nuclear annihilation.

28 Days Later, Vol. 3: Hot Zone

Michael Alan Nelson - 2010
    In this volume, Selena and her crew are on the move. London is getting closer, but the journey is getting tougher. While The Infected still walk, someone else has their eyes on the three who finally broke the UK quarantine. Some dangerous...someone with a lint to Selena's past.

Beneath a Winter Moon

Shawson Hebert - 2010
    The Group and their hunting guides find themselves stranded on a snow covered mountain after their helicopter crash lands during an early winter storm. Unable call for rescue, they struggle against the elements in the hopes that help will soon arrive.They are not alone. Death stalks the mountain in the form of a savage beast thought to exist only in nightmares - a creature of pure evil whose sole purpose is to feast on human flesh.Thomas and his companions must come to terms with the existence of the beast and find a way to defeat it...or become its next victims. Jack, Thomas's Siberian Husky, stands alongside the group in their battle against the monster and the elements as each night brings terror unlike any they have ever known.

DVD Delirium Volume 4: The International Guide to Weird and Wonderful Films on DVD and Blu-ray

Nathaniel Thompson - 2010
    Hundreds of fascinating films are reviewed in depth by one of the world's foremost DVD and Blu-ray experts. The ALL NEW DVD Delirium Volume 4 perfectly compliments the previous three volumes, covering a brand new selection of the world's greatest cult movies on DVD and Blu-ray. This edition of the ultimate guide to home entertainment stands alone as an essential book for all film fanatics. It also features a comprehensive index to this volume, plus a full listing of all the films reviewed in volumes 1, 2 & 3, which combine with this book to give readers almost 2,500 DVD and Blu-ray reviews! DVD and Blu-ray collecting is a minefield for the serious fan. If readers want to know whether or not to buy a particular film, this book will become their first point of reference. If it saves them from buying even one second-rate disc, it will have paid for itself right away! Plus, readers can discover masses of amazing films they did not even know had been released. No film fan should be without this definitive guide book! *** Picture and Audio quality of discs discussed in depth *** Special Features listed and examined *** Language and Subtitle options highlighted *** Full synopsis and review of each film *** DVD case size - designed to be stocked in DVD departments as well as book stores.

Sounds and Furies: Seven Faces of Darkness

Tanith Lee - 2010
    Scott Fitzgerald," and "The Isle is Full of Noises" (novella). These seven faces of darkness cast a wide shadow and burrow deep within... Tanith Lee is the author of 77 novels, 14 collections, and almost 300 short stories, plus 4 radio plays (broadcast by the BBC) and 2 scripts for the TV cult UK SF series Blake's 7. Her work, which has been translated into over 17 languages, ranges through fantasy, SF, gothic, YA and children's books, contemporary, historical and detective novels, and horror. This year she was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Master of Horror 2009. Major awards include the August Derleth Award for Death's Master, the second book in the Flat Earth series. Norilana Books is proud to present timeless works of dark beauty and imagination by the award-winning beloved British author Tanith Lee, via the new imprint TaLeKa, dedicated to showcasing the literary works of Tanith Lee and the art of John Kaiine.


Scott G. Mariani - 2010
    A vampire must never harm a human 2. A vampire must never turn a human 3. A vampire must never love a human DI Joel Solomon has a secret: he believes in vampires. But a ritual murder in the Oxfordshire countryside is just the first incident in a horrifying chain of events drawing the Detective Inspector into his worst nightmare. Are vampires really claiming fresh victims? Alex Bishop is an agent of the Vampire Intelligence Agency (VIA), tasked with enforcing the laws of the global Vampire Federation and hunting down rogue members of her race. But when the Federation comes under attack from an uprising led by the traditionalist vampire Gabriel Stone, Alex finds herself fighting for survival. From the streets of London and Oxford to the canals of Venice and the mountains of Transylvania, Joel and Alex are plunged into a deadly game of cat and mouse as the war between the Trads and the Feds threatens to destroy them - and everything they believe in!

Requiem Vampire Knight Vol. 4: The Convent Of The Sisters Of Blood and The Queen Of Dead Souls

Pat Mills - 2010
    Occultist Aleister Crowley is holding a soirée, a group of followers gathered to witness the consecration of his mistress, Leah. Non-believers beware!In Necropolis City, Requiem, Rebecca and Otto continue to slog it out, using Otto's prize collection of exquisite antique weaponry: medieval shield with sword blade, holy water sprinkler and volley gun, crossbow with wheel-lock firearm...and a piano gun?!What about the red snow plague? General Salem's troops repel the bubonic-infected zombies storming Vlad Bridge, just as the killer rats stop laughing - and their boils erupt... Requiem is also internally battling Thurim, who's very keen to take over his body and rejoin Necropolis as a non-living member of vampire society. As Thurim gains supremacy, his enormous libido lands him in a very compromising position with the Ape of Thoth. It gets ugly and, uh, hairy.

Short Story Collections by George R. R. Martin: Tuf Voyaging, Dreamsongs: a Rretrospective, Sandkings

Books LLC - 2010
    Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 20. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Tuf Voyaging is a science fiction novel by George R. R. Martin, first published in 1986. It is a darkly comic meditation on environmentalism and absolute power, and is regarded by many fans as being among Martin's best early work. He has also cited Jack Vance as a big influence on the Tuf stories, trying to emulate Vance's style in many of them. This fix-up novel is a collection of short fiction works published over several years beginning in 1976 with "A Beast for Norn," and did not incorporate the S'uthlam stories (all of which were published in Analog) until late 1985, shortly before the fix-up was collated, given a Prologue, and published in book form. The novel concerns the (mis)adventures of Haviland Tuf, an exceptionally tall, bald, very pale, overweight, phlegmatic, vegetarian, cat-loving but otherwise solitary space trader. Due to the venality and cutthroat tactics of the party chartering his one-man trading vessel, Tuf inadvertently becomes master of Ark, an ancient, 30-kilometer-long "seedship," a very powerful warship with advanced ecological engineering capabilities. Tuf travels the galaxy, offering his services to worlds with environmental problems, and sometimes imposing solutions of his own. The story begins with four people requiring transport: Celise Waan, a scholar of anthropology; Jefri Lion, a scholar and retired soldier; Annitas, a half-robotic cybertech; and Kaj Nevis, the leader of the expedition. They hire Rica Dawnstar, a mercenary bodyguard, and acquire the services of Haviland Tuf, a not very successful trader. Their destination is a so-called "plague star," known to inflict disease and pestilence on every third generatio...More: http: //

The Wolves of Solomon

R.L. Blackhurst - 2010
    When he discovers the truth of their nature, he vows to destroy the Order and have the Knights burned to the last.When hundreds of Templars are arrested in France and Catherine is taken by De Floyran, Galeren resolves to rescue her and save as many of his brethren as he can. Alone, he journeys to France and into the heart of danger to face his enemy and risk everything to save his race from destruction.

The Vampire Hunters: Book One of the Vampire Hunters Trilogy

Scott M. Baker - 2010
    until they found themselves tracking down a serial killer who turned out to be one of the undead. Stopping him cost them their careers and almost their lives. Thanks to an influential and anonymous benefactor, Drake and Alison find a new job ridding the streets of Washington D.C. of the vampiric threat terrorizing the nation's capital. Only this time, Drake and Alison are not facing a single vampire but an entire nest led by Ion Zielenska, one of history's most evil and twisted masters. As the vampires indiscriminately prey on humans, seeing them as nothing more than food to satiate their hunger, they create a wave of violence that threatens to engulf the city. Orchestrating the carnage is Antoinette Varela, the mistress of the nest, who realizes that for the nest to survive the hunters must be eliminated. However, when her vendetta turns personal, the hunters find themselves in struggle they are not prepared for.

Fell Beasts

Gord Rollo - 2010
    But, as we grow up, we mature and realize there really aren't things that go bump in the night. Or is there... In this eclectic collection of eleven short stories by some of today's veterans and up-and-comers in the horror genre; you will uncover things that may revert your mind back to when you were a little kid. You'll discover: hairy beasts that dwell in caves and wander the wilderness in search of prey, things that slither and lurk in the water, creatures from Hell, people that think they are a monster or an animal, dwarf-beasts, vicious winged creatures and a macabre experiment on an unfortunate soul. But, you can handle all that, right? If you think so, forget about calling for mommy or daddy to come save you if something bad happens... ...'cause you've been warned. With stories by: R. Scott McCoy, Timothy Moore, Jason Sizemore, Thomas A. Erb, Gord Rollo, Robert Ford, Dean Harrison, Michael West, Adam P. Lewis, Brady Allen, and John Everson

Zombies! Episode 1: Shawn of the Dead

Ivan Turner - 2010
    Shawn of the Dead is the first of a series of episodes that focuses on the more personal aspects of people as they face their regular lives against the backdrop of a zombie infection.Shawn Rudd is an almost average high school senior on his way to meet up with his secret lover when he encounters what appears to be a zombie. His reaction to this encounter will change the course of his life forever.Detective Johan Stemmy and his partner are called in to investigate a strange murder. The victim's time of death predates the murder by several hours. As the word "zombie" begins to enter their vocabulary, Stemmy and his partner must begin to redefine their experience as homicide detectives and accept what simply cannot be.Join these and other characters as they try to live their regular lives despite intrusion of zombies into the populace. With the rules of society altered forever, can society survive?

The Rising: Deliverance

Brian Keene - 2010
    What made Reverend Martin the kind of man that would help a stranger like that? What kind of man was he before the zombies came and what trails did his faith endure?Brian Keene returns to the early days of the zombie invasion in The Rising: Deliverance to tell the story he didn’t have room to tell in the original novel.The story of a Reverend, his faith and zombies.Also contains a short story set in the world of The Rising by Kelli Owen.Early Bird purchasers have had their names printed in the front of the book (pages 5 to 7).Maelstrom Volume 1, Book 2.

The Well

Peter Labrow - 2010
    Missing. Cursed. Fourteen-year-old Becca Richards and her stepbrother have fallen to the bottom of an ancient well. Their parents are away; they won't be missed for days. The predatory man who had been stalking Becca now switches his attentions to her best friend. Two women who know where Becca is trapped are desperate that she should never escape. Over the course of a week, family, friends and strangers are drawn together by a terrible shared fate - from which not all will escape. 'The Well' is a darkly gripping tale about how we respond to the hand fate has dealt us - and the consequences of our choices. The Well deftly intertwines a story of supernatural horror with a tale of one of the greatest fears of modern life. As the book progresses, the two stories become one - driving relentlessly towards a single, thrilling finale. The Well is a fast-paced, riveting story that will grip you - and keep you guessing - until the very end.


Stephen King - 2010
    1922 is a novella by Stephen King, published in his collection Full Dark, No Stars (2010).The story opens with the confession of Wilfred James to the murder of his wife, Arlette, following their move to Hemingford, Nebraska onto land willed to Arlette by her father.