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The Dove Keeper

Evelyn Deshane - 2008
    But when he meets Bernard, the old, aging, and well known fag artist, he is offered something he cannot turn down.

Faith & Fidelity

Tere Michaels - 2008
    He's trying to get on with his life, build a life for his children. Former Homicide Detective Matt Haight is a ladies’ man, all sex/no commitment. He's depressed, having a midlife crisis, and not sure where his life is headed.The two find friendship in the bottom of a shared bottle. When the friendship turns to love, it shakes two straight men to the core and flips their lives inside out. Kids, families, careers that are not gay-friendly -- can all the love in the world overcome the obstacles to faith and fidelity?

Good-Time Boys

Carol Lynne - 2008
    That is until Garron Greeley moves to town. Garron is the town's newest resident and bad boy bartender with shoulder-length dark brown hair and tribal tattoos. Sonny is struck by lust at first sight. Garron's Gift When his lover Sonny sprang the idea of a commitment ceremony on him, Garron couldn't have been happier. The ceremony is everything he hoped for, until an act of bigoted violence shatters Garron's world, leaving his new husband in a pool of blood in the middle of the street.Rawley's RedemptionAfter unjustly losing his job, ex-Sheriff Rawley Good turns to the one person he has long denied himself, rancher Jeb Greeley. But Rawley soon learns he can't always be the boss when it comes to love. Relationships aren't like running a town and a man like Jeb is not about to be dominated-even in the name of love.Twin Temptations For twins Ryker and Ranger Good, life has never been easy. Kicked out of the house when they were barely eighteen, the brothers started a new life together. Now in their thirties they are ready to make a commitment, not only to each other but to the woman they've waited to claim for four years.

Mexican Heat

Laura Baumbach - 2008
    One red-hot sexual encounter in a bar’s back room has put two years of deep undercover work in jeopardy—two years of danger and deception as he worked his way into crime boss Ricco Botelli’s inner circle. Gabriel can’t afford emotional entanglements. Hell, he can’t afford emotions. But that was before he had a name to pin on that anonymous one-off—Miguel Ortega.Miguel Ortega doesn’t trust anyone, but tough, street-smart Gabriel brings out the conquistador in his Spanish blood. But distractions are nothing short of deadly right now, not with his boss’s impending marriage to Botelli’s sister, which will ensure peace—and massive drug profits—for both families.On a trip to Mexico to set up drug supply lines, a violent confrontation proves they’ve got each other’s backs—to a degree.Then one savage act changes everything, testing not only their fragile bond, but Gabriel’s will to live.

I Spy Something Bloody

Josh Lanyon - 2008
    . . "The voice on the phone was the last voice Dr. Stephen Thorpe expected to hear. But ex-lover Mark Hardwicke is injured and in trouble -- and Stephen has always had a hard time saying no to this particular brand of trouble.His cover blown, his enemies closing in, British spy Mark is seeking sanctuary with the man he never stopped loving. But there's a new man in Stephen's life, and Stephen's not interested in hearing Mark's explanations or excuses -- let alone playing doctor with him.Something went terribly wrong on Mark's last mission. Something he can't bring himself to think about, let alone talk about. But he better start talking soon because not only is Stephen losing patience fast -- someone wants this spy left out in the cold.Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, violence.

Temperature's Rising: A Midsummer's Night Steam

Ally Blue - 2008
    And four of Samhains top m/m erotica writers are serving them up. Taboo Desires by Amanda Young has a man facing a choice--give in to his desire for a man, or go back to his safe, straight life. In Custom Ride by K.A. Mitchell, a summer storm brings more than one man out of the closet. Ally Blue's Catching a Buzz gives a whole new meaning to personal electronics. And two werewolves mark each other as mates with the help of Jade Buchanan's Nut Cream. So go ahead. Get it while its hot!

Surviving an American Gulag

Edward C. Patterson - 2008
    Gordon, Ga - the Special Training Unit. It's 1967, the height of the Vietnam War and Private Winslow Gibbs has been drafted. He's two-hundred and seventy pounds and a bundle of nerves. He also has issues of a different nature, but in these days before the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, these are dealt with in the American Gulag, the Army's answer to the problem. What they don't count on are the ones like Private Gibbs, who want to survive it and serve. Based on the author's own experiences, Surviving an American Gulag is a story that the military would prefer remain a footnote. However, it is a defining moment and should not be lost to posterity. Also included with this work is "A Dime a Dip," a tale of the author's grandmother and her considerable efforts on behalf of thousands of migrant worker children.


Desiree Holt - 2008
    With ‘The Blackout' and no mortals roaming the streets to entertain them, three vampire friends decide they should play a game guaranteed to heat things up even more amongst themselves.Both Avery Summers and Dylan Black have secretly wished to spice up their long-standing relationship with a little extra ‘Summer Spice’. The sex is terrific but they think they can make it even better. In minutes, the sun isn’t the only thing that’s hot and scorching.For over a decade he’s come to her, invaded her dreams, and brought her untold pleasure. She knows his name. Aristo. She knows what he looks like. Golden skin, bright green eyes, and tight muscles. But she does not know where she can find him. Tamia has waited so long to find the man who makes her burn, she’s willing to walk through fire for the god of her dreams in ‘Beauty on Fire’.It’s Sierra Wolfe’s second time around wedding day but the groom failed to show up. Dejected, she strolls out onto the old Carnival Pier only to find her ex-husband following her. He wants to console her but can a vampire who has made one mistake, prevent himself from making another in ‘Vampire’s Captive’?When Phil Conway takes his pooch for a walk in the park, the last thing he expects is to be bowled over—literally—by another man, and his dog. Quickly giving in to the attraction they feel for one another, they plan drinks, dinner, then a day at the beach—and more, in ‘Summer Bliss’.Joshua Daly never dreamed he’d fall in love with a man, but when he’s stranded in a nudist colony, it’s the super sexy Paul Norris that he wants some ‘Liquid Heat’ with.After booking a much-needed weekend getaway to a remote island ‘Exotica’, Brooklyn O’Reilly meets island photographer, Channing Hastings. He is intelligent, sexy, and the perfect man to help her indulge in her wildest dreams.Samantha Jensen receives an invitation to a pool party in ‘Into the Blue’, that promises a wet and wild time. Right away she is drawn to a bronze hottie who looks like he stepped from the pages of a swimsuit calendar. Can the dark-haired dream with the steely blue eyes rescue her from a mountain of personal issues, or will she drown in her insecurities?

Under My Skin anthology

M.L. Rhodes - 2008
    Rhodes......Now merged together in one paperback volume, readers can enjoy the first two parts in the sizzling Under My Skin series! In Under My Skin...Sebastian Keller's been called 'the smart guy' most of his life. Though he hasn't always appreciated the label, and it hasn't exactly made him a man magnet, he's put his intelligence to work building his store, Great Escapes Travel Book Shop, to the point it's now the favorite recommendation of travel agents in the St. Louis area. His customers love him for his extensive knowledge and his amiable personality. He doesn't feel very amiable, however, when Rad Tattoos moves in next door to Great Escapes. Its owner, Dylan Radamacher, rubs Sebastian the wrong way from the get-go. The man's insufferable, stubborn, and worse, a bad boy. Everything Sebastian loathes! And yet, much to his annoyance, the teasing sparkle in Dylan's eyes, his hot, inked body, and come-hither voice set Sebastian's libido on fire. Sebastian's been there, done that with the bad-boy type before, though, and almost lost everything because of it. There's no way he's going down that road again. Yet when Dylan sets his sights on Sebastian and is determined to take him for a walk on the wild side, Sebastian knows he's in big trouble. It's going to take all his smarts and a whole lot of willpower to resist the sexy tattoo artist before the man finds a way to burrow deeper under his skin......And the story continues in Under My Skin II......For two months things between Sebastian and Dylan have been sinfully spectacular, and Sebastian hates to rock the boat. But the truth is, in spite of his own commitment issues, he's fallen in love with the sexy tattooist. Dylan, on the other hand, seems determined to avoid the 'L' word at all costs. As their relationship shifts toward the serious side, can the guys overcome their fears and take the steps that will bring them the kind of love that lasts a lifetime? Or will their old baggage come back to haunt them and tear them apart for good?

Jason Of The Valley

Jason K. Melby - 2008
    From sleazy porn producers, evil exes and psycho serial killers, everyone's just trying to find their happy ending in the valley.

A Cowboy Family Christmas

B.A. Tortuga - 2008
    They have puppies, snow, and a hot tub with a view. What more could two tired cowboys ask for? Dillon's big family are determined to make it more exciting, though, especially when Dillon's sister decides they need to host the family dinner. When Coke gets a call that a dear friend is in trouble, though, he and Dillon know they have to mount up and head out to help. Will they be able to prove that the family you choose is just as important as the one you're born with?

Regularly Scheduled Life

K.A. Mitchell - 2008
    But what happens one sunny Tuesday morning in October might be more than even the most loving couple can survive.When the bell rings that morning in chemistry teacher Sean Farnham's first-period class, a terrifying sound fills the halls - gunshots. Without considering the consequences, Sean runs to tackle the shooter, sustaining a bullet wound to his leg. Despite his actions, he is unable to save the lives of the principal and two students.Architect Kyle DeRusso hears about the shooting on the radio, and in the flash of an instant finds his life irrevocably altered. Everything - especially his heart - hangs suspended in a nightmare until he finds out Sean is alive. It doesn't matter that Sean will be left with a permanent limp. Kyle's just relieved the worst is over.Or is it? Putting that day behind them isn't as simple as it sounds. As Sean struggles to make something positive out of the tragedy, Kyle fights to save their relationship from the dangers of publicity - and Sean's unwillingness to face how the crisis has changed him.Warning: This book contains adults doing adult things, like using adult language and having hot m/m sex in various positions and on various furnishings. It might also cause the more tender-hearted adult to reach for a tissue or two.

Someone You Might Have Been

Fleshflutter - 2008
    Yeah, I know. Leave all expectations of realism at the door, please.Words: 104,000+ CompleteFree Download here:

What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard)

oldenuf2nb - 2008
    Draco Malfoy had waited years in hope of seeing Harry Potter utterly humiliated....

The Silent Dance

Archangel_of_Pain - 2008
    He is expendable, without worth and wholly at the mercy of the women who run his life and dictate his every move. However, everything changes when the Matriarch – the ruler of the land – decides to purchase him from the club where he works as an erotic dancer and call boy. Drydyn's relatively peaceful existence is turned upside down as heavy expectations are placed on him and he struggles to keep out of trouble – a near impossible feat since he's caught the eye of the highest ranking male employed under the Matriarch.Complete: 189,025 wordsNote: Site registration (free) is required.

A Keen Edge

H. Leigh Aubrey - 2008
    He's handsome, rich, a successful businessman and politician with a wife and three sons who adore him. When his father hires a young architect to be his assistant, Scott fights his attraction to the young man. Losing this struggle would mean the destruction of his life and his political career. Neil Phalen's marriage crashed and burned when a hustler tried to blackmail him. After the divorce, he moved to a new town to start life over as a gay man. The next-to-last thing he expected was to fall in love with his married boss. The last thing was that his boss would fall in love with him. Determined to protect Scott and his family, Neil offers to remain in the background and in the closet, but that becomes impossible when Neil's ex-wife reveals his secret to Scott's wife and father. As the conflicts escalate around them, the men have to decide which price is too high - the cost of personal honesty or the cost of a destroyed life.


Jade Buchanan - 2008
    Royalties donated to National Disaster Relief efforts. Catan's Fire - Jade Buchanan: Asad needs to teach his mate what happens to submissive Felidae who disobey orders. This is one lesson Catan will never forget! Brimstone by Mistake - Alice Gaines: Lucifer has grown tired of processing soul after soul through hell--until Sally Upshaw appears unannounced. The little temptress turns him on as no other woman ever has. The problem? Heaven's made a mistake. What will Lucifer do when the Man Upstairs wants Sally back? Shifting Priorities - Anne Kane: Solar flares have sparked random wildfires amongst the out-ports, and stationmaster Tome Rimmer forbids females to travel alone--a decision that doesn't sit well with Jexx. Her battle implants more than compensate for her gender. But when the sexy hunk she picks up in the station bar turns out to be more than human, she has more important things to worry about than her profit margin. Wolf Style - B.J. McCall: When a wolf races out of the flames and straight into volunteer firefighter Matt Reynolds' arms, he has no idea how his life is about to change. Cougar Meadow - Belinda McBride: When firefighter Ellie Cameron is separated from her crew and trapped in a firestorm, the last thing she expects is to be rescued--by a shapeshifting mountain lion who awakens the heat buried within her--and the need to mate. Going Somewhere - Cameo Brown: Leonora Palmer, an undercover arson investigator, gets an unexpected lesson in desire when the mysterious owner of a wild animal sanctuary catches her snooping in his garden and gives her no choice but to surrender to his primalneeds. Burning Down the House - Isabella Jordan: Katurah has always had the ability to start fires with her mind. Will she use her powers now to end it all--or will she give in to a fiery lover? Stockings - Jade Buchanan: What do you get when you throw a gorgeous female cat shifter, an enticing pair of stockings, and a very interested lady wolf into the mix? Enough heat to burn down the house... Fire Thief - Jordan Castillo Price: A glittery glam rock waif and a tattooed existentialist duck into a closet behind the bar. It's just another gritty, anonymous, gay encounter in the dark? Isn't it? Britta's Beast - Kate Hill: When Max and Britta met at a convention for members of magical law enforcement, they seemed like a perfect fit. But Max believes women should raise the family while men do the protecting. Problem. Britta's a Valkyrie, and that's just not her style. Time for the centuries-old cat to learn a few new tricks--before his lover takes wing. Firehorse - Mary Winter: When wildfires threaten a Nevada wild horse sanctuary, photographer Billie Mote takes one chance too many and finds herself needing rescued--from a man who teaches her that there's only one thing that burns hotter than the wildfire outside, and that's the passion between them. Mating Fever - Selena Illyria: The moons are full, and Courtney's trapped with Devin Langley--the man of her dreams. It's mating season for cat shifters, and she's in heat. Perfect opportunity. The only problem--she's been promised to another man.


Furiosity - 2008
    Love is a part of it in more ways than one, but this ain't romance. Harry/Draco and other pairings (het and slash) are imminent. If you're the type to get bored if Harry and Draco aren't USTing all over each other by the fifth chapter, this story will bore you to tears. Overall, it's rated NC-17 with a blanket warning for dub-con, D/s, and violence. Additional warnings will probably show up as I go along, but they'll only be listed if relevant to the current chapter. This story is AU because it ignores the epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It assumes a Muggle world where J.K. Rowling never wrote the Harry Potter series: I suppose it would be the same Muggle world we see in the books, except I'm going to try and write it true to "our" life rather than the caricatures JKR painted of Muggles in canon, so perhaps it can be called AU for that, too.Approx 99000 words complete

The Rylerran Gateway

Mark Kendrick - 2008
    The Consortium established the first of fourteen Inhabs nearly half a millennium ago. Now Andakar has attained a unique status. Its wealth is catching up with Earth's and they want equal partnership. A growing independence movement teeters on a knife-edge and will bring terrible hardship if it's not carefully executed.Rylerra, Andakar's sister planet, is also unique. After crash landing in one of its isolated glacial valleys, Lieutenant Commander Darreth James-Po and his boyfriend Dr. Naylon Ress take refuge in a cavern. Within it is a mysterious inter-dimensional gateway. Crossing it, they find themselves in an alternate universe where the Consortium never rose to power. Without warning, they're confronted by a ruthless Terran military and are caught up in their war with an alien species.Darreth and Naylon must find a way back to our universe or they'll be lost forever. Andakar's bold gamble of independence is questionable at best. On both sides of the gateway the powers that be will make sure no one gets what they want without a fight.

Playing with Fire: The Knight of Wands

Kiernan Kelly - 2008
    It's a good thing, too, because his boss won't let him have one, which proves to be a problem when his act comes crashing to the ground during a performance. Jericho is Marcus' best friend, the brother of the circus owner, who has been in love with Marcus for years. When Marcus is injured, Jericho sees it as the perfect time to confess his love. Danger lurks around unexpected corners, though, and Jericho and Marcus will have to step very carefully to survive.

Wild Horses

Selah March - 2008
    Two weeks on a dude ranch in the mountains can only be good for what ails you, right? Unless what ails you is grief and guilt severe enough to make you attempt suicide. Still, Blake Talbot agrees to accompany his Ivy League frat brothers on a trip out west to honor the memory of their beloved friend, Charlie. Blake hopes he can find a little peace of mind under the bright Montana skies. Instead, he finds Kris Killborn, who's the exact opposite of peaceful in every possible way. Kris has big plans, but at the moment he's stuck in Montana's Flathead Valley, spending the summer working as a hired hand on the Lazy C guest ranch while he dreams of making it big in Nashville. He sure as hell has no interest in getting all tangled up with some damaged college boy from back east. On the surface, Blake and Kris have nothing in common...unless you count a sexual chemistry that's downright combustible. Yet underneath all that, they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Will they be able to put aside their little differences long enough to get a good look at the big picture? Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places

The Arc of the Pendulum

brummell - 2008
    Author's Note: This is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, with some tribute paid to Disney's 1991 animated feature. Wordcount: 30,262 complate

Do I Seem Bulletproof to You?

Fleshflutter - 2008
    J2 FanficWhen he can't find any acting work, Jared Padalecki takes a job as driver and bodyguard to Jensen Ackles, who is a high-class prostitute with an underdeveloped sense of self-preservation and a bad habit of bringing out the crazy in people.Artpost 1: 2: count: 96,000 Complete

Carry On

Treva Harte - 2008
    After all, Frank is a cold-blooded hired gun -- hired to take over a murdered man's job and find out who killed him. Ned really didn't expect to have sex with Frank and MaeBelle, the owner of the speakeasy where Ned works.But now that he has, Ned has a bigger problem. He doesn't know how to keep them safe from the were who is killing anyone connected with the speakeasy...especially when Ned may just be the were who's doing it. Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, menage, violence.

Thirty Days and Counting

Terence Jackson - 2008
    An Air Force Captain and a teacher meet by chance and we hear their story unfold in a tale of love and self-discovery. Captain Jack Caufield meets Nigel by chance in the local Fish-n-Chip in Lakenheath, England. Nigel is a lecturer at a local college and plays rugby for one of the local leagues. Nigel knows what he wants and doesn't let anything stand in his way, including the Cap'n's rules for dating. Thirty Days and Counting is a beautiful gay love story for the ages.


Kit Zheng - 2008
    Both men are growing restless as their relationship, which was all about compatible needs, has begun changing. Then Clayton disappears, just as an old enemy of Gretzky's, Emil, turns up in town. Emil wants nothing less than Gretzky's territory--all of it, including Clayton. And he seems to know just how to push both men to the very edge. Will Clayton side with Gretzky, and show his boss what they mean to each other? Or will he and Gretzky succumb to Emil's wicked games?

Memories of Summer

Kiya - 2008
    Now the tables have turned as Joshua, now a big time Hollywood producer and Kunimi, a simple teacher in a local high school, will be forced to see each other after years of keeping their distance. Will old emotions be evoked or will they find a way to reconcile a love that's stronger than ever before.

The Secret's in the Telling

Sakuri - 2008
    How is he supposed to live any kind of life afterwards, especially when Potter continues to stick his unwanted nose into things? HPDM,SSRL Slash. Complete.

Street Artist

Rhianne Aile - 2008
    Spurred by mutual physical admiration, a scorching summer, and a cup of ice water, waiter Aidan and artist Jackson discover that sometimes it pays to listen to lust, as long as you don't ignore the following soft sigh of love.

Doorways and Windows

Anne O'Gleadra - 2008
    56,774 Genre: M/M (melodrama warning)

The Fine Line

Zahra Owens - 2008
    Dr. Jaydin Ellis finds out the hard way when his patient, Mack, sues him for sexual harassment. Jay knew he'd gone too far by falling in love, but when Mack asks to talk with him, he hopes they might just find some middle ground.

A Snowball's Chance

L. Shannon - 2008
    But “Get Out of Hell Free” cards don’t come easy. To earn his, Josh will have to satisfy a fire demon’s insatiable lust.This title is first in the Chance series, followed by Second Chance, Another Chance, and Games of Chance.

same difference?

Jaime Samms - 2008
    Is it Trevor he really wants, or does he just want his life back? Two days before Christmas, when Trevor appears at his door, he knows it's time to finally decide if he can live again. A spicy romance with a hopeful ending.

Fireworks Fantasy

Ally Blue - 2008
    Short starring Sam and Bo from the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series.

Fire Thief

Jordan Castillo Price - 2008
    Is seeing really believing? Hank would never dream of coming on to the most striking guy at the bar—but it’s his lucky night since Thomas, the burgundy-haired vision in black lipstick and mirrored shades, takes it upon himself to make the first move.While the encounter itself is mind-blowing, the hot-and-heavy grapple in the janitor’s closet isn’t the only way in which Thomas blows Hank’s mind.

Gods and Vampires

Sabrina Luna - 2008
    Crimson Ambrosia: A tale of a vampire and a spirited gypsy wanderer who become lovers for one unforgettable night of hot, dangerous passion. Playtoy for the Gods: The tale of a mortal man and an extraordinary god who meet at a costume ball. But, which one will pay the price of pain for the promise of pleasure?

Bo's Halloween Treat

Ally Blue - 2008
    Short starring Sam and Bo from the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series.

Into His Hand

drvsilla - 2008
    He's got one thing on his mind: winning the championship belt buckle and the right to call himself the best in the world. His unwavering dedication and focus is finally put to the test in the form of JT Padalecki, an up-and-coming rider new to the professional ranks, who has his sights set on winning the PBR finals — and Jensen. Cowboys ride and get by on grit and tough determination — the question facing Jensen is if they have to do it alone.Word Count 50,500 completeN.B. Into His Hand — Term to describe when the bull is spinning in the same direction of a rider's riding hand. This is an advantage for the rider: makes it easier to hold on, puts less pressure on the riding arm, and allows him to start spurring and dress up the ride. Means the rider has been given the opportunity to build a great ride on less effort.