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Bear, Otter, and the Kid

T.J. Klune - 2011
    Somehow they’ve muddled through, but since he’s totally devoted to the Kid, Bear isn’t actually doing much living. With a few exceptions, he’s retreated from the world, and he’s mostly okay with that - until Otter comes home.Otter is Bear’s best friend’s older brother, and as they’ve done for their whole lives, Bear and Otter crash and collide in ways neither expect. This time, though, there’s nowhere to run from the depth of emotion between them. Bear still believes his place is as the Kid’s guardian, but he can’t help thinking there could be something more for him in the world ... something or someone.


J.F. Smith - 2011
    He has his friends and his softball and his volunteer work. And he has a very good-looking boyfriend, Brian, who he’s been happily dating for over a year now. So what if his friends tend to question just how good his boyfriend is, and so what if Brian tends to have inexplicable mood swings. And so what if Brian seems to invite Matt’s suspicions on occasion. If he just shows a little faith and trust, he’ll appreciate what he has with Brian the way he should. Right?But suddenly, Matt finds himself in a desperate life-or-death situation on a trip overseas, and he realizes just how much he misses home, and Brian. He’s luckily rescued by a team of US Special Forces, only to immediately find out they’re a bunch of bigoted jerks. Worse, a quirk of his situation forces him to spend time with them that he’d rather not. And that’s when he finds out that first impressions can be misleading. When called upon, he steps up when every fiber of his being tells him not to, and discovers something deep inside himself that he didn’t realize was even there. And his life will never be the same. He finds that he can, after all, make some very overdue changes in his own life.What Matt doesn’t realize is that the bond of brotherhood runs both ways. And he winds up changing the lives of several of the men on that Special Forces team as much as they changed his.All it takes is faith and trust.

The Locker Room

Amy Lane - 2011
    His two obsessions have served him well. He and Chris beat the odds and stayed together through high school, college, and right on to the NBA.But life under fame’s microscope isn’t easy, especially when two men are pretending to be frat-buddies so the world doesn’t know they’re the next best thing to married. Their relationship survives the sacrifices they make and the lies they tell to stay together, but when their secret is exposed, the fallout might destroy them when nothing else could.Chris and basketball are the two things holding Xander together. Now the world is asking Xander to make a choice. Is there an option that includes a future with the man he loves?

Between Sinners and Saints

Marie Sexton - 2011
    Ostracized by his Mormon family for his homosexuality, Levi is determined to live his life his own way, but everything changes when he meets massage therapist Jaime Marshall.Jaime is used to being alone. Haunted by the horrors of his past, his only friend is his faithful dog, Dolly. He has no idea how to handle somebody as gorgeous and vibrant as Levi.Complete opposites on the surface, Levi and Jaime both long for something that they can only find together. Through love and the therapeutic power of touch, they’ll find a way to heal each other, and they’ll learn to live as sinners in a family of saints.

Alone On the Water

MadLori - 2011
    - 7725 WordsSorrow’s my body on the wavesSorrow’s a girl inside my caveI live in a city sorrow builtIt’s in my honey, it’s in my milkDon’t leave my half a heart alone on the waterCover me in rag and bone sympathyCause I don’t want to get over you.-The National

Like the Taste of Summer

Kaje Harper - 2011
    It wasn't New York, or California, but he figured it would be better than being home. College would be be a new start in a new place, maybe somewhere he could be himself.Sean was local, born and bred, on the opposite side of the town-and-gown divide, but attraction knows no boundaries. When personal tragedy brought them together, it was the beginning of something extraordinary.~~~~~This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Hot Summer Days" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Dear Author,I realize I'm late to the party, but it took me a bit to find just the perfect photo! This:The first time is so beautiful, if the one you're with cares enough to make it that way. These two are so young: barely out of high-school, but college is all about finding out who you really are.Photo Description: The place is secluded; leaves filter the sun. The men are so young, shirtless, smooth skin and sleek light muscle. The dark boy tentatively holds his lover, head tilted to bring their mouths together. There is nothing tentative about the blond. He leans in, driving the kiss. 1980's sweet summertime.Word Count: 15,288

Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Josh Lanyon - 2011
    The only lines he does these days are Browning, Frost, and Cummings. Even his relationship with the hot, handsome Wolfe Neck Police chief, Max Prescott, is healthy.When one of his most talented students comes to him bruised and begging for help, Swift hands over the keys to his Orson Island cabin - only to find out that the boy's father is dead and the police are suspicious. In an instant, the stable life Swift has built for himself hangs on finding the boy and convincing him to give himself up before Max figures out Swift's involvement in the case.Max enjoys splitting an infinitive or two with his favorite nutty professor, but he's not much for sonnets or Shakespeare. He likes being lied to even less. Yet his instincts - and his heart - tell him his lover is being played. Max can forgive lies and deception, but a dangerous enemy may not stop until Swift is heading up his own dead poet's society.Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that Josh Lanyon's smart, sexy, sophisticated stories may prove hazardous to your heart.


Taylor V. Donovan - 2011
    An award-winning start on the Broadway stage led him to the silver screens of Hollywood, where his star began to rise, and his heart fell hard for professional baseball sensation, Manuel Guzman. But there was no script for living out loud with the man of his dreams in the world of 1964. Then Richard disappeared without a trace. Forty years later, Michael Spencer discovered a journal in his grandmother's attic that would change his life forever, and quite possibly, solve the mysterious disappearance of Richard Lewis Bancroft. Original Prompt:Dear Author,They met while vacationing on a tropical beach, can their summertime romance last?Photo Description: Two very muscular, tanned men are naked on the beach. One is lying down, his left knee bent, his head (to the right) in the lap of his lover. The dark-haired, kneeling lover is leaning over him, hands to either side of his shoulders, about to kiss him upside-down.Download the story, read it here or find it in Don't Read in the Closet, Volume 2 or Don't Read in the Closet: GayRomLit Retreat 2011 Special Edition. __________Genre: contemporaryTags: gay m/m, family secrets, lies, angst, HEA, intolerance, sacrifice, romance, emotionalWord Count: 31,889

Clear Water

Amy Lane - 2011
    Patrick's been trying desperately to transform himself, and the results have been so spectacular, they've almost killed him. Meet Wes "Whiskey" Keenan; he's a field biologist wondering if it's time to settle down. When the worst day of Patrick's life ends with Whiskey saving it, Patrick and Whiskey find themselves sharing company and an impossibly small berth on the world's tackiest houseboat.Patrick needs to get his life together and Whiskey wants to help but Patrick is not entirely convinced it's doable. He's pretty sure he's a freak of nature. But Whiskey, who works with real freaks of nature, thinks all Patrick needs is a little help to see the absolute beauty inside his spastic self, and Whiskey is all about volunteering. Between anomalous frogs, a homicidal ex-boyfriend, and Patrick's own hangups, Whiskey's going to need all of his patience and Patrick's going to need to find the best of himself before these two men ever see Clear Water.

We'll Meet Again

George DeValier - 2011
    London pub owner Arthur Kirkland is driven to distraction by loud, brash American fighter pilot Alfred Jones. Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred's charms... just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war.Also includes a mini-sequel called "Keep Smiling Through"Art credit: TaleismWords: 43,415 complete

Hot Head

Damon Suede - 2011
    Unfortunately, Dante is strictly a ladies’ man, and the FDNY isn’t exactly gay-friendly. For ten years, Griff has hidden his heart in a half-life of public heroics and private anguish.Griff’s caution and Dante’s cockiness make them an unbeatable team. To protect his buddy, there’s nothing Griff wouldn’t do… until a nearly bankrupt Dante proposes the worst possible solution:, a gay porn website where uniformed hunks get down and dirty. And Dante wants them to appear there—together. Griff may have to guard his heart and live out his darkest fantasies on camera. Can he rescue the man he loves without wrecking their careers, their families, or their friendship?

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes

Ivy Blossom - 2011
    First-person present-tense series of short scenes from Sherlock's point of view, borrowing heavily from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories.Words: 62,006 complete

Falling Off the Face of the Earth

J.F. Smith - 2011
    All he has left is his mother to help him heal and regain his confidence before he's ready to get back out and re-conquer the world.But being big-city gay in a small southern town has its own challenges. In addition to coming to grips with what happened in New York, his hometown of Lawder throws its own curveballs at him. James is confronted with a bitter enemy from his school days, and frustratingly can't seem to avoid the guy. His mother suddenly wants to expand the family. The one guy James takes a liking to and starts dating has a lot of hang-ups about being gay. And he watches almost helplessly as a new young bully starts to repeat the kind of abuse he suffered during his own school days.Here where he grew up, the one place he should feel safe, James feels maddeningly off-balance. He starts to think that maybe going home was a bad idea after all. Maybe he'd be better off moving on and really starting over, completely from scratch. Maybe he should walk away from Lawder, just like he walked away from his life in New York.But maybe, if he'd give it a chance, he'd re-think everything he ever thought he wanted out of life. And maybe what he thought was important, isn't so important after all. Maybe he could have everything he never realized he wanted, if he just looked around himself for a moment.

Head Shy

Kate Sherwood - 2011
    This story is set between The Date and the epilogue of Out of the Darkness.Word Count: 36,000

Sometimes You Just Know

Kate Sherwood - 2011
    This is the story of Dan and Justin, before things went wrong.WARNING: Things DO go wrong. Not in this book, but unless you're pretty tough, I'd read Dark Horse first, so you're prepared...

The Painting of Porcupine City

Ben Monopoli - 2011
    His coworker Fletcher Bradford is looking for a heaven spot of his own, and his is even more elusive. Out since age 12, Fletcher's been around more blocks than Mateo has ever painted. He's dated all the jerks, all the creeps, all the losers in between. At 26 he's decided the only way to meet a nice guy is just never to give him a chance to prove otherwise. When he's introduced to Mateo, Fletcher expects to add another notch to his bedpost. But Mateo is different--and from him Fletcher will rediscover a long-lost feeling: surprise. What Fletcher finds in the trunk of Mateo's car will change his life in ways he never imagined--and may help him find what he's always wanted.From the author of THE CRANBERRY HUSH comes an epic story spanning years and hemispheres and miles of painted walls. At times sexy and sweet, gritty and gut-wrenching, THE PAINTING OF PORCUPINE CITY takes readers along with Mateo and Fletcher on an adventure through the subways of Boston to the towers of São Paulo. Are you in?

Performance in a Leading Role

MadLori - 2011
    John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world? Words: 156,714 completeCover by uncreativeart


Rick R. Reed - 2011
    Volunteering for the Tampa AIDS Alliance is just one part of that new beginning, and that’s how Dan meets his new buddy, Adam.Adam Schmidt is not at all what Dan expected. The guy is an original—witty, wry, and sarcastic with a fondness for a smart black dress, Barbra Streisand, and a good mai tai. Adam doesn’t let his imminent death get him down, even through a downward spiral that sees him thrown in jail.Each step of Adam’s journey teaches Dan new lessons about strength and resilience, but it’s Adam’s lover, Sullivan, to whom Dan feels an almost irresistible pull. Dan knows the attraction isn’t right, even after he dumps his cheating, drug-abusing boyfriend. But then Adam passes away, and it leaves Sullivan and Dan both alone to see if they can turn their love for Adam into something whole and real for each other.

The Brig

Rolf and Ranger - 2011
    The men of Falls Chance Ranch see what happens when Dale's work comes to the ranch.

Don't Read in the Closet: GayRomLit Retreat 2011 Special Edition

Clare London - 2011
    It is a product of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features authors attending the GayRomLit Retreat 2011 in New Orleans; if you like what you read, come join our group! Read these stories online or download the anthology from ARe. Note: These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only.J. P. Barnaby – IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT = First LoveL.C. Chase – OPEN TACKLE = Friends to LoversJaya Christopher – CODY AND THE HERMIT = BDSM/CowboysPoppy Dennison – BLINDSIDED = Hurt/ComfortTaylor V. Donovan – HEATSTROKE = AngstRachel Haimowitz – JUNGLE HEAT = MilitaryJambrea Jo Jones – WILD BLUE YONDER = MilitaryLissa Kasey and Xara X. Xanakas – SINK OR SWIM = Established CoupleK-lee Klein – OUTFOXED = Rock StarsMarguerite Labbe – TEARS OF THE SEA = Paranormal/FairytalesClare London – SAY A LITTLE PRAYER = Paranormal/AngelsBelinda McBride – FREE TO FLY = BDSMMichele L. Montgomery – TEARS FROM ABOVE = Paranormal/AngelsCherie Noel – KISS AND TELL = Mild KinkLydia Nyx – MOON OVER MONTANA = Shifter/CowboysM.J. O'Shea – BRIDGES = First LoveS.J.D. Peterson - INNOCENCE TO THE MAX = Paranormal/BDSMDevon Rhodes – HIS LAST RESORT = Coming OutJaime Samms – MOURNING = Hurt/ComfortP.D. Singer – THE BOY NEXT DOOR = Friends to LoversAndrea Speed – MY BLOODY VALENTINE = Paranormal/SorcererDamon Suede – SEEDY BUSINESS = Sci-FiV.J. Summers – LIAR, LIAR = Friends to LoversBryl R. Tyne – ALIPIO = FantasyPiper Vaughn – WANTING = First LoveMissy Welsh – YOU AND BILLION BLUE TILES = First LoveEden Winters – SWEET DREAMS = Coming Out

Life Lessons

Kaje Harper - 2011
    He has good friends and a rewarding teaching job. Then the murdered body of another teacher falls into the elevator at his feet, and Tony's life gets a little too exciting.Jared MacLean is a homicide detective, a widowed father, and deeply in the closet. But from the moment he meets Tony's blue eyes in that high school hallway, Mac can't help wanting this man in his life. However Mac isn't the only one with his eyes on Tony. As the murderer tries to cover his tracks, Mac has to work fast or lose Tony, permanently.

Full Circle

Kaje Harper - 2011
    Jamison Severs is sitting in a bar contemplating his past as a failed lover, failed doctor, failed drunkard, and a fading old man, trying to find a reason not to lift that glass. Then a beautiful blond boy walks in the door, bringing reminders of Jamie’s past with him. Meeting the son of Jamie’s former lover, Toller, brings back the good old days, and the bad. And maybe it’s finally time for Jamie to come to terms with all the things that brought him and Toller together, and the things that broke them apart.

Besame Mucho

George DeValier - 2011
    Lovino Vargas only ever wanted something exciting to happen in his boring, everyday Italian village existence. He never expected war, Resistance, love, passion, treason, or a cheerful, confusing, irritatingly attractive Spanish freedom fighter.

Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Two

Kerry Freeman - 2011
    It is a product of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features original stories from 28 authors; if you like what you read, come join our group! Read these stories online or download the anthology from AReNote: These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only.Blaine D. Arden – COLOR ME (Paranormal)Mandy Beyers – THE PRESENT IN ROOM FOUR (Rent Boy/Hurt-comfort)J.R. Boyd – LABOR OF LOVE (Blue Collar)J.M. Cartwright – APPEARING KNIGHTLY (Superhero)Jaya Christopher – CODY AND THE HERMIT (BDSM/Cowboys)*Casey Cox – BE MY BOY (D/S Slave)Nicole Dennis – HIDDEN AMONGST STARS (1950’s Hollywood)Megan Derr – DELIVERY WITH A SMILE (Comedy)Taylor V. Donovan – HEATSTROKE (Angst)*Haven Fellows – HIDDEN NEEDS (BDSM)Kerry Freeman - KEEP ME (Angst, D/s)Kari Gregg – THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING DENNY (Angst)Kaje Harper – LIKE THE TASTE OF SUMMER (First-Love/1980’s)Jason Huffman-Black – I AM THE HIGHWAY (BDSM)Marguerite Labbe – TEARS OF THE SEA (Paranormal/Fairytales)*Amy Lane – SUPER SOCK MAN (College/Solo-action)Cleon Lee – BENEATH YOUR WINGS (Angel/Demon)Jordan Sophia Lombard – FINDING HOME (Sci-fi/Military)Sarah Madison – SURF’S UP (Role-Playing)Angel Martinez – IF ONE DREAM SHOULD FALL AND BREAK (Sci-fi)N.J. Nielsen – SHADOWS ON THE HEART (Paranormal)Elizabeth Noble – TAKE WHAT’S YOURS (Futuristic Sci-fi)Adara O’Hare – CHASING THE PRICK (Hurt/Comfort)S.J.D. Peterson - INNOCENCE TO THE MAX (Paranormal/BDSM)*Lily Sawyer – LAWN MOWER BOYS (Summer Love)Andrea Speed – MY BLOODY VALENTINE (Paranormal/Sorcerer)*D.H. Starr – TLC (Recovery)Em Woods – BETWEEN FRIENDS (Action)*encore appearance of a story included in the GRL Retreat 2011 Special Edition.


Jet Mykles - 2011
    Drugs. Rock ‘n Roll. Nick Gorman’s got it all. He’s on top of the world, living his dream, playing guitar on stage in front of thousands of people with non-other than Marlowe. The famous singer could have had his choice of anyone to replace his former guitarist, but he picked Nick to tour with him. Now Nick’s star is on the rise, all thanks to Marlowe, who’s not only Nick’s idol but is fast becoming a terrific friend.In the blink of an eye, it all turns upside down. A drug-hazed time in a bed alone with Marlowe forces Nick to be aware that the rock star’s interest in him is more than just friendly. Then, before he can even react to that, both singer and guitarist are in a near-fatal accident that could ruin both their careers.What now? Marlowe’s in jail for two years and Nick is broken. Could they ever play together again, let alone explore the sizzling reverberations that still exist between them?

A Fortunate Blizzard

L.C. Chase - 2011
    And with good reason: he’s been on the transplant-recipient list for too long now. When he learns just how numbered his days truly are, he resolves not to take them for granted. But he won’t be unrealistic, either—which means romantic commitments are off the table.Marcus Roberts seems to have it all. He’s handsome, financially sound, and on the fast track to partnership at a prestigious law firm. In reality, though, his drive for success has meant no time for friends or relationships. Add in the fact that his family discarded him long ago, and he’s facing yet another holiday season alone.When the biggest snowstorm to hit Colorado in decades leaves Marc and Trevor stranded at the same hotel, a chance encounter and a night of passion leads to more than either of them expected. Finding comfort in each other is a welcome surprise, but time is not on their side. Either they find a way to beat the odds, or they lose each other forever.

Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Four

Megan Derr - 2011
    It is a product of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features original stories from 29 authors; if you like what you read, come join our group! Read these stories online or download the anthology from AReNote: These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only. Mark Alders – PYROGASM (Paranormal/Firemen) Rory Auden – BONDS AND BUBBLE RINGS (Shifters/BDSM) Poppy Dennison – BLINDSIDED (Hurt/Comfort)Megan Derr – PERMANENT EXHIBIT: THE GUARDIANS (Fantasy/Angels) Charles Edward – HEROTICA: PHOTON'S STORY (Superheroes) R.L. Ferguson – RIDING FOR A FALL (Cowboys/Friends-to-Lovers) S.A. Garcia – BOUND TO BE SUITED (BDSM/Humor) S.A. Garcia – A CURE FOR THE KING’S LUST (Wizards/Warriors) David Greene – SNAKE BITE (Adventure/Coming of Age) Kathleen Hayes – BROKEN (Hurt/Comfort) Kayla Jameth – CONTROLLED FALL (Adventure/Nature) K-lee Klein – OUTFOXED (Rockstars/ Established-Couples)Celia Kyle – JOY AND PAIN (BDSM/Voyeurism) Taylor Law – WRONG TURN (Shape-shifter/Coming-out) Elizabeth Lister – THE BEACH HOUSE (M/M/M) Ryan Loveless – TWENTY YEARS LATER (WELCOME HOME TO THE CONQUERING HERO) (Military/Reunion) Selah March – THE SATYR’S LAMENT (Post-Apocalyptic/ Mythology) Michele L. Montgomery – TEARS FROM ABOVE (Angels/Light D/S)Zahra Owens – TRUST (Organized Crime) Sloan Parker – SWEPT AWAY (Established-Couples) Jen Pinto – BLUE FLAMES (Sci-Fi/Masturbation) K.D. Sarge – ROMEO AND JULIAN: A NEAR-TRAGEDY NEAR VERONA (Sweet-No Sex, In-the-Closet) Kate Sherwood – TAKEN (Friends-to-Lovers, Hurt/Comfort) K.Z. Snow – QUIET ERP (Fairies/ Non-Explicit Sex) V.J. Summers – LIAR, LIAR (Goth Club/Friends-to-Lovers)Fae Sutherland – MORE THAN WORDS (Guy-liner/Public Sex) Anne Tenino – WHITETAIL ROCK (Cops/Inter-Racial) Pia Veleno – FREEDOM’S SOUVENIR (Vacation Romance) Eden Winters – SWEET DREAMS (College/Coming-Out)

A Solid Core of Alpha

Amy Lane - 2011
    Using electronics and desperation, Anderson creates a family to keep him company, but family isn't always a blessing.When Anderson finally arrives, C.J. Poulson greets him with curiosity and awe, because anyone who can survive a holocaust and reinvent holo-science is going to be a legend and right up C.J.'s alley. But the more C.J. investigates how Anderson endured the last ten years, the deeper he is drawn into a truly dangerous fantasy, one that offers the key to Anderson's salvation—and his destruction.In spite of his best intentions, C.J. can’t resist the terribly seductive Anderson. Their attraction threatens to destroy them, because the heart of a man who can survive the destruction of his people and retain his sense of self holds a solid core of alpha male that will not be denied.

Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Three

Damon Suede - 2011
    It is a product of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group Hot Summer Days event and features original stories from 27 authors; if you like what you read, come join our group! Read these stories online or download the anthology from AReNote: These stories contain sexually explicit content and are intended for adult readers only.Mael Day – THREE MONTHS AND ELEVEN DAYS (First Time/College) Astrid Detlefsen – THE MUSE (Established Relationship)Sasha Devlin – STROKE OF MIDNIGHT (Werewolves/Vampires) Ryssa Edwards – SPINNER (Military)Tia Fielding – HAWK’S SPARROW (Werewolves) Rachel Haimowitz – JUNGLE HEAT (Military)*Julie Lynn Hayes – PAVANE FOR A PROUD PRINCE (Fantasy/Magic) Valentina Heart – PLUG AND ENGAGE (BDSM/Friends to Lovers) Lissa Kasey & Xara X.Xanakas – SINK OR SWIM (Established Couple)* A.J. Llewellyn – CROCODILE UNDIE (M/M/M/M) Clare London – SAY A LITTLE PRAYER (Paranormal/Angels)* Belinda McBride – FREE TO FLY (BDSM)* Summer Michaels – LUCKY BOY (Friends to Lovers) Bran Mydwynter – FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE (Geeks-Nerds/Humor) Cherie Noel – KISS AND TELL (Mild Kink)*Lydia Nyx – MOON OVER MONTANA (Shifter/Cowboys)* Devon Rhodes – HIS LAST RESORT (Coming Out) *J. Rocci – JUST BREATHE OUT (First Time/College) R.J. Scott – GOT YOUR SIX (Military/ Friends to Lovers) P.D. Singer – THE BOY NEXT DOOR (Friends to Lovers)* Damon Suede – SEEDY BUSINESS (Sci-Fi)* Ariel Tachna – YOU’RE IT (Friends to Lovers, M/M/M) Bryl R. Tyne – ALIPIO (Fantasy) * Missy Welsh – YOU AND BILLION BLUE TILES (First Love)* Cooper West – HENRI'S WAR (Diesel-Punk/Film Remix) Sara Winters – STARTING OVER (College/Athletes)Serena Yates – ZEPH’S AWAKENING (Rescue/ Age Difference)*encore appearance of a story included in the GRL Retreat 2011 Special Edition.

What Can Be

Mary Calmes - 2011
    Now, existing in a new life as Jacob Somerville, he’s again running from fear and memories, only to end up where he started. As Jacob struggles to reconnect with his father and brothers, he realizes that his lover, Craig Zhao, was the only thing filling his empty heart and standing between him and ghosts of the past. It will take the power of love—from his family, from Craig, and from himself—for Jacob to see that his life truly is filled with the promise of what can be.


Domashita Romero - 2011
    Small, small town. There are ways out of even the smallest town, if you can find the hand to guide you out.Original link: 12,720 Complete

Beautiful Harmony

S.J. Frost - 2011
    When Robbie wakes on Christmas morning to a special message in the snow and Kyler standing in the early sunlight, he races outside to be with him.Though he and Robbie have faced challenges in their past, Kyler knows what he wants for their future. As Robbie stands before him, Kyler presents him with a gift that will change both their lives to one of beautiful harmony.

Well with My Soul

Gregory G. Allen - 2011
    One is a liberal gay man who forsakes his family and moves to New York City; the other is a southern conservative who is left at home holding the proverbial family bag. The story follows their loosely intertwined lives through the wild times of the late 1970s and the restraint of the Reagan years in which one brother ends up becoming a minister and preaching his doctrine while the other believes there are some things people are born with and not meant to change.

Into the Light

Kate Sherwood - 2011
    He's had two best friends in his life, and they've both been gay, so it's not as if he hasn't been exposed to the idea. And while his relationships with women have certainly been enjoyable, they've never lasted, and he's never really cared.He decides to take a chance with a player from another team. Ryan is a laid-back, carefree musician, and he makes everything seem easy. But maybe it's too easy, as both Chris and Ryan start to wonder whether they've stepped into the light, or stumbled even further into darkness.

Dance With Me

Heidi Cullinan - 2011
    He hates his soul-killing office job, but he loves volunteering at a local community center. The only fly in his ointment is the dance instructor, Laurie Parker, who can’t seem to stay out of his way.Laurie was once one of the most celebrated ballet dancers in the world, but now he volunteers at Halcyon Center to avoid his society mother’s machinations. It would be a perfect escape, except for the oaf of a football player cutting him glares from across the room.When Laurie has a ballroom dancing emergency and Ed stands in as his partner, their perceptions of each other turn upside down. Dancing leads to friendship, being friends leads to becoming lovers, but most important of all, their partnership shows them how to heal the pain of their pasts. Because with every turn across the floor, Ed and Laurie realize the only escape from their personal demons is to keep dancing—together.

The Heart in the Whole

verityburns - 2011
    But John has a secret of his own... Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Slash. Words: 101,650 complete

Legal Artistry

Andrew Grey - 2011
    Now, Dieter is calling on the services of a lawyer, Gerald Young, to determine whether his family’s legacy might be returned to him.Gerald doesn’t hold out much hope that the paintings will be returned, but Dieter’s earnestness speaks to him and he agrees to help. At first he concludes that while Dieter has a case, suing in Austria isn’t practical. But Gerald is a good lawyer, and as his feelings for Dieter develop, so does his determination to win the case. Together, Gerald and Dieter navigate research, hearings, and a dysfunctional family in the pursuit of fine art—and discover the art of love along the way.


LadyVader - 2011
    Entirely inspired by the Police lyrics ‘Sometimes it’s not so easy to be the teacher’s Pet’.Arthur/Eames fanfictionWords:100250 completeFanart by climb (

Story Orgy Presents And The Prompt Is

Em Woods - 2011
    Each story is complete and stands alone. Table of ContentsPicking Up Quinn…………………....………Em Woods new car - wrecker driver - baseball -- Beverly SmithFinding Pleasure…………………………...........JR Boyd satin sheet - EMT - hospital -- Beverly Smith Farewell…………………………………..Havan Fellows a grandmother - a cemetery - a tombstone -- Jambrea Jo Jones The Old Soda Shop…………...……………….Lee Brazil old roommate - an old fashion soda shop - a red ribbon -- Jambrea Jo Jones With This Ring…………………………..Hank Edwards bell boy - Ritz Carlton Hotel - cock ring -- Denise Vega

The Blog of Eugenia Watson

MadLori - 2011
    My Life In an Unconventional Family. How unconventional? Well, I live with my divorced parents and my dad's husband. How's that for starters? Trust me, it gets weirder.My name is Eugenia Watson, but you can call me Genie. I'm sixteen. This is my life.Note: Work is marked complete for now and is on hiatus, having reached a convenient stopping point. Additional chapters may be added in the future.Another BBC Sherlock fan fic by the amazing Mad_Lori. John's biological daughter Eugenia and how she's raised by JohnLock and her mother.

Wishing on a Blue Star

Kris Jacen - 2011
    Edited by Kris Jacen. How much impact can someone have on your life if you’ve never met them face to face? In this electronic age of E-mails, electronic publishing, and social networks, quite a lot. Through his emails, stories and blog, author Patric Michael has touched numerous hearts, minds and lives from the start of his career and further as he now takes us along on his journey to battle cancer. Along the way, Patric shows us a side of life that not many truly see-- how we are all a part of something larger than just ourselves, and how we are each touched by others for the betterment of all.Now, those that have been touched by Patric and his words have joined together to give something back, to him and to us all through something he values highly – words. In this compilation, short stories, poems, and anecdotes combined with excerpts from Patric's blog and a few entertaining, educational group posts reveal, and celebrate, the man who has touched so many hearts and minds.This collection is a gift from all our hearts to celebrate Patric and give strength (and a little levity) to others. The price reflects this; no one is receiving royalties or payment from the sales. Use it to celebrate life, celebrate words, and possibly inspire someone who needs it.

Without a Doubt

Ann Lister - 2011
    For the first time in a decade of writing, Callie is blocked and running late on a deadline for her fourth book. In an effort to break the ties holding Callie's creative mojo hostage, her editor Jane Paget decides to send Callie into exile on the island of Martha's Vineyard, far away from the city distractions of Boston, to work through her block. Reluctantly, Callie accepts her editor's isolation sentence and packs her bags to spend the winter on the Vineyard. Soon after arriving at the tiny, idyllic island community, Callie meets Jackson Brody, her handsome and intriguing new neighbor whose obvious attraction to Callie proves to be her biggest distraction of all. Island living - and Jack, quickly grow on Callie and the winter never felt so hot. Will Jack be the muse Callie needs to break through her writer's block or will he prove to be too much man for her to handle? Spend a Vineyard winter with Callie. Experience the island through her eyes and her budding self-discovery as she explores the possibilities of a future with Jack. Be witness to the author pitfalls and celebrations as she creates her next best-selling novel. You will enjoy her story...without a doubt.

Tales of the City

Vaughn R. Demont - 2011
    In "Drive-Through", a late-night run for barbecue takes an unexpected turn, while "The Line of the Hunt" tells the tale of a were-cheetah struggling to maintain a normal life despite his bestial nature, and how a chance encounter with another of his kind threatens to bring his house of cards tumbling down. "Happy Birthday" returns the reader to the romantic leads of "The Vampire Fred" for a brief but important night in Fred's life. The collection finishes with the novella "Let the River Run", the story of an incubus accused of murder who recounts his story and origins in an attempt to prove his innocence. Warning: This work contains scenes of explicit erotic content.

Two Wolves

Xanthe Walter - 2011
    After five months of hitting brick walls, Tony finally hatches a desperate plan to rescue Gibbs, only to find him a very changed man. In order to escape, Tony has to remind Gibbs who he is and awaken a sleeping wolf inside him. But, haunted by his ordeal and the acts he’s been forced to commit, can there ever really be a way back for Gibbs?Rated: NC-17Genre: SlashPairing: Gibbs/DiNozzoWord count: 150,000 complete

Words and Their Digestion

seventhswan - 2011
    For someone who can't even think the word 'triangle' without giving into his compulsions, a love shape-that-can't-be-thought is quite possibly the worst place to be.Words: 11,361 Complete

Smile for the Camera

nicb0723 - 2011
    Can they stand the heat? Or will things become not so straight anymore…Words:71286 Complete

Sins of Summer Anthology

D.J. Manly - 2011
    Sent out on a mission to find a monster, Jas meets Mayze, and he's like no one he's ever met before. Is he the monster who killed his sister, or could he just be the answer to his prayers?Burnt Island - Jealousy...Private investigator Leo Gannet agrees to tail his father's boyfriend, theatre director Thane Covey, on a clandestine trip to a tiny Greek island. But Thane's good looks soon inspire Leo's jealousy, and his jealousy turns to worry when he realises Thane has someone else's attention...a hitman's.Summer Escape - Wrath...If New York banker Carlton Jaymes Pearce doesn't want to have a heart attack, he has to cut his stress levels. Learning to sail seems like a good way to relax, until he finds himself in a hot and heavy fling with his sailing instructor, Troy Nicholls. When the pair are kidnapped and left on a deserted island, can they overcome the wrath of a man from Carlton's past?

Love Lost And Found

Sonia Rumzi - 2011
    Is it true even in love? When we hurt someone, do we get hurt in the future just the same way? Jonathan fell in love and offered all to his partner. Taken for granted and discarded broke his heart. But, Karma has its way of coming back full circle.

The Ant Tower

Christopher Ruz - 2011
    After years spent battling the heathens in the frozen north, Parkin is glad for what he thinks will be an easy contract.But there's more to fear in the desert than thirst, and as Parkin's comrades fall one by one, he's forced to ask - what does the Magician really want from him? And what evil has taken root in the rock mound known as the Ant Tower?The Ant Tower is an 8000 word swords-and-sorcery fantasy in the style of Gene Wolfe and Michael Moorcock. The Ant Tower was also collected in Future Tides, a 60,000 word, 18 story collection by Christopher Ruz, comprising of all his science fiction and fantasy work published between 2007 and 2011. Future Tides is available for just $5.99, exclusive to the Kindle store.

Stronger Than Lions

Sean J Halford - 2011
    Devastated by the loss of his mother, Caleb enters his final year of high school facing an uncertain future and plagued by the bullies who have been making his life a misery. When a new boy with a mysterious past arrives at the school, Caleb is thrust headlong into a series of events that will make senior year the most important time of his life yet.

Yakuza Pride

H.J. Brues - 2011
    Shigure is even more pleased when he discovers Ken not only speaks Japanese fluently, but is fluent in Japan's ways, even the more violent of the martial arts. Ken’s expertise at kendo is not his most striking quality—it’s the passion beneath his quiet, almost fragile exterior that ignites Shigure's lust, and the two come together as explosively as they spar. Shigure is a dangerous man in a dangerous position. He’s been trying to keep the peace with the Daito-kai—his hated rivals—but the danger on the streets is escalating, threatening those Shigure most wants to protect. He may claim to love his gaijin, but before he can keep Ken safe, Shigure will have to overcome hostility from his people, a hidden enemy, and, the most insidious opponent of all, his own hard-won pride.

Imaginary Beings

DorianStray - 2011
    How to find happiness when you see yourself as emotionally crippled, hellishly lonely and trapped in something you can't name.

The Value of Rain

Brandon Shire - 2011
    For the next ten years he endures mental and physical torture as part of that treatment and when he is finally free, he begins a relentless quest for vengeance against the woman who abetted his commitment into that hospital, his mother Charlotte.The Value of Rain chronicles Charles’ journey from hate to the unexpected beginning of redemption, and reveals the destructive nature of families, secrets and revenge.

Finding Deaglan

George Seaton - 2011
    A coterie of inheritors of Denver's old money, including twenty-four year old Stephen Thaxton, find themselves inextricably entwined in an imperative to close a hoary circle left open in the other world, the other side where retribution is sought for wrongs committed by their progenitors a century before; wrongs that eradicated wolves from Colorado, and saw the indigenous Indian tribes of Colorado robbed of their lands, all to enhance the wealth and privilege of those who now find themselves the last of their family lines.

The Need In Me

Sophie Duncan - 2011
    However, moving into a flat in an old house, he finds himself with some unwanted attention. Someone else is sharing the flat with him, someone he can't see, but whose terrifyingly erotic presence makes itself known. After a series of very direct messages, Rob must head back to his home county, Cornwall, to discover who lies behind the heady encounters.

Ad-Dick-tion: Vol 1

Kayla Jameth - 2011
    In this collection of sizzling hot Adonis shorts, feel the passion again with previously released m/m erotic stories along with an all new story by Kayla Jameth - Legends.Stories include:Turned by Christina Jade LorenHard by Jamieson WolfBreak and Enter by Christina Jade LorenLegends by Kayla JamethMake Me by Jessica LeeEternity by Christina Jade LorenGot Lemons? by Kimberly HunterDream Come True by DC JurisCarnal Connections by Berengaria BrownSundae Surprise by DC JurisRoom Number 12 by Rebecca LeighPerfect Christmas by DC JurisFurry Endeavors by Christina Jade LorenHardening by Jamieson Wolf

All Together: The All Trilogy Complete Digital Edition

Dirk Vanden - 2011
    It introduces Warren Miller, a young man exploring his sexuality in a changing world. The sequel, ALL THE WAY, follows the story of Bill Thorne, the best friend of Warren Miller, as he struggles to deal with his self image as a man of action, and reconcile that with his feelings for other men. The third and final part of the trilogy, ALL IS WELL, then picks up the tale of Bill Thorne’s brother, Robert, who raped Bill as a teenager, bringing all of the major characters back together for a truly climatic and thrilling ending.

Sockeye Love

Sarah Black - 2011
    Sal’s a law student, and his passion for the environment and love for the native tribes, his beautiful young face and eager hands, cannot be ignored. But there isn’t room in Grey’s heart for two lovers. How can he bear to let Saya Khin go, after loving him so long, and reach out for the love Sal is offering him?

None of the Above

M. Christian - 2011
    Burka says in her introduction, "All erotica is the story of sex breaking free from biological need to become the co-conspirator of pleasure." Never is that more apparent than in the sharp-eyed, sharp-minded stories she has selected for Up For Grabs 2, the second volume of gender exploratory erotica she has brought together by asking the question "What happens to sex if we let go of every assumption we have about gender and start from scratch?"Have you ever dreamed of being so close to the people you loved that you could share your identities, your emotions, and your pleasures? M. Christian has written a story just for you. Do you crave the touch of intersex flesh so much that you will set aside everything you believed about your own sexuality? Raven Kaldera has got you covered. What would the future be like if we had an option beyond male or female, where "it" is not an insult? Elizabeth Thorne takes us on a tour. In a harsh future where the meaning seems drained from life, will gender still matter? Ask Zachary Jernigan. What would happen if our sexualities were defined not by our gender but by specific body parts? Find out what sex is like for a "mouth" in M. Svairini's story of the same name. Table of Contents:The Bell House Invitation by M. ChristianLover of the Whore of Babylon by Raven KalderaThe Verb for Change is Sex by Zachary JerniganThe Sex of Therapy by Elizabeth ThorneThe Isle of the Dead by Thomas S. RocheThey Don't Make 'em Like They Used To by Laura AntoniouWer-What by Esmeralda GreeneMouth by M. Svairini

Valentin's Day

Charles Edward - 2011
    But Laurent is haunted by fears of a danger he can’t quite remember, memories he’s sure Valentin can help explain. Nothing can stop the flow of memory or time, but Valentin will protect and cherish Laurent as best he can.

Starving for Love

L.T. Ville - 2011
    He’s the kid who hurts himself. He’s the kid who doesn’t dress like a normal teenager. He’s the kid who processes things in ways most people don’t understand. That’s him. That’s Sam. STARVING FOR LOVE is an unflinching account of Sam's battles with his heart, his body and his mind. The story takes an unapologetic journey in to Sam’s psyche and reveals how Sam sees the world.

The Soldier and the Sea

August Aimes - 2011
    It's wet and miserable the night the boy first comes to Michael's window...

Perfect Love

A.M. Burns - 2011
    Peters to find the real answers. With the help of his werewolf partner, Dusty, E.S. Peters seeks the truth as more witches die in mysterious and seemingly-unrelated ways. Digging through the darkness that surrounds them, their quest takes them from the bars of Deep Ellum to the canals of Las Colinas and beyond. But will they unravel the mystery in time to save one of their own from “Perfect Love?”


S.A. Reid - 2011
    Tough, smart, and ruthless in a fight, he quickly makes a name for himself inside. But Gabriel, saved from the noose by a social crusader, is serving two life sentences. And life is a very long time to endure Wentworth with no comforts but prison food, card games and cigarettes. To survive endless days without the touch of another human being...Five years after Gabriel’s incarceration, Joey Cooper arrives at Wentworth. Every convict claims imprisonment through a miscarriage of justice, but Joey is truly blameless. Trained at Oxford as a physician, the young doctor is innocent of prison culture and too handsome for his own good. Facing eighteen years behind Wentworth’s towering gates, Joey cannot hope to survive without protection. And protection is just what Gabriel MacKenna offers. At a price...

Bettor to Lose

Andrew Q. Gordon - 2011
    When a fraternity brother suggests he can't get a date, Jack agrees to a bet: Jack brings a date to the Fraternity Formal or he loses. Now all he needs is a date. ----------Status: CompleteGenres/Tags: Gay M/M / Drama / Love / CollegeApprox. Word Count: 45,130

In the Quake Zone

David Gerrold - 2011
    A soul-scarred Vietnam vet takes a job as a time-raveler, sewing up the loose threads of unraveled lives, but now he's on a case that threatens to unravel his own life. Why are young men are disappearing from West Hollywood? Is there a serial killer preying on the nascent gay community? Or is there some darker force at work? A brilliant and disturbing short novel, gritty and realistic, filled with recognizable details. This crossover mix of science fiction and noir mystery evokes a not-yet-forgotten time and place on the threshold of change. Selected by Gardner Dozois for inclusion in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Third Annual Collection (2006) and winner of the 2007 Spectrum Award for Best Short Fiction, it's a stunning depiction of a forgotten slice of gay life before Stonewall. In The Quake Zone is a journey into one man's heart of darkness and what it takes to come out the other side. This is David Gerrold writing at his passionate best. Contains mature material.

Working Men

J.M. Snyder - 2011
    Shuffling papers at a desk job, taking orders, waiting tables, working in the field, punching a time clock. Whether it's a career or simply a job to be done, we do whatever it takes to make a living. Sometimes the people we meet at work are among the best -- and the worst -- we'll ever know.Working Men is an anthology of 14 short, sexy stories about gay men who find love and lust in the workplace. From harmless, sweet flirting to fulfilling hot sex, these stories show you just how much some men enjoy their line of work.Contains the stories:* At Your Service * Cafe de l'Amour * Car Trouble * Closing Time * Easily Addicted * Lunch Break * Makin' Copies * On the Job * Opening Day at the County Fair * Order Up * Pleasure Cruise * Speed Trap * Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams * Tech Support.


T. Spoon - 2011
    Spoon, that guy with the multiple personalities and dashing good looks, is pleased to bring you Presents, a collection of short stories and art with a cold, frosty twist. Whether you're looking for a new take on The Nutcracker, a story about the monster that lives in your toilet (better than it sounds, we promise), or a bit of wintery romance (the snark is optional), you'll get all of that and more between these pages.In all seriousness, T. Spoon is made up of many talented authors and artists, and this anthology would not have been possible without them. So a great big thank you to Aeiouna, Ais, Ania, Cattails, Dusty_Dreams, G, ManicDak, Parker, Rae, San, and Z.Special thanks to Ania, G, Potatoe and Parker. Ania, G and Potatoe for whipping the incoherency out of the stories, and pruning away em dashes and semi-colons like a boss. And Parker for both her incredible patience (deadlines are more like suggestions to authors), and all the work she put into formatting this monstrosity.

Old Stones And New Wine

Carolina Valdez - 2011
    Needing the income, and desperate to meet his publisher’s deadline, he leaves Los Angeles and rents a house in a village in the south of France. Beside the blue Rhone River, among lush vineyards in wine-producing Provence, he struggles to overcome anger and grief in order to break the hold the block has on him.When rescuing an injured dog, Alan meets and finds himself falling for the irresistibly charming Frenchman, Jacques Marchand. But Jacques has the same easy charm Alan’s ex had, and having been burned in his marriage, Alan no longer trusts his ability to know who a person really is. He can’t risk being victimized again, but can he risk losing the intoxicating “new wine” Jacques is to him?

Love Will Tear Us Apart; or, The Modern Pygmalion

Tsukizubon Saruko - 2011 had to be so careful about blood these days.

With Love

Kim Dare - 2011
    So, when Jimmy sees an elderly man wearing a collar standing in the middle of the park and apparently in some sort of trouble, he approaches him and offers the guy his help.All isn’t as it first appears. Maybe it’s Jimmy whose about to get the help he needs.This free short story was first published in Kim Dare’s newsletter in June 2011. The inspiration image was chosen by Chris of

Changed Circumstances

Jean-Christophe - 2011
    He'd noticed the young slave some twelve months earlier when visiting the establishment of one of the city's premier slave-dealers, Schuster and Hanson, prior to lunching with friends. Lucien, a self-acclaimed connoisseur of prime, male slave flesh, is a regular visitor to the city's slave-yards and is always eager to see what merchandise is on offer to the discerning buyer.

Once More, With Feeling

redcarrigan - 2011
    Unparalleled awkwardness ensues.21,178 words - complete

Ghost Station

Adam Fitzroy - 2011
    However nothing at Ghost Station is quite the way he remembers it and everybody seems to have something to hide – including his two valued colleagues, Rick Wentworth and Harry Tilney, and his enigmatic boss Sir Charles Grandison. When operational necessity requires Dashwood to send Rick and Harry into a dangerous situation, the boundaries between friend and enemy begin to blur and he’s left isolated and wondering which of his so-called allies he can really trust.

Simple Math

foxxcub - 2011
    "We've got a problem here."or, The Fake Boyfriend High School AUWords: 45683, complete.


Addison Albright - 2011
    The original versions of these comprehensively amended and reedited second editions were previously published individually.A Dream Come True:Mike is thrilled when his old university crush turns up at his door in answer to a roommate advertisement. Wes doesn’t remember Mike at all, or even realize Mike’s gay, but that doesn’t stop Mike from pursuing a determined campaign of seduction. The trouble is, Mike isn’t ready to give up his free and easy lifestyle and settle down with just one man.Mike isn’t comfortable with public displays of affection. Wes doesn’t like anything resembling the proverbial closet, but Mike’s still buried deep inside one where his family is concerned. Will Wes have the patience to deal with Mike’s issues, or will their dream come true end up a nightmare?Another Dream:When a shy, twenty-nine year old virgin erotica writer with a tool belt fetish crosses paths with an outgoing carpenter the fireworks soar. Introverted Larry has an active imagination, and extroverted Marty is just the man to draw Larry out of his shell. Larry makes new friends and faces a jealous rival for Marty’s affections while helping Marty reevaluate an impulsive decision, made twenty years earlier. A scheme is hatched that rewinds the years of Marty’s life and takes the new lovers on a cross-country road trip together. From hot to humorous, their expedition is a journey of personal growth for Larry, an overdue resolution to Marty’s long-ago rash actions, and a trek down a path of self-discovery for both of them.Larry worries about the motivations of his own feelings, as he tries to gauge Marty’s. Marty is tired of the single life. He’s ready to settle down and has been looking for Mr. Right. Will their personality differences complement each other to make another dream come true, or will Larry’s insecurities keep him from seizing love?Dreaming of You:Trevor’s upset when the man he’s been chasing for years chooses another. He’d come to terms with losing Marty, but his hopes had been recently renewed and freshly dashed. While he’s trying to drown his sorrows, the man he considers to be the cause of his distress approaches him.When Quinn startles Trevor with an insightful revelation, will Trevor be able to put aside their differences and give love another chance?

Last Days of Atlantis

Jason Vanhee - 2011
    So when the owners decide to scuttle the place in international waters as a desperate bid for attention, professional surrogate traveler David Mueller returns to the place where he spent the most important weeks of his youth, the wondrous island playground where he got high, slept around and maybe fell completely in love. But as he spends the last days tracking down nervous businessmen and violent thugs, he finds that not all the island's secrets have been uncovered, and that love can lie quietly waiting for you. Will he have time enough before the ocean swallows Isla Blanca to salvage something from the fall?Word Count: less than 10K

Worst. Power. Ever.

J.M. Snyder - 2011
    While the powers fade over time, most of them come in handy. But every now and then, he draws a doozy ...This short, erotic romp was originally written as part of the series, The Positions of Love. In the end, it was a bit depressing, really, because Vic doesn't really save the day or anything, so I scrapped it for a different power. But I thought I'd rework it into a stand-alone story for Vic and Matt fans.

Mr. Mistletoe

Cassandre Dayne - 2011
    Making a proclamation in the middle of a bar to his best friend, too bad Brendon didn’t have to guts to follow through.Recently divorced and hiding behind a mask, he was unable to admit to himself he was gay – let alone to his family – and the big Christmas event was just days away. But after a flirtatious night Brendon found himself embroiled in a moment of heated passion that set him on fire. Terrified of his reckless behavior he pushed away from Kris completely.More than intrigued by the man, Kris had no idea what to do until a little elf decided to intervene. A plan formulated but it was going to take more than a bit of Christmas Magic to give Brendon the courage he needed to be himself.As luck and bit of holiday spirit wraps around Brendon reminding him of what he desires the most, he’s given a special gift and one he will never forget.


Lyndi Lamont - 2011
    When the masks come off, Leander rediscovers the lover he's dreamed of for the last two months. The man who abruptly left him in the middle of the night. Now Rupert Austin has returned, inspiring Leander's art and filling him with desire. Thinking he has found both muse and patron, Leander gives all he has: his heart, his body, his talent. But Rupert is as elusive and evasive as ever, appearing and disappearing in Leander's life, with little explanation.Forbidden passions lure Rupert Austin, an outwardly staid art importer, into a secret life where he is free to pursue his love of handsome young men. Past loss makes him shy away from involvement, but he is unable to resist Leander's talent, youthful beauty and enthusiasm. Rupert arranges for a private showing of Leander's work, but that doesn't mean he trusts Leander with all of his secrets, especially after risky public sex that could have landed them in jail.Two very different men—one, a businessman, with a great deal to lose and a taste for secret liaisons with beautiful men, and the other a young, gifted artist who will give his all to the right man. Will deception destroy any possibility for a once-in-a-lifetime passion for these passionate lovers?

From Wood and From Ivory

vamm_goda - 2011
    Suddenly, Sid’s whole universe is upside down, his hard-fought routine is disrupted, and his world-view altered.91357 words

Thrown to the Lions: Volume One

Kim Dare - 2011
    Excitement. Duty. Lust. Four men have agreed to be thrown to the local pride of werelions. Each man might have had a different motive when he first applied for the position of willing human sacrifice, but one thing is guaranteed—once a man is delivered, bound and naked, to the lions' doorstep, he’s destined to receive much more than he ever bargained for. And, as for the lions who accept their sacrifices—from the leader of the pride, all the way down to the meekest cub, they're about to find out just how much trouble humans can be. This volume contains the first two stories from the series: Ryland’s Sacrifice & Marrick’s Promise. Principles don't pay tuition fees. When Ryland's math scholarship disappears overnight, he has two choices. He can borrow money from fellow student Jason Burrows, who has very interesting ways of collecting debts. Or, he can volunteer to be thrown to the werelions. One night spent playing the part of a willing human sacrifice will give him enough money to finish his PhD. It seems like a good deal...right up until the moment he finds himself naked, blindfolded, bound and surrounded by lions. Marrick thinks that being thrown to the lions will be the ultimate adrenaline rush, and he’s not disappointed. But his plan is to try everything life has to offer once. He has no intention of visiting the lions again. Blaine and Luther don’t expect to give any of the human sacrifices they share another thought once they leave the den. This man’s different. They have no intention of letting this one go. The only question is, while they are willing to share Marrick with each other, are they willing to share each other with a human who could become as important to each of them as they are to each other?

Junkyard: Gay Bordello Stories: #1, Beads

Jaye Valentine - 2011
    The only damper on his existence in "The Biggest Little City in the World" is Grant's continued barricading of himself inside the closet. Only his roommate Kaitlyn is aware that he's gay, and he takes great pains to keep it that way.One Friday night, Grant and Kaitlyn host the weekly poker game held at their apartment. Too much liquor and fear of losing an unusual wager cause Grant to do exactly that, and he faces a significant dilemma. How is he supposed to obtain evidence that he has had sex in a legal Nevada brothel when he doesn't sleep with women, ever? With the term of the bet running out, a chance meeting with a member of a special club might provide the jackpot needed to change Grant's luck, and perhaps even his life.Throw down your money, spin the wheel and toss the dice—anything can happen at Mistress Mercedes' Junkyard!

A Shift at the Zoo

Miya Kressin - 2011
    He also didn't expect there to be a lion raging anytime he neared the exhibit. Auditory and visual hallucinations were nothing new to him; meeting a shifter was going to change his world. Coricopat had dreamt of the day his mate would come back for him; he never expected it to be someone working at the zoo. Locked behind bars and glass, his feral nature began to surface. Can he fight his inner lion and win Tanner's heart?


J.M. Snyder - 2011
     Flashed! is a collection of 36 very short, "flash fiction" stories and a handful of love poems by J.M. Snyder, best-selling author of gay erotic romance. Each vignette is a glimpse into the lives and loves of very different couples. Some erotic, some bittersweet, every story in this collection celebrates a passion found only between two men. From drag queens to college hoops players, veterans to rockstars, one time lovers to lifelong companions, men at work to men in tights, there's a little something for everyone in this collection. Some of these stories were once posted to the author's blog or appeared online elsewhere, but fans will find many new stories -- and characters -- to love once they've been Flashed!

Unkissed Kisses and Songs Never Sung

Femmequixotic - 2011
    Words: 12,665 complete

Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London

RyuuzaKochou - 2011
    Starring Sentinel! Holmes and Guide! Watson.Fanfiction: Sherlock Holmes (BBC), The Sentinel.Word count: 89,181.Tags: Sentinel Senses, Sentinel/Guide Bonding, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Alternate Universe - Fusion

Loving Kindness

Jan Irving - 2011
    No wonder he does katas in the nude, flaunting himself--but that doesn’t change the fact the man is a liar. Anyone with any experience with alliance agents can tell he is not who he seems to be, a mild mannered martial arts teacher aboard the Loving Kindness, an intersteller cruise ship.Kealton mocks Gwen about the way she lives her life--a perky cruise director with a thing for professional suits and the occasional tepid affair with gentlemen passengers. Gwen likes her life, likes it predictable and, more importantly, under her control. But despite how much Gwen tries to keep Kealton at a distance, when pirates take over their ship, her warrior keeps Gwen safe and gives her a taste of his own loving kindness.

Too Much to Hold

Sparkle_Free - 2011
    Fandom: SherlockRelationship: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson--------------------------------------------------John becomes guardian of an old friend's autistic son, and learns something about Sherlock's diagnosis along the way.

Collars and Cuffs

B.A. Tortuga - 2011
    She’s not called the Hammer for nothing. It’s a lonely life for her, but all she needs is her work. At least that’s what she thinks until she meets exotic dancer Johnny. John is sexy, even if he is a suspect, but as far as Hannah can tell, he’s also taken.John is definitely taken with his lover, Ben, but he and Ben play sometimes, and they want Hannah. The three have fun, even when a murderer begins stalking their lives. John and Ben love Hannah to death, even if her police partner Ricky disapproves, but they hope it doesn’t become literal.

Jack Colby Back in Action

Dave Benbow - 2011
    Along the way he is pursued by several "straight" hunks who guard their masculinity with their life. But once they meet Jack and fight side-by-side with him, they develop an attraction that can't be denied. The action moves from Hawaii to the Middle East and back to San Francisco as we follow Jack on his mission to save the world...and find love.


Kerry Freeman - 2011
    When Will drags Ryan to a Homecoming party, Ryan learns he's not the only one attracted to the wide-eyed freshman. The night ends in a confrontation, and Ryan must decide if he'll finally reveal his true feelings to Will, or lose his roommate to another man.

The Haunting of St. Xavier

Carol Lynne - 2011
    Xavier Monastery was still an awe inspiring structure and Jason Bentley thought he'd found the perfect location for his newest resort. Yet once construction begins to bring the magnificent building back to its former glory, odd events begin to occur. While the death of a stonemason shakes Jason, he decides to continue anyway. Everything changes the night Jason's confronted by a nun covered in blood on the fourth floor. Staring into the haunting eyes of a ghost rocks Jason's emotions. Unsure of where to turn, Jason seeks the advice of the local Catholic Church.Deacon Ryan Christopher has decisions to make. While his mentor, Bishop Adler, presses him to commit fully to the church, Ryan has reservations. For years he's resisted his desire for male companionship and he can't take his vows until he makes a decision. Though struggling with personal issues, Ryan has also followed the events at St. Xavier in the papers. No stranger to things that go bump in the night, Ryan believes Jason and agrees to help him investigate the monastery.The spirits that haunt St. Xavier have waited decades for justice and revenge, but who will be the recipients of their hatred?

Man in the Box (Uncut) - Part 1: The Perfect Man

Fergie Boy - 2011
    Openly gay in the straight world of tennis, Lewis is struggling and ready to quit. But perhaps salvation is on its way. The perfect man has arrived on the scene! Part one in the series of seven Lewis McLair books: 'Man in the Box' and 'Naked Hero' Lewis McLair, Wimbledon champion at the age of twenty-one, is trapped by his success and his sexuality. Openly gay in the straight world of tennis, Lewis is struggling and ready to quit. But perhaps salvation is on its way. The perfect man is what he's looking for to make everything okay, and in Sydney a candidate appears. Lee Porter is his name, and he certainly looks the part, but will he prove true and lay all Lewis's ghosts to rest, or will he inflict yet another wound on the battle weary hero of this tale?

Gold Standard

Kyell Gold - 2011
    Three of the stories originally appeared as stand-alone stories online and were later incorporated into the award-winning novels "Waterways" and "Out of Position."This collection serves as an excellent introduction to the many worlds he has explored in the last decade, and includes his popular online stories "Aquifers" and "In Between." Also present is Kyell's first published story, "The Prisoner's Release," whose characters subsequently filled three novels and two short story anthologies.Full story list: "Aquifers," "In Between," "Secrets," "Don't Blink," "Jacks to Open," "Race to the Moon," "Drifting," "How to Get Through the Day," and "The Prisoner's Release."

Maturity & Youth

Troy M. Grant - 2011


Kathryn Scannell - 2011
    So Kevin has taken his first long weekend off from his job in Gaza City, and headed for Tel Aviv to find some action. Things are looking promising when he meets a handsome Israeli who seems just as interested as he is.But it’s not so simple. David is an Israeli soldier, and Kevin may have noticed too much about a sensitive operation David was part of in Gaza City a few weeks ago. Is David’s interest genuine, or just a trick to get Kevin alone to find out what he knows?

Two Two One Bravo Baker

Abundantlyqueer - 2011
    An intense attraction ignites between the two men as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens everything they’ve ever known, but Sherlock is as much hunted as hunter, and everyone close to him is in deadly danger. Can he solve the case in time to save himself and John?Words:114574 complete

In The Crease

Carter Quinn - 2011
    Hockey players Nate and Trick face career changes, but their relationship is rock steady.

Devil of a Night

J.M. Snyder - 2011
    For months now, they've been distant to each other, quick to argue, and Steven isn't quite sure what's come between them. A night spent clubbing together seemed just the ticket to patch things up and, sure enough, the first half of their evening went well.But after leaving the club, Carlos must have taken a wrong turn somewhere because the two find themselves lost in the back roads of New Jersey, what's known as the Pine Barrens. Half-joking, Carlos tells Steven a local legend about a mysterious creature called the Jersey Devil.Then they're run off the road by ... something, Steven can't say what. He feels it out there in the woods watching them. Waiting ...