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The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living

Jane Roberts - 1995
    In this brand new volume of original material, Seth invites us to look at the world through another lens #150;#150; a magical one. Seth reveals the true, magical nature of our deepest levels of being, and explains how we have allowed it to become inhibited by our own beliefs and conventional thinking.The Magical Approach teaches us how to live our lives spontaneously, creatively, and according to our own natural rhythms. It helps us to discover and tune into our natural, instinctive behavior. By applying the principles in this book, readers will learn to trust their impulses and discover the highest expression of their creativity.We are indeed dealing with two entirely different approaches to reality and to solving problems #150;#150; methods we will here call the rational method and the magical one. The rational approach works quite well in certain situations, such as mass production of goods, or in certain kinds of scientific measurements #150;#150; but all in all the rational method, as it is understood and used, does not work as an overall approach to life, or in the solving of problems that involve subjective rather than objective measurements or calculations. The magical approach has far greater weight, if you use it and allow yourselves to operate in that fashion, for it has the weight of your basic natural orientation.#8221;


Stuart Wilde - 1995
    By being forthright and acting as if you have already obtained the object or condition that you desire, you create such a powerful energy that the Universal Law gives you whatever you are seeking.

Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Wisdom for Every Day

Caitlín Matthews - 1995
    Explore the holistic, vital world of the shaman and you, too, can live your life more fully and joyously.This refreshing and inspiring book will set you on the right track, and show how you can bring the rich wisdom of the shaman into your daily life, whatever your creed or religion. Caitlin Matthews teaches you to explore your inner space, journey between the everyday world and the spiritual realm of the shaman, and find your spirit voice and true destiny. Fresh new approach, ideal for everyone, regardless of creed or religion. Packed with clear, practical exercises and comprehensive instruction. Shows how to harness your creative imagination and innate healing powers, and discover your real place in life.

The Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Audio Collection: Includes the Bestsellers: Real Magic - Pulling Your Own Strings - Your Erroneous Zones

Wayne W. Dyer - 1995
    Wayne Dyer is an inspirational guide to thousands. Now his main titles—including the perennial blockbuster Real Magic—are available in one boxed set perfect for gift-giving.Author Biography: Wayne W. Dyer is one of the most widely read authors today in the field of self-development. He is the author of many books, including such bestsellers as Your Erroneous Zones, You'll See It When You Believe It, and Real Magic. A psychotherapist, Dyer received his doctorate in counseling psychology from Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, and has taught at many levels of education from high school through graduate study. He is the co-author of three textbooks, contributes to numerous professional journals and lectures extensively in the United States as well as abroad. He appears regularly on radio and television shows around the country.

The Book of Pluto

Steven Forrest - 1995
    Steven Forrest tackles these difficult topics, as well as evil, catastrophe and obsession, while interpreting Pluto by sign, house and aspect. Pluto placements are interpreted not only for the birth chart, but also in moving placements what's happening now. Pluto's inspiration and saving grace can help us recover from the incredible pain it can indicate.

A Garden of Pomegranates: Skrying on the Tree of Life

Israel Regardie - 1995
    Their work has made A Garden of Pomegranateseasier to understand, more complete, and up to date. It now includes over 300 pages of never-before-published information from two Senior Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.Expands Regardie's definitive text into a practical manual for Qabalistic magic Includes pathworkings and guided visualizations for the 32 Paths of Wisdom Suggests a course of study for learning the Qabalah and incorporating its teachings into daily life Shows how to create your own personal Qabalistic mantra using gematria or Hebrew numerology Includes a technique for Rising on the Planes, so you can explore different Qabalistic worlds Features a Middle Pillar-style exercise for exploring and activating different parts of the soul Written by one of the most influential magical teachers of modern times and two of his personal students The Qabalah is the ancient system of Hebrew mysticism that is the foundation of Western magical and esoteric studies. Its primary symbol is the Tree of Life, a diagram that can aid in the study of the nature of the Universe, the essence of God, and the human mind, spirit, and soul. A Garden of Pomegranates is the clearest introductory guide on this subject.When Israel Regardie wrote A Garden of Pomegranates in 1932, he designed it to be a simple yet comprehensive guidebook outlining the complex system of the Qabalah and providing a key to its symbolism. Since then, it has achieved the status of a classic among texts on the Qabalah. The full annotations, critical commentary, and explanatory notes now make this book the ultimate single resource on the subject. The new material, including pathworkings, exercises, daily affirmations, rituals, meditations, and more, not only complement the original, full text included in this edition, but also make A Garden of Pomegranates indispensable for modern magicians.

The Living World of Faery

R.J. Stewart - 1995
    RJ Stewart offers contemporary techniques for enhancing awareness and subtle energies through Faery consciousness.

An Enid Blyton Omnibus (Three stories in one volume)

Enid Blyton - 1995
    - The Yellow Fairy Book - The First Green Goblin Book - The Second Green Goblin Book

Tarot of Ceremonial Magick: A Pictorial Synthesis of Three Great Pillars of Magick

Lon Milo DuQuette - 1995
    The concept is a breakthrough for occultists of all paths. Each card is illustrated with a list of the Zodiacal, Enochian, Ceremonial, Goetic, Tattvic and Elemental components. DuQuette explains how the cards relate to each other and makes immediately accessible the more difficult conceptual connections the Crowley made so easily. Through DuQuette's wit and decades of practical knowledge of magical practice, students of the arcane arts can gain a whole new level of udnertsnading of how and why magick works.

Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris

Stephen E. Flowers - 1995
    This book opens the gate to the use of the authentic Hermetic formulas concealed in the magical papyri of Egypt. Students can use this information as a basis for developing and enacting their own magical systems.

The Three Halves of Ino Moxo: Teachings of the Wizard of the Upper Amazon

César Calvo - 1995
    Award-winning Peruvian author Cesar Calvo takes us on a quest through the mysterious, dreamlike world of powerful Amazonian sorcerers.

Meet Sailor Moon

Naoko Takeuchi - 1995
    The publication of Meet Sailor Moon ties in with the series premiere. Full-color illustrations.

The Frog Princess?

Pamela Mann - 1995
    A lonely, ugly frog is approached, and misunderstood, by many animals until one day a handsome prince understands why she croaks Reddit! Reddit!

Color in Interior Design

John F. Pile - 1995
    Coverage ranges from the basic principles of color to the effect of color on the human psyche. Includes extensive color charts and photos showing design do's and don'ts and a portfolio of color charts and renderings of work done by practicing design professionals. 250 full-color illus./photos; 30 b&w photos.

Mago: A Ascensão

Phil Brucato - 1995
    Open your eyes and see with mystick sight. A War rages, A Reckoning is at hand. On one side stand the Others, Who would twist our world with their mad designs; On the other hand, the snare of Pride, and Power's lure, Await an inner Fall. Is our Path too narrow? You decide. Come forth, A journey beckons. Open your eyes And Awaken.

Mage: The Ascension, 20th Anniversary Edition: Free RPG Day 2014 Introductory Quickstart Rules and Adventure Hooks

Phil Brucato - 1995
    For the moment, they exist outside the vast intrigues of the Ascension War.Yet, depending on their choices, that isolation may not last for long.

Mage: The Ascension

Phil Brucato - 1995
    From countless ages we have dreamed, from endless worlds we have beckoned, from infinite choices we have suffered. The world chokes under stifling conformity, hopes crumble in the fire of mediocrity, heroes die in the snare of pride. Armageddon is at hand. Reality is a lie. The truth is magic.Open your eyes and Awaken.


Charlotte Boyett-Compo - 1995
    He is a man running from desires he can't handle. Only the joining of the three will bring him the peace he seeks. Liza is keeping an explosive secret and it is the only thing that will save the heart and soul of Conar McGregor. In her arms he is able to hold the evil lurking around him at bay. Kaileel Tohre is tormented by the need to own McGregor body and soul and his vengeance knows no bounds when the young prince's heart is captured by a woman of mystery. The evil in Tohre will stop at nothing to make Conar his own even if it means stealing McGregor's soul. Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence. (Please note: this title was previously released elsewhere but has been revised for its NCP release.)

Common Threads

Nina Kiriki Hoffman - 1995
    A bind-up edition that contains Hoffman's first novel, The Thread That Binds the Bones, as well as a collection of her short stories, Handful of Twist-Ties.

Merlin: The Prophetic Vision and The Mystical Life

R.J. Stewart - 1995
    Now in a one-volume edition, The Prophetic Vision of Merlin and The Mystic Life of Merlin comprise a complete working guide to the life and teachings of the famous prophet as based on the twelfth-century histories of Geoffrey of Monmouth.

The Sacred Tree

Glennie Kindred - 1995
    It encourages our deeper involvement with trees both on the physical level and offers ways we can open our spiritual connection to trees and nature.The book focuses on 13 native trees of the British Isles and their corresponding 13 moons and place on the wheel of the year's cycle. This is based on the authors understanding of their inherent energy and unique healing properties. This creates a tree circle, which can be planted and used as a sacred grove or celebration circle.These are the native trees of the British Isles that our ancestors would have worked with and the book explores some of the myths and folklore surrounding these trees, as well as past and present uses of the wood and the herbal and culinary uses of their leaves, sap, fruit and bark.Also there are suggested ways to communicate with tree spirits and the spiritual and healing qualities that each tree has to teach us.Illustrated with line drawings of the leaves, flowers and fruit of each of the trees and also includes how to grow and plant trees.

Gluskabe and the Four Wishes

Joseph Bruchac - 1995
    Each man has a different wish--and each man is given a pouch with instructions not to open it until he reaches home. Do they obey Gluskabe? This retelling is representative of traditional Native American teaching stories--entertaining, with a message. Full color.

Mark Wilson's Cyclopedia of Magic: A Complete Course

Mark Wilson - 1995
    How does so much information fit in this little book? It's magic!

Not in the House, Newton!

Judith Heide Gilliland - 1995
    Sure enough, everything he draws with it becomes real. As Newton's creations become more impressive, they cause more ruckus-until, heeding his mother's admonition, he flies the airplane he draws right out the window! The suspense of Newton's creative adventure will keep young readers glued to these pages, where the unexpected angles and daring perspectives of the luminous pastel illustrations underscore the sly humor of the text.

Stories Out of Omarie

Wendy Walker - 1995
    A knight meets a naked woman in the forest who rescues him only to lead him later to drawn. Two lovers, forcibly separated, continue their involvement in letters delivered to each other by a swan. A passionate affair in which the lovers never touch brings a jealous husband to dismember a nightingale. Venus realizes in the middle of narrating a story that she is the invention of one of her own characters. In the title story, a father forces his daughter into a barrel and throws it overboard in the middle of the sea; rescued by pirates, she is given to a sultan who teachers her to read, and whom she deserts for her father. In story after story, each written in Walker’s impeccable and densely rich style, the author takes us to the brink of passion where the characters totter, ready to retreat entirely from love or fall into the pit of sensuous transgression. Once again, she takes the reader for a breathtaking venture on the ‘tempting regions of web.

The Key of the Keplian

Andre Norton - 1995
    All that is, save for one young Native American girl new to Witch World, who rescues a Keplian mare and her foal and discovers an awesome truth--the Keplians were created to serve light, not darkness, and to ride with humans. This is the first in a new trilogy.

Dark Sister: A Sorcerer's Love Story

Lynn V. Andrews - 1995
    Andrews takes the reader with her as she goes on inward journeys with the help of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and relates the stories of others.Join her as she is initiated into the Sisterhood and creates her own shield, which will show her the nature of her spiritual path (Spirit Woman). Follow her to the Yucatan, where the medicine wheel leads her, and she is faced with the terrifying reality of the butterfly tree (Jaguar Woman). Enter the Dreamtime with her, where she emerges in medieval England as Catherine, and encounters the Grandmother, who offers to show Andrews how to make her life one of goodness, power, adventure, and love (The Woman of Wyrrd).Not all these stories describe the author's own spiritual experiences. Meet Sin Coraz?n, an initiate into the Sisterhood, whose husband abandons her. She nearly succumbs to her inner dark power and unleashes her rage on men and the Sisterhood (Dark Sister). Andrews also writes about the elder women of the Sisterhood: their loves, their lives, their losses (Tree of Dreams).Andrews shows us how to channel our own spiritual and intellectual energy and balance the need for love with the desire for power (Love and Power). She takes the reader on numerous spiritual journeys that inevitably uplift.

Herbcraft: A Guide to the Shamanic and Ritual Use of Herbs

Anna Franklin - 1995
    "I would highly recommend this publication...a must for your bookshelf" Beltane Fire " excellent and truly comprehensive work, an essential reference and invaluable companion for everyone interested in the use of herbs for magic and ritual. Highly recommended" Prediction "most comprehensive book...The sheer amount of information in this book is staggering...books with this kind of collated information are rare treasures." Manchester Pagan Wheel Moves beyond herb folklore and examines their true magical nature, showing how power plants can be employed for the transformation of Self and consciousness, according to the teachings of Native Pagan Tradition. Detailed descriptions of herbs, cultivating them for magical purposes, their traditional uses, explanations of lore, the art of herb simples and traditional recipes. Correspondences - animal totems, magical tools, deities, planets, elements and festivals. Set out in alphabetical order, with appendices designed to help each individual with their own personal development.


Steve Zell - 1995
    But, during one horrendous night, it died...and for a hundred years it has been nearly empty. A ghost town waiting to live again.Now that's about to happen...Fourteen-year-old Bryce Willems, whose family has just arrived from New York, is beginning to appreciate the unfamiliar charms of his new home. But gradually it becomes apparent that something about the town is very strange.As he and stepsister Megan discover the terrible secret of the nearby Wizard mine, they are caught up in a clash of ancient, vengeful powers that cannot rest until a deadly wheel of destiny is set in motion once again.

The Gifts of Wali Dad

Aaron Shepard - 1995
    By the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hooper.

Chrono Trigger Nintendo Player's Strategy Guide

Gail Tilden - 1995
    This guide will help you get through the game quicker, help you if you're stuck, or help you find more secrets in this great game.