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The Betsy-Tacy Treasury

Maud Hart Lovelace - 1995
    The first four books in the Betsy-Tacy series: Betsy-Tacy, Betsy-Tacy and Tib, Betsy and Tacy Go over the Big Hill, and Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown.

Daphne's Book

Mary Downing Hahn - 1995
    She never says a word to anyone -- just walks around with her nose in a book, with her long straggly hair hanging over her face. Now the worst thing has happened. The teacher has assigned Jessica to be partners with Daphne in the Write-A-Book contest!But being forced to work with the class "weirdo", Jessica gets an even bigger surprise. Not only does Daphne talk to her, but she tells Jessica a terrible that Jessica knows could be very dangerous to keep.

Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story

Mary Downing Hahn - 1995
    Then, in the middle of the night, Andrew awakens to find a boy standing in his room...a boy who is Andrew's double, except he looks as if he's come from the grave. He wants to follow him -- to a place where he will meet the spirits of long-dead ancestors...a place from which Andrew may never return.

45 + 47 Stella Street And Everything That Happened

Elizabeth Honey - 1995
    When the Phonies move into 45 Stella Street, the neighborhood is in for a shake-up, explains Henni. Former occupant Auntie Lillie's open-door welcome becomes Mr. and Mrs. Phonies' magazine house of swanky new appliances. Keep Away! The Phonies, through their attorneys, launch an artillery of snottily outrageous letters at the freindly folks at 47 Stella Street, complaining about garbage, blocked driveways, and a magenta fence! Zev, Henni, Danielle and Frank feel as if the sun has stopped shining on Stella Street. When the kids are called in for questioning, they decide to do a little detective work of their own.

When Pigs Fly

June Rae Wood - 1995
    But when her parents decide to sell their house and move the family to a dilapidated old farm, Buddy thinks pigs will fly before she's happy again. The old farmhouse, however, holds some surprising secrets that may make Buddy realize just how rich her family is.The story is enjoyable and inspiring. -- Horn BookWell-written and engaging.... A down-to-earth yet upbeat story. -- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's BooksThe many serious issues flow smoothly from the strength of Wood's solid characters toward a realistic resolution. No happy ending here, but sure enough, there are possibilities. -- School Library Journal

The Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties

Toon Tellegen - 1995
    Brief, evocative, thought-provoking, and unlike anything else ever written, Toon Tellegen’s extraordinary tales are rich in unforgettable, even surrealistic images. A squirrel and an ant discover a mysterious feast with an invisible host in the depths of a forest. A whale and a seagull dance silently on a moon-drenched beach. A grasshopper pays a fortune for a speck of dust. Perfectly complemented by Jessica Ahlberg’s delicate illustrations, this collection is intelligent, moving, and funny.

The Chalet School 2-in-1: The School at the Chalet & Jo of the Chalet School

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer - 1995
    Titles #1 and #2 in the Chalet School series.

Ring Fire

Beth Webb - 1995
    It might seem like magic but it is something different. And much stronger. Now the Fire has been taken from the Ring. It falls to Gemma, a kitchen maid, and Fleabag, a three-legged, humorous, talking cat, to find it. It must be restored to its rightful place and a new King or Queen must be crowned. But the evil wizards of Porthwain are determined to overcome the Fire and take its power for themselves. Gemma loses her courage and worse, is separated from Fleabag. In one final, terrible challenge, the Ring Fire seems to be lost when it is betrayed by someone who was sworn to protect it. There is no one left for Fleabag to turn to - or is there? Who is the strange boy who plays the fiddle and seems so afraid of everyone? In these three acclaimed stories, Beth Webb relates the thrilling series of conflicts over the Ring Fire as the unlikely accomplices battle the powers of destruction to save the kingdom.

Methuselah's Heart

Mary Elizabeth Edgren - 1995
    Taking dangerous risks, Pose and her friends try to learn more about their Maker and attempt reconciliation by helping their enemies.

Maren's Hope

Launi K. Anderson - 1995
    Eleven-year-old Maren Saunders has a hard life. Money is hard to come by in the small town of Hiram, Ohio. She is lucky to find a job working as a mother's helper for Joseph Smith, a latter day prophet of the newly founded church, looking after his two babies. When prospects began to look up, however, Uncle Riley, her deseased father's brother, comes back to live with them. With him comes a hatred towards the mormons so strong he tries to take the prophets life. Maren is caught in the middle, should she follow the head of her family, or her heart?