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The Private Life of Plants: A Natural History of Plant Behaviour

David Attenborough - 1995
    In the program and book, both titled The Private Life of Plants, Attenborough treks through rainforests, mountain ranges, deserts, beaches, and home gardens to show us things we might never have suspected about the vegetation that surrounds us. With their extraordinary sensibility, plants compete endlessly for survival and interact with animals and insects: they can see, count, communicate, adjust position, strike, and capture. Attenborough makes the plant world a vivid place for readers, who in this book can enjoy the tour at their own pace, taking in the lively descriptions and nearly 300 full-color photos showing plants in close detail.The author reveals to us the aspects of plants' lives that seem hidden from view, such as fighting, avoiding or exploiting predators or neighbors, and struggling to find food, increase their territories, reproduce themselves, and establish their place in the sun. Among the most amazing examples, the acacia can communicate with other acacias and repel enemies that might eat their leaves, the orchid can impersonate female wasps to attract males and ensure the spreading of its pollen, the Venus's flytrap can take other organisms captive and consume them. Covering this remarkable range of information with enthusiasm and clarity, Attenborough helps us to look anew at the vegetation on which all life depends and which has an intriguing life of its own. He has created a booksure to please the plant lover and any other reader interested in exploring the natural world.

Reflections of Eden: My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo

Biruté M.F. Galdikas - 1995
    In 1971, at age twenty-five, Galdikas left the placid world of American academia for the remote jungles of Indonesian Borneo. Living with her husband in a primitive camp, she became surrogate mother to a "family" of ex-captive orangutans - and gradually adjusted to the blood-sucking leeches, swarms of carnivorous insects, and constant humidity that rotted her belongings in the first year. Her first son spent the early years of his life at Camp Leakey with adopted orangutans as his only playmates. The wild orangutans Galdikas studied and the ex-captives she rehabilitated became an extended family of characters no less vivid than her human companions. Throatpouch, a huge and irritable grouch, fought off rivals for the right to claim adolescent Priscilla as his mate. Handsome Cara at first tried to rid the forest of its human intruder by hurling dead branches at Galdikas from the canopy above. Little Sugito, rescued from a cramped cage and returned to the jungle claimed Galdikas as his mother and clung to her fiercely, night and day, for months. A groundbreaking chronicler of the orangutans' life cycle, Galdikas also describes the threats that increasingly menace them: the battles with poachers and loggers, the illicit trade in infant orangutans, the frustrations of official bureaucracy. Her story is a rare combination of personal epiphany, crucial scientific discovery, and international impact - a life of human and environmental challenge. Reflections of Eden is the third act of a drama that has captivated the world: the story of a pioneering primatologist, a world leader in conservation, and a remarkable woman.

Dances With Trout

John Gierach - 1995
    In this new collection of essays on fishing —and hunting—Gierach discusses fishing for trout in Alaska, for salmon in Scotland and for almost anything in Texas. He offers his perceptive observations on the subject of ice-fishing, getting lost, fishing at night, tournaments and the fine art of tying flies. Gierach also shares his hunting technique, which involves reading a good book and looking up occasionally to see if any deer have wandered by. Always entertaining, often irreverent and illuminating, Gierach invites readers into his enviable way of life, and effortlessly sweeps them along. As he writes in Dances with Trout, “Fly-fishing is solitary, contemplative, misanthropic, scientific in some hands, poetic in others, and laced with conflicting aesthetic considerations. It’s not even clear if catching fish is actually the point.”

Blue Pastures

Mary Oliver - 1995
    She praises Whitman, denounces cuteness, notes where to find the extraordinary, and extols solitude.

The Boardman Tasker Omnibus

Joe Tasker - 1995
    Their four books of lightweight Himalayan expeditioning are here published in one volume for the first time.

Works of Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman - 1995
    Navigate easily to any chapter, section or poem from Table of Contents or search for the words or phrases. Features Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases Make bookmarks, notes, highlights Access the e-book anytime, anywhere - at home, on the train, in the subway. Table of Contents Complete Prose WorksDrum TapsLeaves of Grass AppendixList of Works in Alphabetical Order Walt Whitman Biography

Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays

Candace Savage - 1995
    But according to naturalist Candace Savage, “bird brain,” as a pejorative expression, should be rendered obsolete by new research on the family of corvids: crows and their close relations.The ancients who regarded these remarkable birds as oracles, bringers of wisdom, or agents of vengeance were on the right track, for corvids appear to have powers of abstraction, memory, and creativity that put them on a par with many mammals, even higher primates. Bird Brains presents these bright, brassy, and surprisingly colorful birds in a remarkable collection of full-color, close-up photographs by some two dozen of the world’s best wildlife photographers.Savage’s lively, authoritative text describes the life and behavior of sixteen representative corvid species that inhabit North America and Europe. Drawing on recent research, she describes birds that recognize each other as individuals, call one another by “name,” remember and relocate thousands of hidden food caches, engage in true teamwork and purposeful play, and generally exhibit an extraordinary degree of sophistication.

Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards

Sara Bonnett Stein - 1995
    The author's"wonderful book tells of her conversion from a high-style conventional gardner into an excellent field ecologist and a visionary with plans for ending the harreness of America's sub-subdivisions."

Stories from the Old Squire's Farm

C.A. Stephens - 1995
    "Some of the very best stories of New England life and character that have ever been written." -- "Hartford Daily Courant"


Ansel Adams - 1995
    "I knew my destiny when I first experienced Yosemite", wrote Adams, who first visited the park at the age of fourteen and returned every year of his life thereafter. This new book presents the essence of Adams' long association with Yosemite: sixty-six memorable photographs of glacial lakes and craggy peaks, cascading waterfalls and granite monoliths, lone trees and sylvan streams. Here are Moon and Half Dome, Clearing Winter Storm, and El Capitan, Winter, Sunrise - images that have become veritable icons of the American wilderness. Selections from Adams' writings about the park and its environment, and an introductory essay that reveals the prescience of Adams' views on park management issues, enhance this majestic photographic portrait of Yosemite National Park by America's foremost landscape photographer.

Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message

Jake Swamp - 1995
    "Giving Thanks" is a special children's version of the Thanksgiving Address, a message of gratitude that originated with the Native people of upstate New York and Canada and that is still spoken at ceremonial gatherings held by the Iroquois, or Six Nations.

Singing the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Wisdom for Every Day

Caitlín Matthews - 1995
    Explore the holistic, vital world of the shaman and you, too, can live your life more fully and joyously.This refreshing and inspiring book will set you on the right track, and show how you can bring the rich wisdom of the shaman into your daily life, whatever your creed or religion. Caitlin Matthews teaches you to explore your inner space, journey between the everyday world and the spiritual realm of the shaman, and find your spirit voice and true destiny. Fresh new approach, ideal for everyone, regardless of creed or religion. Packed with clear, practical exercises and comprehensive instruction. Shows how to harness your creative imagination and innate healing powers, and discover your real place in life.

Listening to the Land: Conversations about Nature, Culture and Eros

Derrick Jensen - 1995
    Included here is Dave Foreman on biodiversity, Matthew Fox on Christianity and nature, Jerry Mander on technology, and Terry Tempest Williams on an erotic connection to the land. With intelligence and compassion, Listening to the Land moves from a look at the condition of the environment and the health of our spirit to a beautiful evocation of eros and a life based on love.

Another Turn of the Crank

Wendell Berry - 1995
    Provocative, intimate, and thoughtful, Another Turn of the Crank reaches to the heart of Wendell Berry's concern for our nation, its communities, and their future.

In the Loyal Mountains

Rick Bass - 1995
    To quote the Los Angeles Times: "Impelled by a profound love of the land, the ten stories in In the Loyal Mountains are a reminder that American literature draws its unique strength from a powerful sense of place." In this luminous collection, Rick Bass firmly establishes himself as a master of the short story, with tales that embrace vibrant images of ordinary human life and exuberant descriptions of the natural world.

The Deer in the Wood

Laura Ingalls Wilder - 1995
    The youngest readers can share her adventure in these very special picture books adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder's beloved storybooks. These classic Little House illustrations bring Laura and her family lovingly to life.

The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Intermediate Horsemanship

Susan E. Harris - 1995
    This C Level manual builds on material covered in "The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Basics for Beginners/D Level." Whether you are a Pony Clubber who has passed the D Level tests or simply a rider who has mastered the same basics, this manual will enable you to increase your skills and teach you what you must know in order to ride independently and correctly--with good position, balance, and use of the aids--on the flat, over fences, and in the open. At the intermediate level you are expected to take more responsibility for the care and management of your pony, and you will learn the skills needed for conditioning and preparing your pony and yourself for competitions and special events. From the C Level, you may go on to higher Pony Club ratings such as B, H-A, or A Ratings, or specialize in such disciplines as dressage, show jumping, eventing, and showing. Or you may just want to have the pleasure of caring for your horse or pony and participating in your favorite riding activities. Either way, "The United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship: Intermediate Horsemanship/C Level" will give you an excellent basis in horsemanship for the lifelong enjoyment of horses and horse sports.

National Audubon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife

Peter Alden - 1995
    This guide is packed with nearly 600 stunning color photographs of African habitats and animals, and provides a wealth of information on more than 850 species compiled by veteran safari leaders and experts in African wildlife. The parks and reserves for which the continent is famous are described in thorough detail, taking the reader on an unforgettable virtual safari.

Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth/Healing the Mind

Theodore Roszak - 1995
    Its writers show how the health of the planet is inextricably linked to the psychological health of humanity, individually and collectively. Contributors to this volume include the premier psychotherapists, thinkers, and eco-activists working in this field. James Hillman, the world-renowned Jungian analyst, identifies as the “one core issue for all psychology” the nature and limits of human identity, and relates this to the condition of the planet. Earth Island Institute head Carl Anthony argues for “a genuinely multicultural self and a global civil society without racism” as fundamental to human and earthly well-being. And Buddhist writer and therapist Joanna Macy speaks of the need to open up our feelings for our threatened planet as an antidote to environmental despair. “Is it possible,” asks co-editor Theodore Roszak, “that the planetary and the personal are pointing the way forward to some new basis for a sustainable economic and emotional life?” Ecopsychology in practice has begun to affirm this, aided by these definitive writings.

Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites

Lois Hole - 1995
    Includes pointers for selecting flowers for color, height range, blooming periods and drying bouquets, as well as many other valuable gardening hints.

Living Energies: Viktor Scahuberger's Brilliant Work with Natural Energy Explained

Callum Coats - 1995
    He frequently asserted, -Water is a living substance!- - an ideal to which many philosophers have subscribed.With his ground-breaking concepts on energy, biomagnetism and the true function of trees, he showed how a world that exploited its resources rather than cherishing them was doomed to destroy itself. Above all, he demonstrated how Nature's abundance is the result of a complex interaction of energies that actually create matter, not the other way around as orthodox science believes. For him energy was primary, and physical form the secondary effect.

Sky Tree: Seeing Science Through Art

Thomas Locker - 1995
    In autumn, leaves fall as squirrels scamper up the trunk carrying nuts. And on a winter night, a backdrop of twinkling stars shines through the branches. Each day, the tree changes with the purple and pink of a sunset or a nip of cold air. But the tree is more than a thing of beauty—its changes represent the passage of time in nature.Sky Tree combines the artistic beauty and the scientific wonder of ever-changing nature into a satisfying experience for the soul and the mind.Each page poses a discussion question, and at the back of the book is an explanation of how Thomas Locker created each beautiful oil painting.

The Butterfly Alphabet Book

Brian Cassie - 1995
    Jerry Pallotta and Brian Cassie's fun, informative text, accompanied by Mark Astrella's detailed and breathtaking illustrations, will be a sure favorite with both the young butterfly lover and the experienced lepidopterist!

Complete Horse Care Manual

Colin Vogel - 1995
    Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn pages. No stains. Note: The above used product classification has been solely undertaken by the seller. Amazon shall neither be liable nor responsible for any used product classification undertaken by the seller. A-to-Z Guarantee not applicable on used products.

The New Healing Herbs: The Essential Guide to More Than 130 of Nature's Most Potent Herbal Remedies

Michael Castleman - 1995
    In the fourth edition of The New Healing Herbs, you get access to the latest, most up-to-date information about herbal remedies for cures to nausea, the common cold, diabetes, cancer, allergies, back pain, and more. This new edition includes five new herbs, the result of author Michael Castleman’s endless research and dedication to holistic healing. Taking a folklore-meets-science approach, you’ll also explore the rich history of herbal medicine traditions.Featuring 135 of the most widely used medicinal herbs, including cannabis, The New Healing Herbs shows you which herbal remedy to take for each condition, how it's taken, what interactions to watch for, and where to buy the featured herb. The easy-to-use Cure Finder organizes herbs by health condition, healing actions, and alternative uses, guiding you to the right herbal remedy for your ailment.With The New Healing Herbs, you’ll find nature’s remedy for health, vibrancy, and happiness.

Trees, Leaves & Bark

Diane L. Burns - 1995
    Safety tips are provided and interesting activities are sugested. Color illustrations enhance the presentation. ---HORN BOOKS (Tracks, Scats and Signs)

The Company of Wolves

Peter Steinhart - 1995
    This authoritative and eloquent book coaxes the wolf out from its camouflage of myth and reveals the depth of its kinship with humanity, which shares this animal's complex complex social organization, intense family ties, and predatory streak.


Seymour Simon - 1995
    Acclaimed science writer Seymour Simon sets the record straight. Sharks are serious predators, but more people are killed in car accidents during a single holiday weekend than have been killed by sharks in the past hundred years.

Desert Quartet: An Erotic Landscape

Terry Tempest Williams - 1995
    This is an incandescent meditation--in word and image--on the physical vastness and beauty of the desert and the spiritual place one woman finds for herself there.

Encyclopedia of Herbs & Their Uses

Deni Brown - 1995
    More than 1500 herb photographs, taken in herb collections all over the world, are combined with descriptions of well over 1000 species, varieties, hybrids, and cultivars.

The Serpents of Paradise: A Reader

Edward Abbey - 1995
    It includes essays, travel pieces and fictions to reveal Ed's life directly, in his own words.The selections gathered here are arranged chronologically by incident, not by date of publication, to offer Edward Abbey's life from the time he was the boy called Ned in Home, Pennsylvania, until his death in Tucson at age 62. A short note introduces each of the four parts of the book and attempts to identify what's happening in the author's life at the time. When relevant, some details of publishing history are provided.

Ghost Grizzles: Does the Great Bear Still Haunt Colorado?

David Petersen - 1995
    That is, until one September evening in 1979 when a hunting outfitter named Ed Wiseman was attacked by a four-hundred-pound golden-haired sow. The mauled but alive man (and the dead bear) confirmed what knowledgeable San Juan residents already knew: the Colorado grizzly was no ghost.What has happened since that encounter almost twenty years ago is the subject of this story about the bear and our own species in the wild -- and what the future may hold for both.

A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America

Steve N.G. Howell - 1995
    But he also arrived without an adequate field guide. Indeed, to his surprise, he found that relatively little was known (and even less written) about the myriad of bird species that inhabit the region stretching from the U.S.-Mexican border to Nicaragua. And so, after eleven years of research in northern Central America, and with the essential collaboration of Sophie Webb--a biologist and one of the most talented ornithological illustrators working today--we now have the definitive guide to birds of this fascinating region. drop rest as varied as the Laysan Albatross, the Blue-footed Booby, the Collared Trogon, even the rare Guadalupe Storm-Petrel.A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America is astonishingly comprehensive, covering the identification, status, and distribution of all 1,070 birds species known from Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, and western Nicaragua. No other book approaches the thoroughness of this unique field guide. Beautifully illustrated with seventy-one color plates and thirty-nine black and white drawings, the guide shows 750 species and includes many plumages never before depicted. Of special interest are illustrations of some of the most notoriously difficult groups to portray, such as raptors in flight, owls, and nightjars. In addition, superb, easy-to-read maps help the traveling birder locate particular--even rare--species, and the entries describing individual birds detail their appearance, voice, habitat, behavior (including nesting and eggs), and distribution. With the U.S. birder in mind, the guide also includes birds that can be seen north of the border, showing these American migrants on plates when they could be confused with similar Mexican species, thus enabling the birder to make quick and ready comparisons in the field. And, with readable and fascinating presentations of the natural history of Central American birds, this guide will be welcomed not only by seasoned birders, but by any traveler exploring the rain forests, coastlines, and deserts of Mexico and the Central American isthmus. Sponsored by the distinguished Point Reyes Observatory in California, A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America is a wonderful addition to the library of birders, nature enthusiasts, and travelers alike. With its lavish illustrations, clear writing, and unprecedented range, it offers hours of compelling reading and pleasant browsing for anyone intrigued by the colorful diversity of birds and the wild, largely unspoiled world next door.

A Place in Space: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds

Gary Snyder - 1995
    Displaying Snyders playful and subtle intellect, these pieces challenge commonly held attitudes toward the environment and local communities, and call for action to give moral standing to all beings.

Cousteau's Great White Shark

Jean-Michel Cousteau - 1995
    To learn more about this formidable ocean dweller, the Cousteau team mounted a two-and-a-half year expedition to the south coast of Australia involving some 40 scientists, divers, cameramen, and sailors. This is the story, in words, photographs, and drawings, of the study and all that was learned from it about shark behaviour and biology. Myths and lore about the great white are dispelled, leaving an indelible image of a powerful predator of the seas.

Trees in Canada

John Laird Farrar - 1995
     A new easy tree-identification method in which trees are organized into 12 groups based on leaf shape and arrangement along the twig. Keys for both summer and winter identification. 580 colour photographs and 1600 drawings of special features useful for identification. Trees In Canada builds on the popular Native Trees of Canada (out of print), which, for 8 editions and over 75 years, guided amateur naturalists and forest science professionals in tree identification.Trees In Canada is an essential tool for the amateur naturalist and forest science professional, landscape architect, student, or teacher, and a collectible for all those fascinated by trees and forests.See what the Tree Canada Foundation has to say about the book at The Tree Canada Foundation is a charitable organization which partners with local volunteers to improve our quality of life by planting and caring for trees. In your neighbourhoods, schoolyards, parks and in the countryside, Tree Canada leaves a living, breathing legacy for generations to come.

Plants of the Western Boreal Forest & Aspen Parkland

Derek Johnson - 1995
    Over 620 species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, ferns, mosses and lichens are illustrated and described, covering the northern forest from Alaska to Minnesota.

Riverwalking: Reflections on Moving Water

Kathleen Dean Moore - 1995
    “A smart, compassionate, and wise meditation on living in place” (Terry Tempest Williams).

High Tide in Tucson

Barbara Kingsolver - 1995
    Defiant, funny and courageously honest, High Tide in Tucson is an engaging and immensely readable collection from one of the most original voices in contemporary literature.'Possessed of an extravagantly gifted narrative voice, Kingsolver blends a fierce and abiding moral vision with benevolent and concise humour. Her medicine is meant for the head, the heart, and the soul.' New York Times Book Review

The Encyclopedia of Snakes

Christopher Mattison - 1995
    This beautifully illustrated book covers the most popular aspects of snake biology and is intended to be "the" most informative and comprehensive title on the subject yet published.

The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People

James Serpell - 1995
    They were probably the first animal species to become domesticated, but their relationship with humans has always been ambivalent. Dogs form strong attachments to humans, even in the face of rejection and punishment, voluntarily allying themselves to us as faithful companions, uncomplaining child-substitutes, enduring workers, and excellent hunters and guards. Yet they are also reviled as vicious killers, unclean scavengers and outcasts. In this book, the many facets of dog behavior are set in the context of the dog's place in our society. Based on firm scientific research, the book dispells many myths and stereotypes about our canine friends, and it will be the definitive reference work on dog behavior for many years to come. Dog-lovers with an interest in understanding how and why dogs behave as they do will find this fascinating reading.

A Photographic Guide to North American Raptors

Brian K. Wheeler - 1995
    Variable plumage, color morphs, and unique individual characteristics are just some of the factors bird watchers must consider when identifying the different species. In this authoritative reference, two of the world's top experts on raptors provide an essential guide to the variations in the species, allowing for easier recognition of key identification points. All the distinguishing marks described have been exhaustively tested in a wide range of field conditions by the authors as well as the colleagues and students who have learned from them. Key Features?The only complete photographic guide to North American diurnal birds of preyIncludes all species, common and rareWritten by well-known expertsContains 365 photographs, each with an explanatory caption and supporting text describing all 43 species of diurnal raptors found in North AmericaFeatures 14 discussions of specific problems in practical identificationComplete set showing every plumageRaptor I.D. problem section showing similar species side by side Species List: Turkey Vulture. Black Vulture. California Condor. Osprey. Hook-billed Kite. Swallow-tailed Kite. White-tailed Kite. Snail Kite. Mississippi Kite. Bald Eagle. Northern Harrier. Sharp-shinned Hawk. Cooper's Hawk. Northern Goshawk. Common Black Hawk. Harris' Hawk. Gray Hawk. Red-shouldered Hawk. Broad-winged Hawk. Short-tailed Hawk. Swainson's Hawk. White-tailed Hawk. Zone-tailed Hawk. Red-tailed Hawk. Ferruginous Hawk. Rough-legged Hawk. Golden Eagle. Crested Caracara. American Kestrel. Merlin. Aplomado Falcon. Gyrfalcon. Peregrine. Prairie Falcon. Crane Hawk. Roadside Hawk. Hawaiian Hawk. Red-backed Hawk. Steller's Sea Eagle. White-tailed Eagle. Collared Forest Falcon. Northern Hobby. Common Kestrel.


Barbara Taylor - 1995
    Systematically organized for easy access to information. Quick reference section contains charts, lists, projects, glossary, and index.

Into the Wilderness: An Artist's Journey

Stephen Lyman - 1995
    Through his beautiful paintings and extraordinary photography he celebrates the importance of the wilderness as a whole.Into the Wilderness is more than a splendid art book. With it, you can journey with Lyman into a wilderness very few have experienced. You can share the sensation of being in the wild--exploring, discovering, studying, and enjoying the all-encompassing beauty of unspoiled nature.Into the Wilderness features Stephen Lyman's favorite paintings, as well as many unpublished paintings and sketches. In addition, the artist includes more than one hundred of his own photographs showing details and overviews of the natural world that inspires his paintings. Through Lyman's paintings and photography, and in the words of writer and former Sierra magazine editor Mark Mardon, each of us can experience the deep quiet of the woods, find serenity at the water's edge, climb mountains, and be completely at home in the world of the wilderness.

Grass Roots: The Universe of Home

Paul Gruchow - 1995
    The essays include personal reflections about growing up in rural Minnesota and opinions about the state of neglected rural towns and people. The author grew up during the 1950s on an 80-acre farm that his family rented in Rosewood Township, Minnesota. His father supplied the tools, the labor, and the seeds and kept two-thirds of the crop. His family lived off of the land--every summer his mother canned vegetables, fruits, jams, sauces, and meats for the winter. The book suggests that the industrialization of farming has marginalized rural culture and led to the impoverishment of rural towns and communities. Bread baking provides an example of how industrialization changed everyday life. When store-bought bread replaced home baking, the family abandoned more than a habit of living--they lost a piece of rural culture that influenced various aspects of their quality of life. Since 1910, industrialization has reduced the farm workforce from about 50 percent of the U.S. population to less than 2 percent and led to the development of a handful of huge, agribusiness corporations that dominate the American agricultural economy. The book suggests that individuals should oppose any economy that sees people as an expendable resource, that does not consider the health of communities, and that defines reductions in human labor as efficient regardless of non-pecuniary consequences. It questions what kind of values rural people are teaching their children when they sell themselves, in the name of economic development, as ideally suited to the least attractive kinds of factory work, or when they allow the rest of society to dump its toxic trash on rural land for the sake of a few jobs. Recommendations are offered for education, agriculture, and economic development that will reinvigorate rural communities and a rural way of life.

Gem Trails of Arizona

James R. Mitchell - 1995
    Maps, detailed text and photos lead the collector to sites as diverse as the rocks and minerals found there. Color photos highlight specimens from azurite to wulfenite. Indexed by location and by mineral. Includes glossary.

Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives (Foundations of Human Behavior)

Patricia Stuart-Macadam - 1995
    As such, it has important implications for understanding the past, present, and future condition of our species. In general, scholars have emphasized either the biological or the cultural aspects of breastfeeding, but not both. As biological anthropologists the editors of this volume feel that an evolutionary approach combining both aspects is essential. One of the goals of their book is to incorporate data from diverse fields to present a more holistic view of breastfeeding, through the inclusion of research from a number of different disciplines, including biological and social/cultural anthropology, nutrition, and medicine. The resulting book, presenting the complexity of the issues surrounding very basic decisions about infant nutrition, will fill a void in the existing literature breastfeeding.

Water, Ice, And Stone: Science and Memory on the Antarctic Lakes

Bill Green - 1995
    Bill Green goes to the lakes of Antarctica to do scientific field research, but finds in his own memories and in the beauty and brutality of a lonely, dangerous land, something of the awe and wonder that are the inspirations for scientific inquiry.


Miranda MacQuitty - 1995
    Explore the incredible diversity of life in the sea--from the haunting, hour-long songs of humpback whales to the fantastic coral colonies that spawn all their young in a single night.

Gardens Of Revelation: Environments By Visionary Artists

John Beardsley - 1995
    This lively international tour ranges from the soaring spires of Watts Towers in Los Angeles to the spirit-lifting Camel Yard and Owl House in New Bethesda, South Africa, to the junk-and-flower filled labyrinths of Howard Finster's Paradise Garden near Summerville, Georgia. While capturing the spirit of each individual's unique creation, Beardsley also situates the work in the larger contexts of traditional garden design, religious architecture, environmental sculpture, and folk art. He muses about the compulsion to create, the sense of place, and the visionary spirit that has inflamed these artists, quoting at length their own poignant and pungent commentary on what they have created and why.

Rogue Primate: An Exploration of Human Domestication

John A. Livingston - 1995
    Winner of the 1994 Governor General's Award "If you buy only one book this decade let it be Rogue Primate."- The Toronto Star (1994)

Toads and Toadstools: The Natural History, Mythology and Cultural Oddities of This Strange Association

Adrian Morgan - 1995
    Artist and scholar Adrian Morgan has spent twelve years collecting, studying, drawing, painting, observing, and eating his subjects. The result is a glorious feast for the eye as well as the intellect. An astonishing compendium of art history, cultural anthropology, pharmacology, herpetology, mycology, and serious conjecture. TOADS & TOADSTOOLS will delight and amaze any armchair biologist. Brimming over with almost 150 illustrations.

Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics and Promise of the American Prairie

Richard Manning - 1995
    Taking a critical look at this little-understood biome, award-winning journalist Richard Manning urges the reclamation of this land, showing how the grass is not only our last connection to the natural world, but also a vital link to our own prehistoric roots, our history, and our culture. Framing his book with the story of the remarkable elk, whose mysterious wanderings seem to reclaim his ancestral plains, Manning traces the expansion of America into what was then viewed as the American desert and considers our attempts over the last two hundred years to control unpredictable land through plowing, grazing, and landscaping. He introduces botanists and biologists who are restoring native grasses, literally follows the first herd of buffalo restored to the wild prairie, and even visits Ted Turner's progressive--and controversial--Montana ranch. In an exploration of the grasslands that is both sweeping and intimate, Manning shows us how we can successfully inhabit this and all landscapes.

Aani and the Tree Huggers

Jeannine Atkins - 1995
    Based on true events in India in the 1970s, young Aani and the other women in her village defend their forest from developers by wrapping their arms around the trees, making it impossible to cut them down.

Dinosaurs: a Global View

Sylvia J. - 1995
    Full-color plates illustrate the prehistoric past. 10" x 14".

Raccoon at Clear Creek Road

Carolyn B. Otto - 1995
    Now Raccoon must find her way back to protect her kits.

The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay

Narelle Oliver - 1995
    A wise old pelican teaches a valuable lesson about individual differences in this charming Australian tale.

A Naturalist's Guide to the Arctic

E.C. Pielou - 1995
    It is packed with answers to naturalists' questions and with questions—some of them answered—that naturalists may not even have thought of.

How to Hide a Meadow Frog and Other Amphibians

Ruth Heller - 1995
    Ruth Heller shows how toads, salamanders, and other interesting amphibians are experts at camouflage. Watch them disappear! Full color.

The Dying of the Trees

Charles E. Little - 1995
    Our children, says writer and conservationist Charles E. Little, probably won't. The forests are declining. The trees are dying. Little shows how logging in the Northwest is far from the whole story, how virtually everywhere in this country our trees are mortally afflicted - even before they are cut. From the "sugarbush" of Vermont and the dogwoods of Maryland's Catoctin mountains to the forests of the "hollows" in Applachia, the oaks and aspens of northern Michigan, and the mountainsides and deserts of the West, a whole range of human-caused maladies - from fatal ozone, ultraviolet rays, and acid rain to the disastrous aftermath of clear-cutting - has brought tree death and forest decline in its wake. In his journeys to America's forests and woodlands, Little exhaustively explores this phenomenon with scientists, government officials, and citizen leaders and recounts how they have responded (and in many cases failed to respond) to this threat to global ecological balance.

Thomas Kinkade: Paintings of Radiant Light

Thomas Kinkade - 1995
    Perhaps no American artist since Norman Rockwell has been so admired and collected for such warm, engaging scenes of American life. This inspired volume features beautiful fold-out color plates and celebrates the radiant works of the foremost contemporary painter of light.This book, which contains Kinkade's newest paintings, recounts the uplifting story of his life and adventures. In his own words, Kinkade recalls the inspiration behind his works and describes the fascinating personal references - to loved ones and to his faith - found in his paintings. The most comprehensive portfolio of Kinkade's art ever printed, this volume includes detailed descriptions of his works and lavish full-color reproductions that illustrate the luminous "Kinkade glow" so collected and treasured today.

Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers

Doug Ladd - 1995
    This valuable reference enables all prairie enthusiasts to quickly and accurately identify hundreds of tallgrass prairie plants. More than 320 color photographs Precise descriptions of 295 species Habitat/range information Historical and cultural notes Educational glossary Complete index of scientific and common names Directory of tallgrass prairies in 13 states

A Little Better Than Plumb: The Biography of a House

Henry E. Giles - 1995
    To longtime Giles fans and new readers alike, these reminiscences of family, friends, a river, and a roof offer a charming visit to rural Kentucky in the late 1950s.

God's Utility Function

Richard Dawkins - 1995
    This chapter from "River Out of Eden" argues that the only purpose of life is the survival of DNA; understand this, and all the inefficiency, unfairness and cruelty in the world makes sense.

Gardening at Sissinghurst

Tony Lord - 1995
    It is one of the most visited garden in Britain. This book relates the garden's outstanding features to the distinctive styles of Sir Harold and Vita, and examines the design, development, planting and maintenance of each part of the garden throughout the year. There are detailed planting plans of the beds and borders, and an analysis of the precise use of colors that make this garden one of the most copied in the world. A descriptive catalogue lists the plants raised at Sissinghurst and named after the garden or its creators.

Wildlife Of Greater Brisbane

Queensland Museum - 1995
    From high mountain rainforests to the barest cityscape, the region is home to an astonishing variety of wild creatures, large and small, seen and unseen. Worms, snails, spiders, insects, fish, frogs, lizards, snakes, birds and mammals, many of them rare or endangered, survive alongside the region’s human inhabitants, sharing our homes, backyards, parks and bushlands.Wildlife of Greater Brisbane is one of Australia's most successful wildlife guides. Now in its second edition, the book features 428 pages of easy-to-read information and hundreds of brilliant, full colour photographs.

The Sacred Tree

Glennie Kindred - 1995
    It encourages our deeper involvement with trees both on the physical level and offers ways we can open our spiritual connection to trees and nature.The book focuses on 13 native trees of the British Isles and their corresponding 13 moons and place on the wheel of the year's cycle. This is based on the authors understanding of their inherent energy and unique healing properties. This creates a tree circle, which can be planted and used as a sacred grove or celebration circle.These are the native trees of the British Isles that our ancestors would have worked with and the book explores some of the myths and folklore surrounding these trees, as well as past and present uses of the wood and the herbal and culinary uses of their leaves, sap, fruit and bark.Also there are suggested ways to communicate with tree spirits and the spiritual and healing qualities that each tree has to teach us.Illustrated with line drawings of the leaves, flowers and fruit of each of the trees and also includes how to grow and plant trees.

Rhymes for Annie Rose

Shirley Hughes - 1995
    "A welcome collection of 20 fresh new poems about Annie Rose, her family, and friends—beloved characters....The subject matter is right on target for young children—simple, everyday pleasures; humorous character studies; and flights of the imagination....Inviting pastoral scenes are depicted in full-and double-page paintings and vignettes with attention paid to small details....Particularly engaging."—School Library Journal.

Snorkeling Guide to Marine Life Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas

Paul Humann - 1995
    It also features photographs that are suitable for identification purposes.

Light in the sea

David Doubilet - 1995
    Since 1971, Doubilet has explored the oceans for National Geographic, photographing scenes stranger than anything above water: the savage courtship dance of reef sharks, the coral-encrusted wreck of a sunken B-17, the eight-foot claw span of a 50-year-old crab.Light in the Sea, conveys, as few books can, the rewards of a demanding photographic specialty and the excitement of the world beneath the waves.

Sea Turtle Journey: The Story Of A Loggerhead Turtle

Lorraine A. Jay - 1995
    A tiny loggerhead turtle hatches on the beach, rushes to the water, and makes her journey far out to sea, where she grows bigger and stronger in preparation for returning to the beach to lay her own eggs.

Tracks, Scats & Signs

Leslie A. Dendy - 1995
    Children learn to identify a variety of different plant, animal and insect species.-- Helps children identify different species.-- Includes scrapbook pages, for notes or drawings.-- Features detailed true-to-life illustrations.

Nature Cross-sections

Richard Orr - 1995
    Applying meticulously detailed cross-section illustrations to such objects as a bee nest and a tree, an informative exploration of the natural world explains how animals make their homes and why conservation is important.

The Lost Grizzlies: A Search for Survivors in the Colorado Wilderness

Rick Bass - 1995
    With the exhilarating insight his readers have come to expect, Rick Bass describes the dangers and clues on the trail of the grizzly, the mystery and beauty of the animal, and the courage, hope, and friendships at the heart of the search. The Lost Grizzlies is more than a foray into deep wilderness. It is, ultimately, as much about humans as it is about bears.

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

Helen Gilks - 1995
    This book shows the best wildlife pictures taken by photographers worldwide.

Unraveling Fibers

Patricia A. Keeler - 1995
    Hundreds of full-color photos reveal what fibers look like up close, the plants and animals they come from, and the steps necessary to process fiber into yarn to make clothing and other textiles.

My Little Book Of Wood Ducks

Hope Irvin Marston - 1995
    From mother duck's wait for her eggs to hatch to the fuzzy babies' first adventures tumbling out of the nest and into the pond, this beautifully illustrated book is ideal for introducing young children to the wonders of nature.

All the Powerful Invisible Things: A Sportswoman's Notebook

Gretchen Legler - 1995
    With eloquence and honesty, Legler's work documents a fascinating journey of self-discovery, graphically and intimately exploring the themes of hunting, sexuality, and landscape.

The Complete Guide To Homeopathy

Andrew Lockie - 1995
    The book includes easy-to-consult practical ailment charts which recommend remedies for a wide range of common aliments.

A Different Angle: Fly Fishing Stories by Women

Holly Morris - 1995
    But once the River speaks, the man becomes a superfluous distraction and a woman finds herself standing alone, in living water, defying and wowing the self. This is the moment the fly fisher is born. This beautiful birth is the heartbeat of these stories." -David James Duncan, author of "The River Why" and "The Brothers K" Includes stories by Pulitzer-Prize-winner E. Anne Proulx, "Cowboys Are My Weakness" author Pam Houston, fly casting champion Joan Slavato Wulff, Lorian Hemingway, LeAnne Schreiber, and more Since the success of "Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis" and "A River Runs Through It," fly fishing has been growing in popularity among both sexes Both men and women will enjoy these sometimes poignant, more often humorous tales of uniformly high literary quality.

California Fishing: The Complete Guide to Fishing on Lakes, Streams, Rivers, and the Coast (Moon Outdoors)

Tom Stienstra - 1995
    Pack up your rod and reel, stock your tackle box, and discover the best places to cast your line in the Golden State with Moon California Fishing.A Fishing Hole for Everyone: Pick the right spot for you with options ranging from lakes and streams to rivers and reservoirs, rated by number of fish, size of fish, and scenic beautyStrategic Lists: Choose from lists like best freshwater fisheries, best hike-in fisheries, best places to teach kids to fish, and more, including the top places to find California sport fish such as trout, salmon, and steelheadMaps and Directions: Find easy-to-use maps, driving directions, and details on where to parkSkip the Crowds: Have the water to yourself with Moon California Fishing's many off-the-radar spotsExpert Advice: Seasoned angler Tom Stienstra offers his experienced insight and honest opinions on each fisheryTips and Tools: Advice on permits, fees, and lodging, background information on climate and landscape, and detailed instructions for novice anglersWhether you're a veteran or a first-timer, Moon's comprehensive coverage and honest expertise will have you gearing up for your next adventure.Exploring more of the Golden State's great outdoors? Try Moon California Camping or Moon California Hiking.


Donald M. Silver - 1995
    Inspired by this book's hints and fun-filled experiments and activities, and using only simple equipment, young readers unlock the closely guarded secrets of the woods--from the strange meetings of lazy butterflies, to the miraculous "walking" of a twig, to the riddle of why the leaves turn color and fall. One small square at a time, these "detectives" plunge deeper and deeper into ancient mysteries--without ever getting lost. Beautifully illustrated, Woods offers a picture field guide, a glossary-index, and a resource list.

The Prairie Keepers: Secrets of the Grasslands

Marcy Cottrell Houle - 1995
    What she discovered was the densest concentration of these hawks anywhere in the lower forty-eight states. Why? Houle's findings, eloquently reported, show that ranchers and grazing and wildlife not only can coexist, but in some instances must coexist if we are to save the last of the native prairies for us all.

The Gates of the Wind

Kathryn Lasky - 1995
    When Gamma Lee finally reaches the highest peak, she is faced with a ferocious and meddling wind--and the wind doesn't want company. Will they battle it out, or will they learn to live together? Full-color.

Jambo: a Gorilla's Story

Richard Johnstone-Scott - 1995
    Jambo, Swahili for "Hello", hit the headlines in 1986 when he displayed great gentleness toward a little boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at Jersey Zoo, which was Jambo's home from 1972 until his death in 1992. Richard Johnstone-Scott was his keeper for fifteen years. He found this quite different from looking after ordinary animals, a combination of scientific experiment and love affair. There was humour, excitement and sometimes danger, but always mutual respect and affection. This book provides a fascinating insight into the behaviour and psychology of gorillas, and bears testimony that the co-existence of humans and animals is a rich and rewarding experience.

Wild Cats of the World

Art Wolfe - 1995
    Shown here in all their fearful symmetry and lithe grace are not only the famous big cats of the wild, but also the many medium-size and small cats. 191 4-color photographs.

Snakes, Salamanders & Lizards

Diane L. Burns - 1995
    Safety tips are provided and interesting activities are sugested. Color illustrations enhance the presentation. ---HORN BOOKS (Tracks, Scats and Signs)

Plants for Natural Gardens: Southwestern Native Adaptive Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, and Grasses

Judith Phillips - 1995
    The key to any successful garden is knowing the plants, the conditions that nurture them, and the care that must be taken in their propagation, cultivation, transplanting, and pruning. Knowing the native and adaptive plants of the region and how best to use them in the landscape will enable the gardener to create gardens of self-sustaining beauty.

The Smithsonian Guides to Natural America: The Southwest: New Mexico and Arizona

Jake Page - 1995
    Featuring glorious color photos and maps throughout, this new edition of the Smithonian Guide to Natural America covers the parks, wilderness preserves, nature sanctuaries and scenic wonders to be found in Arizona and New Mexico.

Red Clay, Pink Cadillacs and White Gold: The Kaolin Chalk Wars

Charles Seabrook - 1995
    The story of the billion-dollar kaolin industry and the people who live in poverty above the untold wealth beneath them.

A Field Guide to the Plants of Arizona

Anne Orth Epple - 1995
    More than 900 color photographs and descriptive text identify Arizona's unique flora, including wildflowers, cacti, trees, and other plant life.

Butterflies and Moths

Paul Sterry - 1995
    You will soon be identifying butterflies and moths in their natural habitats with this clear and concise guide. With selections of butterflies and moths native to the UK and Europe, you can be sure that wherever you are, this guide will be an invaluable companion.