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The Vintage Bradbury: The Greatest Stories by America's Most Distinguished Practioner of Speculative Fiction

Ray Bradbury - 1965
    The best short stories of Ray Bradbury--including "Dandelion Wine, " "The Illustrated Man, " and twenty-one other tales by one of our most original authors.

"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman

Harlan Ellison - 1965
    A rebel inhabits a world where conformity and punctuality are top priorities and the Ticktockman cannot accept the Harlequin's presence in his perfectly ordered world.

Alice: The Girl From Earth

Kir Bulychev - 1965
    A translation of Девочка с Земли into English.

The Anything Box

Zenna Henderson - 1965
    The Grunder, a thing of horror which, if defeated, restores love... The Noise-Eater, created by a child out of his fevered imagination, gobbles up anything--or anyone--that makes a sound... The Coveti, residents of an alien world poisoned by the intrusion of the stranger from Earth... The Beast Hill, an ordinary mound of earth, except that its grass resembles fur, and--doesn't it move?

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen

H. Beam Piper - 1965
    Their aim was to keep the existence of the alternative Earths a secret and prevent these Earths from mixing and destroying each other.But the Time Police made mistakes, and they made a big one when a seemingly ordinary Pennsylvania State Trooper named Calvin Morrison was accidentally switched into the Aryan-Transpacific sector, Styphon's House subsector.In just a few weeks, Morrison was being hailed as Lord Kalvan, and was masterminding a campaign that could blow the whole Paratime secret sky high!

The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth

Roger Zelazny - 1965
    In Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, Zelazny's rare ability to mix the dream-like, disturbing imagery of fantasy with the real-life hardware of science fiction is on full display. His vivid imagination and fine prose made him one of the most highly acclaimed writers in his field.Contents:· The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth · nv F&SF Mar ’65 · The Keys to December · nv New Worlds Aug ’66 · Devil Car [Sam Nurdock] · ss Galaxy Jun ’65 · A Rose for Ecclesiastes · nv F&SF Nov ’63 · The Monster and the Maiden · vi Galaxy Dec ’64 · Collector’s Fever · vi Galaxy Jun ’64 · This Mortal Mountain · nv If Mar ’67 · This Moment of the Storm · nv F&SF Jun ’66 · The Great Slow Kings · ss Worlds of Tomorrow Dec ’63 · A Museum Piece · ss Fantastic Jun ’63 · Divine Madness · ss Magazine of Horror Sum ’66 · Corrida · ss Anubis v1 #3 ’68 · Love Is an Imaginary Number · ss New Worlds Jan ’66 · The Man Who Loved the Faioli · ss Galaxy Jun ’67 · Lucifer · ss Worlds of Tomorrow Jun ’64

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

Philip K. Dick - 1965
    When industrialist Palmer Eldritch returns from an interstellar trip, he brings with him a new drug, Chew-Z. It is far more potent than Can-D, but threatens to plunge the world into a permanent state of drugged illusion controlled by the mysterious Eldritch.Cover illustration: Chris Moore

Flatland / Sphereland

Edwin A. Abbott - 1965
    Flatland : the classic speculation on life in four dimensions; Sphereland : a continuing speculation on an expanding universe

The Best of Kuttner 1

Henry Kuttner - 1965
    Saturday Review of Literature: "A sampling of Kuttner from fantasy to science fiction and all stages inbetween--first degree entertainment!"--back coverIntroduction - Ray BradburyShort stories 1939-1955: Mimsy were the Borogoves Two-Handed Engine The Proud Robot The Misguided Halo The Voice of the Lobster Exit the Professor The Twonky A Gnome There Was The Big Night Nothing But Gingerbread Left The Iron Standard Cold War Or Else Endowment Policy Housing Problem What You Need Absalom

The World of Tiers, Volume 1

Philip José Farmer - 1965
    Paul J. Finnegan, also from our contemporary world). Separately and together, the two heroes contend against the Lords who rule the separate universes, of which the marvelous many-leveled World of Tiers is the center. Mythological and legendary creatures and characters abound: centaurs and harpies, mermaids and Indians, aliens and beautiful women.

Prelude to Mars

Arthur C. Clarke - 1965
    The same cover was used for all editions and so we have a single record on Goodreads.This is omnibus and collection of two previously published novels and 16 short stories. The novels are Prelude to Space (1951) and The Sands of Mars (1951). There are eight humorous short stories from Clarke's Tales from the White Hart collection:• Big Game Hunt (1956)• Critical Mass (1949)• The Ultimate Melody (1957)• Moving Spirit (1957)• The Man Who Ploughed the Sea (1957)• Cold War (1957)• What Goes Up (1956)• Trouble with the Natives (1951 - This did not appear in Tales from the White Hart but one of the locations in this story is the White Hart bar)There are also eight serious short stories:• A Walk in the Dark (1950)• The Forgotten Enemy (1948)• The Parasite (1953)• The Curse (1946)• The Possessed (1953)• The Awakening (1942)• Exile of the Eons (1950)• Second Dawn (1951)

Space Lords

Cordwainer Smith - 1965
    This is the 1st edition.The universe of Cordwainer SmithGiant planoforming ships ply the spaceways...Men "built" from animals do mankind's labor - and plot in secret...Living weapons guard the most important secret in existence...A thousand planets acknowledge one ruler - the instrumentality of Mankind...Wierd, beautiful, terrifying - these stories of the far future paint a picture of the strangest universe ever imagined.Contains five stories:Mother Hitton's Littul KittonsThe Dead Lady of Clown TownDrunkboatThe Ballad of Lost C'MellA Planet Named Shayol

Retreat Syndrome

Philip K. Dick - 1965
    The story follows John Cupertino, a man seemingly under medical care, and his quest to find the truth behind the memory of him killing his wife.

World's Best Science Fiction 1965

Donald A. Wollheim - 1965
    Wollheim & Terry CarrGreenplace by Tom PurdomMen of Good Will by Ben Bova & Myron R. LewisBill for Delivery/Federation of Humanity by Christopher AnvilFour Brands of Impossible by Norman KaganA Niche in Time by William F. TempleSea Wrack by Edward JesbyFor Every Action by C.C. MacAppVampires Ltd by Josef NesvadbaThe Last Lonely Man by John BrunnerThe Star Party by Robert LoryThe Weather in the Underworld by Colin FreeOh, to Be a Blobel by Philip K. DickThe Unremembered by Edward MackinWhat Happened to Sergeant Masuro? by Harry MulischNow Is Forever by Thomas M. DischThe Competitors by Jack B. LawsonWhen the Change-Winds Blow by Fritz Leiber

The Worlds of Robert F. Young

Robert F. Young - 1965
    Keats (1959)Goddess in Granite (1957)Promised Planet (1955)Romance in a Twenty-First Century Used-Car Lot (1960)The Courts of Jamshyd (1957)Production Problem (1959)Little Red Schoolhouse (1956)Written in the Stars (1957)A Drink of Darkness (1962)Your Ghost Will Walk... (1957)

If This Goes On

Charles Nuetzel - 1965
    E. van Vogt•The Racer by Ib Melchior•"All the Troubles of the World" by Isaac Asimov (variant of All the Troubles of the World)•Friends and Enemies by Fritz Leiber•No Land of Nod by Sherwood Springer•A Very Cultured Taste by Charles Nuetzel [as by George Frederic]•The Mute Question by Forrest J. Ackerman•The Homo Sap by Charles Nuetzel•Aquella by Donald A. Wollheim (variant of The Planet Called Aquella)•The Climbing Wave by Marion Zimmer Bradley•Your Life In "1977" essay by Willy Ley [as by Willie Ley]•Preposterous by Fredric Brown