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Octavia E. Butler - 1979
    This combination of slave memoir, fantasy, and historical fiction is a novel of rich literary complexity. Having just celebrated her 26th birthday in 1976 California, Dana, an African-American woman, is suddenly and inexplicably wrenched through time into antebellum Maryland. After saving a drowning white boy there, she finds herself staring into the barrel of a shotgun and is transported back to the present just in time to save her life. During numerous such time-defying episodes with the same young man, she realizes the challenge she’s been given: to protect this young slaveholder until he can father her own great-grandmother.


Alan Dean Foster - 1979
    The crew of the spaceship Nostromo wake from cryogenic sleep to distress signals from an unknown planet. One is attacked when they investigate a derelict alien craft. Safely on their way back to Sol, none foresee the real horror about to begin.

The Past Through Tomorrow: Vol. 2

Robert A. Heinlein - 1979

Enemy Mine

Barry B. Longyear - 1979
    Enemy Mine--The Nebula and Hugo Award winner that inspired the 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett, Jr.The story of a man, incomplete in himself, taught to be a human by his sworn enemy, an alien being who leaves with the human its most important possession: its future.

The Morgaine Saga

C.J. Cherryh - 1979
    Cherryh's epic story of a woman's mission across time and space to preserve the integrity of the universe.

The Instrumentality of Mankind

Cordwainer Smith - 1979
    81-Q (1928)3 Mark Elf (1957)4 The Queen of the Afternoon (1978)5 When the People Fell (1959)6 Think Blue, Count Two (1963)7 The Colonel Came Back from the Nothing-at-All (1979)8 From Gustible's Planet (1962)9 Drunkboat (1963)10 Western Science Is So Wonderful (1958)11 Nancy (1959)12 The Fife of Bodidharma (1959)13 Angerhelm (1959)14 The Good Friends (1963)"First Edition: May 1979" stated on the copyright page.

The Illustrated Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Douglas Adams - 1979
    50,000 first printing.

Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature

Wayne Barlowe - 1979
    One man has seen them.Wayne Dougles Barlowe's brilliant portraits of science fiction creatures are the result of exacting studies made during a lifetime in the field. He now presents anatomical drawings, cutaway and locomotive studies, and at-hand observations of each entity's habits, behavioral patterns, environment, and culture.Wayne Douglas Barlowe has been that close.

Engine Summer

John Crowley - 1979
    In love with a beautiful woman, Rush journeys far and learns much. Taken into the society of Dr. Boots's List, attached to the old mysteries, Rush grows closer to a sainthood he could never have imagined.

Alien: The Illustrated Story

Archie Goodwin - 1979
    A graphic novelization of the screenplay to the motion picture Alien, published at the time of the films release.

Warm Worlds and Otherwise

James Tiptree Jr. - 1979
    Ain [nominated, 1969 Nebula Award]AmberjackThrough a Lass DarklyThe Girl Who Was Plugged In [winner, 1974 Hugo Award. Nominated, 1973 Nebula Award. 1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction (Place: 4)]The Night-Blooming SaurianThe Women Men Don't See [1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction (Place: 18)]FaultLove Is the Plan the Plan Is Death [1973 Nebula Award. Nominated, 1974 Hugo Award. 1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction (Place: 3)]On the Last Afternoon

Wonderworks: Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

Michael Whelan - 1979
    Visit fantastic worlds. Meet incredible creatures, beautiful and exotic peoples all within the pages of Wonderworks.The greatest name in the field of fantastic art is Michael Whelan. Whelan's sense of color, proportion, design, attention to detail, and imagination has made him the most popular and most sought-afterillustrator in the world of science fiction and fantasy illustration.Wonderworks is the first and only collection of Michael Whelan's work. It is an award nominee book by an award-winning artist containing over 100 paintings and drawings plus introductions by some of the bestselling authors in the field—Poul Anderson, Anne McCaffrey, Michael Moorcock, Alan Dean Foster, and C. J. Cherryh.

The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley

Robert Sheckley - 1979
    A TV thrill show where the corpses are real. And a shuddering descent into laughter.Tales by the grand master of science fiction.

The Rains of Eridan

Helen Mary Hoover - 1979
    When Eridan is researched for possible human colonization, carnivorous cryptobiotic creatures emerge during the rains on the planet and terrorize the scientists of Base Three.

Hammer's Slammers

David Drake - 1979
    When a planetary government faces threats from guerillas, insurgents or terrorists, the men they hire are Hammer's Slammers - known throughout the galaxy for their cold, ruthless ferocity, their ability to defeat overwhelming forces, and their willingness to go up against impossible odds.Contents:Introduction by Jerry PournelleSTORY: But Loyal to His OwnINTERLUDE: SupertanksSTORY: The Butcher’s BillINTERLUDE: The Church of the Lord’s UniverseSTORY: Under the HammerINTERLUDE: PowergunsSTORY: Cultural ConflictINTERLUDE: Backdrop to ChaosSTORY: Caught in the CrossfireINTERLUDE: The Bonding AuthoritySTORY: HangmanINTERLUDE: Table of Organization and Equipment, Hammer’s RegimentSTORY: Standing Down

Schrödinger's Cat 1: The Universe Next Door

Robert Anton Wilson - 1979
    Strangelove) threatens to detonate nuclear devices in major cities all over Unistat. Also mirroring Dr. Strangelove, Unistat has an automated device that will send nuclear missiles to Russia in the event of such an attack. Russia has a similar device to bomb China, and so on.

The Case of the Vanishing Boy

Alexander Key - 1979
    His memory is a total blank. He doesn’t even know his name. But beside him is a blind girl, Ginny, who has a way of seeing deep within people’s souls. Looking inside the boy’s addled memory, she discovers that his name is Jan—and he has every reason to be afraid. When the train stops, Jan flees into the night, and the police come charging after him. No matter where he goes—a church, the woods, the back alleys of this cozy suburban town—the hunters keep getting closer. He has incredible powers, and the government wants to use them for evil purposes. As his memory returns, Jan will tame his powers and stop running. With Ginny’s help, he will begin to fight back.

The Fountains of Paradise

Arthur C. Clarke - 1979
    Vannemar Morgan's dream of linking Earth with the stars requires a 24,000-mile-high space elevator. But first he must solve a million technical, political, and economic problems while allaying the wrath of God. Includes a new introduction by the author.

The Time Machine / The Island of Dr. Moreau / The Invisible Man / The War of the Worlds / The First Men in the Moon / The Food of the Gods

H.G. Wells - 1979
    Gilt edges, silver titles, and raised spine.

The Book of Alien

Paul Scanlon - 1979
    Alien.This exciting book takes you right behind the scenes of Alien and talks to the key people involved, including H. R Giger and director Ridley Scott. It shows every creative stage, through designs and sketches, models and costumes, that went into such a unique vision of the future, and graphically demonstrates why the movie won an Oscar for its visual effects.

To Keep the Oath [Darkover Series]

Marion Zimmer Bradley - 1979
    But the laws of our charter prevent me and I am bound by oath to obey those laws; laws made, not by our own Guild-mothers, but by men who fear what we might have to say to their women!

Alien Landscapes

Robert Holdstock - 1979
    Imaginary landscapes, some surreal, others realistic, are highly important to the novels in which they are contained. Many of these worlds are carefully contructed, realistically detailed and vividly imagined.Alien Landscapes explores ten of the best-known worlds with a detailed text explaining their history and politics, climate, geography, flora and fauna and their location in the Galaxy. All are brilliantly visualised in 30 original paintings, specially commissioned from ten of the best sf and fantasy illustrators.See in full color the spectacular worlds of Arthur C. Clarke's Rama; Anne McCaffrey's Pern; the Okie Cities of James Blish; Hal Clement's Mesklin; Harry Harrison's Eros; the Arrakis of Frank Herbert's Dune; Larry Niven's Ringworld; Trantor from Asimov's Foundation Trilogy; Brian Aldiss's Hothouse and the End of the World of H.G. Wells. These illustrations give an inspired reality to life and times "out there" from the full planetary view right down to the details of landscapes and society.Illustrators: Rama by Jim BurnsPern by Roger and Linda GarlandOkie Cities by John HarrisMesklin by Tony RobertsEros by Colin HayArrakis by Terry OakesRingworld by Stuart HughesTrantor by Angus McKieHothouse by Bob FowkeEnd of the World by Les Edwards

Ringing Changes

R.A. Lafferty - 1979
    Where stone-eating cartoon "dorgs" reproduce and multiply. Where special days - not in the regular 365 count - invade consciousness. And where the ultimate goal is the great synthesis, the happy obliteration of all individuality and memory.The best stories by a Hugo Award winner, Ringing Changes ranges from entancing aliens to malevolent mutations, from cosminc jokes to hauntigly feal fantasies. But throughout, R.A. Lafferty's sardonic imagination projects a chilling future that may be just a small step away for mankind.[Taken from the back cover]

Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology

Stan Goldstein - 1979
    The publication of this book initiates an exciting and necessary project: to provide Star Fleet Academy Cadets with a concise illustrated history of their home planets, spaceflight, evolution and development.

The Lost Star

Helen Mary Hoover - 1979
    While on an archaeological expedition to Balthor, a young astrophysicist stumbles upon the Lumpies, gray smiling creatures with a strange secret.

A Dead God Dancing

Ann Maxwell - 1979
    Now it was a chill, arid wasteland, with its remaining inhabitants clustered on a great ice mountain. And in a few, short solar cycles its sun would blaze into a deadly super-nova.

Convergent Series

Larry Niven - 1979
    The Nonesuch follows Doris as she discovers that a mind-reading, flesh-eating alien is stalking her. Also includes stories from the Draco's Tavern series.

A Choice of Catastrophes

Isaac Asimov - 1979
    Natural properties and laws might change at any time, rendering life on this planet--or anywhere in the universe--impossible. But the disasters that are most imminent are in our power to control--technology, nuclear warfare, pollution... Natural forces far more powerful than man might destroy us. Or they may have nothing to do with bringing about the end.

The Golden Helix

Theodore Sturgeon - 1979
    Each story is prefaced with a brief discussion by the author. "A master storyteller certain to fascinate all sorts of readers . . ".--Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Science Fiction of the Fifties

Martin H. Greenberg - 1979
    MacDonaldFeedback by Katherine MacLeanDP by Jack VanceThe Liberation of Earth by William TennA Work of Art by James BlishThe County of the Kind by Damon KnightThe Education of Tigress McCardle by C.M. KornbluthThe Cage by A. Bertram ChandlerThe Last of the Deliverers by Poul AndersonA Bad Day for Sales by Fritz LeiberSaucer of Loneliness by Theodore SturgeonHeirs Apparent by Robert AbernathyAdrift on the Policy Level by Chan DavisShort in the Chest by Margaret St Clair5,271,009 by Alfred BesterThe Academy by Robert SheckleyNobody Bothers Gus by Algis BudrysHappy Birthday Dear Jesus by Frederik PohlBettyann by Kris NevilleDark Interlude by Fredric Brown & Mack ReynoldsWhat Have I Done by Mark CliftonLove O Careless Love by Barry N. Malzberg

Mists of Dawn

Chad Oliver - 1979
    A 17-year-old makes an unplanned trip through space and time to Europe 50,000 years ago where Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man engage in conflict for survival.

The Best Science Fiction Novellas of the Year 1

Terry Carr - 1979
    VingeThe Watched by Christopher Priest

A Planet Called Treason

Orson Scott Card - 1979
    Yet each family is using its own special products to help barter for much-needed iron. Lanik Mueller, whose family is able to reproduce body parts, finds himself unable to stop growing parts. As this disaster takes him on a journey across the planet, he develops a plan that will help unify the families.Orson Scott Card's second novel (his fourth book to be published). It faded out of print, then Card made some major revisions/rewrites and republished it in 1988 under the title Treason.

The Best Animal Stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Donald J. Sobol - 1979
    Bond, Blue Book, Sep ’50.* The Fog Horn [The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms], Ray Bradbury, The Saturday Evening Post, Jun 23 ’51.* The Steel Cat, John Collier, Lilliput, Feb ’41.* The Exhalted [Johnny Black], L. Sprague de Camp, Astounding, Nov ’40.* Dolphin’s Way, Gordon R. Dickson, Analog, Jun ’64.* Wolves Don’t Cry, Bruce Elliott, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr ’54.* The Large Ant, Howard Fast,Fantastic Universe Feb ’60.* The Chessplayers, Charles L. Harness, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Oct ’53.* The Monkey’s Paw, W. W. Jacobs, Harper’s Monthly, Sep ’52.* Mop-Up, Arthur Porges, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Jul ’53.* The Smile of the Sphinx, William F. Temple, Tales of Wonder, ’38.* Pithecanthropus Rejectus, Manly Wade Wellman, Astounding, Jan ’38.

The Usborne Book of the Future: A Trip in Time to the Year 2000 and Beyond

Kenneth W. Gatland - 1979
    See the robots, machines and cities of the future, and then travel to the stars."