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The Neutronium Alchemist 2: Conflict

Peter F. Hamilton - 1998
    Stealing the bodies of the living, they are grouping together into powerful consortiums led by leaders from history. An increasingly desperate Confederation Navy is struggling to stem the tide as the race for the universe's most powerful weapon begins. But if the dead can return to life, who will be the ultimate victors?

The Neutronium Alchemist 1: Consolidation

Peter F. Hamilton - 1998
    The minds of those long dead are taking over the bodies of the living, in increasingly alarming numbers. Joshua Calvert is desperately trying to recover a "doomsday weapon", an instrument that might blast the dead back into oblivion--but in the wrong hands, it could mean the end of the human race.

The Transall Saga

Gary Paulsen - 1998
    As Mark searches for a pathway back to his own time on Earth, he must make a new life in a new world. His encounters with primitive tribes bring the joy of human bonds, but violence and war as well—and, finally, a contest in which he discovers his own startling powers.

A Medicine for Melancholy and Other Stories

Ray Bradbury - 1998
    Contents: 1 • In a Season of Calm Weather • (1957) • short story by Ray Bradbury 7 • A Medicine for Melancholy • (1959) • short story by Ray Bradbury 16 • The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit • non-genre • (1958) • short story by Ray Bradbury 39 • Fever Dream • (1948) • short story by Ray Bradbury 46 • The Marriage Mender • (1954) • short story by Ray Bradbury 51 • The Town Where No One Got Off • (1958) • short story by Ray Bradbury 59 • A Scent of Sarsaparilla • (1953) • short story by Ray Bradbury 66 • The Headpiece • (1958) • short story by Ray Bradbury 74 • The First Night of Lent • [The Irish Stories] • (1956) • short story by Ray Bradbury 81 • The Time of Going Away • (1956) • short story by Ray Bradbury 88 • All Summer in a Day • (1954) • short story by Ray Bradbury 94 • The Gift • (1952) • short story by Ray Bradbury 97 • The Great Collision of Monday Last • [The Irish Stories] • (1958) • short story by Ray Bradbury 104 • The Little Mice • (1955) • short story by Ray Bradbury 109 • The Shore Line at Sunset • (1959) • short story by Ray Bradbury (variant of The Shoreline at Sunset) 118 • The Day It Rained Forever • (1957) • short story by Ray Bradbury 129 • Chrysalis • (1946) • short story by Ray Bradbury 150 • Pillar of Fire • (1948) • novelette by Ray Bradbury 188 • Zero Hour • (1947) • short story by Ray Bradbury 198 • The Man • (1949) • short story by Ray Bradbury 210 • Time in Thy Flight • (1953) • short story by Ray Bradbury 215 • The Pedestrian • (1951) • short story by Ray Bradbury 220 • Hail and Farewell • (1953) • short story by Ray Bradbury 228 • Invisible Boy • (1945) • short story by Ray Bradbury 237 • Come Into My Cellar • (1962) • short story by Ray Bradbury (variant of Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!) 254 • The Million-Year Picnic • [The Martian Chronicles] • (1946) • short story by Ray Bradbury (variant of The Million Year Picnic) 264 • The Screaming Woman • [Green Town] • (1951) • short story by Ray Bradbury 278 • The Smile • (1952) • short story by Ray Bradbury 284 • Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed • (1949) • short story by Ray Bradbury 299 • The Trolley • [Dandelion Wine] • (1955) • short story by Ray Bradbury 303 • Icarus Montgolfier Wright • (1956) • short story by Ray Bradbury


Michael Marshall Smith - 1998
    An eye for an eye, but some people are doing all the taking.Spares - the story of Jack Randall: burnt-out, dropped out, and with a zero credit rating at the luck bank. After five years lying low on a Spares farm, looking after inmates that can't even spell luck, he is finally faced with a chance at redemption....if he, and the spares, can run fast enough.Spares - a breathless race through strange, disturbing territories in a world all too close to our own.Spares - it's fiction. But only just...

Heroes Die

Matthew Woodring Stover - 1998
    He is relentless, unstoppable, simply the best there is at what he does.At home on Earth, Caine is Hari Michaelson, a superstar whose adventures in Ankhana command an audience of billions. Yet he is shackled by a rigid caste society, bound to ignore the grim fact that he kills men on a far-off world for the entertainment of his own planet--and bound to keep his rage in check.But now Michaelson has crossed the line. His estranged wife, Pallas Rill, has mysteriously disappeared in the slums of Ankhana. To save her, he must confront the greatest challenge of his life: a lethal game of cat and mouse with the most treacherous rulers of two worlds...

The Broken God

David Zindell - 1998
    Danlo the Wild, raised by far-off Alaloi neanderthal cave-dwellers, survived a plague that took all of his tribe. Now he must find who engineered the disease and how he can cure it. And what kind of man he will grow up into, as he enters the Order of Mystic Mathematicians and Other Seekers of the Ineffable Flame.His journey has only begun.

Runner of Pern

Anne McCaffrey - 1998
    It tells of a runner (messenger) Tenna, who is new to the craft but is good at the job.Originally appeared in Robert Silverberg's Legends

Slippage: Previously Uncollected, Precariously Poised Stories

Harlan Ellison - 1998
    Which may help explain why he is also one of the most brilliant, innovative, and eloquent writers on earth. Slippage simply presents recent, typical Ellison. In a word, masterful. The 21 stories in this 1997 collection, which is encased in black boxes, show Ellison at the height of his powers, with several of the stories (no surprise here) major award-winners. Highlights include a black mind reader who pays a visit to a white serial killer, a husband who falls prey to a vampiric personal computer, and a love affair between a young man and a woman who may be more undead than alive. Perhaps even more fascinating are the painfully candid snapshots of autobiography running throughout the volume. Even if Ellison's unsettling fictions are not enough to dazzle you, his often bizarre life experiences as an author will still keep you compulsively turning the page like a polite voyeur. --Stanley WiaterContents:The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore (1992)Anywhere but Here, with Anybody but You (1996)Crazy as a Soup Sandwich (1989)Darkness upon the Face of the Deep (1991)The Pale Silver Dollar of the Moon Pays Its Way and Makes Change: Version 1 (1997)The Pale Silver Dollar of the Moon Pays Its Way and Makes Change: Version 2 (1994)The Lingering Scent of Woodsmoke (1996)The Museum on Cyclops Avenue (1995)Go toward the Light (1996)Mefisto in Onyx (1993)Where I Shall Dwell in the Next World (1992)Chatting with Anubis (1995)The Few, the Proud (1989)The Deadly "Nackles" Affair (1987) essayNackles (1964)Nackles (1987)Sensible City (1994)The Dragon on the Bookshelf (1995) with Robert SilverbergKeyboard (1995)Jane Doe #112 (1990)The Dreams a Nightmare Dreams (1997)Pulling Hard Time (1995)Scartaris, June 28th (1990)She's a Young Thing and Cannot Leave Her Mother (1988)Midnight in the Sunken Cathedral (1995)

The Complete Fuzzy

H. Beam Piper - 1998
    Beam Piper's bestselling science fiction novel Little Fuzzy captivated readers everywhere. Now, all three of Piper's delightful books are available for the first time in one volume: Little Fuzzy, Fuzzy Sapiens and Fuzzies And Other People.

The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy

Terry Pratchett - 1998
    However, he hasn't been playing for long when the ScreeWee Empire surrenders to him. After accepting the surrender he finds himself inside the game in his dreams, where he must deal with the suspicious Gunnery Officer as well as the understanding Captain, and work out exactly what they're all supposed to do now. This might all be the result of an over-active imagination except that the ScreeWee have disappeared altogether from everyone else's copy of the game. With the help of another player, Kirsty, who calls herself "Sigourney" (as in Weaver), Johnny must try to get the ScreeWee home.Book 2: Johnny and the Dead (1993) is the second novel by Terry Pratchett to feature the character Johnny Maxwell. The other novels in the Johnny Maxwell Trilogy are Only You Can Save Mankind (1992) and Johnny and the Bomb (1996). In this story, Johnny sees and speaks with the spirits (they object to the term "ghost") of those interred in his local cemetery and tries to help them when their home is threatened. Book 3: After Johnny Maxwell, a boy in his early teens, finds Mrs. Tachyon, an old bag lady, by a cinema he discovers that her trolley is in fact a time machine. He goes back to his town, Blackbury, during the time of The Blitz with his friends Stephen, aka Wobbler, Bigmac, Kirsty and Yo-less (possibly because Johnny has been obsessing about the destruction of Paradise Street in a German raid). Wobbler gets left behind in 1941, and when they return for him, Johnny tries to prevent the deaths caused in the raid.

Island in the Sea of Time

S.M. Stirling - 1998
    R. Martin, author of A Game of ThronesIt's spring on Nantucket and everything is perfectly normal, until a sudden storm blankets the entire island. When the weather clears, the island's inhabitants find that they are no longer in the late twentieth century...but have been transported instead to the Bronze Age! Now they must learn to survive with suspicious, warlike peoples they can barely understand and deal with impending disaster, in the shape of a would-be conqueror from their own time.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual

Rick Sternbach - 1998
    But Terok Nor took on new life when the Cardassians evacuated and were replaced by Starfleet personnel. With the discovery of a nearby stable wormhole connecting the Alpha Quadrant with the Gamma Quadrant, the newly christened Space Station Deep Space 9 became one of the most important installations in known space. Filled with hundreds of schematic diagrams and illustrations, the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual" is essential for anyone interested in the ships, technology and weapons of Starfleet and the many different species, who frequent the station, including the Klingons, the Bajorans, the Romulans, the Cardassians, and the Jem'Hadar. As an added bonus, four full-color gatefolds have been specially created for this book. In addition to providing an in-depth look at the exteriors of the station, these illustrations also show the Promenade, and highlight the U.S.S. Defiant. Turning the ravaged outpost into a fully operational station involved much more than a simple name change. The transformation represented an arduous challenge to the Starfleet engineers who were required to merge two divergent technologies. How they achieved that feat, and how the Federation helps the Bajoran government keep the station running smoothly, is revealed in the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual".

Independence Day: Silent Zone

Stephen Molstad - 1998
    This second ID4 original novel gives fans the complete story of the courageous pilots who banded together in the Arabian desert to crush the alien City Destroyer.When Reg Thompson, an R.A.E Pilot and Instructor, survives an early attack against the apparently invulnerable City Destroyer, he retreats into the Saudi desert and hooks up with an ill-organized and fractious force of freedom fighters from the armies of several nations, including Khalid, a Saudi pilot; the beautiful Fadeela, Khalid's sister; and Faisal, the Saudi prince who is their leader. When Faisal's decision to ignore American help almost loses the war, Reg and Khalid must team up to beat the alien survivors and destroy the secret cache of biological weapons the invaders plan to unleash upon humanity. It's a hard-hitting, action-packed techno-adventure with furious rivalries, suicidal heroics, and a heart-stopping race against time to save our planet.

The Official Godzilla Compendium: A 40 Year Retrospective (Official Godzilla)

J.D. Lees - 1998
    144 pp. Ages 14 and up. Pub: 3/98.

Mr. Was

Pete Hautman - 1998
     For Jack, Bogg's End is the end. The end of the turbulent, see-saw years of watching his father go on the wagon and fall right back off again. Once it took two years, but the inevitable inevitably happened. Now it's just Jack and his mom starting over in the strange old house his grandfather left them. But the ride's not over yet. Jack's father returns, full of apologies and promises, and for a little while, things are looking up. Then in one terrifying, sickening moment, everything comes crashing back down again. So Jack runs. He runs through a strange hidden door that takes him back in time to before his parents were born. Before he was born. Maybe with a second chance he can stop the inevitable. At least he's got to try. What Jack doesn't understand, though, is that he can't change his future until he faces his past.

The Enemy Papers

Barry B. Longyear - 1998
    "The Enemy Papers" is the saga of how humans and their enemies used Talma to end war...".this was one of those rare times when a story was so good that even I could see "Hugo" written all over it."--Isaac Asimov on "Enemy Mine"

Signal to Noise

Eric S. Nylund - 1998
    Sometimes the work is legal; if not, Jack simply raises his price. But one day, Jack discovers something cloaked in the hiss of background radiation streaming past the Earth from deep space: a message from an alien civilization. One that's eager to do business with humanity -- and its representative.Before he knows it, Jack has entered into a partnership that will open a Pandora's Box of potential profit and loss. The governments, the multinationals, and mysterious players more powerful still, all want a piece of the action -- and they're willing to kill, even wage war, to get it. Now Jack is entangled shifting web of deceit and intrigue in which no one, not even his closest friends, can be trusted. For Earth's cloak-and-dagger business practices are writ large in the heavens...and hostile takeovers are just as common across light years as they are across boardroom tables.

The Butcher's Bill

David Drake - 1998
    They were Hammer's Slammers! The Butcher's Bill contains a novel, two novellas, four short stories, and a new novelette written for the collection, in addition to an Introduction by the author.

I, Jedi

Michael A. Stackpole - 1998
    Stackpole presents a stirring new tale set in the Star Wars® universe: the dramatic story of a heroic X-wing pilot on the razor's edge between the Force--and the dark side.Corran Horn has distinguished himself as one of the best and brightest of Rogue Squadron's elite fighting force. Then his wife, Mirax, vanishes on a covert mission for the New Republic, and Corran vows to find her. To do so, he knows he must develop the latent Force powers inherited from his grandfather, a legendary Jedi hero. He joins Luke Skywalker's famed Jedi academy to begin training, only to quit in frustration at Skywalker's methods. Now Corran is on his own. Using his Corellian undercover experience, he must infiltrate, sabotage, and destroy a ruthless organization in order to find his wife. But to succeed, Corran will have to come to terms with his Jedi heritage--and make a terrible choice: surrender to the dark side...or die.Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!© 1999 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TMAll rights reserved. Used under authorization.

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley - 1998
    Largely set in a futuristic World State of genetically modified citizens and an intelligence-based social hierarchy, the novel anticipates huge scientific developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that are combined to make a utopian society that goes challenged only by a single outsider.

The Engineer Reconditioned

Neal Asher - 1998
    Mysterious aliens, ruthless terrorists, androids with attitude, genetic manipulation, punch-ups with lasers and giant spaceships! What more do you want?Reprint of The Engineer with three additional stories.The EngineerSpatterjay The OwnerThe Tor-beast's Prison Tiger Tiger

Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels

Bill Smith - 1998
    Haden BlackmanAll new full color illustrations by Ian FullwoodFrom the beat-up landspeeders that whisk travelers between desert towns on Tatooine to Jabba the Hutt’s luxurious sail barge and the elegant Naboo Royal Starship, the vehicles and vessels in the Star Wars universe have captivated millions of delighted fans.In light of the ever-expanding saga, the New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels features completely updated entries that cover more than 150 ships, along with brand new, full-color illustrations by dazzling artist Ian Fullwood. This new volume encompasses craft from all five movies, the bestselling novels of the New Jedi Order, comics, TV specials, and games. Inside you will find:• Detailed profiles and vital statistics for each vessel, including data covering the vehicle’s construction, size, maximum speed, and its role in Star Wars history• A revealing Layman’s Guide to Technology, covering common terms applied to each class of vehicle• An outline of engine technologies that drive the craft across the Star Wars galaxy, and of the unique weapons they boast• Schematics for each vehicle, providing the reader with instant visual reference Discover the modifications Han Solo and Chewbacca made on the Millennium Falcon to make it one of the fastest vessels in the galaxy; the secrets of the Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport Walker, possibly the most formidable military vehicle ever assembled; the reasons the Tribubble Bongo Sub is the chosen way to navigate the watery depths of Naboo; and the unique and lethal properties of the Yuuzhan Vong’s living starship, the Coralskipper.Skiffs, cargo haulers, shuttles, podracers, gunships, sandcrawlers– if it flies, glides, drives, or speeds in the Star Wars galaxy, you’ll find it in The New Essential Guide to Vehicle and Vessels!Ballantine Books/Science FictionVisit the official Star Wars Web site at www.starwars.comVisit our Web site at

The Continuing Mission

Judith Reeves-Stevens - 1998
    A true collectors item, it contains over 700 full-color photographs, many of which are from the personal collections of the people who created the series.

The Apocalypse Troll

David Weber - 1998
    Well, there was a US Navy carrier group on his southern horizon, but he was US Navy himself, so he didn't mind. Then came the UFOs, hurtling in from the Outer Black to overfly the carriers at Mach 17. Their impossible aeronautics were bad enough - but then they started shooting at each other. And at the Navy. With nukes. Little ones at first, but winding up with a 500 megatonner at 90 miles that fried every piece of electronics within sight. Richard Ashton thought he was just a ringside observer to these now over-the-horizon events. Until the crippled alien lifeboat came drifting down and homed in on his sailboat; suddenly he had his hands full of an unconscious, critially wounded alien warrior - who just happened to be a gorgeous female, too. And that was when it began to get really interesting...


Mark Fabi - 1998
    But for Michael Arcangelo none of their catastrophe theories are more frightening than the Goodknight virus. Michael suspects it is the work of a mysterious programming genius, who designed it to create a computer role-playing game so real it can kill. Now Michael and his team of techno-wizards must descend into a harrowing and convoluted world of reality and fantasy. But what they discover is even worse than they could have ever imagined. For the so-called game is already out of hand, the virus has taken over the Internet, harnessing the power of the millennial frenzy already sweeping the world. And if they don't find and defeat the twisted mastermind responsible, humanity will wake from its worst nightmare to find the end of the world is truly here.

Revolt in 2100/Methuselah's Children

Robert A. Heinlein - 1998
    Methuselah's Children: Americans are fiercely proud of the freedom they seized in Revolt in 2100. Nothing could make them forswear it. Nothing except the secret of immortality....

Halfway Human

Carolyn Ives Gilman - 1998
    On a far-off world, an asexual class of blands exists to serve their fellow humans, protected and isolated from contact with the rest of the universe. But no bland has ever left its sheltered homeworld--until now. Tedla has been found in an alley light-years away from its planet. And it has just tried to commit suicide. Val, an expert in alien cultures, helps Tedla recuperate and in doing so, uncovers the secret tortured world of the blands.

Caught In The Crossfire

David Drake - 1998
    Booklist says Drake's popular Hammer's Slammers series about futuristic mercenary tank troops . . . has produced some of the best in military science fiction. This book contains two novels, Counting the Cost and The Warrior, two short stories, and a completely new novelette, arranged in the order the author finds most satisfactory.

Circuit of Heaven

Dennis Danvers - 1998
    The soul is expendable.Nemo's mother and father left him behind to enter "the Bin"--joining twelve billion uploaded personalities who live in crime-free, disease-free and deathless virtual societies.Nemo has come of age on a dangerous, near-deserted planet populated by a handful of stragglers: religious fundamentalists and rebels, the creeps and the crazies. Now he is twenty-one. And on a rare, reluctant visit to the parents who abandoned their flesh and blood son for cyber-utopia, Nemo has met the perfect woman: a new Bin arrival named Justine, a beautiful pop singer who dreams other people's dreams in the virtual night.Now an inconvenient attraction is leading two lovers into a perilous mire of irreversible choice. For Justine has no body to return to. And Nemo the renegade has sworn never to sacrifice his own; to live, age, and die instead in a bleak earthly hell. Because, as an outsider, he may enter the Bin for short periods of time. But if he ever decides to stay...there will be no way out again.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Friend or Foe?

Michael Teitelbaum - 1998
    In this exciting story, you'll meet Sonic, his friends, and the evil Dr. Robotnik. And you'll learn: how Robotnik came to rule the Planet how Sonic met Sally how Sonic got those super red sneakers and much more!

Going Home Again

Howard Waldrop - 1998
    This new collection includes such diverse gems as "Occam's Ducks", "Flatfeet!", "The Sawing Boys", and "El Castillo de la Perseverancia", taking readers through realms such as Mexican wrestling movies or the tiniest far future -- with astonishing ideas that no one else could ever imagine.

Time Gypsy

Ellen Klages - 1998
    Sara Baxter Clarke. But there is something else that Carol McCullough never could have expected in the shockingly oppressive world of 1956: Love. Time Gypsy is a journey into the past where time travel, academic rivalry, and romance intersect, where the scientists are women and have hearts as well as brains. Funny, sweet, and brave, this is an adventure the reader will never forget. 'Time gypsy' originally appeared in Bending the Landscape: Original Gay and Lesbian Science Fiction Writing edited by Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel

Beholder's Eye

Julie E. Czerneda - 1998
    When their youngest member is assigned to a world considered safe to explore, she is captured by the natives. To escape, she must violate the most important rule of her kind, and reveal the existence of her species to a fellow prisoner--a human being. Now her race is in danger of extinction, for even if the human does not betray her, the Enemy who has long searched for her people may finally discover their location.Esen-alit-Quar, Esen for short, Es in a hurry or between friends. The dear little blob has only begun her adventures.


Judith Reeves-Stevens - 1998
    The Ross Ice Shelf. A floating slab of solid ice the size of France, more than 3,000 feet thick.THE EVENTOn Thanksgiving weekend, six precisely placed nuclear warheads buried 2,000 feet beneath the ice detonate in sequence, shearing the Ross Shelf from the underwater rises that anchor it.The nuclear shock wave drives the shelf into the Pacific at 500 miles per hour, creating an initial wall of water 1,400 feel high. Unseen, unsuspected, unstoppable, the displacement wave formed by the wall's collapse radiates northward. In thirty-five hours, it will lay waste to Hawaii. In thirty-eight hours, the southeastern regions of Japan will become little more than swampland. And in forty hours, the entire Los Angeles Basin will be flooded to a depth of twenty feet. By then, the death toll will be measured in the millions.Set against a split-second race to prevent global devastation, and based on the astounding cutting-edge technologies that will take the U.S. military into the next century, "Icefire" is the story of Navy SEAL Captain Mitch Webber and oceanographer Cory Rey. Once lovers, now enemies, they're plunged into a maelstrom of international intrigue and betrayal reaching from Beijing to the highest levels of the Pentagon.Critically acclaimed for their earlier works of speculative fiction and suspense, with "Icefire" Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens have become an exciting new voice in contemporary thrillers.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go

Philip José Farmer - 1998
    When famous adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burton dies, the last thing he expects to do is awaken naked on a foreign planet along the shores of a seemingly endless river. But that's where Burton and billions of other humans (plus a few nonhumans) find themselves as the epic Riverworld saga begins. It seems that all of Earthly humanity has been resurrected on the planet, each with an indestructible container that provides three meals a day, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, a lighter, and the odd tube of lipstick. But why? And by whom? That's what Burton and a handful of fellow adventurers are determined to discover as they construct a boat and set out in search of the river's source, thought to be millions of miles away. Although there are many hardships during the journey--including an encounter with the infamous Hermann Goring--Burton's resolve to complete his quest is strengthened by a visit from the Mysterious Stranger, a being who claims to be a renegade within the very group that created the Riverworld. The stranger tells Burton that he must make it to the river's headwaters, along with a dozen others the Stranger has selected, to help stop an evil experiment at the end of which humanity will simply be allowed to die. --Craig E. Engler

The Good Old Stuff: Adventure SF in the Grand Tradition

Gardner Dozois - 1998
    The Furthest Horizon collects 17 of the most inventive and audacious visions of the future by many acclaimed writers, including: Brian Aldiss -- Poul Anderson -- Avram Davidson -- Joe Haldeman -- Alexander Jablokov -- Paul J. McAuley -- Ian McDonald -- Michael Moorcock -- Frederik Pohl -- Robert Reed -- Keith Roberts -- Robert Silverberg -- Cordwainer Smith -- James Tiptree, Jr. -- Jack Vance -- Walter Jon Williams -- Gene WolfeContents xv • Preface (The Good Old Stuff) • essay by Gardner Dozois1 • The Rull • [Rull] • (1948) • novelette by A. E. van Vogt27 • The Second Night of Summer • (1950) • novelette by James H. Schmitz52 • The Galton Whistle • [Viagens Interplanetarias] • (1951) • novelette by L. Sprague de Camp75 • The New Prime • (1951) • novelette by Jack Vance99 • That Share of Glory • (1952) • novelette by C. M. Kornbluth127 • The Last Days of Shandakor • (1952) • novelette by Leigh Brackett155 • Exploration Team • [Colonial Survey] • (1956) • novelette by Murray Leinster196 • The Sky People • [Maurai] • (1959) • novelette by Poul Anderson235 • The Man in the Mailbag • [Dilbia] • (1959) • novelette by Gordon R. Dickson261 • Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons • [The Instrumentality of Mankind] • (1961) • novelette by Cordwainer Smith282 • A Kind of Artistry • (1962) • novelette by Brian W. Aldiss304 • Gunpowder God • [Kalvan] • (1964) • novella by H. Beam Piper346 • Semley's Necklace • (1964) • shortstory by Ursula K. Le Guin (aka The Dowry of Angyar)364 • Moon Duel • (1965) • shortstory by Fritz Leiber375 • The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth • (1965) • novelette by Roger Zelazny406 • Mother in the Sky With Diamonds • (1971) • novelette by James Tiptree, Jr.

Invasion America: On the Run

Christie Golden - 1998
    Cael, a Tyrusian Prince, flees to Earth from his homeworld to evade the military dictatorship which has overthrown him. He is befriended by Rita, a human woman who helps him assimilate to her world's culture. But even as the couple acknowledge the love between them, the evil Tyrusians have created a deadly virus to annihilate Earth's inhabitants. Cael and Rita struggle to stop this dire threat in order to protect their unborn child...the future heir to the Tyrusian throne!


Mike Resnick - 1998
    Nighthawk, the Widowmaker, has been frozen for over a century, awaiting the cure for a deadly disease.This is a compilation of three different books, The Widowmaker, The Widomaker Reborn, and the Widowmaker Unleashed. The first two follow the paths of his clones, struggling to survive, and the last explores the time when he is finally cured and reawakened.

Weird Women, Wired Women

Kit Reed - 1998
    This collection of short stories, drawn from a lifetime's work, shows Reed at the top of her form. First published in venues ranging from The Missouri Review to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and The Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, these twenty stories deal with women's lives and feminist issues from the kitchen sink and pink dishmop era through the warlike years of the women's movement to the uneasy accommodation of the present.Contents:The Wait (1958)The New You (1962)Cynosure (1964)Winter (1969)The Food Farm (1967)In Behalf of the Product (1973)Songs of War (1974)The Weremother (1979)Chicken Soup (1980)Pilots of the Purple Twilight (1981)Frontiers (1982)The Bride of Bigfoot (1984)The Hall of New Faces (1992)Like My Dress (1993)Last Fridays (1998)Unlimited (1998)The Mothers of Shark Island (1998)Mommy Nearest (1998)Whoever (1996)

To Touch the Stars

Tess Mallory - 1998

Far Beyond the Stars

Steven Barnes - 1998
    No longer a Starfleet captain, commander of space station Deep Space Nine, he is Benny Russell, a struggling science fiction writer living in 1950s Harlem. Benny has a dream, of a place called Deep Space Nine and a man named Ben Sisko, and a story he has to tell. But is the Earth of that era ready for a black science fiction hero? Everyone tells him no, but Benny cannot abandon his dream. One way or another, he will tell the world about Captain Benjamin Sisko and Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek: Invasion!

Diane Carey - 1998
    Now, across time and space, comes a fury that will test every one of Starfleet's greatest heroes.... STAR TREK: FIRST STRIKE Diane Carey The Invasion begins when Captain Kirk receives a desperate plea for help from the Klingon Empire. A mysterious starship has invaded Klingon space, but the worst is yet to come as Kirk discovers that this ship is only the vanguard of a vast alien fleet intent on conquering the entire Alpha Quadrant! STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION® THE SOLDIERS OF FEAR Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch After a century of peace, the Furies return, more powerful than before. Now their arsenal includes a way to project incapacitating fear into the minds of their enemies. To defeat the enemy and save the Federation, Captain Picard and his crew must first conquer the darkest terrors of their unconscious minds! STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE® TIME'S ENEMY L.A. Graf Millennia ago, the Furies were first driven from the Alpha Quadrant, but what became of the enemy that drove them out? The answer may lie in a mysterious starship found frozen in an icy cloud of cometary debris. Now Captain Sisko must discover the secrets of the past to ensure the future of the Federation! STAR TREK® VOYAGER™ THE FINAL FURY Dafydd ab Hugh Far from the Federation, now under assault by the Furies, Captain Janeway discovers the very source of the Invasion itself. Now, at last, "Voyager" takes the battle to the enemy -- for the sake of a homethey may never see again! Collected at last...the bestselling "Star Trek" epic of all time!

Pixel Juice

Jeff Noon - 1998
    A selection of fifty stories from Jeff Noon's head, each one strange, telling, disturbing, or sometimes just plain wierd.From the breakdown zones of the mediasphere and the margins of music culture, Jeff Noon samples the image mix. Product recalls, adverts for mad gadjets, dubcut prose remixes, urban fairytales, instructions for lost machines, almost-true tales, dreamy one-pagers, word-dizzy roller coasters. With new stories from the Vurt cycle and other revelations, including the discovery of an 'off' switch for the human body this newly revised edition marks the first time that Pixel Juice has been made available digitally.

Chronicles of the Lensmen, Volume 1: Triplanetary / First Lensman / Galactic Patrol

E.E. "Doc" Smith - 1998
    With these books "Doc" Smith laid the foundation for all science fiction to come, crediting what David Weber "the great archetypes of the genre".

Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire

Timothy Zahn - 1998
    At the ruins Barnes and Blair Williams hunt through the debris for the remains of their comrade but instead uncover a mysterious cable leading up into the mountains. The two Resistance fighters head into the wilderness to investigate.What the pair discovers is an entire village that appears largely untouched by Judgment Day and its aftermath. Suspicious of the villagers, Barnes and Blair decide to dig deeper....An official novel exploring the post-Judgment Day world of the hit movie Terminator Salvation.

Invasion America

Christie Golden - 1998
    Revealed to be of royal heritage as the son of an alien prince and a human woman, David is now destined to lead the defense of Earth against hostile conquerors from the distant planet of Tyrus. But this will prove to be no easy task, as the Tyrusians are already here--and have managed to infiltrate the highest echelons of power!

Delta Green: Eyes Only Volume Two, The Fate

Dennis Detwiller - 1998
    Its arteries are the Network, the criminal syndicate that even the mafia fears. Its soul is the Fate, a secret order of sorcerors and psychopaths. And its brain is Stephen Alzis, a man who can convince your own shadow to betray you. From the highest skyscraper to the deepest ghoul warren, to them we're meat all the way down. It's time to rip the lid off this world of secrets. This book has the straight dope, information that these people have killed to conceal: the secret history of the Fate extensive biographies the truth about Stephen Alzis, including full game stats new Lords new Adepts new Neophytes new enemies details on the Fate's occult hidings clue-filled guide to investigator research on the Fate appendix on a Fate player-character campaign guide to NYC law-enforcement and more."

Benjamin McFadden and the Robot Babysitter

Timothy Bush - 1998
    sharp. But the night his parents go to the Rings of Saturn Preservation Dance, Benjamin McFadden isn't ready for bed. Taking matters into his own hands, he reprograms Babysitter, and his own private party is soon underway--until Benjamin is finally ready to rest. The only hitch? Now Babysitter wants to party, and Benjamin must stop the festivities before his parents get home. Timothy Bush takes fun and multiplies it by a million in his most far-out book to date, filling it with fanciful illustrations and a story meant especially for fans who thirst for adventure!

Red Shadows

Yvonne Navarro - 1998
    In the summer of 2000, fragments of a rogue planet slammed into Earth. Billions were killed. The impact ravaged Earth, stopping its rotation. Now, twenty-one years later, the remnants of humanity face total extinction. They live a primitive existence in a land divided into perpetual daylight, eternal twilight, and endless night. From each of these worlds comes a threat that could destroy the fragile civilization that has survived....A young man seeks his mother in the lawless terrors of the Darkzone, only to find horrors far worse than he could have imagined. A weary wanderer returns to a haven from his past, unwittingly leading a murderer to its unsuspecting people. And an impetuous explorer searches for treasures in a long-dead city, only to bring back an even more implacable killer: a plague called the Red Shadows...

Dining on Babylon 5

Emerson Briggs-Wallace - 1998
    The recipes are accompanied by information on the production, importing, black-market trading and dangers of different foodstuffs in the 22nd century.

End of the Days, The

Arthur E. Bloomfield - 1998
    This study examine's Daniel's visions of world empires and harmonizes them with Revelation and the Olivet Discourse, presenting the prophecies in the light of modern events. Written for lay readers as well as teachers and pastors, the book shows how God has given in Scripture a blueprint for the future of the world. October '98 publication date.

Exit to Reality

Edith Forbes - 1998
    Lydian is wary of this impossibility. After all, it is the 29th century and such oddities have been eliminated. But curiosity and a desire to jettison her culturally induced techno-stupor lead Lydian to rendezvous with Merle, igniting an unlikely meeting of the minds - and bodies. Lydian and Merle's careening love affair takes them from Paris to Jamaica, from the wrong side of the law to the far side of late-millennium family values, and ultimately, to a face-off between technology and civilization that spurs Lydian to question - and then dismantle - the very essence of human existence.

Flying Cups and Saucers: Gender Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Debbie Notkin - 1998
    Award, named for science fiction's ultimate gender pioneer, the woman writer everyone thought was a man. Accordingly, the Tiptree Award (est. 1991) honors the best science fiction and fantasy to explore and expand gender roles. As you might expect, these stories are feminist; non-heterosexist; focused on sex and desire; and sometimes androgynous (a few stories feature three sexes, and one even stars Freud's nightmare, the woman with a penis). But this list hardly begins to describe the contents. Kelley Eskridge's terrific and gender-bending And Salome Danced is the perfect opening story: it not only examines oft-ignored aspects of desire, it operates on several levels to explore how what we expect to see defines and limits our perceptions. Science fiction's founding mother Ursula K. Le Guin contributes two brilliant stories: Forgiveness Day explores the intricacy of gender roles in a society where they are further complicated by slavery and war, while The Matter of Seggri is set on a world with near-absolute segregation of the sexes. L. Timmel Duchamp incisively delineates how men react to a woman who doesn't fit the feminine role. James Patrick Kelly's seemingly traditional idea-SF story Chemistry just might be the most radical in the book, for it explores the purely chemical nature of love. The other contributors--Eleanor Arnason, Ian McDonald, Carol Emshwiller, Graham Joyce, Peter F. Hamilton, R. Garcia y Robertson, Lisa Tuttle, Delia Sherman, and Ian R. MacLeod--also contribute strong, insightful, well written, challenging, and often threatening fiction. --Cynthia Ward

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 121 (Clarkesworld Magazine, #121)

Neil Clarke - 1998
    Beagle” by Chris Urie“Another Word: The Ship’s Voice: A Risk Analysis and Modest Proposal” by Fran Wilde“Editor's Desk: A Decade” by Neil ClarkePODCASTSThe Next Sceneby ROBERT REED, read by KATE BAKEROne Sister, Two Sisters, Threeby JAMES PATRICK KELLY, read by KATE BAKERThe Calculations of Artificialsby CHI HUI, read by KATE BAKEREveryone from Themis Sends Letters Homeby GENEVIEVE VALENTINE, read by KATE BAKERRustiesby NNEDI OKORAFOR AND WANURI KAHIU, read by WANURI KAHIUOld Domesby JY YANG, read by KATE BAKERThe Very Pulse of the Machineby MICHAEL SWANWICK, read by KATE BAKERARTSamyaza, Angel of Prideby PETER MOHRBACHER

Edge of Light: The Robert Silverberg Omnibus

Robert Silverberg - 1998
    One of the strangest is on Borthan, where the founding settlers established the Covenant, which teaches that the self is to be despised, and forbids anyone to reveal his innermost thoughts or feelings to another. On Borthan, the filthiest obscenities imaginable are the words “I” and “me.” For the heinous crime of “self-baring,” apostates have always paid with exile or death, but after his eyes are opened by a visitor from Earth, Kinnall Darival, prince of Salla, risks everything to teach his people the real meaning of being human.DOWNWARD TO THE EARTHOne man must make a journey across a once colonised alien planet. Abandoned by man when it was discovered that the species there were actually sentient, the planet is now a place of mystery. A mystery that obsesses the lone traveller Gundersen and takes him on a long trek to attempt to share the religious rebirthing of the aliens. A journey that offers redemption from guilt and sin. This is one of Silverbergs most intense novels and draws heavily on Conrad's Heart of Darkness. It puts the reader at the heart of the experience and forces them to ask what they would do in the circumstances.THE SECOND TRIPIn the 21st century, society has developed a new way of dealing with dangerous criminals. Their memories and identities are expunged and a new personality is built up in their place.DYING INSIDEIn 1972, Robert Silverberg, even then an acknowledged leader in the science fiction field, published a book that was immediately hailed as a masterpiece. More than three decades later, Dying Inside has stood the test of time and has been recognized as one of the finest novels the field has ever produced. Never wasting a word, Silverberg persuasively shows us what it would be like to read minds, painting an unforgettable portrait of a man shaped by that unique power; a power he is now inexorably losing. Imagine what it would be like if you could tell what the innermost thoughts and feelings of those around you were. Imagine if, as you reached middle age, you lost that ability. What would it do to you to be like everyone else?NIGHTWINGSA fabulous tale of pilgrimage and hope, betrayal and transformation by one of science fiction's greatest writers. Only at night on the winds of darkness can she soar. And it was Avluela the Flier's ebony and scarlet wings that lead the Watcher to the seven hills of the ancient city from which, in a moment of weakness, the Watcher failed his vigil, leaving the skies and deep space unguarded. The invaders came and conquered. With Avluela lost in the turmoil of conquest, the Watcher set out alone for the Holy City home of the Rememberers, keepers of the past. This is where the secret of Earth's salvation lay hidden in antiquity. On his journey the Watcher hoped to recapture his youth and find the soaring, beautiful woman he loved. But Avluela held more for the Watcher - and Earth - than love. Her wonder stretched beyond flight, for she knew the riddle that would free all


Rhiannon Lassiter - 1998
    The 24th century. The CPS, a secret government agency, is on a mission to seek and destroy the Hex, human mutants with supercomputer minds. They are young. They look like you or me. They must never be allowed to grow up....But the CPS hasn't discovered Raven. Soon they will feel her power, know her rage as she and her brother, Wraith, set out to discover what happened to their long-lost sister, Rachel. Is she dead or alive? Or has she met a fate worse than extinction? There is only one way to find out. Raven must use her Hex powers to crack the top-secret security of the CPS. Then she must enter the place that promises certain death....

The UFO Files

Ed Gorman - 1998
    Now tapping into the public's insatiable interest in the subject, these all-new stories by some of today's top writers explore close encounters of a thrilling kind. The truth is out there…and revealed in the pages of The UFO Files.• In the tradition of the hit television series "The X-Files"• Includes stories by such top writers as Gregory Benford, Ed Gorman, Peter Crowther, Alan Dean Foster, Kristine Rusch, and David Bischoff• Alien contact has long been among the most popular themes in science fiction• Public interest in alien contact has never been greater• Co-editor Martin H. Greenberg is the leading anthologist in the genre, and is credited with over 600 top-selling collections• Co-editor Ed Gorman has written several national bestsellers in a variety of genres, from mainstream thrillers to riveting horror novelsOrdinary aliens by Gregory BenfordObserver by Robert Charles WilsonDiplomatic exchange by Will MurraySecret service by Edward LeeSurvivals by Nina Kiriki HoffmanEmma Baxter's boy by Ed GormanChasing the mist by Tracy KnightAmid the walking wounded by Dallas MaynOutside looking in by John HelfersEnd of winter by Russell Davis (as by R. Davis)Heirloom by Jim CombsBug-eyed methodists by Bob MorrishSome burial place, vast and dry by Peter CrowtherDaddy dearest by Jack CadyRenewing the option by Elizabeth EngstromOne that got away by Kristine Kathryn RuschMan with X-ray eyes by Richard T. ChizmarClosed: Due to curiosity by Robert Randisi and Marthayn PelegrimasHere's looking at UFO, kid by Lawrence Schimel and Mark A. GarlandLove lies bleedin by Billie Sue MosimanScientific romance by Kevin J. AndersonS-files by David BischoffKindness of strangers by Alan Dean Foster


Don DeBrandt - 1998
    He must tunnel through a titanic mountain on the planet of Pellay before a computerized mining machine beats him to it.But can he who is only half-human conquer that which is all machine?

Eating Memories

Patricia Anthony - 1998
    Eating Memories spans a decade of stirring short fiction from the award-winning author of God's Fires, Brother Termite, and Flanders - a collection that cements Patricia Anthony's reputation as a writer who takes the term 'speculative fiction' to an entirely different level.


Jocelyn Potter - 1998
    [Penguin Readers Level 5]The island of Tanakuatua seems like heaven to the 40 people who go there in order to create a utopian society, but soon they start to die in a horrible way and it seems that something strange and deadly is out there in the jungle.