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Ender's Shadow

Orson Scott Card - 1999
    But try living on the mean streets as a child begging for food and fighting like a dog with ruthless gangs of starving kids who wouldn't hesitate to pound your skull into pulp for a scrap of apple. If Bean has learned anything on the streets, it's how to survive. And not with fists. He is way too small for that. But with brains.Bean is a genius with a magician's ability to zero in on his enemy and exploit his weakness.What better quality for a future general to lead the Earth in a final climactic battle against a hostile alien race, known as Buggers. At Battleschool Bean meets and befriends another future commander - Ender Wiggins - perhaps his only true rival.Only one problem: for Bean and Ender, the future is now.Ender's Shadow is the book that launched The Shadow Series, and the parallel novel to Orson Scott Card's science fiction classic, Ender's Game.


Neal Stephenson - 1999
    Our 1940s heroes are the brilliant mathematician Lawrence Waterhouse, crypt analyst extraordinaire, and gung-ho, morphine-addicted marine Bobby Shaftoe. They're part of Detachment 2702, an Allied group trying to break Axis communication codes while simultaneously preventing the enemy from figuring out that their codes have been broken. Their job boils down to layer upon layer of deception. Dr. Alan Turing is also a member of 2702, and he explains the unit's strange workings to Waterhouse. "When we want to sink a convoy, we send out an observation plane first... Of course, to observe is not its real duty--we already know exactly where the convoy is. Its real duty is to be observed... Then, when we come round and sink them, the Germans will not find it suspicious."All of this secrecy resonates in the present-day story line, in which the grandchildren of the WWII heroes--inimitable programming geek Randy Waterhouse and the lovely and powerful Amy Shaftoe--team up to help create an offshore data haven in Southeast Asia and maybe uncover some gold once destined for Nazi coffers. To top off the paranoiac tone of the book, the mysterious Enoch Root, key member of Detachment 2702 and the Societas Eruditorum, pops up with an unbreakable encryption scheme left over from WWII to befuddle the 1990s protagonists with conspiratorial ties.

The Sirens of Titan

Kurt Vonnegut - 1999
    The richest, most depraved man on Earth, Malachi Constant, is offered a chance to take a space journey to distant worlds with a beautiful woman at his side. Of course there's a catch to the invitation—and a prophetic vision about the purpose of human life that only Vonnegut has the courage to tell.

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Spider Robinson - 1999
    Pull up a chair, grab a glass of your favorite, and listen to the stories spun by time travelers, cybernetic aliens, telepaths...and a bunch of regular folks on a mission to save the world, one customer at a time.Callahan's Crosstime Saloon contains the following stories, virtually all of which were published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact: * "The Guy With the Eyes" * "The Time-Traveler" * "The Centipede's Dilemma" * "Two Heads Are Better Than One" * "The Law Of Conservation of Pain" * "Just Dessert" * "A Voice is Heard in Ramah..." * "Unnatural Causes" * "The Wonderful Conspiracy"

Biting the Sun

Tanith Lee - 1999
    Not if you're Jang: a caste of libertine teenagers in the city of Four BEE. But when you're expected to make trouble--when you can kill yourself on a whim and return in another body, when you're encouraged to change genders at will and experience whatever you desire--you've got no reason to rebel...until making love and raising hell, daring death and running wild just leave you cold and empty.Ravenous for true adventures of the mind and body, desperate to find some meaning, one restless spirit finally bucks the system--and by shattering the rules, strikes at the very heart of a soulless society....

Parable of the Sower & Parable of the Talents.

Octavia E. Butler - 1999
    Octavia E. Butler’s brilliant two-volume Earthseed saga offers a startling vision of an all-too-possible tomorrow, in which walls offer no protection from a civilization gone mad.Parable of the Sower: In the aftermath of worldwide ecological and economic apocalypse, minister’s daughter Lauren Oya Olamina escapes the slaughter that claims the lives of her family and nearly every other member of their gated California community. Heading north with two young companions through an American wasteland, the courageous young woman faces dangers at every turn while spreading the word of a remarkable new religion that embraces survival and change.Parable of the Talents: Called to the new, hard truth of Earthseed, the small community of the dispossessed that now surrounds Lauren Olamina looks to her—their leader—for guidance. But when the evil that has grown out of the ashes of human society destroys all she has built, the prophet is forced to choose between preserving her faith or her family.The Earthseed novels cement Butler’s reputation as “one of the finest voices in fiction—period” (TheWashington Post Book World). Stunningly prescient and breathtakingly relevant to our times, this dark vision of a future America is a masterwork of powerful speculation that ushers us into a broken, dangerously divided world of bigotry, social inequality, mob violence, and ultimately hope.

The Rediscovery of Man

Cordwainer Smith - 1999
    His complete stories are collected in the 1993 NESFA edition called "The Rediscovery of Man: The Complete Short Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith". The stories feature governing 'Lords of the Instrumentality' that are immortal with drug 'stroon' from planet Norstrilia. Underpeople are humanoid slaves genetically modified from animals. Starships are replaced by instantaneous planoforming. A unique and strange future history unlike any other.Scanners Live in Vain (1950)The Lady Who Sailed the Soul (1960)The Game of Rat and Dragon (1955)The Burning of the Brain (1958)Golden the Ship Was---Oh! Oh! Oh! (1959)The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal (1964)The Dead Lady of Clown Town (1964)Under Old Earth (1966)Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons (1961)Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (1961)The Ballad of Lost C'mell (1962)A Planet Named Shayol (1961)

On Blue's Waters

Gene Wolfe - 1999
    Horn, the narrator of the earlier work, now tells his own story. Though life is hard on the newly settled planet of Blue, Horn and his family have made a decent life for themselves. But Horn is the only one who can locate the great leader Silk, and convince him to return to Blue and lead them all to prosperity. So Horn sets sail in a small boat, on a long and difficult quest across the planet Blue in search of the now legendary Patera Silk. The story continues in In Green's Jungles and Return to the Whorl.

Aldebaran: L'intégrale

Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira (Leo) - 1999
    They were to be the first wave of a large influx of pioneers, coming from an overcrowded Earth to live on this apparently very hospitable new world. But an unexpected problem put a stop to the process: The second ship, with thousands of people onboard, disappeared mysteriously in mid-flight. On Earth, scientists were forced to admit that they hadn’t quite mastered the incredibly complex phenomenon that allowed interstellar flights to overcome the speed-of-light barrier. So, all such travel was halted until the theoretical gaps could be filled and going to the stars could be done in complete safety. At the time, no one could have predicted that this interruption of flights would last a whole century. During that time, the first colonists on Aldebaran remained isolated on a wild planet and had to struggle to ensure their survival. As might be expected, they made mistakes, went to some unfortunate extremes and the society they built reflected those: a military dictatorship mixed with an authoritarian church. The story of the Aldebaran cycle covers five years in the life of young Kim Keller, who lives in a small coastal village. She’s only 13 at the beginning, and finds herself quite against her will drawn into a tragic series of events that will force her to grow up quickly so as not to be broken.

The Forever Hero

L.E. Modesitt Jr. - 1999
    E. Modesitt, Jr's first major work was a trilogy of SF adventure novels published as paperback originals in the 1980s: Dawn for a Distant Earth, The Silent Warrior, and In Endless Twilight. Together they form The Forever Hero.Thousands of years in the future, Earth is a desolate ruin. The first human ship to return in millennia discovers an abandoned wasteland inhabited only by a few degenerate or mutated human outcasts. But among them is a boy of immense native intelligence and determination who is captured, taken in, and educated, and disappears--to grow up to become the force behind a plan to make Earth flower again. He is, if not immortal, at least very long-lived, and he plans to build an independent power base out in the galaxy and force the galactic empire to devote centuries and immense resources to the restoration of the ecology of Earth.

Space Wolf

William King - 1999
    He is then thrown into a galactic war against the dark forces of Chaos. However, the implanting of the Canis Helix unleashes his primal instincts and Ragnar must fight to control the beast within him. Read it because It's a Black Library classic, and the start of a six-book series that delves into the early life of Ragnar Blackmane. Discover his past, his pack and the deeds that led him to glory and fame.


K.A. Applegate - 1999
    The engine backwash of the Bug fighter would capsize the boat. Or I might put the Taxxon pilot to the test and see if he could ram the low-slung boat. That would puzzle the humans.Either way, my body would never be found...My time of lying low was over...I would spearhead the invasion of Earth. I would take charge of our greatest conquest. I would stand alone atop the Yeerk military hierarchy.I was to become Visser One.From the Hardcover edition

The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 3: The Father-Thing

Philip K. Dick - 1999
    Dick's first novel, Solar Lottery, was published in 1956. Many of these stories are previously uncollected, but also included here are some of Dick's most famous pieces, like Foster, You're Dead, a powerful extrapolation of nuclear war hysteria, and The Golden Man, a very different story about a super-evolved mutant human.This is a brilliant collection vividlly displaying some of the best of Dick's originality, quirky-humour and overflowing ideas.One of the most original practitioners writing any kind of fiction. Philip K. Dick made most of the European avant-garde seem navel-gazers in a cul-de-sac - Sunday TimesA stunning composite portrait of our times - The ObserverThe most consitently brilliant SF writer in the world... author of more good short stories than I can count - John BrunnerCover Illustration: Chris MooreComprising:Fair Game;The Hanging Stranger;The Eyes Have It;The Golden Man;The Turning Wheel;The Last of the Masters;The Father-Thing;Strange Eden;Tony and the Beetles;Null-O;To Serve the Master;Exhibit Piece;The Crawlers;Sales Pitch;Shell Game;Upon the Dull Earth;Foster, You're Dead;Pay for the Printer;War Veteran;The Chromium Fence;Misadjustment;A World of Talent;Psi-Man Heal My Child!

Paingod and Other Delusions

Harlan Ellison - 1999
    Passion is the keynote as you encounter the Harlequin and his nemesis, the dreaded Tictockman, in one of the most reprinted and widely taught stories in the English language; a pyretic who creates fire merely by willing it; the last surgeon in a world of robot physicians; a spaceship filled with hideous mutants rejected by the world that gave them birth. Touching and gentle and shocking stories from an incomparable master of impossible dreams and troubling truths.Contents:7 · New Introduction: Your Basic Crown of Thorns · in 19 · Spero Meliora · in 24 · Paingod · ss Fantastic Jun ’64 35 · “Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman · ss Galaxy Dec ’65 49 · The Crackpots [Kyben] · nv If Jun ’56 89 · Sleeping Dogs · ss Analog Oct ’74 100 · Bright Eyes · ss Fantastic Apr ’65 112 · The Discarded [“The Abnormals”] · ss Fantastic Apr ’59 125 · Wanted in Surgery · nv If Aug ’57 156 · Deeper Than the Darkness · nv Infinity Science Fiction Apr ’57

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Walter Tevis - 1999
    Newton is an extraterrestrial who goes to Earth on a desperate mission of mercy. But instead of aid, Newton discovers loneliness and despair that ultimately ends in tragedy.

This Alien Shore

C.S. Friedman - 1999
    Sheltered all her life in a corporate satellite in Earth's outer orbit, Jamisia must face the truth about her origins and her role in the power struggle between the Guerans who dominate intergalactic transportation and the rest of Earth's far-flung and genetically mutated colonies who are trying to break the Guera Guild's monopoly.

What You Make It

Michael Marshall Smith - 1999
    The first piece of fiction Smith ever wrote -- a short story called The Man Who Drew Cats -- won the World Fantasy award. It's included here along with many others, some unpublished, which show the incredible versatility of one of the most exciting writers working in Britain today. The collection is stuffed with surreal, disturbing gems including: 'When God Lived in Kentish Town' Someone comes up to you when you're quietly eating your stir-fried rice in a great Chinese take away, and tells you: 'I've found God'. You try to ignore them, right? But what if they have, and what if He works in a drab old electrical store on Kentish Town Road and he's not getting many customers? 'Diet Hell' Some people will do anything to fit into their old jeans. 'Save As...' What if you could back up your life? Save it up to a certain point and return to it when things went horribly wrong? 'Everybody Goes' An idyllic childhood day from a long, hot summer. The kind you want to last for ever. All good things must come to an end, mustn't they?

A Second Chance at Eden

Peter F. Hamilton - 1999
    From the author of the bestselling 'Night's Dawn' trilogy, a novella and six stories set in the same brilliantly realised universe.

One of Us

Michael Marshall Smith - 1999
    He works for REMtemp, taking on other people's memories. It's illegal, but usually harmless. Maybe a petty criminal wants to pass a lie detector test. Or an unfaithful spouse wants to enjoy a guiltless affair. All Hap has to do is carry the memories for a couple of hours. It's easy money. Until a beautiful young woman who committed murder leaves her memory with Hap and won't take it back.Now Hap is on the run: from the LAPD, from six angels of death in gray suits and sunglasses, and from the best hit man in the business his ex-wife. Even worse, people all around Hap are disappearing in a strange white light. His only hope is to negotiate with a guy who may be much more than he seems, so he can stay alive long enough to discover who is and who isn't...

The Long Night of Centauri Prime

Peter David - 1999
    In this first novel of a new trilogy based on the Hugo Award-winning TV series, the malevolent beings are reshaping the Centauri Republic into a secret seat of power from which to launch deadly strikes against Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan and the Earth itself.

The Lives of Dax

Marco Palmieri - 1999
    One of the most popular and compelling Star Trek characters ever created, Dax is a wormlike being who is joined body and soul to a succession of humanoid hosts. Each life is different, each body is different, each personality is different, but all of them are Dax. At one time or another Dax has been male, female, a Starfleet officer, a statesman, a scientist, and ambassador, even a serial killer. The symbiont's humanoid hosts have included Curzon, friend of Klingons, and Jadzia, science officer on Deep Space Nine and latterly wife of Worf. The most recent incarnation is Ezri Dax, station counsellor on Deep Space Nine. Designed to appeal to fans of every version of Star Trek, the stories in The Lives of Dax each show a different host's adventure - nine incredible lives stretched out over 357 years of Star Trek history. The stories are rich with different aliens, planets, battles, personal struggles, surprising revelations, and guest stars galore.

Eon / Eternity

Greg Bear - 1999
    The inner dimensions are at odds with the outer; there are different chambers to be breached, some containing deserted cities; and the furthest chamber contains the greatest mystery ever to confront the Stone's scientists.EternityHere, from the other side of time, come: THISTLEDOWN, the asteroid starship of a future that is not quite our future; GAIA, a parallel reality where Alexander the Great's empire has ruled for two thousand years; and THE WAY, an infinite corridor through space-time which traverses and encompasses whole universes. And as the strands of these mysteries are unravelled, so the ordering and the end of mankind -- and our entire Universe -- come into question.

The Terrorists of Irustan

Louise Marley - 1999
    In this brilliant novel from the author of Sing the Light, a talented medicant defies the rule of men -- and changes the lives of every woman on the planet.

More Than Human

Theodore Sturgeon - 1999
    There's Janie, who moves things without touching them, and there are the teleporting twins, who can travel ten feet or ten miles. There's Baby, who invented an antigravity engine while still in the cradle, and Gerry, who has everything it takes to run the world except for a conscience. Separately, they are talented freaks. Together, they compose a single organism that may represent the next step in evolution, and the final chapter in the history of the human race.In this genre-bending novel - among the first to have launched scifi into the arena of literature - one of the great imaginers of the twentieth century tells a story as mind-blowing as any controlled substance and as affecting as a glimpse into a stranger's soul. For as the protagonists of More Than Human struggle to find who they are and whether they are meant to help humanity or destroy it. Theodore Sturgeon explores questions of power and morality, individuality and belonging, with suspense, pathos, and a lyricism rarely seen in science fiction.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Harlan Ellison - 1999
    His recordings have been difficult to his choice. In 1999, for the 1st time, he was lured into the studio to record this stunning retrospective. This recording is the winner of the International Horror Writers Bram Stoker Award for outstanding non-print media.Contents include: an original introductionI Have No Mouth, and I Must ScreamLaugh Track Grail"Repent, Harlequin!" said the TicktockmanThe Very Last Day of a Good WomanThe Time of the EyePaladin of the Lost HourThe Lingering Scent of WoodsmokeA Boy and His Dog (source of the cult motion picture)

The Avram Davidson Treasury: A Tribute Collection

Avram Davidson - 1999
    He was erudite, cranky, Jewish, wildly creative, and sold most of his wonderful stories to pulp magazines. They are wonderful.Now his estate and his friends have brought together a definitive collection of his finest work, each story introduced by an SF luminary: writers like Ursula K. Le Guin, William Gibson, Poul Anderson, Gene Wolfe, Guy Davenport, Peter S. Beagle, Gregory Benford, Thomas M. Disch, and dozens of others. This is a volume every lover of fantasy will need to own.

Chronicles of the Lensmen, Volume 2

E.E. "Doc" Smith - 1999
    The ancient races of Arisia and Eddore were at war, the battleground, Earth. Only a few earthlings knew of the struggle, or the decisive role they were to play. These were the Lensmen - bred to endure in the conflict with evil.Enter...Boskone, a network of brilliant interstellar criminals whose mania for conquest threatened the future of civilization. Time and again the Lensman's Galactic Patrol defeated their forces - and time and again, powerful Boskonian bases sprang up anew. Before long, the Lensmen were forced to face the truth; that minds mightier than their own, operating from an unknown planet, were waging a final war for supremacy. And were winning.But where was this Boskonian stronghold? It would be up to Lensman Kin Kinnison, using his fantastic mental powers, to infiltrate the enemy's inner circle, learn the location of their Grand Base - and smash it forever!With the Lensmen books, "Doc" Smith set the standard for all space opera to come. Chronicles of the Lensmen, Vol.2 completes the famous series, taking you behind the front lines of a titanic struggle for control of the Universe.

The Wedding Album

David Marusek - 1999
    Someday technology may enable us to record not only our appearance and voices but everything we know, feel, fear, and love at the moment the shutter clicks. Then our wedding mementos, like Anne and Ben’s in this story, take on a life of their own in a world where love may be eternal, but the world is not. Till deletion do us part . . .This novella won the Sturgeon Award for best short science fiction.“It is one of the best SF stories ever written.” —John Clute, Sci fi Weekly"The Wedding Album" (1999), one of the stories that solidified his reputation as a writer to watch, is a head-twisting tale about virtual realities and bandwidth scarcity, but the reason the story has legs lies in the couple at the centre of the narrative: a virtual simulation of a pair of newlyweds trapped in a small slice of time and memory like human flies in digital amber. Marusek knows human drama, and writes it so subtly you hardly notice it’s centre stage the whole time, right up until he plucks your heart out.” —Paul Raven, Strange Horizons“In ‘The Wedding Album,’ . . . [Marusek] fashions an ominous and surprisingly moving tale about a bride and groom who repeatedly discover, forget and rediscover that they are merely computer-generated re-creations of a flesh-and- blood newlywed couple, fated to watch as their living counterparts, their marriage and civilization itself decay over the centuries.” —Dave Itzkoff, New York Times Book Review

Spock vs. Q

Cecilia Fannon - 1999
    Q AN ALIEN VOICES® PRODUCTION STARRING LEONARD NIMOY AND JOHN de LANCIE Written by Cecelia Fannon As the end of the twentieth century nears, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth. When it hits, the impact will result in the end of all life on the planet.Ambassador Spock travels back in time to subtly warn Earth's inhabitants of impending doom while calling into question humanity's priorities. However, before the truth is told, the all powerful being Q appears and reminds Spock that he is prohibited from interfering in Earth's history. Besides, Q doesn't see mankind as something worth saving.This initial encounter between the two legendary characters explodes into a battle of wits as Spock cleverly befuddles Q with his own words. As barbs are exchanged, and humanity's flaws and wonders are laid bare, Spock's logic just may convince Q that Humans are indeed a species worthy of salvation, but will he be too late?In SPOCK VS. Q, Leonard Nimoy and John de Lancie again bring their characters to glorious life in the most lively and entertaining debate since Nixon vs. Kennedy. Recorded in front of a live audience, SPOCK VS. Q is a stirring audio program that could only come from Alien Voices.


Lloyd Biggle Jr. - 1999
    In this lost colony the inhabitants had forgotten the very existence of earth. Only one man remembered. He foresaw the awesome consequences if this paradise were ever rediscovered.MonumentThe novel of a frightening future - a planet in mortal combat with an alien universe.


Peter Watts - 1999
    They send a bio-engineered crew--people who have been altered to withstand the pressure and breathe the seawater--down to live and work in this weird, fertile undersea darkness.Unfortunately the only people suitable for long-term employment in these experimental power stations are crazy, some of them in unpleasant ways. How many of them can survive, or will be allowed to survive, while worldwide disaster approaches from below?

Spare Parts

Sally Rogers-Davidson - 1999
    While the skywalkers - the A- and B-grade citizens - live above the clouds and have access to the best that the 21st century offers, 'subby' like Kelty have little hope ... unless they give up their bodies for transplant. How desperate is Kelty?

Beast of the Heartland and Other Stories

Lucius Shepard - 1999
    Fascinated by deception and decay, and generally labeled a cyberpunk writer, his work transcends the limits of genre fiction. Beast of the Heartland contains seven tales that explore the darkside where science fiction meets horror. Headed by the award-winning "Barnacle Bill the Spacer," a story of high-space mutiny, the book includes "A Little Night Music," a gothic tale of insanity; "All the Perfumes of Araby," where an adventurer in the Middle East links up with an ancient entity; "Human History," a postapocalyptic chiller; "Sports in America," a noir tale in the Chandler tradition; "The Sun Spider," a mini space opera; and the title story -- an ingenious picture of a battered boxer on the decline.

The Ship That Returned (Brainship, #1.4)

Anne McCaffrey - 1999
    Also published as "The Ship Who Returned" in Federations edited by John Joseph Adams.

Stand on Zanzibar

John Brunner - 1999
    His work is leading General Technics to the forefront of global domination, both in the marketplace and politically—it's about to take over a country in Africa. Donald Hogan is his roommate, a seemingly sheepish bookworm. But Hogan is a spy, and he's about to discover a breakthrough in genetic engineering that will change the world ... and kill him. These two men's lives weave through one of science fiction's most praised novels. Written in a way that echoes John Dos Passos' U.S.A. Trilogy, Stand on Zanzibar is a cross-section of a world overpopulated by the billions. Where society is squeezed into hive-living madness by god-like mega computers, mass-marketed psychedelic drugs, and mundane uses of genetic engineering. Though written in 1968, it speaks of 2010, and is frighteningly prescient and intensely powerful.This edition comes with a tipped in collectors' note and an introduction by David Brin.

The World to Come: The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age

Ruth Montgomery - 1999
    Now, with the clarity and candor that has won her such a loyal following, Ruth gives a tour of the next century and beyond. Ruth discusses her guides' prediction that the earth is bound to shift on its axis and provides information about what areas are safest as severe global weather patterns intensify. She also shares stories of numerous people from ancient Palestine, including herself, who have been reincarnated at this time to help bring peace and healing to the world. Finally, in what she intends as her farewell book, Ruth offers a warm and fascinating look at her own life.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Runcible Tales

Neal Asher - 1999
    Content:Always with You • [Polity Universe] • (1996) Blue Holes • [Polity Universe]Dragon in the Flower • [Polity Universe] • (1994)Neal AsherThe Gire & the Bibrat • [Polity Universe] • Walking John & Bird • [Polity Universe] •

On Company Time

Kage Baker - 1999
    Collects 'In the Garden of Iden' and 'Sky Coyote' in one volumecover art by Bruce Jensen

The Fire of His Holiness: Preparing Yourself to Enter God's Presence

Sergio Scataglini - 1999
    Peter Wagner-- Learn the benefits of living a holy life devoted to Christ.-- There is a growing movement of God toward holiness and repentance that is expanding to the United States from South America-- Sergio Scataglini is a leader in this unprecedented move of GodSergio Scataglini unflinchingly calls each of us to die to ourselves and be resurrected to an entirely new dimension of life in Christ. He challenges us to walk away from the "acceptable" Christian life, to abandon all forms of idolatry and purify ourselves, that we may move in the power of God and win the world for Him.

Science Fiction of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History

Frank M. Robinson - 1999
    Full color.

The Worst Band in the Universe

Graeme Base - 1999
    Includes a CD of songs supposedly recorded by the bands in the story.

Contagion / Invasion / Chromosome 6

Robin Cook - 1999
    Robin Cook's signature cutting-edge suspense and bold strokes of reality. The consequences of managed health care in an age when even the wariest consumer may be at risk is the catalyst for Contagion, while a sinister cabal involved with unacceptable medical ethics provides the nerve-jangling backdrop for Chromosome 6. Invasion, published in hardcover for the first time, preys on our deepest fears as it explores a sudden outbreak of a disease unlike anything humankind has ever seen.

Tales of Sector General

James White - 1999
    Includes the Galactic Gourmet, Final Diagnosis, and Mind Changer.

Gibraltar Earth

Michael McCollum - 1999
    The aliens come from a million-star empire whose rulers allow no competitors. What to do? Do we hide and pray the aliens overlook Earth for a few more generations, or do we take a more aggressive approach? Whatever we do, it must be done quickly! Time is running out.

Bleeding Sun

Samuel Sagan - 1999
    To others, the gateway to infinity.... On Earth Entire Populations have been enslaved in Virtual Reality machines by the Rex. In space, the Masters of Thunder have returned. The Philadelphian stations refuse to submit to virtualisation. It is war. The Rex is a formidable adversary. To defeat him, the Masters of Thunder, have prepared a formidable weapon: the Knights of the Apocalypse. Against overwhelming numerical superiority, the Knights fight with consciousness and supermind. Explore the future of Virtual Reality, the fouth dimension and psychic warfare. Like never before, and never again.

Capek Four Plays: R. U. R.; The Insect Play; The Makropulos Case; The White Plague

Karel Čapek - 1999
    In R. U. R., the Robot - an idea Çapek was the first to invent - gradually takes over all aspects of human existence except procreation; The Insect Play is a satirical fable in which beetles, butterflies and ants give dramatic form to different philosophies of life; The Makropulos Case is a fantasy about human mortality, finally celebrating the average lifespan; The White Plague is a savage and anguished satire against fascist dictatorship and the virus of inhumanity.

Expedition To Earth

Arthur C. Clarke - 1999
    Clarke.Contents:Second DawnIf I Forget Thee, Oh Earth Breaking Strain History Lesson (as "Expedition to Earth" in the British Edition, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1954)SuperiorityExile of the Eons Hide-and-SeekExpedition to Earth (as "Encounter in the Dawn" in the British Edition, Sidgwick & Jackson, 1954)LoopholeInheritance The Sentinel (basis for 2001)

The Compleat Boucher: The Complete Short Science Fiction & Fantasy of Anthony Boucher

Anthony Boucher - 1999
    It contains such classic stories as "The Quest for Saint Aquin," "Snulbug," and "The Compleat Werewolf." Many of the stories collected here have never before appeared in a Boucher collection, and some haven't been reprinted since their original magazine publication. "Rappaccini's Other Daughter" appears here for the first time.

A Signal Shattered

Eric S. Nylund - 1999
    Among them is Jack Potter, a rogue cryptographer whose business dealings with an alien named Wheeler started the entire destruction. Now, Wheeler is out to finish what he started.

Operator B

Edward Lee - 1999
    This critically acclaimed novella involves a U.S. Air Force test pilot recruited for a very special mission: to fly an operational recovered UFO. Any test pilot's dream, right? Wrong. Special disfiguring surgery is required for anyone human who wants to fly the craft. This expertly plotted novella proves to detractors that Lee can write in many arenas, not just horror, and doesn't have to rely on the "gross-out" to keep readers enthralled. (Lee has implied that he may one day expand this project to novel-length, just as he hopes to expand his hard sci-fi TRIAGE novella 2202.) "OPERATOR "B" made the Preliminary Ballot for 1999 HWA Stoker Award for Best Novella. Little known fact: the working outline for this novella was a screenplay, which is also the case for his well-reviewed conspiracy/UFO novel THE STICKMEN.


John Peel - 1999
    When his evil clone begins to build a virus that will be able to destroy everything in the fully computerized world of 2099, Tristan Connor must find a way to disable his creation and put a stop to his clone's horrific plan.

Divided by Infinity

Robert Charles Wilson - 1999
    Contemplated it seriously, I mean: six times sat with the fat bottle of Clonazepam within reaching distance, six times failed to reach for it, betrayed by some instinct for life or disgusted by my own weakness.Hugo Nomination for Best Novelette 1999.

Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Droids

Daniel Wallace - 1999
    The varieties and classes of droids are nearly as infinite as their designated specialties. In this updated and expanded nuts-to-bolts survey, each and every droid receives its due–from the simplest drones to the most sophisticated automatons, from heroic protocol model, C-3PO, and his multitasking sidekick, R2-D2, to the insidious Separatist leader General Grievous. Inside you’ll discover:• All the newest droids: from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith to the Knights of the Old Republic video games and the Clone Wars animated TV series, plus the bestselling multinovel series Star Wars: The New Jedi Order–all catalogued here for the first time• Detailed histories and capabilities of nearly one hundred droids along with full-color computer-generated illustrations and schematics of their construction highlights• Special sections, including “A Layperson’s Guide to Droids,” “Major Manufacturers,” and “A Short History of Droids”• An easy reference at your fingertips–each entry is arranged by Droid Type, including medics and scientists, repair units, battle units, and cyborgs–plus special expanded entries for R-series astromechs, the 3PO protocol series, and battle droidsFor the definitive debriefing on droids, there’s only one official, authoritative, and absolutely essential technical guide!


Judith Reeves-Stevens - 1999
    One man inside the building -- and one woman outside -- must join forces to prevent the enemy from realizing that by seizing the Pentagon, they've also seized control of America's super-weapon satellite, Quick Silver.

Mars is No Place for Children

Mary A. Turzillo - 1999
    Kapera begins recording her diary on an ancient wrist computer when she discovers her parents are arranging cancer treatment for her at an Earth Orbit hospital. Because of the enormous expense, Kapera knows the family can only afford one-way passage for two--she and her mother would never see father, or Mars, again. Kapera, however, has a different plan: to run away to Sagan City at Ares Vallis and find the one thing on Mars that will make them wealthy ... the missing Sojourner rover from Earth's 1997 Pathfinder mission.

The Dragons of Springplace

Robert Reed - 1999
    Another story is a sprawling intergalactic epic that takes place aboard a starship. Salvaged and commandeered by humans, the massive generation starship becomes the setting for a titanic struggle between two alien entities who engage in a monumental battle for survival. The tale explores not just an alien milieu but the nature of man himself when another ancient starship lands and investigates an icy unknown planet inhabited by humans millions of years earlier.Contents:The Dragons of Springplace (1997)Waging Good (1995)To Church with Mr. Multhiford (1997)Stride (1994)Chrysalis (1996)The Utility Man (1990)Guest of Honor (1993)Decency (1996)The Remoras (1994)Aeon's Child (1995)The Shape of Everything (1994)

Across the Universe with John Lennon

Linda Keen - 1999
    Psychic Keen discovered a side of the former Beatle that few have ever experienced.

The Young Oxford Book of Aliens

Dennis Pepper - 1999
    The stories don't necessarily portray aliens as hostile invaders. On the contrary, there are many stories that explore the interaction between aliens and humans, and other stories in which humans are themselves the aliens. Some of the stories have been specially written for this collection by writers such as Sue Welford. Others are by the best of sci-fi writers including Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, and Harry Harrison.

The Eternity Gene

Robert Don Hughes - 1999
    Dr. Jack Brennan is led on a series of thrilling adventures through the fabric of time and the history of civilization as he finds himself in the middle of a sinister alien conspiracy.

Portals and Corridors: A Guide to Hyperspace Travel

Gary L. Whitney - 1999
    Through the admittedly imperfect tools of our minds and 'imaginality' they have glimpsed the inhabitants of that domain known as hyperspace, subspace, or the astral realm; and they have presented us with their remarkable portraits and words. The beings in this book live far from us in actual time-space and are hard to see, but their destinies and ours are intertwined, and they bear critical messages for all inhabitants of the Earth.

The SFWA Grand Masters 1

Frederik Pohl - 1999
    Volume One, presenting the first five writers to receive the award, features the fiction of: Robert A. HeinleinJack WilliamsonClifford D. SimakL. Sprague de CampFritz Leiber

The Robot's Twilight Companion

Tony Daniel - 1999
    In the title piece, a geologist has downloaded the memories of his deceased mentor into a robot’s electronic brain. Together, they bore through the crust and mantle to the very core of the planet Earth. Their work is complicated by a mysterious intelligence deep within the Earth and by the robot’s own emergent humanity. The remaining stories comprise a variety of tales including a story about climbing in the Chilean Andes in which the protagonist is haunted by a ghost, and a tale about a battle-weary veteran who returns from a high-tech future to face his most sinister challenge at home.Contents:ii •  The Robot's Twilight Companion (frontispiece) • interior artwork by J. K. Potter1 •  The Robot's Twilight Companion • interior artwork by J. K. Potter3 • Life on the Moon • (1995) • shortstory by Tony Daniel22 • A Dry, Quiet War • (1996) • novelette by Tony Daniel44 • Radio Praha • (1998) • shortstory by Tony Daniel62 • Aconcagua • (1993) • novelette by Tony Daniel93 • Black Canoes • (1997) • shortstory by Tony Daniel110 • Death of Reason • (1992) • novella by Tony Daniel166 • Mystery Box • (1999) • novelette by Tony Daniel199 • Grist • (1998) • novella by Tony Daniel258 • The Robot's Twilight Companion • (1996) • novella by Tony Daniel

Mobile Suit Gundam Blue Destiny 1

Yoshiyuki Tomino - 1999
    Colonists form the Zeon Dukedom to resolve their disputes and wage the One Year War for independence.

Stellar Frontier: Psi Order Upeo Wa Macho & Extrasolar Space Sourcebook

John R. Snead - 1999
    Learn what it's like to be a teleporter- to sense the constant movement of all things through the universe, and to blink across galaxies with but a thought. Discover how the colonies survived through the years they were lost to Earth, and what threats emerged during that time. Find out why the Upeo vanished in the first place... and what it means for the rest of the Trinity Universe.

The Sound Of His Horn and The King of the Lake

Sarban - 1999
    350 numbered copies. Out of print. Contents: The Sound of His Horn/ The King of the Lake.Alan Querdilion, a young naval lieutenant, is captured by the Germans and wakes up in a hospital bed - more than 100 years later. The Germans have won the war, and the Third Reich stretches from the Urals to the Atlantic. Non Aryans are bred as slaves. Deprived of speech and intelligence by the surgeon's knife, they serve their masters with their bodies. Count Hans von Hackelnberg, master of the Reich's forests, rules his domain with the iron fist of a feudal lord. His passion is hunting. At night the sound of his horn echoes eerily through the moonlit forest as the pack closes in on its prey. A pack of half-naked cat-girls, their hands sheathed in iron claws and their bellies starved of fresh meat. And their quarry, as Alan discovers too late, is ... himself.

Demand My Writing: Joanna Russ, Feminism, Science Fiction

Jeanne Cortiel - 1999
    The book will be especially valuable for students of SF and feminist SF, especially in its concern with the function of woman-based intertextuality. Although Cortiel deals principally with Russ’s novels, she also examines her short stories, and the focus on critically neglected texts is a particularly valuable feature of the study."I recommend this book to any reader interested in Russ’s fiction, or in women’s science fiction generally."—Science Fiction Studies

Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 2 - Victories and Sacrifices (Star Wars: Clone Wars (Graphic Novels))

Hayden Blackman - 1999
    New Separatist threats, ranging from deadly biological weapons, to dark Jedi, to unkillable alien bounty hunters, have the loyalist Jedi and their clone troops pushed to their limits. This graphic novel collection contains three separate, yet linked stories of heroism and sacrifice set during the time between Episode II and Episode III!