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I Love Myself When I Am Laughing... And Then Again: A Zora Neale Hurston Reader

Zora Neale Hurston - 1979
    This unique anthology, with fourteen superb examples of her fiction, journalism, folklore, and autobiography, rightfully establishes her as the intellectual and spiritual leader of the next generation of black writers. The original commentary by Alice Walker and Mary Helen Washington, two African-American writers in the forefront of the Hurston revival, provide illuminating insights into Hurston—the writer, and the person—as well as into American social and cultural history.

The Last Leaf

O. Henry - 1979
    When Johnsy becomes sick one winter, she makes up her mind to die when the last leaf falls from the ivy plant growing outside her window. Sue would do anything to help her friend get well, but she is a poor artist. As the winter wind blows and the rain falls, there seems no way to stop the last leaf from falling.

Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe - 1979
    found in a bottle --Silence-a fable --Berenice --William Wilson --Ligeia --The assignation --The facts in the case of M. Valdemar --The pit and the pendulum --The fall of the house of usher --The cask of amontillado --A descent into the maelström --The tell-tale heart --The black cat --The masque of the red death --The gold-bug --The murders in the rue morgue --The purloined letter.

Revenge of the Lawn / The Abortion / So the Wind Won't Blow it All Away

Richard Brautigan - 1979
    REVENGE OF THE LAWN: Originally published in 1971, these bizarre flashes of insight and humor cover everything from "A High Building in Singapore" to the "Perfect California Day." This is Brautigan's only collection of stories and includes "The Lost Chapters of TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA."THE ABORTION: AN HISTORICAL ROMANCE 1966: A public library in California where none of the books have ever been published is full of romantic possibilities. But when the librarian and his girlfriend must travel to Tijuana, they have a series of strange encounters in Brautigan's 1971 novel.SO THE WIND WON'T BLOW IT ALL AWAY: It is 1979, and a man is recalling the events of his twelfth summer, when he bought bullets for his gun instead of a hamburger. Written just before his death, and published in 1982, this novel foreshadowed Brautigan's suicide.

The Instrumentality of Mankind

Cordwainer Smith - 1979
    81-Q (1928)3 Mark Elf (1957)4 The Queen of the Afternoon (1978)5 When the People Fell (1959)6 Think Blue, Count Two (1963)7 The Colonel Came Back from the Nothing-at-All (1979)8 From Gustible's Planet (1962)9 Drunkboat (1963)10 Western Science Is So Wonderful (1958)11 Nancy (1959)12 The Fife of Bodidharma (1959)13 Angerhelm (1959)14 The Good Friends (1963)"First Edition: May 1979" stated on the copyright page.

The Past Through Tomorrow: Vol. 2

Robert A. Heinlein - 1979

Painted Devils: Strange Stories

Robert Aickman - 1979
    And we too become victims of the unknown forces he conjures. Against a wide variety of settings, Aickman's chilling stories unravel with the psychological subtlety and uncanny vision of a true master of the genre.

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories

Angela Carter - 1979
    K. Rowling, and Kelly Link, who introduces this edition of Carter's most celebrated book, published for the seventy-fifth anniversary of her birth.In The Bloody Chamber - which includes the story that is the basis of Neil Jordan's 1984 movie The Company of Wolves - Carter spins subversively dark and sensual versions of familiar fairy tales and legends like "Little Red Riding Hood," "Bluebeard," "Puss in Boots," and "Beauty and the Beast," giving them exhilarating new life in a style steeped in the romantic trappings of the gothic tradition.

Centuria: One Hundred Ouroboric Novels

Giorgio Manganelli - 1979
    Yet, what are they? Miniature psychodramas, prose poems, tall tales, sudden illuminations, malevolent sophistries, fabliaux, paranoiac excursions, existential oxymorons, or wondrous, baleful absurdities? Always provocative, insolent, sinister, and quite often funny, these 100 comic novels are populated by decidedly ordinary lovers, martyrs, killers, thieves, maniacs, emperors, bandits, sleepers, architects, hunters, prisoners, writers, hallucinations, ghosts, spheres, dragons, Doppelgngers, knights, fairies, angels, animal incarnations, and Dreamstuff. Each "novel" construes itself into a kind of Mbius strip, in which, as one critic has noted, "time turns in a circle and bites its tail" like the Ouroborous. In any event, Centuria provides 100 uncategorizable reasons to experience and celebrate an immeasurably wonderful writer. Brilliantly translated from the Italian by Henry Martin.

The Basic Kafka

Franz Kafka - 1979
    Published together for the first time are selections from all Kafka's writings: The Metamorphosis, Josephine The Singer, plus his short stories, parables, and his personal diaries and letters.

Warm Worlds and Otherwise

James Tiptree Jr. - 1979
    Ain [nominated, 1969 Nebula Award]AmberjackThrough a Lass DarklyThe Girl Who Was Plugged In [winner, 1974 Hugo Award. Nominated, 1973 Nebula Award. 1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction (Place: 4)]The Night-Blooming SaurianThe Women Men Don't See [1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction (Place: 18)]FaultLove Is the Plan the Plan Is Death [1973 Nebula Award. Nominated, 1974 Hugo Award. 1974 Locus Poll Award, Best Short Fiction (Place: 3)]On the Last Afternoon

The Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner

William Faulkner - 1979
    These forty-five stories include not only some of Faulkner's best, but also what proved to be the testing ground for what latter became such major novels as THE UNVANQUISHED, THE HAMLET and GO DOWN MOSES.

Great Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe - 1979
    The inventor of the modern detective story, a master of the tale of horror, a poet of haunting melody, Poe has gripped the intellect, the emotions, and the esthetic impulses of the world's readers for over a century.Great Tales and PoemsHere, in one volume, are the masterpieces of mystery, terror, humor, and adventure, and the finest lyric and narrative poetry of the ill-fated genius who was one of America's supreme writers.

Collected Stories and Later Writings

Paul Bowles - 1979
    From his base in Tangier he produced globally ranging novels, stories, and travel writings that set exquisite surfaces over violent undercurrents. His elegantly spare novels chart the unpredictable collisions between "civilized" exiles and a Morocco they never grasp, achieving effects of extreme horror and dislocation.This Library of America Bowles set, the first annotated edition, offers the full range of his achievement: the portrait of an outsider who was one of the essential American writers of the last century. In addition to his novels -- The Sheltering Sky (1949), Let It Come Down (1952), The Spider's House (1955), Up Above the World (1966) -- and his collected stories -- including such classics as "A Distant Episode" and "Pages from Cold Point" -- they contain his masterpiece of travel writing, Their Heads Are Green and Their Hands Are Blue (1963). Throughout, Bowles shows himself a master of gothic terror and a diabolically funny observer of manners as well as a prescient guide to everything from the roots of Islamist politics to the world of Moghrebi music. With a hallucinatory clarity as dry and unforgiving as the desert air, Bowles sends his characters toward encounters with unknown and terrifying forces both outside them and within them.

A Friend of Kafka

Isaac Bashevis Singer - 1979
    This book of twenty stories is Isaac Bashevis Singer's fifth collection and contains such classics as "The Cafeteria" and "On the Way to the Poorhouse."

O Cobrador

Rubem Fonseca - 1979
    Rubem Fonseca's Rio is a city at war, a city whose vast disparities- in wealth, social standing, and prestige- are untenable. In the stories of The Taker, rich and poor live in an uneasy equilibrium, where only overwhelming force can maintain order, and violence and deception are essential tools of survival.

Blood and Grits

Harry Crews - 1979
    A superb collection of nonfiction from Harry Crews--a profile of Charles Bronson, an encounter with hillbillies along the Appalachian Trail, life inside a traveling carnival and more.

The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley

Robert Sheckley - 1979
    A TV thrill show where the corpses are real. And a shuddering descent into laughter.Tales by the grand master of science fiction.

The Complete Tales from the Crypt (The Complete EC Library)

William M. Gaines - 1979
    into five hardcover volumes stored in a handsome slipcover. The stories and stark black-and-white artwork by Johnny Craig, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Al Felstein, et. al. are superb. They date from 1950 to 1955.

Convergent Series

Larry Niven - 1979
    The Nonesuch follows Doris as she discovers that a mind-reading, flesh-eating alien is stalking her. Also includes stories from the Draco's Tavern series.

The Best Tales of Hoffmann

E.F. Bleiler - 1979
    T. A. Hoffmann (1776-1822) was perhaps one of the two or three greatest of all writers of fantasy. His wonderful tales, translated into many languages and adapted into numerous stage works, have delighted readers for a century and a half. They open our eyes to an extraordinary world of fantasy, poetry, and the supernatural. Remarkable characters come vividly to life. With exciting speed, Hoffmann moves from the firm ground of reality to ambiguity, mystery, and romance. His imaginativeness is unsurpassed, and his handling of allegory, symbolism, and mysticism is unusually skillful. These qualities make his tales some of the most stimulating and enjoyable in the world's literature. They can be read on many levels of enjoyment; as exciting fiction brilliantly told, as a fascinating statement of many of the major concerns of the Romantic era, and as a culmination of German Romantic literature. This collection contains ten of his best tales: "The Golden Flower Pot," "Automata," "A New Year's Eve Adventure," "Nutcracker and the King of Mice," "The Sand-Man," "Rath Krespel," "Tobias Martin, Master Cooper, and His Men," "The Mines of Falun," "Signor Formica," and "The King's Betrothed."

Da Vinci's Bicycle

Guy Davenport - 1979
    Written with tremendous wit, intelligence, and verve, the stories are based on historical figures whose endeavors were too early, too late, or went against the grain of their time.

Stories of the Old Duck Hunters

Gordon MacQuarrie - 1979
    Here are 53 classic hunting and fishing stories, some from sporting magazines of the 1930s and 1940s, including unpublished works from the author's literary estate. Available in individual volumes or collected in a slip-cased three-volume set.

The Lady of the House of Love

Angela Carter - 1979
    He comes across a mansion inhabited by a vampiress who survives by enticing young men into her bedroom and feeding on them. She intends to feed on the young soldier but his purity and virginity have a curious effect on her.

Angels at the Ritz

William Trevor - 1979
    Whether the setting is a brief encounter in Persia or a wife-swapping party in the suburbs, a pre-war English tennis party or an Irish wedding. William Trevor reveals himself once more as a master of regret and betrayal: and a master of telling a story which is never false to the human heart.Contents: In Isfahan/The Distant Past/Angels at the Ritz/Mrs Silly/The Tennis Court/A Complicated Nature/Teresa's Wedding/Office Romances/Mr McNamara/Afternoon Dancing/Last Wishes/Mrs Acland's Ghost

Old Love

Isaac Bashevis Singer - 1979
    Tales of curious marriages and divorce mingle with psychic experiences and curses, acts of bravery and loneliness, love and hatred.

War Crimes

Peter Carey - 1979
    A luxurious train thunders north carrying a clerk who must pay dearly for his indulgence. Roses betray the secret of an old man, and a young unemployed couple explore the mysteries of exotic pleasures.Bizarre, funny, and chilling the stories in this collection are all, in one way or another, about power - about those who wield it, those who want it, and those who recall only its dazzling exhilaration and degradation.

The Golden Helix

Theodore Sturgeon - 1979
    Each story is prefaced with a brief discussion by the author. "A master storyteller certain to fascinate all sorts of readers . . ".--Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Ringing Changes

R.A. Lafferty - 1979
    Where stone-eating cartoon "dorgs" reproduce and multiply. Where special days - not in the regular 365 count - invade consciousness. And where the ultimate goal is the great synthesis, the happy obliteration of all individuality and memory.The best stories by a Hugo Award winner, Ringing Changes ranges from entancing aliens to malevolent mutations, from cosminc jokes to hauntigly feal fantasies. But throughout, R.A. Lafferty's sardonic imagination projects a chilling future that may be just a small step away for mankind.[Taken from the back cover]

The Princess of All Lands

Russell Kirk - 1979
    Sorworth PlaceBehind the stumpsThe princess of all landsThe last god's dreamThe cellar of little EgyptEx tenebrisBalgrummo's hellThere's a long, long trail a-windingSaviourgate

The Hockey Sweater and Other Stories

Roch Carrier - 1979
    It encapsulates everything you need to understand French and English Canada, told with humour and love.

Underground River and Other Stories

Inés Arredondo - 1979
    Her works dwell on obsessions: erotic love, evil, purity, perversion, prostitution, tragic separation, and death. Most of her characters are involved in ill-fated searches for the Absolute through both excessively passionate and sadomasochistic relationships. Inevitably, the perfect, pure dyad of two youthful lovers is interrupted or corrupted through the interference of a third party (a rival lover or a child), aging, death, or public morality. Set at the beginning of the twentieth century in the tropical northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, the stories collected in Underground River and Other Stories focus on female subjectivity. Arredondo’s adult male characters are often predators, depraved collectors of adolescent virgins, like the plantation owners in “The Nocturnal Butterflies” and “Shadows in the Shadows” and the dying uncle in “The Shunammite,” who is kept alive by incestuous lust. Since the young female protagonists rarely have fathers to protect them, the only thing standing between them and these lechers are older women. Perversely, these older women act as accomplices–along with the extended family and the Roman Catholic Church–in the sordid age-old traffic in women.Underground River and Other Stories is the first appearance of Arredondo’s stories in English.

Out of the Mouths of Graves

Robert Bloch - 1979
    LIMITED EDITION. Out of the Mouths of Graves. New York: Mysterious Press, 1979. First edition, limited to 250 numbered copies. Signed by Bloch. Octavo. 193 pages. This collection contains: Night School; The Model Wife; The Beautiful People; All in the Family; Double Cross; Crime in Rhyme; His and Hearse; The Man Who Looked Like Napoleon; Lucy Comes to Stay; A Most Unusual Murder; The Warm Farewell; Man With a Hobby; A Matter of Life; Hobo; The Living Bracelet; and The Closer of the Way.

Such Stuff As Screams Are Made Of

Robert Bloch - 1979
    FellLuck Is No LadyThe CureThe Screaming PeopleThe Big KickThe MasterpieceTalentThe Final PerformanceLife In Our TimeUndergroundA Case Of The StubbornsThe HeadWhat You See Is What You GetNinaAuthor's Afterword

Prince of Darkness and Other Stories

J.F. Powers - 1979
    Contents:The Lord's DayThe TroubleLions, Harts, Leaping DoesJamesieHe Don't Plant CottonThe ForksRennerThe Valiant WomanThe EyeThe Old Bird, A Love StoryPrince of Darkness

Ghosts and Grinning Shadows: Two Witch Stories

Helen Adam - 1979
    Choice calls these two long witch stories "a welcome and timely treat."

Collected Stories of O. Henry: Revised and Expanded

Paul J. Horowitz - 1979
    Henry transformed the mundane occurrences of everyday life into hundreds of stories so popular that they have never gone out of print. From The Gift Of The Magi, the heartwarming classic of selfless love, to The Last Leaf, the unforgettable story of the twist of fate that renews one woman's will to live, O.Henry's finest work is collected here in one volume. These expertly plotted tales reveal the humorous complexities of hope and destiny, and demonstrate O. Henry's indisputable storytelling genius. His bittersweet insight and trademark surprise endings make for timeless tales that continue to delight readers throughout the world.

Science Fiction of the Fifties

Martin H. Greenberg - 1979
    MacDonaldFeedback by Katherine MacLeanDP by Jack VanceThe Liberation of Earth by William TennA Work of Art by James BlishThe County of the Kind by Damon KnightThe Education of Tigress McCardle by C.M. KornbluthThe Cage by A. Bertram ChandlerThe Last of the Deliverers by Poul AndersonA Bad Day for Sales by Fritz LeiberSaucer of Loneliness by Theodore SturgeonHeirs Apparent by Robert AbernathyAdrift on the Policy Level by Chan DavisShort in the Chest by Margaret St Clair5,271,009 by Alfred BesterThe Academy by Robert SheckleyNobody Bothers Gus by Algis BudrysHappy Birthday Dear Jesus by Frederik PohlBettyann by Kris NevilleDark Interlude by Fredric Brown & Mack ReynoldsWhat Have I Done by Mark CliftonLove O Careless Love by Barry N. Malzberg

Snobbery with Violence: English Crime Stories and Their Audience

Colin Watson - 1979
    Some three hundred writers now contribute, more or less regularly, to the satisfaction of the public's appetite for books about murder, theft, fraud, espionage, arson, blackmail and kindred activities. . . This book is not an attempt to catalogue them . . . Its purpose is to explore some of the crime and mystery fiction of the past half century for clues to the convictions and attitudes of the large section of British society for which it was written.'In Snobbery with Violence: English Crime Stories and Their Audience, Colin Watson explores the social attitudes that are reflected in the detective story and the thriller. From Conan Doyle and Edgar Wallace to Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming, Watson takes the reader on an entertaining and informative investigation into the world of crime fiction. First published in 1971 Snobbery with Violence has become a minor classic of literary and social history and should grace the bookshelves of every crime aficionado.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Master's Choice.

Alfred Hitchcock - 1979
    AndersonA gun is a Nervous Thing by Charlotte ArmstrongSee How They Run by Robert BlochNothing Short of Highway Robery by Lawrence BlockPuppet Show by Frederic BrownDe Mortuis by John CollierSnowball by Ursula CurtissHere, Daemos! by August derlethThe Cookie Lady by Philip K. DickThe Wager by Robert L. FishScream in a Soundproof Room by Michael GilbertReturn of Verge Likens by Davis GrubbThe Fair Chance by James Hay, Jr.Paste a Smile on a Wall by John KeefauverThe Alarming Letters From Scottsdale by Warner LawMy Last Book by Michel and Clayre LipmanHomicidal Hiccup by John D. MacDonaldGone Girl by Ross MacDonaldThe Interceptor by Barry N. MalzbergDoctor's Dilemma by Harold Q. MasurMother by Protest by Richard MathesonCoincidence by William F. NolanThe Same Old grind by Bill PronziniTwenty-two Cents a Day by Jack RitchieEvil Star by Ray RussellA Woman's Help by Henry Slesar

Men of the Mountains-Pa

Jesse Stuart - 1979
    Life, animate existence, absorbs Jesse Stuart. Never is it more vital than when juxtaposed with death, hence the contrasting motifs of life and death permeating his work. In this book, Stuart tells the stories of the hills and the men who live there. They "curse the mountains," but love them too, he says. Existing in dimensions of real geography and elaborate imagination, Stuart moves easily between autobiography and fiction and often does not bother to distinguish one from the other. Greenup County, Kentucky blends into Greenwood County, and W-Hollow in both fiction and fact is subject to the proprietorship of the bard of Appalachia.

Animals Can Be Almost Human

Alma E. Guinness - 1979
    An anthology of 82 stories including 3 book condensations, about the exloits of a variety of real animals.

Home Is The High Country My Small Animal Friends

Mona Anderson - 1979
    Collection of tales written for children, about the author's encounters with small creatures, both wild and tame, who live in the Canterbury high country.

Story Time with Grandma

Mary Elizabeth Yoder - 1979
    They will beg for more of these spellbinding bedtime stories of yesteryear. They will thrill to tales of buried treasure and narrow escapes. They'll wonder how anyone could learn a lesson from doughnut holes or from hard-boiled eggs. Every story abounds in wit and wisdom clothed in childhood actions. Parents won't need to wonder, either, about the Christian values their children will be learning. Character-building stories from everyday life and from the Bible make Story Time With Grandma a superlative teaching aid. Every page breathes fresh insights and truths for young listeners and readers too. Make these delightful, memorable stories part of "story time" for a child you love! Fresh insights and truths for young listeners and readers too. Give this delightful book to a child you love.

A Companion To World Mythology

Richard Barber - 1979
    Alphabetically lists the gods of such diverse cultures as Polynesia, Japan, and ancient Greece, with substantial accounts of their exploits.

From The Fifteenth District

Mavis Gallant - 1979
    An English family goes to the south of France for the sake of the father’s health, and to get away from an England of rationing and poverty. A displaced person turned French soldier in Algeria now makes a living as an actor in Paris. A group of selfish English expatriates on the Italian Riviera are incredulous that Mussolini and the Germans may affect their lives. A great writer’s quiet widow blossoms in widowhood, to the surprise and alarm of her children, who send a ten-year-old grandson to Switzerland to keep her company one Christmas. Full of wry humour and penetrating insights, this is Mavis Gallant at her most unforgettable.

The Best Science Fiction Novellas of the Year 1

Terry Carr - 1979
    VingeThe Watched by Christopher Priest