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The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures

Mike Ashley - 1997
    Almost all the stories are specially written for the collection and the cases are presented in the order in which Holmes solved them. The result is a life of Sherlock Holmes, with a continuous narrative alongside the stories which identities the gaps in the canon and places the new and hitherto unrecorded cases in their correct sequence - plus there is an invaluable, complete Holmes chronology.(back cover)

The Philip K. Dick Reader

Philip K. Dick - 1997
    Dick the greatest science fiction mind on any planet. Since his untimely death in 1982, interest in Dick's works has continued to mount, and his reputation has been further enhanced by a growing body of critical attention. The Philip K. Dick Award is now given annually to a distinguished work of science fiction, and the Philip K. Dick Society is devoted to the study and promulgation of his works.Dick won the prestigious Hugo Award for the best novel of 1963 for The Man in the High Castle. In the last year of his life, the film Blade Runner was made from his novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?This collection includes some of Dick's earliest short and medium-length fiction, including "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale" (the story that inspired the motion picture Total Recall), "Second Variety" (which inspired the motion picture Screamers), "Paychecks", "The Minority Report", and 21 more.Content: "Fair Game" (1959) "The Hanging Stranger" (1953) ""The Eyes Have It"" (1953) "The Golden Man" (1954) "The Turning Wheel" (1954) "The Last of the Masters" (1954) "The Father-Thing" (1954) "Strange Eden" (1954) "Tony and the Beetles" (1954) "Null-O" (1958) "To Serve the Master" (1956) "Exhibit Piece" (1954) "The Crawlers" (1954) "Sales Pitch" (1954) "Shell Game" (1954) "Upon the Dull Earth" (1954) "Foster, You're Dead!" (1955) "Pay for the Printer" (1956) "War Veteran" (1955) "The Chromium Fence" (1955) "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" (1966) "The Minority Report" (1956) "Paycheck" (1953) "Second Variety" (1953)

Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass

Bruno Schulz - 1997
    In the words of Isaac Bashevis Singer, "What he did in his short life was enough to make him one of the most remarkable writers who ever lived." Weaving myth, fantasy, and reality, Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass, is, to quote Schulz, "an attempt at eliciting the history of a certain family . . . by a search for the mythical sense, the essential core of that history."

The Dark Descent

David G. Hartwell - 1997
    Adopted by colleges across the country to be used in literature courses, The Dark Descent showcases some of the finest horror fiction ever written.Contents: Pt. 1 - The Color of EvilThe Reach / Stephen KingEvening Primrose / John CollierThe Ash-Tree / M. R. JamesThe New Mother / Lucy CliffordThere's a Long, Long Trail A-winding / Russell KirkThe Call of Cthulhu / H. P. LovecraftThe Summer People / Shirley JacksonThe Whimper of Whipped Dogs / Harlan EllisonYoung Goodman Brown / Nathaniel HawthorneMr. Justice Harbottle / J. Sheridan Le FanuThe Crowd / Ray BradburyThe Autopsy / Michael SheaJohn Charrington's Wedding / E. NesbitSticks / Karl Edward WagnerLarger Than Oneself / Robert AickmanBelsen Express / Fritz LeiberYours Truly, Jack the Ripper / Robert BlochIf Damon Comes / Charles L. GrantVandy, Vandy / Manly Wade WellmanPt. 2 - The Medusa in the ShieldThe Swords / Robert AickmanThe Roaches / Thomas M. DischBright Segment / Theodore SturgeonDread / Clive BarkerThe Fall of the House of Usher / Edgar Allan PoeThe Monkey / Stephen KingWithin the Walls of Tyre / Michael BishopThe Rats in the Walls / H. P. LovecraftSchalken the Painter / J. Sheridan Le FanuThe Yellow Wallpaper / Charlotte Perkins GilmanA Rose for Emily / William FaulknerHow Love Came to Professor Guildea / Robert HichensBorn of Man and Woman / Richard MathesonMy Dear Emily / Joanna RussYou Can Go Now / Dennis EtchisonThe Rocking-Horse Winner / D. H. LawrenceThree Days / Tanith LeeGood Country People / Flannery O'ConnorMackintosh Willy / Ramsey CampbellThe Jolly Corner / Henry JamesPt. 3 - A Fabulous Formless Darkness Smoke Ghost / Fritz LeiberSeven American Nights / Gene WolfeThe Signal-Man / Charles DickensCrouch End / Stephen KingNight-Side / Joyce Carol OatesSeaton's Aunt / Walter de la MareClara Militch / Ivan TurgenevThe Repairer of Reputations / Robert W. ChambersThe Beckoning Fair One / Oliver OnionsWhat Was It? / Fitz-James O'BrienThe Beautiful Stranger / Shirley JacksonThe Damned Thing / Ambrose BierceAfterward / Edith WhartonThe Willows / Algernon BlackwoodThe Asian Shore / Thomas M. DischThe Hospice / Robert AickmanA Little Something for Us Tempunauts / Philip K. Dick

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

Tim Burton - 1997
    Now he gives birth to a cast of gruesomely sympathetic children – misunderstood outcasts who struggle to find love and belonging in their cruel, cruel worlds. His lovingly lurid illustrations evoke both the sweetness and the tragedy of these dark yet simple beings – hopeful, hapless heroes who appeal to the ugly outsider in all of us, and let us laugh at a world we have long left behind (mostly anyway).

My Family Right Or Wrong

Ephraim Kishon - 1997
    Light, humerous, and entertaining.

A Clean Well Lighted Place

Ernest Hemingway - 1997
    Have you read 'A Clean Well-Lighted Place'?... It is masterly. Indeed, it is one of the best short stories ever written..."

Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned

Walter Mosley - 1997
    Only eight years after serving out a prison sentence for murder, Socrates Fortlow lives in a tiny, two-room Watts apartment, where he cooks on a hot plate, scavenges for bottles, drinks and wrestles with his demons. Struggling to control a seemingly boundless rage--as well as the power of his massive "rock-breaking" hands--Socrates must find a way to live an honourable life as a black man on the margins of a white world, a task which takes every ounce of self-control he has. Easy Rawlins fans might initially find themselves disappointed by the absence of a mystery to unravel. But it's a gripping inner drama that unfolds over the pages of these stories, as Socrates comes to grips with the chaos, poverty and violence around him. He tries to get and keep a job delivering groceries; takes in a young street kid named Darryl, who has his own murder to hide; and helps drive out the neighbourhood crack dealer. Throughout, Mosley captures the rhythms of Watts life in prose both lyrical and hard-edged, resulting in a haunting look at a life bounded by lust, violence, fear and a ruthlessly unsentimental moral vision.

The Golden Apples of the Sun

Ray Bradbury - 1997
    He saw the skin peel from the rocket beehive, men thus revealed running, running, mouths shrieking, soundless. Space was a black mossed well where life drowned its roars and terrors. Scream a big scream, but space snuffed it out before it was half up your throat. Men scurried, ants in a flaming matchbox; the ship was dripping lava, gushing steam, nothing!Journey with the century's most popular fantasy writer into a world of wonder and horror beyond your wildest dreams.Contents:- The Fog Horn (1951)- The Pedestrian (1951)- The April Witch (1952)- The Wilderness (1952)- The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl (1948)- Invisible Boy (1945)- The Flying Machine (1953)- The Murderer (1953)- The Golden Kite, the Silver Wind (1953)- I See You Never (1947)- Embroidery (1951)- The Big Black and White Game (1945)- A Sound of Thunder (1952)- The Great Wide World Over There (1952)- Powerhouse (1948)- En la Noche (1952)- Sun and Shadow (1953)- The Meadow (1953)- The Garbage Collector (1953)- The Great Fire (1949)- Hail and Farewell (1953)- The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953)

Mottled Dawn: Fifty Sketches and Stories of Partition

Saadat Hasan Manto - 1997
    The book includes unforgettable stories like "Toba Tek Singh", "The Return", "The Assignment", "Colder Than Ice" and many more, bringing alive the most tragic event in the history of the Indian subcontinent.


Junot Díaz - 1997
    Diaz's work is unflinching and strong, and these stories crackle with an electric sense of discovery. Diaz evokes a world in which fathers are gone, mothers fight with grim determination for their families and themselves, and the next generation inherits the casual cruelty, devastating ambivalence, and knowing humor of lives circumscribed by poverty and uncertainty. In Drown, Diaz has harnessed the rhythms of anger and release, frustration and joy, to indelible effect.

The Complete Stories

Bernard Malamud - 1997
    The Complete Stories of Bernard Malamud brings together all of Malamud's published stories--from the classic early story "The Magic Barrel," in which he refashioned the American short story in the Yiddish-infected idiom of his boyhood, to later works such as "Rembrandt's Hat" and "Alma Redeemed,' which dramatize the relationship between life and art with matchless intensity and dark comedy. These fifty-three stories are full of the searching eloquence that characterizes this beloved American writer.Contents:Armistice --Spring rain --The grocery store --Benefit performance --The place is different now --Steady customer --The literary life of Laban Goldman --The cost of living --The prison --The first seven years --The death of me --The bill --The loan --A confession of murder --Riding pants --The girl of my dreams --The magic barrel --The mourners --Angel Levine --A summer's reading --Take pity --The elevator --An apology --The last Mohican --The lady of the lake --Behold the key --The maid's shoes --Idiots first --Still life --Suppose a wedding --Life is better than death --The jewbird --Black is my favorite color --Naked nude --The German refugee --A choice of profession --A pimp's revenge --Man in the drawer --My son the murderer --Pictures of the artist --An exorcism --Glass blower of Venice --God's wrath --Talking horse --The letter --The silver crown --Notes from a lady at a dinner party --In retirement --Rembrandt's hat --A wig --The model --A lost grave --Zora's noise --In Kew Gardens --Alms redeemed.

The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes

Donald Serrell Thomas - 1997
    Watson, MD1 The Ghost in the MachineThe Case of the: 2 Crown Jewels 3 Unseen Hand 4 Blood Royal 5 Camden Town Murder 6 Missing Rifleman 7 Yokohama Club Author's Note

Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul

Jack Canfield - 1997
    Now we can revisit those cherished moments with a delightful batch of stories for and about mothers. Celebrity contributions include Barbara Bush, Reba McEntire, Erma Bombeck and Montel Williams.

The Man with the Black Coat: Russia's Literature of the Absurd

Daniil Kharms - 1997
    It discloses a little-known tradition of absurdism that persisted during the Stalinist period, a testimony to both the hardiness of the Russian imagination in the face of socialist realism and the vitality of an important cultural and literary tradition.

Enter Jeeves: 15 Early Stories

P.G. Wodehouse - 1997
    Many are unaware, however, that Bertie had a prototype — Reggie Pepper — who stumbled into the same worrying situations involving old school chums with romantic troubles, irate female relatives, threatening suitors, and other troublemakers.This is the only collection to contain the first eight Jeeves short stories as well as the complete Reggie Pepper series. Included are such delightful tales as "Extricating Young Gussie," "The Aunt and the Sluggard," Leave It to Jeeves," "Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg," "Absent Treatment, "Rallying Round Clarence," "Concealed Art," and more.Awash in an eternal glow of old-boy camaraderie, these stories offer hours of delightfully diverting entertainment sure to recaptivate Wodehouse fans of old as well as tickling the fancy of new readers, who will soon find themselves caught up in the splendidly superficial antics of Messrs. Wooster, Jeeves, Pepper, et al.

Spirits of the Dead: Tales and Other Poems

Edgar Allan Poe - 1997
    The poems are full of melancholic beauty whether in the disturbing images of death and events beyond the grave described in 'The Raven' and 'Lenore', or in the hypnotic fantasy of works such as 'The Bells', 'The City in the Sea' and 'Annabel Lee'.Possessed of a powerful, richly inventive imagination, Edgar Allan Poe explored the darkest corners of the human psyche and is recognized as one of the first writers to offer a genuine American voice.

Ask Dr. Mueller: The Writings of Cookie Mueller

Cookie Mueller - 1997
    Mueller captures the glamour and grittiness of Cookie Mueller?s life and times. Here are previously unpublished stories - wacky as they are enlightening - along with favorites from Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black and other publications. Also the best of Cookie?s art columns from Details magazine, and the funniest of her advice columns from the East Village Eye, on everything from homeopathic medicine to how to cut your cocaine with a healthy substance. This collection is as much an autobiography as it is a map of downtown New York in the early ?80s - that moment before Bright Lights, Big City, before the art world exploded, before New York changed into a yuppie metropolis, while it still had a glimmer of bohemian life.

Darkness Moves: An Henri Michaux Anthology, 1927-1984

Henri Michaux - 1997
    Critics have compared his work to such diverse artists as Kafka, Goya, Swift, Klee, and Beckett. Allen Ginsberg called Michaux “genius,” and Jorge Luis Borges wrote that Michaux’s work “is without equal in the literature of our time.” This anthology contains substantial selections from almost all of Michaux’s major works, most never before published in English, and allows readers to explore the haunting verbal and pictorial landscape of a twentieth-century visionary.

Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Jack Canfield - 1997
    These stories will deepen readers' Christian faith and exp

For Every Dog an Angel

Christine Davis - 1997
    A magical book celebrating the timeless connection between people and their "forever dogs."

The Sky, the Stars, the Wilderness

Rick Bass - 1997
    . . a man tracks his wife through a winter wilderness . . . an ancient ocean buried in the foothills of the Appalachians becomes a battleground for a young wildcat oilman and his aging mentor. Here is Bass at his magical, passionate, and lyrical best.

Tumble Home: A Novella and Short Stories

Amy Hempel - 1997
    Not exactly crazy, they become obsessed and irrational as their inner logic leads them astray. In the title novella, a woman living in a psychiatric halfway house writes to a man she has met only once. Proceeding in brief vignettes that link and illuminate, she recounts her peculiar life with the other patients. The accretions of anecdote lead deeper and deeper into the psyche and history of the narrator, gradually revealing the reason for her urgent letter.

The Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories

Theodore W. Goossen - 1997
    Beginning with the first writings to assimilate and rework Western literary traditions, through the flourishing of the short story genre in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Taisho era, to the new breed of writers produced under the constraints of literary censorship, and the current writings reflecting the pitfalls and paradoxes of modern life, this anthology offers a stimulating survey of the development of the Japanese short story. Various indigenous traditions, in addition to those drawn from the West, recur throughout the stories: stories of the self, of the Water Trade (Tokyo's nightlife of geishas and prostitutes), of social comment, love and obsession, legends and fairytales. This collection includes the work of two Nobel prize-winners: Kawabata and Oe, the talented women writers Hirabayashi, Euchi, Okamoto, and Hayashi, together with the acclaimed Tanizaki, Mishima, and Murakami. The introduction by Theodore Goossen gives insight into these exotic and enigmatic, sometimes disturbing stories, derived from the lyrical roots of Japanese literature with its distinctive stress on atmosphere and beauty.

Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You

Fred Chappell - 1997
    Jess Kirkman's grandmother is dying, and Jess remembers the tales she and his mother have passed down to him--a chorus of women's voices that sing and share and celebrate the common song of life.

Letting Loose the Hounds: Stories

Brady Udall - 1997
    . . a fierce new voice of the American West.”—OutsideExploding with an unsettling exuberance, Brady Udall’s stories traverse a geography of lost love, fragmented lives, and satisfying revenge. From the night a six-foot-three Apache Indian holding a goat steps into a moonlit Arizona backyard in "Midnight Raid" to the pivotal moment when a man, delirious from a dental extraction, gets rescued by a stranger in the title story, Udall injects his stories and characters with equal parts darkness and humor. These are sad and sweet stories, moving from the familiar to surprising destinations. But even when disaster looms, Udall's fine comic sense sustains his men and women in their sometimes extravagant efforts to connect and cope. Plunged in the moment, these stories have velocity; they spray gravel as they take off.

Almost No Memory

Lydia Davis - 1997
    In each of these stories, Davis reveals an empathic, sometimes shattering understanding of human relationships.


Zora Neale Hurston - 1997
    Among contributions by Gwendolyn Bennett, Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, and Wallace Thurman, "Sweat" stood out both for its artistic accomplishment and its exploration of rural Southern black life. In "Sweat" Hurston claimed the voice that animates her mature fiction, notably the 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God; the themes of marital conflict and the development of spiritual consciousness were introduced as well. "Sweat" exemplifies Hurston's lifelong concern with women's relation to language and the literary possibilities of black vernacular.This casebook for the story includes an introduction by the editor, a chronology of the author's life, the authoritative text of "Sweat," and a second story, "The Gilded Six-Bits." Published in 1932, this second story was written after Hurston had spent years conducting fieldwork in the Southern United States. The volume also includes Hurston's groundbreaking 1934 essay, "Characteristics of Negro Expression," and excerpts from her autobiography, Dust Tracks on a Road. An article by folklorist Roger Abrahams provides additional cultural contexts for the story, as do selected blues and spirituals. Critical commentary comes from Alice Walker, who led the recovery of Hurston's work in the 1970s, Robert Hemenway, Henry Louis Gates, Gayl Jones, John Lowe, Kathryn Seidel, and Mary Helen Washington.

In a Foreign Town, in a Foreign Land

Thomas Ligotti - 1997
    Limited edition hardcover collection of four short stories originally published with a CD of music that accompanied the book by Current 93.

Giant Bones

Peter S. Beagle - 1997
    The stories range from adventurous to introspective, humorous to suspenseful, but all share Beagle's gift for language and his ability to bring his characters to life.—Don D'Ammassa

The Rhinoceros Who Quoted Nietzsche and Other Odd Acquaintances

Peter S. Beagle - 1997
    It also features the original whimsical Chesley Award-winning cover illustration by talented Bay Area artist Michael Dashow. "The Last Unicorn, Beagle's most beloved novel, was an underground bestseller in the late 1960s and 1970s. This collection includes two of Beagle's popular unicorn stories, "Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros" and "Julie's Unicorn," as well as "Lila the Werewolf," which is anthologized in the "Oxford Book of Fantasy, and a tribute to J. R. R. Tolkien, "The Naga."ContentsIntroduction: “Under the Zucchini” by Patricia A. McKillipFiction“Come Lady Death”“Julie’s Unicorn” “Lila the Werewolf”“My Daughter’s Name Is Sarah”“Pittsburgh Stories (a Recollection)”“Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros”“Telephone Call”“The Naga”Essays“D. H. Lawrence in Taos” “Learning a Trade” “My Last Hero”“The Poor People’s Campaign”

True Love

Robert Fulghum - 1997
    An irresistible collection of real-life love stories, mixed with Robert Fulghum's own quirky insights and unmistakable homespun observations, True Love tells the many unpredictable tales of love. Here it is: the intriguing story of the woman who marries her mother's high school flame; a man who learns that "old love" and new pajamas are a dangerous mix; a man who miraculously reunites with his first love (after 20 years) on an LA freeway; the touching tale of a husband's love for his wife after her disabling stroke; a 14-year-old's philosophy of looking for love on the boardwalk; the brief moment of connection of a smile shared at a stoplight; and so many more.

The Museum of Unconditional Surrender

Dubravka Ugrešić - 1997
    These objects—a cigarette lighter, lollipop sticks, a beer-bottle opener, etc.—like the fictional pieces of the novel itself, are seemingly random at first, but eventually coalesce, meaningfully and poetically.Written in a variety of literary forms, The Museum of Unconditional Surrender captures the shattered world of living in exile. Some chapters re-create the daily journal of the narrator's lonely and alienated mother, who shops at the improvised flea-markets in town and longs for her children; another is a dream-like narrative in which a circle of women friends are visited by an angel. There are reflections and accounts of the Holocaust and the Yugoslav Civil War; portraits of European artists; a recipe for Caraway Soup; a moving story of a romantic encounter the narrator has in Lisbon; descriptions of family photographs; memories of the small town in which Ugresic was raised.Addressing the themes of art and history, aging and loss, The Museum is a haunting and an extremely original novel. In the words of the Times Literary Supplement, "it is vivid in its denunciation of destructive forces and in its evocation of what is at stake."

The Illustrated Book of Fairy Tales

Neil Philip - 1997
    An enthralling collection of fairy tales from all over the globe, with entrancing illustration that conjure up magical worlds where wishes come true, the wicked are punished, and the good are rewarded spectacularly.

Does Your Mama Know?: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories

Lisa C. Moore - 1997
    These 49 short stories, poems, interviews and essays—fiction and nonfiction—make up a powerful collection of original and new writing by 41 women. does your mama know? is ready to take its place in the halls of literary African-American lesbian voices.

Virtual Unrealities: The Short Fiction of Alfred Bester

Alfred Bester - 1997
    And nowhere is Bester funnier, speedier, or more audacious than in these seventeen short stories—two of them previously unpublished—that have now been brought together in a single volume for the first time.Read about the sweet-natured young man whose phenomenal good luck turns out to be disastrous for the rest of humanity. Find out why tourists are flocking to a hellish little town in a post-nuclear Kansas. Meet a warlock who practices on Park Avenue and whose potions comply with the Pure Food and Drug Act. Make a deal with the Devil—but not without calling your agent. Dazzling, effervescent, sexy, and sardonic, Virtual Unrealities is a historic collection from one of science fiction's true pathbreakers.CONTENTS:Disappearing ActOddy and IdStar Light, Star Bright (1953)5,271,009 (1954)Fondly Fahrenheit (1954)Hobson's Choice (1952)Of Time and Third Avenue (1952)Time is the Traitor (1953)The Men Who Murdered Mohammed (1958)The Pi Man (1959)They Don't Make Life Like They Used To (1963)Will You Wait? (1959)The Flowered Thundermug (1964)Adam and No Eve (1941)And 3 1/2 to GoGalatea Galante (1979)The Devil Without Glasses

Distant Voices

Barbara Erskine - 1997
    -- "The Times" Barbara Erskine's second volume of short stories creates a wide and vivid range of worlds and emotions, from love, romance, loneliness and grief, to betrayal, passion, adventure and compelling suspense. Contemporary, historical, spooky, humorous, there are over thirty delightful stories, each one guaranteed to capture the reader's imagination, and all demonstrating Erskine's unique powers as a storyteller.

The Price

Neil Gaiman - 1997
    Animated short story narrated by the author.From SF Signal:In 2006, filmmaker Christopher Salmon really, really wanted to create a 3D CG animated film of Neil Gaiman’s short story, “The Price”. So he created this proof-of-concept short animation to convince Neil to grant him the rights to the story.Salmon posted his touching proof-of-concept short online.


Lorrie Moore - 1997
    Disillusioned and loveless, a chain-smoking art history professor who spends her spare time singing in nightclubs and tending to her young daughter finds herself pursued by an erratic, would-be librettist.

Hardboiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories

Bill Pronzini - 1997
    Included are thirty-six superbly suspenseful stories that chronicle the evolution of this quintessentially American art form, from its earliest beginnings during the Golden Age of the legendary pulp magazine "Black Mask" in the 1930s, to the arrival of the tough digest "Manhunt" in the 1950s, and finally leading up to present-day hard-boiled stories by such writers as James Ellroy. Here are eight decades woth of the best writing about betrayal, murder, and mayhem: from Hammett's 1925 tour de force "The Scorched Face" to Ed Gorman's 1992 "The Long Silence After." Other contributors include Evan Hunter (better known as Ed McBain), Raymond Chandler, Norbert Davis, Jim Thompson, Helen Nielsen, Margaret Maron, Andrew Vachss, Faye Kellerman, and Lawrence Block.

Mga Kuwento ng Pag-ibig

Liwayway A. Arceo - 1997
    Marks the seasons of the author's life, her early writing, her work as active media practitioner, and her religio-spiritual writing.

The Birds & Don't Look Now

Daphne du Maurier - 1997
    These two stories are perhaps even better known as films (The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock and Don't Look Now by Nic Roeg), but here we bring you the full terrifying texts, superbly read by Peter Capaldi, who brings the true dimension of these works to the imagination.

Report on the Barnhouse Effect

Kurt Vonnegut - 1997
    It originally appeared in 1950 in Collier's Weekly. It is also the subject of an Alexisonfire song. The protagonist, Professor Arthur Barnhouse, develops the ability to affect physical objects & events thru the force of his mind. He calls his power 'dynamo-psychism'. He makes the mistake of telling the government about his power. When they try to turn him into a weapon, Barnhouse decides that he is the first weapon with a conscience, & goes into hiding. While in this reclusive state the Professor uses his 'dynamo-psychic' powers to destroy large quantities of weapons, & other things used in states of war. He realizes tho, that he will die eventually & decides to pass down his "powers" to an ex-student. The story is told as a report by this ex-student, hence the title.

The Dark Side: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural

Guy de Maupassant - 1997
    These 31 stories of the supernatural explore the furthest reaches of the macabre and at the same time parallel de Maupassant's own descent into madness and death. Includes a Foreword by modern master horror writer Ramsey Campbell.The Horla --The Devil --Two friends --Fear --The hand --Coco --The mannerism --The madwoman --Mohammed-Fripouille --The blind man --At sea --Apparition --Saint-Antoine --The wolf --Terror --The diary of a madman --A vendetta --The smile of Schopenhauer --On the river --He? --Old Milon --The head of hair --The inn --Mother Savage --Was he mad? --The dead girl --Mademoiselle Cocotte --A night in Paris --The case of Louise Roque --The drowned man --Who knows?

His Share of Glory

C.M. Kornbluth - 1997
    M. Kornbluth. Many of the stories are SF "classics", such as "The Marching Morons," "The Little Black Bag," "Two Dooms," "The Mindworm," "Thirteen O'Clock," and, of course, "That Share of Glory". His Share of Glory includes all of Kornbluth's solo short science fiction, fifty-six works of short SF in all, with the original bibliographic details including pseudonymous by-line. The introduction is by noted SF writer and life-long friend and collaborator of C. M. Kornbluth-Frederik Pohl. Hardbound with cover art by Richard Powers.

Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit

Leslie Marmon Silko - 1997
    Whether she is exploring the vital importance literature and language play in Native American heritage, illuminating the inseparability of the land and the Native American people, enlivening the ways and wisdom of the old-time people, or exploding in outrage over the government's long-standing, racist treatment of Native Americans, Silko does so with eloquence and power, born from her profound devotion to all that is Native American. Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit is written with the fire of necessity. Silko's call to be heard is unmistakable; there are stories to remember, injustices to redress, ways of life to preserve. It is a work of major importance, filled with indispensable truths--a work by an author with an original voice and a unique access to both worlds.

Love Letters

Rochelle Alers - 1997
    Now, years later, it's a jilted lover's turn to turn Valentine's Day into a time for rekindling lost love. In "Donna Hill's "Masquerade, "Joi Holliday, a shy book editor, finds the man of her dreams on the Internet. But can she change from a plain Jane into a confident, desirable woman by the time they meet at a Valentine's Day ball? In "Janice Sim's "To Love Again, "a San Francisco caterer, Alana Calloway, embittered by the death of her policeman husband, receives flowers from a secret admirer. It will take a stunning revelation to help her let go the past and learn to love again.

Not Her Real Name and Other Stories

Emily Perkins - 1997
    There's "Let's Go," the story of a young couple's apathetic wanderings on a trip to discover the real Prague; "You Can Hear the Boats Go By," the story of ex-lovers who cope with their chance meeting in a supermarket in the most childish way; and "Barking," the mad rant of a drama student pissed off by Clown class. Not Her Real Name presents an essential guide to postmodern romance, to the vagaries of city life, and to a chronically self-absorbed generation whose love affairs are never as good as the last movies they've seen.

Tales of Love & Loss

Knut Hamsun - 1997
    Knut Hamsun published only three collections of short stories during his lifetime and abandoned the form entirely after 1906. Most of these stories are translated into English for the first time ans this is the first publication for them outside Norway. Providing a fascinating commentary on the novels Hamsun was writing at the time and with forebodings of his much later work these stories are indispensable.

The Best American Short Stories 1997

Annie Proulx - 1997
    This year, E. Annie Proulx's selection includes dazzling stories by Tobias Wolff, Donald Hall, Cynthia Ozick, Robert Stone, Junot Diaz, and T. C. Boyle as well as an array of stunning new talent. In her introduction, Proulx writes that beyond their strength and vigor, these stories achieve "a certain intangible feel for the depth of human experience, not uncommonly expressed through a kind of dry humor." As ever, this year's volume surprises and rewards.100 Distinguished Stories Citations, including How to Have Heart Disease (Without Really Trying), Jane Eaton Hamilton

Collected Short Stories

Jeffrey Archer - 1997
    The book is in good condition.

Breast Stories

Mahasweta Devi - 1997
    *Translated and introduced by Gayatry Chakravorty Spivak*As Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak points out in her introduction, the breast is far more than a symbol in these stories - it is the means of harshly indicting an explotative social system.In "Draupadi", the protagonist, Dopdi Mejhen, is a tribal revolutionary, who, arrested and gang-raped in custody, turns the terrible wounds of her breast into a counter-offensive,In "Breast-giver", a woman who becomes a professional wet nurse to support her family, dies of painful breast cancer, betrayed alike by the breasts that had for years been her chief identity and the dozens of 'sons' she had suckled.In "Behind the Bodice", migrant labourer Gangor's 'statuesque' breasts excite the attention of ace photographer Upin Puri, triggering off a train of violence that ends in tragedy.Spivak introduces this cycle of 'breast stories' with thought-provoking essays which probe the texts of the stories, opening them up to a complex of interpretation and meaning.

Because They Wanted To

Mary Gaitskill - 1997

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul

Jack Canfield - 1997
    This edition contains important lessons on the nature of friendship and love, the importance of belief in the future, and the value of respect for oneself and others, and much more.

Works of Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolò Machiavelli - 1997
    A timeless classic including the works of Machiavelli: Includes: THE PRINCE THE ART OF WAR HISTORY OF FLORENCE AND OF THE AFFAIRS OF ITALY DISCOURSES ON THE FIRST DECADE OF TITUS LIVIUS Every title is indexed for easy navigation.

Devils & Demons: A Treasury of Fiendish Tales Old & New

Marvin Kaye - 1997
    The individual copyright date for each story ranges from 1925 to 1987."The Queen of Sheba’s Nightmare" by Bertrand Russell "The Brazen Locked Room" by Isaac Asimov "Sir Dominick’s Bargain" by Sheridan LeFanu "Tapestry" by C. H. Sherman "Seven Come Heaven?" by Diane Wnorowska "The Temptation of Harringay" by H.G. Wells "The Tenancy of Mr. Eex" by Paula Volsky "The Demon Lover" by Anonymous "The Imitation Demon" by Robert Kuttner "Just a Little Thing" by Joan Vander Putten "The Devil’s Wager" by William Makepeace Thackeray "Rachaela" by Poul Anderson"Hell-Bent" by Ford McCormack "Damned Funny" by Marvin Kaye "Me, Tree" by Morgan Llywelyn "Enoch" by Robert Bloch "Catmagic" by M. Lucie Chin "The Hound" by H. P. Lovecraft "The Princess and Her Future" by Tanith Lee "Novel of the White Powder" by Arthur Machen "The Celery Stalk in the Cellar" by Saralee Terry "The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima" by Bernhardt J. Hurwood "Caliban’s Revenge" by Darrell Schweitzer "The Trilling Princess" by Jessica Amanda Salmonson "The Graveyard Rats" by Henry Kuttner "Daddy" by Earl Godwin "The Well-Meaning Mayor" by Leslie Charteris "A Madman" by Maurice Level "The Devilish Rat" by Edward Page Mitchell "Rokuro-Kubi" by Lafcadio Hearn "The Burial of the Rats" by Bram Stoker "High-Tech Insolence" by Russell Baker "Ulalume" by Edgar Allan Poe "Boogie Man" by Tappan King "The Maze and the Monster" by Edward D. Hoch "Father Meuron’s Tale" by Robert Hugh Benson "The Philosophy of Sebastian Trump or, the Art of Outrage" by William E. Kotzwinkle and Robert Shiarella "Don Juan’s Final Night" by Edmond Rostand "A Friend in Need" by W. Somerset Maugham "Armageddon" by Fredric Brown"Secret Worship" by Algernon Blackwood"Devil in the Drain" by Daniel Manus Pinkwater"I Am Returning" by Ray Russell"The Shadow Watchers" by Dick Baldwin"The Demons" by Robert Sheckley"A Ballad of Hell" by John Davidson"The Generous Gambler" by Charles Pierre Baudelaire"A Midnight Visitor" by John Kendrick Bangs"Markheim" by Robert Louis Stevenson"Lost Soul" by Jay Sheckley"The Last Demon" by Isaac Bashevis Singer"Influencing The Hell Out Of Time And Teresa Golowitz" by Parke Godwin

Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg and other stories

P.G. Wodehouse - 1997
    Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881-1975) published more than 120 books.

The Latino Reader: An American Literary Tradition from 1542 to the Present

Harold Augenbraum - 1997
    Selections include works of history, memoirs, letters, and essays, as well as fiction, poetry, and drama. Adding to the importance of the volume are several selections from rare and little-known texts that have been translated into English for the first time.

The Stories (So Far)

Deborah Eisenberg - 1997
    Her characters, whether they are walking in the streets of Manhattan or seemingly abandoned in foreign countries, continually make disquieting and sometimes life-threatening discoveries about themselves, discoveries that illuminate not only their own lives but also the wider net of relationships in which they are enmeshed.

Three Shocking Tales of Terror

R.L. Stine - 1997
    One body. Three stories. One book. He's the three-headed monster of your nightmares Meet Lefty, Slim, and Righty: the spokesmonster who'll get you scared There's something for every horror taste in this triple-treat of stories including "Ghost Granny", "Spin the Wheel of Horror", and "Teenage Sponge Boys From Outer Space".

Blue Horses Rush In: Poems and Stories

Luci Tapahonso - 1997
    "Such summer evenings were filled with quiet voices, dogs barking far away, the fire crackling, and often we could hear the faint drums and songs of a ceremony somewhere in the distance," writes Luci Tapahonso in this compelling collection.Blue Horses Rush In takes its title from a poem about the birth of her granddaughter Chamisa, whose heart "pounded quickly and we recognized / the sound of horses running: / the thundering of hooves on the desert floor." Through such personal insights, this collection follows the cycle of a woman's life and underlines what it means to be Navajo in the late twentieth century. The book marks a major accomplishment in American literature for its successful blending of Navajo cultural values and forms with the English language, while at the same time retaining the Navajo character. Here, Luci Tapahonso walks slowly through an ancient Hohokam village, recalling stories passed down from generation to generation. Later in the book, she may tell a funny story about a friend, then, within a few pages, describe family rituals like roasting green chiles or baking bread in an outside oven. Throughout, Tapahonso shares with readers her belief in the power of pollen and prayer feathers and sacred songs. Many of these stories were originally told in Navajo, taking no longer than ten minutes in the telling. "Yet, in recreating them, it is necessary to describe the land, the sky, the light, and other details of time and place," writes Tapahonso. "In this way, I attempt to create and convey the setting for the oral text. In writing, I revisit the place or places concerned and try to bring the reader to them, thereby enabling myself and other Navajos to sojourn mentally and emotionally in our home, Dinétah."

Keepers of the Night: Native American Stories and Nocturnal Activities for Children

Joseph Bruchac - 1997
    From night walks and moon reading to puppet shows and storytelling, this kid-tested resource provides users with everything necessary to learn about the nocturnal world.

From the End of the Twentieth Century

John M. Ford - 1997
    Short fiction and poetry previously published in magazines and anthologies, including several items released only in limited edition printings, and a new story, "Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail." Hardbound with cover art by Ron Walotsky.

Because God Loves Stories: An Anthology of Jewish Storytelling

Steve Zeitlin - 1997
    "Because God loves stories." Storytelling has been part of Jewish religion and custom from earliest times and it remains a defining aspect of Jewish life. In Because God Loves Stories, folklorist Steve Zeitlin assembles the work of thirty-six Jewish storytellers, each of whom spins tales that express his or her own distinctive visions of Jewish culture. Contemporary storytellers re-interpret stories from the Talmud for modern sensibilities, the Grand Rabbi of Bluzhov tells tales of the Holocaust, beloved comedian Sam Levenson regales readers with hilarious vignettes of Jewish life in America, and much more.

Peaceful Kingdom: Random Acts of Kindness by Animals

Stephanie Laland - 1997
    Also included are a resource guide to animal protection organizations and pet enthusiast groups worldwide, quotes from famous animal lovers, and suggestions on what we can do to give something back to both pets and wildlife.

Children of the Night: The Best Short Stories by Black Writers, 1967 to Present

Gloria Naylor - 1997
    Now, a quarter of a century later, Gloria Naylor has compiled an encore volume, Children of the Night, bringing this extraordinary series up to date. Gathering together the most gifted black writers of our time - from 1967 to the present - Naylor has assembled a rich and varied collection of stories. The portrait that emerges of the African-American experience in the post-Civil Rights era is stirring, compelling, sometimes disturbing, and certainly provocative. Naylor has arranged the stories thematically so the reader focuses on a particular subject - slavery, for example, or the family. In the hands of different writers, these themes provide a wealth and variety of human experience. The stories are more than testimonies of the long battle for survival. From a young woman's struggles with her barren faith in Alice Walker's lyrical "The Diary of an African Nun" to an innocent man's involvement in a horrifying act of violence in Ann Petry's "The Witness", they are, as Naylor states in her introduction, "examples of affirmation: of memory, of history, of family, of being". They are stories for all of us "at the beginning: of mankind as a species; of America as a nation; of the African-American as a full citizen".

The Swap

George Layton - 1997
    Especially this lad. His mum is always embarrassing him; his dad is not around; and money is scarce. He falls out of a tree house trying to stop his friends from stealing school test answers -- and winds up with a broken leg. He wins second prize in an art contest -- but the drawing isn't his. And then he finds himself taking sides with a bunch of bullies when a new Jewish boy comes to school. If he doesn't act mean, the bullies will thump him, but he feels so guilty being mean....No wonder he can't wait to swap. On the school exchange, he'll swap houses for a week with some posh lad from London. Who knows what he'll discover?George Layton brilliantly captures the balancing act of one boy's eleventh year, when he faces up to prejudice, poverty and pride, and unwittingly discovers who he is...and who he isn't.

Selected Stories

Ring Lardner - 1997
    This collection brings together twenty-one of Lardner’s best pieces, including the six Jack Keefe stories that comprise You Know Me, Al, as well as such familiar favorites as “Alibi Ike,” “Some Like Them Cold,” and “Guillible’s Travels.”

Scribbling Women: Short Stories by 19th-Century American Women

Elaine Showalter - 1997
    Focusing on paradigmatic figures ranging from Mary Wollstonecraft and Margaret Fuller to Germaine Greer and Susan Sontag, preeminent scholar Elaine Showalter uncovers common themes and patterns of women's lives across the centuries and discovers the feminist intellectual tradition they embodied. The author brilliantly illuminates the contributions of Eleanor Marx, Zora Neale Hurston, Simone de Beauvoir, Margaret Mead, and many more.Showalter, a highly regarded critic known for her provocative and strongly held opinions, has here established a compelling new Who's Who of women's thought. Certain to spark controversy, the omission of such feminist perennials as Gloria Steinem, Susan B. Anthony, Robin Morgan, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Virginia Woolf will surprise and shock the conventional wisdom.

The Barefoot Book of Princesses (Book + CD)

Caitlín Matthews - 1997
    This collection includes much-loved favourites such as 'The Princess and the Pea' from Denmark, and less familiar figures, among them 'The Beggar Princess from China' and 'The Horned Snake's Wife' from the Iroquoix of North America.

Telling Stories

Joyce Carol Oates - 1997
    Telling Stories reflects this emphasis, introducing students to a variety of models for their own writing and encouraging them to concentrate on details, revise often, make material their own, experiment with genre, and ultimately find their own voice.Edited by a contemporary master of the storyteller's art "who defines herself primarily as a friend of the text and a friend of the writer," Telling Stories is the perfect anthology for creative writing workshops and fiction classes and a wellspring of inspiration for any beginning writer."The love of storytelling--to hear stories, and to tell them--is universal in our species. Those with an apparent talent for writing. . . are not of a special breed but simply mirror the common human desire. [If] you have a natural talent for writing, and a love of the imagination, you risk a lifelong deprivation if you fail to cultivate it as vigorously as you can. Write your own 'great American novel'. . . you're talented, you're intelligent, you have the driving passion, and you know as much as anyone about American life. Your story belongs uniquely to you." --Joyce Carol Oates, from the Introduction

Twelve Stories

Guy Davenport - 1997
    Radically original and surprising, comic and sensuous, Davenport's virtuoso talent charms us into a world both familiar and strange. Whether in the timelessness of deep woods or fleeing the bloody dreamscape of battle, Davenport's characters embody life's contradictions.

Housebroken: Three Novellas

Yael Hedaya - 1997
    Young and old, on two legs or four, they grope for love and tenderness, knowing that all connection is fraught with danger and all relationship random and evanescent. Yet the heart wants what it wants. The title novella, a wrenching account of the end of love, traces a gentle dog's transformation into a vicious beast as the couple who owns him breaks apart.In The Happiness Game the tenuous bonds between husband and wife are undermined by black crows and weak hearts, while Matti presents a chorus of voices—doctors, nurses, jilted wife, dying husband—that recounts an old man's passion for his lover, a fifteen-year-old Lolita. Wise and deft, Housebroken navigates the moments of decision, betrayal, longing, and jealousy that torment the souls of wounded lovers.

Blood Thirst: 100 Years of Vampire Fiction

Leonard Wolf - 1997
    In film, television, novels, and short stories, he keeps coming back to life, fed by the vital imaginative energies of a world-wide audience that cannot seem to resist his abominable charms. Aristocratic and urbane, deeply erotic and profoundly evil, Dracula's bloodsucking savagery has cast a mesmerizing fascination not only over his victims but over his readers as well. And, as Leonard Wolf suggests, "Vampire fiction...exerts an amazing pull on readers for a reason that we may find disturbing. The blood exchange—the taking of blood by the vampire from his or her victim is, all by itself, felt to be a singularly symbolic event. Symbolic and attractive!" Now, in Blood Thirst; One Hundred Years of Vampire Fiction, Leonard Wolf brings together thirty tales in which vampires of all varieties make their ghastly presence felt;male and female, human and non-human, humorous and heroic;all of them kin to the dreadful bat. From Lafcadio Hearn, Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman, Edith Wharton, August Derleth, and Ray Bradbury to such contemporary masters as Anne Rice, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, John Cheever, and Woody Allen, and in settings as diverse as rural New England and outer space, this collection offers readers a dazzling compendium of vampire stories. Wolf organizes the collection into six categories;The Classic Adventure Tale, The Psychic Vampire, The Science Fiction Vampire, The Non-Human Vampire, The Comic Vampire, and The Heroic Vampire;which allows readers to see the many guises Dracula's descendants have assumed and the many ways they can be interpreted. In his penetrating introduction, Wolf argues that such an arrangement enables us to see the evolution of the vampire from an unmitigated evil to a creature we are more likely to identify with. "In a century in which God and Satan have become increasingly irrelevant in the popular arts, there has been an accompanying secularization of the vampire idea. And, as the stories in Blood Thirst will show, sympathy for the vampire has grown as we have become increasingly interested in the workings of the mind." Indeed, the vampire's ability to change over time, to draw into itself such a richness of symbolic meanings, to conjure itself into so many diabolical shapes, may account for the enduring appeal of the literature written about it. Here, then, is a definitive collection for aficionados and novices alike, and whether readers find the vampires who inhabit these pages sympathetic or horrific, psychologically intriguing or spiritually repellent, morbidly seductive or comically absurd,Blood Thirst gives us all something to sink our teeth into.

19 Knives

Mark Anthony Jarman - 1997
    Jarman doesn't just write about people. He puts us in their skin so that we feel their frailty and courage. No other contemporary Canadian short story writer slices up the imaginative excitement, cultural hybridity, and Joycean play of language we see in 19 Knives. Including one story shortlisted for the U.S.'s prestigious O. Henry Prize, and several other prize-winners, this collection brings a major emerging fiction writer to the fore.

Ornaments in Jade

Arthur Machen - 1997
    Note that this book of very short yet splendid tales of the uncanny is included in the first and third editions (but not the second) of Tartarus Press's compilation RITUAL.

The Half You Don't Know

Peter Cameron - 1997
    Focusing on characters both young and old, gay and straight, single and married, he discovers the dramas that are obscured by life's daily struggles. These beautifully crafted stories depict the surface of the world we all know, but go on to reveal the mysteries lurking beneath life's deceptively placid surface - the half we don't know.

First Confession

Frank O'Connor - 1997
    Each book in the series has been designed with today's young reader in mind. As the words come to life, students will develop a lasting appreciation for great literature.The humor of Mark Twain...the suspense of Edgar Allan Poe...the danger of Jack London...the sensitivity of Katherine Mansfield. Creative Short Stories has it all and will prove to be a welcome addition to any library.


Ray Bradbury - 1997
    Van Vogt (1-56740-958-X 17B) (see individual titles for more information)Unabridged.Read by Harlan Ellison.1 audiocassette (approximately 90 min.) : analog.

East to America: Korean American Life Stories

Elaine H. Kim - 1997
    In this collection of powerful, candid oral histories, a wide cross section of Korean Americans renders a portrait of a community grappling with racial tensions, class and gender differences, and differing notions of family and home.

Angels & Demons

Thomas French - 1997
    This is the story of the murders, their aftermath, and the handful of people who kept faith amid the unthinkable.

Crossing Paths: Uncommon Encounters with Animals in the Wild

Craig Childs - 1997
    the natural world in these stories of his encounters with wild animals--such as mountain lions, sharks, horned owls, pronghorns, and rainbow trout--in the most remote places of the West.

Two Tales of Terror: The Tell-Tale Heart; The Masque of the Red Death

Edgar Allan Poe - 1997
    One is a tale of murderous obsession while the other tells of a masquerade party that is visited by Death himself.

Blood Pact and Other Stories

Mario Benedetti - 1997
    In these stories of powerful sudden impact, Benedetti plumbs with deep psychological insight both the dreams and frustrations of the middle-class in a bureaucratic society, as well as the pain and disorientation of political exile. In his On Arts And Professions, Benedetti wrote, "the effect of the short story is the surprise, the astonishment, the revelation".

The Dedalus Book of French Horror: The 19th Century

Terry Hale - 1997
    Huysmans, most appearing for the first time in English. It traces the full development of a genre that initially appeared in the aftermath of the French Revolution, and has been used to explore the most terrifying aspects of science and social life.CONTENTSIntroduction · Terry Hale · in *The Lamp of Saint Just · Frédéric Soulié; trans. by Liz Heron · ss *The Travels of Claude Belissan · Eugène Sue; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *Solange · Alexandre Dumas · nv The London Journal, 1849Monsieur de l’Argentière, Public Prosecutor · Pétrus Borel; trans. by Terry Hale · nv *The Covetous Clerk · Alphonse Royer; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *One Eye Between Two · Xavier Forneret; trans. by Liz Heron · nv *Dorci, or the Vagaries of Chance · Marquis de Sade; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *Mademoiselle Scalpel · Charles Baudelaire; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *The Penitent · Catulle Mendès; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *The Astonishing Moutonnet Couple · Villiers de l’Isle-Adam; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *Constant Guignard · Jean Richepin; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *The Hanged Man · Charles Cros; trans. by Liz Heron · ss *Monsieur Mathias · Jules Lermina; trans. by Liz Heron · ss *A Burnt Offering · Léon Bloy; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *A Family Treat [from Becalmed] · J. K. Huysmans; trans. by Terry Hale · ex, 1992; revisedThe Prisoner of his Own Masterpiece · Edmond Haraucourt; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *Jacques Cazotte’s Prophecy · La Harpe; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *The Story of Hélène Gillet · Charles Nodier; trans. by Liz Heron · ss *The Green Monster · Gérard de Nerval; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *The Invisible Eye · Erckmann-Chatrian; trans. by Anon. · ss Temple Bar Dec, 1870The Reincarnation of Doctor Roger · Henri Rivière; trans. by Terry Hale · nv *The Head of Hair · Guy de Maupassant; trans. by Terry Hale · ss *Mademoiselle Dafné · Théophile Gautier; trans. by Liz Heron · nv *One Possessed · Jean Lorrain; trans. by Liz Heron

More Tales From Malgudi: Mr Sampath-The Printer of Malgudi,The Financial Expert, Waiting for the Mahatma and The World of Nagaraj

R.K. Narayan - 1997
    K. Narayan's famous series based in the imaginary Indian town of Malgudi: The World of Nagaraj, Mr Sampath-Printer of Malgudi, Waiting for the Mahatma and The Financial Expert. Each of these novels demonstrates Narayan's rare talent and extraordinary gifts and are confirmed of his status as a major international writer.

American Pulp

Ed Gorman - 1997
    This is crime fiction at its absolute best--written by such masters as David Goodis, Ross Macdonald, Craig Rice, Leigh Brackett, Mickey Spillane, and Richard Matheson, among many others.

The Last Carousel

Nelson Algren - 1997
    What we have here in this big fat volume is a cockeyed chrestomathy of 37 Algren pieces... with his hallmark stamped on every link." —The New York Times Book Review"The range of the book is satisfying—rich, will titillate even the most fastidious dilettante or culture vulture... also contains pieces that will make you laugh your head off. Once you begin reading it, you will not be able to put it aside." —The Chicago Tribune"Essential Algren." —The Washington Post"Very good, fast, funny and tough... Algren, where have you been hiding?" —The San Francisco ChronicleHere again is Algren's rich output from the 1960s and '70s, tough, streetwise stories and travelogues from around the world: accounts of brothels in Vietnam and Mexico, stories of the boxing ring, and reminiscences of his beloved Chicago White Sox, among other subjects.

The Pritchett Century: A Selection of the Best by V. S. Pritchett

V.S. Pritchett - 1997
    We have no captive audience. We do not teach. We write to be readable and to engage the interest of what Virginia Woolf called 'the common reader.'"    In a life that spanned almost the entire course of the twentieth century--he was born in 1900 and died in 1997--Sir Victor Pritchett mastered nearly every form of literature: the novel, short fiction, travel writing, biography, criticism, and memoir. Now, Sir Victor's son Oliver has selected representative samples to illustrate the tremendous scope of his father's brilliance. Included in this volume are sections of Pritchett's memoirs, A Cab at the Door and Midnight Oil; his reflections on turning eighty; and an account of a visit to the Appalachians written in 1925. There are also portraits of Dublin, New York, the Amazon, and Spain; selections from the novels Dead Man Leading and Mr. Beluncle; thirteen complete short stories; excerpts from biographies of Turgenev and Chekhov; and critical pieces on Twain, Scott, Dickens, Eliot, Henry James, Tolstoy, Saul Bellow, Salman Rushdie, and others.    "Pritchett has lived as a man of letters must, by his pen, and he has done it with a freshness of interest and an infectious curiosity that have never waned," observed novelist Mar- garet Drabble. Taken together with Oliver Pritchett's appreciation of his father, and John Bayley's "In Memoriam," The Pritchett Century stands as the most comprehensive collection of Sir Victor's work available in one volume.The Modern Library has played a significant role in American cultural life for the better part of a century. The series was founded in 1917 by the publishers Boni and Liveright and eight years later acquired by Bennett Cerf and Donald Klopfer. It provided the foun-dation for their next publishing venture, Random House. The Modern Library has been a staple of the American book trade, providing readers with affordable hard-bound editions of important works of liter-ature and thought. For the Modern Library's seventy-fifth anniversary, Random House redesigned the series, restoring as its emblem the running torchbearer created by Lucian Bernhard in 1925 and refurbishing jackets, bindings, and type, as well as inau-gurating a new program of selecting titles. The Modern Library continues to provide the world's best books, at the best prices.From the Hardcover edition.

A Stanislaw Lem Reader

Peter Swirski - 1997
    Anyone interested in Lem's provocative and uncompromising view of literature's role in the contemporary cultural environment, and in Lem's opinions about his own fiction, about the relation of literature to science and technology, and the dead ends of contemporary culture, will be fascinated by this eclectic collection.

Blood Lake and Other Stories

Jim Krusoe - 1997
    In these surreal, dystopian tales, characters find their way into and out of Plato’s cave, mental hospitals, interspecies love affairs, plane crashes and Gypsy kidnappings. These narratives, which shapeshift and interpenetrate, contain everything form the rhapsodies of a night nurse, to a lyrical meditation on the egg, to lists of wryly named sexual positions. Krusoe’s universe is full of amazing chaos and deadpan astonishment.When you enter Jim Krusoe’s wittily indeterminate world, your first instinct is to grope around for a literary coordinate. At first he reminds you of Kafka: the dreamlike inconsequentiality and gentle-sinister comedy—the half-human animals and evanescent temptresses. But the America that Krusoe inhabits is spelt with a C, not a K. He is robustly situated in his time and place, and he has a lilt that is all his own. In the end, he stopped reminding me of anyone. Jim Krusoe is an original. — Martin Amis

Weird Tales: Seven Decades of Terror

John Gregory Betancourt - 1997
    Since then, however, it has been revived four times, proving the enormous popularity of a genre that encompasses science fiction, mystery, horror, and the occult. This anthology includes the best of the most frightening stories that have made the famous pulp magazine a household name for more than 70 years. Contributors include H.P. Lovecraft, Tanith Lee, Ray Bradbury, Nancy Springer, Robert Bloch, Mary E. Counselman, Steve Rasnic Tem, and others.

The Best of Sisters in Crime

Marilyn Wallace - 1997
    Selected from the acclaimed of anthologies mystery and suspense, The Best of Sisters In Crime offers a killer collection of award-winning authors and 21 short stories of felonious, yet feminine, mystery fiction.

A Treasury of Mermaids: Mermaid Tales from Around the World

Shirley Climo - 1997
    A catch of international mermaids, from a Japanese ningyo and a Swiss nix to an Irish merrow and an Alaskan nuquot swim through the pages of this elegant volume. Full color.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Dorothée Duntze - 1997
    Duntze's sumptuous images are as lovely and lilting as a waltz.

Shoveling Smoke

Margaret Maron - 1997
    Sigrid Harald and the winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel, Margaret Maron writes with sensitivity about how time and place influence people and events, and how the domestic situation can breed both warmth and quiet despair. Shoveling Smoke contains 22 of Margaret Maron's best short stories, including all of the short cases of Sigrid Harald and Deborah Knott. The book concludes with a new story about Deborah Knott and a checklist of Margaret Maron's mystery novels and short stories. Introduction and prefaces to each story by the author.

Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories

Jane Yolen - 1997
    She has written one of the 20th century's greatest high-fantasy series, the Chronicles of Great Alta (Sister Light, Sister Dark, White Jenna, and The One-Armed Queen). Her first collection of short fiction for adults is Sister Emily's Lightship and Other Stories. It assembles 28 stories, three of which are original to this volume, many of which take the form of folk or fairy tales, and all of which are excellent. Sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, the stories are always beautifully written, sharp, and wise. "Snow in Summer" portrays a modern, Appalachian Snow White with a fringe-Fundamentalist snake-handling stepmother. "Granny Rumple" reveals the grim origin of Rumplestiltskin. A prequel to the Chronicles of Great Alta, "Blood Sister" explores both love and the nature of narrative. In "The Gift of the Magicians, with Apologies to You Know Who," Beauty and the Beast meet with a horrifically suitable O. Henry twist. The Nebula Award winning "Lost Girls" revisits Peter Pan's Neverland with a feminist slant. "Dick W. and His Pussy; or, Tess and Her Adequate Dick" is an amusingly naughty retold fairy tale. In the Nebula Award winner "Sister Emily's Lightship," the poet Emily Dickinson finds a strange and otherworldly inspiration. --Cynthia WardContents:The Traveler and the Tale (1995)Snow in Summer (2000)Speaking to the Wind (2000)The Thirteenth Fey (1985)Granny Rumple (1994)Blood Sister (1994)Journey into the Dark (1995)The Sleep of Trees (1980)The Uncorking of Uncle Finn (1986)Dusty Loves (1988)The Gift of the Magicians, with Apologies to You Know Who (1992)Sister Death (1995)The Singer and the Song (2000)Salvage (1984)Lost Girls (1998)Belle Bloody Merciless Dame (1997)Words of Power (1987)Great Gray (1991)Under the Hill (2000)Godmother Death (1997)Creationism: An Illustrated Lecture in Two Parts (1990)Allerleirauh (1995)Sun/Flight (1982)Dick W. and His Pussy; or, Tess and Her Adequate Dick (1997)Become a Warrior (1998)Memoirs of a Bottle Djinni (1988)A Ghost of an Affair (2000)Sister Emily's Lightship (1996)

The Best of Sisters in Crime

Marilyn Wallace - 1997
    Selected from the acclaimed of anthologies mystery and suspense, The Best of Sisters In Crime offers a killer collection of award-winning authors with 22 short stories of felonious, yet feminine, mystery fiction.

Goosebumps Monster Edition #3

R.L. Stine - 1997
    A monster edition of three classic Goosebumps tales comes complete with a wailing sound chip and the classic stories:- The Ghost Next Door- Ghost Beach- Barking Ghost.

Mother Father Uncle Aunt: Stories from Lake Wobegon

Garrison Keillor - 1997
    It might be the clean prairie air. It might be the wholesome wheat that's grown by the Norwegian bachelor farmers. And it just might be their strong, good-looking parents.Garrison Keillor's collection of "News from Lake Wobegon" monologues—all taken from live broadcasts of A Prairie Home Companion—is an extended meditation on the joys, sorrows, challenges, and humor of raising children. The tales include "Ronnie and the Winnebago" about a young man, his rock-star girlfriend, and his long struggle to earn his father's understanding; "Love While You Dare" the story of August Johnson, who, after losing his brother in a gambler's prank in Copenhagen, flees to America rather than face his mother--who later comes to visit him in Lake Wobegon; and six more splendid, unforgettable accounts of how, in Keillor's words, "the meek shall inherit the earth, and when we have done all we can with our children, it's time to step back and let them inherit it." Contents:  Ball Jars, Love While you Dare To, Saturday Morning in The Bon Marche, Family Trip to Yellowstone, The Flood, Bob Anderson's Last Dance, Children Will Break Your Heart, Ronnie and The Winnebago, Carl's Christmas Pageant, The Tombstone