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The Collected Stories

Amy Hempel - 2006
    Hempel, fiercely admired by writers and reviewers, has a sterling reputation that is based on four very short collections of stories, roughly fifteen thousand stunning sentences, written over a period of nearly three decades. These are stories about people who make choices that seem inevitable, whose longings and misgivings evoke eternal human experience. With compassion, wit, and the acutest eye, Hempel observes the marriages, minor disasters, and moments of revelation in an uneasy America. When "Reasons to Live, " Hempel's first collection, was published in 1985, readers encountered a pitch-perfect voice in fiction and an unsettling assessment of the culture. That collection includes "San Francisco," which Alan Cheuse in "The Chicago Tribune" called "arguably the finest short story composed by any living writer." In "At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom, " her second collection, frequently compared to the work of Raymond Carver, Hempel refined and developed her unique grace and style and her unerring instinct for the moment that defines a character. Also included here, in their entirety, are the collections "Tumble Home" and "The Dog of the Marriage." As Rick Moody says of the title novella in Tumble Home, "the leap in mastery, in seriousness, and sheer literary purpose was inspiring to behold.... And yet," he continues, ""The Dog of the Marriage, " the fourth collection, is even better than the other three...a triumph, in fact." "The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel" is the perfect opportunity for readers of contemporary American fiction to catch up to one of its masters. Moody's passionate and illuminating introduction celebrates both the appeal and the importance of Hempel's work.

Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories

M.R. James - 2006
    R. James's writings currently available, Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories contains the entire first two volumes of James's ghost stories, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary and More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. These volumes are both the culmination of the nineteenth-century ghost story tradition and the inspiration for much of the best twentieth-century work in this genre. Included in this collection are such landmark tales as "Count Magnus," set in the wilds of Sweden; "Number 13," a distinctive tale about a haunted hotel room; "Casting the Runes," a richly complex tale of sorcery that served as the basis for the classic horror film Curse of the Demon; and "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad," one of the most frightening tales in literature. The appendix includes several rare texts, including "A Night in King's College Chapel," James's first known ghost story.

Deathbird Stories

Harlan Ellison - 2006
    The collection contains some of Ellison's best stories from earlier collections and is judged by some to be his most consistently high quality collection of short fiction. The theme of the collection can be loosely defined as God, or Gods. Sometimes they're dead or dying, some of them are as brand-new as today's technology. Unlike some of Ellison's collections, the introductory notes to each story can be as short as a phrase and rarely run more than a sentence or two. One story took a Locus Poll Award, the two final ones both garnered Hugo Awards and Locus Poll awards, and the final one also received a Jupiter Award from the Instructors of Science Fiction in Higher Education (discontinued in 1979). When the collection was published in Britain, it won the 1979 British Science Fiction Award for Short Fiction.His stories will rivet you to the floor and change your unforgettable a chamber of horror, fantasy and reality as you'll ever experience.-Gallery "Brutally and flamboyantly shocking, frequently brilliant, and always irresistibly mesmerizing."-Richmond Times-Dispatch

Girls from Da Hood

Nikki Turner - 2006
    She never completely understood that the money was for a rainy day. Then the heavens opened...

Rashōmon and Seventeen Other Stories

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa - 2006
    ‘Rashōmon’ and ‘In a Bamboo Grove’ inspired Kurosawa’s magnificent film and depict a past in which morality is turned upside down, while tales such as ‘The Nose’, ‘O-Gin’ and ‘Loyalty’ paint a rich and imaginative picture of a medieval Japan peopled by Shoguns and priests, vagrants and peasants. And in later works such as ‘Death Register’, ‘The Life of a Stupid Man’ and ‘Spinning Gears’, Akutagawa drew from his own life to devastating effect, revealing his intense melancholy and terror of madness in exquisitely moving impressionistic stories.A WORLD IN DECAY- Rashōmon- In a Bamboo Grove- The Nose- Dragon: The Old Potter's Tale- The Spider Thread- Hell ScreenUNDER THE SWORD- Dr. Ogata Ryōsai: Memorandum- O-Gin- LoyaltyMODERN TRAGICOMEDY- The Story of a Head That Fell Off- Green Onions- Horse LegsAKUTAGAWA'S OWN STORY- Daidōji Shinsuke: The Early Years- The Writer's Craft- The Baby's Sickness- Death Register- The Life of a Stupid Man- Spinning Gears

Double Dippin'

Allison Hobbs - 2006
     When Tariq and Shane Batista were four years old, they witnessed something that no child should ever be subjected to. In an act of confusion and terror, their mentally unstable mother was murdered right in front of them. Even though they are twins, Tariq and Shane grow into two very different young men. Tariq is the kind-hearted "golden-boy" while Shane is dark and brooding, angry and deceitful. After being placed in foster homes together, Shane is sent to a reform school for boys when they become teenagers. When they're reunited, Shane is hardly reformed and now has two shady sidekicks, Brick and Misty. Tariq has an unconventional yet stable home life, complete with a wife and a child. Shane has no ambition and seems content to play the part of small-time gigolo and get by on the financial support of the women who flock to him. Still, despite their stark differences, the brothers remain close. However, old habits die hard, and Shane is lured back out on the prowl. As he delves deeper into more infidelities and more danger, Shane relies on Tariq to supply his alibis and tests the limits of unconditional love. With intensifying drama, Double Dippin' is a riveting and absorbing story of one brother's love and another's betrayal.

In Persuasion Nation

George Saunders - 2006
    "The Red Bow,"about a town consumed by pet-killing hysteria, won a 2004 National Magazine Award and "Bohemians," the story of two supposed Eastern European widows trying to fit in in suburban USA, is included in The Best American Short Stories 2005. His new book includes both unpublished work, and stories that first appeared in The New Yorker, Harper's, and Esquire. The stories in this volume work together as a whole whose impact far exceeds the simple sum of its parts. Fans of Saunders know and love him for his sharp and hilarious satirical eye. But In Persuasion Nation also includes more personal and poignant pieces that reveal a new kind of emotional conviction in Saunders's writing.Saunders's work in the last six years has come to be recognized as one of the strongest-and most consoling-cries in the wilderness of the millennium's political and cultural malaise. In Persuasion Nation's sophistication and populism should establish Saunders once and for all as this generation's literary voice of wisdom and humor in a time when we need it most.

More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

M.R. James - 2006
    Dr. James, long fond of telling spectral tales at Christmastide, has become by slow degrees a literary weird fictionist of the very first rank!" -- H.P. Lovecraft

Galactic North

Alastair Reynolds - 2006
    With eight short stories and novellas--including three original to this collection--Galactic North imparts the centuries-spanning events that have produced the dark and turbulent world of Revelation Space.

The Stories of Ibis

Hiroshi Yamamoto - 2006
    She tells him seven stories of human/android interaction in order to reveal the secret behind humanity's fall. The story takes place centuries in the future, where the diminished populations of humans live uncultured lives in their own colonies. They resent the androids, who have built themselves a stable and cultural society. In this brutal time, our main character travels from colony to colony as a “storyteller,” one that speaks of the stories of the past. One day, he is abducted by Ibis, an android in the form of a young girl, and told of the stories created by humans in the ancient past.The stories that Ibis speaks of are the 7 novels about the events surrounding the announcements of the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the 20th to 21st centuries. At a glance, these stories do not appear to have any sort of connection, but what is the true meaning behind them? What are Ibis' real intentions?

Collected Stories

Roald Dahl - 2006
    Whether fictionalizing his dramatic exploits as a Royal Air Force pilot during World War II or concocting the ingeniously plotted fables that were dramatized on television as Tales of the Unexpected, Dahl was brilliant at provoking in his readers the overwhelming desire to know what happens next—and at satisfying that desire in ways that feel both surprising and inevitable.Filled with devilish plot twists, his tales display a tantalizing blend of macabre humor and the absurdly grotesque. From “The Landlady,” about an unusual boardinghouse that features a small but very permanent clientele, to “Pig,” a brutally funny look at vegetarianism, to “Man from the South,” in which a fanatical gambler does his betting with hammer, nails, and a butcher’s knife, Dahl’s creations amuse and shock us in equal measure, gleefully reminding us of what might lurk beneath the surface of the ordinary.Table of ContentsIntroduction by Jeremy TreglownSelect BibliographyChronologyAn African StoryOnly ThisKatinaBeware of the DogThey Shall Not Grow OldSomeone Like YouDeath of an Old Old ManMadame RosetteA Piece of CakeYesterday Was BeautifulNunc DimittisSkinMan from the SouthThe SoldierThe Sound MachineMr BotibolVengeance Is Mine Inc.The WishPoisonTasteDip in the PondThe Great Automatic GrammatizatorClaud’s Dog:—The Ratcatcher—Rummins—Mr Hoddy—Mr FeaseyMy Lady Love, My DoveNeckLamb to SlaughterGallopin FoxleyEdward the ConquerorThe Way Up to HeavenWilliam and MaryParson’s PleasureGeorgy PorgyMrs Bixby and the Colonel’s CoatRoyal JellyThe Champion of the WorldGenesis and CatastrophePigThe LandladyThe VisitorThe Last ActThe Great SwitcherooThe ButlerBitchAh, Sweet Mystery of LifeThe HitchhikerThe Umbrella ManThe BooksellerThe SurgeonAppendix: Dates of Composition and First Publication

Carried Away: A Personal Selection of Stories

Alice Munro - 2006
    The stories brought together here span a quarter century, drawn from some of her earliest books, The Beggar Maid and The Moons of Jupiter, through her recent best-selling collection, Runaway. Here are such favorites as “Royal Beatings” in which a young girl, her father, and stepmother release the tension of their circumstances in a ritual of punishment and reconciliation; “Friend of My Youth” in which a woman comes to understand that her difficult mother is not so very different from herself; and “The Albanian Virgin," a romantic tale of capture and escape in Central Europe that may or may not be true, told by an elderly married woman to her younger friend who is on a desperate adventure of her own..Munro’s incomparable empathy for her characters, the depth of her understanding of human nature, and the grace and surprise of her narrative add up to a richly layered and capacious fiction. Like the World War I soldier in the title story, whose letters from the front to a small-town librarian he doesn’t know change her life forever, Munro’s unassuming characters insinuate themselves in our hearts and take permanent hold.Carried Away, Alice Munro's Best and My Best Stories contain the same 17 works: Royal beatings -- The beggar maid -- The turkey season -- The moons of Jupiter -- The progress of love -- Miles City, Montana -- Friend of my youth -- Meneseteung -- Differently -- Carried away -- The Albanian virgin -- A wilderness station -- Vandals -- Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage -- Save the reaper -- Runaway -- The bear came over the mountain.

The Delicate Prey and Other Stories

Paul Bowles - 2006
    That tense, stretched tone is the key to this collection of 17 eerie tales by the author best known for The Sheltering Sky. The Delicate Prey is dedicated: "For my mother, who first read me the stories of Poe." If Poe had lived in Mexico, and he'd had ice water running in his veins to counteract his feverish romanticism, he might have crafted something like these odd vignettes about human frailty and cruelty. The setting is a world where palm trees are like "shiny green spiders," where bats reel silently overhead in a jet-black sky, where a hot, relentless wind blows across deserted plazas. As Tobias Wolff writes in Esquire, "The Delicate Prey is in fact one of the most profound, beautifully wrought, and haunting collections in our literature.... Bowles's tales are at once austere, witty, violent, and sensuous. They move with the inevitability of myth. His language has a purity of line, a poise and authority entirely its own, capable of instantly modulating from farce to horror without a ruffle."

Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay

Annie Proulx - 2006
    Now the major motion picture "Brokeback Mountain" is being hailed as equally masterful, with performances that are "the stuff of Hollywood history" "(The New York Times)." "Brokeback Mountain: Story to Screenplay" offers readers insight into how this classic short story was turned into an award-winning screenplay and film. "Brokeback Mountain" was originally published in "The New Yorker." It won the National Magazine Award. It also won an O. Henry Prize. Included in this volume is Annie Proulx's haunting story about the difficult, dangerous love affair between a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy. Also included is the Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe-winning screenplay for the major motion picture, written by Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana. All three writers have contributed essays on the process of adapting this critically acclaimed story for film. This book is an indispensable tool for film students and aficionados.

The Secretary of Dreams, Volume One

Stephen King - 2006
    Illustrated versions of "Home Delivery", "Jerusalem's Lot", and "The Reach"; graphic story adaptations of "The Road Virus Heads North", "Uncle Otto's Truck", and "Rainy Season".

Strange Pilgrims

Gabriel García Márquez - 2006
    In Vienna, a woman parlays her gift for seeing the future into a fortunetelling position with a wealthy family. In Geneva, an ambulance driver and his wife take in the lonely, apparently dying ex-President of a Caribbean country, only to discover that his political ambition is very much intact. In these twelve masterful short stories about the lives of Latin Americans in Europe, García Márquez conveys the peculiar amalgam of melancholy, tenacity, sorrow, and aspiration that is the émigré experience.

The Complete Short Stories: Volume 1

J.G. Ballard - 2006
    The new edition is introduced by Adam Thirwell.With eighteen novels over four decades – from ‘The Drowned World’ in 1962 to his final novel ‘Kingdom Come’ in 2006 – J.G. Ballard is known as one of Britain’s most celebrated and original novelists.However, during his long career he was also a prolific writer of short stories; in fact, many people consider that he is at his best in the short-story format. These highly influential stories have appeared in magazines such as New Worlds, Amazing Stories and Interzone, and in several separate collections, including ‘The Terminal Beach’, ‘The Venus Hunters’, ‘Vermilion Sands’, ‘Low-Flying Aircraft’ and ‘Myths of the Near Future’.Set out in the original order of publication and frequently the point of conception for ideas he further developed in his novels, these stories provide an unprecedented opportunity to see the imagination of one of Britain’s greatest writers at work. This edition is part of a new commemorative series of Ballard’s works, featuring introductions from a number of his admirers (including Robert Macfarlane, Iain Sinclair, James Lever and Ali Smith) and brand-new cover designs from the artist Stanley Donwood.

Dave Cooks the Turkey

Stuart McLean - 2006
    Dave fails to realize quite what's involved, and the result is a Homeresque struggle to beat all the odds and somehow get an unappetizing, frozen, and slightly scarred bird home and roasted in time for Christmas dinner—before Morley cooks Dave's goose.

Pump Six and Other Stories

Paolo Bacigalupi - 2006
    Social criticism, political parable, and environmental advocacy lie at the center of Paolo's work. Each of the stories herein is at once a warning, and a celebration of the tragic comedy of the human experience.The eleven stories in Pump Six represent the best Paolo's work, including the Hugo nominee "Yellow Card Man," the nebula and Hugo nominated story "The People of Sand and Slag," and the Sturgeon Award-winning story "The Calorie Man."

High Lonesome: Selected Stories, 1966-2006

Joyce Carol Oates - 2006
    All demonstrate what the Chicago Tribune has praised: "the fierce originality of Oates's voice and vision, but also how she has imbued the American short story with an edgy vitality and raw social surfaces."

Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

Neil Gaiman - 2006
    His distinctive genius has been championed by writers as diverse as Norman Mailer and Stephen King. With The Sandman Neil Gaiman created one of the most sophisticated, intelligent, and influential graphic novel series of our time. Now after the recent success of his latest novel Anansi Boys, Gaiman has produced Fragile Things, his second collection of short fiction. These stories will dazzle your senses, haunt your imagination, and move you to the very depths of your soul. This extraordinary compilation reveals one of the world's most gifted storytellers at the height of his powers.

Zima Blue and Other Stories

Alastair Reynolds - 2006
    Short story collection by the critically acclaimed author of Revelation Space and Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days.

The Line Between

Peter S. Beagle - 2006
    As longtime fans have come to expect, the stories are written with a grace and style similar to fantasy's most original voices, such as J. R. R. Tolkien, Fritz Leiber, and Kurt Vonnegut. Traditional themes are typically infused with modern sensibilities—reincarnated lovers and waning kings rub shoulders with heroic waifs; Schmendrick the Magician returns to adventure, as does the ghost of an off-Broadway actor and a dream-stealing shapeshifter; and Gordon, the delightfully charming "self-made cat," appears for the first time in print, taking his place alongside Stuart Little as a new favorite of the young at heart. This wide-ranging compilation contains sly humor and a resounding depth that will charm fans of literary fantasy.Contents"A Dance with Emilia""El Regalo""Four Fables: The Fable of the Moth, The Fable of the Octopus, The Fable of the Ostrich, The Fable of the Tyrannosaurus Rex""Gordon, the Self-Made Cat""Mr. Sigerson""Quarry""Salt Wine""Two Hearts"

Wild Stars Seeking Midnight Suns

J. California Cooper - 2006
    California Cooper writes about the search for fulfillment that propels peopleâ��s dreams and desires. In â��As Time Goes Byâ�� a young woman named Futila Ways grows up focusing her dream of a better future on material wealth, only to discover that having everything she ever wanted cannot compensate for the emptiness in her heart. â��The Eye of the Beholderâ�� recounts the story of an unattractive young girl, Lily Bea, whose search for love leads her to embrace her own brand of freedom. And in â��Catch a Falling Heartâ�� a woman mildly crippled in a fall endures loneliness and solitude until she finds a man and provides a resting place for his love. Each story beautifully conveys the profound human need to seek some sort of satisfaction, just as a wild star seeks a midnight sun.J. California Cooperâ��s insights into the hearts and souls of ordinary people and her irresistible storytelling voice have endeared her to fans and critics.

Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II: Inspirational Tales of Passion, Achievement and Devotion

Jack Canfield - 2006
    Chicken Soup for the

Impossible Dreams

Tim Pratt - 2006
    But there's something even more interesting than the remarkable movies: the woman working behind the counter.

We're in Trouble

Christopher Coake - 2006
    We're In Trouble is, for the most part, a book about death - quite often, about how death affects the young ... Sometimes, when you're reading the stories, you forget to breathe, which probably means that you read them with more speed than the writer intended ... They're beautifully written, and they have bottom ... striking and dramatic' Nick Hornby, Believer

OBERIU: An Anthology of Russian Absurdism

Eugene Ostashevsky - 2006
    Between 1927 and 1930, the three made up the core of an avant-garde literary group called OBERIU (from an acronym standing for The Union of Real Art). It was a movement so artfully anarchic, and so quickly suppressed, that readers only began to discover its strange and singular brilliance three decades after it was extinguished—and then only in samizdat and émigré publications. Some called it the last of the Russian avant-garde, and others called it the first (and last) instance of Absurdism in Russia. Though difficulty to pigeon-hole, OBERIU and the pleasures of its poetry and prose are, with this volume, at long last fully open to English-speaking readers. Skillfully translated to preserve the weird charm of the originals, these poems and prose pieces display all the hilarity and tragedy, the illogical action and puppetlike violence and eroticism, and the hallucinatory intensity that brought down the wrath of the Soviet censors. Today they offer an uncanny reflection of the distorted reality they reject.

The Magic Drum And Other Favourite Stories

Sudha Murty - 2006
    The clever princess will only marry the man who can ask her a question she cannot answer; the orphan boy outwits his greedy uncles with a bag of ash; and an old couple in distress is saved by a magic drum. Sudha Murty's grandparents told her some of these stories when she was a child; others she heard from her friends from around the world. These delightful and timeless folktales have been her favourites for years, and she has recounted them many times over to the young people in her life. With this collection, they will be enjoyed by many more readers, of all ages. Age group of target audience is 8+.

Singing for Mrs Pettigrew: A Story Maker's Journey

Michael Morpurgo - 2006
    Analyzing various aspects of writing - character, plot, sources and inspiration, retelling and biography - this collection is suitable for those who loves great stories and wants to know more about the art of telling tales.

Happy Cruelty Day!: Daily Celebrations of Quiet Desperation

Bob Powers - 2006
    Beginning on January 1, this book features 365 new holidays, each accompanied by a strange, dark and humorous short story explaining the day you woke up in and how to celebrate it. These 365 daily doses of delight, perversion, and nonsense include "Hire Someone Attractive To Pretend To Love You Day," "Hang on to Your Wide-Eyed Innocence Day," "Sit in Abject Terror Day," and, of course, "Cruelty Day."Far more than just a humor book, Happy Cruelty Day! is like a daily instructional manual written by a psychopath. On one page, the book has you joining a community crime watch group in an effort to make friends (it won't work). Flip the page, and you'll find the details of your attempt to rescue your husband from a POW camp (you'll fail). Flip it again, and Happy Cruelty Day! will have important insight into how best to befriend a runaway teen (offer her some soup).These holidays celebrate everything from that pivotal point in your life when everything changes, to the day you're not going to do anything but sit on the edge of your bed and get very drunk. When people realize they've fallen in love, or when they realize their love was just a lie. And of course, when love of whatever incarnation brings an index finger to clench tight around the trigger of a gun.Raw, ridiculous, and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a sharp-edged satire on the subtleties, shallowness, and stupidity of daily life.

Master and Man

Leo Tolstoy - 2006
    Nicholas's Day. There was a fete in the parish and the innkeeper, Vasili Andreevich Brekhunov, a Second Guild merchant, being a church elder had to go to church, and had also to entertain his relatives and friends at home. But when the last of them had gone he at once began to prepare to drive over to see a neighbouring proprietor about a grove which he had been bargaining over for a long time. He was now in a hurry to start, lest buyers from the town might forestall him in making a profitable purchase.

Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

Bram Stoker - 2006
    Comprised of spine-chilling tales published by Stoker’s widow after his death, as well as The Lair of the White Worm, an intensely intriguing novel of myths, legends, and unspeakable evils, this collection demonstrates the full range of Stoker’s horror writing.For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Cabbages and Kings

O. Henry - 2006

Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz: Three Adventures

Garth Nix - 2006
    Knight, artillerist, swordsman. Mercenary for hire. Ill-starred lover.Mister Fitz. Puppet, sorcerer, loremaster. Practitioner of arcane arts now mostly and thankfully forgotten. Former nursemaid to Hereward.Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz. Agents of the Council of the Treaty for the Safety of the World, charged with the location and removal of listed extra-dimensional entities, more commonly known as gods or godlets.Travellers. Adventurers. Godslayers . . .For the first time, the two award-winning novellas and a short story featuring Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz’s exploits are gathered together in a single volume. From the New York Times-bestselling writer Garth Nix, author of The Abhorsen Trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen), Shade’s Children, The Seventh Tower series, The Keys to the Kingdom series and Troubletwisters (with Sean Williams).Reader Advisory: Though some of Garth Nix’s books and stories are for children, this one is not. It is for adult readers.

The Caves Of Steel & The Rest Of The Robots

Isaac Asimov - 2006
    All robots must follow the three laws, but that leaves room for a surprisingly wide range of unexpected outcomes...THE THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.


Caitlín R. Kiernan - 2006
    Caitlín R. Kiernan first introduced Dancy in the pages of her award-winning second novel, Threshold (2001), then went on to write several more short stories and a novella about this unlikely heroine, each a piece, of which, has become an epic dark fantasy narrative. Alabaster finally collects all these tales into one volume, illustrated by Ted Naifeh (Gloomcookie, Courtney Crumrin)

The Lives of Rocks

Rick Bass - 2006
    These stories, distinguished by their maturity, are narrated by men and women with compelling life tales. Filled with Bass's hallmark lean and beautiful prose, they are further proof of his mastery of the short fiction form.

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princess

Mary Man-Kong - 2006
    The princesses escape to a secret, magical palace--but when Barbie discovers that her aunt is plotting to rule the kingdom, she must return to save her father, the king! Girls will love to read all about the Barbie princesses in this beautifully illustrated hardcover storybook based on Barbie's 7th direct to DVD movie.

A First Book of Fairy Tales

Mary Hoffman - 2006
    From Brothers Grimm to Hans Christian Andersen, this beautifully illustrated anthology contains a range of the classic fairy tale stories any child would love to grow up reading.As well as favourites such as Cinderella, The Snow Queen and Jack and the Beanstalk, DK's A First Book of Fairy Tales also includes some wonderful stories that you might not know, such as The Fisherman and his Wife and Diamonds and Toads.Introduce your little one to the characters that enchanted you as a child and the nostalgic stories you could not put down! Mary Hoffman's charming retellings use simple language, ideal for reading or hearing aloud, while Julie Downing's stunning illustrations bring the characters to life, so children can follow and enjoy the fairy tales through the pictures.If your child loves disney and their princesses such as Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, or if they love stories about giants and spells, this children's book would make the perfect gift for them! Step inside this fairy tale kingdom and get ready for some magic!

Christmas Wishes

Deborah Macgillivray - 2006
    With Christmas Wishes magic is possible...especially love. Make a Wish 12 Authors, 12 StoriesChristmas past to Christmas presentGuaranteed to Delight

The Empire of Ice Cream

Jeffrey Ford - 2006
    Storylines both conventional and outlandish reveal humdrum routines as menacing, or imaginary worlds as perfectly familiar. Allusions to authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne reinforce the fantasy tradition in these tales, while understated humor and moments of sadness add a quirky unpredictability. Also included is the previously unpublished novella, "Botch Town," a coming-of-age story about a boy on Long Island whose family and friends live ordinary lives under threats both real and imagined. Each story is followed by a brief afterword that details its genesis.ContentsIntroduction by Jonathan CarrollThe Annals of Eelin-Ok + Story NotesJupiter's Skull + Story NotesA Night in the Tropics + Story NotesThe Empire of Ice Cream + Story NotesThe Beautiful Gelreesh + Story NotesBoatman's Holiday + Story NotesBotch Town + Story NotesA Man of Light + Story NotesThe Green Word + Story NotesGiant Land + Story NotesCoffins on the River + Story NotesSummer Afternoon + Story NotesThe Weight of Words + Story NotesThe Trentino Kid + Story Notes

We the Underpeople

Cordwainer Smith - 2006
    Underpeople are slave humanoids bred from animals. Planet Norstrilia is the only source of drug stroon that makes man immortal, where Rod McBan is a boy, yet owns Earth. On Earth, he joins C'Mell and the Underpeople to bring back freedom.

Coming Home Again

Chang-rae Lee - 2006
    When she first moved downstairs she was still eating, though scantily, more just to taste what we were having than from any genuine desire for food. The point was simply to sit together at the kitchen table and array ourselves like a family again. My mother would gently set herself down in her customary chair near the stove. I sat across from her, my father and sister to my left and right, and crammed in the center was all the food I had made—a spicy codfish stew, say, or a casserole of gingery beef, dishes that in my youth she had prepared for us a hundred times.In Coming Home Again, celebrated novelist Chang-rae Lee, author of On Such a Full Sea and Native Speaker, recalls the year he spent living at home, and learning to cook the Korean dishes of his childhood before his mother died of stomach cancer. An achingly personal story about love, grief and regret, Coming Home Again confronts the decisions we can't take back and the moments we can’t let go with astounding grace and poignancy.Coming Home Again was originally published in The New Yorker, October 16, 1995.

Things Kept, Things Left Behind

Jim Tomlinson - 2006
    Jim Tomlinson’s characters each face the desire to reclaim dreams left behind, along with something of the dreamer that was also lost. Starkly rendered, these spiraling characters inhabit a specific place and class---small-town Kentucky, working-class America---but the stories, told in all their humor and tragedy, are universal.In each story the characters face conflict, sometimes within themselves, sometimes with each other. Each carries a past and with it an urge to return and repair. In “First Husband, First Wife,” ex-spouses are repeatedly drawn together by a shared history they cannot seem to escape, and they are finally forced to choose between leaving the past or leaving each other. LeAnn and Cass are grown sisters who conspire to help their prideful mother in “Things Kept.” “Prologue” is a voyeuristic journey through the surprisingly different lives of two star-crossed friends, each with its successes and pitfalls, told through their letters over thirty-five years. In “Stainless,” Annie and Warren divide their possessions on the final night of their marriage. Their realtor has advised them to “declutter” the house they are leaving, but they discover that most of the clutter cannot be so easily removed. The choices are never simple, and for every thing kept, something must be abandoned. Tomlinson’s characters struggle but eventually find their way, often unknowingly, to points of departure, to places where things just might change.

Calamity's Child

Sharon Lee - 2006
    Not officially a "Liaden Universe® Adventure", Calamity's Child is SRM Publisher's first chapbook of 2006 and features two Sharon Lee and Steve Miller stories is the off-the-beaten track Liaden Universe® novelette "Sweet Waters," which appeared in magazines in both the UK and the US (3SF and Absolute Magnitude), and the second is "Night at the Opera," a fantasy-mystery first seen in the critcally acclaimed Rosemary Edghill anthology Murder by Magic in October of 2004.


Tony Birch - 2006
    A beautifully rendered time capsule, it captures a period of decay,turmoil and change through innocent unblinking eyes.

Creatures Of The Earth: New And Selected Stories

John McGahern - 2006
    McGahern's short stories equal his finest novels, reflecting both the richness of the ordinary, and the extraordinary, in the lives of a variety of individuals: the jilted lover waiting with would-be writers in a Dublin pub on a summer evening; the bitter climax between a father and son as a marriage begins; the fortunes and misfortunes of the Kirkwood family; and many more.For this revised edition, completed shortly before his death, John McGahern edited and deleted a number of stories from the Collected Stories that first appeared in 1992. This is the authorised edition of a modern classic.

Brief Encounters with Che Guevara: Stories

Ben Fountain - 2006
    In "Near-Extinct Birds of the Central Cordillera," an ornithologist being held hostage in the Colombian rain forest finds that he respects his captors for their commitment to a cause, until he realizes that the Revolution looks a lot like big business. In "The Good Ones Are Already Taken," the wife of a Special Forces officer battles a Haitian voodoo goddess with whom her husband is carrying on a not-entirely-spiritual relationship. And in "The Lion's Mouth," a disillusioned aid worker makes a Faustian bargain to become a diamond smuggler for the greater good. With masterful pacing and a robust sense of the absurd, each story in Brief Encounters with Che Guevara is a self-contained adventure, steeped in the heady mix of tragedy and danger, excitement and hope, that characterizes countries in transition.

Christmas at Gunpoint

Anthony Horowitz - 2006
    Alex remembers when he and his uncle were at a ski resort in Gunpoint, Colorado for Christmas and he almost found out the truth about his double identity.First published in The Daily Mail. But now available on Anthony's website or in the U.S.'s fully loaded anniversary edition of Stormbreaker.

Sweet Land: New and Selected Stories

Will Weaver - 2006
    New highlights include “Blaze of Glory,” an enchanting tale of an RV road trip and a senior couple’s “last time”; “The Trapper,” the story of a hard split between an old trapper and a younger female environmentalist; and “The Last Farmer,” the capstone story of this elegant collection that examines the discovery by a high-tech farmer of the history of the old houses on his land. Fourteen stories in all portray the bountiful and whimsical and cruel human spirit and the swirling transformation of America’s heartland.

Kafka's Selected Stories

Franz Kafka - 2006
    Thirty stories are included, accompanied by detailed annotations. "Backgrounds and Contexts" offers a glimpse of Kafka s creative process through extracts from his letters, diaries, and conversations. "Criticism" collects ten essays on the major stories by Stanley Corngold, Danielle Allen, Walter Hinderer, Walter Sokel, Nicola Gess, Vivian Liska, Benno Wagner, John A. Hargraves, and Gerhard Kurz. A Chronology and Selected Bibliography are also included."

Little Gods

Tim Pratt - 2006
    From fast-paced sorcerer-punk to weird Westerns, from the loss of childhood innocence to the heat death of the universe, these stories will delight, surprise and move you.

The Poems, Short Fiction, and Criticism of Samuel Beckett: Volume IV of The Grove Centenary Editions

Samuel Beckett - 2006
    Available individually, as well as in a boxed set, these books are specially bound with covers featuring images central to Beckett's works. Typographical errors that remained uncorrected in the various prior editions have now been corrected in consultation with Beckett scholars C. J. Ackerley and S. E. Gontarski."[Beckett] settled on philosophical comedy as the medium for his uniquely anguished, arrogant, self-doubting, scrupulous temperament. In the popular mind his name is associated with the mysterious Godot who may or may not come but for whom we wait anyhow. In this he seemed to define the mood of an age. But his range is wider than that, and his achievement far greater. Beckett was an artist possessed by a vision of life without consolation or dignity or promise of grace, in the face of which our only duty is not to lie to ourselves. It was a vision to which he gave expression in language of a virile strength and intellectual subtlety that marks him as one of the great prose stylists of the twentieth century." — J. M. Coetzee, from his Introduction

Radical Love: Five Novels

Fanny Howe - 2006
    Five short novels gathered into one volume: Nod, The Deep North, Famous Questions, Saving History and Indivisible. "I have not the least doubt that her work is parallel to Paul Auster's, say, or any writer thus whose books are not simply products for the market - albeit the work can reach a very large number of potential readers indeed. In Fanny's case these will range from contemporary fellow writers questioning ways and means in their art and all who find their enterprise of interest, to those who feel themselves confronted with deeply ingrained questions of religion, person, society, gender, politics, which almost anyone alive at this moment is trying to answer. Her most recently published novel, "Indivisible," is a masterpiece of these determinants, of lives specific, of times and places particular. At the same time it is also a masterwork of the art - no one more actively employs the strategies and possibilities of language than does she"--Robert Creeley.

Tales of Chekhov

Anton Chekhov - 2006
    This stunning boxed set brings together the largest, most comprehensive selection of his stories, all full of humor, truth, and vast insight. Included are the familiar masterpieces–"The Kiss," "The Darling," and "The Lady with the Dog"––as well as several brilliant but lesser–known tales such as "A Blunder," "Hush!," and "Champagne." The entire collection is introduced by Richard Ford's perceptive essay "Why We Like Chekhov. while each individual volume includes a brief reminiscence on the meaning of Chekhov from a celebrated author, among them Nadine Gordimer, Susan Sontag, Harold Brodkey, Cynthia Ozick, and Russell Banks. Amidst a sea of Chekhov translations, Constance Garnett, who brought Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Turgenev to the English–speaking world, has a style particularly suited to Chekhov's prose. Her benchmark translations enable readers to immerse themselves in his world, experiencing the breadth of his talent in one voice.

Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 2: Read Aloud or Read Alone Character-Building Stories for Kids Ages 6-10 (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

Jack Canfield - 2006
    Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 2 is a special book designed just for kids on the verge of becoming preteens.Written by kids and adults reminiscing about their childhood, this book features true stories that exemplify character-building traits such as acceptance, honesty, kindness, responsibility, forgiveness, bravery and perseverance. It also features larger, reader friendly type and custom created cartoon strips featuring "The Souper Kids" cartoon characters.Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 3/1/2006 Pages: 200 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up

Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century

Justine Larbalestier - 2006
    Justine Larbalestier has collected 11 key stories--many of them not easily found, and all of them powerful and provocative--and sets them alongside 11 new essays, written by top scholars and critics, that explore the stories' contexts, meanings, and theoretical implications. The resulting dialogue is one of enormous significance to critical scholarship in science fiction, and to understanding the role of feminism in its development. Organized chronologically, this anthology creates a new canon of feminist science fiction and examines the theory that addresses it. Daughters of Earth is an ideal overview for students and general readers.Content: 1. The Fate of Poseidonia - Clare Winger Harris, 19272. The Conquest of Gola - Leslie F. Stone, 19313. Created He Them - Alice Eleanor Jones, 19554. No Light in the Window - Kate Wilhelm, 19635. The Heat Death of the Universe - Pamela Zoline, 19676. And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill Side - James Tiptree Jr., 19717. Wives - Lisa Tuttle, 19768. Rachel in Love - Par Murphy, 19879. The Evening and the Morning and the Night - Octavia E. Butler, 198710. Balinese Dancer - Gwyneth Jones, 199711. What I Didn't See - Karen Joy Fowler, 2002

Blithe Tomato

Mike Madison - 2006
    Biography. Across America, people are escaping fluorescent-lit grocery store aisles to rediscover the fresh, seasonal offerings of the farmers' market. A new and thriving culture has sprung up as thousands gather each weekend to pinch, poke, smell, and probe the produce-and at times each other. Who knew that buying peaches and eggplants could be such fun? Mike Madison, who raises organic flowers, melons, olives, and apricots, has been setting up at these markets for over twenty years. With keen observations and sly wit, Madison presents a series of essays and vignettes that introduce us to the characters who make our food, the economy that produces it, and the spirit that has placed farmers' markets among the fastest growing movements in the country.

Wittgenstein's Lolita and The Iceman

William Gay - 2006
    He portrays a character looking for love that reaches beyond death--with occasional morbid consequences.

The Old Man and His God: Discovering the Spirit of India

Sudha Murty - 2006
    Their accounts of the struggles and hardships which they have at times overcome, and at other times been overwhelmed by, are put together in this book.

Vera & Linus

Jesse Ball - 2006
    VERA & LINUS is a series of short sketches. The book's theme is the love between the two protagonists, Vera and Linus. They are mischief makers and tricksters of the most daring sort, and they are constantly up to no good, but the language holds them with a clear restraint, a restraint born perhaps out of the peculiar nature of their love, a love both for each other and the things of the world. Their mastery, and shifting natures allow them to compel the workaday world as they see it, but not to rule over each other, and so their game begins, as Vera struggles to outwit Linus, and Linus to outwit Vera.

The Witch and Other Stories

Anton Chekhov - 2006
    This large print title is set in Tieras 16pt font as reccomended by the RNIB.

Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland

Ray Fracalossy - 2006
    Next, meet Gregory, whose home now includes a non-existing room. Add in a neighbor who screams for no apparent reason, the joys of purchasing photographs of events that never happened, and attempts to read the book, What You'll Never Finish, and you might begin to fathom this journey that describes the circle of life and death, isolation and romantic infatuation, and the discovery of who, or what, God really is. Like a modern day Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups. Ray Fracalossy is an absurdist and author of bizarro fiction from New Jersey. He says, "I want to dissolve the barriers separating reality and dream states." "Wow...this is f**cking rad...who is this writer?" --kurt k. heasley, fountainhead of acid rock legends LILLYS "Ray Fracalossy's ability to seamlessly blur the line between the irreal and real has made him one of the defining writers of the new absurdist movement. He possesses something rarely found in art today, a unique voice. Tales is a novel that will more than likely outlast us all." --polycarp kusch, author & founder of both and the new absurdist website "Though Ray Fracalossy's work has an absurdist core reminiscent of the old school, it has a decidedly modern heart that makes you laugh and think at the same time." --Kevin Donihe, author of Shall We Gather at the Garden? and Grape City

Harrowing the Dragon

Patricia A. McKillip - 2006
    McKillip has created worlds of intricate beauty and unforgettably nuanced characters. For 25 years, she's drawn readers into her spell, spinning modern-day fables with a grace rarely seen. Now she presents a book of previously uncollected short stories, full of beautiful dragons, rueful princesses, and handsome bards, and written in the gorgeous--and often surprisingly funny--prose she's known for. This is her world, wrapped up in the finery of fairy tales.

Impossible Stories

Zoran Živković - 2006
    The perfect introduction to the incredible world of Zoran Zivković.Impossible Stories might be approached as if one were inspecting a handsome piece of furniture, a cabinet in which each of any number of regularly sized and shaped drawers is built precisely to contain and to somehow exemplify its own metaphysical freight or uncanny puzzle, and it is in the rhythm and variety of the whole, too, that the nature of Zivković's craft can be apprehended and enjoyed. --Tony White, Wasafiri ...even though they own and use computers, Zivković's characters seem decidedly nineteenth century. They are as intelligent and as neurotic as Poe's personae, and admirers of that master of the outre-or of Borges, Gogol, Capek, and Lem-will be enthralled by them. --Ray Olson, Booklist ...well worth reading for the ingenuity of Zivković's stories. He is extraordinarily clever and has a particular talent for devising awkward moral dilemmas for his characters. His writing is also ... quite unlike that of anyone else. --Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City

The Dead Fish Museum

Charles D'Ambrosio - 2006
    The best bones weren’t on trails—deer and moose don’t die conveniently—and soon I was wandering so far into the woods that I needed a map and compass to find my way home. When winter came and snow blew into the mountains, burying the bones, I continued to spend my days and often my nights in the woods. I vaguely understood that I was doing this because I could no longer think; I found relief in walking up hills. When the night temperatures dropped below zero, I felt visited by necessity, a baseline purpose, and I walked for miles, my only objective to remain upright, keep moving, preserve warmth. When I was lost, I told myself stories . . .”So Charles D’Ambrosio recounted his life in Philipsburg, Montana, the genesis of the brilliant stories collected here, six of which originally appeared in The New Yorker. Each of these eight burnished, terrifying, masterfully crafted stories is set against a landscape that is both deeply American and unmistakably universal. A son confronts his father’s madness and his own hunger for connection on a misguided hike in the Pacific Northwest. A screenwriter fights for his sanity in the bleak corridors of a Manhattan psych ward while lusting after a ballerina who sets herself ablaze. A Thanksgiving hunting trip in Northern Michigan becomes the scene of a haunting reckoning with marital infidelity and desperation. And in the magnificent title story, carpenters building sets for a porn movie drift dreamily beneath a surface of sexual tension toward a racial violence they will never fully comprehend. Taking place in remote cabins, asylums, Indian reservations, the backloads of Iowa and the streets of Seattle, this collection of stories, as muscular and challenging as the best novels, is about people who have been orphaned, who have lost connection, and who have exhausted the ability to generate meaning in their lives. Yet in the midst of lacerating difficulty, the sensibility at work in these fictions boldly insists on the enduring power of love. D’Ambrosio conjures a world that is fearfully inhospitable, darkly humorous, and touched by glory; here are characters, tested by every kind of failure, who struggle to remain human, whose lives have been sharpened rather than numbed by adversity, whose apprehension of truth and beauty has been deepened rather than defeated by their troubles. Many writers speak of the abyss. Charles D’Ambrosio writes as if he is inside of it, gazing upward, and the gaze itself is redemptive, a great yearning ache, poignant and wondrous, equal parts grit and grace.

The Cossacks and Other Stories

Leo Tolstoy - 2006
    The four years he spent as a soldier were among the most significant in his life and inspired the tales collected here. In ?The Cossacks,? Tolstoy tells the story of Olenin, a cultured Russian whose experiences among the Cossack warriors of Central Asia leave him searching for a more authentic life. ?The Sevastopol Sketches? bring into stark relief the realities of military life during the Crimean War. And ?Hadji Murat? paints a portrait of a great leader torn apart by divided loyalties. In writing about individuals and societies in conflict, Tolstoy has penned some of the most brilliant stories about the nature of war.

The Collected Stories

Elizabeth Bowen - 2006
    Vividly featuring scenes of bomb-scarred London during the Blitz, frustrated lovers, acutely obcerved children, and even vengeful ghosts, these stories reinforce Bowen's reputation as an artist whose finely chiseled narratives—rich in imagination, psychological insight, and craft—transcend their time and place.

In a Forest, a Deer

Ambai - 2006
    Breaking traditional modes of expression in terms of language and content, In a Forest, a Deer recounts the saga of Tangam Athai, whose husband remarried because she could not bear him a child and Chinthiru's journey to the forest alongside the mythological tale of Sita's exile to underscore Chinthiru's unique search for self-identity. Winner of the Hutch Crossword Book Award 2006, this collection is an enduring testimony of the ideology and belief that Ambai's writings affirm-the need to know and be in touch with a stable or 'grounded' self that allows fluidity and change in modern times of travel, dislocation, and exile.

Kit's Short Story Collection

Valerie Tripp - 2006
    as well as three brand-new adventures: Kit's Winning Ways, Kit Uses Her Head, and Kit and Millie Ride Again. Kit Kittredge's family has gone from rich to poor virtually overnight because of the Great Depression. Now that Kit's father has lost his job and the family has turned their home into a boarding house, Kit is doing extra chores and going without the things her family can't afford. Making do isn't easy--or fair. With each adventure, Kit is determined to make a difference for her family and her community. The collection includes "Looking Back" essays and a ribbon bookmark.

Bagets: An Anthology of Filipino Young Adult Fiction

Carla M. Pacis - 2006
    A collection of short stories, written in both English and Filipino, for Filipino teenagers that discusses their issues and concerns in well-told narratives.

The Girl Who Married the Moon: Tales from Native North America

Joseph Bruchac - 2006
    These are stories from a broad array of tribes and tradtions.

Brevity and Echo: An Anthology of Short Short Stories

Abigail Beckel - 2006
    Edited by Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney. Introduction by Ron Carlson.BREVITY & ECHO is an essential anthology of previously published short shorts by Emerson College alumni. BREVITY & ECHO broadens the scope of this rich and expanding genre with a wide range of flash fiction styles, and celebrates of the continuing legacy of Emerson's writing program. The anthology contains work by Don Lee, Denise Duhamel, Lee Harrington, and many more, as well as an introduction by Ron Carlson and an afterword by Pamela Painter. These tiny fictions--the longest weighing in at 1400 words and the shortest at just 55--appeared originally in the pages of such books and journals as McSweeney's, StoryQuarterly, Quick Fiction, What If?, Night Train, failbetter, and Best American Non-Required Reading.

Mother Aegypt and Other Stories

Kage Baker - 2006
    A brand new short story collection from Kage Baker, including an original novella set in her ongoing series of The Company, "Mother Aegypt." The Company novels are being released by Tor, and include The Graveyard Game and The Life of the World to Come.

Seven Stories

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky - 2006
    "All of Krzhizhanovsky's stories depict something aberrant, which is strongly rooted in something true."--"Bookforum""It is now clear that Krzhizhanovsky is one of the greatest Russian writers of the last century."--"Financial Times""A natural storyteller, striking intellect, and deeply creative soul are found all in one--a rare combination."--"Complete Review"

Odds Are Good: An Oddly Enough and Odder Than Ever Omnibus

Bruce Coville - 2006
    These two collections, in one volume for the first time, feature eighteen tales of unusual breadth and emotional depth. This omnibus is a perfect introduction to Bruce Coville's magic for the uninitiated. Includes an introduction by Jane Yolen.

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2006

Dave Eggers - 2006
    Our publisher readily agreed, and so you’ll see that this year’s edition is far more eclectic in form than previous editions. Along the way to making the book, we also came across a variety of things that didn’t fit neatly anywhere, but which we felt should be included, so we conceived the front section, which is a loose Best American roundup of notable words and sentences from 2005. It is, like this book in general, obviously and completely incomplete, but might be interesting nevertheless.

Не кысь

Tatyana Tolstaya - 2006
    This book is lyrical, witty, ironical, and touched by nostalgia for childhood. It's a pure delight.


Olive Schreiner - 2006
    This is the second book by Schreiner, South African author and feminist, who is best remembered for her novel, The Story of an African Farm. It contains eleven short stories based on Schreiner's dreams and life on a farm in South Africa. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

The New York Stories of Henry James

Henry James - 2006
    Here Colm Tóibín, the author of the Man Booker Prize shortlisted novel The Master, a portrait of Henry James, brings together for the first time all the stories that James set in New York City. Written over the course of James's career and ranging from the deliciously tart comedy of the early "An International Episode" to the surreal and haunted corridors of "The Jolly Corner," and including "Washington Square", the poignant novella considered by many (though not, as it happens, by the author himself) to be one of James's finest achievements, the nine fictions gathered here reflect James's varied talents and interests as well as the deep and abiding preoccupations of his imagination. And throughout the book, as Tóibín's fascinating introduction demonstrates, we see James struggling to make sense of a city in whose rapidly changing outlines he discerned both much that he remembered and held dear as well as everything about America and its future that he dreaded most.Stories included:The Story of a MasterpieceA Most Extraordinary CaseCrawford's ConsistencyAn International EpisodeThe Impressions of a CousinThe Jolly CornerWashington SquareCrapy CorneliaA Round of Visits

Cowboy Kate and Other Stories: Director's Cut

Sam Haskins - 2006
    In Cowboy Kate, a lyrical tale of the triumph of youth played out by cowgirls of the old west, Haskins reinvented the genre of the nude with stunningly well-executed photographs, a cinematic approach, and a subtly engaging narrative. Often copied but rarely equaled, Haskins has an exceptional ability to photograph women with a sensitivity that has won him accolades from men and women alike. The "Director's Cut" is revised to include new and previously unpublished photographs.

A Winter Book

Tove Jansson - 2006
    - ALI SMITHFollowing the widely acclaimed and bestselling The Summer Book, here is a Winter Book collection of some of Tove Jansson’s best loved and most famous stories. Drawn from youth and older age, and spanning most of the twentieth century, this newly translated selection provides a thrilling showcase of the great Finnish writer’s prose, scattered with insights and home truths. It has been selected and is introduced by Ali Smith, and there are afterwords by Philip Pullman, Esther Freud and Frank Cottrell Boyce.The Winter Book features thirteen stories from Tove Jansson’s first book for adults, The Sculptor’s Daughter (1968) along with seven of her most cherished later stories (from 1971 to 1996), translated into English and published here for the first time.As smooth and odd and beautiful as sea-worn driftwood, as full of light and air as the Nordic summer. We are lucky to have these stories collected at last. - Philip Pullman"A Winter Book" offers what proper books so peerlessly can – the sense of a unique and authentic voice that speaks to the reader across time and culture, heart to heart. - Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

Wise And Otherwise

Sudha Murty - 2006
    These are just some of the poignant and eye-opening stories about people from all over the country that Sudha Murty recounts in this book. From incredible examples of generosity to the meanest acts one can expect from men and women, she records everything with wry humour and a directness that touches the heart.First published in 2002, Wise and Otherwise has sold over 30,000 copies in English and has been translated into all the major Indian languages. This revised new edition is sure to charm many more readers and encourage them to explore their inner selves and the world around us with new eyes.

I Love You: A Keepsake Storybook Collection

Beth Bryan - 2006
    Cover has padding and gold foil!The 5 bestselling picture books included in this treasury will delight mothers and children alike. Including I Love You Because You're You by Liza Baker, illustrated by David McPhail; I Love You, Too! by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Melissa Sweet; I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt, illustrated by Cyd Moore;

Molly's Short Story Collection

Valerie Tripp - 2006
    Molly is growing up while the world is at war. She desperately misses her dad, a doctor who is overseas helping wounded soldiers. But being patriotic means making the best of all the changes in her life.

Howard Who?

Howard Waldrop - 2006
    R. Martin The first paperback (and twentieth anniversary) edition of a landmark debut collection. Howard Waldrop's encyclopedic knowledge of superheroes, baseball players, world wars, long-dead film stars, Mexican wrestlers, pulp serials, fairy tales, and extinct species is put to good use in these sophisticated re-combinations of our pop-culture dreams.Contents:The Ugly Chickens (1980)Der Untergang des Abendlandesmenschen (1976)Ike at the Mike (1982)Dr. Hudson's Secret Gorilla (1977)"...The World as We Know't." (1982)Green Brother (1982)Mary Margaret Road-Grader (1976)Save a Place in the Lifeboat for Me (1976)Horror, We Got (1979)Man-Mountain Gentian (1983)God's Hooks! (1982)Heirs of the Perisphere (1985)

The Barefoot Book of Animal Tales from Around the World

Naomi Adler - 2006
    Each of the stories in this collection features different animals and each comes from a different culture. Funny, exciting and thought-provoking, Naomi Adler's retellings reflect her mastery of storytelling. Amanda Hall's beautiful and playful illustrations and borders capture the traditional motifs of each culture. The anthology combined with our new Animal Tales Audio Book CD makes a distinctive gift for animal lovers of any age.Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 9/1/2006 Pages: 80 Reading Level: Age 4 and Up

Trouble: Stories

Patrick Somerville - 2006
    In “Puberty,” Brandon takes the matter of his reticent hormones into his own hands. In “English Cousin,” Terry’s enigmatic relative arrives, looking to learn about love, stateside. And in “The Future, the Future, the Future,” Dan’s carefully planned life falters when he sees his wife kissing her boss. Trouble explodes with wicked humor, exuberant braininess, and unforgettable style.

Two-Handed Engine: The Selected Stories of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore

Henry Kuttner - 2006
    Moore ever published. It features a frontispiece by Richard Powers, and an introduction by the book’s editor, David Curtis. The stories, ranging from across their entire career, include: Shambleau, The Graveyard Rats, Mimsy Were the Borogoves, Vintage Season, Private Eye, and more.Contents7 • Introduction (Two-Handed Engine) • (2005) • essay by David Curtis9 • Shambleau • [Northwest Smith] • (1933) • novelette by C. L. Moore39 • The Graveyard Rats • (1936) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner47 • A Gnome There Was • (1941) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]75 • The Twonky • (1942) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]99 • Compliments of the Author • (1942) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]137 • Mimsy Were the Borogoves • (1943) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]173 • Shock • (1943) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]191 • Reader, I Hate You! • (1943) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner207 • The World Is Mine • [Gallegher] • (1943) • novelette by Henry Kuttner [as by Lewis Padgett ]243 • When the Bough Breaks • (1944) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]271 • The Cure • (1946) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]285 • The Code • (1945) • novelette by C. L. Moore [as by Lawrence O'Donnell ]331 • Line to Tomorrow • (1945) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]345 • Clash by Night • [Keeps • 1] • (1943) • novella by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lawrence O'Donnell ]407 • Ghost • (1943) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner425 • The Proud Robot • [Gallegher] • (1943) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]463 • Nothing But Gingerbread Left • (1943) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]483 • No Woman Born • (1944) • novelette by C. L. Moore533 • Housing Problem • (1944) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]549 • What You Need • (1945) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]565 • Absalom • (1946) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]581 • Call Him Demon • (1946) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Keith Hammond ]607 • Daemon • (1946) • shortstory by C. L. Moore633 • Vintage Season • (1946) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lawrence O'Donnell ]681 • The Dark Angel • (1946) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]697 • Before I Wake • (1945) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner (variant of Before I Wake . . .)715 • Exit the Professor • [Hogben • 2] • (1947) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]731 • The Big Night • (1947) • novelette by Henry Kuttner [as by Hudson Hastings ]763 • A Wild Surmise • (1953) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore775 • Don't Look Now • (1948) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner789 • Private Eye • (1949) • novelette by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Lewis Padgett ]821 • By These Presents • (1953) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner835 • Home Is the Hunter • (1953) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore847 • Or Else • (1953) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore [as by Henry Kuttner ]857 • Year Day • (1953) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner871 • A Cross of Centuries • (1958) • shortstory by Henry Kuttner885 • Two-Handed Engine • (1955) • novelette by C. L. Moore and Henry Kuttner

Samantha's Short Story Collection

Valerie Tripp - 2006
    Samantha Parkington's wealthy grandmother is raising her to be a proper young lady. But as America begins a new century, Samantha encounters new ideas that don't always match Grandmary's old-fashioned ways. What should Samantha believe? Her adventures strengthen her generous, kind spirit as she dares to make a difference. The collection includes "Looking Back" essays and a ribbon bookmark.

Firebirds Rising: An Anthology of Original Science Fiction and Fantasy

Sharyn November - 2006
    This star-studded follow-up to the acclaimed "Firebirds" contains riveting, original stories by some of today's masters of science fiction and fantasy, including Fancesca Lia Block, Alan Dean Foster, Diana Wynne Jones, and Tanith Lee.

Kowalski's in Love and Other Stories: Kowalski's in Love, Man Catch, Sacrificial Lion, Operation Northwoods, and Success of a Mission

James Rollins - 2006
    Joe Kowalski, a naval seaman, is best described as someone with the heart of a hero but lacking the brainpower to go with it. So how does Seaman Joe Kowalski end up being recruited by such an illustrious team as Sigma Force? As they say, dumb luck is better than no luck at all. Other Stories Man Catch by Christopher Rice Rice's consistent focus over the course of his novels has been on the complex relationships that develop between straight and gay characters drawn together by a shared trauma. The Snow Garden focused on the murderous deceits that threaten a close friendship between a straight, woman and a gay man. Light Before Day centered on the parental relationship that developed between a bestselling mystery novelist and his gay assistant. This same theme can be found here in Man Catch, where a young woman's sudden discovery of a loved one's closeted homosexuality brings a rain of violence down onto a tightly knit family unit. Sacrificial Lion by Grant Blackwood In Sacrificial Lion, Blackwood introduces Henry Caulder, a British spymaster who slips into cold war East Berlin on an impossible mission. The fate of Europe, and perhaps the world, hangs in the balance. But Sacrificial Lion is not just a tale of espionage, it's also a legacy of sorts, for Henry Caulder is the grandfather of Blackwood's newest hero, Sam Caulder. Operation Northwoods by James Grippando Grippando prides himself on his research, and threw himself into all things Cuban when researching the thriller, Hear No Evil. At the time it was impossible to speak to anyone about the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay without the problem of the detainees dominating the conversation. It was then that Grippando came across a forty-year-old plan?Operation Northwoods? which, in the hands of someone with an extremely devious mind, could cause a mountain of trouble. In Operation Northwoods, Jack and his colorful sidekick, Theo Knight, find themselves in the heat of a controversy after an explosion at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?an explosion that rocks the world. Success of a Mission by Dennis Lynds Both a literary and suspense novelist, Dennis Lynds is credited with bringing the detective novel into the modern age then, twenty years later?in the 1980s?introducing literary techniques that propelled the genre into its current dynamic form. Iconoclastic, witty and generous, sadly Lynds died August 19, 2005, at the age of eighty-one. Success of a Mission was first published in 1968. The story is still relevant today in both its triumph and its tragedy.

Rabbit Punches: Stories

Jason Ockert - 2006
    Whether it's Alston Goldstein ferrying drugs around Florida on his yellow moped, a young man fighting his entire neighborhood to find a suitable husband for his pregnant sister, or a man preparing to arm wrestle Jesus, these 13 stories hinge on the interplay between middle-class normality and capricious heroes, transporting readers to a tenderly evoked world where the real and the absurd at last make peace. This fictional masterpiece is for readers who love Americana, root for the underdog, and delight in the approach of the next great voice in southern eccentricity.

The Popular Girl

F. Scott Fitzgerald - 2006
    Yet no sooner have they met than her drunken father dies unexpectedly, leaving her impoverished. Too ashamed to admit to Scott her desperate state, she instead creates a fanciful world full of parties and holidays, friends and suitors, to convince him she is still the popular girl he first met. However, as her charade grows ever more fragile, she endangers their friendship and her very hope of salvation. Fitzgerald's beautifully drawn exploration of the interdependency of love and money captures in perfect detail the concerns that pervade so many of his stories.

The Complete Tales of Merry Gold

Kate Bernheimer - 2006
    This seamstress—the eldest and meanest of the three Gold sisters—possesses a tarnished past and faces a bleak and lonely future. Guilty about her destructive desires and longing for innocence, her inner turmoil and explosive imagination belie a disarming honesty. A sequel to The Complete Tales of Ketzia Gold, the novel follows Merry from her suburban childhood through design school and a whirlwind of lovers, and into a desolate adulthood. Beginning with a toy seal and ending with mushrooms, this fairy tale set in modern times creeps through cruelty and violence to its inevitable end. Reminiscent of a miniature, fragile ice sculpture, The Complete Tales of Merry Gold glistens with hard-hearted bliss. Kate Bernheimer has once again delved into the internal anguish of the Gold family to extract a magical, carefully stitched tale of strange and happy fear.

Awake in the Dark

Shira Nayman - 2006
    These luminous stories portray the contemporary lives of the children of Holocaust victims and perpetrators as they struggle with the legacy of their parents -- their questions of identity, family, and faith. "Awake in the Dark" is peopled by characters embarking on journeys of self-discovery; they unearth the past and the secrets that shaped them. In "The House on Kronenstrasse," a woman returns to Germany to find her childhood home; in "The Porcelain Monkey," the shocking origins of an Orthodox Jewish woman's faith are revealed; in "The Lamp," the harrowing experiences of a young woman leave her with the perfect daughter and a strange light; and in "Dark Urgings of the Blood," a patient is convinced that she shares a disturbing history with her psychiatrist.Rendered in clear, unaffected prose, Shira Nayman's powerful and heartbreaking collection explores the burden of history. "Awake in the Dark" is an illuminating and startling book about the disguises we don, the secrets we keep, and the consequences of our silences.

Hecho En Tejas: An Anthology of Texas Mexican Literature

Dagoberto Gilb - 2006
    The literature of the Lone Star State has long attracted local, regional, and national audiences and critics, yet the state's Mexican American voices have yet to receive the attention they deserve.Hecho en Tejas is a historic anthology that establishes the canon of Mexican American literature in Texas. With close to one hundred selections chosen, the book reaches back to the sixteenth-century exploration narrative of Texas's first Spanish-speaking writer, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. It features prose by Americo Paredes and Jovita Gonzalez, Rolando Hinojosa and Tomas Rivera, Estela Trambley Portillo, and Sandra Cisneros. Among the poets included in the anthology are Ricardo Sanchez, Carmen Tafolla, Angela de Hoyos, and Abelardo "Lalo" Delgado. Hecho en Tejas also includes corridos from the turn of the century and verses sung by music legends such as Lydia Mendoza and Santiago Jimenez, Sr., Freddy Fender, and Selena. In addition to these established names, already known across the United States, Hecho en Tejas introduces such younger writers as Christine Granados, Erasmo Guerra, and Tonantzin Canestaro-Garcia, the famous Tejano authors of tomorrow.In assembling this canonic reader, Dagoberto Gilb has created more than an anthology. Read cover to cover, Hecho en Tejas becomes not only a literary showcase, but also a cultural and historical narrative both for those familiar with Texas Mexicans and for outsiders. Hecho en Tejas is a mosaic portrait of the community, the land and its history, its people's sorrows and joys, anger and humor and pride, what has been assimilated and what will not be.

No Law Against Love

Deborah Macgillivray - 2006
    No Law Against Love Anthology is the launch book for Highland Press. All net profits from this project are being donated to Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention through the American Cancer Society. Writers from around the world - from published to debut authors - donated their stories to show love happens in some of the funniest places. 27 stories from Historicals, Paranormals, Contemporaries and even Futuristic Romance. Participating Authors:~ Kristi Ahlers, Cheryl Alldredge, Rekha Ambardar, Susan Barclay, Leanne Burroughs, Cissy Hassell, Patty Howell, DeborahAnne MacGillivray, Marly Mathews, Victoria Oliveri, Jacquie Rogers, Jennifer Ross, M.J. Sager, Michelle Scaplen, Kemberlee Shortland, Jeanne VanArsdall, and Diane Davis White.

Mama Learns to Drive: And Other Stories

Donald Davis - 2006
    Learning under the watchful eye of one's spouse is an added challenge