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The Happy Mutant Handbook

Mark Frauenfelder - 1995
    In the right hands, this is a delightfully subversive manual for a lifetime of fun. This is the do-it-yourself handbook for enjoying our media-saturated world by tinkering with how it works. Pulls together the kookiest and most engaging ideas from the Internet, great suggestions on "culture jamming" (a practice of co-opting the resources, messages, and brain-washing machinery of existing media, pioneered by Adbusters magazine), and generally jam-packed with loads of fun ideas and funny material. Notable contributors include Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, R.U. Sirius, Richard Kadrey, and that most prolific of all authors, Anonymous. (Editor's note: In some ways, the Happy Mutant philosophy is the cyberspawn of the behavioral shenanigans of the Dadaists, Surrealists, or the lesser-known but more interesting Situationists. )

The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows

David Schwartz - 1995
    Provides information about the packager, broadcast history, hosts, announcers, producers, and rules for over five hundred television game shows.

Countries Fly Flags: and Other Questions About People And Places

Philip Steele - 1995
    The enticing questions will amaze, amuse and inspire, while the highly visual format encourages kids to keep reading.

Our Times: The Illustrated History of the 20th Century

Daniel Okrent - 1995
    100,000 first printing.


David Alderton - 1995
    -- FamilyFun

Irish Superstitions

Dáithí Ó hÓgáin - 1995
    Here is a list of good-luck charms, spells, soothsayings and other irrational but charming and creative folk beliefs. Here we have leprechauns and sprites, ghosts, the evil eye and wise women's curses. There are charms and spells to make the crops grow, to keep cattle healthy, to ensure safe childbirth, and many other longed-for desires. Most superstitions are of pagan origin; many were overlaid with popular Christian belief.

Television Cartoon Shows: An Illustrated Encyclopedia, 1949 Through 2003, 2D Ed.

Hal Erickson - 1995
    In the decade or so since the first edition, the industry has grown and expanded to previously unimagined heights, thanks in great part to the upsurge of cable TV services catering to animation fans. In the ten-year period since the first edition, nearly 450 new cartoon series premiered in the U.S. Alphabetically arranged by title, the book discusses each cartoon show in detail, providing full production credits and offering commentary on such elements as development, characters, style, and the show s significance in the overall scheme of television animation."