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The Dresden Files Collection 7-12

Jim Butcher - 2010
    Novels 7 through 12 of the Dresden Files series in a single omnibus ebook collection.* Dead Beat* Proven Guilty* White Night* Small Favor* Turn Coat* Changes

True Blood Collection

Charlaine Harris - 2010
    She's funny and pretty and well-mannered, but she doesn't have that many close friends - mind you, that's not so surprising when you consider how few people can appreciate her abilities as a mind-reader. It's not a quality that has the guys beating down her door - well, unless they're vampires or werewolves or the like... but they're not just supernatural freaks, some of them are friends, even family...The box contains: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, Dead to the World, Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead, All Together Dead, From Dead to Worse, Dead and Gone, A Touch of Dead.

Jim Butcher Box Set #2

Jim Butcher - 2010
    Includes 1 each of Summer Knight, Death Masks, and Blood Rites

Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called

Patricia Briggs - 2010
    She also happens to be a walker, a magical being with the power to shift into a coyote at will. Mercy's next-door neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she's fixing a bus for a vampire. This is the world of Mercy Thompson, one that looks a lot like ours but is populated by those things that go bump in the night. And Mercy's connection to those things is about to get her into some serious hot water... Moon Called faithfully adapts New York Times bestselling author Patricia Briggs' first Mercy Thompson novel to comics. Prepare to see the fantastic characters and supernatural settings that have made her novels a hit with fans worldwide come to four-color life!

Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files

Jim Butcher - 2010
    The tales range from the deadly serious to the absurdly hilarious. Also included is a new, never-before-published novella that takes place after the cliff-hanger ending of the new April 2010 hardcover, Changes.Contains:+ "Restoration of Faith"+ "Vignette"+ "Something Borrowed" -- from My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding + "It's My Birthday Too" -- from Many Bloody Returns + "Heorot" -- from My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon + "Day Off" -- from Blood Lite + "Backup" -- novelette from Thomas' point of view, originally published by Subterranean Press+ "The Warrior" -- novelette from Mean Streets + "Last Call" -- from Strange Brew + "Love Hurts" -- from Songs of Love and Death + Aftermath -- all-new novella from Murphy's point of view, set forty-five minutes after the end of Changes

Moon Called, Volume 2: Issues #5-8

Patricia Briggs - 2010
    and herself? Scores are settled and secrets revealed in the thrilling climax of Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called. Collecting issues #5-8 of the series, along with an all-new, never-before-published 8-page bonus story, and a complete cover gallery.

The Very Best of Charles de Lint

Charles de Lint - 2010
    Compiling favored stories suggested by the author and his fans, this delightful treasury contains the most esteemed and beloved selections that de Lint has to offer. Innovative characters in unexpected places are the key to each plot: playful Crow Girls who sneak into the homes of their sleeping neighbors; a graffiti artist who risks everything to expose a long-standing conspiracy; a half-human girl who must choose between her village and her strange birthright; and an unrepentant trickster who throws one last party to reveal a folkloric tradition. Showcasing some of the finest offerings within the realms of urban fantasy and magical realism, this essential compendium of timeless tales will charm and inspire.Contents IntroductionIn Which We Meet Jilly Coppercorn Coyote Stories Laughter in the Leaves The Badger in the Bag And the Rafters Were Ringing Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood The Stone Drum Timeskip Freewheeling A Wish Named Arnold Into the Green The Graceless Child Winter Was Hard The Conjure Man We Are Dead Together Mr. Truepenny's Book Emporium and Gallery In the House of My Enemy The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep Crow Girls Birds Held Safe by Moonlight and Vines In the Pines Pixel Pixies Many Worlds Are Born Tonight Sisters Pal o' Mine That Was Radio Clash Old Man Crow The Fields Beyond the Fields

Novels by Laurell K. Hamilton: Cerulean Sins, Skin Trade, Flirt

Books LLC - 2010
    Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: Cerulean Sins, Skin Trade, Flirt. Source: Wikipedia. Free updates online. Not illustrated. Excerpt: Cerulean Sins is the eleventh in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of horror/mystery/erotica novels by Laurell K. Hamilton. Cerulean Sins continues the adventures of Anita Blake. In this novel, Anita continues to try to bring some order to her personal life, while simultaneously confronting a power play by Jean-Claude's vampire master, Belle Morte and attempting to solve a series of brutal killings by an unidentified shapeshifter. As with the other later novels in the series, Cerulean Sins blends elements of supernatural, detective, and erotic fiction. The meaning of the title is not apparent, but may refer at least in part to the sheets in Jean-Claude's bed, which Anita refers to several times as cerulean blue in this novel, and to the activities that occur in that bed. May also refer to Asher's eyes, which Anita describe as cerulean blue, seeing as the novel has a very Asher-oriented plotline. It was suggested by Laurell K. Hamilton that Cerulean Sins was the name of another of Jean-Claude's businesses, a store dealing in lingerie and other 'adult' products. However, this was deemed too racy for the books and eliminated before publishing. Cerulean Sins features the following major characters. Recurring characters include: Non-recurring characters include: Two werewolves that were used to track the rapist who was an alpha werewolf from a different country. The death toll in Cerulean Sins includes: Four murder victims, three women and one man. The man was running from something and his death was a message for others who had tried to hide. The other three were unrelated but by the same bad guy who died in the end after Anita received an execution...More: http: //

First Drop of Crimson

Jeaniene Frost - 2010
    But her family’s dark past is wrapped in secrets and shrouded in darkness – and a demon shapeshifter has marked Denise as prey. Now her survival depends on an immortal who craves a taste of her.He is Spade, a powerful, mysterious vampire who has walked the earth for centuries and is now duty-bound to protect this endangered, alluring human – even if it means destroying his own kind. Denise may arouse his deepest hungers, but Spade knows he must fight his urge to have her as they face the demon nightmare together…Because once the first drop of crimson falls, they will both be lost.

Night World

L.J. Smith - 2010
    The New York Time Bestseller Night World series in a set of 9 titles in 3 books.Volume One:Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, EnchantressVolume Two:Dark Angel, The Chosen, SoulmateVolume Three:Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight

God Touched

John Conroe - 2010
    Chris Gordon is a rookie with the NYPD - one with a secret. In his spare time Chris is an exorcist without equal with a gift from God. But when he saves a beautiful girl from a demonic attack, he discovers there is more to fear than just demons. Finding himself surrounded by vampires, were weasels, and facing a giant short-faced bear, Chris struggles to stay alive, all while protecting his deadly new girlfriend. And then there's her over protective vampire mother!


Gordon Andrews - 2010
    These scenes illustrate the point of view of Curran, the Beast Lord of Atlanta and are provided in gratitude to our readers for all of their support.UNICORN LANE (Magic Bites)SOUP (Magic Burns)MIDNIGHT GAMES (Magic Strikes)CONCLAVE (Magic Bleeds)

Modern Faerie Tales

Holly Black - 2010
    Fierce and independent, she drifts from place to place with her mother’s rock band until an ominous attack forces Kaye back to her childhood home. There, amid the blue-collar New Jersey backdrop, Kaye finds herself an unwilling pawn in an ancient and violent power struggle between two rival faerie kingdoms—a struggle that could very well mean her death. In Valiant, the companion to Tithe, seventeen-year-old Valerie runs away to New York City, trying to escape a life that has utterly betrayed her. Sporting a new identity, she takes up with a gang of squatters who live in the city’s labyrinthine subway system. But there’s something eerily beguiling about Val’s new friends. When one talks Val into tracking down the lair of a mysterious creature, Val finds herself torn between her affection for an honorable monster and her fear of what her new friends are becoming. In Ironside, the sequel to Tithe, the time has come for Roiben’s coronation. Uneasy in the midst of the malevolent Unseelie Court, pixie Kaye is sure of only one thing—her love for Roiben. But when Kaye drunkenly declares herself to Roiben, he sends her on a seemingly impossible quest to find a faerie who can tell a lie. Unable to see Roiben until she has fulfilled his quest, Kaye finds herself in the center of the battle of wits and weapons being waged over his throne.This omnibus combines all three books into one.

Counterfeit Magic

Kelley Armstrong - 2010
    It's hard to attract talent if they know they might not leave the ring alive. So when fighters at a California club start dying -- it's bad for business.Witch detectives Paige Winterbourne and Savannah Levine take the case. Going undercover in the power-heavy arena of the fight club is a welcome change of pace for Paige, relegated to the role of The Wife as her husband struggles to find his place in his family's Cabal--the corporate Mafia of the supernatural world.As Paige is drawn deeper into new and dangerous corners of her world, she quickly discovers the greatest threat isn't the killer in her sights. It's something much, much closer to home. And this is one fight she can't afford to lose.


Kelley Armstrong - 2010
    This novella is no longer published online but can be found in Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1"..the story filled in exactly the portion from where Derek left Chloe to when he found her again."

Deadlier...Than the Male

D. Michelle Gent - 2010
    than the male’ is set in and around Mansfield in the heart of Sherwood Forest, England and takes the reader into a dark and dangerous world where Werewolves not only exist, but exist alongside humans – undetectable until just before the human becomes the victim.Werewolves do exist and they exist alongside our society, they have their own rules and hierarchy, they hide in plain sight and have done for millennia.This is a Werewolf tale with real BITE - Twilight for grown-ups! Sometimes, the female of the species is Deadlier... than the male.

Beasts of New York

Jon Evans - 2010
    A violent, epic, action-packed urban quest full of very eccentric, often hilarious, extremely dangerous characters who also happen to be animals — the wildlife of New York City, to be exact.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter CD Collection: Micah, Danse Macabre

Laurell K. Hamilton - 2010
    In this case, the feds have a witness who died before he could speak on the record. They want him raised so his testimony can be taken. So here I am, on a plane to Philadelphia, flying off to do my job.But I’m not alone. Micah is with me. Micah, head of the St. Louis wereleopard pard. King to my Queen. The only one of my lovers who can stir my blood with just a glance from his chartreuse cat’s eyes. I was happy to have him at my side.Until he mentioned that this will be our first time alone together. No Master Vampire. No Alpha Werewolf. Just me and Micah. And all my fears and doubts…Danse Macabre:Anita Blake needs to be concentrating on a dangerous situation: The ardeur, the sexual power that flows between Anita and Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City, and Richard, the volatile werewolf who loves her passionately, is reaching new levels. But as the days pass, Anita’s less interested in vampire politics than in an ancient, ordinary dread she shares with women down the ages: She may be pregnant.


Kelley Armstrong - 2010
    This novella is no longer published online but can be found in Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1How Derek and Simon’s dad disappeared and they ended up at Lyle House.

Earth to Hell

Kylie Chan - 2010
    Emma and Simone, John's daughter, are facing a new series of threats, while their best fighter, Leo, sits in Hell. they must persuade him to come home ... but, in Hell, nothing is as it appears. On Earth, Simon Wong, the Demon King's son, is no longer around to trouble them, but his associates have taken over Simon's underworld activities. the otherworldly stones are being targeted and are in danger of their kind being completely destroyed. It seems that the Demon King is the only one Emma can turn to for help ... Praise for the Dark Heavens trilogy: 'addictive ... you won't want to put it down' 'hitch up ya britches, put on some good running shoes and get into the pace' AurealisXpress 'packed with Chinese mythology, kick-ass action and sexual tension'

Shadows of the Redwood

Gillian Summers - 2010
    Then her grandmother vanishes--and Keelie finds herself ensnared in a life-or-death battle against an ancient curse, a goblin prophecy, and a diabolical alliance.

Share Your Universe: Spider-Man

Paul Tobin - 2010
    To the media, he's a menace. To the Torino crime family, he's a possible million dollar payday. To Gwen Stacy, he's the subject of her latest school paper, and a way to become a reporter for the Daily Bugle. He's Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man.

Black Scarface

Jimmy DaSaint - 2010
    knew exactly what he wanted to be once he grew up; a man of power, wealth and respect. Being raised by his beautiful, overprotective mother Pamela, Face had set his eyes on all the finer things in life; Beautiful women, expensive cars and enough money to buy him the world on a platinum platter. By the age of 18, Face and his childhood best friend Reese were two precocious young street thugs in search of a better life, doing whatever it took to survive the mean streets of Philly until one day their luck changed. Black Scarface is a powerful, realistic tale of money, power, respect, loyalty, love and a young mans journey to become a living legend, and one of the most notorious drug kingpins in U.S history.


Sherrilyn Kenyon - 2010
    Streetwise, tough and savvy, his quick sarcasm is the stuff of legends. . .until the night when his best friends try to kill him. Saved by a mysterious warrior who has more fighting skills than Chuck Norris, Nick is sucked into the realm of the Dark-Hunters: immortal vampire slayers who risk everything to save humanity. Nick quickly learns that the human world is only a veil for a much larger and more dangerous one: a world where the captain of the football team is a werewolf and the girl he has a crush on goes out at night to stake the undead. But before he can even learn the rules of this new world, his fellow students are turning into flesh eating zombies. And he's next on the menu. As if starting high school isn't hard enough. . .now Nick has to hide his new friends from his mom, his chainsaw from the principal, and keep the zombies and the demon Simi from eating his brains, all without getting grounded or suspended. How in the world is he supposed to do that?

Born to Blood

Melanie Nowak - 2010
    Her friend Felicity is dating the son of a vampire hunter, yet has a psychic bond with one of his prey. These two girls are part of a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it. Is a vampire made by their sire, or is one simply born to blood?

Eve of Warfare

S.J. Day - 2010
    oh my.All Evangeline Hollis wants is to stay out of trouble long enough to lose the Mark of Cain, which drafted her into hunting demons for God. A former agnostic, she’s still recovering from being the latest point of contention between the two men in her life--Cain and Abel. Now she’s working for a cherub who thinks putting her undercover as a housewife is the best way to ferret out a rogue vampire hiding in an idyllic Orange County, California residential community. Eve knows when she’s being used as a pawn in the celestial political game. Now, she just has to figure out who’s the greater threat: the vampire she’s hunting, the cherub yanking her chain, or the two brothers vying to play the role of her spouse--‘til death do them part. Which in her line of work, could happen any minute...("Eve of Warfare" is a stand-alone novella, which falls after EVE OF CHAOS in the Marked series chronology.)Includes bonus content: the opening chapter of EVE OF DARKNESSREVIEWS"Exhilarating adventure in an edgy world of angels and demons... Dynamic and vibrant, Eve is an impressive protagonist, and her fierce spirit and determination to make the best of her circumstances will keep readers enthralled." -- Publishers Weekly"Day, aka multitalented author Sylvia Day, explodes onto the urban fantasy scene with a new twist on the Cain and Abel story. It’s dark, gritty and sexy to the max..."--RT BOOKreviews"Great characters and terrific storytelling in a hot-blooded adrenaline ride. A keep-you-up-all-night read." -- Patricia Briggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author (on EVE OF DARKNESS)"EVE OF DARKNESS is a sizzling, heart-pounding urban fantasy that thrilled and fascinated me from beginning to end. Eve is a smart, spirited heroine I won’t soon forget!" -- Jeri Smith-Ready, award-winning author of WICKED GAME and SHADE

Love Bites: The Beginning of the Others Bundle

Christine Warren - 2010
     Bundle includes: One Bite With a Stranger-When Regina’s friends insist on setting her up a “Fantasy Fix” to help her get over her cheating ex, she dreams up some kinky out-of-this-world encounters that they could never possibly bring to life. But the next thing Regina knows, her friends have got her laced into a shiny black corset, tight leather pants, and a sexy pair of stilettos. It’s time for some downtown vampire-fantasy fun. Big Bad Wolf- Missy Roper’s fantasies have revolved around Graham Winters since the moment they met. But the imposing leader of the Silverback werewolf clan always seemed oblivious to Missy’s existence. At least he was, until Missy collides with him at a party and then abruptly runs away—arousing Graham’s interest…and wild desires.

Heart of the Wolf, #1-3

Terry Spear - 2010
    Forced to flee her adopted gray pack when the alpha male becomes a vicious threat, she struggles to live as a lone wolf, until Devlyn, the gray male who rescued her as a pup, comes to bring her home.When a local red werewolf goes on a killing spree, Bella and Devlyn must flee the murderer, the police and their vengeful pack leader. With the full moon rising, and her heat upon her, Bella can’t resist the pull to her destined mate, even if means Devlyn will have to face the wicked alpha male in a fight to the death...Destiny of the WolfLelandi Wildhaven is determined to discover the truth about her beloved sister's mysterious death. But everyone thinks she's out to make a bid for her sister's widowed mate…Darien Silver blames himself for his mate's death. When her twin arrives in his town, he finds himself bewitched, and when someone attempts to silence her, he realizes that protecting the beautiful stranger might be the only way to protect his pack—and himself...To Tempt the WolfWildlife photographer Tessa Anderson must prove her brother innocent of murder charges. But when she discovers a gorgeous naked man barely alive on her beach, she's got a new world of troubles to deal with, not least of which is how he affects her with just a look, a touch, or a whispered word.Hunter Greymore is a lupus garou, a grey werewolf. Hoping to keep a low profile at Tessa's cabin on the coast, he's drawn into her life—and into her bed. His animal instincts war with his human half, but in the end, the only thing he can do about this fascinating, adorable woman is to leave her forever —unless she becomes one of them.


Kelley Armstrong - 2010
    This novella is no longer published online but can be found in Darkest Powers Bonus Pack 1This is the story of Tory & Simon after Chloe & Derek got off the bus.

One For the Money

Jeaniene Frost - 2010
    Things quickly go from bad to worse when details of their assignment make their way through the supernatural grapevine, and what started as a simple bodyguard job ends up being a fight for survival that neither Cat nor Bones saw coming.

Rain Dance

J.R. Rain - 2010
    It doesn't take long for Knighthorse to realize that not all is as it seems at tranquil Huntington High, from a band director who preys on the innocent to a vice-principal with a secret agenda of her own. Not to mention someone's hired a professional killer to keep Knighthorse permanently off the case.As the investigation continues, Knighthorse's personal life is shattered by the discovery of new evidence relating to his mother's unsolved murder, a murder dating back twenty years. Reeling from the discovery, a determined Jim Knighthorse sets out to bring two killers to justice.THE MUMMY CASEA Jim Knighthorse NovelPrivate investigator Jim Knighthorse (from DARK HORSE) takes on a very, very cold case. When historian Willie Clarke dies of mysteriously of dehydration in the California deserts, ex-football hero Jim Knighthorse is hired to dig a little deeper — and discovers a shocking connection to one of the West's oldest mysteries.Over a hundred years ago, an unnamed cowboy was murdered in the California desert and, due to freak weather conditions, would become mummified within twenty-four hours. Now known to the world as Sylvester the Mummy and displayed in a creepy curiosity shop, Sylvester and historian Willie Clarke will be forever linked in mystery. That is, unless private investigator Jim Knighthorse can survive long enough to untangle one of the West's greatest unsolved murders.ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDINGA Murder MysteryIt's tough being the King. Which is why in 1977 Elvis fakes his own death and endures massive facial reconstruction surgery, disappearing from the limelight to live a normal life as the unassuming Aaron King. Unfortunately, leaving fame behind also meant leaving his fortune behind, and now Elvis finds himself broke, living in near poverty in a small apartment in Los Angeles. Luckily for him, it turns out he's a pretty good private investigator. Not to mention, he misses his first love, music, and has thoughts of making a comeback. Discreetly, of course. But one thing at a time. First he has to solve a baffling missing person case, in which a young starlet, at the beginning of a promising career, has disappeared off the face of the earth.As Elvis digs deeper, he finds himself surrounded by the seedier elements of Los Angeles, from nefarious Hollywood producers who prey on the young, to twin brothers with a dark secret. Ultimately, Elvis discovers a truth almost too horrible to imagine. And through it all, Elvis Presley slowly makes his singing comeback — only to be reunited on stage with someone even the King himself never dreamed possible.**Acclaim for the Novels of J.R. Rain**"Gripping, adventurous, and romantic — J.R. Rain's The Lost Ark is a breakneck thriller that traces the thread of history from Biblical stories to current-day headlines. Be prepared to lose sleep!"—JAMES ROLLINS, international bestselling author of The Doomsday Key and Altar of Eden"I love this!"—PIERS ANTHONY, bestselling author of Xanth on J.R. Rain's Moon Dance"Dark Horse is the best book I've read in a long time!"—GEMMA HALLIDAY, Rita and Golden Spur award-winning author of Scandal Sheet

Blood and Light

Rue Volley - 2010
    This version is NO LONGER available in ebook or print.

Shadow Fox

Ashley J. Barnard - 2010
    He remembers nothing of his early childhood before the age of seven when he was abandoned in a park in St. Louis, left in an unfamiliar world that terrified him. He knows only that he is driven to learn everything he can about swordplay and sixteenth-century combat. Almost twenty years later, as he is battling a heroin addiction, suicidal tendencies and a violent affliction he doesn't understand, he is hired to teach swordplay to an enigmatic woman with secrets of her own, who somehow provides a link to his past. Then a missing journal arrives that provides many answers to Jared’s past, and in it another world is revealed, one of a Goddess, prophecies, elves, a devastating love triangle, and a war in desperate need of a hero.

The Painted Boy

Charles de Lint - 2010
    Instead, as a born member of the Yellow Dragon Clan, he is on a quest even he does not understand. Jay's journey takes him to Santo del Vado Viejo in the Arizona desert, a town overrun by gangs, haunted by members of other animal clans, perfumed by delicious food, and set to the beat of Malo Malo, a barrio rock band whose female lead guitarist captures Jay's heart. He must face a series of dangerous, otherworldly-and very human-challenges not just to survive, but to prove his worth to the clan.

Your Days Are Numbered: A Salmon & Dusk Casebook

Myke Bartlett - 2010
    THIEVES. TIME-TRAVELLERS. (REASONABLE RATES.) 'Somewhere in this city, there's a hole in history, in reality itself, and it's getting bigger. I'm the only detective in town who keeps an eye on what crawls through. Things that aren't real. Things like whatever sneaked up on you and claimed you for its own.' Kilbey Salmon has charm, a quick gob and an instinct for self-preservation. Nero Dusk has a lot of patience, a grumpy demeanour and a way with his fists. Theo Cartwright is an Australian journalist who often wonders why she spends time with either of them. In their time-travelling London cab, they scrape together a living finding things that never existed and solving crimes that never happened for people desperate enough to seek their help. Mostly, they get themselves in trouble. And when there's trouble for Salmon & Dusk, it's the strangest sort of trouble London has ever seen... For a start, there's the artist whose paintings are taking on a life of their own, there's the client wanting to solve his own murder, there's the ex-convict and his misplaced loot, and there's a sociopathic vegan hunting a stopwatch that can wind back history itself. BASED ON THE POPULAR PODCAST SERIES THE TERRIBLE BUSINESS OF SALMON & DUSK, THESE TALES ARE A GIDDY FUSION OF RAYMOND CHANDLER, DOUGLAS ADAMS AND ROCK 'N ROLL. 'It's moody London at its best, it's high concept Sci-Fi, and it's thought-provoking human literature' - review.

The Wolf House

Mary Borsellino - 2010
    Love wants. It wants like hunger and suffocation. It wants like gravity."Vampires run in packs here, and they're not easy to avoid if they want you. Bette, Jay, and their friends, other smart, talented, angry, punk musicians, artists, and high-school misfits, tangle with the Wolf House as they join with &mdash and sometimes fight against &mdash the toughest vampire hunters in town, a band called Remember the Stars, who rock the local club scene and then fight the vampire gangs after the show.Blake, the leader of the Wolf House, finds them all endlessly entertaining. They don't care what he thinks. He'll die, or they'll die trying. And one after another, they die."Everyone dies. Everything changes. Those are just the truths of the world. Everyone changes.""Electrifying. Chilling. Enthralling. Amazing. One of the truest young voices I ve ever heard, with a plot that keeps you stuck to the pages and stops the breath in your throat.. This is a writer who will go farther than perhaps even she imagines. L.J. Smith, author of "The Vampire Diaries series"Mary Borsellino 's The Wolf House introduces readers to a group of smart, hip, snarky, young friends who like to eat pizza, gossip, watch horror movies, and, oh yeah, hang out with vampires. Just your typical high school students. Nancy A. Collins, author of the "Vamps" seriesMary Borsellino is one of the up-and-coming writers of this generation, regardless of genre. As it happens, she writes some of the very best vampire fiction in the vast sea of vamplit that is out there. Narrelle Harris, author of "The Opposite of Life"Mary does characterisation like she is wielding a sympathetic, observant scalpel. Karen Healey, author of "Guardian of the Dead"

A Halloween Public Service Announcement from Monster Hunter International

Larry Correia - 2010
    Chief PrimeLine reporter, Leslie Bing, after learning of the existence of monsters was committed to educating the public about their dangers. Mr. Bing’s original plan was to broadcast the interviews as a series of public service announcements before Halloween. However, the tapes were later seized by an unnamed federal agency and the staff of PrimeLine was admonished to never speak of monsters publically. The only thing that remains from these conversations are the transcripts of the original un-edited PSA footage, presented here for the first time.

Deceiver's Game

Tim LaHaye - 2010
    The New York Times and USA Today best-selling series that has sold over 63 million copies will now be available in a four-volume Collectors Edition. With three books in each volume, this is the perfect way to revisit the series that captured your imagination or discover it for the first time. Volume I, Rapture's Witness, contains Left Behind, Tribulation Force, and Nicolae. Volume II, Deceiver's Game, contains Soul Harvest, Apollyon, and Assassins.

Presence: Wolf Moon

Charity Becker - 2010
    Between her private eye gig, a rash of unexplained and debilitating health issues, and her duties to Presence--an underground society of psychic investigators and practitioners--Mina barely has time to deal with her screwed-up private life. Time is running out for the little ones, and Mina knows it. Frustrated with her lack of leads, Mina becomes careless, endangering Presence and thrusting herself into a war between Lycans she doesn t trust and the people who fear, hate, and hunt them. Now Mina must decide who to side with, knowing if she chooses wrong, the missing children won t be the only ones to lose."

Gemini Rising

Louann Carroll - 2010
    Every six thousand years the tenth planet crosses Earth's solar system spreading death and destruction. During its latest crossing Kate and Ryan Kelly learn to survive a post-apocalyptic Earth.Sent to help sustain Earth, Noah, a member of the intergalactic counsel, joins with Kate, the chosen recorder of the end of days. One woman, and one offworlder collide with the ambiguous Light becoming humanities salvation. Out of tragedy is born a love that forever changes mankind.

The Demon's Apprentice

Ben Reeder - 2010
    What is all too real to him are the 8 years he’s just spent enslaved to the demon Count, to whom his father traded him for power and riches—and the vicious battle he’s just waged to win his freedom.Chance doesn’t get to enjoy his idyllic suburban life for long before the mystical underworld he’s just escaped comes calling. As much as he wishes he could ignore it, Chance knows in his heart that he is the only one who can track down the murderer of his new friend and mentor, Sydney Chomsky.Suspected by the police and hunted by the Wizards' Conclave, Chance discovers dark secrets in every corner of his new life and quickly learns he can’t go it alone. Only an unlikely alliance with Alexis Cooper, head cheerleader and most popular girl in school, can help him survive the confrontation with an unexpected foe. To bring his mentor’s killer to justice, Chance will have to fight evil on its own terms, and discover whether that makes him a hero…or a monster.

Moonlight Bleu

Renee Rearden - 2010
    Her shrink isn't helping, the nightmares come every time she closes her eyes, and the lack of sleep is interfering with her job at Sacred Heart Hospital. With her psychic ability to heal the human spirit on the fritz, her auric radar becomes as reliable as her spotty cell phone service. By day, Dhelis Guidry works as a detective for the new Angeles Police Department investigating the missing or murdered women in the Full-Moon Killer case. In his spare time he hunts rogue vampires as a Tueri executioner. Brogan Vincent is a Tueri healer. Though he could offer his miraculous talents to the rich and powerful, he has chosen anonymity and peace by only using his psychic abilities among the Tueri. One look into Saari's tri-colored eyes and both men realize she is Tueri. One touch tells them each she's their soul mate. But can either of them protect her from the Full-Moon Killer?

A Plague on All Houses

Dana Fredsti - 2010
    But neither are what they appear to be...In the space of one day the world has gone topsy-turvy. A viral outbreak is bringing the dead to life. Ashley discovers strength and abilities she never dreamed she had when she becomes drawn into the struggle against the walking dead as part of an elite zombie hunting unit. Her new squad leader? Gabriel, who is shouldering more than a few secrets of his own. Between fighting with zombies and fighting with Gabriel, Ashley is about to learn the true meaning of drop-dead gorgeous.

Mercy, A Gargoyle Story

Misty Paquette / Misty Provencher - 2010
    She has the ability to take over the entire Gargoyle Kingdom, if she is willing to kill the king. However, looking to prevent takeover, Truce transforms Madeline, thereby granting her the ability to achieve the thing she wants most—death—if she can just find the human recipient for the Gargoyle Gift that she now has to give. It should be easy.But lives, whether they are lived or not, are seldom simple, and Madeline’s past still stands in her way. Now, only a voyeur in the life of The Boy with the Golden Rod Voice, Madeline’s must reconcile her own life and death, if she ever hopes to have free reign of her soul.

Children of the Lost Moon

Gabrielle Blue - 2010
    A new fencing coach promises to make her Olympic dream a reality. However, he is not what he seems and she finds her life taking a bizarre, dangerous turn as she is thrust headlong into a war between two impossible, mythical species, one bent on destroying the human race, the other determined to protect it.

Primal Thirst

Kent Holloway - 2010
    Obadiah "Jack" Jackson has hunted plenty of dangerous creatures over the years. But he finds a lot more than he bargained for when he travels to Malaysia to save a beautiful missionary and her village from being ravaged by ghoulish, blood-feeding monsters straight from local legend...creatures known as the jenglot...creatures that are very dangerous, elusive, and intelligent. But that's the least of Jack's troubles. It seems that the blood-crazed cryptids aren't the only ones bent on using Jack as their favorite chew toy. Other denizens of the Malaysian jungles have their sights set on him as well including a local witchdoctor threatened by the missionary's message of hope and a mysterious guerrilla leader who appears to have a dark and secret agenda. Jack and his team must keep their wits about them to escape the jenglot and discover the answers to the deep mysteries surrounding their existence.


Karen Chance - 2010
     This captivating tattoo theme surrounds each author's popular characters and worlds: Karen Chance's war mage Lia de Croissets, Marjorie M. Liu's demon-hunter Maxine Kiss, Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld Intelligence Agency operative Camille D'Artigo, and Eileen Wilk's Lupi world.

Of Course I Try

Seleste deLaney - 2010
    Unless you don't get a choice in the matters of your own heart.Jocelyn has loved Max since the day she met him. Even when he scares her enough to leave, she can't resist going back. No matter how many times she tries to break free from him, she ends up in his arms and bed again. Not this time. Jocelyn needs to be free, and Max isn't going to stop her from walking away -- no matter how hard he tries.

World's End

Tim LaHaye - 2010
    Armageddon--The scattered Trib Force is drawn toward the Middle East as history homes in on the battle of the ages. Who will be left standing when the battle leaves the Trib Force on the brink of the end of time and the Glorious Appearing? Glorious Appearing--Antichrist has assembled the armies of the world for what he believes will be his ultimate triumph of the ages. Believers look to the heavens for the Glorious Appearing of Christ as the world stands on the brink of eternity.

Hunters (The Lazarus Series)

C.J. Baker - 2010
    In the lawless warren of streets known as Thirteen Points, a brave group of young men and women called the Hunters roam, keeping the citizens safe from the vampire gangs. There is an uneasy understanding between the Hunters and the gangs; they are allowed to hunt and fight in order to keep the vampire population under control. Now a rogue vampire is breaking the Law and purposefully and brutally slaying the Hunters one by one, looking to put them out of business for good. Both the Hunters and the vampires want to stop the killer, before it's too late. Caught in the middle of this war is Carmen Vega, a sexy, tough Hunter with anger issues, a painful past and a death wish. When she meets Post, a mysterious man who seems to be everything she ever wanted, she's immediately swept away in a rush of desire. But Post isn't what he seems, and just might know more about the murders of her friends than she could ever have guessed...Full of steamy hot romance, betrayal, action, horror and the sweet taste of the forbidden, "Hunters" brings you into the world of Lazarus, where nothing is as it seems...and death and true love stalk the streets of Thirteen Points.

Otherworld Primer

Kelley Armstrong - 2010
    Graphic Novella. Written by Kelley Armstrong. Art by Jorge Correa Jr. Cover and concept design by Brett Booth. Edited by Derek Ruiz. This graphic novella serves as an introduction to the Otherworld featured in Kelley's novels, and is narrated by Savannah Levine.

Scary Kisses

Liz Grzyb - 2010
    Edited by Liz Grzyb.On the menu is a tasty selection of heroines and heroes: time travellers, vampires, zombies, ghosts, witches, trapped spirits, dragons, wizards, monsters, even cartoons. From sweet to sexy, these stories will seduce. ContentsThe Anstruther Woman, Nicole R. Murphy Fade Away, Ian NicholsBread and Circuses, Felicity DowkerBlack Widow, Shona HuskThe February Dragon, Angela Slatter and L.L. HannettGrowing Silence, Matt TigheThe Hidden One, Astrid CooperA Darker Shade of Pale, David BofingerThe Valley, Martin LivingsCursebreaker: the Welsh Widow and the Wandering Wooer, Kyla WardHeat, Donna Maree HansonPhaedra, Bruce GoldenDate with a Vampire, Annette BackshallPride and Tentacles, D C White


Sherry D. Ficklin - 2010
    Can Grace find the strength to protect the box? Can she control her powers before losing her mind?

The Old Races: Year of Miracles

C.E. Murphy - 2010
    Caught in their ancient and complex bond, Sarah glimpses the world as it might be......and her choices will ravage a city. This is the story of London burning in 1666--the Year of Miracles.

The Markhat Files

Frank Tuttle - 2010
    Instead he gets a case that will bring him face to fang with crazed, blood-craving halfdead, a trio of vengeful Troll warriors, and Mama Hog’s unpredictable brand of backstreet magic. Oh, and the possible resurgence of the Troll War that nearly wiped humanity out a decade ago. Through Rannit’s narrow alleys and mean streets, Markhat runs to stay one step ahead of disaster, all the while ignoring Mama Hog’s dire warnings that this time, the head that rolls could be his own!Dead Man’s Rain Markhat is a finder by trade, charged with the post-war task of tracking down missing sons and fathers who’d fought in the War but remained missing after the Truce. But now it’s ten years on after the war, and about all he’s finding is trouble. This time, trouble comes in the form of a rich widow with a problem. Her dearly departed husband, Ebed Merlat, keeps ambling back from the grave for nocturnal visits. Markhat saw a lot during the war, but he’s never seen anyone, rich or poor, rise from the grave and go tromping around the landscape. But for the right price, he’s willing to look into it. As a storm gathers and night falls, Markhat finds darker things than even murder lurk amid the shadows of House Merlat.

Temperature: Dead + Rising

Adam Santo - 2010
    While driving friends through a mountainous state park in Colorado, 26-year-old Sally Mertill loses control of her car. The crash is fatal to all, including Sally, but her body is thrown free of the burning wreck, and her autopsy at the understaffed Colorado Springs morgue is delayed. Centuries-old Bocnic "Bo" Drewings, who belongs to a clan of powerful undead sorcerers, finds her there and explains that a Wakening ritual, performed by mysterious Powers-That-Be, has returned her to life. For the time being, her body thinks it's alive and still craves food and sex, although Bo assures her that those urges will stop. Later, after Sally jumps from Bo's car, he teaches her healing magic. Soon Bo discovers that The Cross-religious militants bent on exterminating supernatural beings-are hunting Sally, and he brings her to a reservation of undead people, where a shaman uncovers an important secret about her. Santo provides excellent descriptions of magic. He also brings sexy humor to a genre that sometimes takes itself too seriously; after Bo traps her in golden handcuffs, Sally pulls him in for "a deep kiss with longing written across her lips."


Eric Dontigney - 2010
    In another time, he would have been revered and feared as a wizard. In an age of technological miracles, the world has no need of his services. When a dangerous messenger arrives with orders from the ancient and unimaginably powerful Lords and the Ladies, though, Samuel Branch has no choice but follow the trail of a rising darkness. To complicate matters, when the sister of a friend-turned-enemy goes missing, an old lover resurfaces demanding that he intervene. When it all comes down, Samuel Branch may find that a rising darkness is the least of his problems.

Stormwinter (Stormwinter, #1)

Jeremy Vineyard - 2010
    Masha with agrandmother who summons earthquakes and silences storms, and Thomaswith a thirst for adventure. When their neighbor is kidnapped by adark stranger, they follow her into a world where sleep, dreams,winter, the weather, and wishes are realized as characters in an epicadventure.Along their journey they encounter the King of Sleep, theQueen of Winter, underground palaces, windswept deserts, ancienttreasures, airships, ruined cities, creatures of stone that come tolife, a woman who controls the weather, a knife that cuts through time,underground creatures obsessed with soup, and the semi-immortal Sun King.


Alisa Krasnostein - 2010
    … While there is a theme–the suburban part–each story felt unique and different so that I didn’t really know what to expect with each story. … There’s a lot of diversity here–from alternate history to horror to metaphoric fiction–but at the same time you felt it was rooted in suburban Australia.Charles Tan, Bibliophile Stalker

The Halfling's Court: A Bad-Ass Faerie Tale

Danielle Ackley-McPhail - 2010
    the gleam of black leather... The shine of polished chrome... the freedom of the open road.... Motorcycles meet magic and mayhem as Lance Cosain, the halfling leader of The Wild Hunt MC, protects his turf and his people from attacks ordered by Dair na Scath, the high king of the fae. Holding his own against rogue fae, redcaps, and the gremlins of the road, all Lance wants to do is settle down with his lady. Instead he goes toe-to-toe with the high king's champion over an ancient dagger and the claim to a throne. Who will triumph? The king of the road or the king of the realm? Either way, the Hunt is on! Based on the stories "At the Crossroads" and "Within the Guardian Bell" from the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries Anthology Series.

Flash of Dark

Sara Brookes - 2010
    My name is Ana Sullivan and I’m one of those things that go bump in the night…As a member of the immortal Tuatha Dé Danann, Ana was sent to the human realm three hundred and fifty years ago by the Fae council to keep tabs on the self-banished High King. Once a Celtic god with a talent for stealing souls, she does her best to keep her life on as even of a keel as possible, despite the fact that her best friend, Lucas Edwards, is a vampire. Keep as low a profile as you can, that’s Ana’s motto while she’s here. After all, she can live vicariously though Lucas.Her tranquil life is thrown into a tailspin when an incident outside of her club points to her as the prime suspect in a high profile murder. As if that wasn’t enough trouble, handsome, rich and a media darling, Stark Grantham walks into her life she can see her peace and calm being chipped away one precious chunk at a time. Not to mention, Stark’s very, very human, as high profile as they come and everything Ana’s spent her life trying to avoid.Given Ana’s Fae ability, a toxic touch that can be lethal to mortals, will his choice to be with Ana cost Stark his life?