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The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

Nintendo - 2011
    This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more! Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer of Donkey Kong, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto, this book is crammed full of information about the storied history of Link's adventures from the creators themselves! As a bonus, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia includes an exclusive comic by the foremost creator of The Legend of Zelda manga - Akira Himekawa!

The Art of Alice: Madness Returns

Dave Marshall - 2011
    Eleven years later, McGee returns with a sequel just as groundbreaking as his critically acclaimed classic - Alice: Madness Returns!Just in time for Alice: Madness Returns, Dark Horse and Spicy Horse Games invite Alice fans to take a journey through the wonderland of American McGee's imagination for an unprecedented look at this creation of this magnificent and disturbing world. Featuring an introduction by McGee, The Art of Alice: Madness Returns offers an intimate look into the stunning and terrifying artwork behind this blockbuster reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll's enduring masterpiece.

The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy

Yoshitaka Amano - 2011
    Each hardcover book in The Sky Slipcased Edition is 11 5/8" high by 10 5/8" wide, and printed on glossy stock. Volume 1 contains Amano's work for Final Fantasy I-III, Volume 2 his contributions for Final Fantasy IV-VI, and Volume 3 features his art for Final Fantasy VII-X. The elegant slipcase containing The Sky I, II, and III features the same wraparound exterior artwork as The Sky Boxed Set, with a double-hinged flap that folds around the open edge and is held flat to the back side with a hidden magnetic closure, making it easy both to remove the books and to display the set closed.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Prima Official Game Guide

David Hodgson - 2011
    Plus, complete information on all 18 skill trees and detailed information on cooking, farming, and mining.

Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version Volume 1: The Official Pokemon Strategy Guide

Pokémon Company International - 2011
    Welcome to the Unova region, Pokémon Trainer—prepare to be amazed by the Pokémon you'll discover here!Over 150 brand-new Pokémon await you in the latest incredible Pokémon adventure! And this strategy guide will introduce to you:• A complete walkthrough that includes all the new Pokémon you'll meet, every Trainer you'll face, and each challenge you'll need to overcome!• A must-have primer for Pokémon training that will get you ready to battle in the Unova region!• Detailed maps of all the towns, cities, and places you'll go on your adventure, including a full map of the Unova region.• All the places where you can change your Pokémon into powerful forms!• Bonus poster inside!Whether you're a seasoned Trainer or on  your first adventure in the world of Pokémon, you'll find excitement like you've never encountered before when you explore the Unova region and its new wonders!

Pokemon: Black White Handbook

Scholastic Inc. - 2011
    Handbooks, sticker books, create & trace, readers, and more.Come meet the newest, coolest Pokemon! Ash and his friends are entering a new region with over 100 all-new Pokemon. Get the latest stats and facts in this exclusive handbook, which includes info on two amazing Legendary Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom.This book is a must-have for Pokemon fans of all ages!

The Legend of Zelda Box Set

Akira Himekawa - 2011
    A boy named Link sets out on a quest to deliver the Emerald, the spiritual stone of the forest, to Zelda, Princess of the land of Hyrule. The journey will be long and perilous, and Link will need all his skill and courage to defeat evil. The battle for Hyrule and the Sacred Realm has begun!

Halo: Fall of Reach - Covenant

Brian Reed - 2011
     © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, 343 Industries, the 343 Industries Logo, Halo, the Halo logo, Xbox, Xbox 360, and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

Dark Souls: Design Works

M. Kirie Hayashi - 2011
    Showcasing the grim and chilling artwork behind the fan-favorite Dark Souls game in a gorgeous hardcover collection, Dark Souls: Design Works features key visuals, concept art, character & monster designs, rough sketches, and an exclusive interview with the game's creators.

The Books of Skyrim

Brian Chapin - 2011
    A digital collection of all of the books that can be found and read in the epic game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Portal 2: Lab Rat

Ted Kosmatka - 2011
    This comic, made available online about two weeks before Portal 2's release, includes Wicklund's art contrasted against Oeming's own style and layout along with an overall story written by Ted Kosmatka. The artists worked with the game's writers, Laidlaw, Faliszek, Wolpaw, Pinkerton and team leader Josh Weir, to tie the comic's story to the plot of Portal 2.

Sonic Genesis

Ian Flynn - 2011
    But when the evil Dr. Eggman enacts a plan to restart all of time and space, our hero must journey through a whole new world to correct all of reality!New and old fans alike can jump right into Sonic's most amazing adventure to date with the mega-hit mini-series that rocked the comic world!This collection features the complete "Sonic Genesis" epic plus never before seen special features.

The Art of Skyrim

Bethesda - 2011
    The official concept art book sold with the Collector's Edition of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."

Valve Presents Volume 1: The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories

Valve - 2011
    Now, Valve joins with Dark Horse to bring three critically acclaimed, fan-favorite series to print, with a collection of comics from the worlds of Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and Portal. With over two hundred pages of story, Valve Presents: The sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories is a must-read for fans looking to further explore the games they love or comics readers interested in dipping their toes into new mythos!

Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive

Tsuyashi Kudou - 2011
    Inside you'll find character, vehicle, and weapon designs, location illustrations, promotional art, rough sketches and much more. The book also includes detailed background information about the game's characters and history, plus plenty of creator commentary and interviews.

Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia

Ubisoft Entertainment - 2011
    A must-have for fans new to the game world as well as those who have been fascinated with the series since day one.This encyclopedia features new information and amazing artwork, updated content from the upcoming monster Assassin’s Creed III game and upcoming graphic novel Assassin’s Creed: The Chain.Initially intended as an art book, the project gathered so much material that Ubiworkshop decided to expand it into an encyclopedia.Artists like Craig Mullins, Tavis Coburn, 123Klan, Gabz, James NG, David Alvarez and many others were given free reign to draw an Assassin from the period and style of their choice, of which the artworks were included in the Encyclopedia. There was also a "cartes blanches" section that featured artwork by other professional artists and fans of the series.A Black Edition was released with the Animus Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.A White Edition was released through UbiWorkshop and with the Ultimate Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.A Second Edition was released in October 2012 to coincide with the release of Assassin's Creed III. The Second Edition features 120 new pages of content that include information on Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and Assassin's Creed: The Chain along with new cartes blanches.A Third Edition was released in October 2013 to coincide with the release of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. The Third Edition contains over 390 pages of content revised and updated with information from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed: Brahman.The Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia is divided into four sections:1) Factions2) Story3) Characters4) Places

Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide

Piggyback - 2011
    • A dedicated Side Quests chapter presents all side missions, random encounters and all additional optional activities with a checklist to reach 100% completion • The Walkthrough features annotated area maps with step-by-step action on the left-hand page and expanded strategies and advanced tactics on the right • The Strategy & Analysis chapter focuses on high-level playing strategies and in-depth analysis of the game’s underlying mechanics. • All-encompassing Inventory chapter features exhaustive lists and tables covering: weapons, armor, accessories, special items, shops, runes, crafting, consumables and gifts • All-encompassing Bestiary chapter presents all details on: enemy ranks, locations, attributes, resistances, loot drops and more • A feature-packed Extras chapter covers every Achievement, every Trophy, every Secret and also presents a Dragon Age encyclopaedia and a story recap

Hardcoregaming101.Net Presents: The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures

Kurt Kalata - 2011
    A huge step beyond the text-oriented games that preceded it, the genre took the world by storm, and proved immensely popular with computers over the next decade. A combination of storytelling and puzzle solving, they provided the ability to explore a world and experience a narrative without the need for twitchy reflexes demanded of arcade games. This nearly comprehensive book includes reviews for over 250 games from the golden age of the graphic adventure genre, running from 1984 to roughly 2000, focusing on promiminent publishers such as: -LucasArts (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango) -Sierra On-Line (King's Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight) -Legend (Spellcasting, Eric the Unready, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon) -And several other popular and not-so-popular series and games (Zork, Myst, Broken Sword, The Longest Journey, Simon the Sorcerer, The Last Express, and dozens of others) -Also includes interviews with several adventure game developers, including Al Lowe (creator of Leisure Suit Larry), Corey Cole (creator of Quest for Glory), Bob Bates (founder of Legend Entertainment) and Josh Mandel (writer and designer for Sierra).

Guinness World Records 2011: Gamer's Edition

Guinness World Records - 2011
    Pick up the completely updated "Guinness World Records, Gamer's Edition 2011" and learn all about amazing computer and video-game record breakers from around the world. You'll find out the highest scores, biggest tournaments, largest cash prizes and most successful games ever. It is packed with thousands of high scores and records, a round-up of key events of the video-gaming year - including reviews of new releases, new consoles and the major tournaments - along with detailed game strategies, interviews with professionals, tips and cheats to improve your play, league tables, bizarre facts and incredible video game trivia.

Halo: The Art of Building Worlds

Martin Robinson - 2011
    Charting the glorious decade that spans Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo: Reach, Halo: The Great Journey is a lavish and spectacular review of ten years of groundbreaking game art brought together in one place as never before. Halo: The Great Journey is the ultimate gallery of the Halo universe - from characters to weapons and much more; with sketches and concept art by acclaimed artists such as Ashley Wood, the detailed interiors and sweeping landscapes of Alex Chu, and Frank Capezzuto's breathtaking spacescapes. In addition there is art from Halo: Legends - the anime DVD - book covers, comic pages, marketing images and more; plus an introduction from "the face of Halo," Frank O'Connor. A celebration of visual splendor - from the Spartans themselves to the breathtaking vistas of dawn breaking on an alien world - Halo: The Great Journey is dramatic, grandiose and utterly awesome.

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3d: Prima Official Game Guide

John Chance - 2011
    • Never get lost with maps of Hyrule and its treacherous dungeons!• No enemy can stop you with our expert strategies—including every boss!• Solutions for every puzzle, both in Hyrule and all dungeons.• Locations revealed for all Heart Containers, Gold Skulltulas, secret grottoes, and more.• Detailed information on unlocking and completing the challenging Master Quest.• Bonus Poster!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids - 2011
    Your feet have 500,000 sweat glands. Ninety-nine percent of people can t lick their elbows (but 90 percent of the people who read this will try). These weird-but-true facts are just one way National Geographic Kids magazine excites readers about the world. Covering everything from animals to science, history to kid-related trends, and archaeology to pop culture in 10 issues per year, NG Kids engages readers with the information they need to understand the world in a fun, easy-to-read format. Our lively design, fascinating photographs, and crisp writing will turn today s curious kids into tomorrow s smart and savvy leaders.

Pokemon Black Version & Pokemon White Version Collector's Edition: The Official Pokemon Strategy Guide & Unova Pokedex with Removable Front-cover Lenticular

Pokémon Company International - 2011
    Welcome to the Unova region, Pokémon Trainer—prepare to be amazed by the Pokémon you'll discover here!Over 150 brand-new Pokémon await you in the latest incredible Pokémon adventure! And this strategy guide will introduce to you:• A complete walkthrough that includes all the new Pokémon you'll meet, every Trainer you'll face, and each challenge you'll need to overcome!• A must-have primer for Pokémon training that will get you ready to battle in the Unova region!• Detailed maps of all the towns, cities, and places you'll go on your adventure, including a full map of the Unova region.• All the places where you can change your Pokémon into powerful forms!• Collector's edition special content—get the Unova Pokédex here first!• The Collector's Edition Official Pokémon Strategy Guide & Unova Pokédex includes the complete Unova Region Pokédex, a Removable lenticular mini-poster, and each book is individually numbered!Whether you're a seasoned Trainer or on your first adventure in the world of Pokémon, you'll find excitement like you've never encountered before when you explore the Unova region and its new wonders!

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - The Complete Official Guide - Collector's Edition

Piggyback - 2011
    Story” section• Essential 2-sided Map Poster (26" X 39.5") gives you a much-needed overview of the vast game area• From the same team that brought you the highly acclaimed guides to Assassin’s Creed III, Revelations, Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed II.   • 100% complete: Main and side missions, optional challenges, land, sea and underwater exploration – all streamlined for 100% completion.   • All secrets: All unlockables, all bonuses, all collectible items, all hidden destinations and underwater ship wrecks, all lost treasure, all Achievements and all Trophies… you won’t miss a thing.   • Revolutionary Walkthrough: An at-a-glance walkthrough covers every step of Edward Kenway’s adventure supported by detailed, annotated screenshots and maps.   • Authoritative: Statistics, diagrams and expert analysis provide a comprehensive understanding of all game systems and features such as naval combat and navigation, Jackdaw ship upgrades and hunting.   • Story Analysis: Includes a series retrospective and breakdown of all major plot events and mysteries.   • Multiplayer Section: Packed with a wealth of insights, advanced tips and hi-res maps.   • Free Map Poster covering all locations of the entire game area.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Legacy Vol. 1

Michael Gallagher - 2011
    Sonic: Legacy collects: Sonic the Hedgehog (original mini-series) #0-3, Sonic the Hedgehog (ongoing series) #1-16.

Minecraft: Video Game Guide (Enhanced Edition)

Vook - 2011
    Download "Minecraft: Video Game Guide" and learn insider tips and tricks to help you launch yourself to a higher level of gaming starting right now. The folks at BeefJack have stacked this interactive guide with tips and video demos to help you break through. You'll get how-to to help you: Survive Your First Night Fuel Up with Wood Rule the Mob Make a House a Home . . . and more! You'll learn the skills to help you get more creative in your game play and get more satisfaction out of each gaming session. Tricks throughout will show you various ways to accomplish your mission faster, amaze your buddies and blast your co-op opponents. You ready? It's chopping time.

Batman: Arkham City Signature Series Guide

Brady Games - 2011
    The city’s criminals are being housed in the old slums of Gotham City, dubbed “Arkham City.” Although TYGER guard forces are active, violence is commonplace, and literally no one on the outside seems to care about what’s going on. Batman watches from the shadows. Something is changing inside Arkham City, and he’ll be there when things start to unravel. What will become of Arkham City and, better yet, the Batman?COMPREHENSIVE WALKTHROUGH -Follow our game-tested strategies to take down the mostdangerous thugs in Arkham City. Plus, tips for achieving stealth takedowns and more.AREA MAPS - A full complement of maps covering every area in the game makes gliding through the skies of Gotham a breeze. Important landmarks called out on every map allow for simple ease of use.SIDE MISSIONS - Learn how to trigger all 12 side missions! A number of major characters are revealed by taking part in these missions.RIDDLER’S SECRETS - Find the location of all the Riddler’s Trophies and solve all his enigmatic riddles. Area maps pinpoint the location of each hidden collectible, plus screenshots and tips for each one!RIDDLER’S CHALLENGES - Get the lowdown on the plethora of challenge rooms unlocked throughout the game. Follow our tips to earn all 3 medals for Batman in Predator and Combat mode.BONUS—CATWOMAN'S DLC EPISODES!

Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide

UDON - 2011
    Inside you'll find profiles of every major Mega Man character, including all the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1-10, Mega Man and Bass, the Mega Man Gameboy series, plus important special characters like Proto Man, Rush, Roll, Duo, and more. Each profile features classic CAPCOM artwork, and includes bios, quotes, likes and dislikes, weapons, and, of course, each Robot Master's secret weakness!

Halo: Fall of Reach - Boot Camp

Brian Reed - 2011
    Before he was Master Chief, he was John - a boy stolen from his parents and conscripted into the SPARTAN II program on the fortress world of Reach. These are desperate times in the human colonies, with galactic civil war just a heartbeat away...and only Dr. Catherine Halsey understands the terrible price humanity must pay to keep from destroying itself. Brian Reed (Spider-Man: American Son), and Felix Ruiz (MARVEL BOY: The Uranian) bring you an adaptation of the best-selling novel HALO: FALL OF REACH by Eric Nylund. COLLECTING: Halo: Fall of Reach - Boot Camp #1-4

Halo: The Essential Visual Guide

Jeremy Patenaude - 2011
    Halo: The Essential Visual Guide delves even deeper into the phenomenon that is Halo. Covering material from Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars, and the latest game, Halo: ODST, the book provides amazing images and insightful information making you feel as if you yourself are part of the game! (c)2011 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Knuckles the Echidna Archives Vol. 1

Ken Penders - 2011
    This super-sized volume collects comic books "Sonic's Friendly Nemesis: Knuckles #1-3" and "Knuckles the Echidna #1-3."

Mega Man Tribute

Jeffrey "CHAMBA" Cruz - 2011
    Hundreds of artists from around the world join forces to pay homage to one of the most iconic figures in gaming with Mega Man Tribute! It's the ultimate celebration of the blue bomber, featuring the characters of Mega Man classic, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and Mega Man Legends in every style you can imagine!