Best of


Danny Orlis and the Strange Forest Fires

Bernard Palmer - 1955
    As Danny leads them in exploring the islands, they come across a forest fire that is just starting. They are able to get it put out, but there doesn't seem to be a good explanation for why it started in the first place. A strange accident, being followed and another fire's starting add to the mystery. Will they arrive in time to save the man who started the fires and who is now in danger?

Star Ship on Saddle Mountain

Atlantis Hallam - 1955
    I'm dedicating this ebook to all the fans of Atlantis Hallam and Star Ship on Saddle Mountain fans who have been searching for this book for fifty years. The book is out of print but at least the ebook is now available to read and remember once again.

Henry's Red Sea

Barbara Smucker - 1955
    This is a story of suspense—American soldiers, Russian officers, and a midnight train ride in darkened boxcars. Here is danger, escape, and deliverance. An actual event that happened in Berlin in 1946.Easily read by ages 11 and up—but can be read to children of all ages!

Mystery on the Isle of Skye

Phyllis A. Whitney - 1955
    She and her standoffish cousin Don, would be drawn in a search for answers to baffling puzzles. New friends and thrilling adventures wait for Cathy where she learned to love the mountains and legendary magic of her Grandmother's beautiful isle. The greatest surprise of all came when she least expected it....