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The Diddakoi

Rumer Godden - 1968
    She has rings in her ears and she sometimes comes to school in a little wagon."Kizzy Lovell is a gypsy girl. She has her gran and her horse, Joe, and she doesn't need anything else. Then Gran dies, her wagon burns, and Kizzy is left all alone - in a community that hates her.

Angel in Heavy Shoes: A Katie Rose Story

Lenora Mattingly Weber - 1968
    Stacy and Bruce begin to have difficulty as Bruce is perplexed by Stacy's desire to associate with people who he considers to be lowlifes. Ben's personality begins to change as he becomes involved with a slinky carhop named Holly.

A Crack in the Sidewalk

Ruth Wolff - 1968
    It is Ted who threads her life with laughter and love. It is Ted who drifts away like smoke, with never a letter or a phone call to let her know where he is or when he is coming back ... And it is Ted who introduces her to Peter Lawrence.

The Furious Flycycle

Jan Wahl - 1968
    In order to rescue his uncle's family from imminent danger, Melvin Spitznagle, kid genius, puts his latest invention to the ultimate test.

When Jays Fly to Barbmo

Margaret Balderson - 1968
    The German invasion of Norway in 1940 brings tragedy to the life of teen-aged Ingeborg and at the same time reveals the carefully guarded secret of her heritage.

The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou

Kristin Hunter Lattany - 1968
    A fourteen-year-old girl tries to reconcile her dreams and hopes for the future with the harsh and often unpleasant realities of life in the African American section of town.

Camel Caravan

Arthur Catherall - 1968
    After a surprise attack by raiders they find themselves alone with two wounded camels, little water, and unsure of their whereabouts.

The Secrets of the Pirate Inn

Wylly Folk St. John - 1968
    But he will have to move to an old-age home unless Sally, Amy and Jack can find the treasure... money, and an uncut diamond!The only clue is a counting-out rhyme: "William Mr. Trimbletoe," it goes, "catches fishes, puts them in dishes..." It makes no sense at all.The sleuthing begins. Each clue brings a new treasure, but as the hunt continues, Sally, Amy and Jack discover that the most important clue is the hardest of all to unravel.

The Dream Watcher

Barbara Wersba - 1968
    He considers himself the "All-American" failure until he meets Mrs. Orpha Woodfin, an eighty-year-old neighborhood eccentric who helps him to see the value of being an individual. Originally published in 1968 - the same year as Paul Zindel's The Pigman and the year after S.E. Hinton's The Outsider - The Dream Watcher heralded the beginning of books written specifically for young adults.