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The Only Alien on the Planet

Kristen D. Randle - 1995
    It was difficult for Ginny at first, but her senior year is finally starting to feel kind of normal. That is, until she sees him—the beautiful mystery in her English class. He has never spoken a word to anyone. He moves through each day at school without making eye contact. His name is Smitty Tibbs, but everyone calls him the Alien.Ginny is convinced there's more to the Alien than his muted exterior. But as she attempts to break into his safe and emotionless world, she realizes her efforts might be causing more harm than good. Has she gone too far, or not far enough?

Don't Die, My Love

Lurlene McDaniel - 1995
    Now both are in high school and deeply in love. Luke, a talented football player, is almost certain to receive an athletic scholarship to a top college. And no matter what her parents say, wherever Luke goes, Julie intends to follow. When Luke can't shake what he thinks is a virus, Julie persuades him to see a doctor. Luke's test results are alarming, but Julie believes their love is stronger than anything. Can love survive, now and forever?

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

Elizabeth Chandler - 1995
    Now Tristan returns as an angel, but Ivy is unable to feel his presence. The Power of Love: Tristan has learned that the person responsible for the car crash is after Ivy. Can he cross the boundaries of life and death to warn Ivy that she is in trouble? Soulmates: Tristan must rescue Ivy, but if he does so his mission will be finished and he will have to leave his true love forever.

Daphne's Book

Mary Downing Hahn - 1995
    She never says a word to anyone -- just walks around with her nose in a book, with her long straggly hair hanging over her face. Now the worst thing has happened. The teacher has assigned Jessica to be partners with Daphne in the Write-A-Book contest!But being forced to work with the class "weirdo", Jessica gets an even bigger surprise. Not only does Daphne talk to her, but she tells Jessica a terrible that Jessica knows could be very dangerous to keep.

The Silent Storm

Sherry Garland - 1995
    Three years later, another hurricane is heading toward the island, and Alyssa must come to terms with her parents’ deaths to save her grandfather and brother. “This book will have appeal for lovers of the outdoors as well as anyone who appreciates an exciting, atmospheric story.”--School Library Journal

Only You, Sierra

Robin Jones Gunn - 1995
    Sierra is a spunky and bold sixteen-year-old with big dreams and unconventional clothes. Today's teens can truly relate to what is going on in Sierra's life -- whether it's friendships, dating, or learning to trust in God. Sierra shows readers how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and how to grow in their commitment to Him.

45 + 47 Stella Street And Everything That Happened

Elizabeth Honey - 1995
    When the Phonies move into 45 Stella Street, the neighborhood is in for a shake-up, explains Henni. Former occupant Auntie Lillie's open-door welcome becomes Mr. and Mrs. Phonies' magazine house of swanky new appliances. Keep Away! The Phonies, through their attorneys, launch an artillery of snottily outrageous letters at the freindly folks at 47 Stella Street, complaining about garbage, blocked driveways, and a magenta fence! Zev, Henni, Danielle and Frank feel as if the sun has stopped shining on Stella Street. When the kids are called in for questioning, they decide to do a little detective work of their own.

William At War

Richmal Crompton - 1995
    But why is it that his enthusiastic contribution is so seldom appreciated?Ten very funny stories about William - at war

A Family Apart

Joan Lowery Nixon - 1995
    Imagine your mother is the one who lets it happen. This is the fate that befalls the Kelly children. It’s 1856, and their widowed mother has sent them west from New York City because she’s convinced that she can’t give them the life they deserve.  The Kellys board an “orphan train” and are taken to St. Joseph, Missouri, where their problems only grow worse. It was bad enough that they had to say goodbye to their mother, but now they’re forced to part ways with their fellow siblings as well. Thirteen-year-old Frances won’t stand for it. She’s going to protect her brothers and sisters, even if it means dressing up like a boy and putting herself in danger. Will Frances be able to save her siblings? And what about her mom—was splitting up their family really her greatest act of love? Ride the rails with Frances and her siblings to find out! “This is as close to a perfect book as you’ll buy this year.” –VOYA

The Bridge to Cutter Gap

C. Archer - 1995
    But she never imagined that the treacherous journey into the heart of the Smoky Mountains would bring danger into the lives of one mountain family.Join Christy as she crosses the bridge from the familiar world of parties and pretty things into the strange, new world of Cutter Gap. There she meets the country doctor, Neil MacNeill, who needs her help to save a man's life. And the handsome young minister, David Grantland, rescues Christy when her own life is in danger, and helps her face the challenges of teaching - and loving - the proud mountain people.

When Pigs Fly

June Rae Wood - 1995
    But when her parents decide to sell their house and move the family to a dilapidated old farm, Buddy thinks pigs will fly before she's happy again. The old farmhouse, however, holds some surprising secrets that may make Buddy realize just how rich her family is.The story is enjoyable and inspiring. -- Horn BookWell-written and engaging.... A down-to-earth yet upbeat story. -- The Bulletin of the Center for Children's BooksThe many serious issues flow smoothly from the strength of Wood's solid characters toward a realistic resolution. No happy ending here, but sure enough, there are possibilities. -- School Library Journal

Marrying Malcolm Murgatroyd

Mame Farrell - 1995
    She knows that she'd be laughed right out of school if her friends knew about her embarrassing family history with the Murgadork. but Hannah can't just turn her back on him -- after all, he's the only person who knows how to cheer up her younger brother, whose muscular dystrophy has confined him to a wheelchair. In this bittersweet first novel, the engaging, true-to-life Hannah struggles to the realization that kindness and happiness don't have to be mutually exclusive.

The Dark Light

Mette Newth - 1995
    In early-nineteenth-century Norway, lepers are quarantined in this hospital and no longer considered among the living. But even as her body gradually fails her, Tora's new life blossoms. She finds strength through helping her fellow patients, both young and old, and she decides to see for herself what the Bible says about leprosy. To do so, she must make friends with the young and angry Mistress Dybendal, the only person at the hospital who can teach her to read. As she did in "The Abduction" (an ALA Best Book for Young Adults and a "School Library Journal" Best Book of the Year), Mette Newth brings another era vividly to life and demonstrates the timeless nature of the search for identity and tolerance.

Incident at Hawk's Hill

Allan W. Eckert - 1995
    One June day in 1870, Ben wanders away from his home on Hawk's Hill and disappears into the waving prairie grass. This is the story of how a shy, lonely boy survives for months in the wilds and forges a bond with a female badger. ALA Notable Book. Newbery Honor Book.

The Golden Compass

Philip Pullman - 1995
    North, where the Gobblers take the children they steal--including her friend Roger. North, where her fearsome uncle Asriel is trying to build a bridge to a parallel world.Can one small girl make a difference in such great and terrible endeavors? This is Lyra: a savage, a schemer, a liar, and as fierce and true a champion as Roger or Asriel could want--but what Lyra doesn't know is that to help one of them will be to betray the other.

A Place to Call Home

Jackie French Koller - 1995
    So when her mother, who has been raising the children alone, leaves her small family, Anna hides the evidence from the authorities. But Anna's mother has committed suicide, and eventually the children are placed with foster parents. Desperate for answers, Anna travels to Mississippi to meet her grandparents and learn the truth about her own biracial heritage.

Kristy's Great Idea

Ann M. Martin - 1995
    She and her friends Claudia, Stacey, and Mary Anne all love taking care of kids. A club will give them the chance to have lots of fun - and make tons of money.But nobody counted on crank calls, uncontrollable two-year-olds, wild pets, and parents who don't always tell the truth. And then there's Stacey, who's acting more and more mysterious. Having a baby-sitters club isn't easy, but Kristy and her friends aren't giving up until they get it right!


Walt Morey - 1995
    When former Coast Guardsman Chris George and his drug-sniffing dog Mike stumble upon a package of heroin, they draw the attention of some sinister characters.

The Secret Garden

Deborah Hautzig - 1995
    This charming story is retold for beginning readers with full-color illustrations throughout.

Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Buttered Bread

Maj Lindman - 1995
    But Mother can't make butter without milk. Aunt Annie's cow, Blossom, can't make milk without good grass to eat, and the grass won't grow without the sun to shine on it.

Circling The Globe: A Young Peoples Guide To Countries And Cultures Of The World

Sue Grabham - 1995
    It's easy to find your way with this informative and up-to-date guide to the countries and cultures of the world.


Nancy Covert Smith - 1995

The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows

David Schwartz - 1995
    Provides information about the packager, broadcast history, hosts, announcers, producers, and rules for over five hundred television game shows.

Twin Sisters

Janice Harrell - 1995
    Isabel stayed with her father, a brilliant and reclusive author. Elizabeth ended up with her mother, a jet-setting socialite who hopscotched her young daughter all over the world. Then Isabel is murdered--and her twin wants to find out why. Because she was out of town when it happened, Isabel's friends don't know she's gone. And if Elizabeth has her way, they'll never find out, Only Elizabeth will know--and the killer.

Malibu Summer

Jane Claypool Miner - 1995
    This novel features an innocent yet independent young heroine, all the glitz of the star-studded Malibu colony, glamourous characters, and lots of romance.

Love Me, Love Me Not

Cameron Dokey - 1995
    For some it's the boy next door. For others, it's the Mystery Date--the one they'll never forget. When Kristen lost her twin sister Jeanine in a freak accident, she loses part of her soul. Then she meets Josh, who gives her a rose that never dies and wants her soul for all eternity. Featured at ABA and ALA.

Year of the Cat

Zoe Daniels - 1995
    She unlocks the secret of her nightmares, the hunger in her soul - and the savage nature of her true self.THE HUNTAs Holly explores the wild side of her secret destiny, she fears for the lives of the people she loves. But still, she cannot resist the power of the ancient rituals - and the bloodthirsty call of the hunt.THE AMULETIn terror and desperation, Holly tries to cling to her human side. But the blood of the panther runs wild in her veins. Soon she is forced to choose sides in the final war between predator and prey.


Lelia Rose Foreman - 1995
    The promise of a future is shadowed by a dreadful past. Twelve-year-old Rejoice Holly is expected to someday become a farmer's wife, and set aside her dreams of astronomy. But the discovery that their Promised Land is already inhabited isn't helping her struggle between duty and dreams. Peace seems precarious, and the voice of reason is being silenced by one of fear. As a new danger looms, the friendship or enmity forged could save or doom them all. Will the colonists and natives be able to set aside their differences for the sake of survival?


Steve Zell - 1995
    But, during one horrendous night, it died...and for a hundred years it has been nearly empty. A ghost town waiting to live again.Now that's about to happen...Fourteen-year-old Bryce Willems, whose family has just arrived from New York, is beginning to appreciate the unfamiliar charms of his new home. But gradually it becomes apparent that something about the town is very strange.As he and stepsister Megan discover the terrible secret of the nearby Wizard mine, they are caught up in a clash of ancient, vengeful powers that cannot rest until a deadly wheel of destiny is set in motion once again.


Sally Rogers-Davidson - 1995
    Nor did she ever expect to fall in love with a member of the enemy forces. But when her idyllic existence on the Delta Station is shattered by the invading Gloman Empire, Polymer discovers that there is more to life than long, hot baths.Torn from the only home she has ever known, Polymer is forced to re-evaluate her own beliefs and convictions as she joins the battle against the seemingly unstoppable Glomans.Hunted across the galaxy by a ruthless suitor, Polymer finds herself at the centre of a terrible conspiracy and has to rely on courage, wit, and a little bit of luck to pull her through a series of events that will change the universe.This novel, by first time author Sally Roger-Davidson, is a great read; an exciting fast paced story told by a funny and engaging heroine.

Sent to the River God Forgot

Jim Walton - 1995
    Through disease, cultural barriers and hardships, Jim and Janice Walton continued the long process of translating the New Testament into the Muinane language.

Olympic Dreams

Lauraine Snelling - 1995
    DJ Randall's Olympic ambitions of being a show jumper face one obstacle -- she doesn't have a horse!

Jump Up and Say!: A Collection of Black Storytelling

Linda Goss - 1995
    Collected here are family stories and moral fables, ghost stories and tales rich in humor, along with raps and rhymes, memoirs and commentaries, and songs, stories and poems about freedom, protest, and the change.

Goosebumps, Books 1-4

R.L. Stine - 1995
    - Welcome to Dead House- Stay Out of the Basement- Monster Blood- Say Cheese and Die!

How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back?

Valerie Hobbs - 1995
    In order to make it in Ojala, Bron will have to remake herself. And so she does, putting aside her stuides to drag race, hang out, and meet boys. Soon she's involved in an intense love triangle -- with no easy solutions.

Rogues to Riches

J. Robert King - 1995
    Two thieves steal a rose from two paladins, unaware that there is a curse on the rose, and must complete a dangerous quest in order to escape the curse while attempting to avoid capture by the paladins.

The Dream

Zoe Daniels - 1995
    Holly Callison arrives at Los Gatos High and hears whispers about the legend of a panther. At night, she begins to dream that she is being hunted by the powerful beast. During the day, she falls under the spell of a dangerous boy named Alex, whose wild nature unlocks the savage nature of Holly's true self.

Big Ideas for Little Budgets

Brad Wilcox - 1995
    Finally, here is an answer. Compiles in this book are creative, low-cost and faith-building ideas that can be adopted and adapted to fit your unique needs for: -activities-conferences-dances -food and favors-service-decorations -games with a purpose-quality family time

Dread and Delight: A Century of Children's Ghost Stories

Philippa Pearce - 1995
    While children's literature has flourished for over 200 years, supernatural fiction for the young has really only come into its own in the twentieth century. Dread and Delight, a spine-tingling collection of 40 ghost stories written for children over the course of the present century, charts its development from its roots in the writings of authors such as M. R. James, A. C. Benson and Walter de la Mare, to renowned modern authors including Isaac Bashevis Singer, Jan Mark, Leon Garfield, and Penelope Lively. Compiled by the award-winning novelist Phillipa Pearce, author of the classic children's book Tom's Midnight Garden, these stories will captivate adults and children alike. Pearce includes two previously unpublished stories by Lucy Boston and Robert Westall, and a full introduction and lively notes on the authors. The collected stories represent an engaging variety--drawn from all over the English-speaking world, including America, India, and the Caribbean as well as Great Britain. Treating the supernatural with humor and whimsy, as well as with a proper respect, the tales all succeed brilliantly in creating an atmosphere of suspense or unease in order to produce the pleasurable tingle of anticipation that children relish as much as adults. As Phillip Pearce writes in her introduction, 'fear becomes awe and wonder...the delight is in the dread'.

Faith Alive Student Bible-NIV

Concordia Publishing House - 1995
    It offers complete NIV "RM" text, study notes, a concordance, and full-color maps. "Let's Live It" activities help students apply God's Word to their lives, and the practical "Where to Turn" index is an important reference for finding just the right Scripture for all kinds of issues. Durable hardcover binding makes this Bible ideal for classroom use.


Jean Thesman - 1995
    He has been abusing Jocelyn, and her sister doesn't believe her. When Jocelyn runs away, things don't go as planned. A violent confrontation shatters her world and she learns that while sometimes it is important to stay silent, at other times one must shout.

Music from a Place Called Half Moon

Jerrie Oughton - 1995
    Thirteen-year-old Edie Jo isn't sure how she feels about ther daddy's idea. That summer of 1956, however, is one of change and growth. Up at her own private place, she meets and Indian boy named Cherokee Fish. A tentative connection develops between them as they begin to share their secrets and dreams. As the tensions that summer reach their peak, Edie Jo ultimately learns that "friendships don't shape on color."

Disney's Toy Story

Cathy East Dubowski - 1995
    The two toys must put aside their differences to work together to get back home. Features eight pages of color stills from the film.


Melissa Snyder - 1995
    Kendall's family is struggling with loss and alienation after a tragedy and Kendell can't bring herself to talk about her sorrow -- until she meets Ian.

Under the Mermaid Angel

Martha Moore - 1995
    She cannot forget the death of her baby brother seven years ago, and how she just couldn't pray for him when he was sick. She never talks about it though, not even to her best friend, which is something she doesn't have, anyway. But all that changes when Roxanne moves into the trailer next door. Thirty years old, with her fake fur coat, wild red hair, and romantic notions, Roxanne is a revelation to Jesse. Why has she moved to Ida, of all places? Their growing friendship will change Jesse's life, giving her back a vision of hope beyond the mundane world around her.

The Haunting

Rodman Philbrick - 1995
    From the first blast of icy air in the driveway to windows that slam shut like guillotines to the lurking pale figure of a child, it is a place with a harrowing history--yet only the children experience its evil.


Jill Dubois - 1995
    As has always been true of these outstanding titles, an abundance of vibrant photographs -- including those new to this edition -- stimulate the imaginations of young readers as they travel the globe. A new chapter on the environment focuses on politics and economics as well as on endangered species and the effects of industrialization. Additional authentic recipes add general interest while new maps offer further, easy-to-find facts in "About the Geography, " "About the Culture" and "About the Economy" sections.

Who Talks Funny?: A Book about Languages for Kids

Brenda S. Cox - 1995
    Brenda Cox has unearthed bundles of unusual facts that will hit home with kids, and planted these in solid linguistic information. Why does rabic have many words for "camel" and only one for ice and snow? Do all people have words to express numbers? And there are broader questions: What makes language unique? What do languages have in common? Why do they change? In covering the sounds and tones of language, dialects, and accents, words and their parts, grammar, how writing developed, and more, this book is fun and appropriate reading for middle school children on up.

Castle of Horror

Don L. Wulffson - 1995
    . .Castle of Horror!While visiting relatives in England, you tour the ruins of creepy Ormonde Castle. That evening you have a nightmare that engulfs both you and your British cousins. Suddenly you're trapped inside a frightening 14th century fortress!Will you take the winding staircase to get away from the ax-wielding soldiers? (Turn to page 13.) Or accept the Giver of Wishes' offer to get you out of the Castle? (Turn to page 16.) And what can Dreams Incorporated tell you about the truth? (Turn to page 106.)With over 20 nightmarish endings to choose from, the next move is yours. Can you get yourself and your cousins out of the Castle--and back into your own time period--alive?

A Girl's Best Friend

Harriet May Savitz - 1995
    Laurie has to work through her own attitudes about herself when others treat her differently because she is blind. ...I plan to give each of my nieces a copy of the book for Christmas. It will help the younger members of our family grow up with a better philosophy about blind people." --Peggy Chong - "Minnesota Bulletin"- a quarterly publication of the National Federation of the Blind of Minnesota Reprinted in "Future Reflections," The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents of Blind Children