Werewolf Love Story: Part One

H.T. Night - 2011
    On a random night he runs across a sexy, mysterious woman named Sasha. Sasha turns Tommy's life upside down and out of control. On a chance encounter, Tommy befriends a vampire named Patrick. Both Patrick and Sasha change everything Tommy has ever known to be true. Luckily, Tommy meets Maya, the woman of his dreams, and is able to make sense of his new reality. A young Josiah Reign befriends Tommy along the way, and Tommy has to inevitably face his true destiny of becoming a werewolf. Will Tommy choose his destiny, or become something no one had ever thought possible?

Guardian Vampire

Lauralynn Elliott - 2010
    John finds herself the target of ruthless killers. Her father hires a bodyguard, Logan Steele, to protect her, but everywhere they turn, the killers continue to find them. As Kendall and Logan struggle with their feelings for each other, Logan struggles to protect her from the killers…and from himself.ExcerptKendall couldn’t believe her eyes. Standing before her was the man who had rejected her at the club. His steel gray eyes were amused as they gazed into her green ones. Fury took over her good sense as she stared at him.“Daddy, no!” she said angrily. “I don’t need a bodyguard, especially this one!”Her father frowned at her. “What do you mean, especially this one? Do you two know each other?”“Our paths crossed once,” said Logan, his eyes twinkling with mischief. He was enjoying this way too much.“Daddy, I don’t need….”“That’s enough!” St. John said sharply. “This man has been recommended by the security service as the best they have. And the most expensive, I might add. He is now your personal security. Learn to live with it.”Bristling with indignation, she turned around and ran up the stairs, feeling Logan’s eyes on her back as she went. But she resisted the urge to look back. When she got to her room, she slammed the door and threw herself on her bed. Shaking with fury, she threw her pillows across the room.A few minutes later, she heard noises in the guest room next to her suite. What was going on? She put her ear against the wall that divided the two rooms and heard furniture being moved and the closet door being opened. She opened her bedroom door and tiptoed to the other room. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Logan Steele had moved some of the furniture to have quicker access to the door. He also had put a large duffel bag down on the floor and had put some of his things in the closet.Suddenly, he turned around and spotted her. He grinned and said, “I guess you’re stuck with me for awhile.”“I don’t need you,” she declared.“Judging by what happened in your room, I’m going to have to disagree with you. My job is to keep you safe, regardless of your personal feelings or mine. Get used to it.”“Good luck keeping up with me,” she said smugly.“I have lots of experience keeping up with wayward children.”“I’m not a child!” she said, anger in her voice.“That’s debatable,” he said, a smile twitching at the corners of his mouth.She turned around and flew out of the room and back into hers. She could hear his chuckle before she slammed her door. How dare he treat her like this? She would show him that she could outsmart him!

The Monster Ball

Heather Hildenbrand - 2018
    This deliciously exclusive event has tongues wagging even amongst the who's who of the monster community. It will once again be held at an undisclosed location on All Hallows Eve.Don't worry all you underprivileged socialites, The Monster Ball isn't just for vampires, witches, and werewolves. Other creatures of the night have as much of a chance to attend. Watch for your ticket but not in the mail. The silvery slip of parchment is said to appear in your hand by the light of the moon.If you find yourself a fortunate recipient best to keep it to yourself. There are some who would kill for the chance to attend. Because as every good monster knows... what happens at the ball, stays at the ball.

Love Bite

Celia Kyle - 2016
    All in one week. How’d she sell her blood? It sure as heck wasn’t a plasma center. Nope, she went all out and headed to the vampire club, Claret, to get her fang on. She hadn’t counted on the vamp to be over six feet of Viking god and sexiness. Arik can put his fangs anywhere as far as she’s concerned.
 Only drawback? One of the vamps Arik sired is pissy and wants to play with Zoe. Until she’s dead. Can Arik find her before his bloodchild decides he’s done playing with his food and is ready to take a hunk out of her?
 *This book was previously published as part of the "Taming the Vampire" boxed set and has not been altered in any way.*

Immortal Dreams

C.M. Owens - 2014
    Book 1 - Blood's Fury (Deadly Beauties #1) The world is laid out in black in white through the eyes of Alyssa Coldwell, until she stumbles into the gray area she naively refused to believe existed. Between love she never thought she'd find and the dangers of the world she can't accept, hope almost becomes a fantasy. Book 2 - Eternal Vows (Book 1 in the Ruby Ring Saga) by Chrissy Peebles Never Marry a stranger... even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king. Never pretend to be a princess. And most importantly... never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about. Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring - become the princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price. Book 3 - Daughter of Aphrodite (The Daughter Trilogy #1) Falling in love with someone who has secrets is always a problem, but learning secrets about yourself... that's life changing. The greek immortals didn't disappear; they live among us, blending into society, and fighting wars lost on our eyes. As a courtesy, the authors of this anthology wish to inform you these are the first books in separate series.

Mythean Arcana

Linsey Hall - 2015
    Dreams of battle, dreams of blood.. dreams so vivid she's living them day and night. When demons invade her quiet life and she flees to Scotland, she wonders if she's going mad. Or if perhaps she's remembering a past life she had no idea existed... Mythean Guardian Cadan Trinovante loved and betrayed Britain's warrior queen Boudica two millennia ago. Now he's tasked with protecting mortals whose lives affect the fate of humanity. His latest assignment is Boudica herself, reincarnated as a woman with no idea of her past or her fated future. Thrown together in a shadowy world that exists alongside our own, Diana and Cadan must fight not only the demonic forces that want Diana dead, but a past and a passion that have lasted centuries. Their desire could be deadly. But as evil from the underworld unites against them, their only hope could be each other. Soulceress (Mythean Arcana #2) Three hundred years ago, Warren sold his soul in exchange for the safety of his people. He lives immortal and inhuman, a life in the shadows, hiding his secrets. Until now, when he finally has the chance to reclaim his soul after three centuries of suffering... Esha is a soulceress, an immortal who drains the magical powers of others. Shunned by everyone she meets, she’s a rogue mercenary who hunts evil for a living. The only man she cannot harm is Warren, whose secrets intrigue her and whose body sparks her desire... Esha is the only person who can help Warren reclaim his soul. But what begins as a simple quest soon becomes a deadly battle, one in which choices will be made and secrets revealed that could tear them apart. As Esha and Warren uncover their passion, they must defeat the evil forces unleashed against them before time runs out... Rogue Soul (Mythean Arcana #3) Andrasta, Celtic goddess of victory, has fled the cold, sterile wasteland of Otherworld for the steamy South American jungle. It's only a matter of time before the vengeful gods catch and punish her - unless she can convince the man she betrayed two thousand years ago to help... Born in Otherworld to the life of a god, Camulos went rogue centuries ago. He's living on the banks of the Amazon, boxing in bare-knuckled fights. The gods believe he's dead - until Ana finds him. Ana, the woman who gave him nothing but trouble, and the woman he could never forget... Thrown together, Ana and Cam must evade the wrath of the gods and a return to the living death of Otherworld. But as they flee through the jungle - and as their passion ignites - they find themselves at the heart of an ancient secret. One that could kill them both and extinguish their souls forever... Stolen Fate (Mythean Arcana #4) Fiona is an Acquirer, an immortal who uses magic to hunt for ancient artifacts. Ever since she failed to live up to her fate and find the Book of Worlds,, she’s been slowly losing her mind as her subconscious keeps trying to accomplish her fated task. When she’s presented with one last chance to find the Book and save her sanity, she’ll stop at nothing to accomplish her goal. For more than one hundred years, Ian has been locked in a nightmarish prison. An accomplished thief, he was thrown into hell for failing to maintain the secrecy of his magical race. When Fiona presents him with an opportunity for escape, he’ll do anything it takes to ensure that it’s permanent, even if it means betraying the woman he’s grown to care for. As Fiona and Ian get closer to finding the book, they learn that there’s more at stake than they ever imagined - like the fate of the world. When their task threatens to tear them apart, they’ll have to make the ultimate decision: life, or love?

Moon Magic

Aimee Easterling - 2016
    Scratch the surface of the real world to find alchemy, were-creatures, and witches waiting! Prepare to fall in love with sexy alphas and the kickass heroines they live to chase. But be sure to keep your hands inside the ride at all times – because when it comes to these urban fantasy tales, love just might bite… From USA Today Bestselling Author Aimee Easterling - Shiftless: After years of suppressing her inner wolf, Terra struggles to forget her old pack. But when her past finally comes calling, she has no choice but to reclaim the predator within. From USA Today Bestselling Author Sylvia Frost - Moonbound: Seven years ago, werebeasts murdered Artemis's family and marked her as the mate of a monster. Now that monstrous mate has tracked her down and threatens to make her his own. From Bestselling Author L. M. Hawke - Black Moon Sing: A dark force is targeting a secret enclave of shapeshifters in the desert southwest, delivering them to grisly fates. Suspected of witchery and cast out of her human society, it's up to Ellery Chee, a lone coyote shifter, to stop this dangerous magician before her world disappears into thin air. From USA Today Bestselling Author Tasha Black - Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 1 & 2: As she struggles to come to terms with her werewolf nature, Ainsley Connor is thrust into the center of a steamy web of shifters, ghosts, witches and warlocks, caught up in a life-or-death struggle for control of the pack she tried to leave behind. From Bestselling Author Marina Finlayson - Moonborn: Since childhood, Garth has lived on the edges of the pack, the human stepson of the pack leader and an eternal outsider. He always dreamed of becoming a werewolf—until one day he got his wish. From Bestselling Author Val St. Crowe: The Toil & Trouble Trilogy: Book 1: Born into an underground ruling class of witches, eighteen-year-old Olivia has always tried to steer clear of both magic and monsters. But a struggle for power and a handsome face combine to turn her life upside-down until suddenly she's knee deep in both.

When Darkness Falls: Kiss Of The Wolf\Shadow Kissing\The Devil She Knew

Susan Krinard - 2003

Bear Guards

J.S. Striker - 2018
    You won't find it on a map and it is full of secrets...EvanDeana Thomason has had enough of heartbreak, and moving away from the city and into her grandmother's town seems like the perfect way to recuperate. The people are friendly, sometimes nosy, and everything has its charm...except maybe the cops.Okay, one cop.Evan Malone is the kind of confident man who gets on her nerves and her walls at the same time. He's charming. He's watchful.He's dangerous.But as it turns out, there are more dangerous things than a cop here, and Deana is in for a rude awakening as she finds Evan's protection drawing her closer to the town's secrets. In the end, she's left with two choices: run far away, or run into the arms of a man who stirs her soul--and who has more secrets than she could ever possibly imagine...GarrettAs the peacekeeper of the vampires in a town where they aren't exactly adored, Angel Hayley is used to obstacles every single day--and it's not made easier when three strange vampires come in and wreak havoc.Now she has to work with a cop: Garrett Limewell, who's about as righteous as anyone can get and is out to prove that she doesn't belong here. Well, two can play that game. In a battle of wits and survival, they come together: in heated words, burning touches and everything in between.And Angel must resist it every step of the way, because there's an enemy hunting her--and it might be him...AdamBeing the witch doctor of a town filled with supernatural beings isn't exactly easy, but it's a job Hazel Woodson is used to. They trust her, and she trusts them. She also lends a certain protection, one that keeps the town somewhat safe.Except that protection is broken when a stranger comes into her house, bloodied and asking for help.His name is Adam Ushmeg, and he's the most fascinating man she's ever met. He's ancient, and he's powerful--and he has enemies, creatures that will stop at nothing to get to him.Now Hazel has to decide: keep Adam here and work with him, and try not to get too distracted by the heat burning between them.Or she could drive him away and keep the town--and herself--safe for good...NikolaiLife as an outcast isn't as bad as everyone claims it to be, especially for a powerful witch like Irene Stanford. Sure, it gets lonely. But she gets more free time to experiment with her magic, and she's often out of trouble.Which is why it comes as a rude surprise when Nikolai Bastet marches into her life and demands for assistance. He's the town's hotshot Sheriff, and she's always disliked their kind. But the man leaves her with no choice, and soon Irene finds herself involved in a tangle of fights, power struggles and a darkness that's far more dangerous than she's ever faced.But there's one thing more dangerous: Nikolai himself, and how she's drawn to him when she can't be--not when it can mean his instant death...Adult Content.

In The Dark

Lila Rose - 2016
    Mine didn't. In fact, she tried to kill me on my thirteenth birthday, when she saw just how different I was. My dad saved my life that night. He also took her away on an extended vacation, leaving me with an ever-absent uncle. Five years later, solitude was something I lived by. I had to because I was different and people tended not to cope well with the unusual. In fact, they hated me for it, were even scared of me because of it. I thought I was meant to live alone, until Isaac Grey took notice of me. He changed my life, taught me I wasn't the only one who was different, and I didn't need to be alone. But with love comes sacrifice and then pain. Could I ever escape living in the dark? Other titles by Lila Rose Hawks MC: Ballarat Charter Holding Out: book 1 Climbing Out: book 2 Finding Out: novella 2.5 Black Out: book 3 No Way Out: book 4 Coming Out: novella 4.5

Magic Fated Mates: Box Set

Mandy M. Roth - 2015
    Roth (Reg $2.99)The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow (Reg $3.99)Devils Among Us by Mandy M. Roth (Reg $2.99)Call of the Sea by Michelle M. Pillow (Reg $2.99)That is nearly a $12 savings off cover price! PLUS get the Bonus Story:  Red Light Specialists by Mandy M. Roth & Michelle M. PillowSacred Places by Mandy M. RothCoyle O'Caha, a seven-hundred-year-old immortal, druid sorcerer, is a famed warrior among his kind and a legendary ladies' man--but that doesn't mean he hasn't spent his life looking for his soulmate. That one woman who will make him feel whole. When Deri walks into his seaside pub, clearly running from something or someone, it's all he can do to not sweep her off her feet and claim her right then and there. It's as if the goddess is mocking him. Not only is his mate immune to his charms and his magik, she's human.Deri Sullivan's new boss has a Scottish lilt that makes her knees weak. The problem is he's a certified ladies' man. And she's sworn off those types--for good. If only she could stop dreaming about him in ways that would make any girl blush. See, she has a secret, and even if she wanted to let Coyle into her bed, she couldn't actually let him into her life. Witches and humans simply don't mix.The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. PillowCaderyn the Hunter, the sexiest-and perhaps craziest-man Bridget has ever laid eyes on may have rescued her from death, but who's going to rescue her from him? With a deliciously hot body and all the right moves, the man is a walking seduction that's too hard to resist. There's only one problem. Caderyn claims they're in the Abyss, living on a cursed island along the deep ocean floor. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he says he's a merman.Devils Among Us by Mandy M. RothKeane has lived for centuries--taking what he wants, doing as he pleases. When a beautiful young woman catches his attention, he finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He knows better than to expect more than pleasures of the flesh from her, yet he can't seem to stop himself. Seducing her will prove to be a dangerous challenge. Keeping her will prove nearly impossible.
Hannah's new secret admirer is more than she bargained for. As a slayer sworn to police the demons who dare to roam the earth, she has enough to worry about. She doesn't need some mysterious guy trying to seduce her--especially one who puts her at odds with what she was born to do. She's no match for Keane's seductive powers, and when his brother, Janco, announces he too is drawn to her, she knows she's in way over her head. But she can't stop herself. She wants them both and they want her.Note: This title was previously released under another title and under the pen name Darby London.
Call of the Sea by Michelle M. PillowCursed by the power of the Cancerian crab, Ceana is doomed to spend her eternity in the ocean as a mermaid. Her only relief is on a full moon, when she becomes human and must find shore. Centuries have passed and she's all but given up on the one who could save her. Brief passion is all she has and she's willing to take what she can get--especially if it's with an intriguing lycan, Ian O'Connell, who's untamed nature just might be her salvation.Red Light Specialists by Mandy M. Roth & Michelle M. PillowThree sexy secret agents. Three even sexier missions...

Fire Kissed

Shayne Silvers - 2017
    Get a taste of lethal love, high-stakes poker games with monsters, rebel Fae, and cunning demons.Because sometimes the monsters are the good guys…Including stories from such renowned authors as: C.N. Crawford Aimee Easterling Author Julia Mills New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carina Wilder Domino Finn New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Gena D. Lutz New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Emma L. Adams USA Today Bestselling Author Simone Pond McKenzie Hunter Katerina Martinez Val St. Crowe Tricia Owens Shayne Silvers <

Vacation with a Vampire...and Other Immortals

Maggie Shayne - 2011
    If it could be paired with a handsome, sexy man--an immortal man--wouldn't that be the icing on the cake? Nothing says holiday quite like a walk in paradise with a gorgeous vampire...or spending a twilight eve with a charismatic Highlander. And the best part? While you may get a sexy bite or two, it's guaranteed that you won't get a sunburn!Don't be afraid to dip your toes into these two seductive and enthralling stories from Maggie Shayne and Maureen Child.Come on in and leave your cares behind....

Blood by Moonlight

Jocelynn Drake - 2012
    . .Tempers flare and passions rise in Jocelynn Drake's Of Monsters and Men as the local werewolf pack clashes with the Winter Court's Wild Hunt . . .In Terri Garey's The Ghoul Next Door, a witch and a warlock battle it out for possession of a haunted house, but the ghost may have her own agenda . . .And, in Trick or Treathen by Caris Roane, a master vampire struggles to stay away from the mortal woman who enflames his very soul.


K.B. Miller - 2011
    After Lilyann Moon's beloved grandmother dies shrouded by a veil of mystery, she and her young family members are yanked from their completely normal lives and catapulted directly into the supernatural world of witchcraft. A world they know absolutely nothing about. The town of Hampstead, Maryland has no idea of the monsters that lurk in their midst. Or, of the dangers they will face if the Moon Coven doesn't figure out how to embrace the magick within each of them, especially Lily. She's suddenly up to her little pointy black hat in magickal problems. Destiny presented her with one more, and it's a big one - vampires.The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason. But, is she in love with the enemy? Lilyann is in a race against time to save her town and coven. Will she survive the coming dangers, with her heart and neck intact?It all comes down to this one night...All Hallows Eve.