Book picks similar to
Sheepdog in the Snow by Ben M. Baglio


Fight for Life

Laurie Halse Anderson - 2000
    This series is sure to win the hearts of readers who are wild about animals!The clinic is swamped with sick and abused puppies. Maggie suspects they've come from an illegal puppy mill, and she's determined to find it and shut it down. But Gran has too many other things to worry about -- like Maggie's grades and a new houseguest, Zoe. Can Maggie find the puppy mill on her own?

A New Friend

Poppy Green - 2015
    Sophie Mouse can't wait to go back to school after the long winter break. But she and her classmates are in for a surprise when they learn that they're getting a new classmate . . .

Kittens in the Kitchen

Lucy Daniels - 1994
    Even outside the clinic, Mandy can't resist helping any animal in need. But when a stray cat gives birth in Mr. William's kitchen, he is absolutely furious. Can Mandy and her friend James find homes for four newborn kittens in just one week?


Valerie Hobbs - 2006
    Thepuppy had never been so scared or so excited in his life. Soonhe was racing, feinting, dodging - learning what it means to beone of the proud breed of Border collies, the finest sheepherdersin the world. Then, almost overnight, his life is turned upsidedown. He finds himself in a series of strange places, with nosheep, his family gone. With nothing but the courage he wasborn with and a dream, he searches for the life he once knew,gathering names and adventures as he goes. For a short time,he's called Blackie. To the Goat Man, he's Shep. To Hollerin,he's Spot. There's one name that threatens to forever haunthim - Sparky, the name Billy the circus man calls him when hereaches for the whip. But there's another name that he is given,one that finally makes him feel at home . . .Known for her rich character development, the author bringsall her skills to delving into the mind of a clever, philosophical,and hopeful dog searching for a home.


Moira Butterfield - 2008
    Find out how this cute, bouncy dog gets to be called Muddypaws. Join in the fun with the bounciest puppy ever, in Muddypaws. This book is beautifully illustrated by Simon Mendez and written by Moira Butterfield.


Kate Klimo - 2013
    Abruptly separated from her mother, littermates, and the wire cage that was her whole world, Ginger is shuttled from one harrowing situation to another until she finally escapes, living as an outlaw with a pack of wild dogs. But freedom doesn't feel so good once she becomes hungry and cold and sick. Will Ginger ever find a furever family to call her own? With realistic black-and-white illustrations by renowned illustrator Tim Jessel, and an appendix featuring information about puppy mills, breed rescue groups, animal shelters, choosing a pet, and the history of golden retrievers, dog-crazy early middle-grade readers will beg for more!

Little Cat's Luck

Marion Dane Bauer - 2016
    But soon, Patches feels something tugging at her, telling her to find a special place--one she won't know until she sees it. Why must she go on this search? She doesn't know yet.Along the way, Patches finds herself in dire circumstances, but with the help of the other neighborhood animals, she faces off against the scariest dog in town and continues on her journey to her special place.Beautifully told in verse and accompanied by adorable illustrations by Jennifer A. Bell, this heartwarming novel from Newbery Honor winner, Marion Dane Bauer, is a timeless, touching, and fulfilling story about finding your way home.


Ellen Miles - 2006
    They want a puppy of their own more than just about anything. They know dogs are a lot of work. But their mom still doesn't think their family is ready for a puppy.Then, Goldie arrives. She is a sweet golden retriever who needs a home. Goldie is very young. She doesn't know how to be a good puppy yet. Will Charles and Lizzie be able to help her?

Stay!: Keeper's Story

Lois Lowry - 1997
    As a pup he is separated from his mother and siblings. This unusual dog learns about living on the dangerous streets and even makes up poetry. He finds human friends, has the chance to win fame and fortune, and is given the name Keeper. Through it all Keeper can't forget his long lost-little sister. If only they could be together again, life would be perfect. But an old enemy is watching and waiting to make his move."Throughout this lighthearted saga of the narrator's 'dog days, ' the author proves she is as well versed in animal behavior as in human sensibilities."--Publishers Weekly

Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley

Marguerite Henry - 1996
    She calls him Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley and as the years go by, Molly discovers that, just like his mother, her mule is full of wonderful surprises.

LOST! A Dog Called Bear

Wendy Orr - 2011
    He'll miss all the things he's leaving behind, but at least he has Bear. He loves Bear more than anything else in the world—because Bear is his dog.Hannah lives in the city. What she wants, more than anything else in the world, is a dog of her own.At the Rainbow Street Shelter, Logan and Hannah find a talking parrot, an old black Labrador, a three-legged goat, a puppy that looks like a peanut—and a Surprise that just might be the best thing in the world.

Good Dog McTavish

Meg Rosoff - 2017
    No one cooks dinner, no one picks up the dirty washing and the kids are always late for school. All because Mum has resigned from being Mum and taken up yoga instead. She's in the tree pose; everyone else is in the doghouse. Except McTavish, a rescue dog with a difference, on a mission to sort his new family out...Filled to the brim with Meg's wry humour and beautiful prose, this is a story for the young and the young at heart.

The Trouble with Tuck

Theodore Taylor - 2000
    As her best friend, Friar Tuck waited daily for Helen to come home from school and play. He guarded her through the long, scary hours of the dark night. Twice he even saved her life.Now it's Helen's turn. No one can say exactly when Tuck began to go blind. Probably the light began to fail for him long before the alarming day when he raced after some cats and crashed through the screen door, apparently never seeing it. But from that day on, Tuck's trouble--and how to cope with it--becomes the focus of Helen's life. Together they fight the chain that holds him and threatens to break his spirit, until Helen comes up with a solution so new, so daring, there's no way it can fail.


Jack Stoneley - 1978
    Soon she is rescued and nursed back to health by some merciful children but leaves them to make her way back to the city. A kindly street performer takes her in and shower her the possibilities of human decency. But in the middle of a cold night, fate decides that Scruffy must once more be alone. Alone that is, until a bullterrier named Butch accepts her as part of the street pack that beds down each night in an abandoned car and roams the streets and back alleys during the day. Then one terrible day they are all taken to the pound and condemned to death. But by now, Scruffy has a talent for survival. She not only saves the day but she becomes a national celebrity!

Hero Dog!: A Branches Book (Hilde Cracks the Case #1)

Hilde Lysiak - 2017
    Grow a Reader!This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!Nine-year-old crime reporter Hilde Lysiak is starring in her very own early chapter book series -- inspired by news stories Hilde wrote in real life! In this first book, there's been a break-in on Orange Street! Cupcakes have been stolen, and soon a pie goes missing, too. Hilde and her sister/photographer, Izzy, must interview witnesses and follow the clues. Can Hilde crack the case in time to post her news story online? Joanne Lew-Vriethoff's personality-filled illustrations appear on every page, bringing Hilde's adventures to life for young readers!