The Berenstain Bear Scouts in Giant Bat Cave

Stan Berenstain - 1995
    But now crooked Ralph Ripoff wants to turn the cave into an underground theme park. Can the Bear Scouts "save the cave" before the bats become homeless?

Erimentha Parker's To Do List: A Bullying Story

Ruby Granger - 2017
    Joining at Lady Nightingale's School in Year Seven, she is excited and anticipating the term ahead; however, when she gets on the wrong side of Kimberly, one of the most popular girls in her class, everything starts to go wrong. In light of the girls' cruel and relentless behaviour, Erimentha begins to doubt herself, unwilling to confide in anybody and convinced that she can sort it out for herself. 'Erimentha Parker's To Do List' follows the story of a young, ambitious girl and her struggles with one of the greatest hardships for schoolchildren: bullying. Ruby Granger has a YouTube channel where she posts Study Tips videos and book reviews. She has created Erimentha for her viewers, more than anything, in the hopes that the protagonist can act as a point of motivation when studying and as a guiding force for all those children who are picked on for loving to learn.

The Silent One

Joy Cowley - 1981
    And a friend the boy finds in a strange white sea turtle.

A Hole In The World

Sid Hite - 2001
    He thinks he's in for the worst summer of his life . . . until he discovers a haunting mystery and a ghost with a familiar face. With the help of a dog named Einstein and a beautiful girl named Rebecca, Paul unearths the truth behind the hole in this isolated world. What he learns will change him forever.

Black Beauty

Anna Sewell - 1877
    In addition to this, the book achieved its aim to "induce kindness, sympathy and an understanding treatment of horses." The story was used first by George Angell, founder of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and then by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. At a time when horses were relied upon for transport, the horse was the animal most likely to be abused. This book, by telling the story through the eyes of the animal, changed people's attitudes. This abridged version comes with the original illustration on the front and with all the original illustrations in black and white throughout the book.

Super Villain Dad

R.J. Ross - 2013
    Well there's a reason. A really BIG reason. He's standing over there--no--to your right--no, THROUGH the fence. Yes, on the other side of the big, nasty looking security fence that is literally shaking because of electric jolts. Yes, him. He's pretty scary looking, right? He's got to be six five, and he's got the face of a serial murderer. It's all sharp and needing shaved. And that whole skin tight prison body suit thing--it's really not fashionable at all, I admit. What? Why's he got a streak of white in his hair? Well, see, that's why we're here.He's a super villain.So why is an innocent little freshman like me and her annoying twin brother sneaking peeks at him through a prison fence? Well...He's our father. At least, that's what we think.

Red Ink

Julie Mayhew - 2013
    Her mother, Maria, never did introduce Melon to a 'living, breathing' father. The indomitable Auntie Aphrodite, meanwhile, is hundreds of miles away on a farm in Crete, and is unlikely to be jumping on a plane and coming to East Finchley anytime soon. But at least Melon has 'The Story'. 'The Story' is the Fourakis family fairytale. A story is something. RED INK is a powerful coming-of-age tale about superstition, denial and family myth.

Dolphin Dreams

Catherine Hapka - 2017
    Maria comes to draw pictures of the special creatures. Pictures she'll never show to anyone.When a sweet dolphin brings two girls from very different worlds together, it looks like they might make their dreams come true . . . together. Maria helps Avery battle her fear of the ocean. And Avery encourages Maria to share her art with the world. But family expectations could tear their new friendship apart. Then the girls discover their special dolphin is in trouble. Can they overcome their differences to help the dolphin -- and each other -- before it's too late?

The Last Little Cat

Meindert DeJong - 1961
    The Last Little Cat is now back in print to delight both children and adults. The last little cat was born in a kennel, surrounded by dogs and dog cages and dog noises. The little cat was always half cold and half hungry - until the day it fell into the cage of the old, blind dog. Then, for a while, the last little cat was warm, and the last little cat was well fed. But how could such a small cat know that barn doors are closed at night and that there are people in the world who do not want to help a helpless kitten? This story of how the last little cat found a home, and not only a home, but the perfect home, again confirms DeJong's place among the finest writers of this or any day.

That Face

Polly Stenham - 2007
    She has access to drugs. They are Martha's. Henry is preparing for art college. He has access to alcohol from Martha. Martha controls their lives. Martha is their mother. "That Face" won the TMA Award 2007 for Best New Play. Polly Stenham received both the Charles Wintour Award 2007 and the Critics' Circle Award 2008 for Most Promising Playwright.

Postman Bear

Julia Donaldson - 2000
    Lift the flaps and join Frog, Squirrel and Mole for Bear's special surprise!


Ruchi Singh - 2017
    He zeroes in on Kasauli, a small, quaint hill town. Contrary to his expectations though, he is unable to find peace in the skirmish around the guest house, the antics of a three-year-old, and the deep, sad eyes of his mother. As he battles the demons of his past, falling in love is not in Zayd’s plan…Ashima's life is a long, tiresome struggle, until a tall, tattoo flaunting stranger registers in her guest house. Hoping against hope for a ray of sunshine in her life, unbridled attraction to a stranger is not what Ashima bargains for…Will Zayd and Ashima be able to forego their past and embrace their present, even when they know that if things went wrong, all they'll be left with is a broken heart and painful memories?

The Glory

Lauren St. John - 2015
    It seems impossible until she meets Scout, a palomino mustang as wild as she is…A boy on a mission to save a lifeHard times force Will Greyton to give up on his dreams and face losing the Arab mare he loves. Then his dad falls ill. An operation might save him but there’s no way to pay for it. Until Will hears about The Glory, a race with a $250,000 purse. A race they both have to win.A deadly 1,200 mile endurance challenge across the American West. Can Will and Alex survive it without losing their lives or hearts?


Eric Walters - 2002
    Ricky's an eighth grader with an amazing menagerie of animals that includes dogs, cats, rats, squirrels, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, grouse, groundhogs, iguanas, budgies, and a three-foot-long alligator called Ollie. It's no wonder, then, that he's a big fan of his science teacher, Mr. Johnston, who has even more animals in his classroom, including Bogart, a pet boa constrictor. When vandals wreck Mr. Johnston's classroom, leading to Bogart's death, Ricky and his best friend Augie decide that it's up to them to put things right. Their plan is to surprise Mr. Johnston with a new snake with the financial help of every kid in the school. But keeping the plan a secret isn't easy when you're dealing with a six-foot boa! Ricky is a thoroughly engaging contemporary novel that will have particular resonance with boys. Walters looks at some pretty serious issues--including how to cope with the death of a parent, the nature of friendship, learning disabilities, and teen violence--but, as always, he has a light, quirky touch and a strong sense of plot. In an afterword, Walters explains his part in his latest fiction, which will delight readers interested in what inspires their favourite writers. (Ages 8 to 12) --Jeffrey Canton

For Love of a Horse

Patricia Leitch - 1976
    From the top of the hill, she watched helplessly as the heavy oil truck swung around the curve in the road.She heard the crunch of metal, and the screech of terrified horses as the truck slammed into the horse trailer.Tears streaming down her cheeks, she raced down the hill. Her horse- the beautiful chestnut Arab that she dreamed of owning- was trapped inside the trailer!