The Demonata Vol. 3 & 4: Slawter & BEC

Darren Shan - 2011
    When a legendary cult director calls in Dervish as consultant for a new horror movie, it seems a perfect excuse for a break from routine and a chance for some fun.But being on the set stirs up more than memories – and soon, the Slawter commences…Bec:As a baby, Bec fought for her life. As a trainee priestess, she fights to fit in to a tribe that needs her skills but fears her powers. And when the demons come, the fight becomes a war.But the final conflict demands a sacrifice too horrific to contemplate…

Killer Camera

Anthony Horowitz - 2002
    But is it too good to be true? Strange things start happening, and as Matt finds out more about the camera's previous owners, his world begins to fall apart. This is a graphic novel adaptation of Anthony Horowitz's short story.

Among the Dolls

William Sleator - 2006
    . .When her parents give her a gloomy old dollhouse for her birthday instead of the ten speed bike she's expecting, Vicky is disappointed. But she soon becomes fascinated by the small shadowy world and its inhabitants. The hours she spends playing with the dolls is a good way to escape from her parents's arguments. As Vicky's life becomes more troubled, she starts to take out her frustration on the dolls, making their lives as unhappy as hers. Then one day, Vicky wakes up inside the dollhouse, trapped among the monsters she's created. Bewildered, Vicky is sure she's dreaming. Can she find her way out of this nightmare world?


Jack Kelly - 1996
    They have delighted in the romance of Jane Austen, thrilled at the adventures of Jules Verne, and pondered the lessons of Aesop. Introduce young readers to these familiar volumes with Great Illustrated Classics. In this series, literary masterworks have been adapted for young scholars. Large, easy-to-read type and charming pen-and-ink drawings enhance the text. Students are sure to enjoy becoming acquainted with traditional literature through these well-loved classics.

Mary Poppins Boxed Set: Three Enchanting Classics: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, and Mary Poppins Opens the Door

P.L. Travers - 2006
    With the smash-hit London musical adaptation of Mary Poppins coming to Broadway in November 2006, this is the time for everyone's favorite nanny to find a place in the hearts of the next generation of fans--and the ideal moment for this boxed set, featuring three adventures in paperback: Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Comes Back, and Mary Poppins Opens the Door.Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 10/1/2006 Pages: 1 Reading Level: Age 9 and Up

The Hour of the Oxrun Dead

Charles L. Grant - 1987
    At night Natalie heard eerie sounds out in the fog, among the tombstones, unnatural sounds made by unearthly things. Natalie's husband had been born in Oxrun Station. He loved the town, and served it well - and in return it killed him. Ben's death had left Natalie isolated in a strange town she could not call her own. How strange and how deadly Oxrun Station could be, Natalie Windsor was about to learn. Once each year an ancient ritual was recreated, an ancient pact reinvoked - and Natalie Windsor was this year's sacrifice.

Round the Twist

Paul Jennings - 1990
    This book includes three of Paul Jennings' classic short stories (including The Great Spaghetti Pig Out and The Copy), as well as the low-down on how the television series was made.

The Poltergoose

Michael Lawrence - 2000
    Together the three of them need to figure out exactly who this tormentor is and why she is haunting Jiggy. Join Jiggy, Angie, and Pete in this laugh-out-loud wild-goose chase!

Pippi Longstocking in the Park

Astrid Lindgren - 2001
    Pippi Longstocking moves to the big city, and rebuilds her home in the park with her monkey, horse, and two friends, where they all feel at home despite the interruptions from the bad guys who want to put an end to their grand adventure.

The Merman

Dick King-Smith - 1998
    So while Zeta's parents try to figure out why she now refuses to eat mackerel, Zeta has the adventure of her life.

Three Beloved Classics by E. B. White: Charlotte's Web/the Trumpet of the Swan/Stuart Little

E.B. White - 1972
    Charlotte's Web is a Newberry Award-winning story of one fine swine and a spider named Charlotte who changed his life forever. The Trumpet of the Swan is the joyous tale of Louis, a trumpeter swan in search of his voice. Stuart Little is the story of a most unusual mouse that sets out on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Lonely Doll

Dare Wright - 1957
    Her name was Edith. She lived in a nice house and had everything she needed except someone to play with. She was lonely! Then one morning Edith looked into the garden and there stood two bears! Since it was first published in 1957, The Lonely Doll has established itself as a unique children's classic. Through innovative photography Dare Wright brings the world of dolls to life and entertains us with much more than just a story. Edith, the star of the show, is a doll from Wright's childhood, and Wright selected the bear family with the help of her brother. With simple poses and wonderful expressions, the cast of characters is vividly brought to life to tell a story of friendship.


Tania Zamorsky - 1883
    Yet, more than anything, this naughty and playful creature wants to become a real boy. To make his dreams come true, he must prove himself worthy. Come along on Pinocchio’s amazing journey as he learns—the hard way—what it means to be honest, kind, and, above all, human.

The Whitby Witches

Robin Jarvis - 1991
    Moved about from foster home to foster home, Ben and Jennet hope to make a fresh start in Whitby. But Ben sees things and people others cannot. There's something unusual about Alice Boston, their new guardian. And what is that horrible howling Jennet hears late at night? Something wicked's brewing in Whitby. Can Ben and Jennet put it to rest?

Pappa Pellerin's Daughter

Maria Gripe - 1963
    An old scarecrow is all she has to protect her, and 'scarepeople' away. She is wild and yet very capable, but when she is sent to a Home, she is bewildered with the town, not understanding how to live. It was all so different from the woods. She imagines a lot about her father, and creates many false illusions and dreams. In these dreams she heroically save her father from drowning, or burning to death, or from dying in a terrible car accident. When she finally gets back to the life in the woods that she knows, and meets...well, guess who? One can only guess at her feelings. Translated from the Swedish by Kersi French.