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King's Passion by Adrianne Byrd


The Lover

Nia Forrester - 2017
    Thankfully, she isn't looking for that. What she does want is a baby. And after a rash decision made during a one-night stand, she just may be having one, with the very successful, good-looking, but completely wrong for her, Spencer Hall. But once Spencer learns that he may become a father, Ryann just can't shake him. He isn't interested in being an absentee parent; and she isn't interested in having a man hang around who is hell-bent on crawling into her heart, breaking down her defenses and unearthing all her secrets, including the ugliest one of all.

What Love Tastes Like

Zuri Day - 2010
    . .Burned by an unhappy childhood, Tiffany Matthews plays life safe. So she never saw wealthy businessman Dominick Rollins--or their wildly-sensual European encounter--coming. But now that she's landed a sous chef job at Dominick's prestigious hotel, she's determined to keep her fine new boss at arm's length--and their relationship professional. . .Dominick can't resist coming back for more. Tiffany's honesty is the one ingredient none of his glamorous exes has ever served up. And he's using every tempting glance and touch to melt Tiffany's defenses and show her the caring man under his sophisticated image. But is what they have enough for Tiffany to risk her heart--or will this love prove way too hot to handle?"An exciting read. Zuri Day does a fantastic job."--Urban Reviews on Lies Lovers Tell"A completely entertaining love story." --Romantic Times on Body By Night

A Rehearsal for Love

Alexandra Warren - 2016
    Unfortunately, barriers in the form of half-assed attempts at getting a college education, a less than supportive mother, and the lack of dance classes in her area stand in the way of achieving her ultimate goal. But that all changes once choreographer Blaise Anthony comes to town, bringing both his experience in the dance industry and a brand new dance studio. Malia is instantly captivated by the idea of not only being able to give her full attention to dance, but also to be trained by one of her idols in the process. But when the two finally collide on the dance floor, an undeniable chemistry that goes beyond an eight count arises. And while Malia might’ve thought she was coming to dance towards her dreams, she quickly learns that she’s actually rehearsing for a whole lot more...

Strictly Professional

Christina C. Jones - 2014
    At all. After her disaster of a relationship with Michael, the last thing she needs is another round in the ring. But, a chance encounter with Terrence has her second thinking that. If only he weren't off limits...Follow along with Gabi and Terrence as they navigate the stages of a relationship that was never meant to go further than a single night. Will they be able to overcome the challenges of family and career to build something that could last?

Love Me Like No Other

A.C. Arthur - 2006
    He's never stopped thinking about her since that one hot night years ago. Now she's in his debt! Of course, he doesn't want her money....At first, Jade's outraged--pose as his fiancée for one week or he'll call the police! But about some sweet revenge? So while he's playing Mr. Seducer, she'll be Miss Tease. Before the week is up, she'll have him on his knees--just before she walks away! That is, if she can convince her heart she's not still in love....


Francis Ray - 1995
    But that was beforea trumped-up assault charge set the whole town--and thewoman he loved--against him. With a heart full of pain, Logan fled Stanton--and the bittersweet memories of the passion he and Rachel had shared.UnforgettableWhen Rachel met Logan, she thought she'd found the perfectlove--until he betrayed her and her family. Now, eight yearslater, he was back--more arrogant and dangerously seductivethan ever. And this time the stakes were higher. For Loganclearly wanted revenge. He also wanted Rachel.Undeniable

Chances & Choices

Helen Karol - 2013
    to her new job as senior feature writer at Choices L.A., but most of all to the security and comfort of her best friend Julian West. To her, he’s the nice guy she can turn to for advice and comfort – the uncomplicated friend she can count on. Only he no longer feels that way. For months before she went to New York, he fooled her, playing the platonic friend when in fact he wants nothing more than to take her as his lover – and more, much more. But he can’t do that – he can’t let those emotions overtake him – not again. But on her first night home he blows his cover. And suddenly Claire sees him in a whole new light.

Who Do I Run To?

Anna Black - 2011
    More than that; a love triangle with a married man. KP, the man of her dreams swept her completely off her feet before telling her he was married with two kids. Too deep in love to let go, she became accustom to being KP's other woman and didn't have a problem with her role as KP's mistress until she met Isaiah. Isaiah ready to commit and make Janiece his, he stops at nothing to win her over, even though Janiece is stuck on KP. Things spiral out of control when KP decides it's time to leave Kimberly, his wife to be with Janiece. Drama kicks into high gear when Isaiah fights to have Janiece and Kimberly also fights to keep KP. The ultimate decision has to be made by Janiece. Who will she run to when she is ready to love?

A Marriage of Convenience

Jewel Amethyst - 2009
    Enter Kawbena Opoku, a gorgeous Ghanaian scientist in search of a green card, to fulfill Tamara’s needs—and the desires she didn’t know she had.


Ann Christopher - 2006
    In his career and his personal life. Until a fascinating—and off-limits—woman named Dara Williams shows up and ignites a scorching passion that threatens Mike’s career and everything in its path. Including Mike’s tenuous relationship with his brother. Who also wants Dara. If you enjoy emotional and sexually charged love stories that end happily ever after, pick up this tale of forbidden love now! Career. Family. Romance. It’s Complicated. What’s an AC CLASSIC? An updated and pumped-up version of one of Ann’s earlier books, with new scenes, a never-before-seen epilogue and author commentary! Even if you read (and hopefully loved!) the original version, you won’t want to miss the AC CLASSIC version…Librarian's note: See alternate cover edition of ASIN B014JPJ9R6 here.

Passion Rekindled

Delaney Diamond - 2016
    Fifteen years after their divorce, her feelings haven’t changed. She wants nothing to do with him—no matter what her beating heart suggests.Oscar Brooks has always assumed that his ex-wife hates him, but after an unplanned kiss, he’s not so sure. Why does she always have such a hostile response to his presence? Is it love, or is it hate? He’s determined to find out.

If We Could Do It Again

A. Marie Johnson - 2018
    You can't come in town and just sweep me back into your arms, Noble." "I can't? Because that's exactly what I plan on doing. Starting right now." Noni Clark never imagined living her life without Noble Preston by her side… until she had to. Their high school sweetheart love came to an unwanted end when Noble graduated and moved to California, leaving her behind in their hometown. With no other choice but to move on, Noni finished her final year of high school alone and continued to find her way through life without him… until he came back. Riding on the upside of a promising acting career, Noble Preston has never been more satisfied with life, but there is one thing missing to make it complete; Noni Clark. After nine years without seeing her, fate finds a way to bring them back together through his younger sister, Avery. Avery needs a wedding planned, Noble is going to stay for the planning and fund it all and Noni is the best wedding planner in the city. The chance for Noble to win Noni back and keep her for good seems promising… until trouble pops up. A mother that never wanted to see the two of them together, a man who has already made a place in Noni's life and an enticing vixen from Noble's very recent past makes it hard for the unforgettable lovers to truly reunite. Can a love that never seemed to fade win? Or will the destiny that first set them apart continue to trump all?

Once In A Lifetime

Gwynne Forster - 2002
    Though she knows it won't be easy turning their bachelor-pad mansion into a home, she is determined to handle any obstacles, while maintaining a separate life for herself and her daughter. But Alexis isn't at all ready for the red-hot chemistry crackling between her and Telford—or the fact that she's suddenly caught in a maze of unexpected secrets and deep mistrust. But if she and Telford find their way through it—together—can they both embrace the love they so deeply desire?

She's the One

J.J. Murray - 2011
    For the past 15 years, she's been starring in a string of less-than-B movies. Then Vincenzo Lucentio, the CEO of Lucentio Pictures, hatches a plan to return Katharina to fame by stranding her in northern Ontario, where every word and gesture is secretly recorded for his reality show.

One More Touch: One More Series

AshleyNicole - 2016
    Get Proposal. Make Ronnie Love me. Storee Leòne’s lifelong struggle to lose weight is causing problems in her relationship. Her boyfriend won’t propose until she’s at a weight he deems fit. Storee’s more than willing to lose the weight to get the proposal and make him happy, at least until she meets ex boxing pro Joseph Mitchel. Joseph is a tough trainer with a good heart. He’s willing to help Storee, until feelings for her start getting in the way. Why should he help her look better for a man that doesn’t even appreciate her true beauty? Storee isn’t even his type, so why should it matter if she gets married or not? Lines are crossed and love is found, but is it enough to help her overcome her insecurities?