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A Place to Call Home by Jackie French Koller


bff: a girlfriend book you write together

Lauren Myracle - 2009
    Now readers get to chronicle their own BFF experiences as they fill out the quizzes, questionnaires, and lists in this fun, interactive companion to the series. Together, friends can figure out which character they most resemble, cast the movie of their lives, and make promises to their adult selves. (I hereby officially swear I will never ever EVER wear mom jeans,’ so help me God. And if I do, I will have to eat my own shoe.”) Perfect for a car trip or sleepover, this book will provide as many laughs and blush-worthy opportunities for reflection as the series that inspired it.

Lost Riders

Elizabeth Laird - 2008
    Then they are separated and forced to become jockeys in the lucrative camel-racing business. Rashid is starved and worked to exhaustion by harsh supervisors - but he has a talent for racing and quickly becomes his stable's star jockey. Soon he begins to forget what life was like when he had a proper home. He almost begins to forget about Shari . . .

Starfish Sisters

J.C. Burke - 2007
    At first they are not friends, as jealousy, insecurity, secrets, and lies abound. Yet they soon realize that their friendship brings out the best in each of them. But will it be too late to make the grade at the camp?

The Domino Effect

Andrew Cotto - 2011
    A series of painful defeats have left him scarred and isolated from his neighborhood, his parents, and, most significantly, the benevolent ways of his childhood when he was known as “Domino.” With great insight, imagery and wit, Danny recalls his past in Queens and his coming-of-age at Hamden Academy. This fast paced and powerful story is rich with conflict, humor, tenderness and music—just like life, especially when coming-of-age.

Ricochet River

Robin Cody - 1992
    Wade is the local sports hero. Jesse is his friend, a mythical athlete and the Indian kid who applies his own rules to sports and life. And Lorna is Wade's sweetheart who knows there's no hope in Calamus for a bright, independent girl. The river rushes past the town, linking the three friends with their pasts, their plans and the world beyond. This new edition from the author addresses issues of graphic language and sex that thwarted the book's use in high schools.

Worse Than Boys

Cathy MacPhail - 2009
    The gang spends most of their spare time together - or baiting the rival gang the Hell Cats. The two gangs constantly square up to each other and vie for which gang can fight the best - whether it be at school, in the park or on the train. Hannah feels safe and comfortable within the gang - until she is accused of betraying the Lip Gloss Girls. All of a sudden Hannah is made to feel what it is like to be cast out and surrounded by enemies...

একুশে পা

Bani Basu - 1994
    This is the story of students who came to join college at the age of 18 and after three years,being twenty-one they spread their wings to take flight in the vast sky of life.

Dating Diaries

Kristen Kemp - 2004
    Twelve weeks. A buoyant and observant comedy about having a long-term relationship end -- and discovering what life is like outside of it.Katie James has been dating Paul for the past five years, since seventh grade. Then, as the prom approaches, he dumps her. The last time she was on her own, she was wearing a training bra. Now she's about to see what life is like without Paul -- and what it's like to date. She makes a resolution -- she will date twelve guys in twelve weeks, making up for all the time she wasted with Paul. But nothing quite goes the way she plans. Dating is difficult -- and difficult can be both fraught and fun. Katie's about to find out what she's been missing . . . and how to be herself without a guy

Maggie Adams, Dancer

Karen Strickler Dean - 1982
    A young girl is determined to succeed as a ballet dancer despite the ambivalent attitudes of her parents and her boyfriend.

Miss Not Together

Belle Brooks - 2019
    Instead, she’s as totally messed up as all the other teenage girls her age—but is this a romance destined for a happily ever after or a broken heart?If you love Beth Reekles and John Green, then you will adore Miss Not Together!

The Perfect Age

Heather Skyler - 2004
    She is a lifeguard at the pool at the Dunes hotel in Las Vegas, caught off guard by the new attention from men and boys, not quite sure of her own footing in the world. Her mother, Kathy, suddenly finds herself in a place equally uncertain: her children getting older, her stable marriage perhaps too stable, the slow days of summer leaving her adrift. When Kathy meets Helen’s boss, the manager at the pool, her life is on the brink of a different sort of change.Following Helen and Kathy through three summers, this novel is an intimate picture of two sexual awakenings under one roof and their aftershocks on a family. The Perfect Age is set in workaday Las Vegas, where people are married at drive-through chapels, and escort services are advertised alongside 99-cent shrimp cocktail. The novel takes the reader beyond the glitz of showgirls and Elvis impersonators and reveals the everyday life in homes and schools, and among the lukewarm waters of Lake Mead and the semi-cool of the surrounding mountains. In The Perfect Age, Heather Skyler explores the nature of beauty, sex, and class divisions in a society where things are at once normal and bizarre, showing us that the validity of life’s deepest experiences—love, betrayal, acceptance—is never compromised by age.

Atomic Summer

Elaine D. Walsh - 2012
    Walsh comes an introspective and emotional novel with vivid characterization. This insightful, nostalgic, and witty story follows the lives of three teenage girls as they 'come of age’. In 1953, the world was ripe for destruction. The Korean War dragged on and the Rosenbergs were executed as spies. Senator Joseph McCarthy convinced the country communists were infiltrating the government, and the threat of nuclear war festered in the collective consciousness of the nation. While American’s constructed backyard bomb shelters, the government conducted nuclear tests in the desert, three teenage girls planned their futures. Their innocent conversations about what each of them would do if the end of the world were imminent, coupled with a friend’s obsession, become the catalyst for a prank that spins wildly beyond control and draws in an entire town. Left behind in the wake of that summer’s events are their unrealized dreams and open wounds. In 1973, a reunion trip to the small town of their youth returns them to the summer of 1953 and the passion and betrayal that changed their lives. BE PREPARED! This summer will be Atomic! What readers are saying about Atomic Summer? Every character comes alive Refreshing The story transported me back in time ˃˃˃ Why should you grab a copy of this award winning novel?In addition to being one of the top summer reads, the author dedicated the book to her mother who died of cancer and is donating all her royalties to cancer causes and charities. Grab your copy now and see why everyone else loves Atomic Summer

War Kids

H.J. Lawson - 2014
    But when the very real civil war forces her to flee from every open space, she must use the firearm skills her father taught her to reunite with him and protect herself. Armed with a single gun and a key to an unknown locker, Jada crosses Syria on a journey with a group of children called the Fearless Freedom Fighters. With the leader, Zak, they mount a plan to rescue their fathers while they try to cope with the merciless murders of their families. As Jada and Zak lead the group together, love blossoms, but with soldiers hot on their tail, they need to stay vigilant in the face of war. War Kids is a story about the Syrian Civil war through the eyes of a group of teenagers. Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00MS8QWYA

Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit

Jessica Raya - 2017
    "We're all just one bad decision away from disaster." At fourteen, Robin Fisher is doing her best to ignore her insurance salesman father’s credo, cataloging his tales of calamity under Bad Things that Happen to Other People. But life in 1970s Golden, California, doesn’t prove so golden after her father deserts the family, setting in motion a series of events that results in Robin accidentally setting fire to an abandoned party house. As Robin struggles to keep an eye on her fixation with Bic lighters and her newly independent mother’s own growing pains, she is drawn into the orbit of Carol “Jesus Freak” Closter, a vulnerable yet charismatic classmate whose friendship will challenge Robin in ways she could never have imagined. When Carol finally crosses a line, it’s Robin who must make a dangerous decision of her own. Sharply comic and deeply moving, Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit illuminates those unforgettable moments in life when everything changes, whether we want it to or not.

Red Ink

Julie Mayhew - 2013
    Her mother, Maria, never did introduce Melon to a 'living, breathing' father. The indomitable Auntie Aphrodite, meanwhile, is hundreds of miles away on a farm in Crete, and is unlikely to be jumping on a plane and coming to East Finchley anytime soon. But at least Melon has 'The Story'. 'The Story' is the Fourakis family fairytale. A story is something. RED INK is a powerful coming-of-age tale about superstition, denial and family myth.